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July 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 12, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, JULY I2, 1930 'MEMPHIS ~i IN DiXiE' Mrs Tudv was assisted in entertain, who with thelc seven chLdren survive IsaY that we do ~ot need God. There ~are most touchingly - ~-~.; ton Bc~Io, e returning home, ,,~,~,~'~:~-" Fransioii will enjoy a crmse " "" "" " ..... .---~- ' ~ ..... e Starla George Jr, John la.e re'sly more who, while profess-cproduetive of untold g00O:: FoScialrtn o~ Ju~,andwasPersnalmade bAghter "...~ ~ , -- -- lng oy ner mece.iurs. ~:.o. ~,~l:l ~:,~.~ ])'~ominick A_', Andrew, ~Vi.llam Ib~. belief in the existence of a Su- er remembers each ~n.niwJ TuLly were: Vllsses l-Jancy .~axr .~ ~,.vo , - " t h " " 0 F,tzgeral.l, of Nas ; E. Haggerty ar " 2 e _ y. ~.. .pl~ ~ u~-:...~!4-~e Mr Canale is '~urvived by !worship need be paid Him and are! ens of thoughtfulness an~ most Fopu.armen, in company wltt~ ente~taiifing as their house guests, New Orleans Patte Evans, Elizabeth ',hre~ sisters, Mrs. Esther ttoffman,, t erefore wholly indifferent to re-f affection make one feel , . ...... I =. " ......... ~h ~ .... h s and Mrs l li~ious teachinu and practice lin this life and acts as a t: his ch~r,ning wife, motored to our Mr. an3 Mrs. A. C. Adams of Ham- Rice, Mary C. Mitche:l, EJizaDetn ~lrs. a. w. w~,.., ....... ~ .... , . "t *~,, ' - - - .- " ~ }" . . ~:nue: few days w~]~ ....his mend, Ind. They plan to motor to Ford, Selden Ford, Barbara Ma~seylKatherine Donovan of Jackson, M~ss.;I There ].~ danger ~rom ~nose wnot~ncouragemen~ ~o con~ ciWcousin,tO MrsSpendC.aE. Shinmck. Mr. lrltz-- Fort Smith, Ark., to visi~ Mrs. Ad- of Atlanta, Jean Golden' Sa-a Ca~;ter, tthree bro%hers, John, Andrew and have last all Sense of moral valuesllwork. It makes one forg a large ~, ,~ o,~rClebuof ams' parents, Mr. and M'-s. H.theirk. KittYwe.ter,MaurY,h.ene VandermarkLinda TerrY,of BattleIElise TOn YTheCanale,funeral wasall of Memphis.d yaee, an dTherWhOm dange t Ame '~ca frml~plaints, a d acts as af~~reegnize no moral restraint. I sand miserable ge.raldfrlen(~shaSnere t~a~ ~e has De Cl 1Kellans' before returning to he. Sundathefim man~e insidious ~formsoflradicali~m,,one fromnf~lling in~osKel~ man see'ng them all. One espe "a home in Indiana Ma tha Mur h I maeu'ate Conception Church. Re-i from those subverting forces which]bitterness against an u~l( m otivein tlde present visit of Mr. and! .... _ Creek, Mich.; Blanche Cannon, and]noon at 3:30, with semices in t -; y .' .... I " . r pY. - " - , .- d' XlT_AIJ_%---._ ]quiem High Mass was sung Monday ]rccogmze no f oundatmns, no ete~nalipos;tmn of the world an Mrs Fitzge: ~ ~raid was to get ?cq n : Mrs. M. J. Walsh of Calhoun ave* l~h tnelr namesake, ,Joan ~ltz ed and her daugMer, _-:nd'nue Miss Helen, ~(l~:lln~ ]morning bv Monsignor D. J. Murphy and immutable principles, upon wMch ers. geraldW Kelly, infant son of Mr. are leaving this week for Itot ..... --------'-- recent ifr the repose of Mr. Canale's soul. human nature, and human society m 1 Would tha~ every mothe Mrs. k Springs~ Ark. They plan to remain bride, was complimented last Tnurs- ~,~,~. "~, ...... W I Ov~rton J V ial and ethical activities, must rest. I-roster and teach the ehi K~lly, who. recentty[~, -~ . -~- mrs. 1~. A ~vlarquet~e, a _." I The nallbearers were: Dr. J w. its social, civic, industriab eoucauon-ler each night say a pra~ ' I .o~ut~y, ;.v.~,'~aIS " " -" ' " I " Y ' " arrives a~ ~ aosepns uosp~ml. ross Lhere hree or four weeks [day afternoon by Mrs. Verd Slaugh- ] Montedonico S E. Murray, Malcolm ' Danger in Juvenile Dehnquency. !same What great sprrlt! Marie Kinney of Nashville aecompa-: ~ __ ~ter wigh an artistically planne2 ~.~...^ ~]~. ':~. .~. '" .~ o'enh "There is danger from the appall- "n~- would r~t " ~ d " ~ ~ - .a .... '., .'~e ~und~r. J s ._ and blesm o nied Mr, ancl Mrs. Fitzgeral ' It is indeed gratifying to hear that ho.~t ' "~ ...... I bridge party. ~I~e home of the ~' -i ........ .~ Milnor Sam Bates ing increase in the number of our ~would be a hi~'h and nob o - , ware, d. ~elvls , , .... ~ : -------- :there is a decided improvemen~ in the :ess, on North Parkway, was drcorat- an" x'ri'liam Ham A s,,ecial dele~a juvenile outlaws. Lacking rehgmnS!set before the children, t Mrs. " " - !condition of Mr. Ray Humphreys, who ed m garden flowers w~th a wh~te and Lion of eight honorary pallbearers t!'ainin~ and hying m a who!ly ~rre- I the;r esteem and love forj Wllham McDoweU, aecompa . . u ,v. -v o- . reed by M~sses Vera, and Anme Mae.reeently underwent a most serious op- ' re~resent;ng the Memphis and Sheby g ~" ' " " ' ual father. It is no me I gold color note predomma mg The ~ h ]ous atmosphere, they attach no re Burke and Miss Annie Clyde Le.e, me- !eration. We pray that by next week tallies were hand-painted, being ou'~... ..... . ...... om-osed of value to human life If restrained ...... ou tored the past week to ~Nashvflle tollt will be our privilege to announce , ," ~ ........ t~ounsy ~ar ~ssocmuon, u p .~ ..... " ..... pas~or ~s aomg zor y lines in go.a, pictures a orlue. Tne .. ..-...-__.~. c ~ ~r,.~... ,at "all. i~ is om o ~e zear o~ los- . .... ,~. visit Miss Marie McDowell, who re:him out of danger. In the meantime ^ . , ~v, essrs, rnn w,, ..... , .......... z, o.. ' Y Y . ] eacnoayan(loz~enm ~," .. . , ...... eonsolaqon favor, a box of t~o~ys ~ A [in thei~ liberty and of being t~ere- - v~g" . " , .... F,. McCadden, WillS .anton, S. ] g " :" . .... "of the night he keeps soon to take the yen at St. Ceceha ~ : Heaven ~s being stormea w~th pet1- ousting powuer, was ueciaea m a very ~,.. n ~ ~..~l^ B J Semmes I by deprived of the oppormnuy ~o . .... in" Convent i ticns to has.en the recovery of this . . _ ~,a,=~, u o. ,~,~,,,. =, ...., .... s "an taoernacm seer negg novel way, each gues~ urew a card .... " t commit more Cl'llnes inere 1.' ~ - _ .... ._._~ . . . . ana aonn ~rown. ~ . . ~ .. . - his people ana olessln~a. -- " i splendid young man, from a miniature pack ot playing ..... , _ , _ ~,. _~ger o America irom ulose ln~us- ~. d~ .... Tne symphony oi a mrg'~ c.~rc~c ,~ ........ ed may have kent yOU a~ Mrs. Margaret Dalton and Mr. an . cards, wire a bride pl Lured on the .......... ., . ~triafis~s wno, being severn o~ a sense - - -. Mrs. ArthurRe,din" " get and two sons. i Mrs. Lawrence Mivelaz and Mrs. . ~nenas ~s ex~enae(~ ~o ~ne wmow anu~ "~ ' - .......... back; on each car=l was wr;tten a .......... of justice, fail to apprtciate the in- ~aiis ana ev~m. t)m# , of St. Louis are the guests of Mr. ]Leo Mivelaz are enjoying a few days ....... Diner memoers o~ me ~amny. t " .... will reveal the nrayers: pars o~ the story of ~he cour':shH) of inate uigni~y o~ numan nature aria and Mrs. John L, Hughes m then Ivisit wi~h friends in Chicago,a bride; the card bearing the names ; , .... ~ ........ ~. .... ithe right of the individual not only the love and the.labor of Ka bryn and Ernest, which corn- . ........ _ ....... fte-l to life, but to such things as are hera nas ensured, lot home at 1168 Tutwiler avenue. ] __ ,, ,, . lvlr. donn d JPUCflS, a llltHon~ l]~l- ~ " " -- ] " ~en~ oz 1enl nls pa~efl away a x ] ] Captain and Mrs. Reyburn Engles pleted the story, denoted the winner ..... P ' ....... T-- was Enecessary for honorable and decent none m~ght be los on General and Mrs. S el ' " ,, I _ . . r. Samue! O Bates land their three attract,re children of .... an nmess o~ severa, months, nu , , -- Mrs. John A. S~aan Jr., ~orm ay. _ member of St Ma~"sChurch ln,.ng .... u hter lyllSS wlnona, o~ Mrs Alarm Marquette, anothe r . " ...... t and their da g , " ~ " "]~hila.eph.a, Pc., are in the city vis-".~ ~ ~ ecent a " '~ ,' 'MARRIAGE AND R~ "" wne-e a ~eqmem r~ign ~v~ass was : " o d 1569 Carr avenue, left the past week]iting Mrs. Engles'n'.other, Mrs. These two popular /)rides are being " " ..... urial m Calvar I THE INTIMATE SIDE OF A Pubhc health ~s s showered with ~ocials. M~ss Dorothy .......... i PRIEST S LIFE pubhc morals that th o Law~ en( eburg, Ind for Maywo d, ' : "tMary Bland of N. McNeil street. " . '. sung, zonoweu oy u " - y. , I e Turne~ entertained w~th a bnd e ... " .... I (Continued ~rom page 7 ) :but that the state is Miss Cartes will spend a zew daysI __ . . . . g lvir ~'ucns ~s survives oy a ms~er,i " ' '~ with friend i A bridge partry luncheon the Colomal . . corn ared to angels m patmnce a ervisinu the marriage TM s n Cmcmnat~ and Lex : ' " delightful informal ' . lvims ivmry, and a orother, C 1 " ' nd Y Fucns, o whom the sympathy o~ ~ , ~ " u before Dram her pa~ents ington j " " g "- "']was given Sa urday af.ernoon by" Country Club. Misses Ethel and Hel- " "~- "exte d-- t pumshment because he has been com- the extent of this s l en ~rown en ermineo jllUesclay m ~ l pared to them in Signify. ~te may ever, i~ debatable. They will re;urn to Memphi:~ about[Mrs. Edwin J. Fransioli in her home, . ....... many zr]enas ~s n ea .... . -~ the middle of August " [ 418 N. Claybrook. Tallies were in their home on N. Waldron boulevard I "" ~ .....~ ve~ and the f rank above the angels in supernatur- and countries, the laws we.l, me mg (lay ~s o , I " ]the shape of tiny fans. Following the w~th a bmdge tea; and Mrs Conley ..... ' ~'i ic is a sweet al power but his natural powers are are lax almost to crim] M. Harris has anned a br~d e . , often as limited as any mere mortals, hedge marriage with harles Dmkmson and h~s Mr C " '' " " I game a delicious salad course was " ' . wonuer~ul t)rpnans x cn i .... P" .. .~^ memory. The day was ~deal, and ev-. ri t mor of the - - - daughter, M~ss LI1 mn Mae Dickinson, " " :" " " ] seined. The prizes were won by Airs mncneon ~o De given in ner home, .tzu .... ~ to en-'o-" I There is in every p es e mountab:e obstacles. . eryao(~y came an~ smyeu J y I " o - n, who recentl raduatedfrom St y g .'- Steve Fransi~li, Mrs. Frank Bolton, N. Belvedere boulevard. On July 11 ........... blows on',Splr]t of Chrmt and St. Paul wh in view of these, o zne COOl vreeze Cnaz aiway~ , Mary's-of the-Woods, Ind., sailed the and Miss Evelyn McDonald. Thos, Mrs. Rmhard Cleares honor Mines ....... t Peter's O--hana-e I would be all th:ngs to all men, than surprising to hear of Salm and Marquette with a bridge ... m r sedate eno ed refiewin-old most people give their clergy credit If too great re. past week on the Olympic for a sum- who shared Mrs Fransioli's hospital- . me grounds or ~ . rp " ~ "l " met in Englan~:l.. ity were: Misses Mildred Tucker, rne o e ~ Y g tea at the Blue Lantern Tea Shop ...... i'* ..... while the youn~er ~,en ,fr- Many are the hours unknown around moral and ---'-" Edna Lee Harper, Ramelle Gravelle, and Mms V~wan Cuneo will entertain eraqon "tri--ed the li-ht fantastic" I to them he keeps the wgfls before his immoral and the pp t~ " I , Mi~s Rena O'Connor of Pans, Ill., Emmagine Stewart, Rose Marie Bur. on the 16th m her home, 859 Vance, to the music played by an excellent Master s Throne, begging graces and naturally follow. sister of the late and greatly beloved chel], Mildred Fransioli, Gladys Tur- with a bridge luncheon, orchestra. The merry-go-round, as favors for his flock, that the children ly recognizes this; Fr. O'Connor, is a guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs, Jack Bondurant Sr., 1245 Jefferson. Mies Marguerite C. Andrews, direc- tor of attendance in the County schools, left the past week for Jack- sonville, Fla., where she sailed Sat- urday on the S.S. Iroquois for New York. Miss Andrew~ plans to visit in Atlenta, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Washington and Richmond. While in Brooklyn, she will be the house guest of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baker, for- mer Memphians, Mr. Baker ha~ing been the popular organist at the Pal- ace Theatre Miss Margaret, Eng'lish is Visiting in New Orleans, where she is the guest of her cousin, Mrs. William Q. Turner. Misses Therese and Ellen CanMe, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Phil M. Canale, 1591 Peabody avenue, left Tuesday evening for Camp Illahee at Brenard, N. C., where they will spend the summer. Numbered among the Memphis gir!s who are rezistered at Camp I1- [ahee are Miss LFlian Gautier, daugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gautier of S. Willett s~reet, and Mi~s Eve'yn Gray, daughter of Mrs. W. P. Gray of Cart avenue ner, Evelyn McDonald, Mines. Billy Haack, Garland Ogden, Lester Tren- ham, Howard Bugg, Frank Bolton, Emma Fransioli and Steve Fransioli. Sr. M. Columbia, accompanied by Sr. M. Ignatius, spent a few days in Memphis renewing old acquain- tances. Sr. Columbia was for many years stationed at S% Brigids School, and taught many of our leading men and women. Siser Columbia and Sr. Ignatius' have been attending the Educational Convention, ~ld recently in New Orleans, and have returned to their home in Nazareth Academy, Kentucky Mr. Billy Burkhardt of N. McNeil street has returned after spdnding his vacation at Hardy, Ark. Miss Martha Wolf and Mary Cath- erine Man,an have returned after a Mrs. Fred Hauser Jr. entertainea Saturday afternoon with a bridge party in honor of Miss Rose Berna. dine Houser, who will be married to Mrs. Frank W. Coleman on July 15. A pink and white color scheme was c~_r- tied out, both in the decorations and in the luncheon that was served at the conclusion of the game. Another delightful affair in honor of this popular bride-elect was given Sunday afternoon by Misses Grace and Melba Werner in their home a~ 265 Jones street. Bunco proved a most enjoyable diversion. A green and yellow color scheme was follow- ed, both in deeorat'.ons, tallies, p)ace cards and in the ice course that was served. The marriage of Miss Mary Allen Flashiff, formerly of Louisville, and Mr. Langford P. Ramsey, son of usual, proved irresistible to the kid- may preserve their innocence, that tical laws dies. Best of all, a neat sum was the adults may walk in the path of examples of realized that will be used in needful virtue and resist their bad habits and strictions necessary repa;rs that are not taken care of oy the Community Fund. , So it's goodbye til next year, to the wonders and joys of the big get-to- gether 4th of July Picnic. POPE'S VIGOR HAS BEEN A "~IWACL~,." SAYS U. S. PRELATE (Continued from page 1.) in virtue of the Gospel of Christ love one another." Like a Great Giant. "Pops Pius XI," the prelate contin- ued, "has stood likes great giant in the years of his pontificate against tall that hatred impli~.s, whether in the individual or in groups or in na- tions. Men who know America, its institutions, its dangers, keenly ob- i s_rving the forces that would lessen delightful trip to Chicago. Mrs. George F. Ramsey, 139 Clark its power and undermine its very ------ Place, was :~olemnized the past week I foundations, in makfng a world sur- Among~ the young boys ~hav" [tor of (he Scare'.] Heart Church. The, l~a]s, particular groups or religious inw the time of that li~es at Hardy, by Rev. Fr. Louis J. Kemphues, pas-;vey of its friends, whether individ- Ark., are Frank Wicder Jr. and Fred wedding was very quiet, only mere- bodies, if they be informed and with- and Bland Burkhardt. The members of the 1926 graduat- ing class of St. Agnes Academy held their ~annual reunion Saturday after- noon at Hotel Peabody. Luncheon was served at I o'clock and in the bers of the families being present, out prejudice, conclude that America After a short bridal trip, Mr. and t:a~.~ no greater friend in all the world Mrs. Ramsey will return to Memphis ~ian Pope Plus XI; that what he to make their home :;Lands for in the world means ou~ perpetuity as a nation,-that the evils Mr. and Airs. James Qhinlan of be condemns, if not averted, will mean 1660 Mississippi avenue have an- our destruction; that no harm can nounced the marriage of their daugh- possibly come to our country, through -------- afternocn, bridge was the diversion ter Mar,, to Mr George W Ryder any principle, thought or sentiment Miss M:ldred English, who ha~ The guests were" seated at a large ta- ' :' " ~ " " " " " The ceremony was performed at St. i expressed by Pope Pros XI; that what been visiting in Chicago, the guest of ble in the main dining room, which ~ -:" -, ~atholic Church Gar, Ind, ' he demands of his American children ~vlarK s u , ), " . ..... Miss Margaret ~Delaney, will return had a bowl of roses and varied gar-I- ~. ~.. ~..~ ~ ~-,~r~*~.~rof m the dmcharge of their c]wc duhes home this week. She will be accom- den flowers for" v, centerpiece. The[~h_ _2^om . i is ~nat they De the best and noblest panied by Miss Delaney, who will ~ ~ ~u . , ,, ] .......... -ed citizens of our great land lv~r. ana ~wrs. l, yuer nave re urn ~ _ ' " girls This luncheon is an annual~ .......... _~ ~ in enumerating some of the dan- spend several weeks with her. place cards were pictures of summer it Mempms to make me~r home, m'-. ]event and proves a most delightful ]er en'oving~ an extended t'rip through'gers he. said faced. America today. Mrs. P. M. Birmingham has return-l affair. Miss Mary Lucia Hutchinson .... ". ........ was Archbishop McNmholas said in part" me ~o~n ano r~as~. ~urs. l~yuer . ed home after a delightful visit in was in charge of arrangements. The conected with the Memphis Power & ~"There are, first the dangers arising Light Co.,'as secretary to one of the from the denial of God. There are managers many, unfortunately, who frankly personnel of the class follows: Misses Corinne Crenshaw, Helen Fay, Catherine Pendergrast, Lillian Prin- daville,' He~.en Walsh, Elizabeth Richie, Eleanor Scheullie, Mary Lu- cia Hutchinson; Mmes. Arthur Mur- ray, Frank Owens, 'Mary Blanche Cooper, James Larkln, Verd Corde- Florida. , Mrs. H. F. RieUy, "accompanied by her sister, Miss Madeline, Henggeler of Wi.let street, left the past week for Detroit, Mich., to spend several weeks with friends. Mrs. Steve Welsh is enjoying a nia and Miss Agnes Walsh. few weeks' visit with-friends in Chi-~ ------ eago, " ] Mrs. Claude J. Tully enterta;ned a I ovoup of young girls last week~ at her Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fell of ~Sledge home on S~rathmore Place, eomnli- avenue have a'a their guests, thei~Imenting her lovely young niece, Miss daughter, Mrs. E. C. Tibbs, and her i~ncy Sis;r, dau~.hter of Mrs. Char baby daughter, and Miss Christin~ i St'air of New Orleans. Pink roses, Taylor of Hushpuckena, Miss., Mrs. ~shasta da;sies and other summer blos- Tibbs is pleanantly remembered aaisoms adorned the rooms, where a de- Miss Laverne Fell A round of in-iH~idu~ luncheon was served to the formal socials are being given in her i~uests before the game of bridge. ~honor. ~The honoree was beautifully gowned If or the afternoon in a frock of dell- M~ AureOla Fransioli is b~ing de-!cately tinted net. with a pink flower lightfully entertained in Chicago a~' d~si~n. Mrs. Tully's young daugh- the guest of Christine and Peggy ter wore a frock of yellow chiffon. M~-. Ryder is associated with the Motor Audit'n- Co. Deaths Hundreds of Memphians were shocked when the news was flashed: over the city that Mr. George A.! Canale had passed away suddenly at his home, 620 South Belvedere bou~-e- wrd, on Friday night at 9:30 o'clock Mr. Canale wa~ born in Memphis, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Dominick Ca- hale; he received his ear'y education ;n St. Patrick's School later attend- ing the Christian Bro'hers College. Af':er graduating at the latter col- 'ege, he entered the Catholic Univer- ~it~ of America Re-urning to Mem- phis, Mr. Canal~ e~tered the law "ield; leaving this profession ~o be- come sales managed of D. CanaPe & Co. He married Miss Arnette Sturla, evil inclinations. How it hurts him when one goes astray none but God knows The disgrace of one of his Children is as hard for him to bear as a fond father whose children pub- licly shame him. His one aim and prayer and work is daily that they save their souls. The true priests solicitude for his people is as that of any mother for her children. That is why he hates to hear of their wrong doing. The fact that he is not totally depressed with the knowl- edge of all the sin in the world and the imperfection of his own people is because of his deep undying faith in God and all the ~blessed strength he gets before the Blessed Sacra- ment, h's one Changeless Friend. If some people understood these bm~lens and responsibilities of a mor- al and spiritual nature, let alone the financial, they wou~d co-operate-bet- ter and bring more cheer in his life by inviting him to ~heir wedding" feasts as well as Lo the'.r funerals. They would remember him in the joy- ous and happy union of the family as well as in the sad and sorrowful. They would ask him occasionally to enjoy the sunshine of their home as well as the shadow They would :have him partake of their jevous fes- tivals as well as of their fasts and poverty. How many remember the"r pastor when blessings abound? One out of a hundred every half dozen years re- members his pastor literally when he has made a lucky financial gain. An- other has written after five years of married life, never had a night gone by but that they had knelt down to- gether in prayer for the priest that married them. Such remembrances ,1 individual and but provision is pensations may be ever conditions are wou!d work hardship, certain that no harm disuensations are readi: In revamp:ng the laws, it would be men, now studying ~h~ well the Codex Catholic Church. SWITZERLAND PROTEST OF RELIGION Luzerne, June session just held at Masonry ism, ed an a~alnst religious sic. The statement Mascnry de~]a"es its every phase of expl'c:t'y manifests its the effrontery of Lion in Russia." In commenting up.on' Vater'and, a Luzerne cation, says: ,,WithoUt inquire into the me'ire ed this resolution, one:~ estimate the value and a Masonic The simple fact feel constrained to this Russian horror ties that the situation ' seize the attention cf and demonstrates consc:ence . . . is lense of a positive I paid earn month for 163 months ma~ures $10,000. You pay in $5,705 and earn $4,295. Average monthly earning, $26.35. Why pay more? We offer a proven record of 40 years without a loss to any investor. None Better or Safer CAPITAL & TRAVELERS Building and Loan Associations 215 West Second Street Little Rock, Ark. Resources Nearly $1,500,000 J