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July 24, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 24, 1920

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THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, JULY 24, 1920. PAGE SIX ---  ................... --thra;;tha-----i-T  t.} ,,ll,T Cody was responsible for the build-J, in 1863. He studied 117 h I}IM O h fl A [lklq[ !__ g. m ......... " .._lM Hl|'J A [ J/l  | u ll i'ing of the present, church, St. James' ]in Rome V/ITI /Xllk) Igined. 1 .,r,mn,71 ll) 1M[ICIINT Hospital, the school, oFphan asylum , -U Y. M. C.A. ,,Warns His People O f Danger ! II]]UT|]. uu[ DJIOOIIo and the new.rectory, which occupy a It doesnt profit a man  AMERICAN I In the presence o1: this truly so-, I leity block and are the fruit of forty-lservant keeps the comman _--'7--__  .........  Irious danger, 1 am doing my duty as PROMOTERS OF PLAN TO ABOL-'EXPULSION OF CAPUCHINS FROM eight years of toil among his people tact and breaks all his cr0O ARCHBISIlOI'I F N l) TO OFDEsTRUCTIO(JI,J... ,?, !/a pastor, denouncing it publiclYis cit , to all! ISH PAI{OCHIAL, SCHOOLS I PACIFIC ISLANDS OPENS , ,l'l'he deceased priest was born in Tip-] . .. ITS ITAI,IAN P ROPA_GANt':x (the faithful of the Archdiocese, but I TIIREATEN TO APPEAL [ wAY FOR PROSELYTIZING Iperary, h'eland and was ordained inl Pride that dines on vamJ " '] " ' ' "''""' |especially to the. e of th . TO COURTS I Scion Hall College, South Oran,,e, N. lcontcmpt. Ul llrL / Pots(reed Cup -- __(By N. C. W. C. News Sol, ice)-- -- _---:77_ .... | "Parents who permit their chihh'en] (By N. C W. C No',vs Service) ! Washington, D C., July 19.--Thci ........ . .....-J,__._::.._.._,Wfl (By N. C. W. C. News erv]ce |,^ e-,N \\;ith the Y M C. A. and! I)etroit Mich July 17--While the,,;s ,,f more than twenty years of[ .'I'@q'q"fq'@"'I"I"I'&b'I'q''I'''- " Jul 3--Italy is still ring- ". ........ . -i" " s rin in I ' ' " " "'h ri " .... " ' " " " " the , Gcona, Y ,vnh the other Associations .p g gipronmters of the plan to abohs p - toll by Cathohe m, ssmnar, es m I_ Candy . " ' i Em- ' . . . . . . , ,,,,aaaaaaa,a  , mg with the ,mmng wlnch H s |fom it, understand now the gravtY,vate schools ]n Mchgan have an- Caroline and Marmnne.Islands are ]n .I- (INCORPORATED) . G::22/ret'2ntCya2:l;"t:ssAris?;Po;,21':l;tibf/ltlyt;ateheu:d;: f th:h: ?2Utl:e((ttat;:nslp:ieCo:frt p:ahtTg l:2(y:togfjb:;:sde:::Y:ds baYn(l';r;n_[  Wholesale Candtef.,.Baker.and Soda Fountain SaP to put them on their guard aga:ns danger into which boys and girls decision of Attorney General Alex J.i, ehei's of various Protestant denomi-  , ...garsare''e.,,,m the propaganda organized and con(me- I,lace themselv(s when they lift to Groesbeck, in which he held that the nations who have m'acticallv a clear  , L, l.,r. a.).,a, z-aaz-o-,-, ' athohe Eu- ted here, as elsewhere in C . ]their lips the golden, but poisoned nrouosition could not legally be plat-'field for the work of winning over _.. .............. ,-,4..I..I..I..I.I.b4,.i4.e-I.&I'i'@'' rope, by the American Y. M. C. A.](.up which the foreigners offer them. ed on the official ballot at the Novem- tim unfortunate Catholic inhabitants .r-c-.- ............. Cardinal Boggiani declared that who conspire against the Church or- grant that our generation may not be] ap;.inst the evil power, incur the pen- of those stricken with a spirit of I alty of excommunication." sloth, who 'have eyes, but see not, t Bold Crusade have ears but hear not.'" I The Cardinal Archbishop's eondem-, It begins to appear that the Y. M. nation of the Y. M. C. A. and its C. A. in Italy and in other Catholic bold crusade of proselytism is con-parts of Europe, is to be the van- tat.ned in a pastoral letter which has guard of the Protestants sects; that been published in the Diocesan Re- by wearing" the livery of bland hu- view, II Citadino, and Liguria f manitarianism it hopes to e'apture Geona, and reprinted in various other the citadel of the Faith an(l deliver Italian newspapers, l ig to evangelical sectarianism. Y. M. C. A. Bluff "The Y. M. C. A. which states its i,,TEST NEWS FROM ROME program to be the 'physical develop- ment, the intellectual culture and the (N. C. W. C. Special Cable) moral and spiritual elevation of young men,' is an association purely Protest Divorce Bill Protestant and Masonic," His Emi- . e'o iz e e;: , Ing "g : . " - hence salu " .. ,, .... ,,'-[in the government" with protests "This assocmuon, ne continue,, is| . ........ , ....... %d d elliS|: T, fle (i]vorce DIll leeoiilnlcil(l o p e n i n g headquarters, conference.-" : " " rooms, reading and writing reruns by the parliamentary committee of large libraries, homes for students, Socialists and Radicals. Having been recreational centers, clubs, moving pic- proposed to the parliament tim meas- ,, lure theatres, gymnasiums, baths and ure is a political subject; and, as such swimmin pools, information bureaus all the strength and activity in the [ber election, it is regarded as certain bereft of missionaries since the ex-[ Denounce Peril these "rich strangers" arc making ex- "All our priests and pastors, espe- lhat the highest judicial tribunal will pulsion of the Rhenish Westphalian I trawgant expenditures with the ob- cially those of Geona should tie-lsustai n the Attorney General The .Capuchins by the Japanese gove- 1 ject of corrupting "our faith, destroy- nounce openly this peril May the Supreme Court convened on July 20. ment. ing' out" traditions,, and conveing our good press also denohnce it, "rod may Attack Carbolic Schools So declares the Right Rev. Salva- country lhus into a foreign colony." our Catholic Associations not remain Advocates of the proposal, which tor Walleser Bisllop of Tamagra and Catholics of the Archdiocese are re- indifferent and idle in the sight of has suffered a defeat in the first le- Vicar Apostolic of the two island minded hat "those ,who era'ell in the'th e work which the enemies of ourl Masonic sect, -rod other similar sects; Faith are untteaking. *  * Godigal battle of the contest, seek to groups, who ]s a mest at the Capu- amend the constitution of Michigan. chin Monastery here. Bishop Wall- so as to require all children between eser's little missionary band, compris- the ages of six and sixteen years to ing twenty Capuchin priests, twenty attend public schools. It is admit-]one Capuchin lay brothers aml fifteen redly an attack on Catholic schools, : sisters of St. Francis, were evicted though to accomplish their de.sign the from trim island in July, 1919, and bigots had to frmne their proposed since that time the mission has been amendment so that it would affect al- entirely abandoned so Lutheran and othcr private insti- I Japanese Lack of Consideration tutions of the State . "Had t,e Japanese been a trifle less The bigots who have been frothor - courteous an(l some,hat nmre inge- nT the proposition have succeeded nuous," declared Bishop Walleser, in obtainp'ing enough signatures on "the most deplorable calamity that petitions to submit the amendment has overtaken this Catholic mission by the initiative after having failed could have been averted. If mission- o imtuce the State legislature to re- taries other than Germans wore de- fer it to the voters. Then came the isired ' recourse could have been had question whether the proposition was to the Holy See before the Capuchins such as could validly find place on were rudely deported. The Sacred the ballot along with other proposed Congregation assuredly would have amendments to the State constitution, consented to replace the German mis-I Lutherans Active .,:ionaries with others more agreeable At the instance of the Rev. L. A. to the Japanese. Thus the change IAnn, pastor of the Holy Cross Evan- would have been brougllt about in a gelical Lutheran Chm'ch of Saginaw, civil and legitimate manner and with- Secretary of State Coleman C. Vaug- out too great harm to the spiritual han requested of Actorney General welfare of the Catholic islanders and the like. Popular Party is to be exerted against Grosebeck a formal opinion as to the Diflicul! Labor Program of Proselytism its adoption. But the proposal is also legality and constitutionality of the "The Y. M. C. A. explains clearly a me.tter involving religion and roof proposition. I'ropa'ationThe SacredofCongregationthe Faith hasfr'selec-the in its progrmn that it is opening its ais; and the religmus organizations After reviewing the legal and con- ............. ted the Sl)anish Jesuits for the work .. :n ::- in the oosition to it stunonal quesuons mvoive(t ana se-, .... ' " e to C'tholics, " " ju,,, vv . which was abandoned when zne w't u oors to free-think. ".' " ' i ' " ' p - ( ' - '.. , it is belaeved tim bill can not come tng froth tlmt the popose(l amend-] .......... to Protestants, and to others whoever ....  ...... " r [ment which would close all rivatelCnms were compenen o leave. Inls , . De]ore Ixle flamDor oeiore uccooe ; P " I . the," m'w he; that ]t is developlng ................ I_.,._. ..... , .., :.,:: :... ._ i selcctmn was made after several oth-i its work md,nendently of any eecle- ........... . , [er m|ss]onarv societies na( Deen ap-{ -',- ,|,,,,,., ,,r o-,nin then ann tna it, l(ler 1Ale genera! weliare emuse oi I;11o[ . . " .... . .. , .. / siastical institution' in order to dve a ".":'" 22  7,'" '2. ,' " "- I Federal onstitu'i^- ** ..... o f P roaches an( ne moor wmcn the; , . .... . , , Will SUIICr she lae oi many (n l:sl , u ,,, .,,y u-.- I ncxxlv a ointe' .... "" broaoer wsmn oI rein rite ' ' pp u m]ss]onarms wm " -redecessors that is, burial in theleral Groesbeck reached the followmgi The quotations in the Cardinal I , "   .. ' ..... i eonelusions" have to undertake to revive the once-I . .  ,  --- arcnlves O[ Yarllamen;. l-Ollr, lelans t , I. . ...... . Arelbmhot)'s statemen a)e aKen , ,, .... " [ AItorne-" General's Decisio- Inourlsn]n/ pos s ceram to De ex- . , -. -- aft(! ot.ners may ln%9.lne |;hal;, aii3er i -J' - , i! , I a. , * r ,.o . from th_e p ro:peetus ecenu!,. ssuea the upse+ of war there is a change of] 'It must be conceded that the ]u'Tm, e;Y :;"tnse:'da .... ho-, ..d ....... , b," tbe Y. NI. w. A. in ne lcalmn ran- . . " ," ...... I business of conducqn- a-d o ^  ..,-. "..., s ..... s -., ....... r.. ' opinion nece regar(ung one necessity .... u g n per- . " . )" ' xi(lel'" distributed I 1 .......... Iboarthng schools for boys and girls 'uage an(! ' y - g " ....... o Iof impaling" the indissolubility of the / aln a scnom s no omy mwrul }xee bein- conducted on the islands 1, I 1 US "  ] " Spr][ual and ' g in i s n g ' " " e marl'agd tin; but they are not m L very ature, but also a /  " T, he prospectus, as His Emmene .............. t mot honorable an  -raiseorth" b5 the Capuchins. These have been , l, L0UCi'I r|l.i'l' the real sen}men OI T.nel . , u p ' y . further says, promses to orgamze I ......... ms--s one, and so too is the rofession Ic]osed or are being conducted by pa- . ,, real liallan people. viany p ".on , , v .. r " studms and conferences to meet I ............. md veeation of teaehin- The- ]gan Japane.e instructors. The Jesu- . . . /vno ao not lAqlnK el ne mazer irom , g. y .. .,. . .... ,,o.;;h,,| and religious nromems in-|  . , , -- .. . . III;S Will De xorced wlm very meagre -v ........ - o " --.. ," ./ tl, ,)urelv reliMus viewpoint, are nave always been nus regaraea.  ...... .'. s-ired with a greater hbery or| . , " ......... ,,r,. : :_ ._ ..'. ._.__, }p p, la ons to lace conclllOnS en- , v . , , . /st,;ll, as noretolore, flOStlle to any |(lea u lb pllAIH LUU, bIlcb bCI].UU1 ]" I t t a. * "thought and wth a m)re aDsomc|^,. : ..... nronertv as such is devoted to ]m'e(y strange o nem anu are aeprlv- sfirit of toleration, outside of and ........... __ , ltwful use" om wl" " ted of an}, assistance from those I " "  f" lleh It fol- free from every church and faith,"  |;hose knowledge of conditions in the Visitors In Rome Although the tme for the big or- ganized pilgrimages to Rome has not :m'ived, that of the Knights Of Co- lumbus, due here toward the end of August, will be the most notable one since the war, excepting, of course. intending by this, so it is affirmed, o demonstrate that "Christianity does not consist in any formula and must not be reduced to any rite or etqemony, but must be the supreme ideal of-every work." Self.Insinuating . "What can be-dearer?" His Era- those which came in connection with thence inquires. "It is with this spi- the recent cannonizations. ......... " " -" s tha  Numerous .foreign and many Ameri- r ana wn mese men]on  , ....... x" ndin its work can ecclesiastics are seen here from me Assoc]az]on s e'e g - "- and to students of l time to time. Just now Rev. Dr. o ne young, " - "  s---s amen- the industrial/Peter Guilday, professor of history at n0n exe , g 1 , "  workers on ailwa s ,tho Catholic University of America, groups; among" "" " Y .[. ..... o ram Rome on hs way to Belgmm It ]s establishing tself m the c m-I .... ". r Lmimay nas been invited by the munity; it enters the factory, it even University of Louvain to assist in the restoration of its famous library, damaged during the war. Bishop Peter J. Hurth of Nueva 'Segovia, Philippine Islands, has reach- ed Rome. Bishop Charles E. McDonnnell of Brooklyn, has left Rome for Lourdes and London on his way home. Msgr. Cerretti was thoughtfully re- tnembered on his name-day, last Wed- nesday, the Feast of St. Bonaventure, by the Holy Father, who presented the distinguished prelate a fine, orna- mental table clock. Msgr. Cerretti left Thursday for a short but needed vacation. FIRST CHURCH IN HONOR OF ST. JOAN (By N. C. W.C. News Service) Ne York, July 19.Ground has been broken for the first church in America, and probably the first in the world, to be named after the newly cannonized St. Joan of Are. The church will be a temporary structure in Fillmore stree for the members of the newly-created parish of St. Joan this cpuntry for the instruction of of Arc, created by Bishop McDonnell leaders with professors from the Uni- on the ,very day that the pilgrims from all parts of the world were as- ted States. sembled in Rome to celebrate the can- Spread Heresy 00a:T& ;=2 ly r' : , gr r ......... n idistrict in Queens, and its pastor the ann wnaever may e sam o me co - ' .... r -u use is to' s-readRev" Ward G. Meehan was one of the rarv, rel p rp P / . heresy amongst us and to detach us first CaEohc pnest to be appo|nted from the center of faith. The war[; Cnh::liig h d ?:raldgToa: onMtC: lately ended opened to these foreign-!  . summit of Jackson Heights ers the way to come to our country|" " ' " and to perform a humanits, rian work. i  .. ." The war hang terminated, they re-[ The, pessimis growls at ne sun- main lere to do a work of destruction [ shine because' it casts shadows. lows that there is nothing in the character of the business itself the vocation of those engaged therein or the uses to which its property is put--that in any way makes all or any of them antag- onistic or inimical to the general welfare. "Quite the contrary is the case and while the State has the un- doubted" right to regulate these private institutions of leaing and to provide for them the strict- esfi kind of supervision, it can- not go so far as absolutely to prohibit and destroy them or pre- vent "those so desiring from at- tending them. "That this proposed amend- ment would do this is apparent, and you are therefore advised that the same is in conflict .with the Federal Constitution and should not be placed upon the ballot." Prominent Opposition Many public officials and prominent citizens of. Michiganpractically all of them Protestants---denounced and opposed the proponents of the amend- ment and their scheme. Among these were authorities of the state schools, Congressmen, leading attor- neys educators and ministers of Protestant churches. Costly Plan It was pointed out by several ob- ectors that the abolition of private ;chools would necessitate an expendi- ,re of more than $2,000,000 in De- troit alone for the new school build- ings t accommodate children forced to quit private institutions. :Most of the measure's opponents recognized and condemned the bigotry which in- spired its authors. Educational Bhmder The Rev. Joseph W. Cochran, pas- tor of Woodward Avenue Presbyter- inn church of Detroit, in an interview iw;ith one of the papers of the city, said that the proposed amendment was "unfair to the Protestant, a edu- cational blunder and unconstitutional." He recalled hat "our present educa- tional system is built upon the foun- dation of the parochial and private schools." Som of 'the other ancients we pretty swift, but Samson was the first to get a gate on him. I missions ,would be of inestimable va- lue to them In each of the six smal- ler groups of islands included in the Imission a different language is spok- l en. This will necessitate the aequi- Isition of six languages unknown to the missionaries before. i American Generosity "American Catholics" said Bishop [Walleser, "have always shown a par- ticular interest in the work in the Cm'oline and Marianne Island, and it has been due largely to their gen- erosity that we were able to main- tain the work there from the time of the outbreak of the war, and the consequent cessation of German sup- port, until it was necessary to leave in 1919. From both east and west came liberal offerings for 'ork among I these poor peopie, and the thought t.hat the fruit of so much labor and such generosity is now being destroy- ed is very sad to the heart of the missionary." Catholie Work In Islands The work in the Caroline Islands, which include the Island of Yap, was originally in the hands of Spanish Capuchins, but with the purchase of the islands by the German govern- ment in 1908, was put in the hands of Rhenish Westphalian Capuchins who also took charge of the Marianne Is. lands missionary work when that group, comprising fifteen islands, al- so was purchased by Germany. The people were lazy and the immorality ,was rife even among the little chil- dren when the first missions were founded'. But, by perseverance and unremitting toil, remarkable progress had been made by the missionaries up to the time of their eviction. Six= teen principal stations and a number of smaller places were being provid- ed for. Btshop Walleser will leave shortly for Rome to consult with the autho- rities as to the future field of labor for the Capuchin missionaries. MONSIGNOR CODY'S DEATH (By N. C. W.C. News Service) Newark, N. J., July 19.--Members of the parish of St. James in this city are mourning the death of Mon- signor Patrick Cody, who passed away at the age of eighty-one.. Monsignor attempts to introduce itself into our Catholic organizations, as it sought to do in this very city in the case of the ladies of St. Vincent de Paul, the Women's Catholic League and he students of' the University. It dis- tributes hundreds of thousands of pamphlets frankly Protestant, and ses innumerable methods which its abundantl funds put a ts disposal to ensnare our children who are in- experienced and unwary of the wiles of foreign propagandists. American Dollars "This, then, is what the Y. M. C. A. is doing in our midst, this too the othe associations identified with it are doingthe 'Italian Students' Federation for Religious Culture the Boys' Christian Association,' the 'Young Men's Christian Union,' the 'Society for Christian Activity,' and the 'Work of Universal Brotherhood.' "With this year began its existence a national Italian Y. M. C A. with the support, the direction and the as- sistance of the American organiza- tion, and guided, sustained and offi- cered by Americans. During the sum- mer it is intended to open schools in * Bastman Kodaks Dry,dopey and lrmiaking. HEGAR TY DR 01 "MAIN ST. Haley & Horni Venfilatln00 and All Kinds of Roofin00 crea seal ou to $200,0( ew iue of st our par ou from $1 us to of our present ones. Nati000 I00SUI )u have in mir ]Phony Main t75. life insura a ..................... I%TrT00D A T  A  litan Life _w I-1 N lli/--k.L 1_)/-- 'l 1002-7 i Capital Stock ........... $100,000 Surplus ............... 10,000 We are constantly adding new accounts business is increasing at a very sa However, we shall be glad fo have rou is our inflexible rule not to impart it cerning the deposits of others. McKII EWELEI| Jewelry, and Repairing. St. Little I; RUG( Phones , FITTI Ho Heatit Gas F Pmlm, Etc Now at 113 West Second St. LITTLE ROCK, CAPTITAI and SURPLUS, $ given to obt if ) E. 1-2, Main Est Nigl , = :------T =--=- .... . R OUR ASS(IS AR00. OVeR IWO SILLSN0000'00 ,,, We make a specialty of investing sarae  ' l"-2i';/  ttl cture soft first mortgage loans--and therefore sP t Str or customers and estates we represent with !  and t - . eSe laaamas vestments--We act as administrators ann  fly --; JRgTON & under Will of many estates in Pulaski  t0g. ' -d it 4,- oPricto counties in this state--We will be please ta:.l h. u,a on yOU. "  PEOPLE'S SAVINGS Little Rock, Arkansas Open an account with COMMERCIAL TRUST Formerly LASKER-MORRIS BANK & Fourth and Main If Deposited in Savings Account will earn 4 alwsyS .expresses to the p_asse_r-by the_.,. 1' '#" with whmh it was selected. If you laavS,M;,21',  .... l tmeh a memorial, we will carry it to the '91"2  ! accordance with your desire. We. DRltl vlce for monumental work of any .ki. a. ,, i,h,., - "'1 M O N AH AN & '"' .m ,-12414 Wt Markham St.  i ', :  '