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July 14, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 14, 1923

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1 It teems to its that nothing is more desirable than that Catholic papers ! and Catholic literature should have [ a large circulatlon, so that every une may have every day good read. mg which instructs and warns, andl Strengthens and tian virtues, protnotes the Chris-.. BENEDICTu$, PP,, XV.] ! i i A Catholic Paper is a i Perpetual Mission.m Pope Leo Xlll. I "The Catardian" in every home--our motto. i XlI! "l;he Official Organ Of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas JLITTLE ROCK,'  ..................................................................................... ARK., SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1923. .............................................................................................. =_.-7--:-,-==_---_Number-4 CONFERENCES 00TOLERANCE URGED trey. Father Demurger N.Y. COMMISSIONER UNITED STATES NOT ON INDUSTRY PIANNED IN NEWL-FOU00 IN NUMBER OF CITIES WASHINGTON LETTER Given Tender Farewell OF PUBLIC WELFARE CHRISTIAN NAIION __ ASKS RELIGIOUS AID[ DECLARES LUTHERAN o w 00o00v00co, o w o 00ow0000o00v00co, I By St. Patrick's Parish -- Washington, D. C., July 9.--Local Washington, D. C., July 9.An in- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) (By N. C. W. C. News Service) for the purpose of dis- direct plea for religious tolerance and Brooklyn, N. Y., July 9.A move- New York, July 6.Discussing the ment to form a large organization tt) question, "Is the United States a American industrial problems mutual respect among members of SINCEIII; REGRET MANIFESTED BY HIS PEOPLE AFTER NEARLY facilitate and supervise social and Christian Nation?" the Rev. Dr. F. H. a Catholic viewpoint will be los- Christian denominations, made by QUARTER CENTURY OF ZEAL AND SELFSACRIFICING LABORS welfare work in various religious and Lindemann, pastor of Trinity Luther- in many f the prinicpal cities George Washington in a letter to the AS PASTORASS1GNED TO IMPORTANT CHAPLAINCY AT llOT secular circles was hmnched here at an Church on Long Island, answered the United States by the Catholic bishops, clergy and laity of the Prot- " SPRING,qItAS W' IFNESSED GREAT GROWTIt OF CATHOLICITY a meeting held in the Protestant in the negative in a sermon here. on Industrial Problems as estant Lplscopal Church in 1789, has lN CITY ACROSS THE RIVER. Lplscopal Church of the Messiah. it is merely a question of sta- result of recommendations made at been discovered in the early records .. " " "If recent meeting held in Milwau- of that church, according to an an- - Bird S. Coler, Commissioner of Pub- tisties, then our nation might be it was announced here by the nouncement made here by the Na- (Special to The Guardian.) lie Welfare, outlined the needs of his termed a Christian nation, not a Mo- R. A. McGowan, secretary of the tional Council of the Episcopal After serving St. Patrick;;! Parish, Seventh and Cypress Streets, for ]igious, social and civic organization But we must be careful how we use Church in America. "almost a quarter of "t century, the Rev. Father A. Demurger will leave at departmen for co-operation from re- hammedan, Jewish, or heathen one. Milwaukee is the first city in which Washington's letter, which bears noon on Thursday to become chaplain of St. Joseph's Infirmary at Hol along concrete lines, the word Christian. Many call them- local conference will be formed, the out other substantial evidence of the Father George McDermott, edi:or of The Guardian and one of the most "We do not need money," began[from the Jew. Still they practice no high regard which the first President S1 rings. He will be succeeded as pastor of St. Patrick's Church by the Roy. Personal Serwee "selves so to distinguish themselves rancls A. Hass, of St. Francis having already taken steps had for "genuine religion,', as a reply able pirests in the Little Rock diocese. The appointments were made by the Commissioner Color. "We can gel Christian religion. Christian princi- bring suck an organization into to congratulations on his election as Rt Rev. Bishop John B. Morris. that. What we suggest that you can ples play no part in their lives. Anti Employers and labor lead- President. The congregation of St. Patrick's Church gave a farewell reception to give us is personal service. There are Christians even some whom we rcgord as good of Milwaukee were greatly ira- In part the letter is as follows: V:lther Demurger at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Rinke Tuesday night, countless opportunities in our depart- may not be that. Only God by the impartial manner in Indulgent Opinion The affair also served as a get-acquainted meeting, for the new pastor, who merit tor thissuch as the partial knows how many real ones we have in the recent meeting there was "The satisfacuon arising from the was a guest. A program, whieh included vocal :tnd instrumental numbers, adoption of orphans. That., for in- the hind. In the events ef the last according to Father Me- indulgent opinion entertained by the was given, and approxinaately 200 members of the congregation and many .'tanee, does not take money, hut few years it has again become plain and prospects for pushing the American people ot: nay con(lucL will, I friends attendetl, to all that in internationl affairs of the Conference in a manner trust, be some security for prevent- rather carries a substantial monc- Christian principles have no part. And ])resented With Purse. tary remuneration to those who are all indications are that the vast ma- sat will permit it to reach into all ing me from doing anything which At the close of the program an excellent tribute was paid the retiring willing to take a personal interest in jority of the people in our own .land principal industrial centers of the might justly incur the forfeiture of pastor for the great serivce which he has rendered the local clmrch during bright ehihh'en and care for them in are guided by other than those which are promising, that opinion. And the consideration his 23 years pttstorate at St. Patrick's. At the close of his remarks Father their homes until they are sixteen The local conferences will follow that human happiness and moral duty Demul:ger was presented with a};gold purse, the gift of the congregation and years of age. Le principals laid down by the ha- were inseparably connected, will al- many friends. Dangers to Young meeting and no vote will be ways continue to prompt me to'pro- A welcome was also extended the new priest, and he was pledged the "Particularly," the Commissioner to be taken on matters of mote the progress of the former, by untiring support of the congregation Father Demurger made a short talk, added, "do we need this personal in- policy, inculcating the practice of the latter, in which he thanked the congregation for the support iven him and for the terest /'or girls, as it is needless to CATHOLICS "On this occasion it would ill be- gift. Father McDermott thanked those present for the co-operation pledged, meltion the dangers which hang over come me to conceal the joy I have and paid an excellent tribute to the retiring pastor, who, he said, "was one young orphan girls of 16, the age at EXTENDING WORK IN whiehthe law provides they leave our felt in perceiving the fraternal affec- of the greatest self-sacrificing pr, tests in the diocese." lion which appears to increase e'eryl BEHALF OF BOYS day among the .friends of genuine re-  lter 23 Years Ago. institutions. More than 1,300 reach lather Demurger came to ' 'h Little Rock 23 years ago a ligion, these long years has served I' the eo le of" St Patri nd during that age yearly, anti half of these are (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Edifying Prospects, But Alas }1;,, . .. g P P . eks Parish. girls. When you consider wlmt a Chicago, Ill., July 9 " "It affolds edifying prospects" in- ]x lOre a comparahvely small in 1900, the local church number ranks small percentage that is of New York ]?he princi- as one of the best, with a that has made a wonderful growth. City's population, it seems that it deed, to see Christians of different So large has the congregation that it is necessary to build a new would be an easy matter to find fami- .es OfHolythe BigNameBrothersocietyOrganizationin helping denominatiOnScharity, and coaductdWell togetherthemselve..hain more church, the plans for which been drawn. The erection of the lies who would take a personal inter- to become good . citizens have respect to each oher, with a ,more Demurger is re by many of expanded to extend to all boys Christian-life spirit than ever they city. He came to North Little ,Rock When most any part of the city could be The evils of "block and the Chicago, ttirough an organization have done before ill any former age called a wilderness, lie hasbeen very devoted to his church work and was need of combating thPelmtie:':as also yesterday by Judge Charles or in any other nation, not conspicuous in public. He enjoys a large acqt)aintance and a host of brought by the Comnfissioner to the McKinley of the Boys' Court. Respect Abroad, Happiness at Home friends both among Catholics and Protestants who regret to learn of his attention of the men present. Catholics prominent in welfare "I receive with the greatest saris- departure. "At these block pro'tics," he said, are directors in the city wide faction your congratulations on the The new pastor will assume charge of the local church Sunday morniug, "I have authoritative evidcuce that to protect boys from the establishment of the new constitution Editor I)runiski Presents. ,:alnbling. is carried on, whiskey is The offirst"thestepfirSwillarrest.,,be to provide a ! mild,f government;yet efficientbecaUSeoperationsI i)clieVewill tendits RockFllwingTimes, the musical program, John Pruniski, editor of the North Little soht and young girls demoralized." read to Father Demurger a letter from the congregation in of detention where boys, ar- to remove remaining apprehension o l,i00t, a 00eaut,f,,, t,i0000to pa, d the retir, n, pas00or The letter wa,, ,,, CENTRAL SOCIETY may be held. They are now tliose with whose opinions it may not Vt)ook form', w'th bonze" ". covex' ', wxt'h the wording, "That Ite Might Know." in the police stations or the entirely coincide, as well as to con- Besides the letter on the inside of the book was a list of the various church jails ia company with harden: firm the hopes of its numerous and school societies, with their officers and members and a list of the congre- LFJSERS TO STUD]( criminals. Another step will be to riends; and because the moderation, gallon. The letter follows: these boys in court, ands patriotism and wisdom of tile present "The Rev. Father A. Denmrger, SOC]AL PROBLEMS will be to parole them to a Federal legislation seem to promise "Pastor St. Patrick's Church, (By N. C. W. C. News Service) of the organization for prop. fhe restoration of order and our an- "North Little Rock, Arkansas. Milwaukee, July 9.A two-day so- supervision, counsel, and help afro, cient virtuesthe extension of genu- "Dear Father--We feel that we would indeed be ungrateful children if cial study course will be giveu here release. In this latter work, the The religionand the consequent ad- we did not express to you, on the eve of your departure, our gratitude for following the annual convention ef fraternal organizations, such a vancement of our respectability the noble service which you have rendered St. Patrick's Parish for almost a the National Catholic Central Socie- Knights of Columbus and the abroad, and of our substantial happi- quarter of a century. We have riot words at our command, and we tind ty, which is to be held August 19-22. ]lks, have pledged their members' co- hess at home." ourselves totally inadequate to say that which within our heart we feel. The course, which has been strung- Under the plan, every boy "To recall in detail the many acts included in your great and noble service ed especially for delegates to the haSwiltnothavePrOperthe helpSUlervisinof someinable,his LONDON SCIENTIFIC rendered the church--ad especially St. Patrick's Parish--would require con- convention, will be held in St. Fran- man to help him make goes. SOCIETYS TRIBUTE TO stderably more space than is available in this book. However, we feel that cis Seminary and principal among the The cooperation of the police de- we are amply justified in saying 'Good and well done, thou faithful servant.' PRIESS4STRONOMI00 lecturers will be the Very Rev. Joseph "That you have guided us safely and made of us better boys and girls, Och, o Joscphinum College, Colum- bus been assured by Chier better men and better women, is borne out by a summary of your 23 years bus, 0.; the Rev. William J. Engelson, and it is expected that as an -- selTice among us. To many of us you have been a father from our infancy. S. J., of St. John's lJniveity, To. every body in the city wilt (By N'. C. W. C. News Service) As boys we served you on the altar and in later .years you brought us addi- lode, O. and the Rev. Aloysius J. e given his chance to become a good Chicago, July 6.Rev. Daniel J. McHugh, C. M., head of the depart- tional happiness by performing the sacred ceremony that made us man and Muench, of St. Francis Seminary, wife. You were quick to answer any emergency call and words of consols- Milwaukee. OF LITTLE merit of astronomy at DoPaul Univer-Ilion ill time of need, as well as words of cheer, were ours without seeking, loather Oeh will give three lectures, stty has received the rare distinction I In you we have enjoyed a willing adviser, and truly it ,mugt be said, a in which he will discuss rural prob- ROCK SEMINARY to be o00e00ed a fo,lo00 in the '00oyallwiso one, DOMESTIC PRELATE 00stronomioal 00ocioty o, 0000ondo,, o you, leather, goes the honor of being able to number your friends the position occupied t,y Catholics in ':Chere. are only 76 follows of the so: . "T . - lems, the cooperative movement and elegy iu the United States, and be- at St. Pat:mk's by your failure to omit a single member of the congregation. t is well deserved Needless to say, it is with a feeling of keen regret that the history of economic progress. Fa- --...___. sides Father McHugh, only one priest, we must part. But we feel that we thcr Engelen will speak on "The EtA- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) lather Meltugh's election came as We have been given "uother great and self-sacriiicing priest, ho will con- ical Valuation of I esch s 'National a surprise to him. Membership in tim tinue the till have much fo which tube thankful. , Economy/" and Father Muench will Little Rock, July 6.Tho Very society is conferred on the rccom- with but little worhlly reward. Were we but able to recompense you for 2:3 United States." great work in which you spen the major portion of yotlr best years discuss Industrial Unionism in the ahn'sDr'seminaryW" H. AretZ,here andrectr(hancellorf St. mendation o other members after a years in which you so nobly performed as our spiritual adviser, we wouhl " [ the diocese, has been named a Do- formal and rather intricate method, rise as one antt say, 'Take that which is thine.' Bu your reward will come :ed" ! elate" by Pope Plus XI. during which the right of the nominee from Him whom you have served while serving us. FAVOR SCHOOL C01SE s apPointment has been re- to recognition is rigidly examined. "By your self-sacriticing manner you have made our duty o church and ra the Apostolic Dele ati It is believed that the reason for self pteasaut. The great confidence which your congregation reposed iu you IN CHRISTIAN MORALS Washington.. g on Father Mcttugh's election was partic- is best evidenced by a summary of your accomplishments lere. Your con- Dr. Aretz has been rector of the ularly his work in connection with the gregation, dUlSng your pastorate here, has shown wonderful growth, with a (By N. C. W. C. News Serivce) here for seventeen years, studying of the Halley Comet in 1909. large number of converts, many of whom can be attributed to your indi- Winona Lake, Ind., July 6.Intelli- Seminary is a diocesan institu- vidual efforts. The attendance at Mass has been remarkable and the mem- gence divorced from moral and reli- gious considerations will bring the world to chaos, was the declaration :ihieh reeontl, a00filiated . TREASURER ..... ix  bers of your church, due to your teachivg, command the respect of our e me Mission Supply of the l K 0F Co Protestant neighbors You have so uided the destin of St Patrick's -two ecclesiasticalensin SocietY.studenLaSt year HEADS Do C. SCH00LS Church with your sound'" and economical business management,Y that "'soon" made by Dr. Nathaniel Butler, dean re_ ,, . egiste a . , ts were  there will be erected a new and magnificent church, which will forever'stand of the School of Education of the Aretz was the first priest or- as a monument to your great effort" in this direction. " ,, tae seminary. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) hat you will find in your new pastorate that peace, health, happiness before the International Conference 'othe Rt. Rev. John . Mor.], Wasng tn, July 6.--Dardel J. CaN "T , University of Chicago, in an address and comfort that you so rightly deserve is our unanimous wish. Those with p o Little Rock The'date renan, upreme Treasurer of the whom you will be associated inthe future have much to be thankful for. on Christian Citizenship here. Dr. investitu,.^, aa-- no- " ye" been" Knights of Columbus has been.elect. "It is with a feeling of great regret and tear-dimmed eyes that we must Butler declared that a democracy ed pemdent of the Board o ' " f Educa- say 'good-bye,' but cheerfully do we add 'God bless you" that you might the early autumn, y without religious and moral training time" anbUt it will probabl be tion of the District of Columbia. His continue for many years the same noble service that you so willingly per- rive,fUr its citizens could not long sur- rate of 65 mP ..... g t election was unanimous. The mOtdrivln a lahan succeeds Dr. Abram Simon, formed for those of St. Patrick's Church. The eonferenee adopted a resolution As President of the Board, Mr. CaN "Not as payment for your service here, because dollars and cents would introduced by Dr. W. I. Wishart of -xor three days, to use the] fall considerably short in this :respect, but just as a token from those you Pittsburgh, declaring that patriotism goin~  .,.,o an nour certainly l President of the Washington Hebrew leave behind 'accept this small Ift from those you have so well served. It is demands that attention be given to own Words,  hasCngregatin'expired, whose term of office meant to express the love which we have for you. the teaching of Christian morals in "Tuesday, July 10, 1923." American schools. Jesus enjoined upon His followers." is Dr. Lindemann declared that there a question in his mind as to wheth- er the practice of opening the ses- 'sions of Congress with prayer is au- thorized by the Constitution. '( ILLINOIS DIVORCE LIWS ARE fll/00G00 TO SAVE CHILDREN (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Chicago, Ill., July 6.Two impor- recent session into effect July 1, and their effect ham caused the remarriage of a large number, divorced within the year, Conversely several who appealed to the courts to amml their marriages on the grounds that they were con- tracted within a year "after divorce were ruled out of court, and their marriages held valid. Legal Tangles Several years ago, the Illinois di* vorce law was amended to :forbid the marriage in the state of divorced per= sons within a year after the divorce. The result was that these persons married outside Illinois, and on their return to live in the state frequent- ly escaped prosecution because no- body was interested. In other case either party wearying of the alliance sought annulment on the grounds of , :: i illegality. The result ws that nu- merous children born of such alli- ances were bereft of names. Legitimate Children The two laws recently going into effect, were aimed at both situations. one statute provides timt children born of marriages having the form of legality are legitimate, even though those marriages .are annulled. The other law removes the year't restriction on remarriage in the u- ', ture, and was made retroactive validate all remarriages of persons  divorced under the former law. s a result there has pede to the marriage license bureau during the week of persons divorced within 'the year and wishing to mar- ry. The law eliminating the year's btm on marriage was fostered by Superice Judge Timothy D. Hurley, prominent official of the Holy Name Society, and naturally foe of the divorce ev His motive, he deelared, was to saw chihtren :from the stigma @hich :fol- lowed evasion of the divorce rule by . the parents, and gave these same pa: lenks a method of evading respoxmi- bility for their children. MISSIONARY PRIEST ....... HONORED BY JAPAN Maryknoll, N. Y., July 6.The Roy. ( Father Heck, S. M., after having ]eft the Imperial University Tokyo, in or- der "fo take the direction of the Morn- ing Star Middle School, ha been de- dared Professor Emeritus of the Faculty of Literature. Lately, at the request of the Imperial Univerdty, the Japanese government had decided fo pay Father, Heck every year, for he rest at his llfe, 1600