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July 24, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 24, 1920

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# PAGE TWO i Miss Mfiy Letzig has returned from Card of Thanks a month's say in California. We wish to thank our many friends ' for their kindness, sympathy, Mrs. Ella Chesnutt has gone to condolence during the recent illness n sociAL SON00L | d Colorado for a month's visit. Mrs. Paul S. Julienne and son, Paul, Jr., of New Orleans, are guests of Capt. and Mrs. H. D. Ayers. / Mrs.'Nicholas Murphy and Mrs. Elizabeth are spending sffme time at St.'Joseph_s Infirmary,' Iot Springs. ! Ice Cream ial The women of St. Edward's parish will give the regular monthly Ice Cream and Coffee Sosial at St. Ed- ward's hall, Tuesday afternoon, July 27. Those in charge will be: Mrs. Nick Hanson, Mrs. Ernest Barber, 'Mrs. Elizapeth Ruff, Mrs. Joe Oswald, Cards will feautre the afternoon. France and Vatican The Holy See is awaiting, perfectly undisturbed, for Paris to make up its mind cn the subject of restoring re- lations between France and the Vati- c/in. Nothing is said officially, but the soundest opinion here is that France will do the right thing" in the right ,,v:ay. SUN,DAY, JULY 25, _ ............. Ninth after Pentecost--St. James, Ap. bank, whm'e good sex'vic is the rule. i i': . ,bEPUTY The Checking accotmta of small businesses 01i:s TRAIL q i  OATH I and death of our beloved wife, daughter and sister. Mr.. H. W. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. N. B. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Lee Mr. and Mrs. Ghas. Drees ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY. CELEBRATES PATRON'S DAY Illustrious Saint Commemorated at Local Hospital Last Monday The name of St. Vincent de Paul is revered throughout Christendom and in his honor have been founded hos- pitals, refuges, orphanages and rein I gious institutions which dot the Cath- olic world in every corner where hu- man nisery calls for alleviation and where spiritual and bodily comfort attend the passing of thousands of human souls. Local Blessing Little Rock is blessed dtll one of St. VincenVs bequests to ailing hu- manity in "the foundation here of St. Vincent's InfirmalT, by the Sisters of Chairty of Nazareth, on the corner of MONDAY, JULY 26,_ ............... St. Anne Mother of B. V. Mary TUESDAY JULY 27 ............................. St. Panteleon, Martyr. W])]DNESDAY, JULY 28, _ .............. St.. Nazarius and Celsus, MM. THURSDAY, JULY 29, _ .............................. St. Martha, Virgin FRIDAY, JULY 30 ....................... Sis. Abdon and Senner, MM. SATURDAY, JULY 31, _ .................. St. Ignatius of Loyola Conf. ST. JAMES APOSTLE FEDERATION OF CATHOLIC SOCIETIES. i, St. James the Apostle, brother of St. John the Evangelist, was the first German Roman Catholic Federation of ,of the IJw;elve apostles to lay down Arkansas Issues Second Call For 'his life for the faith. Organization of All Catholic So- l  cieties in Arkansas--Little Rock St. Anne, July 26th Council K. of C. First to Answer. St. Anne is glorious, among the saints not only as the mother of the SECOND CALL. Blessed Virgin Mary, but because she Several weeks ago the Gemmn gave Mary, when three years old to leman Catholic Federation of Ark- the service of God in the Temple. ansas issued a call for a meeting in St. Martha, July 29th connection with md a day ahead ,of I S.L Martha accompanied her sister 'ur annual meeting to be held in Ft. St. Mary Magdalen and their brother Smith, for the organization of all St. Lazarus into Gaul, where she Catholic societies in the State, men closed her holy life. Her sacred rel- women, young men and young ladies' ics are. venerated at Tarascon  societies for the betterment of our France. Holy Catholic Church and our schools. St. lg'natius, July 31 To this call we have had but very his home at Atkins. St. Ignatins, founder of the Society Publica--  ' A Union and Mercantll0000:00::: .! 'ake K. ol Trust Company '::'-: Svcond and Loummna r, aprop,  Catholi ; dotoriousl: " i' Used by 7eir sorrc days, sc Catholic church 00oses I I women, yet tile b']oO$lY as the OBITUARY noble ,,0100 bl. seed she so '' " be gathered by those wh0.. , ahe ef August Schubert beh/nd, when called to lie in t August Schubert, aged 72 years, ness. died Wednesday afternoon, July 14, at The funeral took plaCe ' twin tl He is smrived Andrew's Cathedral on lI#.:i tth" 'ill b tlr. little respon.e to date. Circulars were .......... sen t by to daughters, lurs oonn lrspeb West Ninth and High streets, of Jesus, commonly called Jesuits, ' t 0 all the Reverend Clergy, all " "  "'" Dance Rejoice Religiously was born at Loyola in Spain in the " ngegamns .... , , Catholic soeieties and co ., 11828 McGowan street, Little Rock and Mrs Gus Peter of Amns, atso oy a Thursday night, August 5, 1920-- Annually, as his Feast Day comes [year 1491. He served his king as irrespective as to nationality or] "" .... " :30 to I1:30 p. m.--St. Joseph's Or- around, July 19 is set apart by the ]soldier till his thilieth year. At tha'; language. The time o this meeting son, Adolph Schubert of Little Rock. phanage Picnic. Two dance halls, ac- Sisters of Charity, as an anniversary, ago, while recovering from a wound, was set for August the 15th, same be-i The body was brought to Eittle Rock and funeral sewices were conducted commodaion for 500 couples. Ad- worthy of their special commemora- he received the call of divine grace tug called a Catholic day. The time] mission $1,00. ties of the holy man of God, who by to leave the world, is drawing near and the Reverend]from St. Edward's church, Friday Tickets may be secured from Mes- his zeal, his efforts, his example and He embraced ,poverty and humilia- Clel''y and the officers of the various] morning at 9 o'clock. The pall bearers A1 Lynch, Fred Dehemer, J. H. Ms- his prayers gave to the" worhi and ties and won others to join him ia societies are again urged to heed this] were: Gus Hart, Jr., Lopis Beck, ratta, Harry W. Elliott and Frank perpetuated therein, the spiritual and the sewice of God. Finally he estab- call and have delegate. elected for] Frank Benner, Peter Bartzen, Joe F. I'orbeek. material foundations or which they lished the Society of Jesus in 1540, this meeting at Fort Smith on August Bujarski and Frank Young. Burial McClure's orchestra will . do the as Charity Sisters find themselves a and had the consolation of beholding in Calvary cemetery. ,rest. art, and on this day religiously .- it advancing the Faith in distant l the 15th. For other infolnation kindly write Lutller Moss Rogers Date ov for Thursday, Aug. 15, joice in their partnership, lam|s before his death on July 31 the undersigned secretary also ldndlv ut the Orl#hans' Picnic. 1556. ' I,uther Moss Rogers, aged 58, a , High Mass at Infirmary send him the lists of delegates elected, contractor, died at 5:45 Friday morn- Benefit Entertainment .The Feast brought wits it no otber Signed in the name of the Execu- ittg at the residence, 1216 E. Ninth On Tuesday evemng a novel feature celebration than the pulely spiritual. AN ENI)OSEMENT THAT COUNTS tire Committee of the German Roman street. He is SUlWived by his wife, was enacted,at the home of Mr. and Festivities, as the world knows them, Catholic Federation of Arkansas. .Mrs. J." F. Buyarski, when their do not pertain to the tters at St. Bond's Pharmacy Co. one son, James Rogers of Poplar , youngest daughter, Miss Helen, with Vincent's. Ferial or feast, the all ab- Little Rock, Ark. CASPAR ROLL, President. Bluff, and four,laughters, Mrs. C. F. Gentlemen: T.'J. ARNOLD, SeCy. Fridley, Mrs> Milton Smith and Miss the assistance of Misses Alice Ward, sorbing activity of these good women P.S.We are today in receipt of Ma:, Rogers, all of Little Rock, and Grace Terry and Dorothy Schmuck lies in their attendance upon the if- We sincerely thank you .ft,r the gave an entelff.ainment for the benefit flicted patients, complimentaLw bottles of BOND'S a notice from the Little Rock Council Mrs. Corn Sherrall of Fred0nia, Ky. of the Orphanage picnic which it to Their actamting spirit flows from LIVER PILLS which you so kindly of the Knights of Columbus, of which Funeral sol,ices were held Saturday their prayers and their sacramental sent us and :e number you amoung the Secretary, J. A. Yick, writes that morning at 9 o'clock from St. Ed- be held on August 5. The program consisted of sonks and recitations by devotions. Hence the feature of their our greatest benefactors, because of at their last meeting they had elected ward's church. Burial in Calvary Grace Terry, Alice Ward an(I Helen Patronal Feast Day, was the celebra- your generosity to our sisters and delegates  to this meeting, who would cemetery. our school. From experience, it attend the convention at Ft. Smith on tion of a High Mass, at six o'clock on gives us much pleasure to add dur Sunday, August 15. - Mrs. Amanda Reider Newton DorothyBUyarski'schmuckA buttelYand twe,danCeone actbY Monday moruing .with Roy. H. H. endorsement to the genuine'inert, of SENATOR HARDING NOTIFIED. Mrs. Amarlda Reider Newton, widow playlets entigled "A Day's Absence Wernke, Chaplain, officiating. BOIWD'S PILLS. We have found Father Denning Catholic Pastor at of the late Major Thomas W. Newton, from School" and "Tommy's .Secret." Th% musical program was rendered them to be wonderful relief agents in Marion Offer Benediction. died at ier residence, 1406 Lincoln Miss Helen has a gifted voice and her by a small choir of the Sisters and the taatment of Headaches, Billious- Marion, Ohio, avenue, at 11:30 Friday night afte] ' song "Let the Rest of the Worh| Go the nurses, ness: Dizziness or any iIalarial Evening again brought the corn- trouble. July 22, 1920. an illness of over a year. Mi's. New- By'"was beautifully rendered. A very Senator Harding as officially ton was born in Little Rock in 1845, neat sum was realized. The guests munity before the chapel altar, where Signed Dominican Sisters. notified of his nomination as the Re- and was the daughter of Jacob and were served with refreshments after there followel Solemn, enediction of S., Paul School, Odell, IIL publicafi candidate for President of Anne Reider, who were one of the the play. the Blessed Sacrament, with Roy. We will cheerfully send sapplies of the United States at Marion. O.. this first families to settle in Little Rock, ,Gee . H. McDerulott as celebrant. Rev. our popular Liver Pills compliment- aftelaoon. The exercises took place the family home being located on St. Bartholomew's Church John P. Fi.her, deacon and Rev. H. ary to anv school or charitable institu- I m  " The Hply Neme S;dalitv of St I H. Wernke, subdeacon. ' tions upon request. ., " t " Garfield rack, with Will H. Hayes, Louisiana street, where the Merchants , " ' 'Sial s .....  i clmirman of the Republican National hotel now stands. She was educated ]  er oa xtetreal I artholomew s  Congl'e,ation ar-. ' " .... " , - - o -: , ,  . # Down in Helena at - e .... , , " [ Committee presiding, with the follow- at St. Mary's Academy ,this city, and ranges a zalr onoay an( TUgsday , i .....  -.' _.  ....  ..... I AVORS RELIGION IN SCHOOLS ' -" ......... " " rear , - , , mg proglam carrle nlougn DelOl a . July 5 and 6 to help the Pastor to de-] " Acanem., t.. Vincent s Da. " ' .'[ " " . " is an honorary member of Mt. St. fray the heavy expenses for mission [:l;Nda:hethn::':'eat for 40 Sisters [ Judge 'l'homa. T. Crain of the Court ] ho:gfi=,gl:bors, Thd Vlsi:-gsf::n:d Mary's Alumnae. Her whole life has and school. The men had been work-[ .... " , n, whom were five [of Gene,'al Session, who i a memberi .. ,, .  " - p g been spent in Little Rock. where she 6f our S''l LetS'-' /rom  - ne :' .... tnlwmal3, - " ..... , anner, Commbus Renublican Glee has a hn'ge circle f fr/ends, who now inghard to make the affair a sue-I s ' . .. of the Protestant Episcopal, church, is, Club " "" Oxer m Nazmeth, J(entuckv at the anmn the re te tess. As the Pastoi. Rev. lather " " " ' .. - " g p me rs of the plan tel , . ......... , nmurn he loss. Steinhauser had ben out'of town 1"or mother house. Were Sister Superior provide for the religious training of lnvocamn, cne lev. i. ta. lvic2zee, On November 25, 1869, she was Bathddes and Sster Ma Paul con p sto Treaty Baptist (huch, two weeks it was supposed to be a s . . . ry , - pupils of the public schools of New, . .... married to Major Thomas Willoughby surprise for him. The Pastor couhl Icluding their nine .d.y sniritual exer-] York. According to Judge Crain's t'Marmn" Newton, one of Arkansas' most c,ses xth Sste M Paul takm her o)oal the m fiuctn I Nohfication, Senator Hem.w Cabot not but be surprised when he saw the [ ": '" "" ""! ' " g p' I .", " s . "ons h6u d be ' ' ! . " ." prominent men. Of this marriage, six fmal vows as a Ch n Ss e I , Lodge, chalvman presldentml nohfic Vri ..... b "^+'''' oP "e " --a ,:..u-_, " ' . a"ty  'st.r of gixen in conformity with the religious " " . - chihlren were bomb--Mrs. Charles T. eic: nd 7;t'ii'ed th: :;g; ":;':wd: Nazareth. convictions Of the children's parents, tion committee. ; Coleman, of Little Rock. Mrs. Edward pouring in Mdndav and Tuesday] ................ [ It is from his experience of four- Acceptance, Senator Harding. C. Campbell of St. Joe. Mich., and nights an dcounting he money Well- I DIOCESAN NORMAL INSTHUTE. teen years on the bench. Judge Cram Staging of Amemcu by the Thomas Willoughby Newton, of Lit- nesdaY morniffg, finding an amount I says, that he ha reached the conclu- assembly, led by Columbus Republi- tie Rock, all of whom survive her. Latest Returns From Parishes Con-] sion that religi6us training is ira- can Glee Cl.ub.. William Clark Newton, Robe. Allen of $255.75 coming from the splendid tributing to the Maintellan of ]perative to @revent the increase of Benediction. the Rev. Joseph M. Newton and Annie Newton having fair. The fir was a social entertain- tht Diocesan Summer Normal f ] Juvenile crimes. Lack of such moral Denning. pastor St. Ma.w's Catholic (tied some years ago. Sne is also sur- ment for the congregat, on and the School: ' teaching in the schools, he declares, is Church, Marion: rived by one sister, Mrs. Cassamfra, many friends of itsmembers, lany , ' ]responsible for much of the depravity , Reider Newton, of this atty. non-Catholics came to the ground St. MalT's, Paragould ........ $130.00 [ and criminal offending- among" youth'. CHURCH 100 YEARS OLD. It is with feling of deepest regret makin friends with the great Cath- Roy. Joseph . Hofffnger. i' The Amsterdam Democratic Club that we chronicle the death of this olie Mission in Little Rock. --' St. Patrick's, North Little has adopted resolutions offered by St. Plus Church, White Sulphur noble woman, who for more than three Rock ..................... 120.00 Judge Crain urging that religious m, Ky., was 100 yea):s old Sunday, May score and ten years, has lived in this ORPHANS' PARCEL POST Rev. A. Demurger. structions be imparted to children in 9, the centenary being celebrated y community, shedding the perfume of Uniqne Feature For the Orphans Pic. St. Benedict's, Subiaco ....... 164.00 the public schools. The resolution de- a jubilee Mass,*the Dominican Father her pure and unselfish life. upon all nic This Year Rev. Gee. Binkert, O.S.'B. elares that "education must no longer j. R. Volz preaching tile sermon. The who came in contact with her nd Sts. Cyril .and Methodius, be officially seve.,xq from faith." pastor is Rev. E. L. Van Becelaere. weihting an influence that will give Father Wernke and his commiee Slovactown ................ 70.00 l )An/RONIZ,'  OUR A'DVERTISIRS" Blessing of a new school bell was to those emaining a most h01y mem- ,are establishing a new feature for the Rev. Lquis Glinski, also a feature of the celebration, ory and heritage. She was a loving pleasure and / hdnefit ofthe orphtms Holy Rosary Stuttgart ...... 80.00 ..................., . , , , , ,,.--,,_,=. wife, a devoted mother and sister, and nnd theh" friends on Picnic Day, Aug. St. Anne's, Gillett (,Mission)__ 16.00 s true and loyal friend. Her helpful th. Rev. Jos.. Schlatterer, [ CONSIiRATION OF HEROES' GRAVES. hands were always ready to lift the Here is where we can all help o.@t St. Mary's Hot Springs ....... 182.001 July 15. 1920. burden off those around her; not wait- vdth just a little effort on ou]; part. St. John's, Hol; Springs__. .... 90.50" Reverend and Dear Father: ins fro" some noble work to do, but Fend word to your friends out of town Very Rev. W. J. Carroll. The Secretary of War has appointed a commission to be known cheerfully taking the daily task of life as .far out as possible, antl have them St. PauPs Pocahontas ........ 150.00 as the War Memorial Commission. The duAy of this commission is to propeMy mark the graves of our American heroes who have fallen and making" them work out for the parcel post ANYTHING to St, Jo- Rev Jos Fmitzheim . on foreign soil. The Rev. John J. Burke, C. S. P., chairman of the good of others. eph's Orghanage, Little Rock, Ark. [St a'-'-'-. T.i+O' ::k 40.90 Committee on Special War Activities of the National Catholic War Her life was an open book and the Request them to so wrap their parcels ] h:vMa'u:]us Rohne, 5-- Council, has been namd a xhember of this commission. _Father Burke world may read that the record was that the Contents. will be unknowns o t St. Agnes" ' M "ha " '  r" [) I has secured tile right to donsecrate all the graves of our Catholic boys, lure and when she had fulfilled her _.001 and over each grave to plate the symbol of the An'ele and the Cross. allotted work and time and her the purchasers. Advise them to plain.[ .  '.--- ....... 8 very Rev A auagner iv mark the cost of article on outside , ' " " Father Burke has appealed to us to supply all the names of our [ St Mary s N Lttle ROCK x,..apper with the address of the don ........ 114.80 Catholic soldier dead from this .Diocese. Will you therefore send in a hands had grown, heavy and tired, the or. Roy. Peter Bartodziej. list, giving the names and 'other information required for all the men Lod's summons came and found her These pm:cets will be arranged on St. Edward's, Texarkana .... 134.00 ia your parish who died in the service, and return this list to my secre- of the faithful in death even as in tary, Father Wenle, without delay? In order that the record of our life. Her devoted love of God. of .the shelves of the Orphans' Post Of- Rev. O. B. Clarendon, S. T.D. Catholic soldier dead be complete, please give the names.of all of the fice and sold at cost.,lrice as per St. Ro]mm's, Jonesbro ...... 234.00 men in your parish who died, whether of accident, disease, or in action, church, of family and of fl'iends abid- mark. It will be a case of paying, St. Anthony's. Weine," _ ...... 45.00 ,either in this couutry or overseas, in ;n her heart during" her ]on life something, and 'etting anything.' Rev. J. A. McQuaid. We need not emnhasize our duty to see' that the graves, of our ,'hfl-. not lesenin the rief of he.r Jnst drop a line to your good St. Januarinus'. Center Ridge_ 30.00 sohlier dead are made Catholic resting places..and we request that you or one obtain. the hone of her friends broad, near and far, and ask Rev. A.G. Haeinger. send in your resort wthout delay, so that we may forward it to the etern;'l haooine... National Catholic War,Council t be placed ill the hahds" of the War A lon and to-in life 1;ke be-s. them,in some little .way to help in Eureka Springs and Harrison 68.00 Memorials Commission. ,this work. Some little ,thing Will do REV. A. METZ. " J()HN B. MORalS. w'th a ha,nv death, is in itself a holy rl l:le a fun and profit will accrue , Bishop o Little Rock. reomnensa:ion and, leads us all to a from the disposal of their kind gifts. The most-pa,nifcant sign of wis-  h,t ,nnreeiat;on. WRITE a friend NQW. .om is continued cheerfulness. ';" ...........  ..... -- .... \\; , In the death of Mrs. Newts. the ing at 10 o'clock Rt. ReV. T. V. Tobin, D. D., A large concourse of friends were present to respect and tribute to The pall bearers were, Peay, David Russell, son, Anthony Bohlinger, Ratcliffe and Fay the service the cottage CalvmT cemetery, wher molal remains were beneath the shadows of unmindful alike of er, in the windowless whilst her soul soared its Maker face to face. That God will grant her soul and comfort the bereaved relatives, is of her many friends. DEBT TO "If any debts ofa paid, one is certainly the his lnother." Thus ford hey. still in letter written to his er's Day. "Today years," he says, "I have larIy struck with all does for her children that I have missed life. I have convinced oughly that all I need t this life. mother, is to worthy of your love this letter reaches home will have long passed, or other. I have a new the Fourth have reason to know man who penned these ready proved his title to faith" that his mother He i one who reflects libell Catholic been afforded lieve, because of the it received in the home. The young man to the idevls set earliest and chiefest likely to go far as tray sciousness of h;s debt to ought to be an incentive s would have him do. tribute to her part in his young man overseas ha only affording his cation to which, by is entitled. PATRONIZE OUR ORPHAN'S Thursday, Aug ORPHAN'S ST. JOSEPH'S 25th and HELP OUR "PHEIR OUR HELPTHEII WE WERE BIaESS0 LET US Bl! GIVE THEM oF GIVT THEM OF 0 THURSDAY, are hand made on with India Ink. Your order if for will be appreciated. Have made Dipl cents Infirmary, Resolutions for K. The City of Little others. Correspondence will attention. John Claride, 9tt Phone