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July 14, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 14, 1923

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y, , [ H PAGE TWO t" Published Weekly by THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock 809 WEST SECONI) STREET Entered as second-class matter March l, 1911, at the postoftice at Little Rock, Ark,, under the ct of Congress of March 3, 1879. SUBSCRII'TIIN I)RICE, $2,00 THE YEAR CHANGE OF ADDRESS When a change o[ address is deshed the subscriber should give both the old and the new address. C(.)RRESPON I)ENCE Matter inteoded for pttDltcat[otl it The Guardian shouht reach ns not later than Wedncsoay lnorlalllg, Br'ie: liens corresponctence is alccays welcotne. The kindness of the clergy in rids matter is cordially apln'e- ciated. REV. GEe). H. McDERMOTT. .................. Managing Editor All "comntmficatious about "Tie Guardian" should be addressed to the Rev. Geo. II McL)ernlott. 307 West 5ecoml ,"Jtrccu OFFICIAl, APPROVAL The Guardian is tile oft]cia organ 1)[ the Diocese of Little Reel€, and 1" pray God that it nlay be al ea "nest V.|lalnplon in the catlse of right ustice and truth arid ,"in ardel]t dole tder or" the relig on Which we al love so well. I extend to it my b easing with the sincere hope that its ca.reer lnRy be long an(! pfosperous. JOHN B. MORRIS, Bishop o[ Little Rock. LITTLE ROCK, ARK., JULY 14, 1923. Eighth Sunday al'ter Pentecost, O-0 "For the Spirit Himself giveth testimony to our spirit that we are the sons of God. O-O Fourth of July this year saw the Declaration of Independence tarnished in spots by the yellow rays of bigotry and intolerance. 0-0 Our greatest concern now is not with other na- tions, but with ourselves. In many ways we are losing character. We are not building on the • foundation stones of the Fathers of this grand nation. O- According to Dr. John H. Moore, ex-pulpiteer and ex-Pine Bluffer, now national promoter for the Klan and the Kam, Protestantism Is now, for the first time, an organized institution. Not all Protestants will subscribe to this Baptist preach- er's pronouncement. ........... O-O ......... The federal treasurer was not certain as to the balance there would be in the treasury at the end the fiscal year, so he crimped on the cost of the foreign parcel post, holding back several ship lbads for the past month. July first found a treasury surplus of only $310,000,000. Poor Un- cle Sam c'gn now forward o, ur packages to anxious friends abroad*. • 0-0 ...... the circle President L tangent rote the r i future campaign ealms .of prohibition, labor, railroad control, farlners' alliance and reliance, world court and the reclamation of government /ands. All these ' 1 in the air questions wzll be u ) until nailed down in the republican platform o1: 1924. -0-0 When a settlement of the Philippine question was made after the war with Spain, a great many . persons, some Catholics amongst them, affected to be scandalized at the wealth of the Church in the island possessions of Spain. We are curious as to what those critics would say of the report of the Episcopalian corporation of Trinity, Church, "New York, which gives the income from rents in 1922 as $1,249,870.00. If they were scandalized because the Friars' land sold for four millions, there is no Word in their pharisaic vocabulary to express their horror of the possession of property from which an annual income of almost a million and a quarter could be derived. .0-0 It is a hopeful sign that modernism is now be- ing rebuked by Protestantism as it is by CathoH- cram. A Dr. Shelton, President of the National Bible Institute, in a recent address in New York, said this, amongst other things: "Ther,.,. is no place in the Evangelical Church today for either rationalists or liberals. Their place is' not among Christian believers, where they openly antagonize .those who hold the Cardinal truths of historic Christianity, but in some organization of their .ovn where they can consistently teach their un- beliefs." Another non-Catholic clergyman, whilst assail- ing the President of a well-known university gave , expression to this very sane and excellen;: idea, Rationalism in religious teaching always brings about worldliness and pagan morals." o-o- Catholics should be proud of Governor Smith of New York, who in spite of threat or clamor, had the courage to vindicate a fundamental principle of our form of government. When he signed the bill whose passage had created such a furore, he probably was not a good politician, but he cer- ±ainly was a shrewd patriot, for while the federal constitution must be maintained, the rights of the several states under the constitution must also be maintained, and Governor Smith has obligations toward New York, ,just as President Harding has , obligations toward the United States. In days oI' , political expediency it is refreshing to have a man mlth's calitne and character and,' of Governor S " . : ] ::as far as his political future is concerned, he may] :possess his soubin peace, for the bigots will some-] how or other find a stone to throw at him. , THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923 In these days of "get-together" it is gratifying to observe that the Greek Church has at last de- cided to adopt the Gregorian calendar. This means that Easter Sunday will henceforth be celebratea on the same day, and this will give the feast which commemorates the Resurrection of our Blessed Lord a significance which it has not had since the Reformation did violence to Christians in the six- teenth century. To any one who may be simple enough not to know the reason for the tardiness in accepting the change from the old method oI reckoning which had science behind it we suggest ]hat the reason was the same which held England back from adopting the new method, for although the calendar revision under Pope Gregory took place in 1582, it was not accepted until 1752, or 170 years later; and the reason was reluctance to accept any reform originating in Rome. o-o- The community calibre of Little Rock is evi- denced when our city government is allowed to give over the City Park the playground of all the people--to the exploitation of hate between citi- zens and neighbors by the Queen of the Kams and the Exalted Kleagle of the Klans. It is passing strange to realize that the very fabric of our civic existence may be saved only by the combined and money-bonded efforts of Lit- tle Rock's latest exempl;ars of all that is of beauty, sweetness and desirability in the pursuit of our happiness. But let us cheer up while the poor boobs are giving up the koin to a $4,000 per year Kam and a $10,000 plus per year Kleagle. We must hand it to Mrs. Lula and "J. A." for their grand success in putting it over on so many and all the time, Some one has said that it can- not be done, but when it comes to fooling in Little Rock, leave it to the slick experts of the graft and grab. The others we shall have with us always, and on them Mrs. Lula and J. A. are now gleetui- ly banking. O-O ............... Under an act passed by the Massachusetts Leg- is]ature, and now in force ,every city and town in the State is required to order the teaching of the Constitution of the United States in the public schools. The result will be that the children will know more about the Constitution than most adults do now. They may even teach its essen- tials to many of our 100 per cent Kluxers. ................. 0-0 --- ' Dr. J. H. Moore, the Baptist preacher who gave up his pulpit at Pine Bluff to further Klan- -ism at so much per regalia, does not entertain his Arkansas audiences with his experiences up at Floral Park, Long Island. Up there he was talk- ed to a standstill and get-a-way, by Editor Pat- rick Scanlan of the Brooklyn Ta, blet. Reports had the Rev. Promoter as confessing that his eyes were opened to many things he didn't know be- fore as to Americanism, that he was tired of it all and would take a needed rest. But Mrs. Lula had to have a national promoter to mote the Kams in Arkansas, so Dr. Moore screwed up courage and WISE WARNING It is fitting that the big universities of the land should on the occasion of their closing each year l'urnish an opportunity for the discussion of ideas vital to the nation, for their audiences are select, and widespread publicity is secured. The domi- nant idea at the Yale closing this year was the tendency toward law violation and the need there was of loyalty and discipline to meet the situatlon. Chief Justice Taft, who was the principal speaker at the Alumni Banquet, improved the opportunity by discussing that subject which is the occasion of much disrespect for law in our day, and that is prohibition. Whilst making it quite cleat" that he, in common with all good citi- zens must obey the law, he did not hesitate to say that he was opposed to prohibition, because as a sumptuary law it was hard to enforce, and because its international bearings had not been sufficiently considered. "With prohibition adopted and a part of the constituitional law of tlle land," said Justice Taft, "the situation is difI'erent. As thinking people] we are to live up to the law of the land or demor- J alization will come• I claim that I try to play the game as a loyal citizen and my c?nfident belief is] that after we face the real issue--I mean think-] ing men like you Yale graduate? face it---and see I where we are tending when wc make fun of the] liquor law when we kick and say this is horrible, ] when we are tending to support those whose busi- ness it is to try to break down the law and in violation of it in many ways. When we realize what this tendency of ours is and that these other persons are only too glad to take advantage or it in order to bring demoralization of all law, then I believe we will rouse ourselves and deny ourselves nl private and take these newspaper jokes as just jokes, but ourselves will take hold of the situation and reach a diffeI'ent conclu- sion." T. EDITORIAL BROADCASTS i WORTH OF CATHOLIC SCHOOLS The.Governor of Maryland, where a Catholic gave religious liberty to this nation, seems to es- timate the worth of Catholic schools. Speaki)w at a commencement exercise of one,of the Mary- land institutions he declared there was litk, dan- ger that any anti-private school legislation would be enacted in his State• "In his commonw,alth,' said Governor Ritchie, "where the splendid work doneby Catholic parish and high schools has won sffch deserved commendation, such legislatmn is uiiilel'.v. Provided timt in those schools 1he boys and girls are taught the highest lesons ef patri- otism and that the schools iu no way conflict with the rights of othr American citizens, the State has no right to trespass on the rights of parents in selecting schools."--Southern Messer, ger 0-0- , , OFFICIAL CHURCH To deceive the outside world the Soviet has set addressed the female species of the Klan at tie I up an official church the Living Church of Rus- City Park, Tuesday night, sin--with a bench of subservient bishops who are -o-o--- --  l the pliant tools of the Commune. There are solid TRUE EDUCATION reasons, of course, why the Bolsheviks should set --  t up some imitation of an ecclesiastical system in .he Pious Workers of Saint Joseph Caiasanc-IRussla, just as the French revolutionaries did tius, a congregation of priests and lay brothers founded at Vienna in the year 1889, devote their labors to the welfare of the Christian working- men, their special efforts being directed towards the religious education of the young. The educa- tional principles of the Calasanctian Fathers, we are told in the Centra]-Blat and Social Justice, St. Louis, June 1923, are based on three funda- mental truths of religion: 1. God created man in sanctity and justice, and destined him for a life of eternal happiness in heaven; 2. Through] disobedience to the explicit command of (led, man forfeited the destiny intended for him. hereby with the "Constitutional Clergy." They are try- ing to enforce total irreligion, but the passive re- sistance of the people is against them. They vain- ly hope to overcome that resistance by setting up a counterfeit of religion. In a remarkable arti- cle in "Catholic Truth, Sir Philip Gibbs tells us that "the iron system of Communism, based on the requisitioning of food and the denial of pri- vate ovlership, was broken by the stubborn re- sistance--right or wrong---of the peasants to any such scheme of life. The war on religion will be defeated by the same resistance, more impassion- ed and more heroic. In Russia now the common depriving himself for all eternity of the posses- mind is beginning to rouse itself from its stupor sion and fruition of God, and being pc>werless or and fear; and that mind is the peasant mind, with himself to rise from this wretched condition; 3.!the peasant faith, appalled }y the persecution of In His unfathomable love God had pity on man and sent to him a Redeemer in the person of His own Son, through whom alone man can be saved and attain his eternal destiny. True education, it follows, can have no olher purpose but the one which the Creator had in view in the creation of man, wherefore its task is identical with that of the Saviour, to open the way of salvation, and to fit man for the attain- ment of his eternal destiny. Since Jesus alone is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and since through Him alone our eternal destiny can be reached, He must be the guide of the educator. Educational methods which are not based on this fundamental principle will always be more or less futile. They may bring physical salvation, physi, cal well-being,but they fall short f their final end and purpose. The principles on which the Pious Workers of St. Joseph Calasanctius have built their educational system, are those followed by Catholic educators in general. Catholic parents will have to give tfiese principles prime considera- tion when selecting a school for the higher du- cation of their boys and girls. Not every school is good enough and capable of imparting tbeedu - cation which trains for eternal destiny. It must be a Catholic school. E. men whom it regards as martyrs, and by the war on a moral code which it obeys as the will of God." --Catholic Register, Toronto. 0-0 THE AMERICAN LEGION. It is reported by the Indianapolis News that at a meeting of the executive committee of the American Legion, held in that city recently, a res- olution denouncing the Ku Klux Klan, proposed by Henry D. Lindsley, former national com- mander, was voted down. In its place was sub- stituted this resolution: "The American Legion, in national executive session, wishes the citizen of our beloved country to know that it must consider as unfriendly to our nation any individual group or organization which condemns a comrade because of. creed or belief." This causes Editor O'Mahoney of the Indiana Catholic to remark: "A comrade, ehl How about the millions of Americans who are not comrades? It is said that it was thought it might disrupt the legion to con- demn the masked kluxers. 'What if it did? We had s country before we ever had a legionthe country of Washington, who condemned the anti- papistbigots of Revolutionary times; the country of a Lincoln, who denounced the If the American Legion cannot live men sheltered in its offices and hi ranks, it had better be dead. But the and file of red-blooded American men the legion will have something to say issue is settled, and we feel sure they ate the ostrich ducking act that was the executive committee secret session in apolis."--Southern Messenger• O-O-'- A WISE WILL It was Montaigne who wrote that the ner of judging a life was to observe the which it was relinquished. When it is with a testament of faith and su comes all the more worth notice. Dr. Joseph Krauskotl, a noted Jewish philanthropist, died recently, and his will published. It is deserving of study. "I that I have no fortune to leave you, my dren," wrote the rabbi .... "The that whatever fortune you shall have or honorable position you shall occupy your own making, will some day become source of supreme satisfacUon. And ever encouragement I have given you end be one of my legacies to you." He property he had to his wife and to The lesson of the need for individual life is seldom more excellently put than document, which speaks to those certain legacies as well as to those who have, have, but their own initiative as: ment. It means that nothing accepted hands of another can ever remove from the hmed for hewing out our own making an effort to carry the torch ahea0 than resting satisfied to have it flicker hands.--Boston Globe. ,:' o-o- BLUNT BUT TRUE. The Anglo-Americans may seriously remark by Wickham Steed, who was London Times in the days of Lord told the members of the Pilgrims' there was entirely too much talk about cousins," "hands across the sea" and blood than water." He advised society to get out o*t their heads the Americans were simply slightly spoiled men and to realize that Americans are in so far as their relations with En The former mouthpiece of London gave his personal views: "I do not America "let us down after the war. miracle that America came in at all. not wiped out our debt; she regards the tion as a commercial one and she and we people who pay their debts." These siena of Mr. Steed will not make pleasant', for sentimental Anglo-Americans. It that their stock phrases for dinner use edited. While the conclusions of Mr. be a trifle shocking in their novelty, they more than a grain of truth. They are two separate and distinct the United States and Great Britain. The of each are "foreigners" to those of the call England the "Mother Country" is Only a very small portion, probably cent of present Americans are of En And 99 9-10 per cent of that 1 per cent is and plain American without any English appendage.--Catholic Register, Kansas .................. 0-0 --- TltE CLOSED SEASON This is the closed season in spirituals separated brethren. That is for some Union meetings will gather the few The rest of the flock with its shepherd on vacations. It has been said, and that the closed season for the churches is season for the devil• It would be interesting why their churches during the summer. Our lion, and we believe it will explain, is estants generally have a narrow conce Christian worship. When people go tc only once a week and then in comfl toriums where they will hear a pleasing a short'prayer and some good music, expect that they will continue during weather when the automobile, the front the golf links invite. If we may call Protestant Sunday Service a form of not of a character that will outweigh tractions in the summer. The Catholic go to church on Sunday because he much as because it is an obligation im him by Almighty God. He enjoys the rice of the mass with a real spiritual and he enjoys being present because there joy in doing his duty. The sermon and are only incidental to the great act of The church has been criticized because mits her children to spend Sunday after they have fulfilled their duty and Many old-fashioned Protestants quite and seriously criticze Catholics for Sundt ball and Sunday picnics. But it is not the: lie churches which are closed in summer the Catholic people who neglect the God even when the weather maybe disagreeable.Cath(gic Obser