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July 26, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 26, 1930

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THE GUUARDIAN, JULY 26, 1930 PAGE THRF_ " _ _ '-'2 _2_ . tflA~|11~li~Ftg| l[It~'~l~O tad Herda, O. S. B., Subiaco Abbey; at Newburgh, N. Y., the prepaxatory clain~s of Moslems and Jews at the I ~ Lal~l~V~-~ l~Ol~ {Rev. Richard ~,veld, O. S. B., Scran- house of studies which is affiliatedlWestern or Wailing Wall. PERSONAL AND SOCIAL ~L SOCIAL[ , 'ton, Ark; Verev Rev Jos. Pebble- with the Catholic University ofI 2't,o Gr~n:d Mufti, in a letter writ- ITMES MUST ........... !scbek, C S Sp, Conway; Rev. ]~. A. America; the completion of the newlten to the Secretary General of the ...... _ BE IN TILE ~unuay Ivlasses k~ummer ~cneaule.)f " " " . ., ...... OFF/uCE B Y Low Masses at 7-9 and 11 a m [ Schwab, C. S. Sp., Morrnton; J~ev. ~t. dosepn's Seminary here, and the'League prior to the arrival of the one or Send Social Items to The Guardian NOON TUES- No evenin~ devoiions Ben~iiciion W. P. Murray, C. S Sp., St. John s purchase of a new House of Central Commission here, stated that he felt 30~ West Se~nd Street. l~hoae 5486 DAY. of the Most-Blessed Sacrament ira- Church, Fort Smith. Administration, in Baltimore. it a duty t6 protest against "auy at- mediately after the 11 o'clock ~Iass" Mass Sung by Chair of Priests The new St. Joseph's Seminary at tempt to modify the status quo which One of the most beautiful and the C:xtholie University here is of existed in the time of the Turks." Josephine Hell of San Fran- itself admirably to an event of this[ Holyday Masses. . touching incidents of the funeral was Colonial architecture. The Washing- "The supreme aim of the Zionist is vimting Mrs. A. l~isher at kind. It is large, cool and spacious, Masses on Holydays of Obhgatlon the singing of the Mass by a choir ton Association of Architects has invasion," he wrote, "is to take ev- I~llcrest Avenue. and the utmost comfort is afforded at 6:30, 7:30 and 9:30 a. m. r~ene- of Priests The solemn and sooth-]placed it in the class of "distinguish- erything belonging to the Wailing - - ...... diction of the Most Blessed Sacra- Lnosc WhO wm a~ena. l]orn~To Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Cha- ment hnmediately after the 9:30 ing tones of the Church's requiem for ed architecture," and has judged it Wall But this remains the absolute Mass on Holydays. }her dead was chanted by a choir of ]to be worthy of a place "outstand- property of the Moslems. For thi~ brother Priests. At t~he offcrtory,'ing among buildings ~)f its type." reason, I consider it my duty to pro- l%k.W~ ::1:dh2:j:~y Njtt~ "~, O"r.~.|~ First Friday Masses. Imatet "Pie Jesu,:' was sung. Among T~I1 ~ucture is four stories high and test with all power which right and , La~'ence Clyde, Jr. Mrs. ---- ~f" ..... MonthMasseSat on6:30theandFirst7:30FridaYs, m. Of Ben.thelthei singers were: Very Rev. Msgr. ~ commodate more than a hun- justice give me, against any attempt formerly was Miss Rena Dur-The first religious vacation school ediction of the Most Blessed Sacra-i James P. Moran, Rev. C. B. McCoy, d ed students with faculty. ~ to modify the status quo which ex- Re~. J.C. . .. . . . , .... of the summer of 1930 for the Hope merit, with the Act of ConsecrationI 'Fe~dkamu. Rev P F Dese- The first rector of the new Semi- isled in the times of the ~Iurks, Mum Mission District as conducted last to the Most Sacred IIeart, immediato_tmond, Rev Peter Post, O S B, and'nary, it is now announced, will be llems cannot suffer any questmn to be and Mrs. J. L. Kenney ieft last week at DeQueen by the Rev. George ly after the 7:30 Mass.i).others.o Mms'" Carter _nresid~d. at' the.. the Rev. Joseph St ...... Laurent, S S J ] ~aised" as to thmr rights m then" own Y for Cuba for a six weeks' F. X.Strassner,assisted by Miss Confes,ions l _roan.o ~ [at. present pastor of St. Joan of Are sacred places. Although we express Havana with Mrs. Kenney's - " " ~ The Bishop Pays Tribute. ;Mission, New Orleans, La Father our great esteem for the honesty ot Helen Sulhvan, a member of the De-Confessions are heard on Satur-I r, who is chief officer for the Queen parish. The em'olhr.ent in the day, the Eve of ttolydays and on the! At the end of the Mass the Bishop, St. Lau~ent was formerly rector of]the Wailing Wall Commission, I be National Bank in Havana. school wa~ 24, which included four Thursday before the First Friday vested in cape and mitre for the ab- Epiphany Apostolic College, Balti- lieve it is my duty to declare that ladies of Good Counsel Parish .give their annual card party at home of Mrs A Metrailer, 5300 Yland avenue, on the afternoon evening of Monday, August 4th. cordial invitation is extended to l~s Marie Fletcher a n d Miss t :abeth McGlynn, of Paris, Ark.,t ; by rail on the 15th of July for i Angeles, Calif. They plan to] ::~lnah v~si 1 :n d g ~: ~ n d: n~t %than i in California and return home] t ihe 1st f Septenfl)eri I a~ ladies o~dward~s Church i held their regular monthly card Y on Tuesday, July 29,at St. ~ard's Hall, Ninth ano retry : tsA " ' " ~." pmze for blgh score wilt ~lVen at each table and refresh- ~ts Will be served. The following ~aittee will be in charge: Mmes ~est Barber, Nick Hanson. Sr., ~ille Metrailer, Elizabeth Ruff, d'u~SWald and Alber~ Isenman. A ~al invitation is extended to all. ~s Bujarski entertained Helen a bridge luncheon at her home ~eSday complimenting Mrs. Au- z Gar~nd Johnson, a recent ~e, and Miss Polly Townsend of ~rkana. High score prizes were by Miss Frances Cameron and OSeph Bujarsld and the hen- received gifts A delicious sal- .COUrse was served at small ~les centered with bouquets of _~ Guests, other than the hon- ~, Were MissesBilly Rankin, ~.'lraa Potterbaum, Bill Barnett, ~.~a May, EdnaMeFait of Mil- ~.e~ Dolly Moore, Frances Cam- ,El e . ty Eady of Atlanta, Vada ~.Ma*T Anthony, Gladys Turner, t~~a Myers, Mines. William Stin- .~ Dennis Lucy William Phillips, 2 ~nley, Lucy Hawkins, and Jo- b BU~arski" l~l|d-Summer Dance. "ant Will probably prove to be ot the largest attended and most 'ul mid-summer fesivals ever the city, will be the elaborate be conducted at the Mt. St. year, which was well received by all. with questions. In answer to ~ome gYmnasium, Pulaski Heights, and in anticipation of others, the fol- was re-elected for a third_time .asl [nescay, July 30th, under the C' K: 0iAi N-0TE$ lowing information and advice is pub-Superior General of the JoTPthe lished- Fathers at a Generm wnap~er : ~ e of the Cathedral Parish. Go io 7 or 9 o'clock Mass in Tex-]Sciety just held here in connection Rev. Thomas Costello, Assist- non-Cat~olic children. What a great from 4 to 6 and from 7":15 to 8"45 solution paid a touching tribute ~o more, and S~. Joseph's Catechetical they could give no judgment on thi~ amount of good cau. be accomplished p. m. To accommodate those who, the departed pastor. Calling to ~chool, Montgomery, He ha., matter which is outside the europe- had many yea:s of m~ssmnmy ex tence and authority of the Lea ue o~ in a mission place when a priest is cannot conveniently come at the:m~nd the fact that in such erise~ . ". c- .- " g there for a length of time, with the above hours, Confessions are also there is nothing for us but Faith, permnce and is a philosopher of rec- Nations." ................. ,~.. : ...... ognized ability He made his ecelesi The Commission conaistin of M assistance, o: his parishioners , can De nears every morning :or one-nail which is .............. a~ ~ne s" ~ , . ~ ...... " '- ~ g , ............. asUcal studms m Canada, jomm~ the Lofgren, ehmrman formerl a Swed gained from the followinff renort- 98 hour before the sally ~ass. and on s~ronffest none an(~ consola~lon ~ne " ' ~ ' o _ , y - " " .... " .- ,.. , .. " " ..... '. . Josephite Fatliers when the American i~h Minister for Form n Affmrs M Holy Comnmnions distributed: Billie Sundays before ~ne first two t~asees ~isnon ~nen ~)aia a mwm trmu~e ~o ~' "g " , ., .... ~ g g .~, , , . . , I~ovmce was formed rote an rode Ba:de, t Swms, wee president o~ the Heinz, Frances McDonnell and Nancy , the sterling, qualities of zeal and ' " ~ " : - ' " , ~ . - pendentsociety This fall the new Court of ~ eal at Geneva an r Howell made thmr pmvate Holy Corn- HOL~ SOULS CHURCH t~mthfulncssof the late Monmgnor, - PP d p es- i tm x~th emoti n h w he had!Semiuary will open under his direc-lident of the Austro-Roumanian Mix. munion; a visitation and instruction ~a~,,,~ from the Cathedr-~ ~ recoun" ~ "" o o , .... -~ ,~ ~,,~,, ~__. ~,_. ,, , _ . ....... :~.~ .~ +~ ..... ,,~ ..... 0~ .......... luon housing 52 sennnarmns who wfll]ed ~mbunal, and M Van Kempen, . t 111 k ~ " hLter s" address before the Rotary; a Ma~s every Sunday at 8 a m :falteringly and unreservedly giwng , a. o the~. phflosoplncal and thee- member of the Netherlands CoIomal " ." - " ~'" ~ " " " i .............. logwal s~udies at the Catholic Uni-IService and a fo~mer overnor of talk to ~ne Boy ~couts at their week- Holvday Mass. :himsm: :or ms peopm. ~ue ~snop ~ ..., ~ ." g h, mee n - ' - ~ en ~els~W the F~st Coast of Sumatka, arrived ti g, which was made possible Mass on Holvdavs ht ~'30 a m ~also noted how his devotion, h's g - " ] "~ '~ '~ " by Mr. John Heinz; 15 vi~tations , i ~ ~ .- " " "-- ~-'--s anti zeal had won for him'theI The orig'inal St. Joseph's Seminary in Jerusalem on June 20. :?!:iht ~'~~edyfl?:h ):i:te~:i~?iil ~@;Ct!mnn!sCoSt!ii~ :h:e2?t~hb ;sae~cier~a~: 2:::: ':?:;foft2ecoC:v =:li:nK:;gh;: :::::b2 :f I : two non-Catholic sick visited; nine Catholic Union of Arkansas added that he wouhl be very nmch : " ~p ] ", " r$ .... I ........... Seminary in Baltimore- are now for of the Moslem Council of India tele- visitations to Catholic families; the ~,., g,.,mo,. ,,r~,o~. ,l] ~, ~ ..... a:raiu o: a pries: WhO eoum no: noI(, ~ " " ' " I servers at Mass given some training:acti-v: part-in th2Catl=oic Union: ~n ithe friendship and esteeem of his sale. 'their passing has been saidl~;:~P~::~n:O' the Arab Executive ia .... to nmrk the passing of the first stage I " s~a~ing ~nat the CouneiI in- each afternoon, w~th a d~scourse and ~-~ .... ~ ......... ~, ,~. ........ I non.Cathohc mghbors At the con.. " i .... . . . . benediction at n;~ht closin~ th- d ...... u,u~- ~ ,~-- ~ .......~ pur[~ose~ .1,,~:^~ , h~s ~emarks (he Bisho,, of the missionary activity o:f the lLen(~s to send (mmga~es xrom Indi~ '~e s e "~~ " of tne union ~e present and lear~, Ic~ .............. , f,,,~u,,]~., o~. .... u . ~ ,~ ~,, an~ for the sessio-s - +u. o^~--;..:^.. public activities. ^~ ...u~, ~'~"efit *t~e Union is ....... t g.~ve he last absolution. : ................ r~u ~mong t,,e ~,uuu,-l,. 7 ./. " : ............. m~, Special prizes were distributed dur- Cath;~l~.: w;;ld ~D;n't forget ~mc)c~: When. the Bishop concluded the rite 000 negrm, s m the Umted States. I:~ suom~.~ ~nf. wishes o~ 70,000,00D : " "" . . zotm, i~ is said the work of the :wos.ems in mma, ~or ~e uesthm mg the week to Andrew McDonnell,~ ;..~ n_, ..... ~ ~ .....:~ ~ ......... :.-- !of absolution, the congregatmn hned ~ . ~' " , ~ ..... q ............. ,,s ,*,~, -~-,, v .... , .......... .,m~-~ ....... ' ..... o t,omred Missions is well established ~,s occupying ~ne minds of the whole 1vlarlan ~n:,l~n,l~ooerc ano l-amine ,,.~.f~,,, i un outsiae ~ne cnurcn m a !rite Ol I;w s .. ., ~ .... } . , . ~. ,, Ho~el ' :" - n~um Seemly of St loseph, which l~mmlc worla , l for remarkab.e efforts made " and escorted the remains to its last . ~ " ' [ ' .. " ~ ..... , ~ ~ , ..... ,~sexcmsive~y engaged in such worl:,~ ~,~so apropos o: the t, ommission-~ in behalf of the schoolPrizes for ..... ~,--- ~restin~," p ace, recking the t~osar5 . " hi ,hest ~ : . ", . . ~ |'~|[~UI~ I . , " ' .... ~t:here are 86 priests attending 55 Iadvent, the Itebrew Haaretz says in g" " a 'e "age m conauc~, appdca-' l~]t~-~l aloua. ' , . " : I ~ . . churches with resident pastors and 26 1 art: non, recitation were awarded to Nelle. At the grave it was a touching ...... " . ~ . ~ . , ] ,, .... ~ ~ t .......... a~acnea m~ssmns,towmen ~elong Let us 11o e that the comm ot ~ose Howell and Wilfred Smith, i~l !scene,as .l~.~everentt ~',onmgnor ~. . ] " P " g ,. ' Resolutions of S m ath ' 04 SChOols in which 295 Sist rs and y p y . e the Comm~ssmn ~fll o en a ne ch the Senior class, Pauhne Howell and " t Bernard Stone of Omaha, Neb., a__ ~ . . " ' I . -* ' P w ap. Richard Smith in the Junior class. 1 We sympathize with youin yoi~rlclassmate and lifelong friend of Men-~/~'~) (ay teachers care for 12,000 c ol-tter__the last and final cha,,ter in A great los% but what is our loss is ..... urea children. Preparing for the r t the closing of the school all the - ..... l si~nor 1~ rmtzhem~, read the final . ....... I a ~..~ blot, ......... Ahni~ht,~ God's ,,ain so we bow ~ ........... ministry among the negroes are bu th ........... ry of a confhct whmh Cnllaren were given a ffllraculou8 o ~ ~ ' ~'lnravers ann t:ne nrles~s lnLone(l ~ne~ ....... [. . . ...... , i::~ _..a ... Th.. will Oh G~ ,,..~ I" - __ - "" __ . . , s~uaen~s a~ the re ara~or tulle e has nea ea enaless msulr~ on ~s ann Medal and enrolled in the CentrahAs- * ........ s,,y "~ ........ ' ""~ BenedictusMonsignor Frokzneim ': ...... P ~.P .Y . g ]. . P ours , "" ann oz stuaenes in the major house ~nas been the frequent excuse of in sociation of the Miraculous Medal. " I was buried at the foot of the large' , ........... "l " We will offer our prayers for the l ........ i ~o: wlsmng to separate ksel: zrom !sti~ators forcrea*i"" n;~*---~------ I_, . ....... icross in nc cen~er o~ ~ne cemetery the eit'-of its 'irth ........ t s ~,,s m~,a~ uear one oepar~eG, 111s. bnautenc,v y D , ~oclegy Will " amen his people, many o: ~sne ' _ POCAHONTAS ,[ .... " "1 m' ,and for turmng the streets of the and he; loved ones. were gescorted there by him ,retai.n ltS ]:Iouse Of Central Admin-/eountl~ into rivers of blood. We ] Also we will have the Holy Saeri-[ Congregation Hosts to Visitors i:dra~mn m ,ahnnore, :t ~s announc-[only ask that something be done [flee of the Mass offered up for thel .., . number of ~riests who " [which will no longer make the Wail- he la:ge 1' K. of C. Install Officers.Ire~ose of her soul " ................ .............. i P ' i^,~..n~.~ ~.^ *.meral of Monsignor' lug Wall quesnon 3us~ so much ma- xne :onowmg newly eiec~e(~ on~-] The Society of Christian Mothers l~=~'~," ..... ~" --~-~ %- b- m~em GRAND MUFTI OPPOSES terial for propaganda and instigation cers of Pocahontas Council No 2443,1 ...... " . ~. " ,Frokzneim were carla ~ y - " ~ LEAGUE ...... ~. ~o receive holy ~ommunion a~ ~nis! ................... o t WAILING WALL and intrigue The Commi~on which lx~fights of Columbus were installed l~^_ I bers ot ~ne parmn ,n ~nmr uomeo. COMMISSI ............. ~ " ' ........... mus~. I-- ~h-se -resent not mentioned ~,~ ~ r~ut~t comes to us on behalf of the League oy ueorge n ~eimel, ~is~ric~ uep-I Mrs "~ , ..... I*tmong o 1~ " . . ~ . nenr5 ~rDacn, t-res ........... ~ M^nsi..nor] of Nations---the h~ghest msht~at,ons :tnY~:rdthC th;rd2ArkwsaS D:strict, I Mrs. Arthur White, Sec. B?2(a'r:er;i~;" ~;f~;=aha, "Ne~., a (Jerusalem Correspondent, N. C. W. of international law and justice---i~ ...... ay., uy : ~ ,: J. ~ wlg:[ [ " ~ -d friend of Monsieuri C, News Service.) called upon to give judgment and to Gschwend, Outside Guard; H. p. interest that has been aroused by thel r of tbe Council in January with re- that has become part of it during the Barre, Warden. Imere announcement of our pilgrim-] (By N. C. W. C. News Se vice.) Igard to the disputed rights and past 2,000 years." District Deputy Steimel also out age to Hope, Ark, August 17, the~ wo~:,~ July 16 The Very l lincd his program for the ensuing committee has bee~ overwhelme ............ ~ -- Key. 131". LOUIS tl. k'asl;orenl, ~. m. d., CATHOLIC KNIGHTS OF AMERI- the Cathedral, is in' direct CA, BRANCHES 10 arkana before leaving. That is your with the official opening of the new of the arrangements assisted 2-652 all-important duty of the day. Here St. Joseph's Seminary at the Catholic University of America. rge and active committee and Branches 102-652of I~ort Smith ~ are a few typical headlines from The re-election of Father Pastorelli attendance, e in at nine every Monday's paper: "Train. Strikes Iwas the most outstanding event of indications point to an over- are now in readiness to select the del- Car, One Killed, Five Hurt." "Car lthe General Chapter, for which dele- egates for the Arkansas State Coun- Goes Over 40-Foot Embankment'"lgates assembled from such distant program :i~lt:~dnight' an4 cil, which will be held in Atkins, Ar- "Bus and Roadster Come Together,". points as Newburgh, N. Y.,, and Cor- afaeda::re~ib an elaborate en- kansas, in September. etc. So safety first! You may leave]pus Christi, Texas. The morning , with Yusic furnished by At the regular meeting of Adel- after 9 o'clock Mass, run 30 miles arl n's fifteen-piece orches- phia Branch 102 will be held on hour and reach :Hope in time for I1 session of the meeting was devoted to the discussion of matters vital to Sunday, August 3, it will be well to o'clock Ma~s. the welfare of St. Joseph's Society, thousand tickets for the have all members possible present as This trip, while under the auspices and the afternoon session was given been distributed through- this mee:ing is very important, i. e., ofSt. Edward's Council No. 2650, K. over to consideration of the mission city ......... ano ne,p:m assm~ance m selecUng, delegates and also discuss- of C., is not exclusively for Knigl~ts. - . - - ing plans for the home for the aged All Catholics are invited and welcome, sioriary priests in their task of evan- given by a large number o: . _ problems which confront these mis- ers,~ ...... ~ne parish as weu ....... as vy:memvers. . of the Catholic Knights of Bring your own baskets and fm~: gelizing the millions of negroes in rcha ts banks, and commer- ~merlca. The Worthy President your own groups, but don't fail to Uses of the city" ./ahn A. Moore urges each member to help swell the crowd at the Mass in the United States. The Chapter was opened with the Mass of the Holy as it does, in midsummer, SOcial activities of variouskinds a low ebb, it is expected that annual festival will attract large attendance. The capacious gymnasium lends I IURRAY O. REED FOR Representative PULESKI COUNTY be present, so don't forget the date and purpose for it is for a good cause. SAINT BONIFACE BRANCH 652 Real pep is being shown at the meetings of the old reliab!e Branch '652. Splendid meetings are being held but that is why more members should show up at the regular mee;- ing which is held on the first Monday of each month, in Saint Boniface Hall, time is at 8 p. m., sharp Now, lis- ten, members, to make it a little more, an attendance prize will be given, away at each meeting, but if you are not present you are o~t of luck, so be on hand~ at ~he next meet- ing and see who is lucky, and, too, after each meeting" a social will be held for those present. Be there and make it an enjoyab~.e evening The juvenile members are also requested to be on hand, for they may be the lucky ones to carry off the prizes. A very important question will arise at the next regular mee~ing-- the selection of delegates to the State Hope. Ghost celebrated in the Sisters' Chap- We will furnish transportation to el by the Rev. Matthew Morissey, all who have no conveyance.Please S. S. J., of Beaumont, Texas. let us know in time. Father Pastorel]i's re-election as We are in hopes of secu,~ng the Superior General for another six- services of St. Andrew's famous choir year term came in recognition of or orchestra, or both, :the pronounced success that has at- Don't forget the date, August 17. tended his executive undertakings in MONSIGNOR FROITZHEIM'S FUNERAL ATTENDED BY MANY PRIESTS (Continued from page 1.) B. McCoy of Brinkley; Rev. G.H. McDermott, St. Patricks, North Little Rock; Very Rev. Msgr. James P. Moran, The Cathedral, Little Rock; Very Rev. Msgr. S. J. Peoples, St. /ohn's Seminary, LRt:e Rock; Rt. Rev. Msgr. H. H. Wernke; Rt. Rev. Edward Burgert, O. S. B., Abbot o~ New Subiaco Abbey; Rev. M. Rohner~ 9. S. B., St. Edwards Church, Littl: ,Rock; Rev. A. Zehnder, O. S. B. ~larksville, Ark.; R e v. Stephe~ qe:nkele, O. S. B., Subiaco Abbey; Rev. Peter Post, O. S. B., St. Bent lface Church, Fort Smith; Rev. Con- his previous two terms in office, it was said Father Pastorelli has been a priest of St. Joseph's Society for 132 years, and was a member of the 'first class to complete its course at Epiphany Apostolic College, the pre- paratory school of the Society, tIYen located at Walbrook. Baltimore, Md. His first appointment was to the re!s- stuns in Alabanm. He was later transferred to St. Joseph's Industrial School, Clayton, Md., where he re- mained as rector until his appoint- ment to St. Joseph's Seminary, Bal- timore. He was chosen Superior General in 1918. Outstanding among Father Pasto- relli's accomplishments as Superior General have been the erection of the new Epiphany Apostolic College and Better Laws." VOTE FOR , FOR RE-ELECTION