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July 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 12, 1930

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[ AGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, JULY 12, 1930 .... iii when his temper is aroused. I ha'.e 'fhe words cut deep in the boy's!of expensive silver made a pic:ure hOWyour Vet: - _it typified himself. scenes and your father can be so.heart. Tears Mistned in his eyes. of artistic luxury. Mrs. Bremen did rushing, domineering, i unreasonable," I "There':~ no money in it," repeated not taste the food. Oppo:dte her, "Dollars and cents," "I was just talking to the priest l]~ren=en in heavy, oracu:ar tones as Mr. Bremen'ate heartily. A servant the countlh, side flew by and he a:tvised me to find out what l if render;n:$ a final verdict brought him a. cigar~md hehl a father thought of my becoming ai He seemed sati~fie:t with'himself, n:atch for him. (Continued on page 5,t miss;orary, t This bvt'le with Lis own flesh amt "Oh, how couhl you be so hearUess, . -~-'- "I kn-w tha~-~ he is bitterly oppos- / biood differed no more than hundreds Gem-ge," cried h-:e wife, suddeniv cd," ~a'd Mrs. Bremen. * l of ba tle~ he had had with others, bu;'~Hng into t~ars and Support Appreciated "Perbans we might be altogether, lAnd always his a~gressive, domincer. "Iiea,:tTessV' exc'aimed Bremen, C a~,a .... 7~,,[,, ..... u-lP: tit witl~ a "All right, Father, and thank you mistaken," weut On the boy i ing me hgd of attack had conquered b!owing a cloud of smoke and watch. ..............................:e" ED B. DILL a~exfnl smile. Everybody in Sax- ever so much ~:r yo:~r :uX:i ~.Xm~i~t But h;s n-other sho~k her head. "I I He not'ce~ the tears on the verge of ~ng- the circle:; it made through half- had a kind word for the engaging sam lrranK, rx~ ,.. f~ther thin~s " can a!ways tell when father is a~ai~st flood n'r his son's eyes. His heart clcse~l eves. "Explain yourself, my Eandidato for imamg ferow, ins well fna ou~ wna~ .'. anything, He has been hintin~ pret-Isoftened; now he had won he could dear." " TATE SEN aWhat'a the matter Frank?" asked As he turned to leave he stopped tv broa:ly about your vocation'of I afford to b~ wao'n-nimo, s. ' "You know what I mean--abou~ lmstor as the young man took a an,12aced the pmes~.. ~. ~_ late." After all, why expe~t Frank to be Fra~.k. I am half-crazy. Some'imes ~t~ une more qt-e_uon.~uppose ~a- "St'll, as long as I have made up Ilike himself. Ve had fought his own I think you have no heart at a!l." Pulaski and Perry { my mint I must go ahead. I'm sure!way from the time he was a ragged Bremen hi=l d'wn the cigar. air% about my 'father," blurted out~ther says no; will I have to give up that Fa her Gregory advised well. .I f,rmh~n-I in a n~w, wild country up 'Heart!e~s, Mol!ie, how can you say Subject to Action of : boy ' my vocation?" ~q[I,~'o" ~,~t sick9'' exclaimed tl.e "There you go again borrowing might lose courage later and things until he was the bi~uest man in the such a thing? But then it's just like Primary, Aug. 12, ...... trouble," smiledFather Gregcry. wouH drag along as befcr~" I comrrun:~y. He h~d known what it a woman. They never stop to think. aOh, no, not that. Father has al- "However, I wfll answer that ques- "Perhaps you are right, dear," said was to be hungry and penniless, but As a ma'ter of fact. if you will just tion for you. We cught to obey God hi~ mother, ki'sin,~ her son fondly his boy was different. Frank had an calm yourself you wi!l see that I am ways been blessed with exraordin'~ry rather than men." i The "office'' was a little room in ' e~sy life, soft and she't~red. His far from heine- hearUess. I am just kealth. You'know for a long time ICn-e havin~ n:a'e up his mind and the rear of the house on the ground hard eyes l~st the;r glint and his the opr.osite. You are the heartless ~ ~ve cherished the notion of becom" s misslo~nary." resolved cn a course of action, Frank : fleer. Mr. Bre~ren was a prosper- Ilarge ba-d rela~ed. He picked up a one." -~ ~res, l..feel -~ure that you have a fel~ co,skterably re'ieved. He hur-, ous man even wore prcs-erous than i pe~ end rayed! w;th ~t. Mrs. Bremen was aghast at her ~eatiOn," said Fa':her Gregory. "You mean your father would object ?" aThat*s it," said Frank. "I am ~raid to mention it to him. You know the pastor. "I feel sure that he w~! let you go ahead te school. After he is a good, practical Catho io. that I would waL until he is fin. i Th~ (o-r stead hal'-0pen and the boy [ " ' ' " ..... o%e- clo- d of smoke into the e'r. ~" " C, j . " ~ast go ahead and ]~y the whqe wat. :shed" - lcau~ht a ~li~nse of h"s father before ] Then I ea,~ t r~o cheat to the "Of cour.~e ff you would like Frank ~er before him~ Of course he may Jt s q i e ~'o t~nt, motheL It s he reached ~t. Mr. Bremen was a i y" he Po,ed. ~ o r-sh off .~n~l ~e~, killed m that ~up an objection. That's possible, about my vocation." t stro,~g, st'-r'ily b~fil* ~an His thick] "No, you'd Letter stay down with Va.~q-n I ba.-e -othin,r to say." ~t certainly, in the end he will ca- A star|led look crepC over Mrs. , iron-grav hair ~oo'-ed like a shaggy me. I want you to learn th~ business I "George!" Mo]lle's soft brown eyes ' e n , . win.. d Later. ,,we can dmcuss thin ~e hone xwth tears ~itulate." ,, , Brem_n s placid countenance.Sh -ane. His rather small gray eyes "" " ~ "- "-I~ " ~- [ ~I'm, afraid not, Father, responu- was well awa,'e of h~r Son's ambition were hard as s~e~l and a prominent hgmus st fir. [ "If you want Frank to know the I ' ved cf hi, nose a d d a *e I He cotqd no~ resist this sharp jibe mean n of s~arkpo~er~v hun~er, ed the youth, shaking~his blond head but, a.though she appro s " -~ grimness to his s..rn ...... , : g ~' " ., I It was part of h~s na ure Wh le Mr ~adl~ ,while..,an..unhappY ~expressior. choice; she drca~ed its effect onher couvtenarce, i " ' : I~ohl, heat, vermin and unspeakable| a~le into the candid b?ue eyes. husband. It must be confessed that"What d~ you wa-~t?" he almost ~remen was ~o~d and savage, he fre. J fiPh, I'll give in." ~*Don'~ .make a mountain o'-t of a the dilatory tac'ics of young Frank'sho-ted, looking u from some a iquerUy e-h:bited an onulen~ gener- "How terrible," sighed poor Mol- P P-. . ~ote-Ifi'l," advised the p"bst. "There'. were largely out of deference to his pets. [ ~-os ty to the very ones he had defeat-I lie. O.M. ' I ,, ed Still, he hked a sarcastic joke ,, curbing like being straight out with mother s wishes. I want to see you about some-1 " " " " " And remember Frank is nothing, ,, * , [~lhlngs, Lots,of parents object to "Oh, dcn'~ go now, Frank,". she th ng," said Frank, beginn'ng to feel lWh,~n the ec'.,~sion came up. ]more than a sof boy who bas always I Candidate for 'l#ae[r ehiMren becomin~ priests an:~ wartied, wmt until your father ~s m that he should have taken his moth- If your re--tier eonsclen~e froubleslhad the best It seems very unfairI RepTesentat em~., The life of a religious is an a more generous ~tate of mind I , ~ " . !co- F~'ank t~l Father Gre or er s aawce and wmted for a more ~ ...... g Y I Ire expect hardship from him. [ peeped rote the offl e just a minute o rtun~ ~ 1 ~re~ent him x~th a checkb~ ,, eSlmeially severe one and ofttimes " "~ " ' ~P" ~ time. ' . -' ] "" "g[ I guess you h~ve chan.ed your Pulaski c un filled with great sa~rifi'~e. So it is ago and he was a~ cross as a bear" "Wha~ do ,~ou want * .... me e,'ou~h to feed th-ee m:ssiona~i~s ~or I mind my dear," he added He walked I , the parents to raise objee" "I don't thnk I had be.'.er wmt t.m- about?" snapl=e-t Mr. Bremen curtly. 1..~. He laughed m self-congratu, l,round the table" and*gently touched[ QUALIFIED --" ~ ti0~. Your father does not wrnt to less ~t ]s your aemre, moth- Mr. Bremen was no~. iu an amiable m~mn.z ~her hair. I give you u,. But after a time I feel er, stud.Frank" m" flr~n tones.. I have raced. For a moment Frank yielded. ~eThe" wOr.rr, o'e s we[e small an4 con-l "Dont ~vorry, Mollie, the boy will/, " ' be will be reconciled." tea tempta'ion to ,efer the meeting " ' "- " Y |come back I~e toht him that 1/| ~ Sk been wa 1;ln~ ~or a (lea]alert so long ~ ~'lanl~ moved awa Irom ,, Frank did not seem greatly en~our- tha~ I must kn~w father's attitude ;m~'l later, but ~u~w.orin~ his cour the desk /wept. ": .... ~- . ./| ~. B~.~ ~ .... : ~ - ,, , ! " a senu ~,a~ner ~resory a check/ | ..... ~ by the pastor's wo~ds. He kn~w of mind right awaw." a~e, he advance4 in"o the room and I d-n t want the car and I'm not| for '~hr~ nq~A,n~;-~" I| " ~ fa~herts, hat, ire well and how "Oh. don't go," ~mplored the moth- stoo~l f ad-.ff h:a faucet. ~'-'n~ to de'lver an-such me,,aCe to [ "You sc';;-Mollie;" he continued,I | FIRST Ct~7::;t~g ~ ft~rsh his parent could be when the er Her soft brown eyes had ~he ............... n Father Gregory If you don't wnn~/ .... Butine,. of tl~ I about m self h~ ,~,,,,,,~,=,, -"- ~ " t~ look of a we lndo(1 ooe ano t, ran,~ s " T " " r tO ~encl lr.e l w;]l w~rk mv own way" . , ~i~atest oppo~dtion to his ungovern- " " " " ' " "~ ,, s Y, , . " . , - " " ! ~ s all a ma.tcr of dollars and con ". I ' " I Uh-uh, ~'~mt~d ~he father, look. _ ~ " | Now, why coul'n t you explain that I As~et~: Over One Bill heart sank Runmn~ over he placedm down ~rewen ]~u~he ~ m) ommualv Tt ~e and imperious temper was ad" ~' " ~ ' I" ~ . at h's work as if dismiss. " " " "" " "" '" " |to him in your nicest manner. Three | Hundred Mtllioa I~ . ~umeed. ' hi~ '~:ron~ arms around,, her. , l in~, th~ bgy, . wa~ a ~od ~m-e. Frank worMn~, hi~|mi~;~.......~o:~ .~.~- on~. ..'emembcr, It New York l ~hen you wantme to tell him ,. "Listen, mother .... he counse ed, ] "We'l. wha~ about yourself?" he own way! There was no ~ron in the] dear, even holy missionaries ha~e to I| ea?l~ght my wish?" a~ked the boy. , 'one time is as go~d as another. Be-tconqn.,ea "~i"l-in~ u" a "e" be,. | .... ' " [| L~uiran~ ( ....... a~es, just go aheid and let him si*'es, father is not go-hag me. I "Perha;( :o~ ~-~lread-'P kn"- ~ "All right, r.o ahead," he sMd "Tell|ua~" ' |l . .. ,~ . "" y ow, ~ ~ , ~ - ". / MoTe Bremen collapsed on his know the .truth. Maybe hls actio, s Why should I fear my own ~amer. 'the,." ~t'ted Fr'ml~ me w~en vou re r a,~v ~o come nome~ " " " | Phone 51~5 LR'tl~ -.. - ....... ,, i ..... ' ana ~,q _02., _, , .~ " ,,, [ stron~ chest and wept b~tterly.I ~a the matter will surprise you. It ~n ne can say ~s yes ,Jr no.i Cone;"en~e fee-~ed to flo~dhis ~ nu 3on rpe mone~. ! ,, ,, - - ,,-,-- 11110~ D~wstrh~ ~ ']riOt pay to expect the wor~t.] "He will s~v, l"~ mo~'e 'hnn tl, nt ve'nu sna st~ei iis h~art now that the W"thout a word Frank turned| There, there, he soothed. ?11 . , ~' s-,~,, T,~'. o " 'alk to the Ya h~r Superior a~ wul Besides, you don't know what effect and besides I can t bear to be around bat"'e had begun At the ve-v o-'s*t - ~ . a~ h c,'os.~ed the threfh-| ............. . . ...... " o~(| h~ f~oe-~ .-~-^-~a - "~ - -- ... / ver 15verygnlng Wlll De all l'l~'ng. oT ni~, announce rn. Frank re-~ll*ed ..... " |~ ..... .l .... v ......... r-uu]l andharsh C.D. KEN tha'- h~ h.r] ~ R;~..~+.~n,~;~+ ;.a s,,,mwn w'eq. Hisf-therhad al.[ .................... ~ " ~ .,. ." h'~ fn+~( .............. ~" ......... rea-% retvr-ed to work. |My hfe makes me that way. naven-t ........ "~a~h " ~ I done well?" T~ C~ "Or~t v-:~. :~ T,.... ~. ......... ,, e~. l hope you un erstand my | .................. '~n' p~it'on.I'm s~rrv to '- v " / ';Yes, yea," she brea'hed softly. eomr'an.'e-, Mr. Bre,nen, his hand.. ,. -., na e ~o go| u^. ~..o~....a ........ ~;~ ~e-s-nal" S~ dro-,red the ten ~nd the boy ~aw a .. . . hes bu.. as Faeher | ........ ~-a. .. .~ ' ' ' urec, orv save 'we .,,~.v ,^ ^~., r~^. ~ ry nan won nor Dyer ~o nlq .~.. ~r:n~:d ~ ~fatt:e,sf~:r:~d AI s:~,:~ rather than men.'" ~ /'Dollars and cents, Molhe, that's WWOLI~AL~ ,lwav ~ ' ,'~ ~" ?" :, ~ ,.,'I Bremen IMd o-e pa,er on another m hat coums these days even in the RI~TAI~ S . o"e a~ ra-'cl grew na .V , S . - , - ,, ......... "_, . w~ ho,,t rms,nt~ his h~ a Church. ~z ~na m.~--s v|s'on wer~. ClOUOe% The ) ,,-~ .. o a.., . ] ...... , .... . ~)I~IS ~B. .... :..^ : ......... ~.~,.~ .... 1 .... 1. ) ~ooa-Dye, father," said the boy l ne cnucKzea as ne wavea a anna - 116 W~ ~l~h " r s s y . [ from the tonneau of hm superb ca . IA~tle l~,k, an8 e ,, ,, , " t Bremen began wzidn~, ranidl- J Step on the gas, John, he told the ~'Well, it's about my vocation," said ~ " "~" I . .. I cnauxzeur. " _ - : the, son. . ...... t The second week after Frank had[ The fast rushing car slid at a tre- BretOCano::. is mat a l'!" ,leered left home Mrs. Bremen could stand [mendouspace over the smoothly pay- --o-mpson, S n~ S ~lor . " ; the stra, n no longer led h,ghway wh'ch ran to town & Gmoee "It's a lot ta me," remarked " , " ~, .~ . ' I She was sitting wI'h her husband at I Stick her up another notch, call- r rsn~. t breakfast. A very sumptuous break, led Bremen. HALLAI~Ikltle41~BU] It was snrpri~in~ how cool he was ~-s~ --~ --_,- --, -t -- - ~ ..... ' " "' "" ~ , I~. b D.'IU lsptunul(I y ~erve The zresu- ne ~ooK a ~:een sense or exull;a~lon n~w that tk~ ~'e,,.s wa~ out. In fac~, cut .~ .... . , . , .. ~ .... LI2~Llg ROCK, - ........ ! zy rose, ann rne pzeasan~ shine in me excessive ra~e o~ speea, bome- a s~ran~ereueI srr-req un m nim~ One question confronting fhe people of Pulaski County relative to the business ability of 4heir County Judge is the judgment used in the expenditure of the County's funds for the purpose intended by the law. Judge Sibeek's Business Ability From the time Judge Sibeck went into office Jan- uary 1929, to June 1, 1930, he paid to Lee Webber, a retail grocer located at Wright Avenue and Chester atreets, the sum of $60,565.07 "for groceries to be used in the county institutions. These commodities could, and ahould, have been bought at wholesale prices, instead of retail prices, anda County Judge with proper business ability would have done so. The records show that even these accounts were not itemized, as required by law. If Judge Sibeck possesses the ordinary judgment of an ordinary man, would not his interest in public affairs dictate to him to buy these commodities at wholesale prices ? If I am elected your CounLv Judge I romis- to see to it that every item purchased for the insti tutions of Pulaski COunty is purchased at the lowest pri e obtain- able. Respectfully submitted, CHAS. B. (CHOCK) DAVIDSON " " Candidate for County and Probate Judge / as if he were rre*ting power figure 'some vnknown force. He was glad that he had taken the priest's ad- vl-e. "I"s m,, choiceof life." ~nno,m~ed Fr~n',. "I've ~lwavs wanted to be a wissio~a'v. I l:elieve that it is Go-"~ ~l~r call." "No-eon~e an4 dr~ve~.'' explo~ed the fat~-e~. He hushed the n~ners a,~,av a~d ban~e~ a heavv h~nd en t~e t~bl~, to emphasize his strident )ronouncemen% "I have c~,-sulted my reliMous su- Ch4 they th~k I have a vo- caqon," ~rgred the boy. "I don'~ know much ab~)ut that; it's a lot of dreamy, crazy stvff. Priest~ a~o rig*. ~rds. They r~eddle ' somet,'r-e.~ in th:ngs that don't con" eern them." "B"t, father," rr-tested Frank, "Surely the n,'os's point out the road "Not conceded about money!" B~er~e,-'~ a.-,^r. 'rYOU poor young .%o'!" he added. Little Rock, Arkansas For Boarding and Day Students A four year College offering courses leading to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science. Bachelor Also offers Pre-Medical; the of PhilosO Pre-Le al and Commercial (Three Year ourse leading to the Degree, Ph. G. Modern and well-equipped buildings, very strong Faculty, location unsur venience, hea]thfu]ne, and beauty. Rates Very Reasonable For Catalogue A,>ply to the Dean (Under Direction of the College.) A standard (Class A) High School ofF rin a four year Courses: Classical, S cientific, Commercial Modern equipment and strong f,c,,lt,,V y Reasonable Apply to the Principal )