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July 14, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 14, 1923

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"y: 2 PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN; SATURDAY, JULY 14, 193 CATIIOLIC INVENTOR enee and of the Holy 00amo 00ooiety,1 as well as a director of the Convents j BAPTIST EDITOR i through the same sort of pe00ormanee INITIATE STEPS I S"ROUDS Or DEAD before tatutes or pictures. Here and STOLEN BY OF THE WIRELESS of the Good Shepherd and Little Sis- SICK AT HEART there one is seen kneeling with the FOR,0CANONIZATION ] 1N GERMAN ters of the Poor. Mr. Reyburn was face toward some image and count- HONORED IN PARIS twice marriod00 00'irs00 to 00-Ionri- BEFORE SAILING ing beads. OF MOTHER SETON I By M. Massiani l etta L. Patterson, on May 23, 1878, I (By N. C. W. News (Paris Correspondent, N. C. W. C. who died within a year. MissChar- -- Distressing Sights Cologne, July 2.There News Service) lotto Mercer, daughter of Dr. William Getting Out of Arkansas on Way to Some of them, perhaps most o (By N. C. W. C. News Service) be no abatement in the Paris, June 23.Pa'is has be'm the M. Mercer of Pittsfield, Mass., was F, urope Sees Things--Promise of them, were intensely in earnest. Baltimore, July 6.---The ecclesias- sacrilegious robberies throu scene this last week, of'a great tribute Mr. Reyburn's second wife, to whom Improvement of a Neglected Edu- There was no flil)pancy or irrever- tical court of the ArchdioceSe of Bal- many. Not only is there no to the eminent Catholic scholar, Edou- were born five chihh'en, a son, Ame- cation by the 1 me He Tours Ell- once. One man was seen with the timore will be convened :for the pur- for sacred vessels and ard Branly, who is known as the dee V., Jr, who died in 19"20; Mrs. rope--Canadian Catholicism Star- tears rolling down his face "rod a]pose of taking further steps to pro- ments, but the church yards [ "Father of Wireless Telegraphy.." It Wilkins Jones, :tnd the Mis,;es Mary ties llimVill lh, Perhaps an Edu- woman was observe,[ wiping the tears mote the canonization of Mother So- late witnessed desecrations is exactly fifty .ear., since he defend- G., Henrietta L., and JulieLLe Roy- eared Editor, Tho Stiii Bigted from her eyes ton, foundress of lle Sisters of Char- shameful character. ed the doctor's thesis before the Fac= burn, all of whom survive. Mr. tey- Upon His Relurn. i Made lleart Sick fly of St. Vincent de l'-m], it has been Recently in l]erlin, ghouls ulty of Sciences, and a certain num- burn ;spent tim firsl years of lm;, My heart turned sick at sb:'ht of it announced here. All available writ- a church yard and stole the bet of French societies made a point business life with the llarrison Wire The Baptist World Alliance gathers all. 1]0w can men ma, c in the ira- ings of Mother Solon will be collec- from the hody of a young of marking the anniversary by a sol-. Company, and in 1899, agthe organi- in annual meeting at Stockhohn, Swe- age of God ;rod posse:;sinff real in- ed and will be forwar(lcd by (*ol.l]'ier ly tmried, leaving the emn manife:Lation. ']'he leading zation of the Mercantile Trus Corn- den, this year. Through the though;.- telligenee (as many of those do) po:- to Rome for examilJation, ed in the torah. members of the government gave pony, weal with Lnat institution. At rt,.] generosity e t" the l;oard of i)irec- sibly be so duped as to think they can More than two hun(h'ed their approval and support to the his death he was hea( of the Sale (ors, Dr. J. S. Compere editor and satisfy the eravinLs of their souls and CRISIS IN B1RTI[ robberies in clmrch yards plan and the celebration was organ- Deposit Department. business manager o l' the "Baptist Ad- set themselve. right with (;o,l by any RATE I)ISC1JSSEI) l)orted up to June 12. ized in Paris, l'ublie experiments with . vance," lAttle Rock, is to attend an an I such pagan practices ? But they do I AT SOCIAL WEEK In one instance the the most recent and curious applica- I PDlAitl Arkansas representative. /think it, and many of them shame us I PARENTS Irested a group of vandals tions of the principle o f wireless l[M|l]Ul  IIopes of Broadening by their greater zeal for religion as! (By N. C. W. C. News Service) engaged in destroying a telegraphy, such as television, for in- DISCUSS ?I000BLFJYiS l)r. Compere's many fl'iends are re-Jthey understand it. Paris, June 30.--Following ins(rue- Christ three meters high. stance, were heht in connection with joicing over his oppo{tunity to in- Must Be Saved by Baptists lions of the Supreme Pontiff, (;ardi- took into custody three he event. OF LARGE FAMILIES dulge ill a most needed rest and at' We saw also the building of the hal Gasparri has sent to the organ-large sacks of bronze stolen the same time enhance his knowledge ] First Baptist church, a very modest, izers of the Social Week of France a tombs. As the price of old unpretentious and vision of religious and secular ' affair, not in the same letter congratulating them on having very high in Germany, these d $250,000 CITY HALL (By N. C. W. C. News Service) affairs beyond the narrow limits of] class at all with the magnificent selected as the! subject of their con- tions are extremely FOR CORK IS PLANNED . Cologne, July 2.--Germany has an his home sanctum and the Arkansas l)uildings of the Catholics and of some ference this year "The Problem of unique organization known as the Baptistry. They believe this trip other denominations. We must uo Population and the Birth Rate ANCIENT CUSTOMS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Bundder Kinderreiehen, or Union o will be an educational one from many better, and we are going to do bet- i Crisis.'" CARRIED OUT ON Dublin, June 23.--The Black and Parents'With Many Children l view points, and that the Dr. Editor ter. Also, with all possible diligence, "This subject," the Cardinal writes, GERMAN FEAST! Tans during their rmgn o terror Recently the organization met in will return with a culture well worth we must push our work among sucl/"(teserves , in the highest degree, to I the cost of transportation, meals and people, retain the attention of Catholic soci- burned the City Hall in Cork to the Berlin, representatives coming from C. ground. The building had been built many parts of Germany, including the I lodging. I ologists. To study the disquieting (By N. W.C. News about thirty years. A new city occupied regions. Bigotry Bait for Baptists Latest Reports phenomenon of the diminishing birth Cologne, July 2.--There hall is about to be erected by the The editor is of a most grateful ha- When Dr. Compere gets out on the rate in order to formulate remedies, Catholic holidays that are Municipal Council at a cost of $250,- Among the subjects discussed were ture and wouht prove to his dear billowy, his bigotry will all come up is to seek the means of restoring the up with traditional Catholic 000. In response to an invitation by I those of wages, housing accommoda-] readers that while the trip may' be and out with his bile, and we shall family. There'is nothing, truly which which have been observed the Council thirteen architects sub- l tions, taxes, and special representa-]looke d upon by some of tlle envious await his blame of it upon getting is of as much importance to society many for years, and mitted designs. Itin before public bodies. II was ] as "'o "a .... First place was secured in the corn- recommended that provision be made I : a j y j unt, to hnn it was to be an education with an overdose of of which the family is the "mother- turies. e" by local governments that those with a case of giving returns for the mon- Catholicity: unit." Nothing is of more import- The feast of Corpus ptltion by Messrs. Jones and Kelly, i ey expended, and so, as soon as he P -- lance to the Church which expects the celebrated at Kirchberg in hrge families be exempted from tax- reached Montreal, the now famous COR ORAL TANNER I first training of its members to be the valley of Brixen, has been Dublin, who, though quite young to ration for school purposes and that non-Volstead port of America, he the profession, have been successful, VIGOROUSLY REPLIES given in Christian families anti to for almost three humlred transportation companies be asked to starts in "seeing things" in the Ca- already in similar competitions, Both TO KU KLUX THREAT whom Christian families are accus- great procession. The grant more liberal fares The sub- nadian metropolis He begins his ed. ]tomed to furnish priests and mission- augurated in 1643 (luring partners are earnest and energetic ject of compensation for those injur- ucational course with a trip around (By N. C. W. C. News Service) aries. Years' War. The people workers in Catholic movements in the ed in the war was also before the the old Catholic city of Montreal and Washington, D. C., July 3.Threats[ old national costumes for this metropolis, body ad recommendations were great are the wonders presented to of violence on the part of the Ku K. OF C. TO CONDUCT sion, which is headed by thol made to the national government that i the qditor and his party, most of Klux Klan were answered in charac, LARGEST MAlL SCHOOL, priest, carrying the Blessed BR"'ItER DIEsAUGUST'AT TARRYTowNF" S. C., recompense .... for injuries be increased, wh[cli they could have observed by a teristie soldier fashion by Corporal ,, , , , meal O1 I, ERING 70 COURSES Processions of mounted I visit to St. Andrews .Cathedral James Tanner, for twenty years reg-  (By N. C. W. C. News Service) CIVIL WAR VETS [Louisiana street, Little Rock, or in ister of wills for the District of Co- New York, July 5.--What promises held in many parts of DENOUNCE ACTIONS any city between here and Montreal. lumbia, when he received a letter that to be the largest correspondence certain feast clays New York, July 6.The Roy. Bro- Not on the streets, but in and about spoke of Klan vengeance unless he re- school in the worhl, has been definite- thor August, F. S. C., formerly di- the Catholic churches in the United moved from office a OF KU KLUX KLAN recent appointee ly undertaken by the Knights of Co- 'rile trouble with the rector of De La Salle Academy and States, they can see the Iriests wear- who is a Catholic and a Knight of Co- lumbus. The school will be altogeth- sical comedy seems to be the Clason Point Military Academy, ing "dresses," designated the world lumbus. er distinct from the K. of C. free col both music and comedy. educatorsand one OfintheNewbeStyork,knowndiedCatholiCat the (By N C. W. C. News Serivce) over, by educated people, as "cas- " The appointee in question is John respondence school at New Haven, Columbus, O., July 2.--Ohio Vet;or-i sOcks''' In every Catholic church and Shiel, who was made second deputY/which is operated exclusively for war Christian Brothers Novitiate of St. ans of the Civil War, meeting here cathedral they can see "hoxes for con- register to fill a vacancy. ] veterans of all denominations. SALE- AR00Y Joseph's Normal College at PoeanticOlrecently under the auspices of the lfessions, where people confess their Upon announcement of the appoint- 800,000 Members Hills, Tarrytown. He was eighty Grand Army of the Republic, vigor- sins to an unmarried man who wears years old and his health has been/ousl- denounced th I ....... meat, Corporal Tanner, who is a leg- The new correspondence school, I We have just bought a Y e u mx mn gradually failing since his retirement "' ..... ]a dress." less veteran of .the Union forces and phms for wh!eh have been adopted by I stock of ARMY MUNSON to be sold lo the public :' : " ' ' ' " '" " pelf : lteart SicknessEditorWill Increase 'ormer Commander-in-Chief of the] the K. of C. supreme international I PRICE $2.75.  These shoes 'Fotfw:i!xhi9!! :nan:nf g' :TheoKhCSpelKl, u: eKc::edP, D:;X;:mhn f Itate After the Dr. conc!udes his Grand Army of the Republic, reeeiv- r o a i i Alliance duty. at Stockholm, if h]s ed'the 011owing issive: bordopen tof thedirectrS'approxinmtelyWill be 800,000thrwn # perdoableCentsolesSOlidsewedleatherand "We understand you have appointed memhers of the K. of C., regardless leather with bellows ton Commander Saltzgaber. It nlans to free pass allows a trip through Eng- uppers are of heavy tan at Manhattan College as Professor of . English undo the work of the Cvil War by land, France, Belgium, Switzerhmd, as second deputy, a Catholic and lr- of age or location. It is the most nmldng them waterproof. I disranchising the negro aml putting down on u) Rome, .we surmise that ishman by name John Shielunless ambitious educational movement to be shoes are selling very him back in slavery, the edge of Arkansas ignorance, if you dispense with his services at once launched by any American organiza- advise you to ORDER AT BISHOP JAMES RYAN, "I am astonished that any great Int prejudice, will be worn away to we will be forced to apply the meth- tion. The courses to be given by this insure your order being The sizes are 6 to 11, some extent by continually bumping ods of the Fiery Cross to you so school will number approximately Pay Postman on receipt of DEAN OF HIERARCHY, portion of the citizenship of this I into people and things Catholic, and beware, beware. DEAD AT AGE OF 75 great country should ally itself with seventy, special emphasis being laid send money order. Money " " upon cultural as well "is upon liveli- if shoes are not satisfactorY. the Ku Klux Klan, said Commander- tho he may be made more. and more "Grand KIeagle, K. K. K." ..lin-Chief of the Grand Army Wfllett heartsick as ha travels on, we l(now In his reply Corporal Tanner hood courses. Alton, Ill., July 9.--Pontifical M,,t " Those taking the I THE U S STORES of requiem for "1" ............. l"The Ku Klux Klan as or .... .,. ., (that he will return to "The Advance" minced no words about the Ku Kluxl courses will pay for them on a cost * * I the close of the Clml War el ott](e m Lttle Rock [ soul of the .late Right Rev. James ' " p 'petrated . : ' more advanced Klan. He wrote as follows: t)asis, excepting those enrolled in the 1441 Broadway, New . Ryan, Bishop of Alton, and at the every damnable, cursed crime eft m real culture, than many of his "To the Ku K]ux Klan of the Dis- vterans' free school. time of his death the dean of the which man is capable. God forbid friends whom he delighted last week trict of Columbia, CAPITAL . American hierarchy ,was celebrated that the Grand Army of the Rcpub- with his Montreal letter in "The Ad- "Collectively or individually. Auspicious 'rime last Friday in the Cathedral of Ss. Ilic or any organization of free people vance," a portion ef which, for the "Sirs: ] received at my breakfast For approximately twelve months SURPLUS Peter .and Paul here. Archbishol should kneel to its encroachments, keen delight of our own readers, we table this morning your undated, un- the K. of C. national educational bu- I " " Mundelein of Chicago, was the 'cole- They say, 'Protect your women Yrom herewith reproduce: signed, cowardly, despicable commu- reau has been investigating condition, W* have incread our brant, the negro' and at the same time have "JUST BEFORE SAILING" nication threatening me with your throughout this and other countries, taek from $,000 to Bishop Ryan,.who was consecrated not the nerve or hardihood to expose By Editor of the "Baptist Advance" vengeance because of the announce- finally concluding that wi(lespread de- by lling the   f third Bishop of Alton on May 1, 1888, t their faces in the open We are writing this word on meat of my appointnmnt of Mr. John man:l for education by mail made the 1 80 r ent shave our par, died here last Tuesday from infirmi-[ Let Neighbors Verify Ttmrsday night, June 8, from Mon- A. Srfiel, a full-blooded native-born time auspicious for the launching of(has been ineraHd from ties due to old age, His episcopal "The Ku Klux Klan says it is the treal, Canada. Our boat, the Moat- American citizen, specifying that he this ]'trge venture for members of the 1560,00@" TMs enables m, to term extended for more than thirty-I nly 100 per cent American organi- cahn, is to sail tomorrow morning at is the object of your hatred because Order. It is planned to have the ma-[bttr car of our pr,mt five years. ' zation in the United States, and I ten o'clock, and we are expected to he is a h[night of Columbus and a chinery of the new school in operation (as well as th* now ,m, Bishop Ryan was born at Thurles, have been berried, cajoled and abus- leave the hotel at eight o'clock. Catholic. at New Haven headquarters of the IC[ NATIONAL. County Tipperary, Ireland, on June ed by that organization because I as- 1 do no know the population of "The first result on receiving this of C. by September 1. sail it in the open. I have answered, Mntreab but I have heard it given absolutely cowardly, contemptible ex- -- ..... pression of your bigotry is the caus- 17, 1848, and came to this country 'Come ou in the open; take off your as 800,000 or 900,000. It seems to be ing in my' mind of a scorn which I wIien seven years old. The Ryanimasks and sit in the open with me predominantly French and Catholic. have not thepower to express in its Bankers Tru Co family settled in Louisville Ky., where the lad attended the parochial and my neighbors who are known as You can hardly turn around without st school. He there attracted the at- good citizens. Then let me and my bumping into a priest, and they all full measure. . ten(ion of Bishop John Martin Spald- neighbors who live aright find out if wear dresses--yes, sir--m broad clay- one of your orgamzation dares MAIN AT SECOND light on the streets, to come into my office or my home LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 1rig, then Bishop f Louisville, and your condition verifies your state-  and express to my face the senti- We are agents for practically all the important later Archbishop of Baltimore. He meat that you are 100 per cent Am- Eye-Openers meats you sent me. Mr. Shiel will Companies. was sent to St. Joseph's College, erican.' And Catholic churches are every- assume his duties as my second dep- lhe orgamzatmn is a money grab- where, some of tlmm of the very fin- uty on the morning of Monday next." If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business reasons . :Bardstown, Ky., and later to St.I .... " " ' bing scheme gotten up by promoters est and most expensive in the worht, you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of the many hmas Seminary and I reston Park Leaders of the District of Columbia Winter Cruises, do not fail to call on us for information, ralnary, liocesan institutions near to get the dollars. I say tMs as an We visited two cathedrals here this Ku 'Klux Klan disclaim any known be cheerfully gven, without charge. Bardstown. Later he taught for four American and as a Union soldier, be- ,morning--St. James and Nore Dame. edge of the letter received by Cor- --We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange De years and was ordained December 24.1 lieving what I say is in strict accord It is simply impossible to describe poral Tanner. which is in position to effect money transfers to foreign l with the principles for which you and l the rmhness and magnificence of the ,, ' by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevailing market "1871, by the Right Rev. William G. 1 fought. [architecture, the statuary, the pic- RAILWAY WORKERS, MeCluskey of Louisville. " "I am ashamed of any minister of ltures and the ornamentation of these We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations ORGANIZED BY PRIEST, Father Ryan, after his ordination, the Gospel of Jesus Christ who'would/;athedrals. Either one of them rep- BANKERS TRUST COMPANY heServedhad asia antheassociatvPerta diocese,the late whereArch, permit any hooded and gowned body I tesents an expenditure greater than MARK SILVER JUBILEE MAIN AT SECOND bishop John Lancaster Spa!diag. He to enter his church during the hour hat of all the Baptitt church build- N " FORtIGN DEPARTMENT was rector of St, Columbus church, of worship or at any other hour to ings in Arkansas put together. I (By C. W. C. News Service) Paris, June 30 The ' Ottewa, Ia. when appointed to he lay down money'at the pulpit with Awful Confessionals t " . Catholic Un- " I ion of French Railroad Employees see of Alton, in which his predeeess- which to buy the church,' declared In both cathedrals we saw boxes Ilia s just celebrated its silver jubilee. ors were the Right Roy. Henry Da- Reverend Charles W. Blodgett, Cin- for confessionals, where people bur. lIsgr. Reymann, the president, found- A R M S T R 0 N G S P R I N G S W A T E R mien Juncker and the Right Roy. Pc-'cinnati, past department commander dended with a sense of sin come and ed the organization in 1898, not as a te ..... and a retired minister of the M E confess their sins to an unmarried labor union for the defense r dosepn eltes. I " ' Church Under the zealous and capable . ' ' ' . " .'. - guidance of .Bishop Ryan the Alton I __ .... , D::eW:ath:::aStlefe::xesI;erN:ta 1 i:rial interests, but ass pur:y m:. C A N N 0 W B E 0 B T A along ne sines o ne Dull(ling, each . P " diocese grew rapidly. It includes now I NEW MAYNOOTH PREFECt ........... gious organization for the s irltual 220 priests, 120 churches with resi- (By N. C. W. C. News Service)' I .... uplift of the French railroad person- cha els 641 Dubhn, Jul 2 The Hmrmch has box bearing the name of me priesne 1 Msg Re mann w dent priests, 42 miss'on p , , " y . . y I who sits as God in that box and re-(. ' ". Y as then vicar hohc o appointed the Very Rev Garrett paroclial schools, and a Cat " p p-/i " . . I ceives the confessions mar  labor parish in the uburbs of lato Perse, B D, Prefect of the Dun '" P is, and began his Union with one ulation of about 80,000. The   .... - [ Ignorant Worsrippers (?) ,- " rm dm omtmn boyne Establishment at Ma nooth ' hUndred and eleven railroad em lo es prelate was of reti' g 'P "" , Y .t People were coming and going all whom be assembled at MontnP.rYle. A FAMOUS MEDICINAL kPRING AGAIN TO BE OLD TO THE PUBLIC. For 80 yar thi= water has bn famou as a mmmi Kidney, Bladder, and Nervotm Disorders but was regarded as a capable admin- Dr. Pierse took his B. D. degree at the time. Yonder in the corner of the Today the Union has more than 100,- For information write istrator and wise counselor. His Maynooth. Subsequently he attended main auditorium a man is on his 000 members and 466 branches. t crowning achievement was the erec- theologfcal courses at Strassbourglknees worshipping a marble figure served ass model for the creation of P R 0 T E T 0 II Y F 0 R B 0 S lion of a $600,000 orphange in Alton, ! anl Munich. :He was for a time a lwhile cmdles and incense cups are sirailar unions among the metallur- which will be completed in another  Professor of Dogmatic Theology in kept burning. At wtrious places men gists, employees of the big depart- SEARCY P. 0., ARK. ROUTE No. & month. St. Paul Seminary, at St. Paul, Minn. or women or boys or girls vre going men( stores, etc,