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July 14, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 14, 1923

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. i PAGE EIGHT $$$$$$$$$$ " LISTENING IN " By Autolycus Better Team Work Another convention Catholic editors and Former of . American publishers has : "RELIGION OF CHRIST IS GIBRALTAR OF DEMOCRACY"MCADO0 Secretary Says "Reform" Laws are Unnecessary if Ten Corn- THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923 acuity. We must constantly strive to 1]DT attain higher ground, not alone in the ]l'llIOl LOU00ES CURE / development o:t' individual character, / OF YEAR OFfiCIALLY / but in the perectioa of those humaa ins00itut00o.s upon wl00ieh the 00u00uro / NOTED THAT OF NUN00 civilization depends. / Patriotism Not a Percentage "Practice the fundamental Chris- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) 'peal to the ancient custom of burial ACTIVE PROPAGANDA BY CREMATIONISTS IN GREAT BRITAIN (By N. C. W. C News Service) Lon(km, July 9.--By a subtle up- t Paris, June 30.The Lourdes Medi- in churches, the passed into .newspaper history. An- mandmenls Rule. tian precepts and you will be a good cM Bureau has registered the first of- tion in Great BritaiaadVcateShavefhitcrema-on a other link binding the Catholic news-  and useful citizen. And ii you are a ficially recognized cure for the year plan to push their propaganda By paper workers of this country more (By N. C. W. C. News Service) good and useful citizen, you will make 1923, that of Sister Scholastique, an Act of Parliament passed in 1855, closely in aims and ideals has been Los Angeles, Cal., July 6,--If ev- a genuine contributioa to democracy Prioress of the Servants of the Poor, it is forbidden to bury in churches forged. Such conferences of members cry public ofl'icia/ and citizen observ- and to your country's welfare, how- fvte he Cgl:C.emPar:k:bl::h:Cl:l:" ' ' " ' be](lnttiC- :mmlnf: ;: llts' :l:;e " ' ever humble the par you may be attgel: . . . or in the churchyards of large towns. ., r. . " s ,,  ,, . . , ..  P '  called upon to pay. It is not ,riven , .r cnolastque arrived June 12, IBut, say the crcmationits, it is not "ae puollc attitude of one paper to- :r? r) ,ea,on, W,1]iam G. Mc- to evo'y man and woman to b :rent and had been i,, a plaster cast, fast- wards another. A dozen years ago aoo, Iormer 3ecretary of the Treas- in th ,-,, , .....  e, ened to a stretch,  ..... :-  forbklden to place cremated human .- " ...... -- na we oruinarilv uso - ' .......... SI.K monlrlS, remains in consecrate(l Chllrelles, and l was not uncommon to find naners ury, om his amhence at the corn- +.-, ,..-- 1- . . " -*lS'he hud,,.., , ...... ) .... behttling one another, wasting their mencement exercises of the Universi- co:sit*':; lU:hrU:l ,greatness does nO!/an d couldno; evenc:;nwt:::t(l$:ase so a new move oa behalf of crem,tim ammunition on one another weako- I ty of Southern California here _ .... s i, uce or power, l ]a- ,. s- has sprung up. .. , .,-, ,,, .. . . consists in the qualit 'and char- " -' mg the hne. That was because thel Good ctzenshp begins wth mor- o the individual, and yin the ktl,act:r/ On June ]3, at the pool, she felt an In furtherance of this design, an elaborate sketch has been made of an men behind the guns d,d not know the/al character, and the church is the service he renders in t-ho -'alt aliotted Improvement, and was completely addition to Westminster Abbey, a teams on the other batterms It s  . great teacher," Mr. McAdoo declared, to him in the tasks of  our common cured on the 15th after leaving the goregousa chapel in the mediaevl pool Three physicians, who came to Gothic style, with altar tombs and not so easy to say unkind things of!after lamenting the tendency to rely "luipfe :]ry h "" a:'hch: ::t:: ough examination, recognized the a man when you are likely to mee on prohibitive legislation as a panacea ev t il:f C::e:ti r the hospital to give the nun a thm-I him in friendly discussion and social lfr all evils. Part of the former Sec- and patriotic service. But do not call cure Sister Sch " ." , .... I intercourse from year to year. retary's address follows: yourself a 100 per cent American. Pc- 1_ " .. .... '.omsuque no to.,g=, I Profitable Tip Rests on Religion and Education i triotism is not measured in Percent-nas any rigleuy m the spinal column, i . Cf_ -. t, Some of the editors still stay awayl "There has been a pronounced tend- ages One huadrcd -er cen ? .... e can move freely and without pain. Fix Up That from these conventions. Some be-lency wlthm recent years to tel- ,' . . 1, -.  is reel The th .......... i!r ii! ii: ii! il I :!iii:;ii!/  ' " Littl,Tday--"IpuB[cROek, PhoneSC'l mona are worth while ddP:ldSa:3:in[fmal analysis Ue)n the ch:idaht:i: , m a matter o l1 ,--,t,t, stenographer, eer, the attitude of the indivi .quality of the e ctorate a U! ' quality, of sacrifice, of soul It is a utlon and natural causes, l etl service .mploye or telm h= We have pure S. Army Munson pants. And this is true of al  /character and ual't -. a um transcendent thing, and is not provedIN , /am sauonmaster, and we gmratee [to 12,'which was : , ," . 1 conven-, . . . q 1 y of the elector-lby asserverEtions .e ........ EW I UBLICATIONS  a Pttion when yo " stock of one of the ana.comerences. If a man at-I'a e rests in turu upon religion and mere rotestati:--  penecuon .or Of CATHOLIC INTEREST Wnlt today for infermatlm, ernment shoe ;le:an: `a (nscussionwith the sole me-education. The great Washin,ton -. v . -. Y pracuelng A,,, .......... - [ desired tire of inflicting his view point upon said 'It is impossible to rightb, ov unnsuan virtues, by observing high  rAl( 1 ENGLAND This shoe is z  " moral standards and by making un- " -- dred per cent others, it is possible that he might ern the world without God and the selfish sacrifice to the high command (By N. C. W. C. News Service) tan" bellows tongue, gain notlfing, and the others little. Bible.' The modern tendency is to of duty, you will become a patriot 'and London, July 2 ' " B , : .... , ...... .. proof. The actual I-hlmre elloc s is $6.00. Owing But if he goes with a willingness to lean more on legislation than on re- prove worthy of citizenship in the has miule its appearance. It is not BRADFORD at new paper, "The Illustrated Review," buy we can offer learn from the experience of others, ligion and education. Legislation greatest democracy the worhl has specific, ally Catholic, but its strong the trip might prove profitable. A represents all the frailties, imperfec- ever known." man told me thaL by acting on a tip tions, and expediencies of imman ha- . Catholic tone and no uncertain Cath- DR U G CO. he gained at last year's convention, ture. Too frequently remedial legis- EUROPEAN STUD--- ]olic philospohy romise t ) .... he saved his paper $10,000 in one[lation, even wlmre pronerb directed Z._ ENTS [ ..... , . ( mme  a T, year ' ]and well advised, falls ntounfrend: IALLY IN AID OF /?mwar o ne ,mth Catholic wri- 'he, House qfOuality Send correc size, delivery or sea Serious "Kidding" ly hands and a 1.w .......... ,... MISSIONARY WORK. ers comtDorae wth the Catholic edi- Phones: 4-0227, 40218 shoes are not as An interestin- oi - , , i transfozm , . .---, ou m se, s! /tot m the first number. Maurice Bar- cheerfully refund g p n was maae oy/ ' eu mo an evil agencyl !ring contributes 'm intimate ap re one editor,' and was conflrmed' by the / thr0ugh mal-administration b,, un-  (By N C. W. C. News. Sr -'-^' v, r cmuon' ...... o aran 'ternhardt;' Mms p - 209 W. SeColld St. ly upon request experiences of others. It was that]Worthy and incompetent individuals / Cologne, July'2 Contw-*-, w- t, ...... ' NATIONAL BAY  ,,=,vat u- lUOnlCa iyl uaraner iv m . ." g es an mterest- any young clergy are prevented t We cannot, therefore, pin our froth / rpe m wtnessmg an enthusiasm for ing sketch of Marshal Foch  pm i Little Rock from w.r, tmg for the Cathohc news-]too strongly to legislation. We must mlsslonary work among students of/a--, o..u. ....... '  . ." ..... ."l ' papers because their brother priests Jstrive to improve the individ al We/high schools and colle es that is 'm ? ..... ur: *.. tues,t, erton nasa mls- --,=o,,=.=. ....... 296 Broadway, "k" " u . g co - cellany entitled lhe Ra ' ld them about it. One young need less the creation of more laws parable to that disDlaved bv th,/,,., ;, mbhng priest, with a talent for wntmg, con-|than to cbange the hearts and 'con- Cathohc Students' Mission Cr .... d  o / .............. I tnbuted several articles to a well[Science of men. tbe Umted States. l i s ...... .. rumba have / "  ,-- . I suea the nrst number of thei n known p;!)er, and then stopped sud- / Ten Commandments to Transform i lne students of Switzerland, Ger-]official organ in ever ......... [ :e:, BIN00II00 umy. when persuaued" by the editor" | "Good citizenshiu bevino wih ....... ..... a. many and Austria, Belgium,, ,.,,,-- Hol- /--rame ....... puoncauon%"' "" or"  its'Y ..... " to continue, he said that he was be- Icharacter and the church istl :-" ...... I land, are leaders in the continental  .............. , purpose l aI to extend to ite utomm .wa . . . . , s-a . xne iirS issue OI . K. (3S" W mg ridiculed by elemcal friends who[teacher. The religlonrof Christ and movement winch has an internationaltis expected shortly eekly We have plenty of money em hum to had on Ltttl wanted to know if he had bought the Ithe Ten Commandments are the very I aspect' with important centers at Aix- l ........ "" paper.. This is a bad State of affairs. [foundation of the Christian character m-Chapelle, Munich, Vienna, Einsie- SEVEN ........ or other acceptable seattrtty, mad liia apllflom America wants all the intellectual [and the vdry Gibraltar of democrac--I de!n and Switzerland . .-.t leadership She can get at the present land democratic citizenshi*, In no ! . .__  MADE CITIZENS W.B. WOR00II00 CO.AN[, stage o her developmen I field ..................  ' , UI, ............... " "t  WUUlU Llle fen ommanaments t t,w-tI I1UlVII BY N. Y. JUSTICE Trite Definition work such a wholesome transforma- ARE DEDICATED  "Since 1ST?" The difference between a Jesuit and tion as in the political life of the na- TO SACRFI) HEART (By N. C. W. C. News Service) a journalist was defined by a speaker lion. If each public official and can-I New York, July .--Seven teaching Carner Fff ml Main StretL at the Indianapolis conention. A didate l'or office observed these vital eB,, xr  w -----,  . sisters, all flatives of lreland wel . ' '   ........... ,ews Service , . . . . . , "e 4 P CNT Jesuit, according to this definition, is moral precepts I Montevideo Jun ^ ,, .... ) 1 a(hmtted to chzenslnp in Justice INTER]RT PAID ON SAVll$ compelled to take a vow of poverty; " " ,  ..--xn eneaw)rj . , He woud worslup God; ' Ito have ever-- Ca ..... - , ohn M. Imrneys court bert last a journalist achieves poverty without nonc ' , . "IIe wouht not bow down to or !u'tv co,o,. ....... home .n Viu ,week. Judge Tiernev. who dee];,,.o,! having to take a vow. serve any graven image; f i: leing" ..... a:,ff b: h aered Heart that he was proud to'loast that-he"i' ,, . m, y l e League of 1"." ..... Promising for Press ' He would not take the name ell Catholic Ladies of Uru-u t ..... iill and Cathohc, said it was an In the matter ot remunerating I ' g  Y, wan a lbonor to confer citizenship on "the Godm vain, , . , wew to counteractir/g the corrupt and mos- , . .... / OUR ASSETS OVER TWO I}RI000N Catholic journalists, things seem to] "He would keep holy the Sabath Ipagan spirit of the ti -- I'- ....... t self-sacrlilcmg pro:iesslon in be taking a slight turn for the bet-JDay, /members of the oranizatl " / . ' , .... ,..-.,,,ups ,or the worhl " ter. During the past twelve monthsl "He would honor his father andtitin, fra,  ..... ,, , , on are via- All he nuns who received eitiz _/ We make a pqeciatty of i,nvesting same , .......... e o nouse and re- / " " .e  frrst mortgage loans---a, therefore sut two Catholic editors have married. A tmother; I mulgating the -ious w - "--- p , shp papers are dentified with St. few years ago no Catholic editor I "He would not kill; /is possible to -fit a' W rK. When ltJ lhomas Aquinas School. They gave 7rmers and, estates we reprent with could have married and stayed in the "  g" " p lest to on,c/ate |heir names as Eliz '" vxrten;s we act as a --" .... umlnlstraors ana He would not commit adulter,,- at th ce ro .....  +.^  .... , abeth Gllmartm, tots under Will of many estates in business; unless he had independent "He would steal not ; o, e __r ...... ., - - :,nnronement Mary O'Donne]l, Margaret Mary Du- ,,  , of the Sacred Heart, this is done. gun, Mar C " ether counties in this State We will be rsources.._ _ He would not bear false witness; ] Otherwise the ladle ........... ' y urtm, Alice Agnes Kehoe, to aSSiSt noula hold to Hl.s One [ "He would not covet his neighbors' ceremony Guards :r. ::?_ 9 n .theIJane Fitzpatrick and Margaret Mad- YOU. -nomer tJathohc 'editor told melpossessions, I Sacred Heart are '-  ?o,,or xor. tllelden. Two other nuns, Katherine t:mf:d::tliYh:hc:tuldbuiUnld ::::Y/ ,, The Most Effective Solvent /each parish. ,emg Iormea m/CM::  K:lly and Estelle Elizabeth PEOPLE'S SAVINGS ?li!eli!;i;d"/?i hl:!i;  If::l::e:: f:!!!:s:da:i:i!eti! ] " ==m ' LITTLE ROCK' 2kRKfkNAs ' ...... . acquaintance.aresunerf,,go.'aY[ slventthantheuniversalbservance' mm Central Ba +, ....^. .... : .......... P-, of the Ten Commandments  Ther t I[' _ " ",d,,, h. .- . wouM be no wars if this great moral [ t, " I. --. ...... truggnng code were put into practice between[ . .1 '. "-' " "*J lgl&l CAPITAL, $200,000.00 _.ln one oz ne most interesting ,pc- individuals and nations. The unbear- ! ,  H O T   D    c " pv,- oz ne convention, Simon A. able burdens of armaments on land I   '*  I./3 Let us take care of your money for you, Let us sell or trade your Real Estate. Baldus, managing ditor of "Exten- and sea, the crimes and wholesale Let us Insure your'property or automobile. Let us write your'Surety Bond. sion Magazine," spoke of the rcspon- slaughte now justified in the name The South's Most Famous Sanitarium Let us rent you or for you a home. .:: sibility of Cathelie periodicals in en- of war, and the unspeakable woes of eouraging young Catholic riters. He bumanity which have come from war Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully argued that many promising writers lwould be ended. Even our political managed Baxfl can do. have turned witb disgust :from Cath- campaigns would be devoid of calum- tHIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY __ WITH olic papers which expected them to[ ny and great issues would be set- UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH, S ttAS MADE GOOD FOR YEARS "Come Grow With a Growing Bank." work for nothing, and have been' tled in the light of truth and fair dis- completely lost to Catholic journal- cussion. AND WITH ALL CLASSES. ism. Whereas, those wh were early "Democracy is the problem of tle .... Own your home. Make it a place your clfildren encouraged by Catholie editors, and individual, and to that problem the DEVOTED SISTERS who were remunerated on a scale church and our schools and. universi- which, though inadequate, wa, as ties nmst apply themselves wit], un- EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS MONEY _00Tg00t L | ass/svmUCh aSthethecatholicPaper coUldpress afford,with their still abated zeal 'and vigor if the demoral- COMPETENT NURSE CORPS pens, though their work commands l izing tendencies of modern civiliza- tioi are to be arrested and a higher .... big prices elsewhere. Mr. Baldus/ 1 claimed that "Extension Magazine-/and nobler type is to be developed. Well Equipped BuildingOf Prominent Location S" secures the work of nationally known | High Standards Care in Appointments.._Every Room Outside Room 6 o To Build, Buy writers and artists because, having "This is not "a counsel of perfec- Well Ventilated and Lighted recognized their talent, it had done its I lion. This is a call for the revival of best to be fair to them when they/those high standards of morality and 7 o Bungalows were struggling for recognition. /religion which are imperilled by the demoralization and selfishness of the Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation Houses Equality State time and by national and inter No hat of nicknames of the States a" " " nation- 'i enencies which must give con-  " has heretofore included a name fOr/ecru to ever lover of "i .... Apartments Wyoming. Until recently Wyoming/- Y lnery and nu- INFIRI00RY- SANIT00I00 - REST HOME seems to have been overlooked in this/e state They confesse--e th-at Business :mg::c, Whehmpn[rta Cff!hlic/their state had no nickname, and as I Professioial Attendance the "Cathol}'c Tele ra-h" 'o;U: r'mey agreed it was time to remedyl - . g P nero'/the defect, they met in conclave and nati, aiscovered the omission, and in ehristened Wyoming "Equality State "/ h':reccL%ciTtlYecg:t,m :uchl Dr: Hart can at least claim to be the I ,,v, goazaraer of "Equality State." exquisitely carved .! the urns shall be foot to persuade national cathedrals of cremated ashes in a few cases been successful. MADI ROSE "THE MOST JOE JUNO, M.A. Special New Insl 801-7 Sou .... Rate depends on margin For Reservations Apply to location and character of REV. SISTER SUPERIOR St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. CALL D LET'S 201 W. Second St.