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July 21, 1991     Arkansas Catholic
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July 21, 1991

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ARKANSAS CA'IHOLIC JULY 21, 1991 PAGE 3 Church = people Holy Name Society Speak out on Title X ther Dear Editor:. My purpose in writing is concerning Churches across the U.S. and their beliefs. Take for example the Baptist church, I recently received a college catalog and ap- Pfication from Ambassador Baptist College m Shelby, NC. While looking through the provided information, I read 'the student must be a firm believer in the Baptist Doc- trine and beliefs' (par-aphtased quote). What an insult to me - and any other person look- ing to study the Word of God that isn't a Baptist! Need I say that I'm not interested in Ambassador Baptist College? I am a Catho- lic by birth (fan@ "tradition') but I haven't been to a Mass since I was a kid back in the Midwest. I got serious with the Lord on June 1, 1990, at Waslfingt0n County Jail in Fayetteville. ]'hat is the day of my spiritual birth and befieve me -Jesus in a person's life before Iris "natmal" birthday is the best birthday gift anyone ~m receive! Glory be to God! Here at Tucker (Unit) Prison, we have Vohnteers come on Saturday moruings. They are Catholic, Baptist, Fh-st Assembly of (;od, Churc'h of Christ and Pentecostal. V~qmt do they do during their services? All but one belittles the other one. Who is that one exception? The Catholic Cahurch, represented by vohmteer (Bro.) Paul Thessing of North Little Rock. In conclusion, when are we going to re- alize that it's the people that attend church Who are the Church? It's not some building or nanae. No, it's the people. It's time to up, brothers and sistels, and to stop this "spiritual r-adsm" and to love and en- COurage one another. No matter what de- nomination we are. I have spoken what I feel the Lord wanted rne to speak and share. God ble~ you and Yotu- paper. Shane Pouhin Tucker 977 may ,irthl ldg--I Dear Edimn it to After reading the results of the recent erre polls, I was very much saddened. We call tblic OUrselves Catholics, but I am beginning to end question. Are we? Are we Catholic by name nly or by action? To me, being a Catholic ' earls striving to become Christlike. By not Christlike I mean opening oursdves so that Others experience and see love in and ood through us. How do we do this? By praying 0ad- and taking the time to honestly listen and men Constantly changing to become better... 'by ave being olin-to the Spirit of God and get- the ttng involved instead of talking about what bor- we are supposed to do. em,.. We woW about catching germs by shak- .'m t mg hands with one another or drinking of lose the Blood of Christ. Is tiffs what a Catholic "the believes? heir ,, What are we afraid of?. Do we read the rice tSible? Do we pray? Do we know God? Are We any beUer than our ancestors? With the lives d !flogy and advancements we have thus _- to achieved, it seems we should be striving ~ust for tmity, love and peace. Instead we find ,titu- . Urselves bickering and grumbling. Why is 'laief so hard to change our spiritual being? ' OI1r et We all change to what society dictates. Wi Let us work together- the laity in union th the priests and bishops. Let us strive to /on./ let the Spirit of God work in our diocese. Let us work together to heal each other's wounds. Only by forgiving and starting over will we experience the joy, peace and love that our Lord is willing to give. Let us stop, listen to one another and experience Cod in everyone. Let us slow down, listen and respond to one another's needs. Diane Coney Little Rock Dear Editor:. I just returned from the national con- vention of the Holy Name Societies. As usual the national is struggling with talent, lead- ership, no money and not too many grass roots organizations. It is intereslkg to see those old strug- gling organizations. There are some beau- tiful dedicated people working ira some great local organizations of the HNS. But, by and large, NHS is a tiring of the past. I would like to ch,allenge you about this with a veO' simple mgtunent: men's dubs are still popul~uc in our Church. Why not call them Holy Nmne Sodeties arid have at least a spiritual base with a very shnple prayer? HNS puts no dem,-mds on you mad you can join with them in may way that you wish. It is a good N,'une with a good thnL~t which in to promote proper use of the holy Name of Jesus and five His life. With "IV, VCR's, etc. what they are today, that little touch is needed more th,'m ever. I put this out to you in a day when we have a great ntmaber of small olganizations for Catholics. tiNS would approve of al- most all of them. It would be a non-exclu- sive group of men (and women if they so desire) open to all Catholics. The counter- part is Altar Societies (not DCG4/) for women (and men,too, if the}, so desire). One good thing about HNS is the many good Suggestions that they have for enhanc- ing parish life. It must be directly under the parish and its pastor (Administrator). It is completely a parish (or mission) organiza- tion. That has a spetal attraction. Anyone who wishes can contact me and I will show you how to set up HNS under any level, minimum to maximum. Rev. Thomas W. Keller Diocesan Moderator, HNS Our Lady of Good Counsel Church Restoration Dear Ecl n I read every word of your arfide in the June 23 issue of Arkansas Catholicwith great interest and enthusiasm. I am delighted to know about the restoration of Filzgerald Hall and the worthy purpose it will serve. I do not agree that it holds little mean- ing for most Catholic. The three buildings in the drcle on Tyler street hold great meaning and memories for .a number of us. Perh, you can find some point in a sentimental foll0w up to your article As a member of the basketball team at Mt. St: Mary's, we played our remm games in the gym on the west side of the drcle, At that time Morris Prep school was housed here : this was tort of a "brother" hool to the Mount. My brother was a graduate of Little Rock College in 1927. Many prominent young men attended college here - a number of them made names for themselves. We did boast of the only College in the school of Pharmacy in Arkansas at that time. A num- ber of years passed after the college dosed before Arkansas had the school of Phar- macy at the Mediml School. These are only a few of the high points, of former use of those buildings, I am happy to see them put into equally valuable use. Rosemary Ray Jonesboro Dear Editor:. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court Rust vs. Sullivan riding, the abortionists are marshalling their forces as they face the thlx2at of losing up to 140 nfillion dollars ha taxpayers' money, if they fail to comply with the ruling. Indeed, Planned Parenthood, NOW, NARAL, the ACLU, Catholics For a Free C~oice, and the whole abortion indus- try are pooling their resources in a massh'e c.unpaign to coerce Congress to overturn the Supreme Court decision thi'ough up- confing legislation. Furthermore, they in- tend to combat any and all other pro-life federal polities. Not surprisingly, Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading proponent of abortion, has become the vanguard of this struggle. Planned Parenthood launched its initial attack, May 29th, with full page ads in all anajor papers. The cost exceeds $500,000. Although the Pro-Life faction can, in no way, match their funds, we can outdo them in battle - like David versus Gofiath. Our commitment to GOd mad to spiritual prin- dples will overcome the forces of evil. Citizens are exhorted to act immediately! Letters must be written to their representa- tive mad two senators, the message being: "Please oppose the abortion counseling mid refelral requirements in the Tide X Reauthorization Bill, HR 2343, and in the Tide X Pregnancy Counseling Act, HR 392, $323. Support the provisions in the Family Unity and Parental Notification Act, HR. 1490. Please vote to sup[x)rt all pro-life fed- eml poficies." If, vehemendy, we speak out for the si- lent minority, victory can and will be ours! Betty Breuder Blytheville Rev. William Gould i:~iiiiiiii:ii Jer. 23:1-6 , Eph. 2:1518 * Mark 6:30-34 The Jewish priesthood must have been in bad shape - or so it seemed as I read this opening passage fi'om the prophetJeremiah. They must have either ig- nored their responsibilities or taken them lightly. Per- haps they had been self-cen- tered and self-serving, their priesthood only another job or status source. Maybe they had become money-grub- bing, power-hungry manipu- lators. Priests like that de- sefVed Jerenfiah's condemnation. Then I looked at In)' commentary. Was my face covered with egg! The "shepherds" were not priests. They were kings, the rulers of God's people. Andent peoples made no distinc- tion between their rulers' civic and religious responsibilities. The Israelite kings were ex- pected to put their people first and look out for their basic needs. Jeremiah condemned these leaders. They misled and scattered God's flock. They de- served to be punished. But God also made a promise to the people through the prophet's words: "I myself will gather the remnant of my flock.and bring them back to their meadow;, there they shall increase and multiply." Since hindsight always confers 20-20 vision, we see through histoiTy how God accom- plished this. He brought the Jewish people home from their Bab}lonian exile. He also sent I nay bmlher's His Son, Jesus, into the world. The second half of that promise tells how He would continue to shepheld His flock thrOugh the ages: "I will appint shepherds fr ~ii~:~!::~i :: them who will shepherd them so that they need no longer fear and ~ i tremble, and none shall be missing." Who are these promised shepherds? They are not just government officials ol church leaders. Each one of us has been chosen by Jesus to be a shepherd to His flock - to help minister to His people's needs. St. Paul reminds the Ephesian Ch-istians that they have received the ........................................................... blessings promised to Israel. Genfile-bom, they are now also part of ~ii~I God's people. Jesus brought "both of us to Cod in one body" so that "through him we both have access in one Spirit to the Father." He reminds us of the same thing.' He implies that gratitude for this gift should make us willing to share what we have received. To do otherwise would make us guilty of the same selfish and almost ffiminal negligence for which Jeremiah condemned the leaders of his day. The apostles returned to jesus and reported what they had done and taught. He invited them to rest and renew themselves. Then He led them into further ministry, caring for people "from all the towns" who were "like sheep without a shepherd_." To misquote a passage from Genesis, am I my brother's shepherd? You bet I am.t And so are you.