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July 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 12, 1930

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THE GUARDIAN, JULY 12, 1930 ...... ___ PAGE SEVI N ~thattheDem~craLicpartyhadachiev-partyhadnownearlyevap~rated.~if~newasiuclinedt~believethem~bel~rte~eph~ne.Their.excuse-is TO HEAR MASS ed the strength sufficient to defe3.t President Hoover is scheduled to ~you would give them some help in- that it is a good time to call him then overwhelmingly the candidate of the make an address at the dedication of stead of they you. Usual.y they will because he is sure to be at home and "Knownothings" for the presidency, the bronze and marble statue the make an attempt at generosity by no~ busy. Eating wa~.un means is not list, while not corn- t MARIANNA---St. Andrew's Cnurcn an infamous chronicle of wanton as- funds for which were provided by the' saying, "latter on we will do more " the summer schedule forI --Mass o~ me second ~unday of ~he sault and insult against the Catholic late Mrs Harriet Lane oohnston, irr ,. - ,. . essential for priests. It's an imposi- ~ aJ~ pastors were suodenly to crash tion on a pr:est to expect him to be Sses in various par~s ofI month at 8:00 a. m.; on the fourth Americans had already been written niece and hostess of the "bachelorI in on then " " " " " , ' e antes pomises, the church] (Continued on page 8.) It is pubfished for the/~unday, at 10:30 a.m. , in.o the annals of American politics President.' lwould be entirely free of debt. of our readers, and[ McGEHEE, St. Winand s Church history, t t Aside from this there are the us- effort has been made to l --Mass every Sunday at 8:00 a.m. James Buchanan's success was due I THE INT!MAbE fiIDE OF A reasonable times in which people come [ D J. Bubisson. rres. Phones, Office, 4-2471 aCCUrate information, The l MESA, S~. Agnes Church---Masso~ in large part to the growth of the PKI~ST S Lll'/~. !to monopolize the priest's time and ue~. 4-1~ii no responsibilitylon first Sunday at 7:00 and 9:00 a.Democratic party which for years had (Continued from page 6.) iservices. No ordinary pastor we dare or errors herein. ! m.; on second Sundays at 9:00 a. m.: been advocating adherence to ~ometimes I sa " - AMBULANCE SI~RVICE i y nan ever twice CITY. Mass on the ] on t'hird and fifth Sundays at 8:00 a the years of exper,ence a~e completed his Constitutional provisions for freedom less sociab.e anti harder to ap- thanksgi~iing after Mass uninterrupt- Dubisson Undertaking of the month at 9:30 m.; on fourth Sundays at 7:00 a. m of worship and of rel gious bel.ef, preach, because people have again, ed. Fex~, if any, have ever been left UNDERTAKERS & EMBALMERS M 0 R R I L T O N, Sacred Heart Irish immigrants, most of whom were and again imposed on ghem when the undisturbed even five minutes before 2hurch of the Assump- Church.,-~Masses on Sundays at 7:00 Roman Catholics, and, as such, were xeast opportumW afforded itself. In- their services and sermon in Church. All Calls Promptly AnswerecL on first and last Sun- and" 9:50 a. m. month at 7 a.m. On oth- a NEWPORT---Mass on the second the targets for the "Knownothing" cons.derate people make themselves It is almost unheard of that a priest onslaughts, found, upon coming to pests by the frequency and lengLh of has enjoyed three meals a day with- OPEN DAY AND NIGHT 7 and 9:00 a.m. nd fourth Sunday at 9:30 a.m. 'the snores of America, an ancmote for Jme they ta,e trom a sacerdotal life out an interruption from the door 3~Mass on the first, NORTH LITTLE ROCK, St. Pat-'the virtual persecution in the prin- that has none to waste. If one must SunJays at 9:00 a. m, rick's Church---Masses on Sundays at 905-907 Gaines St. Little Rock, on the second and 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. ciples of the Democratic party and see a priest, then at least have the I0:30 a. m.; on holidays at 6:30 and 9:00 a. m. POCAHONTAS, St. Paul's Church Masses on Sundays at 7:00 and 9:00 a. m. PRESCOTT--Mass on the firs1 Sunday of the month at 9:30 a. m. RATCLIFFE-~Mass on the second thus aligned themse,ves w th that prudence to leave as soon as the mat- at 9:00 a.m. OSCEOLA --- Masses on second. Immaculate Con third and fourth Sundays at 8:00 a party out of self-defense. With this ter is serried. You neea not look for support the Democrats rolled up their an excase or an apology to mare ms .sses on the first m. t victory, presence, but ra~her snould make one a. m., OR the second, PARIS, St. Joseph's Church---Afb Sunday at 10:30 er May 15, Masses at 7:00 and 9:00! Buchanan was nominated and for using so much of his vaiuab.e a m. ~elecLed on a platform that specifical- tnne. Should he wish you to remain John's Church-- PINE BLUFF, St. Joseph's Churcb lly protested and decried the intoler- long he can say so. You should at 8:00 a.m. ---Masses on Sundaysat 7:30 and ance of the "Knownothings." The be the first to make the initial move St. Louis Church.-- following plank in the platform adopt, about leaving. Often callers will at 7:30 and 9:00 ed at the convention in 1856 flung come to the rectory with merely ira- out a challenge to the bigots who agmat:ve troubles and seek sympathy, on the first and were smothered as a political entity when in reamy they should have pun- of the month at 10:00 iu the ensuing election: I ishment. They" have complaints "Resolved, That the liberal princi- make about a husband, wife, children- / MURRAY O. REED FOR John M. Lofton Jr. Candidate for REPRESENTATIVE RIDGE. St. Joseph's pies embodied by Jefferson iu the in-law, employers, landlords, and Representative during the months of D~claration of Independence, and neighbors, as though the pastor on the second and and fourth Sundays of the month at sanctioned in the Constitution, which should regulate all these. And when PULESKI COUNTY ~F at 10:30 a.m. 8:00 a.m. tmakes ours the land of liberty and he gives them advice it is seldom fol- ewer and Better Laws." Iasses on first, RUSSELLVILLE -- St. A n n's t~'.e asylum of the oppressed of every lowed. If Catholics would learn to Sundays at 7:30 and Church Mass on the last Sunday of nat,'on, have ever been cardinal prin-'do what their priests tell them *he-If: TONY MASSA'S n second and fourth the month at 9 :30 a. m ic~ples m the Democratic faith, and Would be better men d~nd women and lll ROSARIES . . , PLACE 10:30 a m. SLOVACTOWN, St. Cyril and[every attempt to abridge the privi-have better tra:ned children. /II We have them in (ceptionall , St. Joseph's Church.--- Methodius Church~M,,~s on Sunday~lege of becoming citizens and the l Inversely, when asked a favor the- ill beautiful interpretatiens and ~ Bvet" on Draught Cigars and CAnd~ "" . , ~. , ! . ~ very sensible Drlces. ~nday at 7:00 and 9:00 and allHo.ldays of obhgatmn at 9 o~ne~s of soft among us ought to beI have a long htany of hard luck to re- II CHAS S STIFi~T ~ Phone 4-4137 ,-- a.m. t res~sted wuth the same spirit wheel11 cite. So that after they are through, I/] A St,re ..... -= """ HOME-BOILED HAMS 'LLE--St. Augustine's STAMPS Mass on the third Sun swept, the alien and sedition laws~ (~. ....... e reop~e. on the first Sunday of [ day of the month at 8:30 a. m :from our statute books; and -'~ - - - - - _ I Best in the City 9:30 a.m. STUTTGART Mass on the second [ "Whereas, since the fore~oin~ [ " ~ .......... : U -~ o ~"-Mass on the second lS nday of the month at 7:30 a. m /declaration was uniformly adopted by I All Kinds of Lunches ~ndays at 8:00 and In all other Sundays of the montl, /our predecessors~'in national conven- .WDrM~LdsR?ho~?SKcl .~ sgN Imported Olive Oil and Macaroni a~ely, lat 8:00 anti 10:00 a.m. tions, an adverse political and reli. Cl.t~a~,]~ .~,~,~, ....... , ~, er~es, Etc ....... All Ki:ds of Soft Drinks BLUFF---Mass on the I SUBIACO--Subiaco Abbey Church ~gious test has been secretly organiz. ...~ ..... ~.aa~.~j, Dependable Merchandise Go to Tony s for Eat~ and Drinks of the month at 10:00 i Masses on Sunday at 5"00-5:30, ~ed by a party claiming to be exclu- H.S. Newman ,~,o-,~ West Markham Street * " Phones 4 3587----4 5 6:30, 7:30, with five-minute sermon; American, it is proper that the .......... ~,~..o~,a as_ : j~_211-121 EAST MARKyAM~ _ on-~ Sundays,Hly RedeemerT:30 'days,9:00' sermOn;same time.9:25' High Mass Hell- Americandefine its DemocraCYrelation thereto,ShUldandClearlYde. CONTRACTORS + ........ ................. ....... + T E X A R K A N A, St. Edward', clare its determined opposition to all AND BUILDERS secret political societies, by what- ever name they may be called. Estimates Cheerfully Furnished. Subject to Democratic Primary, August 1~. 1930. Your Support and Influence Will Be Ap- preciated. Adv. :~----~--= sive organization upon religious opin- ions and accidental birthplace. And on the first and fourth (By N C W C News Service) Mnce, a political crusade in the nine- ~ month at 8"00 a m.; .... . teenth century, and in the United ...... : ...."~ Washingtcm.---Thursday will be a ;:'7; a::::;:;ay:U:f day Of deep significance to Catho-Sta~es of America, against Catholic ?'0D a m lies throughout the country. On that and foreign born, is neither justified It Immaculat Con ,day a statue of Presi=lent James by the past history or the future pro~- "- e - . ' pects of the country, nor in unison l~Mas,,,,es ever-~ oun- Buchanan. will be dedicated in Merid- with the spirit.of toleration and en- ':80 and 9"30 a m 1an Park, here. larged freedom which peculiarly dis- St. Boniface ChurchJames Buchanan's nom!natlon for tinguishes the American system of at 6:00, 7:80, the presidency by the Democratic popular government." ~a On Holidays at 5:80 Party in 1856 and his later election Schouler, the American historian, [I~ was a victory that turned the swirl- says with r~gard to Buchanan s el - ~I [, Church of Christ ., tie- . ec a~ es on Sundays at ing tide of the bitterest intolerance a: ~9 a. mOn Holidnw at and bigotry against the Catholic"For the Native Americans with a. m Church in the United States that has their proscriptive tenets, the defeat "~Ias; on the second ever swept the nation As the Dem-was overwhelming. It was apparent l ~e month at 10 a. m ecrats went into the'r national con- f, hat the American or Knownothing] ~'~'-Mass on the fourth vention on June 2, in Ohio, the anti- ] ~ month at 10:30 a. m. Catholic fever that had been whip- THE CATHOLIC ~m I % St. Blaise Church--- ping up the hearts of Protestant Am- third and Adams Memphis Sohe~ a , , ts men s e ~atronage. Hotel Rooms clean cool and I ) toad Sunday of the ericans against the Catholic Church .omfortable Reasonably 'riced ' I ~a. ra. 'to a white heat, had already marked " P " t~s on the first and third down so'me of the most sord d and: PHIL BLEECKER I .-e month at 7"30 and -Ho~ .... ; ....... ,~ ^ _~:..:...... I General Manager Y" mosity in the history of the country ..................... / 1 I St. Mary'sChureh---I 'Knownothingism," scion of thel ~'~: ;'~;-;v-.-:;::~:~:~--;:::=~-e-~a,t,~H~| -- = llday at 7:30 and 10:001earlier native American movement, I _ ! --: --- --- *~'U'~ -'--_-:---: .... :--_ -.-:-_~_:'~ ............... :1_;__-=;:~=;=;_4.,.,.,.~,~ .. - land forebear of the present form of~ ~ , ~-_ I ~ ............ --~'-~ "NGS, St Mary's Churehlthe Ku Klux K:an, had developed in-I [~| J .~w~AllJ' ] ~. 1 S'00 and,to national organization and wasl ,4K i ell holidays of obliga-[ beg'nning to fling itself out into the l ~[~ ~ ~,,~c~.#~c~"'~ [ and 9"00 a m I open as an avowedly distinct polit!call ~ 7~1~~~I I Cry Immaculate Church ~ unit. ~While the o~ganization had ] ~..~ ~ I X ra {.,OR I'OURTH c~nd MAIN ST$ nd A been r]marfl secret and had baeke t,~. Ugust, Masses on P" "Y d/ " ' [ ~ ,alrd Sundays at 8:00 a. its candidates fr cngress'nal, state/ Ser--:-~-~t- /, e 1:~ i - -: _-:__- = I~ lll~l |1~11~ Ill~ will ~ .{ o vmg [ne r'UDIIC for . and fourth Sunday~ and municipal offices c pertly, it -~-- -- I ~ I ~- ~" ~' ~' :"-- !~'~[] L~~l~le'~ll~I ,^ !brew aNtic_the c!oak de f!mtely in " ~-~ Years | ~, Vir~ini~ as ~ts candidate fo- ~r^-i I s~l~l.~.b~~/.~ ! ~ -~ - - - ~ ~ ~l~l~" ~1~ 4, "*'~.v aL o UU a ITI | ~ ~ ~. ,~ : dent, the culmination of the strong ~ T "T .......... ~ | 1 ~ I ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ll'._.d~l .' --urlng aune, July efforts of the National Council of - -~ q. II~ ~ ~ ~ | ~i~ ~ | I~lmlmi II 1 @ ':30 and 9:30 a.m. the Uz~te'd States of North America . $ i ,[ [ [ I ! l/ $ ass or[ the first and to wipe away the,constitutional rghts l I Bli / [] i, at 6:00 a m of Catholics and bar "foreign born" ~.:~ ~ | / ~ P~ ~ ~/hln~. '~l~, ~ 'bAGE, St " Mary's citizen~ from ever homing high pub- ~ ~ ! 1 w .j$ li _q[ ~s on Sunda a he office L Although the principles of the ,.~ | " ~---_ --" ---- .-~ ~~~!~~ ~" ~, St. Andrew's Ca ! "Knownothings" were es~ent!ally the ~ ~ ~~~U~ ~ on Sunday at 7:00 l same as those of the modern group ~. ~-~ffi~,,~ .,~ ,,~ ........ ~ ""-'~"~ ~--~-::-"~-~-~----. t" m.; or, holidays ~t I of -~nti-Catbolic bi~,~ts, t~eir record of .q" | ~ ~r~~,'~ ~'~ ~ ~.g, &T~~ ~.| ~ 30 a.m. - militancy against Catholics has asyet ~ ~ ~ ~~11~'~ Id ~1~ f-'~ [{IW{~$W[~'~i~'~II [~ n,, St. Edward's; to be exceeded. The destruct on of ~ ~- on . Sunday, Lo,a! Catholic property in various parts of .... 11 { .... ~'J*~ X.L Cl,,y ~, X .:00; High Ma~ }the country by mobs incited by the ~- T t , ,bitter propaganda disseminated in the a_ugnman :{ ur Lady of Good [, Protestant press and flow'n~g fromE Candidate. for ss on Sunday a,' Protestant pu'p'ts, s:gnalized, activit- R PRESENTATIVEp,.dask, ~'~ " ~ . . . , . Couuty a. m., on hoh-i~es of the orgamzatmnm 1851 and Subject to the action of the Democratic ~ ~ t a 1~ , party , the years following and by the time " ~ $ Candidate for .qTATE .qENATOR PERRY AND PULASKI COUNTIES Democratic Primary, August 12, 1930 on the second CALLS UNCERTAIN at 10:30 and DAYS IN SIDELIGHTS OF WASHINGTON CITY.-- St. Francis' and TONTL Church Mass on the first Sunday of at 8:00 and 10:00 a. the month at 10:80 a m.; on the the hours of Mass al- third and fifth Sundays at 8:00 a. m; SUnday it is well to find on holidays of obligation, at 9:00 Ville as to the hour for a. m. John's Church Church---Masses on Sundays at 7:00 8:30 o'c:ock, and 9:0a a. m. S. WARREN Mass on the second on first, thwd, Sunday of l~he month at 10:45 a. m L Sundays at 9:00 a.m. WYNNE.---Immaculate Conception "Resolved, That the foundat:ion of this Union of States having been laid in, and its prosperity, cxpansion, and re-eminent cxumpm in f~ee govern- ment built al)on, entire freedom in matters of religious discermnent, and no respect of persons in regard to rank or place of birth, no party can justly be deemed national, constitu. tional, or in accordance w;th Ameri- can principles, wnica bases its exclu- Phone 4-6057 Little Reel DR. ISAAC J. JONES W ~,~.... e,.,.,,~ ,~aliti.,al e*~tan~'lements and ])rolnises. Believing the house is the most important American institution. L woum i: ! ll't~t~ I.,It* lloi~('SL(~lql /toni L~txal;IOi*l, Believe tha~ education is the most important function of the .--~*, --.~ ,~.,+ "n"~ational advanages bei~ween city and country should bo equalized. ~c,~e~e that tt}e government of this country is-founded on the Christian religion.