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July 24, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 24, 1920

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of Columbus Society Activities DEPUTY KERWIN, K. OF TRAIL OF "ALLEGED OATH LIBEL." Publication of Circular Against Prinling, Pub- or Circulating of the Fake K. of C. Oath. ])eputy of the Knights of E. J. Kelly|n, of Pine Bluff, the publication of the follow- apropos to the criminal of those who would libel CAtholic order by publish- 0tOHously fake oath, which ted by some bigots in the sorrow, but which even days, so neeuful of peace love, s employed as welfare workers with those ill the ranks is the best refutation of this malicious lebel. Upon receipt of the name and ad- dress of those publishin this libel, the Knights of Columbus will under- take to investigate and, if evMence warrants, will everywhere prosecute criminally the publishers WILLIAM G. McGINLEY, Supreme Sccretary, New Haven, Conn. JAMES A. FLAHERTY, Supreme Knight, New Haven, Conn. E. J. KERWIN, State Deputy, Box 473, Pine Bluff, Ark. J. FRANK FRANEY, W. J. CARTER, THE GUARDIAN, SATUR DAY, JULY 24, 1920 menced their educational work in the 1 camps and when the War Department/ took over the K. C. camp schools, the Knights opened schools in metropoli- tan centers, 73 of them having been staled within the year, 40,000 forruer service men and women being graduated in June. The Knights plan to have 150 schools in operation in the early fall to accommodate 250,000 students. The schools will be thrown open to civilians. Another interesting feature of the K. of C. convention, will be the review PAGE TdREE .1 blast began in' County Down The pre-I " DIOCESAN No'rEi mises of an impmant Catholic trader / The Church ]were completely wrecked. Then / of the South GRAVETTE. ]some Catholics eturning from a re- / This, tim feast of St. Elizabeth,] ligious festival were fired upon and / MIS-SIPPI July 8, was a joyous day to the few / stoned outside Derry. 1 ,, Chatawa Catholics at this place. Today for the/ British Gave No Prelect'on first time during the 26 years of the These Signs made it quite apparent I lhe celebration of the golden jubi- town's existence. Mass was celebrated that a more deadly attack was in con- / lee pioncersf Motherof theApplinaire'isterhood Oneof No-f here. templar|on. But no protective ,mcas-the tre Dame in the South, opened the Rev. Father W. J. Tynin of Tent|- ures were taken by the British Gov- / town came here this morning and crnment to safeguard the lives and[ connnencement exercises of St. Mary of the Pines Academy. St. Stephens property of Catholic cltzens. In mM-] choir of New Orleans sang the High said Mass at the home of Peter Miller. While there is only five families June the foreseen development came Mass. The reunion of the Alumnae here, this is the first time they have to pass. "During the week-end the Association was a particular feature :t er W atho'ic f the celebratin" of the work of the K. of.C. employ- all met. But if they follow the ad- O'angem:: 1 1o:O d "" ment bureaus, 45 of which operated vice of Father Tynin, they are to meet derous o  .g ^.. through the year in large cities, plac- ^ .... , ,1,, "+ the home of some quarters of the 1y. [ LOUISIANA "' ....... J " .I a,.med with rifles and revolversl Paulina ink 400,000 ex-selrice men, free of r the ur ose of " . , make ' ' " " charge, in jobs, the minimmn weekly of the members .re P , P - Ithey kept an excluswely Cathohc area / St. Joseph s Church, the piesbyte studying the cateclusm ana rose I---..r he,-: ...... and continuous fire all] ,,, ..,, school house, and parish jml was wage set by the Knights being $20 arrangements for his return twine a[night' They drove out Catholic' resi-] (lesroyed by lire the first of the per week for a single man. This work month things will be different. And/dents, wrecked their houses, and loot-] month' The loss is 'estimated at will be continued in the Fall. too, it is hoped that any stray Catho- ed theji shops For days the Orange $]00,000. The church was recently At the close of tlle convention the " s that mi ht be in the country willJ " ! an in,' rifles with fixed ovate(1 anti reD'tired at a cost of hc g assailants, c ? g " ...... ' " -e " K. of C. pilgrimage to France and the[b e gatbered in and among the many bayonets, dominated the cxty, terror-, $30,000. The |ire broke out m tin Holy See, numbering 500 men. will stranger. who are no'x coming here, |sing the Catholic inhabitants, presbytery after the explosion of the sail on the morning of August 7 on some Catholics may appear and as a In self-defense Catholics ,:etaliated. kerosene waer heater in the bath .. District Deputies. the S. S. I,eopoldina, led by Supreme. result, it is hoped that a Chinch will And soon a state of civil war prevail- room. The total insurance did not ex- AS the last screech of the ............ cisions Knight James A. Flaherty and other I be built in Gravette in the near future, ed The eauimnent of the Catholics ceed $17,000. ,blatherskites. But Nt)T'--t'amPh::::l::iln:n;l? iedg officers of the order The. . local . -  r , " was inferior to that of the efforts of the Supreme o fcourts, and..t . , olumbus5 p wlH ......... ........... 1   K C will be eplesent- IN C. W. C. W0RK SHOWN POPE The fact throws a slde-hght" " on the . TEXAS . ,, ., tt e the Knights of Columbus, taken by Kmghts of C ' , , ,r-ur, llout at the convention. I -- - ....... artiality exhibited by the Brtsh I ed in this section by State be mailed on request. I ........ " ........ " ] l?.ome, July 18.--Rt. Rev. wmlam  ...... ment Ulster or Orange Vol-[ Yorktown .. - "--  sell Biho of Charleston, de- s ....... ,, . rm  Jachtyl celebrated on vm, then mouthmgs of a _ I DECLARATION OF PRINCIPLES IT. Ru..." ..P ........ , ,^[unteers had been pe.mltted to a I The Rev. J.. ., , ....  :.. ' dll be less frenuent and K. OF C. PARIS C.LUB. I v BEDICTINE CONVENTION[pm"cs tomgnt rater a xn.m w..;i..ithou t check or hindrance. Whe[ the 30th ult. the surer juouee o --- o, Lome A.t a pinnate audmnce um  ocme Rt Rev A J Dies xce reed to p ordmatmm The " (By N. C. W. C. News Sen" ) [ -- , / ' " " -' " R'setl resent I Catholic Irishmen t .... / ' ' " " " '.'" -* ............ r. q'h ...... ," o,,enedl - -- ,_ :__  Itlis Holiness 15snop u. P -[  - "-^ir own nrotection a feW]saerts, D I), Bishop of San Antonm, *y. tevm writes: farm, duly x.--..  ....  " / (By N. C. \\;V. C. News :erlVL.) t.] , O,,, Benedict a specially bound]arms or  .... . . - :- | ' --,"  the exei'cies, and de- " Paris Club of the Knigits of Colum- ' hester N H July 19--En- * .... 2"':  .... -"* -storal let /years ago the Governmen a on/ce,m" / was presen ........ ........... .,__/ Manc .... " ,.  . . ,..__l(opv o ne recen jom p,. -. " ...... *-- It will be re-,;,,,,re(1 the congratulatory sermon. u, bus, recently dedmmea Dy ArcnmsnoP/dorsement of the Cathode veae!amn -'of the American bishops, which terveneo o so: ,,,,. .....  +he '  'Poknr. delivered another ser- ' ' ' " - " " in the nrs sal4 . ,. ev.  ........ ,0ck, Ark Hanna, is beconung increasingly popU-/o f Arts proposed by the Rev. Rap I,u_ U.l,, Father reatly apprecmted.| called that ......... I ....... 'ather Jachtyl was :n. ers of the Ameri- "" . O S B, director of '-t" "'" "  ". ork Government's intervenl;lOn ' tlll- 1- ]on ]n ]-o|nblt. 1' , . lar among the memb . | hael pfmteier .... - ~-[I:ishon Russell then outhned tbe w I .... : ....... "n.n b,,I ..... :' o^(1 and ordained m Gah- I)e u ni hts of . American travelers die of Christian Art at bt ,'.-.'- ....... k.m^+ f O  Pub-[Catholc czens were m, ....... .,[uoH ,, ....... , ....... _., p ty of the K g can colony and . | the stu . . __ wmcn ne ,epa-. ...... rss,  ...... ' ne .' ....... af Dublin. ,].i, ...... q'he .narisn rs. 3us nmsneu.  request that you publish/here. The Paris Club which s at 60] Anselm's College, as a means o pie licity and Literature of the Natmna!/so,ms ' m t .... o+h^lic nortins of l.,,aain a handsome $50 000 chinch 1 ,, - ' f ,d- ie was lven a . 10 (I,sai'm ue --- r ,- , ". . ,to the end that our Cath- Avenue H oche, s, like the mare K. o  meting cultuh stud., . g _ Cathohc Welfare Council is doing and .... " " h G vernmentl .a re making preparatmn  for  And Knizhts, as well as/c headauaers at 15 Boulevard des]the third annual conventmn of the!hones to do. The Pope showed the/the count,y the B!itjs,oo -f raids I.i;1,u, a rectory '['he proc'eeds s.ef your paper, may know/Italiens, a mecca for those who have/Natron.hi Benchct_me E(l,]:t'7:ocA:.iclsest_mtere t n 9e plan,s, w_h-Chc2/h::rc:h:: ? d:PclParr sits:'imprison.!;ro m ;e'barbecue. held on the jub,- 0mer, insofar as possible, is] come to France to visit the last rest-! soclaoon, net.(t n.c; ....... a ...... Imade the sub3ec o -" - ......  de,,ortations. " During all'le e will be used for the new rectory, 'stop th lication rint- beloved relatives who tion also endorse, ne a,,y, ,,.,.- Igratulations, finally gwng um worK]me.? ,,:;,  ......... t Aid'not calll..  ,,d' be a iubilee gift. eircula:i2baf the P:alse/2 f2 ,,o /|can Trfimne of Dubuque, the first lis special blessing.. Has Hohness a!so[nat m.e ne =:= vnlunteer to give/ .... .. ' 0a.,, .-:--'" .-- - " -| ............ "-'" ......... | Catholic English-language (they. |.:me Bishop Russell a mounted photo-] on a smgm u.- .2-:- ...... :,m ] . San Antonio " l;aKen v memoers o| The new house nas a music laura,!  .... ' / ..... . '. ,- .- , ,-" .... +,,.,nh|un his rifle, and ou 'oi ne nuge qu...--!  ' .... _,:. w r ,  _ . , . n .....;;wcr| lfAglt[ tO ruuv  |,rranh oI nlmselI, ann bnls *- /-r * .' . -- ,.-,rdl ','u. + Rev A O 13rossael%S, L, .... , termg tne omn oegree.| recent|on room and ea anu w.,..., / .... , _,:__ ^e -,.;ci,,1 s the/" ' . /ih, n uns stored by ne w,,,-. I " ..... "- " - - -,-o1 ' / - " s'| In lxs (tectarav, u,, u p .... v e*, . inscrtpl;lon.* .  " f.  . was iuho of San Anl;onlo, na v,, ..... Cerely yours, , rooms on the first floor wtha ladm. /cnvcntin called attention to "the. m. / "Wcl gladly |rePaint the Apostohc/forces m the No)th not one /BI: ;Iessin of the new Knights of _ E.J. KERWIN, I resting room and card and bfilal , ,u'ence and cv,'n hostility to free-iu, . ti0ion to our beloved son, Right|seized. . .... A::: _.._ '--e with the religious Deputy, Arkansas K. of C./rooms for gentlemen on the second! man, rominent pubhc men, t ' -end William T Russell, Bshop I These antecedeh.t facts xp J , -:d v .... tkms which preceded . . " t " dora of . P . 1.eve- . . "a e arran- ann socra ........ " . . __ floor. Thole , also an mfmm.t!on 'n( Uestioned the lught of the gov- of Charleston, to his family and to completeness of the.el ng ...... ii .  ...... t "an enoch in the h,s- -Vemng Sun (New York) bureau and excellent library facdtms. :rlqnt "a creation of the American bis diocese July 14 1920." /ment and the defenseless sl;ae m ulanu-m,-Co;u, mbianis; n in san 'Ante. Ay, blarch 18, 1920  The club s open flora nine a m till , f ,umd hs tghts to m , oto,a h bears the Popes Cathohcs ,,  f he outstand " " " father to .;a eg " ' ..... | rhe ph g" p "/ "" /.io These arc sonu. o t . - [,..'- 110:30 p.m. I torfere .with. Its aul;aol, wnett '[own seal at the ioo / ........... t/:__ *-ct- of the cdem'atmn n. i:i" OF C. OATH. I Among those who attended theiwoul,i exercise his right to educate, I Durin his stay here Bishop Russell|MRS. DWIGHT IAt'lbn, , '"'1, the' arc:est procession of Knights ,s of Columbus are re- . rcises were Canon Cabanel . ' to the dictates of his con- s made all arrangements for, the[ MER MUSICAl- t;otu_- o, .... | ..... --- ;:'-- ..... streets; the great- r0ra t" ' e of the opening exe . accmdmg . ' ot ha. . a ional IS CONVERTED. ever seen uu .... . ". . me to tm , /of the French Blue Dewls, MgL / science the chdd of whom he, andn_ /further working,of the N.t. I |est number of kmghtly commum . .rpose of certain persons / Baudrillart of the Catholic Institute 0fl the government is under God the/catheli c Welfare Council's serv.:ce m, I ........ Dwieht Marfield, I ,,mts anm'oaching,the altar at an ,1 io in election " " " . , "  " w " "11 er- un dune , ....... :  . .-- . e ,.,g us. hatreds . Paris and Abbe }tenry Flynu. source and Ceatm. . . /Italy, concerning hmh he w, p_ / ........ m .... he Wayne. noted musl'-Ione time in the tory--or the Star t]y copras of, the notormus , The declaratmn pledges the asso: sonally report to tile meeU:effte2e' ::l'::me(1;'::., and wife of a prom,- for that " !' :a;;d: t:dihli:/:dde4iit::il?:::; . . , matter, one of the ]arg'es h de ree oath attributed SUI REME CONVENIION cause of freedom med American episcopate m Sep t s ver mtmted  , . s" y | of plans for the spending of t $ '-| " : :" r,'acer ' ..... n,:- u=-^"t - ,n| Arms While Disarming ' tSacred Head College '.'1 ..... ,[, It is an .old and worn-| 000,0Q0 balance of the Knights of I nated one ccnu: ,, nd furthermore| Catholics r ]Clifton, Most Rev. Arehbmhop Moel" I ALABAMA re and among intelligent|columbu s war fund on free nightlthe Magna Cnmi,a, !. , - e .... uo., in  --" " ler officiating at the varmus rxes. I. , :.eats its own ends by its[h,ols for former service men andl states that the st),r.o re .... | -. ........ x.... ervicO ]Many friends were present on th I  15nstey ........ ;lty. |cost-courses for civilians will be the all ts aspects, sp.atua,, aca.::,:;;:.[ ly . ?ul/.3 A2 o extermi-hap;y occasion. ; A. Rev. Robert J_k:e:e:i:l a:neth e e I; l and OllIACal, a p is l}uun, y 1 S ell el ltc , ::he best way to mak.clearioutstanding features of the th]rty-/d:i(:emboed in Anselm's life and/nation against the Catholic has been It is stud that the hermc personmfl25t oPlast month. ,!te was bo rn in ,:mgatmn s wmcn s aS-leiht h supreme convention of the/". *'" , ....  ...... ,,#h still more[ot,,.d by Oranemen in Ulster.]ity of Cardinal yieer arac\\;e. m-I  .... AI in 1867. and erda|nell "ne mbus  worK, snau ""'"" ' " " ...... "   he Chtrch o wmcn ne luo,,,v, ..... , - . , . _ Kmghts of Colu ;I Knights of Columbus to be held m| ........ l- than in the )ast, be our Derr- City has been mad@ the storlnI, Marfield to t .... el .... a5 b,, the late Bishop 0 Sulhvan. "g the organization is tel x^.. v:,, + .... August 2-3-4 The| penerau"  ..... =,,'- .... edu-| " - ]is so noble a represenauve ann pre- [ o-, .  ...... : -'=chool and naid a  -,,,, --" -' - o- ' " ins,)iraion an(t gume m ,, uu. . /cener. " , - -   a---.'-a in-'At 15nstey ne ou,,v  - - ' really is: | convention will 'consist of 300 dele-|,gi,,nl work" | Catholic successes at the recent U1- late. She'too. ne2nS u22: ,lithe heavv debt he fourl on St. Anth- .... a ...... . . " at ne rrencn ,, ........ Real Oath. | zates with voting power, but at as ex-] Benedictine System . |ster elections inflamed Orange feehng| structmn ' " "i ..... ast/-nv's Church when he came 1 it ii !/ iv:igvnei/e s" citizem " . ' illattend ;,,t csolved That St Ben d" 'Derr" It had beenequa Y " " ::?:a:.thi C;:d:Ul;n ! ::::dalh;:2f: thh:::::d K2ighti: c2,.lthn:ssa:ah:n:eSolutlons adopt- :tethhaPlOl:f mf::Ycipah:oCtathol;: wtinteG:nfi:li:;ngl M:,:ilbUrlsdal::Onm ;::tif:thedl:l a ll vmtor our Faith at Sacr d tthoh and Km ht e m - ' " the Rt Rev * w e mere was sung Dy , t, t: enlighten mysglf Em:ernf/l:at: in the Union will b having es:a;lished 'in his Holy Rule a l'ou s in Fermanagh and Tyrone\\; I under the drectm:t of the Madameisoq Allen. ay duties as a citizen andrepresented at the convention, thelschool whose purpose is the[olange violence, by way of c l-tecta [ ..... " ............ :,, lUsly perform such duties|maximum voting power from anY[in the service of God and ,Ch:Stel:en.[ .. . ' ............. r" ................ : ..................... . ........... -_. Ire interest of my country I State being ten; in this way the]virtue, we regard the prmmpms n. -] _ . ,  o ........ esSpledof.allge myself persnalt cnse"/do all| balancec is mainta?ied^} "'ernmentas betweenf thevmmusK: of!in] tsh' laidenddOWnas, thefr foundatlonthe_ _.'attainment.. of then(l I .... Combining" " the High" est 5tandaro- -" " s r m of ?Sducalon, a :;$.l.,aa me S ste lgltV -' to preserve the integrity sections of the country. ]Benedict" . Y .. ' ...... rsl " " : :c:h:al:'peacd ;:r 1]= / s2=: AniFgh;TYh:fh:a)'Ph:il'/ttw.iidsiP:g::ayg:t:hero??:i] ' , of . . .- $ eulromise to .practise m Yl preside at the convent!on andDeputy] ann lovlng study of the Holy Rule and ' I a __ --1 " .. r --- . .e " "I,1 II ,-'N['r " and consistently, u re e Km ht Martin 14 umanouy eattion, and to so conductlSuprr::d Rds Mieh Will have/thelivesfthegretmenandwmen IIIT'V ana t)e00uaumt00 _ __ qoi  P , ", / .... a h,, it. .,,.m. ,- ;.y U turtzlcu oj P b.hc affmrs, and m the| charge of sessions when Mr. Flaherty| Promnte Genuine Art. " ., . ........  -.-- -- "- er- PUblic virtue as to reflect I is engaged in executive work. The| ..... - Resolved That we empha= l['t[l First Mortgage $!100 and $500 Real ]istate erlal. l,o onmeu,o .... ,__ , Credit upon our Holy internal details of the convention call I . evW ltural vaiue of all gdnuine ]. .... he end that she ma " ral members ze the cu v cantile Trusl Company of St Louis  based on set, me ado acKea oy Knowmuge, Yl electron of sere s hrmtmn c m hm own arteula hne They our r to for the " -- ol art as the handmaid of C " " . ols experience and judgment of specialists, each skilled ," .. p c conned|circe an| country prospe to the K. of C. supreme I)oam :1 il'zation, and urge upon all our scno , ...... , ..... ination of stron security, attractive ) m!0, uunos . , ao ,, . " e resem a ,-art. ,,,w . o ' . . , U0r and glory of God. directors, and the presentatmn of re-lthe importance of promoting the I p - ...... :--..*;'-tion which during the twenty yea .of ts exmtenee, hs .. work of the organization during the|knowledg e of its history and the ap- l, lle gooG lalTn oi au ,,- , - apt a simple pledge to work o fthe organization during the' and honest citizen- year, besides the .cnsideratmn. " and I endorse,preciatinasfa itSmeansPrOduction;to this thatend theWe wOuld be? disnosal of resolutions. or action| Cittholic Federation of Arts proposed ,.._-':-__ coming' from the stat e convention held I by the Rev. Raphael pf. isrer 0.. S. WANTED. . in Mv |B. Director of the studm ot unrmtan tf,,'.- .... I'-'' .... ,ntion the Knights will|Art at St. Anslem's' College, M"n- ""[aal Notice ............. h col- e ti,,  --,! formally d,clare the presentatmn to/chester, N. H., and ask all t e _ and a d ........ -'1,2 ..... , th K of C. statue of/leges f our Association to becoae ng, publishing or circu-I ........... . ." .........  mbers thereof tth', ..... . .. t Lafayette made by raul W. larte,t mere purpore o e me I ...... | o .... ran Chant-Voice Culture. olumbus' ,,^ " ;- which I the well-known scmpor, a nauve ux[ ,r-s- - 7' ....... .,,th ,,, 1 ........ Third Resolved, Tnac in conxOrm- . Connecticut They wltt mso uectare/ of that so'ciety are repre  _ " ........... I it" with Benedictine Tradtmn, we scribing those of othe /the gift to'Marshal remmana oca o I a s " -' , the "eweled batonthe most] strongly recommend the tuuy ado efs, etc., etc. This so-/France of J ....... ] ,,ractice of the Gregonan Chant.and e neu o a marsnat Ul ,- .' is costly ever pr se ulture artcularty false and libelous, the] - Systematic voice c , P the enemies of both re I France. The statue, with its four oas- President Wilson, throughout the ecclesiastieal course; and I persons re| relmfs of Columbus. -  - we further recommend the practice of a I the same. l General Pershing and Marslat rocn congregational singing  in all our of this so*called and the baton are free-will offerings schools. "oath" ha been[ frm the Knights of Columbus, no a Committee of Con- ] drive having been made for the funds rorainent committees of lfr these gifts. various parts of the[ The French government will send a publishing the sme] representative to address the K. of C. gailty of criminal I convention and prominent educators of cases and the" will appear before the Knights to ad- in arious States have Iress them on. their education pro- gram. The K. of C. have undertaken the establishment of the largest singly controlled chain of hight  schools {n the .country, giving business and technical' courses The K. C. corn- convictions. of the alleged "oath" iS hart da bed on bigotry. f the Irmlghts of Colum- War in the ranks and Support of Daily PreSs. Fourth: Resolved, That we con- gratulate the Dally American Tribune of Dubuque, Iowa, an its appearance as the first Catholic daily in the Eng- lish language in the United States, nd that we call upon all American Benedictines to support and promote by all the means at their commandi the movement for an English Cath olic Daily press in this country, for which the daily American Tribune with sI the way. f.'!' [',,q; ,  'r: r,, q/, handled manuillions of dollars of investments of tffis kind without the loss of one dol- lar ,of principal or to any of its lients. Our large cpital and surplus, together The Mercantile Trust Company is a mere- with our vt banking connect|pus, enable tmr of the Federal Reserve System, and us to traamact business on a .very extensive" by reason o such membership is hnder the scale. This, with the fact that we have a supervision of the United States Govern- broad field from which to select our loans ment. This means that every loan we real/e, and that we maintain at all tiines a.rained including "First Mortgage Real .Este Sd- organization ,of salaried experts, makes it rial Loans," is subject to exanunauon oy Government Bank Examiners. These loans possible ior us to offer securities which are also examined by the St, Lous Clear- meet the requirements of the most cautious ink House Bank Examiners and the official investors and at the same. time yield an' Bank Examinei of both the State of Mi' excellent rate of interest. ' sour| and the State of Illinois. . Write for booklet, "Investment 'Steps," and for detail circular describing the Mortgage 6 Real Estate Serial.Notes. of $1(}0 and,$500_denom!nfftion we are offering. and recommending as couservauve) mgn-graae, sae mvu-,,. Address aH inquiries or orders/or real estate notbs to " Real Estate Loan Departm'ent '. Mercdnlile Company ,,Vember tdera/ J ' U.Sovrarnenl " eserve System  , 'vperv/s/on -TO 'r, CHAR.]L,E3 IIGHTH "AND LOCUST :.ST. LOUIS ! -% i ';'I ? , .,51 !t ,f; " ;i } 't:z 4 'i t -.