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July 29, 1990     Arkansas Catholic
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July 29, 1990

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PAGE 3 ARKANSAS CA'IHOUC JULY 29. 1990 "Cretan,,, from page 2 + Well? . .Several years ago, Canlinal Bernadin C01ned the phrases, "seamless garment" and "a consistent life ethic." which Zeroed in on the whole issue of sanctity of life, from contraception to war, euthanasia and capital punishment. The premise, widely accepted by other bish- ops at the time, held that we cannot focus on abortion alone lint must re- Vere all forms of lifegiving and life- preserving legislation. ' If we truly bdiece in the sanctity of life, then, we must support life for all, not just the unborn. This brings up Welfare for the already bona: food for the hungry, homes for the homeless' and life for the criminally comicted. Why, then, the silence on capital' PUnishment? The seamless garme at Seems to unravel on this issue of life. Is No women wanted I hope we don't have to go back to fighting the charge that Rome cars the shots in American polities if Catholic is dected. We cringe when we read about Arab nations that chop off hands of thieves while serf-righte0usly chopping off life in our own nation. Legally killing an already-born person should incite us with the same fervor as legally killing an unborn. For my part, I wish the bishops had not invoked the excommunication threat for Catholic candidates who state pro-choice for others. I thought we settled that issue with the election of Kennedy in 1960 - that private morality would not be imposed on those who believe differently. It's what scares me about electing a fundamentalist who vows to do away with the teaching of evolution. I hope we don't have to go back to fighting the charge that Rome calls the shots in American politics if a Catholic is dected. But if, in their wisdom, the bishops have conduded they must excommuni- cate pro-choice Catholic candidates, then let's hear them do the same on capital punishment. Otherwise, theirs is an inconsistent life ethic. co/ #t 1990 An P b h/,tg Co. Legal killing The Passion Play itL cause it's an issue apart from sex, Dear Editon inch seems to preoccupy so much ofThe article on Passion Plays- Dramas Ur episcopal energy? tcannot see how anymle espousing or Dogmas, Arkansas Catholic, [7/15] was very clear, concise and sensitive. .. i t can suoDort r'anital nnnirJhment. Thank you for some very fine report- ~}f ~!! rr - "--'-'r r-- Ord people, we should abhor it, ifing! to y because of crucifixion. We put Sallle Robert death a man - Our God - who was Texarkana of all charges except that of authorities. How can we ' 7"ufY continuance of this barbaric lll*~ termination of life Whae so vocifer- SUnportin, life for the unborn? h~ r It S .r - +, What we wear Dear Editor:. Obviously one of your objections as an editor is to write a provocative r. ould yoo exldain lmwJeum is of the Hoa~ of I}avld st j eps, father, into the New Testament years. Joseph was the legal father of Jesus and in Jewish law his ancestry determined the ancestry of Jesug ++ . Conddering the dose family rdation- within which marriages took place, it is possible, even perhaps likely, that message. While I agree heartily with most of your editorials, I certainly must take issue with the "Perspective" of July 15 relative to dress code. Are you submitting yourself to the alb American pastdme of judging? Only God can judge and since we are not God, do you think He is more inter- ested in what you wear or what is in our hearts? Jeannine Stork Cherokee Vialage Dear Editor:. Jo Ann Bemrich [7/22] seems to have gotten pretty worked up herself over Vincent Crane's letter [7/15]. It seems to me she ignored completely what I thought was his main point - the delib- erate flouting of church law by some priests and bishops. The point is not whether girls should be allowed to serve on the altar - the point is that Church Law says they may not serve on the altar. Unless and until that rule is changed, then for any bishop or priest to take it upon himself to break the rule is scan- dalous. What kind of example does that give to our young people? How can we expect them to bother to pay any at- tention to Church teaching if they see Father Jones or Bishop Smith ignoring Church teaching? Remember what Jesus said about giving scandal (Matt 18/6)? I've been told I'm too old-fashioned in my attitudes. Perhaps I am - I still be- lieve in Church Authority. Oh, and by the way - I'm certainly not a male chauvinist - but I sincerely hope I die before I'm forced to attend a "mass" said by a woman posing as a priest. Rita Conley Maumelle Dear Editor=. There seems to be a narrow-minded opinion in the Catholic Church from the top down that women are second rate and/or inferior to the male-domi- nated society. I am no learned theolo- a man and not a woman [but in tIis wisdom he did so, due to the makeup of the male/female relationship at the time] What if it had been the other way around? No doubt the all male-dominated society of that time would have com- pletely rejected Her no matter who She said She was. The point here is that we "creatures" tend to put too much emphasis on male/female instead of equal creations We would do well in remembering that it is not really who is conducting the ceremony to worship our God but the fact that it is being done. It's equally satisfying in the eyes of the Lord that He made this possible in each one of us, not to a "greater" degree in the male and "lesser" in the female as the male- dominated Church has tried to make us believe for 2000 yearst Domenick J. Esposito Ba~ ille Dear Editor:. I am writing this letter on the issue of the legal killing of people under the title of the death penalty. A lot of potentially good people are dying by execution for mistakes they have made. True, these mistakes are very grave and these people need to pay for their wrongs. But, taking a life for a life will never solve the problem, nor bring the dead back to life. The legal taking of a life is like say- ing two wrongs make a right! We all know that is both incorrect and stupid! It is the duty of every intelligent person who wishes to live in a civilized world to put a stop to the barbaric "Dark Ages" of legal vengeance of execution. They say that lethal injection is more humane than the "Chair" in taking a life. But common sense tells us there is nothing humane about taking a human life. After all, it's the shocking effect of cold-blooded killing that gave birth to the death penalty. only one Mary's ancestry was similar to that of gian, but I can't help but ask some It is the duty of every civilized person Joseph's, but the Gospels do not tell questions for which there have been no to send signed petitions to the Gover- l)avid is us. " answers from the so-called Church. nor and Congress to abolish the death reed in the In Jewish culture during the time of 1. If by the teachings of the Catholic penalty. Jesus. women played a minor public Church we are all created in the image John Campbell d: thought a role; their function was generally qim- and likeness of our God: Tucker seeadant is a ited to that of wives and mothers. Tell me the difference between a in the We would not expect the mother of "male" and a female soul. Since there [ , tlline. What Jesus to asmme a central role in estab- cannot be any (for our GOd does notI ISham your point of view a thia have to lishing the legal and religious ancestry make an issue of this matter) and He [ with our readers In: l Thwie%Maty?. , of Jesus, even in the Gospel has promised all that they would share [ I JesUs spels have lwo genealogies of (Afreebrochu outliningmamu mgu- in eternal life with Him - what right _A nat in Matthew runs from /at/ons/nt Catha//cOrurdtandexp/a/n- does the male-dominated Church have [ Columns should be about ] to Jesus; in Ladke the geneal- /ngt pnm/ /n an/nterfa/th xmm age/s to exdude women from its ministries? [ S00 words and address ] from Jesus back to Adam. mmTta 0fsmd/ng astampat, sdfaddmm Where is it written that Jesus Christ thYU indicate, both focus onJoreph medope to Ft. John D/t z.n, Hdy Tr/mty said to form "My Church this way and I a single topic_ I + irnrnediate mmestm- ofJesus, porislgTO4N. MainSt.,Bloomingtm,glI., do these I tell, you to but don t I l is understandable in light of 61701,) indude the inferior woman?" u tradition, which extended will 1990 CNS 2. It is indeed sad that God came as