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July 24, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 24, 1920

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+r.,,, ,,;%.. &gt; i qa ,i, " F","; ';,i ,? . ,'",' ':.,. , ;"'V <, "% m I PAGE FOUR Published Weekly by TIIE CATIIOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock 309 WEST SECOND STREET Entered as eeond-class matter Maxch 21, 1911, at the lstoffice at Little Rock. Ark., under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 TIlE YEAR L , ChoUge of Addrels When u change of address is desired the subscriber should give both the old aud the new address. Corespondencs Matter intended for publication in The Guardian should reach u not later than Wednesday morning. Brie/ news correspondence hi aiway welcome. The kindness of the clergy in this cordtally appreeiad. Very Rev. A. Stocker. O. S. El.. D, D .................. Editor-in.Chief Rev. Edward A. Flannery ......................... Contributing Editor Roy. Gee. H. McDermott ............................. Managing Editor All communications about "The Guardian" should be addressod to tile Rev. Geo. 1[. McDermott. 309 West Second Street. OFFICIAL APPROVAL The Guardilm is the official organ of the diocese of Little Rock, and I pray God that it may be an earneBt champion in the cause of right, justice and truth nnd an ardent defender of the "religion which wo all love so well., l.xtend to it my blet'sing with the sincere hope that it caroer may be long and prosperotm. [i JOHN B. MORRIS. Jtahop of Little Rock. IA+31e lgo(.k, Ark., July 24, 1920. i Now hq us.have at, Anti-Ntra(hlle party, just ix, see il' we canlu)1 all be satisfied. O- At'(er Imth c.onventions and their platforms, the Anierhmn voters are still ill mmndary as to ,jnst whn( the (,andidate, s are standing on or for. O-O We Auwri(;nns are sl)ending $8710,000,0(10 each year rot hlxuries. What part ot; your in- C()III( , do Villi spOll(l ()[1 wllat are not real neces- sities ? - --O-O " l)e))s is (he ()ill)' I)(nle dry candidate to date. l:i.arding is thought to be "moist" and Cox is hehl amoitg the "damps." Hunfidity is to play ,1- "" " in lh(a currenl mimber or The Ecclesiaslic,l lh;- voling" woinen I)v. being" able to tell them "ll rh, u" sn.vs lha( Iris su(,ces: as a preacher anti a was xi(, x,llo a'ave you the sul!frae amend- convext-nlalwr htv "in his insight in(o hunlan nlent! ",o far Mr. (!(ix }uts raih,(I with I()uis- isoUlS alld his (,( i{allv 1)ro['(alnt[ svl'nlmthy with iaml and Mr. llardillv with Vernmnt. (lovm'n- ]thi,ir dil'fi(.ulties." 7,\\; (,ol,vert hinlselt" he knew (,r (llenl(,nl o1' l}w hiller slalo, having' delaile(l ]l:y exp(,ri(qwe what l)erl)lexities confront (he his ol)i('ctimis againsi W()lllall sllll'rllg'(' }iV (*()ll- t'sincel'vs(eker aft(,:" reliaious(ruth. At, cording sliiu(ional anmmhn(qlt, said, as quoled in 7'De 'to him ii is a grave nlistak( l,o suspect the ma- ,%,n of ,lulv 1.'i: "1 have I)een ask(,l 1() over- jorily of (mtsi( :as I)ein oflm(l faith. And h)ok these c()nsi(h,rations as a lnailer or lmrty s,mls are not won 1iv cn]lin4' thenl hvpocrites, l " " "  ' .. I':'; )(qll(ql(;V.. lint this is a limtt(,r of prlncil)h.,! lluleed, l,'ather Maim'in said on(,e to Carhnal' i " net VXl)t,(li.-iwv, aim a I)artv. thai, inva(h;s a well- Vaughan. upoli the latter's ,im'sliolt what lm eslnhlisle(I of pol)ular governnient I,h,ss('(I vnlldli,s, like other I)]essed ar t d('coii()ll, lose lheir t)lcssina' when theYi sl r'%'(,(l ()r till I)ai rvd to an)< 'considerabl(i ;is re4'al'(Is lhe el)jet;i: for whMl tht.v lin(,d. !houg'h* t() lie lhe reason why the m()venlent to- Wal'( i the Chlu'ch ill Eli.'lan(l was not liiore wide- sii)'ea(l: " 1t" VOlt Wail( tile t() lie perri,(,tlv frank with \\;'oiir Eiiiill(,li(*(, ! slimlhl say it wa's y(iur- sell'." Anti ]iv Will" i)[ exl)lallati()ii laih(q Mii- ui'in lldde(I ltlat lh(. (Tardinal in tits'lint)tic,, ut- I('raii('os s('Oiile(I t() casl d()ul)t Oll tlie good I'aith [)r i) illaliv (!hrisiians outsiile the (Jaiholie ('hurch a Jn(i(le of proceeding'thai onlyserve(l It, hurt lheir ree]ili;_,'s all(l Io lirevenf, tlielu rrolil ilrawiiig" n(,arer fo the Chllrch. This 11o dolllit ('orrol:t l)()siiion or Father .Mill tll'i]l iS I)ased O11 (he fact that the Ilpproaell Il souls iF "throug'h kilid appreciation, el' ci)urs(,, wh.ll there is question el! lsadtn7 a soul 19 l;}le klll)wlelig;( lit divine truth, the gTace of (l,)d is tJie iwim'il)al factor, lluman ag'encies are only mipl)lenieniarv. But lhe'se human agem'ies are two-edged swords--they can both hel l ) or himh,r the workin (if (<race. if they are I(, lie helpful riley nulst bear the characteristics ()1' insight an(t synil)athy. This is ',;*]i S" religious Ui)lilroversy so rarely acconililishes ally gee(l, Ilaiileiy h(('ause il is often wanting, in both in- si.aht aul synil)athy. "[ aill riglit illld you Ill'(; wri)lig)') this is l.he lall'l.laO'i , of ('Olltroviq's.v. ]till\\;" nnich I)elter is it to I)egin, "Tilts is what we helie),e," and llmn Ul)On questionino' slate the reasons!. ]1' .;lie I'OaS()lls SO(qU 'ood ill tile inquii'er, lit; will will slil'l'(,i" in the end." But, a!'l(,r fill. lhere is some truth ill what. IISS ) " l,o('l, sai(I, that WOlllail sufl;rage is nmldng l,Ulq)ets or lilt'll, alld llOf all lll(ql are like (lov- i,l'li(ir (!l(qiilqi{. Ill dai't  insist on liriniiqile, s when I)l,sie/I,d I)v all lil'lllV of feinale tilt'earl:hers. I,(,t lilt,it WOlllall SIl['['l'ilR'i, I'irst lie tried out Arc f'alh,)!ic,,. ,f the I,atiu I{ilc t'('('Pil'(' 111' ,'(I('Yff/IIOII[,' 01" ,ssisl fit H:ur<./ws <)/' IDc (lrccl," /?,it,: i,, the ;N/(ll('a .) Wllih' lhe t}alli(:.lic (;r('eks have lh(' Sa('rlillli,lllS, the hi\\;\' (it" disci in state and nulni('ilml at'rairs. And this for ('lllholh, (!hurch dl)l,s llOl l)c, rlnit tile ilire(, I)rhicil)le l'(qtSOllS" First. in ()l'del' tO sal!e- f lmli) i'll(, 1() re('eive {lie 'ilar(] the allt(iilOiliV (if stales opposed to it" (ir(,6k (Jhllrcli. sei,()ndlv, in order i o inake ils atiolilion niore I -- - va.v it' il should i)r()v(, a (,ahillliiv, llS lllilUV i'(,ar; ].' ID,' i/lie ina,uer beqmg,nq, ttiir(llv, li('caUS(' this limited l'rall(,tliSe will :rive 'm<' (/on'u to .'[eep," ]H'o/Jer l,o [('(lch tl(' V(illl(,ll 1)racticallv till the ])ow(q' for (h)ing dren?, g()i)(I, whi('h li(,s within the 1)ossil)ility i)f (hi; Tlw l)rope, r ])ravers to teac]l young ])allol. An(l to i)e al)h: t()(to lit(it(: g'ood for the I are "()ur l_eather, '' "] IM1 _,Mary," and (i()llllti'V, that's why th(, suffragists want to vote ! )wavers re(0oiiuilell(led 1)y the" Church Nhl)ul(I llie Nin(qe(,nth Aili(;li([iiielil; ('oIn(:, is ii()ihhlg iliil)i'()])(,l' in tlie above h()\\;vev(,r, theli (,v(qi ill(, rehlciant v()nlen would l)ra v(,r. lh()ll.a'h it is USllallv viewed ha\\;'l,---iit It) niix iii i)olith's, whh'h (led fllrl)id ! iiurs(,rv rh.vine than :t real prayer. --l)ut io vole for (;onsci(qi('(:'s sake, lest they shouhl l(,nv(, all the political inlPluence accruing Is ID<'re auy difference betweca ( io lh(, e()untry t'rolii thi, WOliien vote, to the aJul a Dem>tic/ (lolil)ifu] hi)sis or W()lil(Hi lloliticians. ]?,y the. .ill a])ostat(, is olle who renounces way; a w()r(l ot7 worse savor |}lall lhis--'ffolnallili (. r(,liion entirely. Ile gives his i)o]i(ician! c()uhl !1()1 easily 1)(, ililll,(4"]li('(l. St)lit(, I)r()l.(,stlliit sect or beeollltTS an m.. here(it, is o11o who denies the truth o-o several ar(:ichs o17 belief. A person .'l 7"//()l:(lltT I"()R TIlE ,V()/{MAL SCIIOOL f(,rnlal heresy is phlce(l und0r (.lie ceil its part Oil election (lay. O-O ]lean Brown of Yal puts it this way: '"]?lie. ]hlerchurch Worhl M(ivenmnt, was a noble (h'eanl whi('h l)ecanle a nightmare, leaving a dark iirown last(, ill "the niouth of ])rotestant (,'hrtstianity ill this cOU]ltry." Im indu('(,d to pronoun(:e hiinselll in the wrong iiitiCll iill)l'(, hol)(:l'nl situath)ri ;liall il" he is o]d to lie wr(ill" t)v anoitler. But n()l. lfiatters of religion are in- si,'lit and .synll)athy the passl)orl, to llseful in- fltltqiCe, they are of ilinneuse in ip()rtance in all our daily relations with our fellow inert. Learn 0-0 lit'Ill'tally listed ttl(, luxiiries or the "conn n()nl t know VOlir neighl)or, not to espy his faults ,, "' -," - " '" --" - - ' -i-- -,,,+,, [l,ul to (lis('ov(,r his good(lualiti('s ; i)llice "our.e]] peop|e are : 1 el, or (01}J'N) plaiios ,t,a['j...s) . ' . " ' , . ' - '., " "ln- .... ; ..... ') ,I,,fhhu,. fire,afro flolrofa nigh,on 1111 his |)ositloli, Illi(l llJlletv-nln( pet' cent of the , , , ........... ,., ..... ,- ](hagreelne, nts that trouble the Deace of fann- can(ly ail(I self (lrlliKS. hOllle el_- 1,11(, cOnllllOllCrS.i " '. ' . .... x " ' I1o1(1 ..... l;ll(,nl, all .... a,s lle(esdltlLS'' s'*-" " ill i.'tie livin,,14 of li ]lies, ,. or (*Olllllnlllilies. will eit]ier be avoi(]ed or , .... , --T ....... Io lhenl ,tlld the / (,asl]V reliledi(,d l  or nearly all our t'aults have r(ill llli,, t,i) (iii iI is lUSl; up ; , '. . /,, '. -,. , ..' '-. ] , + c, . ' ' . [llelr IOlilrl(laIlOn III IIIIS[aKeS h mori,gag(, Illall. ' ...... O-O' (lovernor Cox will not restrict his caiipaign t(. ])or('h talking. He is to stump the country, vi. Pulhnans. Meanwhih: he should tell his immediate faniily to ke.ep a grand silence, lie may win out without ih(:ir t'oolish gab*on Jam- ily matters. Better let the "ohl man" go it alone. Back porch i'or the family. 0-0 Senat(,r Walsi or Massachusetts was a Cox n ian on every 1)allot. "'1)ave" needn't .car,,, s(t inuch llOW |'in'; Ihe Wi]son]an frown when ilt seeks a l)l'esideutial favor, lie dotted too nla!ly Is on Art.Me X t(i stand in near the favor offiee of the present administration. We are glad for i lJli: "Senator's sake that, lie will have a deserved e,ntre to roa(lnfinded deuu)eracy when the pres- ent regime o(:cup]es the nloving VaIL O-O me ot!ten are we asked the question, "Can a Catholic be the President of the United States ?'r' ']lie I)eniocrats at man Fra'ncisco de- <+ided the "can" part of it and (lo..Smith, of New York, a Cafliolic, with his name on the first tiv. balh)ts gives hopes of a "may be ') at some future time. O'O " By its intense proselytizing campaign now spreading itself o.ver Belgium, France aIid Ialy, the Y. M. C. A. is again winning the op- t)robium of all sqnare dealing people. It eame near blowing up in its war work of blilff and profit, and now it' it makes of itself a Protestant Wedge to separate the wearied peoph 6f Europe from their ancient religious practices, and this with American dollars, the explosion "is bound td folh)w. The war is over a,s far as the American Y. M. C. A. is egncerned and it has no title to.start another. T.he Y. M. C. . better remain an American organization rather than a European trouble nmker. O-O. Reconnn(,ndation against affiliation oF teach- -ers with rely "xeligious, politicaI or, economic goups' was uiade in Hie report of its eln,.,.r- gency conunittee to the Natiomtl Education At- sociation lit last week's convention in malt Lake. City. ][owever t provisi)n was niade for tile creation of a departnient of education with thd head a nlenll)er of (:e President's Cabiiiet. ;There is no 1)ann on the affiliation of the Cab- )]rie(;* nl(niber., ']h, would indeed, be s0m(., head, "l " I i ie t'nade i rn niune r rein rehgion, pohtms or, eco- nonfies, but lie wouh| be isolated' hi Washing- ton, D.C. Yet the mulith-Towner bill, if passed, wfll giw, uk this paradoxical, directo, O-O [YSIGItT' AND SYMPATHY In (t'is(mssing" a book, 'qather NTaturi.n, J ;,. . ,, Mel.l}on'. . V(i th. Selected Letters, the .reviewer ,f 0-0" ill ) fl 7'HAT IN1)I(, 7 MIgN7 OF I, VOI/AN , NUFFRA GE M iss.lock's indi(,tnlent of wonian suffrage, the text of whMl appeared in Ttl! Guardian of last we(,l, has created a stir among the suffra- gists of the coumry, it wil] be remembered that wonmn sut!frage accordihg to her state- uient has a very degenerating influmice on both woniel and men as well as on politics in gen- i,ral. It is but naiural tllat the enthusiasts for WOlilali. sufth:age should have risenagainst Miss Bock,and bran4ed her statement a the out- c()nie (if personal spite and mortified pride. "California," said Mrs. Burdette of Los Ange- les, "turn(,d Miss Bocl down; we (rid :not give her the publicity mid limelight she wanted, so she has g()ne over to the antis." I n our estilnathm neither the statement" of M.iss lock nor the counter statement of Mrs. Burdette carries great weight by itself. A boy, for instmice, who has run away from a schoq 'i, not a trustworthy intb]miant against the in- Rution he has h+ft; a deserter from a political t)arty is scareely ever a fair witness cmlcerning the nierits of.that party; an apostate from the Church, as we know (oo well from.sad experi- ences, is not reliable in his declanmtions against the Church.. On the other hand, a nlere counter itatement is not a refutation. In faet we be- [i(:ve" that Woman suffrage is too near an issue u) warrant an appeal to its history one way or the other. At the present stage ofhe question its nterits nmst larel); be gauged by antecedent reasonings. ' ' [f Miss Bock'says that ninety7 per cent of the wo]uen ot! fhis country do not want Suffrltge s]le is perhaps exaggerating a little. ,But, as a niatter of fact, the suffragists would never hear of lie suggestion that the nmtter of women's votiug should be decided by the women them- selves, q!hat, t.he miffragists are nmking a great uoise and tho, anti-suft'ragists among we, men are comparatkery' qt)iet sheds no light on the obje(.ti(, merits of 'the qu(.stimi. ] or it is I 0 , . o . . premsdv, tll noise and asltatlon of pohtlcs that I tlie sensitive nature 0 f refined )0manhoo(! is[ s[u.i)lki!lg froni anti fllerefore the anti-su[fra..! gists ;}u'iil, for tentperamental reasous, at a. dis- advaiitage in the very battl.e abont woman Suffra,ge. At any rate. as loBg as there is so nluch op- posite sentilnent Oil this question in various sections el" our country, it would be a risky thing to bring about, li,'eneral wonln uffrage by constitutional amendment, fllUS forcing a loathed measure on a number of unwilling slates. Just at the present tinic party leaders are busy in woo!ng ,de, cisive states for the Inea- s.ure, each party desiring to win the favor of i COllililllllictltioli, })ill; does llOl; In (lie curi'(qit ]lunll)el" oP The North Ameri-lilt(, l)r:l('thu' of the Catholic religion. can Review,' \\;Vil[((,r (:luest K.ellogg', a illelHberI O[ t}ie l{()ar(l ()1' legelits (it' the University of 1 I New York, asks the question, 'Is (Irallllllal' l'w//h] ,'<Hne.l/ capital O.,m)tiCe'whatlheiswrd#,he ordi'Dw(l,i, l s(l(.,'s! and ans\\;\;(rsit in ih(; alth'rnaliv(. "Pile i{isho]) is l)]aced at the head I!te lw/ins with a (luotatimi from Sir Philip Sid-] In Carom Law he is often (t hey: "it know some will say English is a rain- ilic ()rdinarius. This litle means g]e<l languag'(,. And why not so much the bet- in unediat( jurisdiction in all ecc t('r, taking the lies( ot'l)oth the other? Ani)tlierit( )'s and that he p(,ri'ornls etch will say it wantetli OTalniner. Nay, truly, it lions in his own rigiit and hath thlli l)rayse, thai. it wanteth HOt, Granunor.]])ri(,st s stan(l as the re t f()r' (Irainlner it niight have, but it needs it not l P, isho]). ])(:ing so eIlsie or itselfe, anti st) voyd of th<)se i cunibersoln(, (litTerences of Cases. (lenders, [ Was (ie ne'ral i,'och always a UathOl Mot:ides and ].( n<(,s, which I thinlce was it peeee [/,>, hi u age? o17 th(, " "" l()(r of Bat.)ilon's curse, .that a alan. General Ferdhmnd Foch has shouM 1)(, Imi t,) schoo]e to learns hi motl:er ,I catholic" l h., was born at Tarbes, | ()IlgU(L) To h,arn a l'()reig'n tongu(,, lie goc, s on to ig'ust 4, 1851. His father was a e)'al ()t" the Prefe(:ture, and had say, granuuar is essential, unless we ]earn that )1' whonl iF a Jesuit, the other a laligila-'e Wilt'r(' ii is not forei(,4)'ii but thc ver- i/acular. To ac(lilire the kiiow]edg'e of a (lead htilg'ua'e which is ilot spokeli anywhere gra.ln- liiar, I o lie slire, i indis])ensable. }}tit "the gi'eatest writers of whoni England cau boast, a('quh'ed l]ngliMi as lhe chiht acqiires it, by rise. Sliakespeare, durillg the six ye-trs V]liC}t con-ipr(h(qlded 1)is scliooling, never saw nor h{,ard of an English Granuuar, nor (lid Sydney, .Marlow, Spenser, Milton and a host ot! other writers." It nlav, in(lee(l, lie (luestioned whether English lite)'ature would nol have suffered it! il,e spolitaneity of these grea . iuinds had lieeli suhjeeled to the t'oriilalisni of graniniar stu(]ies. What then? ()ur writer thinks that "Eng- lish (ranlliiar, as it is now taught, should be dropped entirely from our schools. A child aeed iiever i:)arse or 'diagram' all English sen- t(,nee, conjugate an English w,rb, not decline an Eliglish llOUli. Indeed, it (ould do little harni if all the Eilo'lish (tranm/ars" adaI)ted for use ill elenientary schools were to be connuittod t.o It houfire..* * " In .NTew York State tile truth was seen )'ears ago, liut in practice it: has beeri only half realized. Muc'h less tinle is n()iv spmlt on lt]Ilglisii ' (,;ranllnar, but we are still devoting ). too much daylight to it." Shall then the school have no influence on liie forniation of the pupils' English? much a emMusion wouM be absurd. In fact, the cor- rect use of English should'be taught not only by the teacher of English, who'supervises the .lTading of authors and lmth assigns mid cor- rects COl li])ositions "])ut ()it every day, in every 'school, and in every (dass. No recitation in l.)}lysioh)gy, t'or exllnlple, however satisfying' it may be according to the standards of physiol- og.v, should go unchal]en(,4red ir it is faulty in its English. Nor should any written paper in any subject be allowed to pass nmster if its English is incorrect. Its importance should be inlpres- se(i eli all pupils. It should be made phfin to them lhat a knowh+dgeof oilier thillgs may be desirable, lint' that cultural aud cl)nunercial op- 1)ortun]ty depends, in greater part, upon one's knowledge of his mot|ler tongue, and (hat. first mid foremost, the work of the school is to lie eent('od u))ou altaining a eorrect use of idio- )natiS, English. " * * No more vahiable aid earl be found than the writing, of daily themes. '] hese daily themes will quicken marvelously l'he student's powers of observation, enlarge hi.4 vocabulary, and, in his quest of nlaterial, will broaden his sympathies and appreciations." S,' lies, whih the third is Ferdinand. ('hief (if the allied force. At the ]ege of St. Etienne, lie was noted ill study and exeniplary conduct. If war sh,uhl arise, would the have more claim ou the R. O. "I'. U. o'n others? The goverinnent has IiO niore chl T. C. t)oys than (m others. The gove ]ieves that it is to its advantage to soldiers available ,hence is willing l)ovs at school in obtaining a niilita,rY l-]l ease lllell al'P ]leoded the R. O. T. C. lnen the opportunity officers an opportunlity which is no ',) I)ovs without the R. O. T. C. 1.Vhich wo.hl be considered the be tia/s to ('o,vfirm the truth of Th<; fulfilhnent of ])rophecies aand J',.rnilill(.o of niirac[es are generally lhe, best evidence of divine aI)prob life ot" Christ and in the history we have historical evidence to ence of both of these facts. readily shown that the Church of lie one, holy, Catholic or universal, loll(.. The Catholic Churck is the 'hat is one, holy, catl lolic.and a fore, the Catholic Church is the Church of Jesus Christ. Is it best to use a prayer book to properly? The Masa is :ssentially an aeti( prayer. Prayers az'e on,ly nlealS I()u( nlay assist ,at the' M.ass prope Idcw)tion without usint, either .pf any other illstrunient to follm I Sonie elelt souls are so spiritual , .  , ) lip t]le. (an follow or acconlpany t !0ut a prayer borJl to prevent di Lgreat niajority of us ileed 'ew;rv !Io keep ou;" mind ,,empied truths even for so slmrt a space as occupied ill the h)w Mass. The pri not essential to assist at Mass, one's niind directed towards" the during its essential parts. While ,to get all the I)encfits from b ool{, it is'difficult tel, the follow the priest devoutly th sacrifice without some