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July 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 12, 1930

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~'A(Jh. ~iA THE GUARDIAN, JULY 12, 1930 MIRACLES OF NEW TESTAMENT, various books, the accuracy of the ~tain the same number of books, even eager to learn about the sensational flatters them, they would never flat- TOPIC OF REV. DR. KEENAN original text, and the testimony of,in English, whether we refer to the fail ngs of others and especially those ter a clergyman. It always hurts (t~on~mueo zrom page l.) ~ contemporary history, especially from IDuay' K'mg James, or Revlsed edi- in high places. Not that people want both the giver and receiver. If the it supplements tim history of these the fruits of archaeology. It ask7 t.ons. It is omy in the Old Testa- to improve by it, but rather because it ~oriest is young and inexperienced he ~-.~^ ~ ....... ~.." ......... ~. ,~i, .... 1~ what the Bible is ment that the Catholic Church "is said appeals to their personal pride, that may be modest enough to shun it, if not come from fiction The Interpretation rests on the to have ackled books to tim Bible. i they are better than these people who he is older he is wise enough not to Examined it'eif from the view I basis of Inspiration, and asks what] My answer to the question is thatI " " o ' "" " '~'" ~- ~ s ]the Bible means the Church received the Old Testa are looked uff to and painted 6ut with believe it. How many peaple real y omt of hmtomclt , the Fourth Go ....... !esteem. Somehow they feel that lt'Ycork heart and soul with the priest ,~el must be acknowledged to be a ] Too much emphasis has been given ment as it was handed to tier by the i gives them greater liberty, s~nee if the !u everything he undertakes for the uarrative of facts. The writer show~ m the past century to the Inroduc- Synagogue of the Old Law in the ~great ones fail to keep the laws of people ,and the general good? If ~ ...... l~' i tion to the study of the bible form of the Septaugint translation, a detafl.d knowledge of the G..s~...... " ...... God and man, then everyone should statistics could be had they would story and the country of Palestine The study proceeded as if tile Bible completed before the Birth of Chris{, be more indulgent to them if they probably prove that it is less than which bespeaks an eye witness never existed before, and continued and used constantly by the New Tes-fail in a lesser degree. It flatters one per cent. And why? Simply What is of great importance here it examine it as if it were newly di~. tament writers. The official text of their sanity to know they haven't because striving for perfection is so is that all these, and many other his. Icvered. The Catholic Church was the Jews was used as the basis of these failings. If one were then to hard, being good is so old fashioned. torical ~etails, have been verified by tardy to enter upon this phase of the this translation and cohection of write the ,~rivate diar- "-v o -~;~+ It means giving up so much that oth the labors of modern criticism As study of the Bible, for she saw n~ books, and iL included the,seven books there would be a -eneial rush to*~:o' to enjoy. an example, I would mention that need of it ..... in question, namely, Tobias, Judith, cure that article~expecting to ~ind er D~o*fle of the ~orld have and seem the excavation by the Germans of the ] The Catholic Church has always Baruch, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus and somethin s nsational " "" - .- The pastor is always offering ,triLl- town of Sychar in Samaria have prey- regarded the Interpretatmn of the the two books of Maeabees. there " no an'al ..... e'sm about dress, about the school at- . ] oe sc u we wonaer ix ~ne ed the correctness of the details in B~ble as the true B~bhcal study. II When the Hebrew Ohl Testament .......... tendance, about mass, and when none ......... . .... would be central- to truth to sa-" w ............... majomty woum no~ ~nrow ~t down in ne fourth cnan~er o~ ~ donn" the " "z ~ ~ as puonsnea ~uo years az~ez unrest . . ~relative positions of the well, the that the Church has been negligent by the Rabbis, these books in ques- iamgusc" of these fail to act as a red flag the mention of money always will. You fidd, and the town. in the study of the Introduction of tion were left out. The chief reasou] Despite the fact which we have can't love God and Mammon, that's The writer of the Fourth Gospel the Bible. The Church has always why they were omitted is the, fact:here portrayed as common to the why a priest is not loved more. In :claims that he is an eye-witness of welcomed serious and unbiased in- that they were written m Aramalclreading public, we believe that al- ~[i!i~i fact some don't love him at all, they have no time for him for he stands i between them and their pet passions and sinful pleasures. And these al- ways succeed through the aid of the devil to stir up others against the priest's reforms so that whole hearted co-operatlon with him is reserved to imbibed in youth the sublime lessons The Church is ahvays behind tune i the very good and sometimes the verv of the Fourth Gospel, which required in attacking the Bible; abreas of Therefore, we crave your pardon, old who don't feel the lure of the the tm~es u lifetime of meditations to formulale " in defending the Bible; dear reader, if we in our lowly way flesh and the world any lonzer. and express for us. ahead of the times in interpreting Catholi~ Church's Study oF Bible. I the Bible. Question: Has not the Catholic Question: Why have the Catholie~ ,,'hurch been a laggard in the critical l added some books to the Bible? study of the Bible, following where ] Answer: As there is but One God. others have led? i the Author of the Bible, there can be An.~wer: Let rue first make a dis-ibuo cue Bible. An edition of the t . .......... Bible may be complete or incomplete, ~,tc~ion zne s~uay of ~ne JsiDie *- , . " [~u~ ir is as incorrect to speak of dif- stretches ou~ today roteextens w ' ' i iferent Bibles asit would be to speak ramifications. I have said befor.~tof an American Shakespeare and an that no other book has been studied English Shakespo.are. s,, much as the Bible. Briefly, weI Difference in Editions. divide this study into two sections: The question of the number and the Introduction of the Bible, and kinds of Bibles seems more compli- the Interpretation of the Bible. t cated than it really is. This fact i The introduction considers sudh I clearer when I tell you that all the] questions as the authorship of th(, editions of the New Testament con- II I I thing material, ish trifles, causing ending amount of of precious they fairly force him to uninviting in sheer sel is the reason why olc -- (C___ontinued on I Will Appreciate A. R. LAMB Candidate for Sheriff and Collector Of Pulaski County retaining the seven books of the Old Testament. It is interesting to r.ote that these seven are often found to- day printed in the edit:ons of the B,ble, which do not put them in their canonical positions but as a part of the appendix, for their value in fill- ing the gaps in Sacred History is recognized by all. The question, therefere, is not why the Catholic Church has added them to the Bible, but rather, why did any- one ever drop them from the Bible? Alleged Contradictions in Bible. Questicn: Arc not contradictions found in the Bible? For instance: I attempt to treat the common place in an uncommon manner and endeavor to outline for you in an instructive, if not interesting way, the human side of a pr'est's daily life. If all people only knew a priest's great un- spoken love for his people, or even understood it as well as little chil- dren do, then his hardest work would become easy and most of his trials would vanquish and both priest and people would be happier. Most people look upon their pas~or and priests as hired by them, or at least as appointed by the Bishop and paid by them. Forgetting what Christ said about the Good Snephera who is read in Luke XXIII, 39, "And one of the robbers who were hanged, blas- phemed Him, saying: If Thou be the Christ, save Thyself and us. But the othe~, answering, rebuked h~m." In Matthew XXVII, 44, I read: "And not a hireling, but the sheep are his 'the selfsame thing the thieves also lwn" Every priest looks upon h's peep e as hm very own, just as dear that were crucified with Him, re- " preached Him with." Is there nots to himaretheir souts asthough they contradiction here between Luke andwerehis own famil His lov" " Y. ! e fo r Matthew? . ]them is jus~ as strong and tender as Man 'a )arent cent, s I that of any worthy father for his Y Pl' ' "- . . . AnSwer: h a ..... ~ m.. ,u; ..... lea ldren, and tam ~s no exaggeratmn dictions in ~-e -~..~v~., ........ s .... , ~ have been ci[ed, and they have been Love is measured by deeds not words, carefully studied. No redl conlradi~- deeds that mean work and sacrifice tion has ever,been found, for to have'net by a mere show of affection. a contradiction we must have one~What priest have you ever known writer deny what another asserts. ]worthy of the name that would not We must remember that the Fou: be willing to sacrifice anything for Evangelists wrote four accounts of, the spiritual welfare of his children the same historical event. Hence ] and flock? We say spiritual because The second greatest office of a priest today is to be a receiv'ng bu- reau for complaints. No one under Heaven hears of more woe and misery than a priest and yet he is to be the most cheerful and sympathetic of men, and usually he is. If ever his un- derstanding and relief of other peo- p'.e's troubles and worr'es should ever fail, it would be simply because all I his powers had been needlessly taxed ~and abused. Often parishioners wor- ry their spiritual father with every- E.F. Candidate for REPRESEN'rtl Subject to Democratic ] Aug. 12, 195~0 they present many differences which!our ideals are different from those can be understood only in t~ie lightt of the world, and those of the flesh of the event itself, and b:ood father. He works and Often what seems to be a eontra- weighs mostly everythlng in a natur- diction is really a deeper revelation al way and asks whether it will give of the truth, his family a better home, more corn- Dr. C. M. Candidate foe Of Pulaski Your vote and Appreciated. The modern, luxurious way to Erin... Too ..... these spacious Cabin ships. staterooms, lounges and libraries . . . andah cafes... Cunard food and service. facilities for daily celebration of M ss on First Class $177.50 up. Cabin $147.50 up, Cabin $132.50 up, Tourist Third Cabin, One $108 up, Round Trip $190 up, Third Class, Way $85. Round Trip $155 up according steamers, U. S. War Tax additional. See Your ~oeal Agent o~ " Headquarters 117 Vz W. Second St. Phones 4-8394---4-8386 Both men executed with Christ fort and greater happiness here be- :: were condemned criminals. There is!low, us;ng religion and the supernat-I. no reason to suppose "~hat either was i uralonly as a means of honoring God - put to death unjustly,, much less the i and keelcing himself an.=[ his family Take Home Todav a ____Six,Rottle penitent thief, who professe=[ that he on the path to Heaven. The priest deserved to die for his crime. There has chiefly the supernatural end in ~atC~r'on roca-% a is no reason to lhink that either was [ view, and does eve~)thin~ to directl2 willing to die before they me~ Chrlst; 'l attain that end for his children. He it seems, however, that one was a t works, and prays that they may gain The College Offers the more hardened cmmmal than the more merit in Heaven, have greater , ~ _ -~,~----~ It is delicious and refreshing and you other.What is more natural than virtue, better spiritual health and ]':--L~ ~'1 should keep a six-bottle carton in your re- USUAL CLASSI CAL COU / ~-~/~~ fr:gerator at all times to serve to unex-~ what St. Matthew tells us, that while eternal happiness in their future ~~z~'~N.~. peeled guests, dhe mob how.ed for Chris': to come home. Who loves his chidren the in the own from the Czoss and save Hm~ ~o~ ~If eu n ha ~ " ~ -n ~t. y will eL concede t t i ~-~'~~[ Visit out new plant and watch them se'f, the two thi~ve~ reproached him the p~'iest loves them the most then t wa~l~l |~ r~ I!I ~'~"(~[ make this delicious drink, with the sam.e.thmff, you must concede th'at he loves them HIGH SCHOOL DEP~RS' I~1] C0CA~'.~$t~ Thn sometime ha I ~ ~ ~" ppened. It ~was the best. ,I ] ..fifllA never before known that a man at ...... .....~0,+~., ~,~,~"u~""~ l~--y .......... ~vr rus execution-" ~s soon as ~ne peopm. . unaers~anu. For Terms and Information OT ~Nf C{ ers. 2'a~ner, zorg~ve them, for they .. .................... I ,, .... . that a sacerdotal hfe ~s one that xs tKnow noo wna, they do. 'Ihe psy- not for pay, the greater will be the --_Vo Rector, ehology of the Penitent Thiof is an . ~"~// LITTLE ROCK, ARK. ins'~'iraticn He " ~1 ~e~ame mceresteu'~"., success of the priest and they will beI-A now not in the "l .... more considerate of his failings To , ~ aspnemles of the ...... " , o~her malefactor but i .... ~e sucesszm one mus~ love their worK; words 'of" the Central Figun:eSat~h~:Y no priest is ever a failure ass priest, 1 C 0 C 0 L L[ were ihe. peo'qe~ ~avin~'~. T'-'ne ~on" o~ some. may have greater. .success than. Subiaco, Arkansas r-~m w~. ......... , . .... others some may fai~ in zinances, but ,~,,u. x~t,x, p~ayer, lc was Beyond l-ill- man nature, it was prenatural, it wut as a priest in their priestly work sure"natural. He Who spoke it is no they succeed as long as they work at ! mere man. I)ivine grace found its it, for they love the work regardless way to the 'soul of that unfortuna*e of any remuneration they rece've. crircinal, and in place of reproaches All this people take for granted and prayer and faith burst forth from., h;~ [ expect from their clergy, but what re. lips: "Lord, remember me whenI '.urn do people make for so signal and Thou shall come into Thy Kingdom." supernatural a service? Many sup- What appears to be a con*zad'ction port the church school and pastor, vanishes; we understand better for our study Chat the conversion of the Penitent Thief was begun and crown- ed on the Cross. often enough according to their means, but what about moral sup- Have the Protection of a Monahan Memorial Above all'a Memorial must be ing. The Guardian Memoria~ ~t Monahan's guarant~ by a eertffi~ that ghsy ars p~rfset and ~r SN b~u~tful de,,iS'ns h,w~, MONAHAN & SON 412-414 W. MarWaua St,, 1135-37 Olive St., St. LoulS, IILAI{ NO. 1 INGRAMS-- ............................ Per bushel basket .............................. NO. 1 YORKS-- 50 baskets or less .................................. / A limited amoun~ of Class X-M 7% Full-paid Guardian Build- ing and Loan stock is offered for a short time only. The.amount that may be purchased by each individua, is also limited, and all or- ders are received subject to prior sate. Interest is payable Janu- ary and July, and funds are subject to withdrawa!~)n thirty days' notice. ,/ Investors interested in this sound investment will receive full part.culars if the attached coupon is cdpped and mailed today. Building & Loan Association I0 Years of Service. Dr. J. P. Runyan, Pres. New Donaghey Bldg. Little Rock, Ark. Please send me com- plete re~arding your class X-M 7% Full-paid Stock issue~ port? Have they no obligation of re- turning love for love, do they riOt" owe some" gratitude, some annrecia- tion? And .that love and affecVon again t~ be genuine must be express- THE INT' SATr. ,q r E OF A PRIEST'S LIFE NAME ............................................ : ................. ADDRESS ........................................................... ed in deeds and eo-operat-ion not in By Rev. Herman J. Sehafers /words or comnliments. Many nee- (The Southwest Courier.) ple, and usua!ly they are the.,ones the'] who do the least, feel they have ful- These are the days in which most intimate stor;es of human lifeI filled their obligation to their pastor' by a flattering compliment on his work, h;s Dreach~ng, etc. When oth- er oe~)le ~ay pew rent. they pay com- pliments; avd if a ~riest is courteous e~ou_~b to thank them for it. he short chan~es h'mself and devrives the church of much ne,ded revenue. If peonle understood how well a pr.~est undarst.ood hum.n nature, and e~n~- cially that particular human that Little Rock, Arkansas -- Phone 4-0157 --- Lon are in demand. Private memories, in- timate confessions and secret corre- spondence are pr'nted and published and become the world's best sellers, es~)ecia'ly when they deal with prom- inent men and wom,~n. The more shocking and scandalous the revela- tion the more entertaining and inter- esting it is to the masses. So innately curious is mankind that it is ever