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July 18, 1925     Arkansas Catholic
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July 18, 1925

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.... Ii i ] i A  :.o r'age Sig ..............  THE GUARDIAN, JULY 18, 1925. .] "'(4) Those who were killed in a] "Don't you see that it is imposm aucl or who died from wounds receiv- / ble? He was not lawfully married; ], c m a duel. ] he lived in sin, He flied without giv- "'(5) Those who ordered their]ing any sign of repentance. I should bodies to be cremated. | be guilty of sin myself were I to have I "'(6) Other public sinners.' ] his body brought to the Church and "There," continued the priest, "is celebrate the holy funeral rites Over it. You know, Mike, that I woul4 gladly do anything in my power to I -FATHER TIM CASEY NO FUNERAL By C. D. McEnniry, C.Ss.R., in the Ligurian. Involuntarily Father Timothy Casey  the law. At the same time the Church, mindful of the sorrow' and affliction i'of her children, is as merciful as, un- der the circumstances, it is possible for her to be, for, after stating the law, she adds: 'If there is any doubt in regard to the foregoing cases, the bishop should be consulted. If the bishop cannot be reached in time an, the doubt persists, Christian burial must be granted."" "What do they make that law for ?" "Can you not see?" queried Father Casey, "why the Chuch has made Lhis law? Can you not see that she could not do otherwise? She simply say'. that, when a public sinner dies with- out any sign of repentance, I'm cannot receive Christian burial. In such a case, all the evidence points to the conclusion that he died in sin, that his unfortunate soul is in hell. It would be nmking a mockery of tim funeral services to perform them over him. Think, for instance, of the words chanted over the dead body in the church: 'O God connnand that he be received by Thy holy an- gels and taken o paradise, his true 'country. . . .-' Or the prayer which the priest says on the way to the cemetery: 'May the angels lead thee to Jerusalem, the holy city. May the choirs of angels receive thee, and mayst thou have rent everlasting with Lazarus, once a beggar.' Would it not be mockery to recite such words over one, who. to all appearances, has died in sin and has been condemned to hell? Or think of the words used in blessing the grave: 'O Lord, through whose mercy tim souls of the :faithful find rt, be pleased o bless this grave. Send Thy holy an- gel to keep it. ' Or the final comfort you and your family in your sorrow. But this I cannot do." "You make the Mass for brother-in- law--he good man." "Mike, l cannot do it." "Then I quit the Church right now." And the angry man stalked out of the house ollowed by his three companions leaving Father Casey alone to sad reflection on the puzzling traits of the human heart. 4 BOYS' BRIGADE OPENS FIRST READING COURSE ON GUIDANCE OF BOYS New York, July 3.--Announcemen'; of a Reading Course in Boy Guidance, the a'irs r endeavor of its kind in Amer- ica so far as is known, has l)cen made here by Father Kilian, O. M. Cap., Chief Commissioner of the Catholic Boys' Brigade of the United States. It e Brigade will conduct the course from its headqualters here at 260 West 34th street. General information on a little- studied subject, and the finding of men willing to offer their services as leaders or instructors of boys dur- ing their leisure time, are gi.ven  the objects of the course, which can be completed in a year. Publication required are to be obtaine(1 from the different Brigade headquarters or public libraries, and particularly are to be sought at the New York head- quarters. The chief text for the course is "Boy Guidance," outlined and edited by Father Kilian. Besides chapters by Father Kilian, the book contain hesitated a moment on the threshold before entering the parlor. There didn't seem to be any room. The place had the appearance of being overcrowded, jammed--not from the number of visitors, but from their size and structure. Four broad, thick, stocky, muscular men were awaiting him there. They were in their work- a-day clothes with a growth of heavy black stubble on their solemn faces-- all but the spokesman who was well dressed and freshly shaven. This man Father Casey addressed after he had greeted each individually. "Well. John, what can I do for you today ?" "Mike here wants to bury his broth- or-in-law," the spokesman explained. "I want to bring him to the church and have a Mass tomorrow--ten o'clock," said Mike. "Big Mass," added Pete. "Play organ and everything," sup- plemented Anthony. Father Casey remembered that%he two last speakers also were connect- ed with the deceased through some sort of relationship, blood or mar- riage,, he was not certain which. He knew all the men well, though, if the truth must be told. it was not from seeing them at Sunday Mass. He knew something of the (lead man, too, little to his credit. He scented trouble. "Your brother-in-law was a Cath- olic, Mike?" he asked. "Oh, yes, Father," replied Mike. "Sure, he was a Catholic--good Catholic," corroborated Anthony. "I--let me see,' said Father Casey, venturing cautiously out onto the thin ice. "he wasn't married in this church, was he?" "No." Mike's enthusiasm suddenly vanished. "He was married by the judge was- n't he?" "Yes." "And he died without the priest?" "Yes, but he was only sick a couple of weeks."  I "Mike, he was sick long enough for me to learn of it and call at the house where they told me he wouldn't see the priest. Don't you see we cannot give such a man a Christian burial?" "But he was a good man," urged Mike. "Very good man," insisted Pete. "1 know him long time. We good friends. He never kill, never steal. He was S. V. D.'S JUBILEE FESTIVITIES DRAW 25,000 TO TECHNY Fiftieth Anniversary of Society, 25th of Illinois Foundation Observed With Play and Carnival--Remark- able Strides. (By N. C. W, C. News Service.) Techny, 111., July 10.--Twenty-five thousand Catholics from Chicago, Milwaukee and neigbboring cities at- tended the gohten and silver jubilee festival of the Society of tim Divine Word a Techny. Outstanding.features of the celebra- tion were the Mission Play, "Anda- louma," an(t a three-day carnival. The outdoor amphitheatre, set in the beau- tiful woods of tim institution, was crowded to capacity for the four per- formances given by the 200 studenLs of St. Mary's Mission ]-louse, under the direction oi" A." A. Rothengras% of (hica/,o, aul.hor of the play. The plot of the (l:uma is centered around mission life in Africa, reveal- ing the trials and struggles of mi's- sionary priest of the Society of the Gold Coast. where the flourishing mis- sion O.f Togo was conducted. The war made another Acadia of the land, and sent into exile 54 priests and 30 brothers and sisters, leaving 23,000 Catholics shephe:dless. In tribute to the sacrifices these missmnanes made, the play was written, a jubilee gift to their work and exile. 3,000 School Children Guests. Three thousan(l school children nf Cbicago parochial schools were guests of the Society at the opening per- formance June 6, and 5,000 adults at- tended the play June 14, 17 and 21. The three-day carnival opened July 3 and continued to July 5. Hundreds of autos were parked on the campus, and passing motorists were attract- ed by the beautiful lights on the are maintained, five of them in United States. A religious triduum is planned for September, with one day devoted to priests, another to religious and a third to lay people. Exhibits of the Society's work in foreign missions, solemn services in Holy Ghost church, and missionary addresses are on the program. IN MEMORY. of our beloved sister, Mrs. Rose Dwyer. Just five years ago today, our Lor,| called our loved one away. In the grave she is softly sleeping, Where the flowem gently wave. Lies the one we loved so dearly, In the lonely silent grave. prayer recited before leaving the cem- etery: 'Grant, O Lord, this mercy to Thy servant departed that he who, in his desires did Thy will, may not re- ceive the punishment of his misdeeds, and that as true faith has joined him to the company of Thy faithful here on earth, Thy mercy may make him the companion of Thy holy angels in heaven, through Christ, our Lord.' Would it not be mockery to recite such words over one who, to all appear- ances, died in sin and was lost?" "But God is good," said Mike. "God is infinitely good," the priest replied. "But even the infinitely good God cannot receive a soul that dies in contributions by Charles Bruehl, grounds. Ph.I)., professor at St. Charles Sem-[ Old friends of the Society recalled inary, Philadelphia; the Rev. Brother I how the land had been recovered from Eugene, O. S. F., principal of St. t a prairie swamp and made into one Francis Xavier's School and Inspector I of the most fertile farms in Illinois, of Schools of the F'anciscan Brothers; I with a sweep of 900 acres. In place the Rev John M Cooper S T D of ........ ". I of the tiny frame building that housed the Cathohc Umvermty of America, "" " "' " the community 25 years ago, a great the Roy. Felix M. Kirsch, O, M. Cap., brick.pile has been reared, visible Rector of the Capuchin College, Washington; the Rev. James Sullivan, member of the Educational Committee of the Brigade; B. K. Atkinson, of the Recreational Department, Russell Sage Foundation; Lt. Col. C. A. Bach, U. S. War College; William L. Butch- er, superintendent of the Brace Me- mortal sin. The mortal sin that is morial Newsboys' Home, and Michael on our soul when we die stays on it F. Lonergon, co-founder of the Cath- for miles around and a tribute to the faith and zeal of Chicago Catholics. The Church of the Holy Ghost, the heart and core of the Mission House, was completed only two years ago, and ranks as one of the finest churches in the Chicago archdiocese. Twenty-five years ago the first pio- neers of the Divine Word came to She is gone but not forgotten, Tender thoughts will always cling, For the one we treasured always, She has gone to serve ber King. Sadly missed by her l)rother and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Jame H. Casaretto. Ignorance itself of what we are bound to know, as of the obligation' of our state in life, of the truths of faith which are necessary to salva- tion, is sinful if vincible. Concupiscence denotes any passion. or any movement of the sensitive ap- petite towards its proper object. It comprehends any movement o1' love, desire, hatred, sorrow, anger or delight. ' ;/i f/ Good Service SinCe Visit Our Display Lasting Beauty is Only WITH HIGH GKADI --Our expert craftsnen on higher quality marble '--no imitations, cement or tions whatever. That's [ HAN MEMORIALS in beauty and enduring char for catalog. Monahan & N o Agenim and No 412-414 West Marklm REV. JAMES P. MORAN, Presidett Techny. A printing press was first; SUBIACO COLLEGE Conducted by the Benedictine Fathers good man." "Then he kept two of the command- ments," said Father Casey, "but that is not enough to make a good man. One must keep all the commandments to be a good man. God said: Don't kill; don't steal. But the same God also said: Don"t swear; keep the holy forever." "Maybe God take off his sin before he die," suggested Anthony. "Maybe God did, but we cannot reasonably act on a 'maybe' when all the evidence points to the contrary. Maybe God did, but as far as we can see, He didn't, for even God canno'c Sabbath day; hear the Church; he forgive a sinner unless he repents. that hears the Church, hears Me; he that despises the Church, despis Me. Whoever refuses to keep these com- mandments, whoever despises God, disobeys God. is not a good man. He that omits his Easter duty, is not a good man. He that misses Mass. is rot a good man. He that neglects *.o bring up his children in the holy faith, is not a good man. " The Catholic that marries before the judge, is, before God and the Church ,not married at all. He is living in adultery; he is not a good man." "My wife go crazy, sure," declared Mike with emphasis, "if her brother's funeral don't come to the Church. You do this for me, Father Casey. I ! always be your friend." / "I am as much pained as you are / about this unfortunate matter, Mike,"/ returned the priest, "but what can I ! This sinner gave no sign of repent- ance. We can hope on a 'maybe' but we cannot act on it. It would not be reasonable, it would not ever be rev- erent, to recite over the body of public sinner, who died without giv- ing any sign of repentance, the sacred suspected of having committed the prayers of the Church, It would be robbery, and negotiated with him for acting as though we believed that he disposal of the treasures. After they was saved while all the evidence show- had been recovered the alleged robber, ed that he was lost. Such a proceed- ing would look very much like deny- ing the dogma of our holy faith which ---:. teaches that the sinner who dies un- repentant is surely condemned to hell." "You buried that man that killed the policeman. It's' a bigger sin to kill somebody than Co get married by the judge." "There is no sin so big that God will not pardon it if one truly repents. olic Boys' Brigade, set up, and through the magazines - published by the Fathers the cause -- Two Pre-Academic Classes, Regular Four-Year Classical STOLEN VATICAN GEMS o the foreign missions has been made -- Course, Four-Year Scielace Course, Regular Four-Year 2__ #rr n gll#P. known in all parts of the country.  Course, Four-Year College Course, Leading to A. B. D LUV]2JfLUD DI r'ULIU More than 10,000,000 pieces of mis I Rome, "July 7--The jewels an:l sionary literature have been sent ouc --__ REV. BENEDICT BORDERING, O. S. B preside( ter% mnce the press was started other treasures stolen from St. Pe " .' ' ': ' " " -, - Basilica last Friday night have been Society 50 Years. Old. . . _= , - The Socmty of the Dwne wore( na re.covered, and one of the perpetrator " _ - MT. ST. MhrY S ACADEMY of the cime has been arrested, ac- been established 50 years, lcatney cording to announcement made here Arnold J anssen, the sam.t!y Ioumt; . Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy b,, the olice guided it for 34 years, un ms oea -  One oV the'police officials, pretend- in 1909. Today it has an enrollment - urses: Literary, Scientific and Commercial, Dnest! , ing to be a receiver of stolen goods, of 4,412 workers, incmmng 1,boo m got in contact with one of the men training and 500 members in foreign Science, School of Music, Fine Arts and lPre suspected of having committed the mission fields. It is perhaps the onl:,, robbery, and negotiated with him for Society in the world that has more l- N. MOTHER, Mount St. Mary'( AcademY, pafg disposal of the treasures. After they lay-brothers than priests. There are/-__- Little Rock, Arkansas had been recovered the alleged robber 790 prie,ts and 1,120 brothers in its a formershoemaker, wasarrested, ranks' Iwenty'eightmissincllegesl MORRIS INSTITUTE FOR BOYS t I' Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St.' I / ys From 10 to 16 Years---Elementary Educat[blt, !i Including Eighth Grade /11' le t i -=- VEN. BROTHER ALBERT, SeaveY, Ark', I touts Benevo n - -=-- ST. VINC00S INFIRMARY 111 Association- 0, ill Lo.., Sub,00.,b,d, ,95,000 " . i Official Rating: Class A--Training School for ' _ VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR, Tenth and High Sts., I g. IIIpo00t III Save. - ST. JOSEPH'S 00RmRL S0 St Yable2n the  Infirmary, Sanitarium" R-- Home--He( Baths Affi Ill "t er week. 4 per cent add- . u.s. Rervatio Ill ,u00,cri,tion III 40 weeks. ..... . ..... -=_ VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR, Hot SP rings' "4 III |, .... : II mrate of some-of the leading Catholic business men - ST. SCHOLASTICA'S ACADEMY ii our state" _ :, - SMXT.. ARKA'00SAS II For further information addr?s: ffi Conducted by the Banedictine Si'r s -_ Both Resident and Day Pupils, High cn -= Courses and Grades t[[ C.F. SIEBER, , - For Catalogue Address SISTER DIRECTORESS, ST. SCHOLASTICA'S JOHN H. TUOHEY, President. el. F. SLEBEIL Stm'y.Treaaurer - Fort Smith, Arkansu 111 ,00kA.k REV. BENEDICT BORDERING, O. S. B president' Courses: Literary, Scientific and Commercial, Domestic Art #d Science, School of Music, Fine Arts and N xprd VEN. MOTHER, Mount St. Mary' AcademY, PIi lld Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St.' Fr$t Infirmary, Sanitarium, Ret Homo--Hot Baths AffjBatal VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR, Hot Springs, M4;' Conducted by the Benedictine Slsr s ^1 Beth Resident tnd Day Pupils, High -, Boys From 10 to 16 Years---Elementary Educat[bt, UP te do? Much as I should like you all iThat man repented of his sin and to have the consolation of seeing himt made a good Confession. We have buried from the church, I cannot corn-I solid reason to believe that he (lied a mit a sin in order to give you this' consolation." "You won't bury him for me?" "I can't. The law of the Church forbids it.' ' "What law ? I never heard of that law." "Then, Mike, you will hear it now. I am afraid you were not well in- strueted in ,your religion or you would have heard of it before now." Father Casey walked over to the bookcase and took down a well-bound volume, "This," he explained, "is what we call the Code. It contains the laws of the Church. He turned to the index: "Sec--Sed-- Seminarium -- Separatio Ah, here it is, Sepultura. Number twelve-forty. Listen, I'll give you a brief translation: 'The following must be refused Christian hurial, un- less they give some sign of repentance before death: "'(1) Those who are publicly known to be apostates or members of some heretical sect or forbidden so- eiety. " '(2) Those who are puMicly ex- communicated. "'(3) Those who have deliberate- ly taken their own lives. good death and was saved. There- fore it is quite proper to recite the prayers of the Church for his soul." "The tailor that blew his brains out, didn't give any sign of repentance ---he didn't give any sign of anything. And they had a Mass and everything over him," objected Pete. "What was the coroner's verdict?" "That he was crazy." "Can a crazy man commit a sin?" --"No," ......... "Then there was no reason for re- fusing him Christian burial." "When a fellow kills himself, the coroner always say he's crazy, wheth- er he is or not." "Perhaps some of them do. But most of them are honest men who base their verdict on the evidence ob- tained. At least the verdict of in- sanity warrants us to doubt whether the man was really guilty of sin in taking his own life. And, as I read to you a few minutes ago, in case of doubt, the priest cannot refuse a man Christian burial." "Then you won't have the funeral for my brother-in-law?" demanded Mike. Conducted by the Sisters of Charity of lqa Official Rating: Class A--Training School for lqtlt VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR, Tenth and High StS., bittle Courses: Classical, Scientific, Pre-Medicah P re'Bn#lteet4 Senior Unit, R. O. T. LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE i Diocesan Institut t CUT YOUR GROCERY BILL Be Better Nourished. Have Better Teeth, and Better tmtltlt' EAT WHOLE GRAIN WHEAT MRS. J, AS. T. WEAVER, Distributor 2115 Ringo