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July 28, 1991     Arkansas Catholic
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July 28, 1991

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ARKANSAS CATHOLIC JULY 2.8, 1991 PAGE 3 aen l)ear thi Editor, : . I want to express my appreciation for the I ~litofial policy of your paper. _ This policy is the reason we just renewed our deuhscription to the Arkamm Catholic. It is im- ined in trying to find where I fit, it was the Catholic people who seemed to "Walk their talk." Feeding the poor, helping the homeless, reach- hag out to love and help those who cannot help themselves are not just "should do's" for Catho- lic peoples. I found Catholics involved in relief work in ~rtant that we, as consumers, support prod- countries all over the globe. I found Catholics ; Oiicts, businesses, publications, etc. which are wimessing by their actions, upholding the val- ' ~ responsible. The first copy we received ues given to us through God's word. I found n '~July 15 and we were not disappointed. The Catholics working for peace, speaking our for an~ewpoint/Perspective article by Michael J. justice, and praying for a better way of life at ~. arreU and accompanying, albeit revolting, home and abroad. I found comfort, love and _lm'hotog~ph (o ~ Iraqlsolclier s charred re- " ' unconditional support from my "church fam- enLu~rebmbed~'~h ains as h~y:~d4o,=ape ~q~nk ily" at Our Lady of Good Counsel which has meant more to me than I have words to ex- eporting that reaffirmed our decision to press. sui~aabscribe. We believe your paper is righteous ha print- ~t h takes couragetoprmtwordswhich make hag words that make people think, that make x I laaerealitiesof war so blatantandgraphic Your Catholics challenge U.S. policy at home and ~lingness to publish truths on many contr~ Id~rsial issues such as U~S. presence in El Salva- ~7r, the Gulf War, etc. shows your dedication to . t onsible joumalism. I don t doubt that this C~clitorial stance has yielded some negative com- bq~aents from the general public who seem to be ke~ toxacated vnth the gloW of our "victory ~w~ the Gulf that they seem to forget that what e have done is exactly what Jesus urged us not ~a~ do--kill our brothers and sisters, kill grand- tri'.~arents, parents and children, kill human be- na~lgs, whether they be of our religious belief or ..Jtot (and for what----what has really changed Lilt/D. ces~er there? Saddam is still in power, thousands tla~ e homeless and dead, the environment is ~e~mefully destroyed, we are in debt to pay for . in e billions it cost to have this war, and there -Still is no democracy in Kuwait or Iraq. Boy, we Gratitude for quarters Ht~ttre showed them0 I joined the Catholic faith a mere five years __.jag. ~. I was attracted to this religion because of all the popular Christian religions that I exam- abroad, that make us all accountable to God in our daily living. Please keep up the good work. a=ay Httle Rock Dear Editon I wish to express my gratitude to Bishop McDonald and the people of the diocese for the wonderful quarters you have pro- vided for the retired priests of the diocese. I am always anaazed that 60,000 Catho- tics can support so many churches, .hools, rectories, convents and other institutions of the Church so generously. I pray that will shower his blessings on you and the diocese. Rev. John Hlavacek I. le Rock )iv d F~ BiShop John B Morris with four unidentified seminarians from the North American College in Rome. Undated. Question: How well does the Catho- lic church serve young people? El Very well O As well as D Not well other denominations Responses need not be signed, but only this form (no photocopies) will be accepted. No phone calls, #ease. Mail to: Arkansas Catholic Survey PO Box 7417, Little Rock, 72217 Additional comments welcome. July question: If available, would you attend an approved Tridentine Mass every week.~ Y~ 56% No: 44% Some comments from our waders: * I don't understand the attraction to the Latin Mass. I have gone to Mass in several foreign countries and never particularly enjoyed not being able to understand what was being said. * The balloons, downs, secular-sounding mu- sic, lack of proper vestments, lack of reverence, and other things often associated with our cur- rent form of the Mass simply do not raise my heart and mind to God. * Now that I can take part in the Mass in my own language, I will not want to be only a spec- tator again. The Noous ord0"Mass" is art option and not meant to replace the Tridentine Mass. I have found active participation in the Mass too enriching to go back to the role of "spectator." ...the new Mass never quite matches the majesty or solemnity of the old Latin Mass, When I attended the Mass as it used to be, particularly a High Mass, I alwavs came away feeling truly inspired, having wimessed something indeed holy. Today, after twenty-five years, I still find the new mass lacking and anemic. Why are people so opposed to change? Young people aren't interested in Latin Masses. I'm an "old-fashioned" Catholic in a num- ber of ways - but I have no interest in going back to a Mass of spectatorship instead of one of participation. Rev. William Gould 2 Kings 4:42-44 * Eph. 4:1-6 * John 6: "He must be crazy,! That's simply not possible." These words probably sum up the feelings both of Elisha's servant and the apostles. Feed a crowd - with what? Two dozen buns and a single sheaf of grain? Fwe buns and a couple of dried- out sardines? Orders may be orders, but "what good is that for so many?" We may feel the same 1-15 when we think about world hunger. Astronomical num- bers of people starve to death every year. We are surrounded by pictures of the hungry and dying. We know that two-thirds of the world goes to bed hungry every night - but we cannot visualize what this actually means. Recent studies have shown that one-third of our own country's children are undemourished...hungry...some of them actually starving. Sdentists tell us that the world can raise enough food. The problem is one of distribu- tion. How can we get the world's food to the people who need it? I once heard that people can get all the food they need if they have the money to pay for it. That is also part of the problem - the hungry do not have enough money. To feed the hungry is one of the corporal works of mercy. This comes Each Catholic and every parish should straight from Jesus. We learned it from the old Catechism. It is not an be doing something about hunger. option but an obligation. But the immensity of the problem is overwhelming. We feel as did the aposdes when they saw "a vast crowd coming" and heard Jesus ask: "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?" It all seems impossible. ~l~a ed But I hope you notice an important point in this gospel.Jesus was O able to work a milade because the apostles responded to His chal- ~L.~ lenge and did what He asked. We can do the ,same. Jesus does not expect you and me to solve the whole complex problem of world hunger. He only asks us to do what we can at our Little Rock own local level, q plead with you," St. Paul writes, "to live a life worthy Soipttlre of the calling you have received." He reminds us that we are all one in God and with each other. This gives us responsibilities for each other. Is-there a food bank in your area? If so, what can you do to support it? Or do you need to help establish one? What about a local soup kitchen - how can you help? Can your parish sponsor a monthly food drive? Perhaps a percentage of your parish's income could be given to help feed the hungry. Maybe you could plant a few more rows in your vegetable garden, or put an extra can of beans (or something) in your shopping cart when you go to the store. Each Catholic and every parish should be doing something about hunger. Jesus will work a miracle to feed today's hungry people when you and I make it possible - when we respond to His gospel challenge. Then maybe we will also discover what Elisha's servant and the apostles did - that God does surprising things. "And when they had eaten, there was some left over, as die Lord had said."