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July 12, 1930     Arkansas Catholic
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July 12, 1930

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| ALL SOC,IA: AND SOCIAL or Send Social Items to The Guardian 307 West Second Street. Phone 5486 ITMES MUST BE IN THE OFFICE B Y NOON TUES- DAY. THE GUARDIAN, JULY 12, 1930 PAGE THR i~AT~D~ ~NT~ Father Matthew. Mr. Frank Merckle, of his brothers, after the death of his brethren, has never been identL llWJIAa~ of Bierne, moLored to Little Rock t.. the first of his companion martyrs: fled; the bodies of Father Joguea, see Father Matthew, wnich happened "It lacks little, according to human Father Chabanel and Brother Lal- __ to come in the week preceding Fath- appearances, till when you wi~ nave antic, thrown into the river, could not Sunday Masses (~ummer Schedule.) er's death, a l)rother martyr, but, alas, in the be traced again; nor could the bone~ Low Masses at 7-9 and 11 a.m. eyes of God one needs the virtues of of Brother Goupil, hmd,.n by Father No evening devotions. Ben,'.-dlction JESUIT MARTYRS FORESAW a temperament very differen~ from Jogues. of the Most Btess~d Sacrament ira- Uv:AI'H IN LABORS FOR GOD mine to merit the honor of martyr- The bones of Father de Brebeu/ of th~ -;* .... -- Religious Vacation School lating our lives for the service of our .... z' 'CEREMONY OF PROFES : " " " ' Master Jesus Christ. If ~ou:, hear ~s it does ~,~ ,~M .......... I ...... - Th~ rchglous vacation schools, in aaA aaAl~LtlJltl~t~.~. ~ activities of various kind.q , ION IS HELD AT HOLY the Hope mission district will be con- that God has crowned our lmmble t ANGELS' CH " APEL ducted this e 1 ebb 1 t :~ a by the pastor Fath , 't is expected that. , . labors, or rather our desires, bl ss -- -- er Strassner " aal festival will attract , ., I.. ,with the assistance of Him because for Him only we desire large attendance Thai in ~ne presence of a number oF loOal Sunday School teachers wherev- to live and die and it is ne WhO g~ves Capacious gymnasium lends relatives, friend~., and other inter, e.r necessary. The inclusive dates of us this grace." th~ schools are as follows. [ Gabliel Lalel ,~ to an event of thia e=ted spectators, three sisters of th~ . DeQueen, ' nant, in the analysis 1 - . " July 14 to 20; Foreman Jul to of the motives " " argo, coo] and spacmu~, Order of St. Benedmt pronounced the ....... ' y 21 . , . that ~mpelled him to nest comfort is afforded sim ...... s ........ ~, ~mmps, duly 28 to August 2; aecome a nussionary, addressed these o wi" -- - p~e vow oi roverty, (;nasally, Prescott. Auc, u~ ~ ~- ~- xl~ch,,m, words tn h~ ~,,1 ,,l~ ~ ~ ....... and Obedience in the beautif-~lly dec- August 7 to 9; Hope, August 11 to able that someone gives with love to ~lr~ ..... [orated Chapel of Holy Angels' on the 16; Mineral, August 18 to 20. Tak~ Jesus the pleasure of his own sacri- |~K||'~|A~W [feast of The Visitation, July 2 ing into account the Saturda s when flee, with dan er of " -"wal Uglkl~kl ....... " . y ', g a hundred lives r,.._ " I ~o,.emn nigh mass was celebrated tszh0ol will be cond t~ if he h , "~aRY ~'t~r~-e t, ~ UC.~, thl,s will be ad them, and w~th the loss of ............. Ioy the Very Rev. Msgr. A. L. laletch-!a standard vacation school session of what is most pleasing to nature, thou - ~ ~ , . . , I'I'~-,ms- " .;or of. L~tfle. . Rock w~th the S~sters [rex weeks., welt neveI fred "a person who will be fli-a tedt, aged 62, maste~ Cho~r singing the "Assumota Est" Innovations in the ~course of m me e obli ed than th el " ~u s ..... " " g ys f. J"u~y uadenlYl at 2.45. a. m , Mass, a four vome eompomtmn. .... Istructmns will be reading from Cath- Charles. Garnier, five w'eeks after 1 ::: b'e2 ~ll h::~ytaal sh~o:'ti~i~;r~i,:~:~otngDarraee~!i~~iiiii~c:::~nSiioii:d!!h:h~ iite:nt~.!Y ii! ~h'a~!eia:i!li!F:tii~d:th~i:b::;er~o~t! n at St Louis, Me, June "Melam Germ he e y , and at the" a" e " "~ Rintsch. of any, andl od and the. religious~ life to his brother. : "Bless God for me, ~, g of seven Sister Mary Mildred Felderhoffof] Father Matthew I Who has iven m so ~lttle g e me blothe~ ma~ 'the paR:40 w~t:rshhe Pa:slMuenster' Texas. I The old Pamzhioners of Hope,!tYrs, some saints who each day long- " Dlumb" Y ". i Roy. W. J. Kordsmeier of Jones.] Prescott, Bierne, Stamps,, Maqnoliao . ed fol- this c~own." . Pray that He ma." y ~--. mg and heatm~ con- : bore, assisted the Very Reverend[and McNeil are co o~era*i-~ --:,~ give me th .............. T ....... l~v'ngsas p~been connected, with [ Msgr., Fletcher. as deacon, and Roy [their. .... pastor by savin'~v_ ~ a dally~"'~ playerW~" ~ull~.~ and ~to ~; .... aecomphsh~' ~e~'ve ~lmthe ~al~n-great amp and Pipe Coin- Joseph Hoffhnger of Paragould serv. lfor 60 nays for the re ose of the ~xorl, entrusted to m. m . P .. .... y hands, to con- ember of the f, m of e a~ su t ~ ~ I 'Stedt Plum" .~ 2" } d ,,, b:oeacon. Rev. Gee. Carm'[ "oul of Father Matthew,who was stone my life in His service. Indeed, beern t~, ~,~, ,.rag t;ompany, qf Jon~sboro, recently ordained{ fa!thful to and solicitous for them l consider myself from now on as firraaofeHimstedtO&m;Om"---nlesW"est' served as master of ceremo-I from the summer of 1909 to the fall a victim who must be immolated." i an ..... ' " If 1912. Prayers are said. daily~af{~l Humilhy With Heroism. I u neaung contractors. The entrance of , Sister Mildred er Mass by the congregation for ' Noel Chabanel also wrote to one' Vote For . Boyc M. D Samuel G e, . Coroner of Pulaski County TO SUCCEED HIMSELF , BeCause of pa:nful wounds sustained whi e serving as Army Surgeon with combatant troops in France, the physical endurance of Dr Bovce is limited to the amount of work necessary in the-discharge of his official and professional duties, and he cannot make an extended personal canvas, Realizing that he can go only so far as his friends are willing, Dr. Boyce is depending upon his friends new as he. has in the past. Subieet t?O Democratic Primary, August 12 and Mrs. O. B. Clark Jr. left He was married to Miss Margaret mediately after the 11 o'clock Mass AND GLORIED IN PROSPECT dora!" _ ~ and Father : emant, however, weiR} Rift lay for Russellvihe to Hicker, February 8 189z twrs Holyday Masses. -- Isaac Jogues, who suffered mar- brought to I~ort St Mar and t}~e ,he~ future home. [Himstedt died in 1926 Masses on Holydays of Obligation (Th~s ~s the tlmd of a series of tyrdom twice, having escaped fronl Jesuit missionaries no longer left, " at 6"0 "" ." art cms in which the Rome cor- death the fir' ; " " ' . [ Mr. H~mstedt ~s survived by "~ sis- .3 , 7.30 and 9.30 a. m. B~ne- , " , . st because his per- them, taking them with them on their No 1 " - ] " ~" diction of the Most Bless, S' ~ responaent of the N. C. W C News secutor~ were tired of , Cathedral A~d Socmty,.tel', Mms Anme Hnnstedt; two sons, . ..ed,~acrJ- ~ . . . . .- martyrizing journeys with the remains of the Hu- t "remedial 1 ~ Servme ~s rewewmg m compact form him before he die ~ " ~et at the home of Mrs. Jas., Dicke.. y and Arthur E. Himstedt'. , t~ox', men, ~ . e .y after the ~.,30 , . .. .... _ d ,tells about his ton tribe. In 1650, they whre take~ by, 423 Palmstreet, on Tues..l! dau~hterso , Mrs. Frank Letzi~. ~ a-d, Mass on Hoiydays. |h~ l~es. . of the. holy. persons who. first, martyrdom, and while, describ- to Quebec, and ti:e. ~skull of Fath~ wa n~o, ~,.~%,,~, ~o~,,,~*~- ~ro~,, 10 to ,.,,so~ ,~,,,,,w,~ ,,.,,s~e,,~,~;~'~.'~* and two ..... .. ~ { First Friday Masses. i havc .~ust been canomzed, and beat~- mg the toltules ' that were. mc~easing'' '. de Brebeuf was put m' a' ml" ver r~ ~laee of 2:30 in the afternoon ci',iidren, s" Masses on the First Friday of tim ficd in a series of magnificent core- he interrupts himself with this s'g~ liquary, the gift of the martyr's-fa~ " " ~ ~Month at 6-30 and 7 30 a m B - menlo: in Rome.) from his soul" "Thou knowest, h II . l~uneral services were held at St . . : ~--i " . 0 my y To preserve and perpetuate thew md Mrs. M. F. Due'clinger will Andrew's Cathedral, Seventh and echct~on of the Most Blessed Sacra- ~. , ~ Lord, what I told Thee from the bet- memory, after 1880, a splendid church ' W aldem~dly Jr and lit' R.CMa:~e~l.G.M;,~iaW.HEendLe:::nn,aHd h:Udab:fb:fo;he~::i~YrstMtss MUds::, to dep:;'t i:~fom th::e:'rdIera:~: ag:'tog onA'~h:2:f::~,aa;aJ:::::~:o.4t:d i:dl:Yl:~:a:fnsa':;c:~:y'Chmchl w~th the aure- " " Russell " ] "1 treat ( tl e glorious martyrs of seribable tortures amen the Ire uois ~hter. Dar~h,, ~..~.oA ~ D. Leas. i , ! ..... g q , It is :httmg that at the same tim s .......~' ............. HOLY SOULS CHURCH tNew York Sta~e and Canada, who and after having been saved by tlm~those heroic romote~s of h Pond the summer w'th t ~ raise ~ - i~ " t e Faith , (Attended from the Cathedral't were .d t) the altars of theDutch and brou ht back to ,~ :~ adr,,s ........ I MRS. J. D. MOIX . . ~ ~- .... g France, were canomzed, there should als D ~ parent, ~vlr..and ~rs.~ : Sunday Mass I Churcn ~unc 29, and who are of par- wished to rdturn as quickly as Dossi- raised t, tho'~ o~,~ r~--l~t ~'-m .af:olna~UhUOSS ....... screen. ~v~r. Funeral services Vo- a~-r.~. ~ o. ~,.=r~ ~ Mass every Sunday at 8 a.m. ~i tlculal and .-nnmedmte interestto ble to. h:s,, dear nnsmon, which he call-I Robert Beqlalnnne- " , also a Jesmt" ant} J t em ~ I North Americans. ,cd his s) , ,, ,, ~ . iMo~x, aged 21, 1009 Welch street,~ Holyday Mass. -'k wise ....... ~ . . . louse of blood. ,, I shall also placed among the Saints three ldMrs M I D;llon ~,i'1 1 v who died at 10:55 Saturday night IMass on Holydays at 7:30 a.m.! e .., ~ sf~. traverse the t s! a. return! he wrote]ceuturies after his death; and The- . . ~ ea e were h 1 ..... " First Friday Mass ~glcrlous rives oI ~nese American nmr- ~o nls nrother nefore he left and in- o " .. ~or a t , .. . e a a~ ~ Tuesaay morning at . " ' I phllus da Corte, a humble ]aran- , hr~e weeks ws~t to m. St Edward's Cathedral in ehai ' of[Mass on the First Friday oftl.ettyrs; that ah'eady has been done by deed as soon as he found himself' ciscan. It is new testim , " i~.nts in Canada, among the R~v M ..... ~ ,:~_ rge. , Month at 7"30 a m ' Ithe Catholic press of America Rath- again among the savages who hadtra~W~ ~*~-- ,~ ..... ~.,~ ,~ ony that the :.-e ~nrlne oi hr. Ann ue was i ............... ~ul]al I Confessions ] or, l snail try to add something to made him suffer so and whom he still t~ P alad . ^ ^ . ~a~v~ry cemesery in enar e o~ _ . , men and women of all de eea of -. , Healey & Roth Mrs Moix i ..... Confessions are heard m the [ Y been given Cath- lo~ed st) much, he was ~ecelvcd with life and of varied kinds of s . the Shrineof St J~- g " what alread has " , . . . . . gr uo~t ...... "- ~ . . . . . . ' " " " anetity. ~Uebec~' real. ~Ihey will also Ivived by. her husband" , an infa~}t sor.'Church of Our Lady of the Holy hc Ieadels,, deahng particularly with blows, and fll .treatment until one l Next week, I shall deal with" St " three sisters Mrs Nanc-- ~---.~ ~" Souls, Pulaski tIeights,e v e r.. the ~ords of the martyrs themselves savage broke his skull with a shieldIRbert Bellarmine i ' .~ " *y ~JOll~, 41SS ' ' .Y . . . . " " tm -- MargaretDaven and Miss .r .... h~,,, Sunday for one-half h~ur befornlsbwlng that the though o~ martyr- Fruits of Their Labors. _ _ ~es of St. Mary's Church, . - - ~-s~v ..... e,Mass on the ve f . ' dora vibrated through their bein s , ,~ttl- ~ ............. Daven, all ofLittle Rock; one broth-. ' e o Holydays and on] ........ g The blood of these e~ght was not SUSPECTED IN TE[Ei;q[' .~ ~ ~ocK, wm nolu ~e~r or, Edward Daven f ~_ , .... :.. ' the Thursday before the First Fri constantly wnue ~ney were on their shed in vain becaus . [vo-~th~ ............. o ~ex~ ~orK t~)'. . - ...... e the earth wet OF MADONNA CANVAS ,v ~aru pa,'~v on we(i- aa at 3"]5 nl perilous lnlsslOn, b " , I 1..~ ...... " - and her father, J C Daven Pall , Y p. . y l~ soon bo~e the f~uit after th~ lr U~v l(4th, at the school hall, : " " " } . ] The" Testimony of Miracles r " : ' , . " ~ [ I ana ...... bearers were: Lew~s Hart Jr., Adolph! W mt will p~obably prove to be[ ~.. ...... death, Of thousanos of conversmns to Toronto, Ont., June 27.--An arre~ S-coreS rarl~erw., 's~ree~s.. ~ prize Imboden,~ . Edwaid Imboden, John '~ one of the largest, atteu(hd .and most...] _ a~e~e ~s~ plen.~eous., ~esumony. , that..- Christ. " has. been made here ~n conneetiow .... ~ l be given at each Stem]ok, Carl Boup and David Ken tsuccessful mid-summer festivals ewr Goa has been pleased with toe sa(,n- In their a )os w:th the alle ed theft . -e.rre I tolate, the wele not g of a re odu _ .: sh~ents will be se~-sal "~ "1 held in the tit,, will be the el-~, ..... Irices of these devoted religious ....... Y . ~. ....... pr . " " -. "' " " " " "nee the Olivetan-Benedic. :1 '" t wrote: For two consecutive " tdance l will be donated to the building fund tiue Order of Jone~boro, brings the days I have felt ari ar )gra" fo " " - ~or mar~ " " dent desire . m will begin at nine r the new church, total of the family now in this Reli ~ .... continue, to midnight and The litt.e ~l:a,'.sh of SL Mary's is gloss Order to thre~ n~^ ~_L~^.. 'yraom and ~o suffer all the Stared by an elaborate en- located in Conway county, 11 miles ruff family is also bi-~o~'-;'~---'~':eme~" torments that :he martyrs endured." ,~ ~,~. wl~n ~rleI On Oetobe~ ,~ ~t, with music furnished b~r north of Morriltcn '~reat. ~wivile~e ~* ~ ......... ' 28, 1637, when th ~- fan's fifteen-niece orehe;.I The nastor and"-----~" ........... ~ l amon~" ~~ ~..~ ~v:ng a Pr~esr possibility of martyrdom seemed im- a cordial mv~tatlcn to all i dalhoff St P , ..... era., n the name of his compan " i f'iends of " , ~ atrick s Church, Fort ion- - :, " - ....... " thou nel hb W ~ ~ ne ~xzo~e an aamlraole le~er ~o sand tmkets f r tl~e g olin arlshes n 1 orth, Texa.~ " f~ , " " g P" a d fo maer res.. . .. ~'the ", " ..... been dis r ldents to ~upemor of the desmts a~ ue " ' t ibuted through-" attend. 1- - ], " ~ " Dec " Y and helpful assistance is fl/l~lrll~ I1~'~ ~w..,t,l.,~,,... in which may be read such :; tbY a large number ofi m~vevana MUfl AI V lVll i ilOl i IPh~/S::rse~:esth:rhfllwing: "We parish as well as by l ~Jl~l~l~][~|| , [ p ales at ~he point t "" -- I of sheddin our bl " banks, and commer- ] g ood andof nnmo-