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July 26, 1974     Arkansas Catholic
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July 26, 1974

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PAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN, JULY 26, 1974 Pastoral sings " Symbols, Not Talk, Roya!Ap00ointm00l Of Bishops SCOrf ° I'M " Ma00, Our Mother. Arrest e Yon York, England (NC) ].  Jill " In L t rgy substantial majority or general synod of the cOor established state religii , 00c00o.e, the 1 U Church0fEnlgland, hasaln :favor of ending the : "YOU MIGHT as well throw • your Rosary away; statues of saints, including those of Mary, will be removed from the Church; this is a new age; the age of renewal, the age of Vatican II." Can you imagine hearing these sentiments expressed from the ppit on a Sunday morning in a Catholic Church? Yet, it has happened. In the name of so-called renewal, the spirituality among men has suffered incredible setbacks, • but one would never have thought that Mary, the mother of the Son of God and our spiritual mother, could e one of the victims• 1T IS DIFFICULT to un- derstand how a fundamental teaching can be so distorted.. How can you separate a mother from her son? Or a son from his mother? Devotion to Mary increases our love and devotion to Jesus. In your own sphel:e of earthly life, would you despise someone who would honor your mother? God himself bestowed the greatest honor upon Mary by selecting her to be the mother of His Son. Whatabout Vatican II and.its renewal theme? The fact is that no Coimcil in the history of the Church has spoken so frequently of Mary as did Vatican II. The fathers made every effort to make Mary better known. They did not forget that the Council @crates under the inspiration of the Holy• Spirit, and that Mary is the bride or the Holy Spirit. THERE ARE in the Council documents perhaps some 30 references to the "Blessed Mother. The following is a statement found in the decree on the Ministry amd Life of Priests: "They (priests) can FROM NAZARETH• and Bethlehem, through Calvary and Pentecost, Mary has always held an integral partOf Cetholic devotion. The beautiful hymns in honor of The Blessed Mother are seldom or never heard in some of the churches. When a Catholic young peoples' choir was asked, to sing a hymn of MarS' at a special occasion, the leader answered, • "Father, we don't know afly hymng to Mary." d ffi El? Springdale Guide Lamb's Business Service Bookkeeping & Income.Tax Eletronic Stencils Duplication Roberta Lamb-Ph. 361- 2991 Rte• 1, Hwy. 68W, Springdale Charles McKinney's e/ Drug Phone 751-4536 130 W. Emma Spriagdale, Arkansas m we're making things happen FIRST NATIONAL BANK SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS. we happen to care ? i SEII¢?EI BHIIrlCMm Phone 751-4577 Springdale, Arkansas Neff Nurseries, Inc. PHONE 751-0590 201 S, Thompson COMPLETE FLORA L SER VICE P.O. Box 2o5 SpringdaJe, Ark. 72764 BILL STAMPER Your MFA INSURANCE AGENT I For All Your Insurance Needs I SAN JOSE MANOR 12 E. Emma- SPRINGDALE - 751-6481 AMERICAN SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION SPRINGDALE, ARKANSAS always find a wondrous model of such docility in the Blessed Virgin Mary. Led by the Holy Spirit, she devoted herself entirelY to the mystery of man's redemption. With the devotion and veneration of sons, priests should lovingly, honor this mother of the supreme and eternal Priest, this Queen of the Apostles and protecti'ess of their ministry." (No. 18). Again we" quote: "They should live His paschal mystery. • in such a way that they know how to initiate into it. the people • entrusted to them. They should be taught tb look for Christ in many places: in faithful meditation on God's word, in active contact with the most holy mysteries of the Church, especially in the Eucharist and the Divine Office, in the bishop who sends them, and in the people to whom they are sent, especially the poor, the young, the sick, the sinful, and the unbelieving. With the t/'ust of a son, they should love and honor the most Blessed Virgin Mary, who was given as a mother to His disciple by Christ Jesus as he hung dying on the cross." (Priestly for mation, IV 8). THE FATHERS of the Council also directed• the Religious to look to Mary. "Let all religious, therefore, spread throughout the whole world the good news of Christ by the in- tegrity of their faith, their love of God and neighbor, their devotion to the Cross, and their hope of future glory. Thus will their witness be seen by all, and Our Father in heiven will be glorified. Thus, too, with the prayerful aid of the most loving Virgin Mary, God's Mother, whose life is a rule of life for all - religious communities will experience a daily growth in numbers, and will yield a richer harvest of fruits that bring salvation." (Religious life, 25) Many more pages of quotations concerning the Blessed Mother could be given. Why not read the documents of Vatican II, study them, and all will discover that the Council fathers wanted to enhance rather than diminish our devotion to Our Blessed Mother. Abortioni sts P revail In New Orleans New Orleans (NC) - Pro- abortion forces here have won two rounds of a month-long fight waged by the attorney general of Louisiana to close down an abortion clinic which has opened in the New Orleans business district. In a major blow to the state's anti-abortion forces, a three- judge federal panel has declared unconstitutional the abortion sections of Louisiana's Medical Practices Act. In another ruling, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that'the state's first abortion clinic may continue to operate pending its appeal of a ordering it closed for 10 days. VETO BLASTED Philadelphia (NC) - Cardinal John Krol of Philadelphia blasted as "callous and in- coniprehensible" the veto of an abortion control bill by Penn- sylvania Guy. Milton J. Shapp. The governor, according to Cardinal Krol, "disregarded. th e will of the people." 7.,=l..glr P.O, Bx 475 Sprl.qd0000e, 7t764 18 West Emma By Robert W. Hovda IN HER BOOK on the • generation gap, "distinguished anthropologist Margaret Mead. writes :of young people today: "They live in a world in which events are presented to them in all their complex immediacy; they are no longer bound by the simplified linear sequences dictated by the printed wordY' (Culture and Commitment, p. 58) Gene Geissler puts hig finger on the same problem of com- munication in writing: "For one thing, we have come to realize that instruction and education have their limits. The in- tellecttlal approach, whatever its merits, has not been enough to make Christians out of most of- Us. To Christianize a generation• in today's world needs something more radical - like direct experience of GOd and Christian .communities." LITURGY OFFERS com- monality and reconciliation in this situation of estrangement and alienation because it is, in Eugene Walsh's words, "a body thing, not head thing.". It is an experience, not a statement; a matter of feelings as well as ideas. The new emphasis on experience, feelings, total perception, rather than merely on reason, intellectual grasp and comprehension is, therefore, most encouraging for the development of good liturgical celebrations• Young people are not necessarily anti-inteUectual. But they (simply by virtue of • the fact that they have grown up with television, in a world that is one and problem-ridden, full of rationalizations and unused tools) have got themselves • together to a greater extent than most of us who are older. o. THEY ARE MORE aware ot the limits of reason and words, statements and propositiofis. They are less fearful of their bodies and their senses, and therefore more totally human. They sense, with the immediacy Miss Mead mentions, a lot of things that they cannot (or need not?) articulate: how little we have really figured out about life; how much mystery en- velops, the fundamental questions; how vain are many of society's apparent goals; how many ways of perceiving and touching reality human beings have ,at their disposal. They can teach older people to liturgize and to make worship meaningful, precisely because. they can teach us to loosen up, to play, to be comfortable with symbols, to stop making money enough to look at and really see people and things. And," while verbal formulas, in- struction,, education keep the generations apart, liturgy can bring the old and the young together in experiences. IF WE THINK of liturgy as just another form of "religious education," we are all wrong. It is not concerned primarily with teaching a lesson or putting across a point: • Liturgical celebration is that to which all "religious . education" is oriented: a common experience of God's 10ve and care and of our solidarity and liberation in GOd. Liturgy puts us in close touch with one another in an atmosphere of mystery" and reverence• It frees us from the strictures and the structures of our daily lives so that we can laugh at them, see their vanity and frailty, and change them for.the better. The experience that good liturgy affords is far more than merely rational. It doesn't even matter whether we can put it into words. The beauty of bread that focuses our thanks and praise in memory of God's saving deeds, and then is broken to be shared by all -- our words, our verbal formulas pale beside its poignancy. Our bows to the altar and to one another, the joining .of hands, the lifting of arms in prayer, the kiss of peace -- these do not stop at the brain but go to the heart of every person present. They ross the lines of generations, cultures, ethnic groups, in a way that language never Can. THE CLEAR message for all of us in parishes is this: We make a fatal mistake if we think we can appeal to young people whcreby its "bishops a[ Sl pointed by the Crown C) advice of the prime m • By 270 votes to 70, th G .affirmed "the principle tJl a: decisive voice in tl/, ge To give effect to t suggested that "a sinai by further reducing or representative of the : eliminating liturgy's symbol and of the wider Church and body language in favor of. choose a suitable per, more words, more "ex- appointment to that di planation," more chatter - even This person's name wo "if the words, explanations, be submitted to the soy • chatter sound modern, up-to- who is the nominal head date, and with it. This Church, for actual nomi fascination with oral utterapce (to add insult to injury, often ' " unprepared as well) is killing TU liturgy in parish aftee parish, are frailand feeble coml*C) indiscriminately in "con- the symbols and the gPIT servative" nd ."progressive" and the movements and Sio communities, and the silences withouon( Even the best of our words liturgy perishes. 1 Medical Relief Shippe00 New York - The Catholic Nigeria, Tanzania, Ugad $ • both Zaires.- Medical Mission Board has made 32 shipments of medical supplies to 732 missions in 14 drouth- stricken countries in the sub-Sahara of Africa. The value of thh tff'gently needed medicines was $1,7335,615 wholesale, Father Joseph J. Walter, S.J., said. The sub-Sahara drouth and its toll of famine, death and- economic ruin first apparent in Chad, Mall, Mauretania, Niger, Senegal and Upper Volta, and later in Sudan and Ethiopia, now is being felt in the northern areas of Cameroon, Dahomey, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Suffering. for six cons " years without adequate d losing farms, cattle av reserves and facing Star the sub-Sahara people ! the thousands to the All sorts .of dise: • cholera, malaria, pneumonia, gastroenl dysentery, meningitis, 1 measles, smallpox, chi. and anthrax-- havek6 thousands of lives. • The Catholic Mediear00 Board is at 10 West 17th Yor k City.. " ,, I COULD A llEO NK' S THIN6 i YOUR THING? Those of us who are Monks at Subia=, Abbey. a Benedictine center of achvi feel we are doing our thing for God sP His people We all have gifts of tale.. and ability which God.has given gql The way we use them is in a commu lt life of prayer and work and all oth¢ shared activities We would like for yCY to consider the possibility that our W B! of life might be your thing, too WP' not write us for information so that wh! you choose to do your thing. Subiaco Wl be considered It could be that a moftl¢ thing is also your thing THE VOCATION OIRECTOR $UBIACO ABBEY SUBI.ACO, ARKANSAS 72865 •  • '.2 Followers of Saint Benediit "That in all things God may be glotffied | North Litt Rock,_0000 .rh It Funeral Home: • rlx 20th and Main.Streets PHONE 758-1170 For Catholic Services: i: 0' * Experienced Trained Staff q * Complete Equipment * Moderately Priced , - Complete Family Funeral InsuranO