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July 26, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 26, 1930

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AGE TWO THE GUUARDIAN, JULY 26, 1930 l Published Weekly ~HE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock BO7~ WEST SECOND STREET ,~te2ed as second-class matter March 21. 1911, at the postoffic# t Little Rock. Ark., under the Act of Congress of March 8. 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR CHANGE OF ADDRESS When a change of address is desired the subscriber should giv, ~th the old and the new address. CORRESPONDENCE M~tter intended for publication in The Guardian should reach uB ~ot later than Wednesday morning. Brief news correspondence is always welcome. The kindness of the clergy in this matter is cer- mlnly ~preciated. solicit of Him dependent upon that which we accord to others in our turn." .0 THE RELIGIOUS LIFE. Assisting a young man or young woman in choosing a professional or business calling is ant so difficult a task, providing they have lean- ings in certain directions or talents in a partic- alar line. In the choice of a vocation to the re- ligious life it is not quite so easy. After all a discover an antidote to the fatal menace. Those who have the responsibility for the publication of The Church World hope to find an opportunity for constructive work in tt e field of journalism. The editorial staff vill welcome abundant criticism from their brothers in both the ecclesiastical and secular field. This new baby has scarcely opened its eyes. It knows not whether it will survive or die of in- anition. It may deserve to be considered an orphan and ostracised from the intercourse of a THE THEATER AGAIN. Heywood Broun's critique of the which Earl Carroll and the principals Of cast have been arrested, is, we imagine, rate. Mr. Braun holds that arrests been made because of obscene lines in but because of vt[lgarity which, deI gesture or a grimace, cannot be scribed to a police judge especially lice captain ................] EV. MSGR. J. P. FISHER......... Business Manage, vocation is a divine calling, and the advisor can respectable family. It may be thought a waif It is" Broun's Opmlon" " that the Carroll Al, eommnnieations hould be addressed to, The Guardian, SOT , at best assist the candidate to discover what and a nuisance, worthy to be cuffed and kicked poor entertainment and that it would f~t Second Street, Little Rock, Ark. ............... in his mind, One must al a s be careful not as an intruder. But whatever the impressionqt own innocuousness were it not for the OFFICIAL ORGAN " become too romantic in describing the reli- may make, its intentions are good, it expects no supplied by the New York police de The Gmlvdtan ts the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock~ I Pray God that it may be an earnest champion of the cause ol 'ight. ustice and truth and .... dent defender of the religion which gious life or to underestimate its sacrifices. In praise for a year. If within that time it has Carroll risks the chance of a small ~, all lava co well. I extend to it my blessing with the sincere no~ its reer b. long and prosperous, brief, counsel should consist more in the nature failed to live up to the high standards of its return receives at the hands of the O.BtshovB. MORmS,of Ltttle RoeL questioning than in persuasion. Too strenu- elder brothers or has neglected to develop a who would suppress him, the best kind persuasion may convince the boy or girl of personality that fits it for respectable company, vertising for the type of show he is reality of his or her vocation, only to cause then may its passing be swift and painless, its Iri a word, judging from the [hem great mental suffering when thev discover name forgotten, and its existence buried in ob- ple who have seen it, the show is not ..... JULY 26, 1930 later that they have not the call from Ahnighty livion, salacious as Carroll would have the -- God. o lieve. It is merely a performance in MONSIGNOR FROITZHEIM We dare say, however, that few are doubtful] A WELCOME DEFENSE. taste which needs ballyhoo to make it about the matter. Usually they have thoughtI Of recent months there has not bee It has become painfully regular to comment about it for years, so that their determinati'on] We welcome the defense of "the old man" deal of criticism leveled at the stag on the passing Of 0nr priests. All the more so is not hastily made. Iprepared by Henry Ford. Like Francis Bacon, grounds of pornography. We had beg since they are so l)adly'needed. It would seem It sometimes happens, though, that boys and]the sage of Dearborn believes that young men lieve that the theater had been fairly w that the Lord would try us by taking from us girls who feel that they have a calling to the lare for action and old men are for counsel, rated. We believe that progress has beel those whom we need most and of whom we all religious life, and are prepared to make all theI had the greatest" hopes and confidence. It but that producers like Carroll will not necessary sacrifices, nevertheless are prevented]The automobile magnate expresses his. confi- a mournful roll call, the young and zealous from responding to it by worldly ambitions,]dence in the man whose hair is turning gray or effortit is a tOpitya cleanthat sometheater'waySUChcannotbeingbe lathe Father Anthony Werrlke dead before his work money, power affluence, perhaps. It is thisl getting thin. He says that this is the kind of dlscourage patronage of his productions was well begun, the beloved Morisignor Aretz type Which needs the advice of sincere friends, a man whose service he can not reject, decrease attendance instead of whom we all loved and on whom we all leaned [ .... Somewhere the phrase "A delusion, a mock-I In a recent interview on the question. Mr. it the venerable Father Matthew who after years , ,, ....... Ford said" "Young men from thirty years on ...... ......... cry ann a snare has DeeR used It may a ~ly oi Revoker labor sufferer so much born, ' _ P " -o .... ...... be used with reference to worldly honors They are the best executives I mean they are well- pITv aD .... ann now in very prime his vigor, in me ....... .. .." . " r ----- ........ Tt T .... ' . ........ are ann mus ever jus ven leas fit to carry on the plans of an o gan'lza,' tio , but glory his mannooa everena aosepn n.. , , , _ important us has longed for some honor Froitzheim, the'beioved pastor of Pocahontas. which when achieved inevi ..... the best plans originate in older heads. In his A d --" ...... a'ng experiment was made , mmy seemeo unlm famous essay Lord acon says young men Truly, as the Bishop said, Faith alone Can sus- .... " , . . - ...... ,oacques Gordon, concert master of - - - . . . ,por an we obtained it It may even are fitter invent than juage; fi er orl.. _ mm ann encourage in SUCh an hour. i, , " ymphony Orchestra We doubt tha ....... ..... been a burden It is such folly to waste execution than for counsel; and fit for new l . -'r ~or wenw-znree years, lvlonslgnor 1~rOl~z- _ . " .... - -. ........ our youth and happiness laboring for money projects than for settled business." It would ,perlment has any value. The fame of ne m server ann his charge rocanon as. " ..... - seem that Mr. Ford and Lord Bacon have sim-! n made the incident a matter of w0r! ............... or a nuence, which brings no lasting exaltation rnrougnou~ nls years, nere was lll;iAe at _ _ crest when we have them By way of explanation, ilar thoughts on this question. The famous es- " .. noise that the world makes for achievement, we would not be foolish" enough to say' ' that" ,sayist analyzes the older man by saying that a As an experiment Mr. Gordon standsr but day in and day out he stood fast, faithfully " ' men of age object too much, consult too long,] n hour on a busy street corner in Chi ....... - ..... either money or affluence are not thin s to be carmg his lOCl , serving nem silenny an(] " " g' adventure too little, repent too soon, and sel-gmsed" as a bhnd" beggar' ". This" alone ....... striven for We refer hele artlculml those unobtrusively, thorough was his care, so " " " P " "y to ' dam drive business home to the full period." coul age" . He took h s" precmus" who strive fm them mordmately, to those who ,, e, unfailing his devotion that those he served " " ' " " " . ....... .- played the mastel')i .......... ir ...... ~ h~v~ n~ arbor eha,,,rht- l~,,~ ~4.^.~. 2~S complemen~ ne aoos cnal~ cert;allll~ is "1 ces hiS reperw " " -- .................. e,..,~ ~,~,~ ,,,,=,n. , ,, scene re n " , adoXt came unconscm.usly. o look upon as one ........... good to compound employments of both. And 1 ese ted a fantasy m par ~rtose provlaenual chlngs inHis Good- m the splrl~ are e ernal ; amy ............. was a trench *- - as ............. - - religious accom"lishm - r -- . ", again zvlr. t, or(t agrees wl n Lora acon. ne pum, uess gives US WllSnoul5 l~nougfll~ or neea on our . p . en s can Bring Kina ,, ............. of music -- ...... ate -- of ha--:-" ..... '--'-' . .... says: lou]:n ai1G. age nee(1 each abner, xou n . ,,uugn was an exaggv par . pp ncas which never grows GUll or unin er- sentation i " " ........ estin- "" ....... must lOOK to age education, and age edu- t was a picture of conditions almost on anniversary of me day on ' g. w e envy mose young men ann women ........... ,, among musician, Wher .......... m"s: ........ - .... ,, who have "h- -- . ........... ca es youth oecause youth ln eres s m many ,, e o orrunl~ aria ~n which born canea aim vne service of PPY e call Irom AI- ..... -.---,---:-: ....... ,-, .... some of them artists of m Church,:' ::enty i::e[e rSofgOe He cal!edi mighty God to this klndo of happiness, there s'need' 'n :he ;or?d'fto "b h .utterly without financial" - Luqr ce';:z'B_Y ,.: :g . y p r .ct umon THE ..... " counsel. There is a tendency among some man- mg and temperament they are not fit for w .mmm. The remenaous momen na .ne par-! ufacturers to fix age limits. The man from[ work. As a rule the musician may be uc pare. m every monjmg v ass will become] .. : ' -------- Detroit says that while he recognizes the im- sical but he is hopeful and patient. He everlas ;lngnow, ll;wnl ,e nls rewara, exceed.I urke said therewere three estates in l)arlia- portance of youth in execution, he must have el" amused at a situation which is tragiC, $ mg greaL the rewara a grea priest. Imen , in reporters gallery there sat a fourth .......... ....... l undeserved A entl . a,1 ,or nose ne server mere snorer oe consola-[ sr, more important than they all. 0f course! o iplain nor does he grow vindictive I-Ie finn in the thought that for years they had him]his allusion to the three estates had reference l A !a world of harmony Whe- oli ies and it is to be hoped that they will not forgetl"o the traditional division of all society into the ........... .... ihim he must feel a'iittle bewildered. him now or ever. It is no small thing to realizet lergy, the lords, and the commons If this] Regardless of wha ublic thinks theoret ] " o-- that a man's life was spent for a group of peo-lbrilliant mind grasped the imPortance of the[ically on the subieci of b siness combinations[ SATAN'S BROMIDES pie. It would be terrible to forget him after he role of the press more than a hundred -ear I - . . , " tana aosen ee ownership, the chain system of l (Heard in the--- hurch meeting) has given it all to them. ' / go, what would be his astonishment to see the lsupplving our wants makes daily progress.[ ,, ' " " May the Lord he served grant him eternal ] lace that the reporters gallery has taken iv I , hether it is the ..... ....... .... I Our people are doing all they ca , rest and may his memory be both an inspiration/ he life of the modern world I " , . ...... .................... I tall- " and a consolation t " . " . tha supplies our canned goods, or the theatre ,, "- .... o people and to theirI As the modern methods of communication hat amuses us with canned mUsic or the hold-I We have peculiar local conditions." cnuaren. ]have eliminated both time and space or reduced ..... ' ' , ....... "The times are hard " ..... ! .............. ,ing company senas SUCh exorol an oms t ,,._ . , " _;, -----------o---------- / a mos to annmuafion, the information i the ,)ow r .......... pastor talks too much of , GOD S OWN LAW. ,arneredbythe reporters and transmitted from ....... I ers. ' !'-he -.-. , " _ ..... ' I I0ans US money wRen we are pincher ior casn, ,, ....... - ..... . , _ ^.c asemss mecnam, s.m ournal sm ,_to thelor the. syndicated newspaper, there is an end-[ ,,unarl y begins at home." _ A n cornels the worla I we alum I e e mo g all the t pspel precepts which the/ . ' , ". has made the chain being, f .... ......... l l, or money too hard, th Christian owes obedience there is nrobablv no1 /:lvilized population of the globe one great hu-['. . .- ; ......... o ...... 'vill not come to church " .... . carries prolKs O1 our purchases ,, " one whose justice in theory we more willinul, Iman family constantly in touch with each ,)therl " , . . 2. ..... [ The old system has worked nrettY ' ' .... wi . 0OCKe~;s OI s~rangers. IRe urge rOmerge lS IaS~ ,, " admit, yet whose accomplishment in practice w( th the passing of each present moment. .... .; ............ :~.^..).~ ..~.~.,~. ~, J why change? more commonly neglect, than the law command | The fourth estate has indeed assumed an im-I 'able'ei;ie asset'th'e i'nd e enden business man[ "We have a building program on, thet ing us to love our enemies.The precent runt| rtance far transcending the conception )flu ' . . ' P synod must wait." : - . "- " or merchant. - ,, ] so directly counter to the instincts of our taller |Burke to foresee. With the increase of impor- I .............. I The envelope system is just a new ~an ' upposH;lOn ~;o Dig DUslness comDlna~;lons a iew - ,, . nature, xs so entirely opposed to the snontane- |" ce has developed a scrupulous regard for [ - ...... [ dea. - . years PaCK gave a rallying cry a popular ,, , us d ccuracy in these latter ears that is alma We d better o ea e o esire for retMiation and vengeance that| Y st in-[ ............. I " g sy because ther oosse. a wh i v,,t, .......... /"redible This high standard of e h" . . preslaenual canalaa e, l oaay, swan song,of talk aiR a " " ............. n-~_~r we receive an injury, ~ ' ~ lcs is cue . . g g rouna :- ....... [in great measure to influen .... I of the local merchant, in almost every hne of] "Th ..... " ma , however, wemay recognize the urin 1 ce grea press, ...... " . , ' - -association " business, is eing sung wi l ou sobering " " "11 c ple to be in the abstract, its application in con-/ s which adopted a code worthy of l .... " . _ - 1 I have heard that Mr. So-and-So is a crete individual cases invariably costs a strenu-[emulatin by the three estates that in former[elTh e ae li:t: Cd::ta es of lowe zi Icmplaining"' ous effort .: ' /uses presumed to embrace all men claiming[ . . , g . ' p" ce, ap-] Our former pastor said." " ' " ' : " "Irecgnitin in human s " I i ilpealing packages, qUlCKet servlce, i ii!ye iiii ii i: are distract "The - iii,, cleat for the fulfillmen ^f ^ 1 ....... lthe cause of journalism, all these are charac- of distribution are advantages in big combines, " The whole scheme is" legalistic " , ._ . , . " lteristics of the modern news a--erman wh- ,__ Ithat lessen costs and make the business combi-] "I move the matter be " IOV e ~ P P u ~las L~UleCl isf:Of: e: sa nt:S. So:e;ola:at!::rlattainedy Y I fie,d any degree of emir ence in his chosen'natin al la udable venture. I ':We, cannot afford to experiment." ' Y of the fourth estate The increase of a' But greed is inherent in human nature. Mer-i ' Let s play safe. enemies; do good to them that hate you, and/sease of responsibility to "princi le and to t- Iger tends to m0n0p01y If the urge to mergel "We must cut down " pray for them that persecute and calumniate . . p Ice . " . . ,, ........ ,,.. . . ]pubhc within the last enerat% 1--o " ........ -,Its to have its sway without state supervision or[ Our nresent .... qo' OU T " ~ v~ x~ ~z~l~t~tl ~v ~*z~uzl UUeS' no1) (w~ . o seek evade this law is to renounce the " ncern of u ........ ' ,, 1 success of constructive journalism and haslthe co p bhc opinion, America may find[ Let us not have too many changes allegiance to our Divine Lord 1 ss " " .... " ,_, " e .ened the evil of the vell0w . Ithat it has been pouring the profits of a nation[ .. o ' ' The mere fact of the promulgation of thetgeneration ago ................. into the coffers of a few, who have grown untot Chicago newspaper offered a nrize law is convincing evidence that obedience there In t " ealth an ' ' " . . . . -] - he meantime has sorun , u- ..... + ..- ]the w d power of modern feudal lords, . best history of theUni 1 t5 1] Ult~ lttU~U VI- " .~ " ~'~- IOU~L~I5 lIl IIVU Deyona our powers God never cam cl t ose blddm the next cRemation wfl do r wolds or 1 ' .: ..... , _ " ]/o horde of vultures in the ma azine world ]wh " " g g " " I o " ess. Out of nearly fo.r housa manas impossiDnlues, ann so is the merest!bent - .... " " - ........... ......... .-. .......... . . | t)u flemoranzauon oi immature|S arve. [Les an s, was won by a nrofe. . or nf snu nmg asser we can orglve even and the " Iv i - ....... | thoughtless who ma- becom The picture may be overdrawn, but compe- e's ty of Ch ca o Fat .. i-, S cur most inveterate enemies do so may belmore tha c t observers cannot h ] e alarmed at The Mlssl ,, r ......... ,__ ...... , n arrion to glut the ghoulish maws of/ten " e p but b " "onary says: As to all vict nay, terra,my we mus an vlc t 1 -- . [h's greatest enemy to societyYear ......... lthis latest development of our capitalist sys-'should, I sunnose ext .... *ul . - " - ' . , our congra fence to our natural rest,acts; but that,vlo?encelbefore society itself, surfeited with a degen-ltem. Those seriously concerned with the Tel-[But accepting the decision of the judges absolutely oone, lz we are wnnng[erate and demoralizing sense of degradation [fare of the people and our national system of!the supremacy of this effort, the reading to erase agams ourselves every avenue to God's will shake its " " " " oes ' " | " elf free from the demon In |4emocracy, see here a problem assuming the g a long way to p ove the fuh , f mercy. "It is admirable," says Bossuet, "the meantime the thinking and responsible ele. limportance of and as worthy of study as peaceling the history of a country in thl ty way in which God makes the pardon which we raents in our civilization owe it to themselves to pacts and naval treaties, five hundred words." /