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July 14, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 14, 1923

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,?. PAGE SIX MENA Safe, Sane, Soundless The celebration of the Nation's Birthday in Mena, was as safe, sane (?) and soundless, as a New England "Blue Law" Sunday, tbe report of a firecracker at rare intervals, serving only to accentuaee the all-pervading S " ' " " " tlllness, ihm comhtlon, however, was not due to luke-warm patriotism, but to tlie fact that large numbers of Mona residents went elsewhere to cel- ebrate. Several families from St. Agnes' parish were conveyed in cars, hay wagons, etc., to the Abbott farm, "in the vicinity of Mona where they spen the day picknicking. From all accounts, a most pleasant t/me was enjoyed. Other parties made excur- sions to different points in the coun- try, to spend the glorious Fourth in the open. Aside from the usual en- counters with ticks, chiggers, etc., no mishaps were reported Auxiliary in the Open On account of the oppressive heat, the regular meeting of St. Agnes' Auxiliary on the evening of the First Friday of the month, was held in the open air, after Benedictmn services were over. After the usual routine business was disposed of, other mat- ters not directly connected with the work ofthe auxiliary, were placed before the ladies present, and after some discussion, acted upon. It was also decided to have another ice cream social at an early date the same to be in charge of Mrs. Fred Warren. of St. Benedict. The ceremony was l performed in the beautiful St. Paul's church, Rt. Rev. Msgr. W. H. Aretz, S. T. D., celebrated High Mass. I The Rt. Rev. Msgr. also delivered a most impressive sermon, the first part of which he dedicated to the young ladies to he invested, exhorting them to continue courageously on the road to sanctity and perfection, while in the second part he addressed the congregation at large. The culminating .feature of the re- ligious exercises in Jonesboro was on the Feast of the Visitation, Monday, July 2d, when three Sisters made their first vows, viz.: Sister Mary Luitgarde Felderhoff from Munenster, Tex. Sister Mary Patr/cia Murray from Jonesboro, Ark. Sister Mary Gerarde Carns from Jonesboro, Ark. Four Sisters pronounced their final Vows. These Sisters are: Sister Mary Placida Gower from Jonesboro, Ark. Sister Mary Clementine Riga from Jonesboro, Ark. Sister Mary Evangelista Sanders From Slovaktown, Ark. Sister Mary Dolores Brady from Jonesboro, Ark. Rt. Rev. Monsignor Are(z, Celebrant The High ass on this solemn oc- casion was again celebrated by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. Aretz, S. T. D., Rev. Father Joseph Hoflinger of Para- gould acted as deacon, and Rev. Fa- ther Raymond M. Gomez, O. C. D., of St. John's Seminary in Little Rock, as Who, Where When Philip Connell came down from Ft. sub-deacon; Rev. Father Maurus Roh- Smith Monday, to spend the Fourth net, O. S. B., was Master of Cere- with home folks, monies. Besides the above there were in the sanctuary: Rev. Father Basil Egloff, O. S.B., Very Rev. Jos. 'Froitzbeim from Pocahontas, Rev. Father Haeringer from Engelberg, and Rev. Father George F. X. Stras.- ner from Jonesboro. Mrs. F. R. Fried, Miss Gladys and Master Cecil, have returned from a pleasan visit with George Fried, at Oklahoma City. W. J. Gallagher, traveling sales- man, who has been looking after business in Louisiana and other south- The sermon for the occasion was delivered b Rev F " ' ern states, returned to Menu to spend _ Y . ather Basil, O. S. ............. , B, who chose for his text these the Fourm with ms zamily, mr. a- " "" " words: "Veni, se uere m v, ,, lagher exoresses hlmself as lad to} q . e. Come, get bck to Mena's cool summerlfollow Me. (St. Mark 10, 21). After nights.  [giving a brief, yet lucid explanation ....... ....... /of the reIigious life 'and pointin out ur. ann Ivlrs. arry lyle, nwng { It g .............. /'s high and noble aim, the gifted oa normeas el mena, are me proua pc,-. "" - enls of a fourth son, making in all,r sketched the History; of the Re- . " - ......... n {ligious Life, dwelling especially on  six unusually bright ann roous m-JBasfl t " he Great, the founder of Men dren in the family. In timing his{ " " - advent for the third, instead of a day/asticism in the Orient, and St. Bene- ...... a e dict, the founder of the Monastmmm later, the young arrival wm not n" v { "" ......... ,in the Occident What Jerusalem is to go through liie expmmmg o wmcnl ' " class of "100 per cent .Americans" he to the Christian life of the whole belongs, this term being somewhat world, Monte Cassino is to the Monas- misleading in our day and time. tic life of the western world; for from Mrs. George Minten, accompanied Monte Cassino Monasticism was pro- by her daughter, Mrs. August Hoag, mulgated over Europe and all the col- returned from Ft. Smith Saturday onies she planted beyond the seas THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923 Our common Father, therefore, I TLL00g00X -S0CiIKiSItlSTILL renders you our thanks in His own name and in that of those poor peo-{ At a recent meeting of the Altar AN|| ND{ {Society of St. Edward s church, July ,autl/tJ l/lWl {19th, was the (late appointed for a |l L"]DI ||K' social to be given by the ladies o the 111 llillll/ll I,{r ple whom this money is to relieve, and as a good omen of the divine re- wards, which He earnestly beseeches Cur you, and as a testimony of His Society. This will be the second so- good will, IIe, with an overflowing cial of the summer, and it is hoped l heart imparts to you and to Court that all interested in the work of the Joan of Arc, No. 82, Catholic uaugh- ladies will aid them by their pres- ters of America, the Apostolic Bless- ing. I, therefore, as is customary, con- vey to you this token of respect. D. C. Gasparri. Airs. Reginald Burch, 601 South 13th, Fort Smith, Ark. { JONESBORO Parish Items Last Wednesday night the' mem- bers of the boy brigade went to Big Creek, frog gigging. About ten- thirty a miniature cyclone came up and before the boys could all get into Mr. Heckles' barn, which was close by, one of the younger boys, Richard Mason, was lifted in the air and blown several feet before being rescued by By Rev. Dr. Wilhehn Baron von Capitaine N. C. W: C. News Service) ence at this function. Another important event of this meeting was the raffle of the beau- tiful statues of Our Blessed Lady and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, do- nated to the Society by the Kaletta Marble Company. Mr. James Har- din held the lucky number and re- ceived the statues. "LIVING ORDERS TO (By N. C. W. C.{ Moscow, June 13. au tho{'ity Rummage Sale It is apparent that the free work- The Children of Mary held a rum- ingmen's corporations are mos likely mage sale last Saturday morning on to be menaced by the advances of Se- a lot at the corner of Broad and Ha- cialism. For it is not only penetra- zel streets. This was an excellent tion into the political life of these re- spot for such a sale, and before noon'publics that the Socialists are aiming they were "sold out." Although it at, but if possible, control of economic was very hot work, nevertheless, the organizations which will aid them in workers did not mind this wheu, af-lamassing political power. That Com- ter counting their proceeds, they munism is still a dangerous factor { Cologne, July 2.--Although the in- gious organizations fluence of Socialism has been broken to use the pulpit in places here and there, Socialists of Soviet principle still hold the reins of government in in the following most o the federal republics. In some diocesan assembly instances they hve only a minority[Church,, for the following, yet they act as though 'So-, which appears in cialism was the overwhchning choice lpaper "Izvestia:" of all the people. "On Monday, rangements are made. Catholic Social Club At the regular meeting of the C. S. C. club last Monday night, the new constitution was adopted, and Miss Charlotte Ptach was elected to the new office of marshal. A committee held in the of the Patriarch), the deans of the the members of the e diocese, the %-ricts, the members Moscow--in all 75 the Metropolitan bishops Leonide Bishop Georges, n readiness, and playing will com- affair, and this week Mrs. W. F,. mence this week. Anna Declet of Bann and Mrs. J. P. Reynolds will be Pocahontas and George Carnes of the hostesses. Sodality of Subiaco were visitors. School Girls' Club CHARGE "DUAL LIFE" The girls have returned from their camp at Fisher, where they spent a { TO 6EOR61A MINISTER delightful vacation, chaperoned byl Mrs. J. F. Harrison and the Misses l Eva Stoudt and Genevieve lhason. I Atlanta, Ga., July 10.--Charged wimming, frog hunting, fishing and/wit h leading a "dual life" in Georgia blackberrying were the diversions/and in Texas, Rev. Roy E. Davis, with a trip to Weiner on the Fourth [President of the Georgia Farmers' to the big picnic given there. The Union, was removed from office at a last day m camp was celebrated ay meeting of the Executive Committee a big dinner, when Rev. Fr. Strass- held in Macon today, acting under the ner, Mr. Matt Stoudt, Richard and section of the constitution giving the Carl Mason, were guests. Fifteen committee this power in cases of "in- girls made up the camp. competency, immorality and distion- found that they had over twenty-five was shown recently in the troubles in chairmanship of the dollars to add to the fast-increasingfnorth and east Germany, especially in tentiary of the fund for tbe window in the new{ the Ruhr district. hiSdid brothermuch damageCarl" ThiSto JonesboroYUng cycloneand church promised by the Sodality. [ In Saxony it s apparent that the theky. Church, the Improvements Communists and Socialists have been] surrounding country. Many plate "After reading glass windows were blown out, and During the Iast month the resi-lworking hand in hand. The Commun-litzky on the in some places whole walls were torn denee of the Sisters of Divine Provi-/ists, on their part, succeeded with the time in the life dence has been improved and enlarg-thelp of other civil parties in destroy- following resolution': away. A little thing like a cyclone ed. A large room has bee'n added up- ling the power of the minority Social- adopted: can't scare boys, and they 'are quite stairs which will serve as a commu-'istic government. Now the Socialists ready to go again as soon as ar- nity room for the Sisters. It is now land Communists have mfited and new completed and awaits the return of Socialistic governmen depends for its the Sisters, as do all the members of retention of power on the Commun- St. Edward's Parish. l lsts. 'I?he recent revolts in Saxony Card Party I show how tightly these Communist The weekly card parties held by the 1 chains are binding the Socialistic gov- Mothers' Club are proving a greatlernment" was appointed to arrange a tennis success. Each week a little more s Socialist Tactics court on the lot recently purchased added to the treasury of the club. ! A striking indication of the manner from the K. C.'s, and so prompt were Last week Mrs. F. L. Carrara and in which the Socialists abuse the pew- this committee that the court is now Mrs. F. M. Whelan had charge of the er of government once they have e'- tablished themselves, was furnished by the Interpellation made in the Sax- on Reichstag by the Centrist leaders, who protested against the manner in which the school laws were permitted faithful in sermons to be ignored, strucions the "By order of May 24, 1923," said this interpellation, "the school board of the Zittau district, acting in ac- cordance with the policy of the Min- istry of Cults, ordered the Catholic schools of the parish district Oestritz to conform with the order of the Sax- on Minister of Cults issued August 24, 1922, whereby the usual 15rayers before and after lessons and the teaching of ecclesiastical songs as well as religious lesons, were forbi(i- den. This order was in contradiction of Article 174 of the Constitution, and To Be "(1) Recognizing present conditions church the passive part in the aetivit counter-revolution (ions of the church invite all the clergy the elected re sonnel of the ticipate actively by their power and to strengthen in tionary order of the workmen's state "(2) To this end, moral health revolutionary taken to solve. "(3) Enlighten the fundamental 'Iution--equality for the conditions of free native soil. "(4) Enlighten 'ustice of the tgainst foreign erance o our tematic and And as monasterms were founded for Re I afternoon, where she had gone to con- " '  : aymond M Gomez O  D imperialistic states sult physicians at St. Edward's In- men, convents arose.even more nu- Professor of Dogmatic theolog; :t St '' esty." undertakes to change the character of the popular, merously for those of the fan ex firmary, in regard to an ailment of . - ""  John % Seminary, spent last week at Numerous charges were made the schools. The schools in question f ...... a " . . "  ounamns o um . gains( Davis, who has represented }iave been Catholic ecclesiastical R .... ia long .standing". . h:r 71::st y wished st .consecrate ernard s Hospital. He has arranged e ie to the serwce of God, a sses himself as a eade Mr Loum Robert, popular man cou le of cla ofth Klux schools from August 14, 1919, to ob ..... P in Spanish for the Klan, and wh(lhas r ublishe.KUsmsa - up. "(5) Explain the eying (nag gentle behest of Christ ager of the Owl Cash Store, left Sat-[  ' " : Sisrs ,.' p . eu a .e .'- the present time. What does the versal social -uestio o "Come, follow Me w urday afternoon for Atlanta, Ga., t Mrs. M. Neederkorn i. visitin,- ;+h t ional newspaper called The Brick Government intend to do in the fu- v .....  ,,.n "....'.h,ti /ttend the good lodge sessions of B. The Sisters' choir sang one of ttal- her mother. Mrs Ptack. ....... yatl,ednm:hicfhehas vigm .ously, as- ture to prevent such repeated vmla-a3t:f enacipet.3n 1 . O. Elks, as representative of the[ tler's 4-voiced Masses; at : the, Offer- Mr .... T r L ':uurray:'s sser,' " lwrs." men, gvmg mew tlons" of the Constitution, carried out "6) Make it tlie d ory was rendered Schutkys beauh A  local chapter. Mr. Robert is past ex ...... "- " I German of Yazoo Cit- M;o.. names. He s now under bond on a 5y order of the Minister of Cults, and -- x ...... ,q alted ruler of the Mena lodge. [ul 'jBe, ned]cta et Venerabilises, Vireo is visiting here  ......... charge of criminal libel preferred by to avoid like encroachments"' o parLlclpare in ,- a young woman . , '' ures of the Govern zuarla, xor Iour voices During the Mr J. D Melter has returned from/ ' '" " Mr and Mrs" J G Jo--s "- - " tn rnuringia, the Socialists hold the Soviet order Florida, where he spent several/Prfessln Solemnities were chanted children and Miss'Bernic:Gr::n, ::(J ' ---- ifhe reins of government, although the '('7) Declare it to :Veto, Electa Mea and Veto Spun months in hope of improving his] ," . ,,' " '' ",. " rived home from'a t-er days wslt" : nx'" W'] | )r iother parties had a combined majori- to call a meetih, of .... [sa Christ, both fo tbree voices. Hot Spr,n s. Lttle Reek an )" nemtn ' " { y of 58,000 votes in the last election of t'e cit " ", "d " Th " g. " d Ime ,,vuxato ,,%u, ll| t e beautiful and most am resmve DAY 0UT After a visit of several weeks, Mrs. / " " P : " Bluff The.- ma'de t ^ "ri ...... OF T   ' ,t onsnwth' y o (lec he power of the Socialists rests on i " .'  -v  p m mr. {an accaenmi majority of 1,800, due I ipation of tlmregardchurctt0 F. W. Ballauf returned home Monday 13 reinrues were closed with Benedic- Jones tourning car . FOURI ..., on of the Most Blessed Sacrament , , morning froln Jefferson, Texas.  .... Mrand Mrs 'Eu-^ne l ....  [to the divisions in the opposition Be-],mv;.,e;,.  .....  , land the solemn chanting of the "Te h;ulon -------" .  . yaa Statistics bhow flow Wa-e Earners l .................. ' .I ............... a .... n -- ,, "  ......... , aecompanlea oy melr cousin, . . ' . " - [xore ne lasg eieclons, zne lvnnlster oI ctv,ot{,, . ,h. ( m00.SBORa Deurm Miss .Patricia I alk, motored to Black Sufler Many Losses and Why. ] lIome Affairs, a Socialist, predicted l Justice of % n{ '= 27 " ...... R . Washington.It is estimated by the / th-" "-- "- ........ i P . ock in their Dodge sedan to spend uresident's  .... ..; .............. . ] a me pary woum De given a vote lregistratio n of religU -- F000T gMIT00 a while visiting Mr. Sloan's narents " "- .- - "."= ........... o, unemp,uy-{o f confidence by the people. His pre-/ "8 Choose a s,,e( Retreat and Professmn Solemnities ..... ,*,aaaaa an" "'rs .... " , men( ma maustrial wage earners i-':= ..... '" ......... { , , e a  . lay loan - - ' {u cmn was no mnleeL The oeml-/direet the registrati n Holy Angels Con vent-Rt. Roy.. Pope Plus T C D of A Miss Katherine Eckhart entertaino lth: r approxnnately 10 per cent of lists, although they retained their mi-/cieties, chared with tonmgnor Aretz umciaes. " .-'" " " " ed the weekl'" bride club Tu ..... wormg time 'no "- r " " " {  ' "  . . " . I nty powe , mane a compm'aiveY]examining the no m onle'me ago the Holy Father ap- y  uay .... . . " " religious societies; (b various causes contribute to this /poor showing However, wth the md evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs.{ nm: : :furiems ' pealed to His people, through the Horace Sloan on Warner avenue. { r a p?rtance they are part io f the Communists, they have been normal survey for He Who says: "Be ye perfect as Southern Guardian, on behalf of the James P. Hopkins will leave August l and lo " "" s; rock OZ wor, srmeslae to eep things altogether in their rd for Montreal, Canada, to attend P P y the commission s sec- era(ion to the other "" are r:::r:d %" smKness. '[he gures,own hands and have given no consid- the annual convention of the Knights * [ parries. retary, Ernes S. Bradford, and arc, efforts and exercises should be di- rected. Experience proves that the endeavor of the human will towards this perfectionas towards all other thlngs--does not suddenly uttain its utmost limiL the highest degree of sanctity. Among the most efficacious means to attain this great end, to also your heavenly Father is perfect, starving peoples of Russia. Court (St. Matt. 1,48) shows that there is Joan of Arc, Catholic Daughters of a certain perfection of spiritual life, "America, of Fort Smith, Ark., sub- to the acquirement of which all our scribed its mite to the cause: The en- lead man higher and higher on the ber. road to perfection and to that rays- The document is considered so pro- tic uhion with God by will ant affec- cious by Court Joan of Arc, that it (fen, are the Annual Retreats. was decided to ask the Southern The 192"3 retreat in Holy Angels Guardian to publish it, so that all Convent opened June 26th and was might better realize that no offer- conducted by the zealous Rev. Father ing, however small, is ever overlook- Egloff, O. S. B., of Fort Smith. That ed by the :Holy Father when it is word of Christ, "Only one thing is given in the name of Christian Char- necessary," ran like a golden thread ity. through all the conferences and lec- Token of Papal Respect Ures; for the observance of this The Vatican 10th April, 1923. maxim leads to the goal of sanctity; Secretary of State it is the gate of Paradise, our re- To His Holiness. ward exceedingly great The Retreat I Most Illustrious Lady: was formal'ly closed Sunday evening You have indeed, lately most nobly at 8 o'clock, with the bestowal of the sent the sum of $25.00 in response to Papal Blessing and Benediction. the pontifical request, with the under- closed is a copy of the letter received from His Holiness. This letter was written in pure Lat- in and was translated by Father J. M. Lundergan, Father Basil Egloff and Doctor P. F. Horan. The Origi- nal, with the translation is to be framed arid hung in the Cour Clmm- Pocahontas Retreat Simultaneously, another retreat took place in the Novihate in Poca- hontas, where Rev. Father Maurns Rohner, O. S. B., of Little Rock, was the faithful preceptor. There, on Sunday July 1st, during the 9 o'clock High Mass, thirteen postulants were ?:':,tve,ted in the humble ,religious garb standing that it be used to bring as- sistance to the most destitute people of Russia. { Our most Holy Father, as was right, ] considered your gift as most gratify. I ing and ficceptable, for nothing I pleases him more than for assistance I to be brought to the needy through I Ghristian Charity. of Columbus. He is one of the dele- published by the United States Bu- gates from the Arkansas Knights of reau of Ichor Statistics. Columbus. Of 15,000,000 or 16,000,000 indus- Mrs. F. X. Keller and Miss Frankie trial workers, 1,500,000 on an aver- Mason have arrived at Albuqurque, age cannot get work, 375,000 are sick, New Mexico, en r0utc to Los Angeles, CaIfornia, to visit their sister, Miss 160,000 are locked out or on strike, and another 1,500,000 are on part Mary Mason. They have written rel- time. The average worker, out of a atives that they are having a delight- 300-day working year, loses 30 days ful trip. because he carom( a'et work, seven The Knights of Columbus picnc, through sickness, three from strikes held in Patrick Grove, was the great- and lockouts, and 30 through part- Oldenburg Elections In the elections of Middle Ger- many, the Socialists openly boast that they have taken upon themselves :He duty of maintaining a solid wall against the'reaction of the whole Reich. In pursuit of this special duty hey constantly betray the principles of democracy. In the recent elections for the Landtag in (lie Republic of Oldenburg, which has previously been a Fraud est success since the K. C. inaugu- time work. He is losing his pay, ac- Duchy' the Socialists were the vc- rated the Fourth of July picnics see- , tots, polling if6,000 of the 179,000 cording to Dr. Bradford s conclusions ......... eral years ago. Vast crowds attend- _ ............ voes, rne cener parw securea n't,- ' ';u uays out oI ne 3ou, or nearly one  ......   " . . . ed from early morning until late , :_ _. _._ - I OUO votes; tne ,erman l-eople's pary uay u every our  evening. Music was furnished .-., . ' " .... / .. { 3,),000; the Democrats 33,000; the throughout the day by the Jonesboro' thzagesa-rere:uc-e:, z*/z per -s,, --nempmymen part umeCen German Nations 13,000; the Commun- band and music for the dance at night ...... " ists 10,000 and the "Independent So- by a good orchestra. {WORK, mcness an( sries and lock-1 ................ , ..... .... I ClallSgS ,'JuU. As a resutt, ne ,,,a- The picnic was'a success from ev- 3:tr'nt;:latPt:: c:n:edu::d.tli:s:::t IL::dill ' th::c:nlfi:ts ia:he Gelmtah: ery standpoint and a splendid finan-' gytt:gy $ ]a : getttl:n People,s Party 9, the Democrats 9, the cial success. The amusements were :a 310 Yn h:dP first class. The balloon ascension  ' .... ,... s g German Nationalists 3, and the Com- ,o a nay, n; m reauced to $3.87. These munists 3 and fireworks came in for a big part figures are averages and refer to the  " of the entertainment. People from average employe over a period of sev- CATtIOLIC LABOR CONFERENCE all parts of the county were in at- eral years, taking good times with tendance. Hen. E. L. Westbrooke de- bad. Thus, if he gets $4 a day his Iivered a ringing address at eleven average yearly wage will be not $1,200 o'clock in the morning to a mrge a year but $920; at $5 a day it will be crowd. $1,150 instead of $1,500; and at $3.50 a day will be $805 instead of $1,050. It's a hard world. Your friend won't {  - believe you make as much as you say I Another way to succeed as an area- you do, and the government won't be- teur gardener is to have more per- lieve you make as little. istence than a weed. Washington, D. C.For the first time in the United States Pope Leo's encyclical on the condition of labor is to be the subject of a national con- ference by employers, labor leaders and students of the great encyclical. The meeting is to be held in Milwau- kee June 27 and 28 at the Hotel Pfis- ter under the auspices of the Catholic members, and (c) of nical and financial gard to this matter. "(9) The members  committee are: Church"the the A'c'c-hpriests S. Smirnoff, S. valoff and the and from the Ternovsky-Rossanoff. "Furthermore this cussed the question new calendar and and upkeep of tim Saviour. It was Eae new calendar ginning June 12 of and to begin a keep of the Cathedral Conference of recently established headquarters in This organization nual meeting came time During these rive peace plans tablish American with the demands of manent peace. Pope surveys and marks tb travel if ChriStian be made effective The Catholic Problems in calling industrial problems Pope Leo's encyclical of labor is doing a piece of work.