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July 18, 1925     Arkansas Catholic
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July 18, 1925

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Page Eight a.. ill i t i . -- BL. BERNADET[E'S BROTHER IS PRESENT AT BEATIFICATION I Gives His Recollections of Her--Cure[ of Ars Talks of His Saintly Prede- I cessorAmerican Pilgrims Visit Ars in Honor of St. John the Bap- tist V.;anney, By Msgr. Enrico )ueci, (Rome Correspondent, N. C W. C. News Service.) Rome, July 1.--Although at all Be- atifications and Canonizations there is a special place of honor reserved for rclative or intimate associates of the Beatified or the new Saint, it is sehlom that the relationship or asse- THE GUARDIAN, JULY 18, 1925. cessor of the Cure of Ars whose name I and Detroit arrived at Am to vener- : is now on the roll of the Saints. He ate the tomb and memory of the Holy has been pastor of that little village Curate before going on to Rome to since 1889. In 1904 he came to Rome gain the benefits of the Holy Jubilee. decessor who has now been Canoniz- When I received these brothers from Ire attend the Beatification of his pre- a distant land across theocean headed ed. by their venerable Bishops, Monsign- Reminiscences of Saintly Vianney. ors Schrembs and Gallager, I was tie told how the influence of the touched by the spirit of faith an:l saintly Vianney has lingered through "piety which had animated them to the years at Ars making the village hasten to Rome in response to the sp- a model of Catholicity iv the midst peal of the ttoly Year, and their del- of parishes which have not been so icate thought in passing through Ars zealous in their 0reservalion of: the to render homage to the new Saint Faith. :It was a matter of great re- who lived there and ministered unto fret with the people of Ars, Men- its people." signor Convert said. that the Camm- ization of St. John Baptist Viannev IRISH HEROES' FEATS was se for a time of the year whici is the busiest season for agricultural- IN U. S. REVOLUTION isis. This made it impossibh; for MF00ORIALIZED cia'::ion is so ,:lose as that exemplified numy of the parishioners of Ars L, TO BE come to Rome as they wouhl otherwise recmtly at the Beatification of t erna- have done, he said. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) dette Souhirous and the Canonization of St. John Baptist Vianney. A brother of the Blessed Bernadette-- the last survivor of her seven brother, and sisters--was present at the Beat.i- flea(ion; and Monsignor Joseph ttip- polyte Convert, present pastor of Ars, was here to attend the ceremonies of the Canon zatmn of his predecessor Beatification in 1904 and my soul, in that office, overflowing with the higtmst joy, did not dare to hope that the lord wouhl Bernard Peter Soubirous remem- bers very little of his sister vho has now been placed among those whom the Church calls Blessed, al- though of all his brothers and sisters she was. perhaps, the one most inti- mately associated with him She was fifteen years older than Bernard Peter "You must have felt profoundl:,, ;Philadelplfia, July 10.--The immor- moved, when assisting at the ceremo- tal feats of Irishmen in the winning nies here," it was suggested to Mon- and keeping of America's independ- signor Convert. ence will be memorialized at the great "It is (,asier for you to imagine Sesqui-Centennial celebration of the what I felt than for me to describe it" signing of the Declaration of Inde- he replied. "I had assisted at the pendence, to be hehl here next year. Resohttions to participate actively in the c.elebration were pas(ed unani- nmusly at the quarterly meeting of give me the very great consolation of assistting at the Canonization. And then it happened in this wonderful Holy Year, when all peoples flock to Rome to gather closely round the Pope. Never have the majesty and the universality of the Church appear- the Philadelphia County Board of the An(lent Order of Hibernians,, just hehl here. John O'I)ea, editor'of the National Hibernian, presented the res- olutions, which also declared that the A. O. H. will "never neglect an op- portunity to imrticipate in anmver- PRESBYTERIAN FLAYS I TULSA'S SCHOOL BIGOTS / S ac?n sBt?:u i: n7 t h2 li; aTued 7 he Re :giUo :. / Schools. Tulsa, Okla. July 7. Following I the recent announcement of President Duncan of the Tulsa Board of Educa- tion that it is tbe policy of the board not to employ Catholics in the school% an editorial (lenunciation of the intol- i erant ignorance embodied in this pol- icy coupled with expressions of ap- preciation of the value of private pri- mary schools, has been printed in the Tulsa Worhl. The editorial is signed by T. A. Latta, editor-in-chief of the Worhl, a Presbyterian. Mr. Latta summarizes the opmmn of the World regarding the actmn of the board of education hy asking, "Couhl there be anything more unconstitutional in spirit, more absurd in fact ?" Discussing the state of mind which advocates such discrimination against Catholic citizens, Mr. Latta writes ol the latter: "They pay an enormous troportion of the uxes necessary to maintain the put)lie schools. They send their I chihlren to the public schools--after that age when their religious an, spiritual foundations have been laid. Why such unconstituti(mal pleas ? Be- cause in such petty minds there is a lamentable lack of knowledge con- cerning the true genres of our political institutionsl That and nothing more. "But if I must patronize the public schools, then my sense of decency and constitutionalism forbids me from asking that the public schools, main- tained alike by Protestant, Catholic and Jew--and even Buddhist anti rep- resentatives of the various cult of the FarEast be turned to any such serv- ice." The basis for the whole controversy centering around the tiublie school system, Mr. Latta declares, is that "various agencies and movements and HECKLING SPEAKERS 18 PRIESTS IN (By N. C. W C. News London, July the part of Ca(holies Protestant speakers is week by eighteen who have signed a joint trained talkers to ,,quit propagandists have sought to get con- belt) by praying. trol of it. contrary to the Constitution] In Hyde Park, and under which this political society i: "pitches" I nmintained, and contrary to the prae- lecturers of the tical consideration which ought toil Guild, it has been move every agency, having anything. Catholic speakers some whatever to do with the public school er audiences than system." get. When the matter Kate,1. it \\;va (tiscovered C. E. A. WOULD RESTORE REGARD FOR AUTHORITY meaning Catholics were thereby providing th wonts which a crowd ence. Catholic Of course the THROUGH SCHOOLROOM think they are hears the remark: 'the Catholic Evidence (l;y N. C. W. C. News Service.) help them by Pittsburgh, July 10.--A call to the anti-Catholic spe Catholic educators to train the chil-] The manifesto dren of the country to obedience an,l priests, wbo speak respect for lawfully constituted au- platforms, replies to thority was sounded in resolutions i "Words like thes,e _ a(h)pted by the Catholic Educational their joint appea!, ,:a: Association, which has just closed its but we wish CatlWit annual meeting here. I that the line of "Such instruction," the resolution not help, but hinders declares, "to be effective, must be "If tbe peopk and acted as his godmother at bap- tism. That was in 1859 about a year after Bernadette had beheld the vision at the Grotto of Masabielle. In 1871. when Bernard Peter was only twelve years old; his father followed his mother in death and Bernadette as- sumed the responsibility of seeing that her younger brother was prop- erly cared for. Finally, on the rec- ed so beautiful, so glorious anti so Is- sarics weigbted with the significance Because in such minds prejudice awl based on religion, because religion is minous a in these clays, while around of the Sesqui-Centennial of tle sign- intolerance outrun reason and intclli- I the basis oT all morality, and back ,ff the univezsal Pope the Church excels ing of the immortal Declaration Ofgence. .,, I authority, wbether civil or ecclesia- in its magnificence of external cere- Independence." Advocates ReBgious Schools. tical, is the authority of Almighty monies and speaks with so much elo- I Floats and tableaux will be used in The editor of the Worhl declare:, God." quence." presenting the part the Irish played himself to be a firm advocate of re- Another resolution declared that "it "And while the Church now diffuses I in the War for Independence. There ligious training as a part of the edu- is the duty of Catholic teachers to ex- the name of the Cure of Ars every- will be depicted, among other scenes, cation of children in the primary where with a greater title of glory, the winning of the nawtl battle of grades, but says that such training how does his memory live in Ars?"  Machias Bay, the first sea struggle has no place in the public schools. It ommen(tation of Monsignor Peyram- Monsignor Convert was asked, of the Revolution, by Jeremiah O'Bri- shouhl be given, he says, in private a ................ "Oh v He is still alive and present," and his five brothers; the storming schools and he intimates tbat, in his l, ptrlsl'l prles at Loumes, the .  ,, - , - en Bsho of Tar was the answer reryDo(ty speaK p bes agreed to have the . " ' ." . of Stony Point by the "h'isb Line" I opinion, other denominations wouhl do I tholic practice boy educated at his expense, This of him an every, occasion, in every under "Mad Anthmw" Wayne; Gen- well to imitate the Ca was a great relief to Bernadette, and l huse is.his peture, at his omo pe(- eral Moylan at the head of Moytan's and establish their on schools. He a letter which sh ple contmfially kneel and pray H1 , e wrote on that oc-I -- ,  Dragoons in Wastfington's' Army; writes: casion has been nreserved In it sh I spirit still hovers over Ars, over tnos, Commodore Barry, the "Father of the I "If a Catholic teacher in our public refers to her , houses whl(h, during so many yem, brother as follows:  . : ', .' , , : . American Navy," on the deck of his school system should by so much as a "This little or han is ver " , /saw his holiness expanu ana oioom, flagship, and Generals Sullivan, I hair seek to influence her or his class p , y (ear .o .  " . . me, he is continually in my mind and ] leawng a perfume which never (hs- Montgomery aml other Irish military to Catholic religious philosophy, l I asked myself what will become of perses. Everybody knows that it ]s and naval heroes, would be first to recommend the dis- him. For this I have not ceased to pray the good God and the Holy Vir- gin to watch over him and to protect him. And one does not have recourse in vain to. the protection of Her who is also honored under the title 6f 'Mother of Orphans'." Brother's' Remembrance of Saint. through their Cure that they are known to the world and they preserw his name and memory not only as a reminder of piety, but also as an im- perishable glory of their land." American Pilgrims at Ars. Telling how the devotion to the new Saint has persisted through the years since bis death, Monsignor Convert When Bernard Peter, in Rome for went on hi sister's Beatification, was askedl : " '--  " * to "give his recollection of her, he I "The pilgrimages have never been said: ,:,.. interrupted. As before the ;faithful "I only remember her as she left Lourdes to become a religious at Nev- ers (that was in 1866). I was barely seven at that time and if I try to re- member her before then my impres- sions are vague and uncertain. After- wards I received various letters from her. One I remember especially, in came to him when alive, so now they come to the tomb of John Baptig Vianney and they,are ever increasing .in numbers and importance as the de- votion to his memory grows. Every year since the Beatification there have come from 40,000 to 50.000 pilgrims and among them are many ecclesias- which she wrote me a little while be- tics. In 1904, immediately after Be- fore her death: 'If we should not see atification, when the means of trans- one another on earth we shall find per(alien were less comfortable than each other in Heaven.' " today, 100,000 pilgrims came. I tbink "And today," added the brother I a(i not exaggerating in saying that holding back the tears with difficulty, "Today she has truly entered Heav- en." Bernard Peter spoke witb gratitude of the many kindnesses shown him by tb 'Pope during his visit to Rome and ffdded that in the light of his sis- ter's Beatification the Eternal City seemer to him a "corner of Paradise." But, he continued he longed most of all to be back at Lourdes where hi sister has been chosen as the confi- dant of the Blessed Virgin. Monsignor Convert is the third sac- eently a pilgrimage from now, after the Canonization, we will have from 100,000 to 200,000 pil- grims." In response to a question as to whether any Americans had made the pilgrimage to Ars, Monsignor Convert said: "Certainly, from time to time I re- ceive some citizens of the United States who assure me that in their big and rich country the memory of he humble and poor Father Vianney is widely known and venerated. Re- Cleveland Michael Donohoe, former member of Congress and now national presi- dent of the A. O. H., addressed the Board on the Sesqui-Centennial, and James \\;B. Sheehan,' past state presi- (lent, spoke on (be proposed parade of members of the order of Philadel- phia and Jersey City July 24 at Atlan- tic City, where the convention of the A. O. H. and Ladies' Auxiliary will open July 21. ENCYCLICAL ON LABOR LIKELY TOPIC OF 1926 INDUSTRIAL CONCLAVE (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Washington, July 13."How :far ,have the recommendations of Pope Leo's Encyclical on the Condition of Labor been applied in the United States" is the questiow around which probably will center the program of next year's meeting of the Ca(hell : Conference on Industrial ,Problems. Announcement to this effect has been made through the office of the Rev. R. A. McGowan, national secretary of the Conference. Next year will be the thirty-fifth anniversary of the promulgation of the Encyclical, and the Executive Committee of the Conference at its recent meeting in Chicago, favored making the 1926 session a celebration to commemorate that historic pro- nouncement. charge ot' su('h a teacher. But I wouhl take precisely the same position in re- spect to a 'resbyterian, a Methodist, or an Episcopalian, or any other sect. The point is that the public school sys- tem is a part of our political system, and is therefore subject to the rights, the obligations and the privileges of the Constitution. "But if the Presbyterians had estab- lished a primary school system a. have the Catholics, it is' decidedly probable .that every one of my own children wouhl have received their early instruction there acquitting themselves finally in (be public high school--thus saving much to the state and thus advancing the cause of Prot- estantism for which I have a most ex- alted opinion because I do believe in ersonal freedom and civil right everywhere and under all circum- stances." Analyzes School Strife. "If I had th 9 privilege and the op- portunity of snding my young chil- dren to a denominational school where religious matters were given their proper comparative standing in the course, as in the old missionary schools or Catholic parochial schools, for example, I would pay the price and send every one of them--probably to a 'Presbyterian school, for the sim- ple reason that I myself have sprung from a long line of Presbyterians wh believed in precisely the same school philosophy practiced by the Catholic Church today," Mr. Latta states Catholic speaker, a crowd which hears heckler. If they are heckle efficiently' is on (be C. E. ed questioners do no "Some Catholics plain the meaning of Christian brott.- the C. E. G. by erhood and to show the opportunities put questions to for its exercise in modern social or- ers. This is u ganization," adding that "in colleges questioner alike. and universities this may well be re- "We e garded as a necegsary element in the C. E. G. meetings training of men who are to be fitted resolutely against for Catholic leadership." the part of their Those who have received a Catholic They can help bY education were urged to contribute by braying. voice and pen to tbe adwmcement of "lf their zeal truth and justice, that a sound public for them to hokd opinion might promote respect for re- should come ligious and patriotic ideals, l wag their The Association reiterated its prin- ] platformnot fro I ciples set forth in 1923 regarding ed- I sea(ion, as follows: 1 BERLIN'S "Catholics regard the education of  their chihlren in their own parish schools not as a privilege but as a fundamental right. Tbis right is bas- ed upon the natural authority and duty of parents. It results from the By Rev. Dr fact of parenthood, is anterior to the rights of the state in the matter br (Cologhe education, and would persist even if NeWS our present political society were done Cologne, Jue away wh. ering from her births, hnprove "Denominational schools, like all private schools, represent the princi- are credited ple of personal freedom--the freedom but some see of each individual to engage in any tion toward honest occupation or action which is In recent ye not inconsistent with (be rights of births in Berlin others or prejudicial to the state. The are. In 1924, suppreion of such schools wouhl be of tbe situation an exceedingly dangerous thing for of the laer our 'country, for it would be, to that exceeded deathS. extent, a denial and an attempted been publishe( suppression of the principle of per- first quarter sonal freedom itself." more birth Berlin, while i Violence or coaction is the using yea deaths of greater force than can be resisted large number. to compel another to perform some Should the action against ]s will. If the violence is absolute the re- sultant action is involuntary and not imputable to him who does it. If the resistance is only partial, the action will be voluntary to a certaiu extent, and in the same degree it will be imputable to the agent. keep port deaths in exceeded births Private yieht to the men weal. i_ THE GUARDIAN'ff-SHOPPING GUIDE SUPERIOR PHOTOGRAPHS SHRADER'S STUDIO ! Phone 4..1198 120 Main Street Little Rock, Ark. BARNEY LEVIN DRY GOODS CO. 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