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July 24, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 24, 1920

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$200,000.00 30,600.00 mcreased our capital a*,ock to $200,000 and by sell- new issue of stock at 20 per our par our surplus has from $10,600 to $30,- us to take still bet- of our present depofitors as ones. National Bank RSURANCE 0U.have in mind increasing life, insurance see RtkLEY, Supt. Life Ins. Co t 1002-7 Boyle Bldg. McKINLEY EWELER Jewelry, Musical Watch and Jewelry Repairing. St. Little Rock, Ark. ROGOSKI Phones 478 FITTING Hot Water and Heating. Gas Fixtures, HoBe Pallm, Etc. XAMINATIONS given free. It will to obtain our opin- if you consult us E. WHITNEY 1. Main St. Established 1890 Nigbt or Day Res. Phone 106 Us a Trial HAT CO. Main 8565 soft and stiff harm or Panama Hats and nmed. No &amp; WASEM on Panamas. OR FAST. KNOW? CATHOLIC CAL- HOME? SHOULD CATHOLIC HOME. AT THE BOOKERY. POSTOFFICE. ALMANACS 1920 Assoei2ltion wishing Y beads or any other to be sent to the sol- h.em at reasonable *kery, 807 W. 2nd St selections and orders filled. IIIIIIIIIIHIWIIW Ask for illustrated k about the Corona. .ng, c,:pkl and fMtls PAGE SEVEN THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 24, 1920. T]is'you-un(ierstand, was so i0ng a;i others, it-,-as-very-hard that sh0 lannounccd by the Rev. John Graham, ...................................... -i ago that things happened as they lie')must fetch tile medicine..It was ver>|S. S. S director-general. VV{J7"or" ::- __Mom  i in fairy stories. All the animals hard that she should never have a 1 I ontifical votive high mass of the  ]r j.. i' Iwere friendly and could tall,. So Eve'holidty, but.alwa,s work frona umrn- Blessed Sacrament will be held inthe . . . August 3. I was not afraid, nor was she surprised1 ing until night, and have such pooI Cathedral in'evious to the first sessmn TLr .! VOT] , , -aml [Iwhen the serpent began to speak }clothes to weal'. Ion "Eve," he said, coiling his glitter- "Fhe sun was shining brightly now, Program.._ [I711 I L .1 00nue ,00:coNc.EssA l " ing tail about the tlee, thm m,,good but there was no sunshine in Angc- The lirst regular scss.n will be ! fruit; 'hy do you never eat it? hna's face. A sullen, dark cloud had at three o'clock and will be featured .... - ..... -- ............. :" "Serpent," said Eve, "this is forbid- gathered there. She pushed tile white by a paper on "The Mass and the My Dear Boys and Girls: TRIBUTE TO ST. ANN. den ftxfit. God has told us not to dust to and fro with her little brown Priests' Personal Sanctification" by I am sure you will be pleased to Feast Day, July 26. hear from our friend Helena again Men have vied in time and ages, and to meet a new member--Audrey Each to bring some tribute rare, Peters. Alberta's letter will appeal" To their God, to their Creator, next week anti we shall expect to see Grateful for His every care. Helen Cunningham's, Getrude Ker- win's and Leone Kerwin's the three Some hate built Hinl stately temples, weeks following..9!ne haw given wealth unt0]t!; ) ' I!D ],.P,I}  .',H L o, ller from 'Lberry )I am sure we should all bt7 uhul tq have Mary form a Conchessa Club and furnish us one letter from Perry every week. How many shouhl like to hear from Little Rock, Ark., and from l,'ort Smith every week? I know you are Others gave Him crown md jewels, Other gem el  purest goht. But m" all the gifts of nations, Or of individt:l man, None compare with the Immaculate t)u]'est gift of dear St. Ar. touch it lest we (tie." !toes, and then began to make now a "But see," replied the serpent, round 0, now a cross with her great winking his bright eyes--"sce how it ltoe, as if that was the most important shines among the leaves, Surely such;,work in the world. fair fruit can do no harm. Indeed, u! "'I wish,' she went on, muttering little taste will make you the wisest] gloomily to herself, I wish I hgd a woman In tho world." ipalr of shoes. When I am al.vays sent Anti foolish IYe listened slid was '> fat' to fetc h whatever is neeqed, tempted. She looked agmil al; the .............  all the s61es oI in3 r t ' bright, and luscious frmt and took of "She stopped drawing" crosses and It anti ate it, antl she gave to Adam turned up one foot to see Jf there land he ate it, were any holes or uorn-out places. And then trouble came. Disobe- dience brings trouble as a burn brings pain. Adam and Eve began to think of what the}- had done, and the more they thought of it the more sorry and the Rev. V. F. Kienberger, O. P. and "Dogma in the Mass" by' the Rev. Charles A. Bruehl D.D. In the evening there *will be the observance Lof the holy hour, a procession and benediction of the Most Blessed Sa- I erament. Pontifical hTh mass of requiem "" isession on the second day. The pa- pers announced for the morning ses- Imn th 'lhe Histor3 of the ceremo- It was qmte" a disappointment' '" to find lnies of .the,, Mass accordin to the the sole as hard and firm as a pieceqRoma Rte by the Rev. John F. Sul- of tanned leather, [Hvan and "The Structure of the Mass" Then a gentler look began to steal by tim Rev Henry Borgmann, C. S. all answering "I[" Let's hope to She has given the I,'ather a Daughtet', over the sull?n little face, and s'he]S, R. hear. Do you think out" friend An- Given a mother to His Son, [ a'aid they were. Now, every day looked soberl) down at the crosses inl Papers dice, while in Des Moines will meet A pare Spouse to the Holy Spiirt, in the Garden of Eden God used to the dust. They reminded her oT the "The Rite of Exposition and Ben- CONCHESSA? Given her holiest to each One. I come as the evening shadows length- words of the kind of priest when he ediction" will be discussed by the Rev. , :ened and walk among the trees in the had explained to her the meaning of ,Anthony Stien, LL.D. at the after- Aubudon, Iowa, July 9, 1920. Has there ever since creation ie'ool of the twilight. Iut that day a cross and had bidden her always lnoo n session anti this will be fallow- Dear Conchessa: Of the world, of earth anti heaven, Adam anti Eve hid themselves. So ] try to do her duty as cheerfully as pos- ed by a paper on "Communion of the I was very glad to see my letter in A more fair and purer Treasure Gotl calle(I, "Adam, Eve, where are Bible. In a moment the clouds broke Sick" by the Roy. Charles V. Vitta. print. My sister, Leone and I are at Unto God our Lord been given, you? Why do you hide yourselves? and the sunshine once more shone in Arrangements are being nmde by Dunlap, visiting our cousins. We all Have you eaten of the fruit of the for-tAngelina's eyes. the Rev. L.. I. Kirlin, 2814 Diamond Than the spotless Maiden Motler bidden tle " And Adam came and "'To think,' she said, 'that I should Street to provide accommodations, in decided to write to you. The mem- bers of the club I am forming are Of the Savior of Mankind? said, "It was Eve's fault; she tempt- care more for the fine sights thanparish rectories, of plbests who do not Audice Eaton, Audrey Peters, Alberta For e'en God Himself the Just One ed me." And Eve said, "It was the the poor bambinettoi But he shall care to ga to hotels, but there are Peters, Helen Cunningham, Gertru(le Couhl no sta;n in Mary find serpent's fault: he told me to do it." have his medieine now as quickly as man)" convenient hosteh'ies, with rates Kerwin, Leone Kelvin anti myself. As for the serpent, there was nobody I can reach it.' rangin from three to seven dollars I like to read Mr. Wint-er's poehs be- Since St. Ann's is then' the greatest on whom hc couhl cast the blame. "She started at a steady trot along a day for single rooms, within con- cause they are so interesting. Our Gift e'er offered to the Lr(l, So God said that the serpent anti the road, eager to make up for lost venient distance c4 the Cathedral. pastor, Father Costello, went to Ire- May we not with right implore her? all serpents after him shouht crawl time, and thinking only now of the .................................. land so we have another priest tak- God will not refuse her word. upon the ground. ' He sent Adam and sick baby and poor, anxious mother ing his place. Our folks sent us the---Bya Sister C. PP. S.,in Young Eve out of the garden: and at the aUrorae" She had many amiletogolKL  ad!! BREO children's page this week. Audiee Catholic Messenger. gate, to keep them from coming back before she came to the hill on which He set angels with flamming swords, the town as built, and then there week Well, as my letter is getting long I must close. This is the ohlest story in the side the garden gate the earth was ed the city gates. The little maid Helena Uerwin. worhl. It began to be told when chil- thick with briers and brambles was indeed very hot and very tired by CITY BAKERY dren began to ask questions, and that the time she had done her mother's was very long ago. The children THE'ANGEL'S ROBE. bidding and ouhl turn her face home- 'The Most Sanitary Bakery' Peory, Iowa. July 9, 1920. said: "Where did everything come (Continued from last week.) wards carrying the precious medicine Dear Conchessa: . Joe Jung Proprietor. I am going to write you a few lines from Who made the bills and the "'Well," said Angclina's mother bottle rolled up safely in her apron. about Perry. Our parochial school is sea? Who made the sun and the when she heard the great news, "thou She never stopped to lo0k at the shops Illllilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll stars ?" And their fathers and me- hast been a good child of late, and to- or the gay crowds today, tat as she almost finished anti Father Clea y said we may enter it next fall. ;thers answqrett as best they could, morrow thou shalt have a whole hell- passed a little quiet church she slip- Our school is out anti I passed into In the beginning' of all beginnings, day to see the show." ped in and knelt for a moment in a Safety (10nvenience Profit the seventh grade. I enjoy reading Is() they said, the worhl was a wide "The little maid could scarcely dim corner before her favourite piO sea without a shore. Up and down, sleep that night, her head was so full ture of the Madonna and white-robed In Depositing Your Savings With the your page very much. and here aml there, anti all across, of pleasure anti excitement. There angels. Our Sunday School is out now .n,l SOUTIIERN TRUST nothing couhl be seen bt.t water. And was only one little cloud to shadow "Very carefully then she unwrap- won't reopen until Sept,mber. I shall it was all dark, like the )cean at night her happiness. If only she had some- ped the precious little bottle from bet' COMPAN be twelve the 25th of July. My when therd is no moon. And God thing th',t wouht show it was a festal apron and held it out in both hands. brother, Francis, is a Western Union Messenger boy now. He is thirteen sMd, "Let there be light!" and day day! But all the wishing in the world "'Mary Mother,' she*prayed, 'foI yea not only obtain complete safety vears old and goes to High School aPl)eared. Then God made the sky', wouhtn't buy her a new handkerchief the sake of the Gesu Bambino, blessfo r your funds and 4 per cent interest and under the sky, in the midst of or take away the p,tches on her pet- our bambinetto and grant that this cumpouaded twice a year, but you also next fall. Sincmaly, the vast waters, He made the land; ticoat, so she tried not to think of it, medicine may make him better.' Mary Reel . know that your money is readily avail- and grass began to grow upon it, and anti by-and-by she fell asleep. "The Madonna looleed down with able whenever you may require It, .. trees witIa leaves and fruit. Then in "The next day she woke very early such kind eyes that Angelina was Remember that a small amount de- Dunlap, Iowa, July 19, 192(). the sky the Sun 1)egan to shine by aml crept quietly out of doors before sure that all would be well, and it was posited regularly at fixed intervals Dear Conchessa: day, and the moon anti stars by night, lany one was awake. What if it should with a happy heart that she left the will produce far better results than This is my first letter to you. I And in the sea tile fis} began to be raining! But no, the sun was be- church and started on her homeward the infrequent depositing of larger live tt Dunlap, " Iowa. My cousins, swim; and in the air the birds began!ginning to rise clear anti bright ano way amounts. Helen,, and Leone Kelvin, are visit- to fly; and on the hind all kinds oflthe mists were rolling back. All was (Continued next week.) # ing at my home.. "File,', were telling., living things began to mo,'e about;Ira r for the. great holiday SOUTHERlq me al)out ths chddren s corner st I lions in the thick woods, sheep in the "Angelina s little bare feet danced COMING CONVENTION thought I should write you a letter fields, cos ill the green pastures. ,,long with joy as she went down the ()F EUCHARIST LEAGUE TRUST COMPANY too. We have a new parochial school And at last, as best of a',l, God made path and scrambled up the banks- in in our town and I attend it. Our i man, and to the first man He said, search of wild flowers. Before long (By N. C. W. C News Selwice) 'azA# FTr'tta "q" pastor's name is Rev. Father Hanson. ,,lehohl ' the new earth and all that she had filled her hands with sweet Philadelphia, July 19.--Hundreds "i '@ My teacher's names are Sister MaT ' s in it. It is yours. Here you are <iolets and sat down contentedly to of priests .from the east and middle Alberta, Sister Mary Rosaria and Sis-to live and over all these living' l.Z:nff:; tie them into bunches There was no west will gather here on August 3 Opposite the Potoffica ter Mary Raphael. I have a little 'on arc to rule." Thus the worhl and need to hurry home, for this was a the Priests' Eucharistie League, for sister Alberta. She is seven yearsman came ate. beat. The stoly sarS:hohday, and there was no work to do. which the complete program has been LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlqllllllllllllllllllllllll, I shaliShe wantSclose, to write a little,Audrey Peters.lee' !!:!t(!t!, t :iiii: s,!,iliiiio:i,oili!,.O  tt(h)ii,!!i:iP!h!:;!!!i:sh};ii:}h:;qUiv!i!y e CATECHISM. i But, the children said, If God, sounded slmr 1) and troubled. Sacramentals. our Heaven]vFather, made theworld,, "'Where ha,t thou been child?' Bishop Kinsman's Story A sacramental is anything blessed how came there to be briers anq said her mother, who sat rocking the by the Church to excite good thoughts brambles? Why is the grouncl so baby in her arms and looking down and thereby remit venial sin. st,my? and why do men have to work lat it with an anxious face. "I have What is the difference between (he so hard to make things grow? and been calling and calling for thee. The  OF HIS CONVERSION Sacraments andthesacramentals? 'why havepainandsicknessandsinlittleoneisill, Ifear. See, how hot "SALVE MATER" The Sacraments give grace at once, and death come in to spoil the world ? and flushed he is, and I Cannot stop and the sacramentals prepare our In the beginning of beginnings, said his wailing.' Thou must go off to heart to receive grace, their, fathers anti mothers--and this town as fast as thy feet can carry Which is the chief sacramental is next ohlest story--the earth was a thee. I have no one else to semi. The "HAIL MOTHER!" used in the Church? mighty plain on which no rain had good doctor there will give thee the The chief sacramental used in the I fallen since the first hour of time, but ] medicine he needs." ' "Salve Mater"--"Hail Mother !"--is the title" of c ] the stun of the Closs , m,t bl(w n , m ttm sa and ,, , ' a' Chur'h "s , z'g " ""' I" "' ' " " .  ' i O mother, burst from Angelin' s the book just published (by Longmans, Green & Why do we make the sign of thelwatered the gr,,und. Out of th damp lip ' "but this is the festal day, and Co., New York), in which Frederick Joseph Kins, Cross ,earth God made a ,nan, body and legsii ,as to have a h(;liday to see the man, until recently the Protestant Episcopal To .show that w ,ire. Christians and trms and head;, and when the gran(l procession, of .... lords and ,ladies" e  man as m(le God breathed u ont . T0 profess mans. ' " ' - : " . 17 I wish thou had:t a wiser head, Bishop of Delaware, tells the story of his conversion him m(l hehohl, he lived The bo(ll To practice. ,  ' .... and cared less for gay sight and to the CatholieChureh. !1)" what ssgn ale ('hristiau. ...... rte- of earth was changed to 'flesh and' g..tand clothes.' sad" her mther. The book was written in the silence and solitude -.  blood and the man opene(I his eyes,' " - o 0grazed. , ' [sharply. But today there can be rt of the woods of Maine, where Dr. Kinsman retired B the sign of the Clo  xxhtch dis , m(i stood un and began to w'dk "mtlt " v one v ' s: ' :" ' ' - - .... hohda for thec Thou must be _ after publicly resigning his Bishopric, and renounc- tin uishes a Ohmstmn from a ))agan..,qeak. Aml God planted the (,arden . I " " g . .  ] .... at once, an( even so thou walt scalce- It is strange that Protestants do not o rmen or the man to live in, with , ..,. ... ..... :.+n + ...... _. ] , . . ]3 be h .............  ............. . ing the orders of the Episcopal Church, and its Com- use the sign of the Cross, the emt)Lem [snaay trees, anti a river lnning be- ' is so long But see that thou dost reunion. of their salvation, tween flowery banks. There God not linger nnd that the medicine is Ten days after it was finished--an event which How is the sign of (he Cross a pru- brought to the nmn all the beasts and carried carefully home." , the author describes as "the last act of a life that is fession of faith in the chief mysteries birds, and the man gave each a name, "Angelina did not answer, but lis- ended"--Dr. Kinsman was received into the Church. of our religion? and they prayed gether in the sun- tened silently while her mothor gave Because the sign of the Cross ex-nyfie]ds. But stiIIthemanwasveiT he r the (lirections how to find the The Book of the Hour presses the mysteries of the Trinity lonely. Tben one day while the man doctor when once she should reach of God and of the Inea:'nation and slept God took out one of the man' tlm town. Then she turned obedient- , ! u Lo, d ,]bs and of ]t mule a woman And l and be an to o down the steep Ism: m a ' death of o r " " .' ' '  " " y - .g" g  @ Stationery Co Is it well to say our prayers before the ,,,an waked aml saw the woman, mountain path that led to the high- Protestant Ca ohc00sm _ ' " " a crucifix'/ and he took)her by the hand and was road beh)w Rock. Ark Phon- " ts I ( A t h'x ' " " ' I afs filing eabint ts Yes, because tt rereads us of,Jest.i. vry gal.. n 1 t c "oman .' name was But though she seemed so qmet" HUMAN , INTEREST STORY | ' ' ,," orona 6 n. ,olain.. who intercedes for us before H, Eve. and obe(lient her heart was full, of --  Father when we pray. Now tied had showed Adam two btter &sappomtment and angiy . Rare Vividness--Excephonal Literary" Power ' "rl l] cross ' ' A; :-.__ ' What is the t "! e trees of the garden. One was a tree thoughts I I ' 'e lO")h The triple cross is made on the of life: whoever ate of the friut of "As long as she was in iight of the His Return to the Faith of His Fathers It _., . L, L0 CENTRe', forehead to sbow that we believe in it wouhl live forever. The other was'little house she walked swiftly on ! __1 :! ,:',.r,, .. ,,,, = " Ooo. o* ,n . o00.o w oo or .. ,,, ,u* ,.o.. w,o- ,'o ..." ' t" Cat'olics'00"Protestants "=n| tle );]DJ" "7-u or 1927 (o proclaim Him with our mouth; on the friut of it wouM know both gbod white, dusty high-road, her feet began THIS ,i . 15),!' TTd'I t.'l the breast to show that we carry Him and evil. And God had said tha'to drag slowly along until at last she ' ': ]d. : '  l)llUt 5''U]tJ in our heart, these trees must not be touched. Butstopped and sat down on the grass BOOK ,.. a,i.7?t'tore a # ,..... What other sacramental Is ,n very one day, as Mother Eve was the wlays,de. Price $..25 (Net) THE BOOKERY, 309. WSecond | , u[ Uallty , tanches he I " ll a ver hard that the ,..,,, tt3]L !' '.lh ".'..72 '1 frequent use? trader the pleasant )" of t It reay w s Y I  D!)':' "" and Retot --' ttoly Water. tree of knowledge, she ,aw a serpent ,baby should fall ill that one day of, .... ..: :g , , , ...... :, \