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July 26, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 26, 1930

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% AGE ElCdln THE GUUARDIAN, JULY 26, 1930 L ~ _ .....! McDavitt Street, left Sunday night ner of the consolation prize, dreds who called at the home to pay comprising what is considered the attempt by the Engish Socla| and Persona, for Denver, Colorado, and points inz Miss Cuneo was assisted m enter- the,r last tzabute of respect to "kind, ~:~g::~l :;~cg~e flees ::~at had;[:: cape ~_n themght bywa~r~ Rev F~ Jas O'Nei], who has been Kansas i taining by her mother, Mrs. John B. jovial Jim Perryman . t p ,,trated b, aseverestorm,y " .... . : " ~ ...... ;,,h ....... ~ l;~e included the Many of our Catholic s~mctures anchored in the mouth of the York surrendered. . ~ t. ohn s Hot ltal ~o .......... :emously ill: S noJw reatl Pim roy-We are always glad to hear of any l following: Mines. E. A. Marquette, were erected under Mr. Perryman's River and thus cut off Cornwallis' es- After the victory 0o, several week,, 1. g " Y P ...... ~.^~:. , ..... IT. T..h.. ~' TS.~.l,~.,t ~,~*'." ~talm ,direction An-om~ these were St. cape by sea. Lafayetteheld the journed to give thanks for ed to the deii~ht of his many friends, success coming ~o our wa~nv,,~ ..y,. ;0-., o ...... ..... s ...... , .........., o , ~. He left Yhursda m ht for Troy, N. and girls Especially is this true Jr., Verd Slaughter, Billy Wilkerson, 1 rhonas Church and Rectory, t h e B,~tish commander, established in the umph, and a month later u~ ' Y "g " . .-. " .... ,~ l~ ~,J ,. ........ J. ConlevlBlessed Sacrament Church, Rectory, fortified city of Yorktown, on land, la Luzerne, the French Y for a visit with his .sister, Mrs. wnen ~ms success comes ~o one wnu ~.., ............ ~ ....... , ~:., - -. "' " " - .................. '- ~" ..... ~ ~ .... n R E Col [School and Convent, the remodeling in this way preparing for the ap- arranged for the signing .. .r ~) ) is ~rvint~ 1;o nell) otners, we refer t ,i~frls, l~ll~nal'u v~[l~l,~9 k) , - ] , ~_.,~ ~vtary Jxeny. ~ j.~o noy~'- Lan~man,~" " - woo" lhas won much ilins~ , Misses.. Pauline Ma~-uette,'~ Dor-lofl St. Brigids. Church and Convent, preach of Washington. and Rocham- Deum in old St. Mary's Gltu~,...~ miss ...... ~aary l~atherine Burkhardt of lapplause in the production, "Go To i othv. Trainer, Helen and E'~hel Brown. [the, Catholic High School, the hnmac- beau from New York, wFch 14,000 delphia, to which" he mvw~" , . ~.a ~,',~t is re~,ister-llt," that is being presen:ed this weeki ~ [ulate Conception Church, Rectory and' troops, two thirds of which were members of Congress the, 229 Nort,~ M~..~,. ...... ' . .......... ~^. -. m~ ...... ~'~-- "ast* Miss Mar,, Catherine Man-an of/Convent, the Madonna Chapel and the I~rench, under the command of Wash. military chiefs, member~of i al an acu~;e al, ~[m ~rpx~eun~ ~ate~t~e~- ~,v C : ~ o , ed at St. Josephs Hosp ~ , ............. r ........... ^~,. ......... f the uon [Grotto at Fravser Station stand out region's French military aide sylvania legislature and t]t~- attack of appendicitis being the cause, as maoe up emlrely oz local tmen~, :~ou~ vance ~e-~, ........ . .--, - ~ a. ...... ~ ~,-i~-~ she is doin~ fine the ages of the performers ranging!~lar young girls of our city, is home[as striking examples of the work of Congress has appointed a Yorktown citizens of Philadelphia, _~ ~=* e ............... ~, " .... , .......... ~-~;- -ft-r an oneration for tonsilitis | Mr Perryman Sesquicentennial Commission to ar- Miss Elizabeth S. Kite, a i nds are anxious- zrom o ~o zo ~ears. xnls ~s ,~,t ,=,,-~,~ ...... ~ .! ' " .. _ ~_. ,I ami her host of fr e ............... :..-' ~^ ..~o~ ........ h.~. M.v. Ca*her ! His death was caused by comolica- range zor the appropriate celebra- historian of this ctvy, " iv nwaitin~ her return home ~ue nuaL aiialr, sponsorea oy toe r~ve,ms,-o s,-~, ~ .... ~ ....... , -.---- ~-"~ - . ~"-*~]'-~-"-~'*"r of Mrs H ~" Burk-Appeal, for the benefit of a fund that :inc. | lions which developed after amputa- tmn of the 150th anniversary of the searches have disclosed ~ ,~ ~-~ ,~,,s .... ~ ..... d ..... dren to the: | tion of his leg several months ago lend of the Revolutionary War," and of American history formerl: ~o~,l is useu ~o sen poor cml . ~ ! " ' i .... ...... ' t Ozark Mountains. "Snooky" Land-! Miss Margaret English who, 1"or the[ Mr. Perryman is su,wived by *us $200,000 has been placed at the dis- ed, declared recently tha~ " r f our o ulax young'man, as he is known to most of his'past few weeks has been the guest of|widow, Mrs. xda Vaughan Perryman,petal of the commission ~o cover the including Bancroft, him~eff~ ~.nothe o P P ......... ,.;, -. ~r,.~ wau~ q, .... d. ~ ~,r .... Orleans / and two nieces. Misses Elizabeth and I expenses of this governmeut's partici- attached to the siege and Catholic ~irls who is spending part Iraen~s, scores ~ne mggesv ,, ......... s .......................... ,! ., I ......... ,~ . ..... ~ ~,, ...... ~ .... ~ ..... m,~^, of'has returned home brin,~in~ MissI Margaret Perryman. I pa~lon in me ceteoration. An earher v~ctory of Yorktown ~ne ~-, t Cahal , Cemeter~ g sh d personages, ~ho are de by many historical .T.~. ~ Rr~ of 2082 Haliwood plause that. he was forced to sing i partie'z are being plan,ned for his[..,~ . " 7/ ' " "1 " " ' Mrs ....... -" ~- , ., -- .~. ......... :,.:, .... ; .... ;~;,^. I I scendents of those who aided the Col-~was far more significant i~ r~-... ~ ..... a~d ~et well for it severat encores. ~oy ~ .we,s-.~-,,r-,-,s *,.~,~ ~ I . I ,-~ ............ ~ "' ~ .. '. ...... ..... ~ .... ~ ~ .... o~..~ o..~ __ I l~rIWI~F~l~Ig".~ forests m the Battle of Yorktown, the sequences than the crush-~ ~.n't i~ 1..~ n-w 'till the J~a~;~te ~ry ,:~, ~,.,. t,~. .~u~. .,.,.,. .,x.-,. ...,.,,.,,:..,~ ~.....- , vv a.~a.,la,~.a,t ~ ~,.aa.,~ ,. .... ........... ..... , o le of . nosp~tanty of th~s country during the Napoleon will be "School Days, the Dear Old man of Central Avenue, and ~s one Among the many young pe p ] One of the prettiest weddings of[ .............. ~ "~ , . xorK~own ~esquleenl~ennlalTnese G^lden Rule Da,,s " i of the most popular students at Cath- our city who are enjoying the won- '~he season was solemnized last week " I --~ "~* ]olie H~gh School. ders of Hardy, Ark., are: Misses i~a St. Mary's Church, wlmn Miss Rose guests .v.ull include the descendents oflpARIS POLICE SE2K2~~ Mr William H Adler- editoriall We do not consider it mntss to Patricia, Mary Theresa and Elizabeth I Be~adine Hauser, daughter of Mr. I~a~.aye~te' ~ocnamoeau, DeGrasse! MURDERI~ ~ " ' '" ' -eek to an~ ~eaumarcnais. --~o~' -r ~he Commercial Anueal. mentmn here that special praise is be- O Nelll, who left the past w land Mrs. Fred Hauser, became the[ ..... ] _ _. .......... " .... rrogram o~ ~eLebration (By N C W C New~- has been forced by his physician to ing given Mis~ Louise Mivelaz for spend their vacation there, bride of Mr. Frank Willfam Coleman ...... " " " " I... ~a ....~,l, w-rk and snend a few weeks the splendid work done by her pupils. I son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Coleman, I xne exe.r.cmes, a ccoramg ~o the rec-[ Paris, July 15.---The 1~ " ~ "**"'~" " ~" , . ,~ . . ommenoa~lons o~ ~ne commission, er ;n -om,qete rest and -uiet His many I As one of our local papers stated, the The charter members of the Delta [ with Rev ]~r Rupe~ Hauser offlcmt- I .... city are seeking the slay , ~ v ~ I . , .. . . "., . l wnl oe e~ucational, historical and . friends are wighing for him a speedy dancing of tlus parheular crowd was Tau Gamma Sorority were delight- rag. The b~at~e was charming in a commemorative ..... Clpraano Eeheverria, a t~turn to his usual good health and ~Ualw::l:hek;t:k:f oPur?f:::~rn:::: fbyll~Iies:t~:ryedarS~::e~YM:ftul~o:;h g:~inn;O~:!lit:i~e::::t~.:;dlaf:eol::e: of t~he states, 'm::~cip:~it~:sP:da~p: priest, whose body "a' wgor. , . " " ' t triotic organizations throughout the Sunday morning in an ob~ I latlons to t;hose~alread~ received to m, her home, 1941 Nethe,~-ood. Bun- coronet of seed pearls and orange ........... [ a ~ , , I coun~ry are oemg enns~e~. ~aval of the city It -ires us a -rest deal of --leas- ' all Who are working to make this . f- co was played and at the concmslonlblossoms Her bouquet was a snow-~ ....... - . ~.~ ' . g P I . . " " vessem oi ~nis country and those ot " last tee~ m-. ~. ~ll .n~ ..~d.~o ~o~ M~ T ~ I fair a fmancml success, a delicious ice course was served. The ] er of bridal roses and valley lilies. I .... The prmst was ................................. . . . . omer ~oreign powers, invited by the , t .... h~. ~ .... h ...... ~i~ enmit~l prizes were won by M~sses Jula I~en-[Her only attendan~ was her mster,[ ......... his hotel about raiding~ a'nd";r"i;n~ss'u'ch"a" scare last-~veek. Mr. Lawrence Cooney, son of Mr. ill, Florence Malone and Mary Mar-lMiss Ann Hauser, who wore a gown'.pres, men~'w~m De presen~ wnere the day .~,l ~.~ ~n-wn to l# ' ~ Ileet; oz l)eurasse lay a~ anenor De- - ............ is now able to be u- and resume his and Mls. Frank C.Same, of South garet McCullough. Monday after-/of pink chiffon, with a large picture l ......... " p01i~ ! . . ~ore ann curing rne siege President group o~ pngrnns. ......e.~,~A ,.l~ ~. h,= v~m~lv ~iwTe ' Parkway, East, has returned after a noon this same crowd of girls enjoy-[hat of transparent braid. She car. ~ ....... " . - .~a ........... v .................. ~ ...... ~ . . . . : , " . , . ,tloover nat mgmzieQ nit in~ention of that Father Echeverria, -" Whi~e -or entirel- well Mr Hum-, visit of several weeks~ ~th relat~ve.~, ed a theater party at Loew s State. / rind an arm boquet of Tahsman roses ............ .... ~ ' " I ..... l a~tenamg an~ ~ ~s assumed mat he n it a~a --hre'- is on t~e hi~-h road to recov-'in Cincinnati and Loumvtlle. t Those present were:Misses Mary lMr Coleman was attended by his i ...... o e part of thec Y v ~ ~ * __ I I Est 11 w~li make an aaaress. Wl~ o~ [ ,E len Shea, Eugenia Wilson, "e e lorother, Mr Patrick Coleman ........ dragged to the spot ~-~ . . .. ' . l~o commemora~mn of ~ne ~attle . " -- , The ladms of the Imm, aculate Con-t~t~e:~,_Jul!a Zero!!, Ma!~ MaEgu:]e:]" After .the ceremony a wedd~ago of Yorktown can rightly ignore the found, since neighbors !n Mrs. Camille Podesta and chLdren, l eepHon Yalqsn are making grea~ prep- c,~ hough, xmrence ~vxaione,c orea~as; was servea xor ~ne or~(laXlonora.inn," nF C.~.~* ~r..~..;o r~_ d.claved they had heard ~ Josephine, Can,.ille, Tress and Eugene, [ arations for a lawn party to be given Gibney and Agneta White. party and relatives in the home of the i ~,~" ....... -', ....... ".'~';,~ ..... - .......... " "'-~ ~ot " " ' N rth ~e h urasse, wnose presence in me mouth A robbery theory was, are enjoying a lovely vacationat [ Tuesday evening on the spacmus , brade s parents, 1087 o Se" nt ......... lJ ' . los me XOrK ~lver compmted the ed tenable since the po Redonda Beach, California They I grounds around the home of Mrs. Miss Edna Mac Gilmore, grand pres-Street I American co,do " '" ' were accompanied by Mrs. Julius Lewis E. Sparks, at 1265 Sledge Ave-ident of Phi Sigma Tau sorority, is Mr. Colemau and his bride left for British UnTo;tbu::tte~y: m~TwneChveed money in Father Ec~eveV Venturini and Mrs Josie Hagen The hue Cards and Bunco and other out- being com,plimented with a series of a trip to St. Louis, and upon their ;he, h v .... ere party will return to Memphis in time door games have beez~ arranged for delightful socials during her briefreturn to Memphis will be at borne dea~red'et:ee:r::::eth:lna;:sse:i " for the opening of school the pleasure of those attending At- visit in Memphis, as the guest of Miss to their friends at 1212 South Or- I~ .......... l p .... ............ col.cmAnn C.ATHO " na~ me ~'renen aum~ral ann wasn- ' j tractive prizes will be awarded an~ Catherine Gilmore The members of leans Street I ......... PRESS GR Mrs Paul J. Kingston o~.46-South best of all there will be plenty of the local branch arranged an inform- ]'tha~th:e;:rZr:rq':e::l-Yp:r~a~::s i~h Denver, Col, Ju,y ' Idlewild Street, is among those en- good things to eat. Mrs. Sparks is al dancing party at the Casino, at A very quiet marriage ceremony the American generalissimo left much five charter joying the beauties of California She being ably assisted by Mines. Joseph the fair grounds, last Friday eve- urday evening, wher~ Rev. Fr. Ritten- to be desired at the first meeting of left the past week for Redonda Beach, where she plans to remain the balance of the heated term. Miss Zita Koch, daughter of Mrs. J. Koch, 288 Highland Avenue, has gone to Oklahoma City, where she will remain till Fall. Mrs. L. P. Foley has returned after an extended visit with friends and relatives ir~ New York City. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cortese are en- joying a visit with Mr. Cortese's mother in London, Canada They were accompanied by Messrs. Robert and Tom Cortese, sons of Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Cortese. Mrs. Angelo Cortese left the past week for a visit with her parents in Detroit, Michigan. She will be join- ed later by Mr. Angelo Cortese. Miss Lillian Byrd is planning to leave the early part of August on a trip by steamer from New York to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Mrs. J. T Monaghan has had the pleasure of a visit from her son, Rev. Austin Joseph Monaghan, a member of the F,-anciscan Order. Fr. Mona- Walsh and Charles W. Eades. A cordial invitation is extended to the public to join the good ladies of the Parish in making this affair a big SU~S. The Coffee Club, an auxliary of the Good Shepherd Convent, will hold their regular mon,thly meeting Fri- day afternoon at 2 o'clock in the Catholic Club After the routine of business, a social hour will be enjoy- ed at which Cards and Bunco will be played. The hostesses for the after- noon will be Mmes. J. B. Nagoski, H. Foley and H. Coburn. Thursday evening the ladies of St. Mary's Parish will entertain with a Card and Bunco Party on the school grounds at Third and Market Street` Barbecue and other delectable "eats" will be served in addition to an in- teresting entertainment that has been provided for all who attend. Mrs. W. K. Gilbert is chairmar~ of the com- mittee. She is being assisted by Mme. Thomas Haggerty, Charles El- lets and Joseph Meagher, and the ladies of the Paris~ The Young ~' Institute will entertain Wednesday evening, July 23, at 8:15 o'clock, in the parlors of ghan has many friends in Memphis the Catholic Club, with a Brtdge and who are always glad to have him in Bunco party. The affair is compli- their midst. I mentary to the members, all of whom I have been invited to attend. The Mr. and Mrs. John Reedy and their personnel of the committee who have two inter, esting children of Chicago~ arranged this delightful ~arty, in- Illinois, are the guests of their sis- eludes the following: Misses Anna ter, Mrs. James C. Adler, in her home, ! Mason, chairman, Genevieve Barren, 1364 Court Avenue, i Mary York Fire, Mamie Denegri, t Anne Franklin, Mary Sullivan, Eliza- Mrs. Eugenia Martin of the Park"~ beth Ahem, Helen Barber, Mines. view Hotel, and Miss Ethel Braun, Stella Becker and Josie Dietz. daughter of Dr. and Mrs. W. T." Braun, of 275 North McNeil Street,| .One of the most delightful affairs left the past week for Manitou, Cole- given recently was the bridge-lunch- ra'de, where they will remain until con that Miss Vivian Cuneo gave the about October 1. I past week in special compliment to ]Mrs. E. A. Marquette, Jr., a recent Miss Marion Canale left the past bride. ning. On Saturday evening a supper danc was co.joyed at the Peabody The .able where the dainty supper w a s served wa~ decorated in the sorority colors, pink and gray. Those pres- Culp, Brown., Maxwell, Vent, Hanna, Austin, Holmes, Williams and Farns- worth. The many friends of Mr. Roy Cur- tis will regret to hear that he is still a patient at St. Joseph's Hospital. -Here's hoping that he will soon be able to return to his home. There will be a meeting of the ladies and gentlemen, of St. Thomas' Parish, in the Rectory, Monday eve- ning to discuss plans for the annual Immaculate Conception Church Sat- urday evening, when ev. Fr. Ritten- house pronounced the words that made Miss Margaret Johnson the bride of Mr. James Taylor Hut*on. bride wore a white georgette suit and a white felt hat; she a shoulder bouquet of Bride She was attended by her sis- . ter, Mrs. Kathleen West, who wore pink georgette, with a shoulder bou- quet of Sweetheart roses. Mr. Hut*on was attended by Mr. W. Walsh Foley After the ceremony Mr. Hut*on and his bride left to 'spend their honeymoo,~ in Hot Springs, Ark. The bride is ~e daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Johnson of Widener, Ark. The groom is a member of one of our best Catholic families, and is one of the most popular boys in the younger Catholic set. picnic, which will probably be held, some time in August. Rev. Fr. An- TOCOMMEMORATE drews, O. S. B., will preside at the FALL OF YORKTOWN meeting. Ft. Andrews, O. S. B., isI from Cullman, Alabama, and is tak- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) in,g Rev. Fr. Lorigan's place as pat- Washington.--During the month of *or at St. Thomas' in the farter's ab- September and most of October, 1931, the thoughts and attention of the na- sence tion will be directed to Yorktown, Vs., I where occurred, 149 years ago, an Rev Fr Kemphues, pastor of toe ' " " _ . astl event in the history of the United Sacred Heart Church, )eft the ~. lStates that virtually gave to ~'~he wee~ zor a mucn nee~ea rest we l Americas Colonists the freedom and hope that he will be greatly bene- independence for which they had filed by his vacation, been struggling over a period of six Mrs. John Powers of 577 Ne~her- wood Street, left the past week for Knoxville. She was accompanied by her little grand niece, Mary Rooney Boyd. They will spend the balance of the summer with relatives. Misses Louise "and Eugenia Buch- ignan.i, daughters of Mrs. V. E. Buchignani, 110 North MeC~ean Boulevard, have gone to spend a month visiting in New Mexico, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Yellow Stone Na~;ional Park. years. The 150th anniversary of the Bat. tle of Yorktown, now evaluated as the "British Waterloo," will be cele- brated in the nation's formal ob- servance of the famous battle's ses- quicentennial, terminating on Octo- ber 19, the day on Which, in 1781, Cornwallis surrendered ,his sword to George Washington. Hundreds of groups in this coun- try are anticipating with enthusiasm the commemoration of the siege and battle of Yorktown, but none can lay greater claim to the right to partici- week for Monteagle, Ten., where she will be the guest of Mrs. J. L. Mc- Gehee for several wee~ks. Mrs. Dan Shea of 1465 North Park- way, left Saturday for Cedar Point, Ohio, where she will remain the bal- ance of the summer Mrs. John M. Griffin and daugh- ters, Catherine and Elizabeth of 622 Miss Cuneo's home was decoratedl with a variety of garden flowers, the ! Deaths color motif of pink and green being! Mr, James C. Perryman, one of used in the place cards and in the i Memphis' leading contractors, passed delicious luncheon served. ~away Saturday night at the family The honoree was presented with a !residence, 729 North Willett Street. beautiful p~tir of handrembroider0d '~Mr. Perryman was a native Mere- pillow cases. Each guest was pre-phian, having beer~ born and raised tented with a dain,w ~andkercMef, here. He wa~ educated at St. Pat- the one bearing the date of the hon-rick's School. His friends were num~ oree'~ marriage determining the win- berless, this was shown by the hun- pating in, and ~howing enthusiasm for, the celebration than the Catholic citizens of the nation For without the aid of the great French Catholic military leaders associated w i t,h Washington in the historic Virginia struggle, the defeat of the British forces and the final capitulation of General Cornwallis would probably stayer have been realized Count DeGrasse with 28 ahipe, Congress, in an effort to counteract the unfavorable effect of these charges on DeGrasse's pretige, has unanimously passed a resolution au- thorizing the publication for the first time, of the correspondence be- tween DeGrasse and Washington in which is plainly shown the fact that perfect co-ordination and ha,~nony be- tween the two military leaders ex- isted t~hrough the period of their close association. This correspondence, which is to be distributed through the schools of the country, discloses the ore=eft left by DeGrasse in November after the bat- tle, and proves that the execution of military principles laid down by Vitoria and Suarez with regard to the treatment of the enemy in war time, was a dominant element of the bat- tle. Lafayette, with General Green, was sent to Virginia by Washington to watch Cornwallis who, in August, 1781, entered Yorktown and threw up breastworks about the city. That same month DeGrasse arrived in th~ Chesapeake Bay with his 28 ships and 4,000 infantry on board He w~s Sol- lowed by Count de Barras, command- ing the French flotilla at Newport, who brought with him 14 more ships and cannon for the siege. Surrender of Cornwallis On September 29, Washington and Rochambeau reached Yorktown and relieved Lafayette, thus strengthen- ing the American forces and com- pletely surrounding Cornwallis. De- Grasse had meanwhile repulsed the English admiral, Graw*s, who appear- ed in Chesapeake Bay from New York for the purpose of breaking the naval blockade under DeGrasse. On Octo- ber 9 the Americans opened fire which increased steadily until line after line of Cornwallis' outer works were broken. On October 19, after an Catholic Press cently. Action of the invitation of the ( at: sociation of America to filiated with the tion was postponed, o~ the members, for six Dr. C. M. Candidate ~ Of Pulaski Your vote and My opponent is Mrs. B: Candidat~ REPRE Pulaski Snbteet to the action party. Free from political entanglements and the home Is the most important free the homestead from taxation. Believe that education ie the most etate and that educational advanages should be equalized. Believe that the government of this countrY j~ the Christian religion. DR. ISAAC J. JONI Candidate for STATE SENATOR PERRY AND PULASKI Demoeratl Primary, Au~uat 12,