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July 11, 1998     Arkansas Catholic
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July 11, 1998

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Page 6 ]uly 11, 1998 Who has been the most forgiving to you? My fathe," has been tile most if)r- giving with me because I have goofed tons of times in my life and my father has forgiven me all of those times. I'm sure that Jesus has fblgiven me all of those times also, but it is really hard for humans to forgive after someone Casie Lester 7th grade ha s done something bad. Ian Stifling 7th grade God has ex- tended the most forgiveness to me. He always has loved me and cared tbr me all of my life. He has saved me in a way that no one can save me. I love God and He loves me. God has al- ways watched out for me. Christian Croft 7th grade purposely) bug him My brother. He is 12 years older than me and I al- ways bugged him in more ways than one. He would be mad at me for such a short time it was unreal. Within a few min- utes he would act like I didn't do anything to him and five minutes later I would (not again. My friend l,eslie has ex- tended the most tbrgiveness. We never get into tights. I know that 1 probably get an- noying, but she doesn't let it bother her. I can always find her smiling face and her- shining eyes Teresa Krug anywhere. She is 7thgrade a true friend. She always comforts me when I wrong, rather than blaming have done me. The responses are from religious education students at St. Albert Church in Heber Springs. Their teacher is Sue Sanders. $'e.ed,a- o1c - xa3t ARKANSAS t,9 CATHOLIC ea0 reai ex0t , ...... sam ellis m me l iSb Mom? :{: "I'm not Surel ere didy0U put tt at list? itwa right here a few minutes ago! : ....... "Uh-h-h4q, !thi~! put it :i;t don't know, M~I~ .... Mrs. McDa~ Sh0~r head; ~ She was ~iling. "1 think rd get a lot more doneifyou didn't'help' me q0ite so much Paular' "O~t'Ii callMissytosee if she's all packed."Afewminutes later, Paula Came back tolhe bed "Here's ~ !ist, Morn. It was by the phone. I was Ioo~g at it ~en I called Marie Elena earlier." qherel" said Mrsl Mc~iel after~e checked the list. "1 think we have evenflhing?t put the sunscreert in that plastic bag wth yc~,Jr toothbrush. Be SURE to use it before you go swimming. Your fair skin burns easily. A bad sunburn could really interfere with your fun. Have Missy and her mother finished packing?" "Yes, ma'am. They finishecl last night. Oh, Moml Camp's going to be so much funl Missy told me all about it. There w~ll be swimming lessons and a cookout. Me and Missy and Marie Elena...." "Missy, Marie Elena, and I1" "Yeah - all of us. We're going to be in the same cabinl" Paula kept chattering about camp all evening like a happy squirrel. When Mrs. McDaniel went into her room to say good night, though, Paula was finally quiet. "Are you sleepy, Paula?" "Not really." Mrs. McDaniel thought something was bothering her. "What's on your mind?" "Well," Paula said slowly, "I'm going to be gone a whole week." "1 think you'll have a great time." "But what if I don't? What if I get poison ~y? What if the swmming teacherwants me to s~am laps? I can go across a pool the short way, but not the long wayl" "1 don't think a swimming teacher will expect you to swm laps in just a week, Paula. You haven't ever had poison ~,y, so don't worn] about that. Besides, the counselors would know what to do. What's really bothering you?" Paula was quiet for a little while. Then she said in a soft voice, ~ghat if I get lonesome?" Mrs. McDaniel kissed her on the forehead. "You might get a little homesick, but you'll be wth your usual friends at camp. Missy and Marie Etena will be nght beside you all the time. There will be so many fun things to do that you won't have time to be Ionesomer' "Well, you'd better let me get some sleep, Morn Ill have to be up and ready early in the momingl" "Now that's a sw~tch," said Mrs. McDaniel. "rm usually the one who tells you that it's bedtime. Sweet dreamsl Ill see you in the morning." ,~ THE TOP OF THE PAGE TOWARD THE I- GROUND AND VIEW FROM THE BOTTOM TO FIND THE MESSAGE. SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE SUMMER TO THINK ABOUT Summer is a great time! Everybody has more time to do fun things with friends and family. There are a few things you shouldn't forget though: 1. Never go swimmg with- out a grownup. Don't even go near a pool unless an adult is watching you. 2. Wear sunscreen. The sun is even hotter than you think! 3. Take a book with you. Books nourish your mind the way food nourishes your body. Besides, a book can help you fall asleep at night. 4. Tell Jesus "good morn- ing" and "good night" every day. Jesus is a friend who is always with you, even when you're away from home. You're never on vacation from God! 5. Play fairly. Treat your friends the way you want them to l~eat you. 6. Eat good, healthful meals. You can't expect to be good at games if you're out of "fuel"! Help Paula get to campl I CROSSWORD PUZZLE I I. A good day to do fun 4. This nourishes your things with friends mind , and family 7. A person who is In Across 12. What Missy and charge at summer I. Paula was chattingMarie Elena were to camp like a .____ squirrelPaula 8. A friend who is 3. Red skin that hurts 14. An animal that always with you 5. A meal prepared chaffers 9. A place some outside 15. Camp was going tochildren go in the 6. When a person be so much ____ summer misses home 13. Paula was looking 10. A type of lesson Down at this when she taught at camp 2. To put your clothes called Marie ElenO , into a suitcase 14. A bright warm obJe~ II