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July 24, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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July 24, 1920

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a toed reading v(hich | | |(  Waraa, and strengthens I _.*mxcrus, PP..XV, j ) ;;" -:---=------  of L,ttle Roek,lk xpose vice ---------7-- "White Litn e Little Rock, Arkansas, Saturday, July 24, J A CathoLic Paper is a I Perpetual Mission-- i Pope Leo XIII *&apos;The Guardian" in every home---our Motto. j .amPo4mo.m  4ma. 4ml ems.q 1__ Number 6 ,e example 9 1.0 !ars ago, has his strongest ow, he says '1 mee of Irs l State,,t i! of immoralit world, i 'ad and Hcre ehers who l "with defcnd :loubts, spin i , pFopoundinf reeling off rl the very fie t at them in tl I the amusee nd when ral and women g to eterna 1 :he do that l Lmmer of their ; of God and TO OFFER W0RL1} I)EMANi)S Txtuxxwuu00- ou00xv,00x UNITEI} CItURCI00 NORMAL INSTITUTE l ln the Study of Sex Hygiene Now So 00IT I)I00GR1A00S NON-ANtiLICANS R00STRICTION IS h$ COMPLIMENT TO  yATHOLICS C. W. C News SenTi(e) I.!Uly 3.The University of ich for some centuries has le of religious conserva- a remarkable step for- tly, when the Senate orate removing the restric- l}ermitted none but clergy- the Anglican Church in (ors to proceed to the de- tor of Divinity. The de- Protestant Rector Speaks on the I Lightly Considered Iy Some "Passing of Prolcstautism and the [ Slate Superintendent of Schools Bond and Dr. Grant of the'Arkansas Uni- Modern Educators. Conlillg of C tholicism." vcrsitv Teacher's College Visit l)ioce:;an Normal lnstitffte and Express] On a recent Sunday tile Rev. Dr.] Satisfaction With the Work of Faculty and Stndents. l The Woman's Christian Temper- George H. "Broening, pastor qf the / ante Union has appropriated money 1,'ewsmitb Memorial Church of New-] t"The first week's work at the Catholic Normal Institute has been corn- to endow a chair of sex hyg!ene at ark, N. J., del vered the followingl pleted, very much to the satisfaction of the faculty and of the Sisters at- the University of Iowa, says the Bal- sermon, which is of unusual interest I tepding. I timre Review. it is the intention of during these days of an Interchureh[ Tile Sisters without exception have expressed themselves to be pleased the organization to campaign for sex sCrag-de for unity on the part of twol with all classes and have stated that the work is ot only educational but hygiene courses,  in alL public and'high schools, qhese good women intend to, score of the Protestant; sects. Dr. also inspirational, save the boys and girls from immof Broening said in part: State Officials Make Survey "Today we ec schism, division; Monday, July 19, Mr. Bond the State Superintendent of education ac- ality by making them hardenetl strife cannel) heal, canno; save. The compani[d by l)r. Grant of the Teachers' College of the University of Ark- through actual knowle(lge of those Catholics and the Protestants must ansa:, made a very thorough survey of the Catholic Normal  Institute. things which St. Paul said should not unite fro" the world's redemption. We Beth ]r. Bond aml Dr. Grant expressed tkemsclves as entirely saris- even so much as be mentmned among xrist.' " thrown open to all corn- must have a church that is united, fi('d. The State Superintendent of Education said: "He expected to find con, who is 0Spective Doctors of Di- The condition of the "vorld demands a the beginning of things, but in.teul much to his pleasure and surprise he xptist churcn'(}Xf0r d m:v now range united church, reiterated Dr. Broe- saw a school in operation, both in student body and in facqlt:, which for s city "everYfi. Lt to n .;o .,, o;nco .ing "Our sectarianism is not free " " ,, :-  ..r..&i ......... ' " , it's kind, cannot be excelled," Mr. Bond stated that it would afford hma , heaven ra , or even a Buddhist. of the gu,lt of the worl(t' great pleasure to retunx at an early date and. deliver a speech on things 3ften unwa ".) Foun ..... eli While we have been busy builoing ... , .... .,l[i; nations t.alt c  . educational in the State of Arkansas to the Catholic Teachers of the State. miner mmatio o ^, ..,... -re buhvarks of our creeds we nave neg- He also approved the course of studies. stampecm$ |ig ba ..... i hth- lected to (ee the wsmn of the worm. ' Classes are being taught in all the High School branches. English CK tO l;ne lJ g '" . , .|i . , ..... l practiees that have issued m its rum. [ . J: l'l(leSWltie, a ax- Puh'id Iniqaitif0 u ....... IHad the "church been umted for the course, including Freshman Class of a College course. The first year i,a- mt s,qrit he .t'.t'a_ ed a conven; vnere. Kin'(lom of God and turned a deaf ear tin with the translation of Caesar and of Virgil, censUS're the Latin Course. l- : one founded passed even- o ' " i this ,le are so Pd C ' I to sectarmmsm and natmnal sm : Mn.thematic. consists of a review of the, arithmetic, all algebra, plane and ,, at anons Regulal of St , , to hear whaM. ' ' " blot could never haxe stained history s solid geometr and plane trigonometry., French and Gelnan are taught in the High School and College Departmdnts. Courses in Science are giv- n what is P .rom their schools the pages and this tragedy couhl never en in General Science Theories in the iHigh School, and Mecllanics and brethren" wlT:het the University may have been acted on history's stage. Mathematical Physics in the College Deprtment. Classes arc also given l.' , ae academic develop se moral P . - . Divided Church. to representatives of all schools of the State in singing and the fundamen- ;m only a ": is largely due to the "Today the worhl as it is with its tals of. music. A -cneral "class in Methodology and Pedagogy is given when they h0: 'and the Franmscans "trife, restlessness and unbehef will in all grades from the first to the eiglffh inclusLel). It is given four times day, thus enabling every sister to attend. :h:Yl?:et.,::;::g  given to the neer be able to be reached by a di- per n the Pu:';- illiam of ( er upo r.. lhous lace!" ('Orrnation, Oxford scholars as Bacon, Duns of Ockham. when the Us- reacher strO__.:..-, was set up, the re- e practice ol][! ere imposed, and no .elicving thai'id" to the Univer- ethods are a S[ g to the Protes- the worst t#aad receiving the sacra- asks: ! all to the Church of Eng- levelly and h the religious tests are all the ,aany years ago, the o_pl6yers ad t2ity were rigorously :atering to the thoughtleSS td ests of the Church of now that restriction he but a surre hi,st for the new statute will vided church. We must have a great Catholic Church. ,History has empha- sized the shibboleths arid the sibbo- Leths; but the present calls for a com- mon unity m'ound the Cross. We A special class in Psychology aml Pdagogy is taught to the Sisters in the College Depmcment. In all the above classes work is given with two points in view. To instruct and educate our Catholic teachers along the lines lath dom by the State to bring them to the new State Standards and also to give them the best Normal and Pedagogical training possible. ' Very Rev. II. A. Heagney, L. L. D., Superintendent of Catholic know life divided. This is the clay of federations and unions in the church. We have seen and are seeing church Schools, states that with the work continuing along the splendid lines unions, gatherings and federations which it is 'now going, our parochial system in the State Of Arkansas will that wee impossible twenty years I be second to none in the United States, , ago. I "  r " I  .... IM! CO SE S "ProtestantDieerenC00and Catholic. these ,re I gXI EK 18 DAN00EROUS i the two great divisions of the Church I of Christ. They differ in polity, sac- I OUR GOOD WILL , TO ALL EUROPE raments and form of worship. They, unite in a'eommon al!egience, a tom- IT MAY BE POLICY RATHER FAILURE OF POLISH ARMIES TO Christians. Improvement Necessary. We do not doubt that the Woman's Christian Temperance Union is per- fectly right when it urges that some- thing be done to improve the morals of the children in our public schools. Stories from different parts of the country indicate that the morals of the pupils are ih a lamentable condition 'reaching sex hygiene is a doubtful and dangerous method of improve- [ ment.. " " e Eminent Doctor on Sex Hygen . [ We have 'ead nothing stronger or more timely on this subject than the recent statement of Doctor F. W. F9 r- ester. The Doctor says: ,"Recent years have seen a remark- able diminutio in the sense of shame. It no longer plays the part it once i did in the education of the young.l Theconsensus of centuries of opinion I in favor of cultivating" this protective I ' ' r " 'S actor s today being xgnored, l'hm  ] lue o the disastrous belief of the nodern man that all true wisdom b- an with lim, whereas in truth it is purely in modern times that vague and abstract ideas have taken the place of a Sane and balanced under- standing of the actual truths about life. * , Sense of Shame. Personally, I ,have not the slightest doubt that a highly developet sense of ghame protects young people far SI00:EK BELGIANS T0 ' "" HOMES.IN TIlE S., PltlEST PIIE1)ICT8 TALK WITIf MSGIL SI ILLEMAN, OF BELGIAN IMMIGIIATION BUREAU (By N. C W. C. News Service) New York, July 19.--Heavy muni- gration of Belgians to .the United 'States may be expected within the next few years, if the present difficul- ties in obtaining papers and trans- port:alien are obviated, according to Monsignor J. F. StilLemans, director of the Belgian Bureau, Thick cares for Catholic immigrants from Belgium and Holland. "At present." said Father Stille- mans in an interview with a repre- sentative of the N. C. W. C. News Service, "not many Belgians are ar- riving in this country, ow!ng to the difficulties of obtaining passp,rts and Ihe vise of the American consuls abroad. Very few of tlfe Belgian girls now coming here are of the type that will engage in housework. Most of them are of the better edu- cated class and are admirably suited for governesses. "But heavy immigration must be ex- pected in the futme. So many people in Belgian] are so upset ethat they naturally look elsewhere for a new start in life and America's participa- tion in thewar, as well as its splen- [did i-elief work in Belgium, has caused them to turn their eyeu more and more to this eountry. "Another factor is that many Bel- gians 'ho were in England during the war learned the English Language and therefore are better fitted to make their way in this country." As to religious conditions among the immigrants after arrival, Father Stillemans declared that much de- pends upon the places where they lo- cate. If they select a Belgian colo- ny where Catholic faith and practices have beefi keep intact, they connue their loyalty to the Mother ChUrch. If they fall in with those who' 'have abandoned the faith, they often 'be- to stare at, ta'is a matter of conjec- men sacrifice and a common hope. We i THAN LIBERALITY WHEN which Y Years now Catholic have overstated our differences. We I HUERTA GOVERNMENT ,ment,' d; floeked td in .eSge. The city lmve understated our agreements. I DICTATES CHANGES Arehbish- "I am not going into the dim past / I there ing 7lra, and are to resurrect its skeletons. There is no] in University tino!'ii'es,- or& the church in history that can afford to/ 't. "./;' ' the Bet ,reli, a w "" ! :, - ell as cher'., I ,!' ut to s ' ?th1 taity that ;d non-Chl banjo-O: tter mt  , But prograr . degree to de I : of the Cl ',L.y' l :,  dgree the times next stage-. mmnced vaS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) )e walking  Mexico City, July 16.--In so far mgregatio oP' as 10ublie professions o f fairness and .heir-loft. C. *1 the'Benedictines, the throw stones We are not ,o criticise, justice are. concerned, the.new_ re gl- and the 'reli"li<' Well as a hall for st- lantagonize one another. We must see me !n iwemco can .e accepea .y wa- ne preache.'.:l: Iut to sneculate on al what of good, God and-Christ therelthhes as a vast mprovemenz..upo) ave this? A,riaity thatVis open to/is'in the church. We must be not for I_a:rP:::lUinct/h':::::;mthe U;r; [ When the rtl o ........ ]division, but for unity. Today we ' , . ;  ": ot..  - a-tnnsmns anKe, i ..... ...;, ,e ,,oh lent provisional governmen may nnu istler ban3 o" "ter neea anne unaers ....... s ..... . " " he _.', . But the throwing[ .......... that the lit advantageous, not to continue ma progra-' .egre oner, we neea o Know . . ..:; e to perons otheri ............... ]persecutmn of the Church vhlle will our uo [ iy.  of * ........ / anode nurc, gave us moroe I ............ ' itude save bf'.l,k. "to unBrc 0,.)gr/ugustine: 'St. Francis of, Assisi,lsee, mng .rec? .ne :e he annetite" i.:bY the conferring| ovoia': The church that gav'e fis suc[ States, t may De na p mmy.ramer ..... -d :11 'gree of Doctor of "- .: ..... - ...... siderable/than a sense o noeranry mcmes ) curious, * " t" a irulrage IIIUb lio,U .ut , X some of these pronouncement n comnete ii% , ,eminent theological ood. We need to know that the Pro-[-  . . ," - - n ager to impress by getting d0 al m members of the testant Church gave us Wycliffe, Lati-] ................... , not outdo o[ hlrches, ann one a mer, Ridley, Wesley, and Moody. The/ l s nouceame ma rresmen t: "n the str gg'-' ew Catholie Doctor church that gaw us such beautiful la Huerta is eager to impress 2, a.,,;11e At:-. 0xfrd is Baron Fried- " Mexican people, and perhaps outsid- ........ , ' ,el, a ' good. ors also, that the Church has no Ion- the vaudevll, scholar of high dis- characters must have considerable e bar'a in'c0-,!" of a famous Austrian Catholic Fact. %-- de:, e ew Dotor is a nat- "It eapen am. . ti "" bigotry, '; mlbject, is necessary to bury our religion our prejudice, our narrowness. It is )le , and patent:'tatt to Catholics' for ns to understand each e church of ' e distinction bestow-'1 necessary other, to know each other. There can u *" Yon be no division our be propt P t' Hugel,'whose re-I of fighting :forces. and ? DoeS' ) ;'.rld of letters is a suf-lit is necessary for us to be united. It is only mdeville star :]]'lsr the honor, it is pro -] through fellowship that we God forbial /1[ Univ htt:ta ersity had some shall ever again get a real grip of the questmn t u) lay a compliment to w,:,'ll" Catholic :fact of Christianity. Shall we su as a ": '+''. collective body. te Gospel for.,gWea b - th - ,.. y e Regius Pro- gapinger'T2'tY, to celebrate the he, line %tion,.00i;h which the e'" 1'" re a httl /,, latro ........ ,, .... t' maYlu uusefl ];ne new UOC- Inppaa , :y .i_i,il,.  , held out a hope for on-worsn },t, -m:,:" aris- eril, lest so?;h; th " nt C " md Sidon, 8os) me University during  gnace Jan Paderew- dl upon it. . have not takeli':tev of l%land, received warnings giV.',:l,q:" C.' L., and Gexleral War. "We g.' . I sh' Rector of the Ira- he war here " .f l!teienee, and Teeh- n't mend oU . '"7 te degree of Doctor MI of which, together ent_ will fall ol ;o nferred on the Pre- " tl IIand" tght , Wed b nd M P I' It -- Y Oxford S,, so00n 00an's wo00h hy what t a. _ .-',,Ol,t: a! at in a breach of ond M. Y" ' ". y sound." ( ing dyke broken Bolshevism is sure ...... e u- st rudence and[ remainder of the families when they to have a revival in other European none wta tn t.n. p . tlhad gathered eough money to pro- sagaciw . It is a aangerous sutjec . ; .. . ....... countries and that the Russian sue- . . .. . .... . _lviue zor mem comlortaoty. A special cess is to be the signal for the radi- o' nan(he ann wnen mere s any ....... .......... houl" not ugrup consmra o young elgma c.Is of 'other countries on the con- ouv, o ks useumess x s a ...... . f] men, several nunarees oi wnom came ger anything to fear fr6m the Gov- tinent to attempt to overthrow ex- be mentioned at all. The study o. every year to work in th beer field ernment. Recent articles in the news- ising governments, in either case ex hygiene is'an appeal to the wrong papers of the capital show signs o,f the world confronts a crisis of the faculty. There is a vst difference harder Michigan.for two Theseor threeWrkedmonths verYand being inspired to create this "impres- gray, st kind. between knowledge and moral power, returned to Belgiunx tb come back sion. Supreme Test for Poland Only the grac of God can keep the again th follo-ing year This prae- I "The Catholics of Mexico ought to For the moment the decision rests world clean. Christian character is tice, Father Stillemans pointed out, be satisfied with the spirit of religious with the allied governments repre- the foundation of chast7y. Instruc-was anything but beneficial to their liberty which antmates the Presi, sented at the Spa conference. Poland tions in matters of sex hygiene ean- religion and morals. is rising to the supreme test. Her not "give character. Purity belongs . During the war approximately 9,- dent" (de la Hserta), is the opening sentence in a, recent article in "Ex- entire population has rallied to the to lif e in its hi,ghost plane, and life celsior" on the subject of the devo- colors according to reports reaching on the highest plane is impossible 000 Belgians came to America. Most .of them were of very excellent Protestant Decline. lution of ecclesiastical property in Washington, but the Irish araies' on without God. The'world was saved by conditions and a great majority have "And what are we doing today  Mexico the frontier of western' civilization Christ and it can be kept clean only readily adapted'. themselves to Ameri- . . " . " ' - . " " a- 'sdid. Father Stille" Ame'n;et" 1;flY:;i:sIrv:di:;n;r eft- This TL?::::uDcieSfht:;le Pre ];=00t00:ghL'it000;tr:71 :_ can conditions. ne ze .o ".  ' " -" l p p ..... ' "laid have not been realized. It re-/of God. ' byterian .Yrinceon,, ongrega2i  sien nan sen oroers re me gover-mains to be seen whether the west  , ' Yale, EpLscopalian Harvard, B p" nors of the various states of Mexi-[ ..... ,  .:[ ........... ' .... v" Brown, Methodist Syracuse, have sdneite co directing .... them t O return to ,he 'ee-],=teP$?:;: s, to =lT;:nd" ':: b/:;h J , ,-.w,ua, ,,,-.,,.,,, themselves, a princely honor de p.. elemashcal .authntms all the oo,,o..,... ..v ..,.'om tho enffinb,_ o tide of An interesting ceremony which-will the rawngs of some newspapers tha churches which had been taken by ..... ., , .. ' . . ,.,_2,._,.._ ought tobe denied the privilege of the the Federal or local governments dur-]"mnevl;7;.al View Prevails , :;;lr::et: t::t g:nu 'm;';;' United States mail. ing the last seven years. In cases ......... ', ........ .... .............  m some omcial quarters in wasn- is scneulea o rage place nls sum- "Our Proesmn cnurcnes seem o wnere me cnurcnes were m use as t e con ..... rch -- " '" oses b the ]ingtn ave, ry dismal yew of the Eu- mer' in Englahd. It will lm h " be on the decnne. mpty cnu omces or for oner purp Y ,wn a,tnnr.,tm nrvaus.  SUS-'"' ...... is secrauon_otne  wmaa u'" ' .... " .... Me--orim buildings and tremendous church eentral government or the states,]ecte'that'te(RusianB-olshevists Chrch, Edgbaston, ea,huildingwh|h losses are very ominous signs. They they were to be restored o t%e bis -P STEM TIDE OF BOLSHE- VISM IS WEDGE FOR better than tle best institution ,and come extremely negligent. kADICAL POWER better counteracts any knowledge "However, it is notable" con:Hnued they may obtain from impure so.rces. Father Stilleman:, "that the children of Belgian immigrants almost inva- (By N C. W. C. News Service) "It shoukt 'ne,er be forgotten that riably are sent to Catholic sehools and Washington, D. C., July 19.The the protection that our sexual nature apparent failure of the Polish armies most need is'not protection from out- ,that mixed marriages 'arevery rare among them." # . to stem the tide of Bolshevism has ward influences, but from our own brought the world face to face, from thoughts. Such protection can be st- Here, quietly, systematically and the Washington point of view, with cured only by a properly cultivated effectively the work of cariflg for the .............. :-'4 ineeds of the immigrants is carried the question of organized radicalism, sense ot sname, we IItU[Iurll ll|t, "t  " -- --' .......... edi-- ' ' in on uurlng several yeax ptec ug One opinion prevailing at the capital lectuals are so accustomed to prob h[ " . - ........... vclthe war the number of thesb immi- is that Etrope must decide whether mo everymmg wn ou scmn n  ....... ..... . ,_ ..__sgrans, me majoriw o vnom are ua- it is to recognize the soviet govern- mougn ann our prying renecuon [ ... . " ..... ' " " " r et umncs' was rom 5,000 to 9,000 a' ment of Russia and assume that it na we are omy oo ap o zo g I ....... .... ......... syear. ]ne larger portion were eing ma in cein oI ne (leeper mng ,--,,/had alreadvcrossed" ..... ' " " le ::ed;" ): is not bent upon war of conquest or n.|awme,Dreiauves, a f w disintegration, "world revolution" as of life too mush reflection is an u it is most frequently called. The wholesome and disturbing influence. / " " " ...... mmny cases the husbands and fathers oer is that with the last remain- uangcrous un]ect. / .... i" br ..... ....... m mae ne voyage n "s mgmg line Any 'suay oz sex nygiene mus oe/ mns, arid will remain here. 0 t e, $0,000 FOIl UNIVERSITY. At the commencement exercises f the Catholic University of America "" ' at Washington, Bishop Shahan, D.' D., announced hat de,nations totaling more than $70,000 had been received ':" during the year, and that two private :: olleetion of valuable books had been effect a juficre with the German greatly honors the vicinity of Birm- given to the library. The enrollment speal of a decline. How much loyalty, hops as soon as possible; this paper Sparticides the revolutionary" wave ingham in honoring th memor of for 1919-20, Bishop Shahan said, was reverence and diligence is there in the says. the largest in the historY of the Uni- Protestant Church today? Protest- "This announcement" (of the re- is bound to .reep\\;westward. In the the great Cardinal. antism needs to learn some things the turn of the churches) "is of the Balkans he situation is not unfavor- t versitT, but would he greatly exceeded  great Catholic Church has to teach, gratest Jmlbortance says "Excelsior" able for the renewal, of radical el- SONS OF ANGLICAN BISHOP'S. during the coming year. , : '! fort. In n0thern Italy there is much I " " .: She needs to learn devotion to Christ, which then declares that the seizure disaffection, The Russian /Balshe- The wedding of the son of the ]ate CHALICE OF BLESSED bLIVEI. ,: to the Church and to the clergy, and closing of these places of wof "The doctrines of the Catholic ship caused "great discontent among vista, if they make good their threats Anglican Bishop of Lincoln, Enildnd -- \\;i! The chalice used by Blessed Oliver ., Church have never wavered. Her it he Catholics." of world revolution might strike el- Mr. E. R. Hicks, to Miss Lowe; daugh- %her for fle South of France relying[ter 0f Lieut.Colonel and VIrs. Lowe, Plunkett, now'in the keeping of the i')i Church has never lost its magnetism. Some .Now Restored  ,/ Her clergymen never ceased to be re- The paper then relates ho many f eourse, pon the radicals of inter- Ltookl place last week at St. Edward's President of Clonliffe College, Dub- garded as her spiritual fathers. [of the churches in the towns of %he vening countries to, advance their[c%tholie Church, Windsor, England lin,'formerly belonged to the late Ca ' ;' hcmm must learn that the spirit Federal District were "occupied by cause or theg night by connecting  The officiating palest was anothe on[dinal Moran, of Sydney. Every y0tm ,:( ?Y ander than the form and that (Carranza) troops during th cam- with -East Prussia attempt to enter[o f an Anglican .Bishop,,Father Ronald se'rv/ce is better than sacrifice." {Continued on Page 8,) (Continued on Page 8.) 'Knox. : I 'the of hm fir,