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July 18, 1925     Arkansas Catholic
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July 18, 1925

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-% . r , . of out 40 veil Notre y the d with sore S. ry about ss house [th the he is on ler money, ometimes .t he ises, it money at Be ed and of NOT I V Marian McCarthy, the congregation of St. student chapel at the of Illinois, has been ap- colonel of the R. O. at the University by TOpping Merry, command- will lead all military the student colonel, and the military ball. g also Charge of appointing upon- 64 units of the br'igade. a ember of Theta Phi A1- College Women's sorer- years at'Illinois the staff of the Daily been active in Women's Work. Her home is in Chi- I Pa Hong, Chinese Catholic of the as being one of men in China, was of delegates who arrived on t Seattle on June by Julian Arnold, Amer- Attache, in Peking, delegates will attend Foreign Trade Conven- to be hehl at Seattle on and 26. The other dole- trade meeting, who ar- President Grant, are J. King Moo Foe, Dr. En d E. D. Bush. is head of the Shang- Company, general mira- Chinese Electric Power ad manager of the Won ad Steel Company. He of being command- Order of St. Sysvester in for his interest in Catholic Church in the Following the close of :he he will travel extensively United States, lectur- Church audiences. Mr. ake a study of steel man- this country. He expects Rome, where he will be with the Pope, Q William Mag, S. J., regent of the'Col- Administration and Professor of Philosophy, Marquette College of *'the hub of the univer- became known in con- the announcement of the transfers among *.he and colleges of will succeed the Rev. S. J., who has been arts dean and summer for the last two Tears. plans have not been is understoo( he will at least until the Present summer session directing. dean has been at Mar- years as he came to in 1923 to become a faculty of the depart- Last summer he regent of the college of on and is work- Capacity this year. BUREAU PRESS INTO TASK C. Nes Service.) 10.George J. Lillig, familiar with the has been appointed the Central Bureau the of the Catholic of the United States set up at its re- with a group of Bureau has been es- [0 Tacoma Building, is at work. Its co-operate with the standardization of me,ease the circulation Mr. Lillig detailed informs.- the proposition at committee has urged touch with him Some publications elected to send in the entire year in the work. A procedure has the bureau, with of bonds and the en- egal authority. R. McDevitte, chairman of the and Publicity, a personal Committee, has ex- as much pleased with and has pledged his THE GUARDIAN, JULY 18, 1925. Page Five CATHOLIC RITES OVER- DONE AT AN ANGU- [ Wia00 Hor00zo, WUm GtV00S ^00INST { OF FUST DAYS DANC00OFm00O00.00NCE BOOK NOTES I CAN ORDINATION' After all, the only waves that are __ permanent are the wrinkles in our Wasifington, July 6.--William I. THE ANCHORHOLD [ Pahn Beach suit. (By N. C. W. C. New Service) Lamar, Solicitor of the Postoffice De- By Enid Dinnis. Some weeks ago, dispatches from Sunday, July 19.St. Vincent de partment during the Wilson adminis- El,gland annount'.cd that an Anglican An hotel is a place where you pu Paul, born in 1576. travc up his life tration, has addressed a letter to an Thoe Who have read "God's Fairy Bi,shop had been given a magnificent up and get put out if you don't. o labor on behalf of the poor and to ummmed Southern Senator. warning Tales" and "Mystics All" know the new cope, by one of the members of the instruction of the rich in the against the danger over divisions on kind of book to expect from the lit- the church who favore(I ritualism, but And another reason why ome ste- methods of charity. Shortly after his account of religion, tie warns the erary 'nd facile pen of Miss Enid that he was afraid to wear it, despite ographers are good spellers is because ordination to the priesthood he was churches of the South to stick to their Dinnis. Her individualistic mcthod of tim fact that he wanted to. The" Cath- they don't take lessons from their captured by pirates and carried into task of saving souls by moral suasion, story telling is more apparent than ()lie trend in An'licanism has evident- bosses, captivity in Barbary. There he i,a- and not tin'ouch the KuKlux Klan or ever in one of her mos recent tales. ly not gone as far in England as it proved his time l)y converting his the Anti-Saloon Learue or kindred or- "The Anchorhold, a Divine Comedy," has among the Episcopalians of Oole- Everybody who uses a hammer renegade master, and wih the latter ganizations, which she has dedicated to flame Juli- rado. these days isn't a carpenter, escaped into France. Later the Saint After asserting that he was born ana of Norwich. Not long ago, a man who had been was made chaplain-general of the gal- a Methodist in Alabama. and the It is the author's object, in this prominent for years in the banking Tim North Pole problem seems not leys of France, and his charity did grandson of a Metho(iist minister, who story, founded on fact, to make her much to alleviate the sad lot of the believed in Jeffersonian Democracy, readers acquainted with that mystic husiness,, of Denver. was ordained to so much in getting there as in getting galley prisoners, he deph)red the effort now general in and mysterious character of Norman- 'tlmAndrew,sl4)scopahanchurch, priesthoOdbefore a congrega-at St. back. Monday, July 20.--St. Margaret, the South to stir up religious strife. English times whose influence for virgin and n)artyr, was one of the "I t)ave lived in Maryland for over good on 'Prelates, Princes and laymen tion that packed the edifice to ca- Abgut this time the college grad- victims of the last general persecu- thirty-five years," he said, "and there was so extraordinary. Whose life. for pacity. Bishop Johnson, head of the luat e is thinking more of the blisters lion of the early Church. It is said have i)een brougit in cortact with the greater part was spent in one Colorado diocese, did the ordaining, on his hand than tim frat emblem on that one of her chief persecutors wa Catholic and Protestant alike and have small room, one window of widcl while Bishop Ingley, his coadjutor, I his coat. celebrated Mass. Both wore copes. I her own father, a pagan priest. After witnessed a great transformation in looked on the world, the other on the It was impossible to detect any dif-[ q2he modern woman now says, suffering many torments, she gained the attitude of tim Protestant Sanctuary Lamp--both windows on re,once in the vestments used by the I "Anywhere but home, James." the crown of martyrdom at Antiocl churches during that period. This be- God. Who withal was so gentle and clergy on that occasion and those of[ in Pisidia. gan with the organization of the Anti- unaware of self that she did not re- the Catholic priest. Sometimes a high forehead gets Tuesday, July 21.--St. Victor. mar- Saloon League, a private corporation pudiate even Wanton Kate, the woman tyr, was an officer in the army of of secular nature, of undemocratic of the streets. The Mass was a Pontifical one, that way because the hair has retired the Emperor Maximian. His peme- antecedents, esentially Puritan in its The Anehorhold is so reflective of with deacons of honor, deacon and from active business. subdeacon, just like ours. Bishop verence in the faith and his encour- characteristics, the spirit o the age that the resul* agement of the Christians of Mar-] I Johnson occupied the throne (luring Every once in a while a man is so seilles after the slaughter of the The- The Anti-Saloon League. I is a lifelike and really entertaining the service, and was attended by proud of his children that he cant' ban Legion, aroused tim wrath of the The policy of the Auti-Sal6onlpicture of mediaeval (lays when every deacons the same as a Catholic Bish- wait until they grow up to earn a League has from the first been to true knight had his lady and Dame op would be under the same circum- living for him. pagan authorities and he was put to stances. The Mass was sung in Eng- death after terrible tortures, raise large sums of money with which Courtesy reigned supreme. liuh, but in a few sections, as at the When they give free spee,.Tes aml Wednesday, July 22.--St. Mary they have given very lucrative era- The story opens in the great ban- Magdalen. It was St. Mary Magdalen ph)yment to Protestant ministers wire quetting hall of the de Beauville cas- Sanctus. the Latin was used. The free sandwiches at picnics there is al- whom Jesus raised from a life of sin were out of charges or whose charges tle. Tie greatest excitement prevails choir music was of Gregorian nature, ways a great run on the sandwiches, to take her place among the Sai,s afforded smaller remuneration than as on the morrow the two aspirants Incense was used the same as in ' of the Church. She stood at the foot the Anti-Saloon League would offer for the lovely Lady Edtha s hand will our Pontifical Mass but in much If sleeping sickness must go on, of the Cross with the Blessed Virgin them. fight in a tournament. greater quantities than is customary then let it attack those fellows next and St. John. After the death of the "Through this process the Protest- Seated on his little stool near the among Catholics. At the Conuecra- door who play ukeleles. Savior, when the faithful were scat- ant pulpits were fast availed of for High Table is Fiddlemee, the jongleur tion, our bell-ringing was far out- tered by persecution, she found red Anti-Saloon League purpose by the and by his side is his faithful dog, done. One bell was kept going ih- The Catholic Monitor, San Francis- uge, according to tradition, in a cave soq aav. I pu 'poOldma os saos!u!m Flipkin. At the head of the richly cessantly, for instance, while Bishop 'co: "Most pastors know more about in Provence where she lived for thirty pulpits were opene4 for addresses of laden banquet table Lady Editha, the Ingley pronounced the words of "con- 'the welfare of America than moat years. Anti-Saloon League advocates who Queen of Beauty. On either side are secration." Others too were used. politicians." Thursday, July 23.--St. Aimllinaris, were not ordained ministers, and so the rival knights, the young Sir Aleric At the ordination, the words used Wisely put. The pastor saves; the bishop and martyr, became the first prohibition became a religious ques- and the bolder Sir Gervasse. The were very similar to ours, if not our politician spends. To elucidate---the bishop of the See of Ravenna. He tion throughout the country." Fool ever and anon interrupts the exact form, only in English. The 'pastor saves other people's souls, was a disciple of St. Peter. In the Mr. Lama, cited the case of WiN general merriment with the licence al- clergymen present all imposed hands, while the politician upends other poe- reign of Vespasian he won his mar- liam H. Anderson, who used the lowed to his kind. in true Roman fashion. Some of them pie's money, church for Anti-Saloon League propa- The Lady Editha later to be known were of Low Church tendencies and tyr's' crown, Friday, July 24.St. Christian, vir- gnda. He recited the history of An- and remembered as Juliana of Nor- were not in the sanctuary for most Without souls to save the pastor "gin and martyr, was cruelly tortured derson as superintendent of the Anti- wich has just been listening to a of the service, but there were a dozen would be jobless, while without money because she had destroyed some gohl- Saloon League in Maryland twenty- story the sequel of which does not or more in cassock and surplice or to spend the politician would have ta en idols belonging to her father, a five yeans ago, and referred to his re- please her. A great deal hangs,an vestments, turn to some sort of work to" make a rich and powerful pagan magistrate, cent prison term in New York. how the Lady Editha ,takes a story When the Bishop gave his bless- 'living. By urging the people to im- On several occasions she was miraeu- "Not a very desirable religious as the reader will find for hfmself ing, it was done in exactly the same prove their moral mode of living the lously preserved from death, bt fi- companion, one would think," added when he reads this book. manner as a Bishop of the Catholic pastor necessarily includes higher holly suffered martyrdom at Tyro, a Mr. Lamar. In these times when all are suffer. Church would have acted, with the standard for the material. The pastor city which formerly stood on an is- Because the Catholic Church would ing from post-war morbidness and exception that two fingers were ex- is out to win souls while the politician land in the lake af Bolsena. not support the prohibition movement, when the spirit of unres and sord- tended on the hand used in the bless- is out to win votes. Having been car- Saturday, July 25.--St. James, Mr. Lamar pointed out, the Anti-Sa- hess is the one prevailing theme in ing. The altar boys were vested like ried into office his memory gets short. Apostle, was one of the three intimate loon League "struck back and utilized our fiction, when religion is lookeJ ours and were remarkably well train- liken shadow at noon, and the prin- companions of the Savior. He met its ministerial supporters in a con- on as a pastime of the weak-minded ed. Inasmuch as the rites of Rome 'ciples expostulated under the heat of his martyrdom by orders of Herod certed attack against the Catholic and mazkind in general is endeavor- were out-Reined, the altar boys had his desire to get into a swivel chair Agrippa. When the saint was brought Church." ing to plan his daily life without the considerably more to do than ours. are relegated to a dusty pigeonhole, before Herod, his fearless confession Genesis of the Klan. support of the Decalogue, a book such A notice in the vestibule of the One of the first things a politician of his belief in Jesus se moved the "Politicians like Tom Watson, of as the "Anchorhold" with its wide church forbids boys to serve in the does when he gets into office is to file public prosecutor that he declared Georgia seized upon the opportunity vision and mystic tendency, its charm- sanctuary unless they go to Confes- 'in'the basket those immortal does- himself a Christian on the spot. thus presented," Mr. Lamar declared, ing playfulness and simplicity comes sion and Communion every month, ments that made him thirsty on the Thereupon the accused and accuser "He rode into the United States Sen- as a welcome relief. At the close of the Mass, the new 'speaker's stand, were both put to de.ath, ate on a popular wave created by such As I have already hinted those who priest gave his blessing, just as one church activity in politics. The same have made themselves acquainted with of ours would have done. High Most politicians feather their nests thing has been going on the North and Dinnis' earlier works will certainly Church and Low Church clergymen with plumage plucked out of the pub- South, East and West. not be disappointed in this one. They knelt individually for this, starting 'lie funds. Into this are laid the gohl- C. D. OF TOLD "The Klan is the result. It is the will wish to read for themselves about with the two Bishops. A procession en eggs of the coffers to be carefully 0e A 38 000 IN extra-judicial instrumentality of pro- the "Loose Brick." "The Brown Pitch- of the clergy was held at e close hatched under the ieat of eight per  hibition enforcement as well as the or," "No-Man's Danny," and the ad- of the Mass, and as the head of the cent. A politician who likes his job IN TWO YEARS instrumentality now employed by ventures of the King's Jongleur. They diocese came down the aisle he gave is often satisfied with the handsome some of the 'Protestant churches to will be amused and annoyed by the his blessing time after time to the profit it pays. Every once in a while people, the same as a Catholic a politician has to speak in the hot Convention, 2,000 Strong, Cheers Rap- combat the Catholic Church. The sud- impertinent curiosity of the narrow- den development of the Klan in all minded Sir Simon. With a thr|ll of Bishop. sun about that glorious instrument, id Stride Plans Further Advace-- sections of the country at the same heart they will follow the hunt of,'the The new priest is said to be a Latin the Declaration of Independence. The Work for Girls Pushed--Archbishop time cannot be accounted for on any Lady Editha for' the treasure hidden scholar, and if rumors are true, h e only meaning it has for him is to be Hanna Speaks. other theory." in the field and learn of the great will celebrate Mass in Latin. independent for life. -- Mr, Lama,, in answer to a question price she paid for it. The ritual movement is, indeed (By Air Mail to N. C. W. C. News propounded by the Senator to whom very interesting But people who Service.) "For ah! the Master is so fair see the beauty of the shadow would Yessir! There's more white meat San Francisco, July 10.--Close to he writes, says the countr$ is now in control of the Protestant organiza- So sweet His smile to fallen men, find far greater satisfaction than on which the American eagle can 2,000 of America's foremost Catholi." tions as "effectually as the Roman That those who meet Him unaware, they have ever dreamed of in relig- thrive in one priest's sermon on Sun- women, representatives of 223,000 Catholic Church ever controlled any Can never rest on earth again." ion if they would avail themselves of d@y than in a bale of stereotyped po- members of a great order, assembled country." S.L. the substance, litical speeches colored here and thorn here this week for the eleventh bi "This has been brought about al- with the Red, White and Blue. ennial national convention of the most entirely through the machina- - ) } Catholic Daughters of America, one tion of the Anti-Saloon League, which K. OF C. ACCLAIMED A Syrian family of New York spent of the greatest ahd most ifluential furnishes the "master minds' anti di- DR. CHARLES F. AIKEN, the Fourth of July at a eloseby sea- women's societies in the world. AT CONVENTION OF shore resort. They took their lunch APOLOGgl]C WRIT00 na suit case anti ate fried chicken From every stfite in the union, and reCtSmar said.these churches forces." Mr. La- from Porto Rico, the Panama Canal "Wayne B. Wheeler, general coun- DISABLED VETERANS OF CATHOLIC U DEAD from noon until sunset. When they Zone anti Alaska, delegates came to sol of this league, by reason of the  arrived home that night they couldn't find their abode. It had been burned the conclave. Cuba also was repro- fact that he is assumed to represent (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) i to the ground. With suit case in sented, as well as Canada, both re- 'the wishes of most of Our Protestant I Omaha, Nebr., July 10.  The (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) hamt, his only possession in the world, questing new courts in their territo- Boston, July 10.--The Very Rev. the family breadwinner looked with ries. The order has 1,200 court, and people, exercises today a greater lKnights of Columbus were loudly ac- Charles Francis Aiken, S. T. D., Pro- sadness upon the hot heap of ashes the growth of 38.000 members in the power over the destinies of his nation I claimed at the fifth annual convention last two years is expected to be dim- than any Catholic Cardinal assigned ]"of the Disabled American Veterans of fosse, of Apologet at the Catholic that was once his home. reed by the extesive plans for the to a royal European court, ever did the World War here last week. . the past. University of America, Washington,  ' The occasion was the appearance died in a hospital here Wednesday. Such too, must have been the feel- coming years. It is hoped to double Sees Whip on Congress. ion the program of Supreme Director ' the membership in the next five "We find the majority of Congress- l Francis P. Matthews, of this city, rep- He was noted as a writer and was an ing of Father Leyssen of Yong Cheng years. authority on religious subjects. Yu, Shani, China, a few weeks ago men responding with alacrity to the [ resenting the K. of C. In an eloquent Dr. Aiken had been ill for more when he returned from a trip to an whip and spur of these religious or- Which the order disbursed its funds than ayear, and some months ago wa outlying post and found his esab- Invincible ignorance excuses from ganizations in all legislation in which/,address' he outlined the manner iu forced to give up his work at the 'lishments wrecked and burned. We fault, so that, however bad an action they are interested in supporting and/ and those donated to it for war and University to enter a Washington hos- received a letter from him this week. done in invincible ignorance may be, in opposition to such proposed legis- ':post-war work, and stated that ap- pital. It was short. He said, "My niission it cannot be a formal sin. lation as they do not approve," Mr. I proximately $2,000,000 erhaining He was the author of"The Dhamma has been entirely destroyed by ban- For there is no knowledge in the Lamar charged. The Ku Klux Klan 1 fro m the original fund will ' be ex- of Gotama the Buddha and the Gospel dits. I pray to God that the Propa- agent of the malice of the action, and is incidental to the conditions ex- ,'Petaled in the interests aad welfare of Jesus the Christ," in which he an- I gation of the Faith may be able to so the bad action is involuntary, and plained, of the wounded and disabled WorVI alyzes the assumed dependence of I do something for me. The pictures not imputable. "The Klan can well be compared to War veterans of the nation. tell all. , ' Chnstlamty on Buddhism. He also the religious bigots who applied contributed numerous articles to the I . - torches in burning witches at the Invincible ignorance is that which Catholic Encyclopedia and to theolog- I And they did. One shows Fathe eft no vestiges but the shattered ira- stake," it was added. / cannot be lispelled by the use of or- ical reviews on topics of an apolo-ILeyssen standing amid the ruins. The ages or( the broken floor. But the Mr. Lamar says the Democratic dinary diligence, getie character. I altar had been shattered with utee [ house of God will rise again and ove party of the South is "hamstrUng." Born in Somerville, Mass., Dr. Ai-] and scorched with fire. Four walls ] ,he spot where now disaster reigns He deplored the movement of certain  ' '  " I ken was graduated, from Harvard Col- [ like the blackened fingers of an urch. I Ionev for the reconstruction of thi, Democratic leaders to seek an alliance ly exposing and attacking such condi- lege in 1894. Later he studied at the  !n'shand, point skyward and here an( ] fruitful mission' may be sent to you with the West, "where Jeffersonian tions," Mr. Lamar warned. "It must Catholic University. For' several  there a stone has been left upon : ] ocal Diocesan Director or directly t, Democracy is at its lowest ebb." do so if it is to maintain the political years he was dean of the Faculty of  stone. The vandals who fed th( | the National Office, 343 Lexingto "The Democratic party cannot be doctrines which Jefferson formulated Theology at the latter institution, flames with their diabolical hands 'avenue, lew York City. true to its traditions without fearless- for us."