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July 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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July 9, 1927

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Page Eight ................ THE GUARDIAN, JULY 9, 1927 , pn eRIM aWTm 'Ne the Vatican Muse- SERVICE MEN ENDS} CATHOLIC APPROVAL a ooo o o, that they are "lawless, ', HONORS am.~Ua,azyau tim, St. Paul's Basilica, Tre Fontane, unjustified, "brutal, indecent and __ _ St. Francis' Church and the Jesuits' gratuitous" and "adds: - Pope Plus Xl Commends Their Devo-'Church Gesu. The day following they Fund Of $43,00-0-,00VAdministered in !{By N. C: W. C. N-~-ws~ervice.) "h':USt Georgia depend upon such By Rev• J. Van de then and That of Their lviewed the Forum of Trajan, the Behalf of Veterans. Philadelphia, July 1.--The nation- ruffians to defend her civic in-(Louvain Corresponaen~ Organization Mamertine Prison, the Capitol, St. ~ wide Radia Audition now being or- tegrity? When such is the case she News Servicei~ " tMadrtin's Church, the Roman Forum (ByN. C. W.C. News Service.) ganized to discover and train promis- has no claim upon her sister corn- Louvain, June 30.~'W•.! St Louis, June 29 ---The partici- a ~ the Collesseum. In the afternoon New'Haven, Conn., June 30.--The ing singers in the United States has monwealths. To approve such liness of her proud place pants in the pilgrimage to Rome and there was a festive gathering in the Knights of Columbus today concluded won the approval of the Rt. Rev. brutal cruelty and such shameful in- of learning, and the Assisi, arranged by the Catholic Cen- Anima, where, the next morning '~ their program of educational and wen tral Verein of America and the Cath- (June 9th), the pilgrims received i fare work among veterans of the olic Women's Ul~ion, are, by this Holy Communion in a body. In the)iWorld War having completed the ad- time, preparing to return to the Unit- afternoon of that day, the catacombs ministration of a fund of approxi- ed States. On Pentecost Monday, of St. Callistus and St. Sebastian, lmately $43,000,000 since June 16, June 6th, they were granted an audi- and the Quo Vadis Chapel were vis-~1927. Twenty-five million were ence by Pope Plus XI, in the course ited. t spent in camp, community, transport, of which H/s Holiness praised the re- From Rome the participants in the overseas and employment service. ligious devotion of the participantslpilgrimage planned to leave for As- The surplus of $18,000,000 on hand and the fidelity of the organization ram, Padua~ and points en route, a at the end of the War has been ex- they represent to the Holy See. The lnumber of them then intending to hausted. pilgrimage was led by the Most Rev.'~ake an additional tour to Munich, i During the war years, Knights of A. J. Drossaerts, D. D., Archbishop of where they were to be received by Columbus secretaries went wherever San Antonio, and Mr Chas Korz, IHis Eminence, Cardinal Faulhaber.there were American soldiers,tailors Butler, N. J., president of the Central I C.B. of C.V. or marines, providing the men in the Verein• Regarding the manner in ~ trenches with a variety of creature which the pilgrims spent Pentecost" LONDON CONFERENCE comforts and performing for them a Sunday and the following day, the OF ANGLICAN CHURCH multitude of services. Buildings, huts, day of the audience, Mr. W. J. Kapp, appointed recording secretary of the pilgrimage, writes to the Central Bu- reau of the Q. V.: "Early in the morning we went to St. Peter's• Gathering in the Campo santo we were welcomed by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. David, and formed a pro- cession leading into St. Peter's, re- citing the Rosary• Our spiritual leader, Archbishop Drossaerts, cele- brated Mass at the Altar of SS. Simon and Jude. After Mass a guide es- corted us through St. Peter's; in the afternoon we visited the Pantheon, the Basilica of Sta. Maria Maggiore, the Santa scala, St. John Lateran, and Santa croce. then of opponents to the proposal, l trial centers of the country and found The Bishop of London was, of,jobs for hundreds of thousands of re- course, for acceptance. Of the clergy turned veterans• The unexpended 138 voted for acceptance and 83 balance of the War Fund was devoted against, and whilst 186 of the laity to welfare and educational work. were in favor, 178 voted against the Free Evening Schools. new book. The educational work was carried Bishop Ingrain counselled the An- on through evening schools, college die-Catholics to be content with the i scholarships and a correspondence Pentecost Monday. concessions secured for them in the!school for ex-service men. One hun- "Pentecost Monday, June 6th: Deposited Book. He said that in dred and fifty free evening schools, Audience with the Holy Father in the championing their cause and trying with a total enrollment of 313,916 Paramenti Chamber• Archbishop to get fair play for them in the were organized a~d maintained from Drossaerts presented President Chas. Church he had been the subject of 1919 to 1925. In September, 1919, Korz, Tour Manager John E. Loibl, much misunderstanding 403 scholarships in various colleges Secretary Kapp, and other committee,, ' ' • ' -~ There can be no order in the and universities were awarded to for- members, priests, laymen and women ,, ,, •Church, he said, if every individual mcr service men. A correspondence Mr Korz tendered the Holy Father l ed 1 • " Bishou acts in the way in which he school for veterans was institut 'n copies of the publications of the would individually pre[fer Certain- 1922. Mere than 100,000 have en- Central Verein and its Lentral BU-!lv in London we do not• in+en~ *~ rolled in this school, which is still reau, and a specially bound copy of[ stand out a~ainst the rules laid doJn Iin operation• It will be continued un-i the ra-er book for the Sioux Indians I ~" • ,, ~ • ' " re .P ~ • for the whole Church• ftfl December 31, 1927, to pelmlt - which the C. V. has recently publish- The Bishou of Durham and one of !cently enrolled students to complete ed and donated to the missionaries .... I their courses • . • " L ms canons were in alsagreement I " , ....i His Holiness expressed his pleasme w r 1 n~s~ when h Since the close of the a , ~n g ........ ' ,. • ..... " I t e matter was discussed at l ' at tnese g~I~S ann at tne ac~lvmes, l ' c lea h ve attend ; the Durham 1 of Columbus se retar a ...... " " " " t D'ocesan Conference. I " -! o~ wmcn ~ney are prools, ann nectar- ~ Canon Bothaml-, ........ ~ ~ led disabled veterans in hospitals ed that the publications would be ~ ~.~'~ ......... ' ........... amendment for the regection ef the Ithr°ugh°ut the country• The number preserveu in tat vatican ~lorary v t • t B'ook rem~rkin- that the ne ~ , Iof patients thus ser ed is, at ~presen , • i r'n h a , ~ g w IbOOK After all had k ssed the l g, ,.e d-! authorized and enunciated the ob- approximately 40,000. The Kmghts ~resseu us, speaking ao0u~ ili~eent , • " , , jective Presence 'When we have of Columbus prowded for these din- minutes, v~hereupon he imparted his ...... ~ .,._~. ,..__•,, ..... , , l abled veterans the things not received • . | k:lU~3tfU bll~b l Jilt, ne sam, we navel . . . blessing Mr Korz then presenteu tl e overnmen~ serv " " t crossed in~^ ~ ~ ........ " tin ordnmry rou n g - the Peters-Pence of the C. V. H~s .................... v. ~ r÷~ ~0,~,~ w~wk consisted in ' The Bi ................ ~ ........ , , snop oI ~)urnam salu tnat Holiness said Das ist fuer die Arman .... l the ado-ti-n .......... ]developing recreation, prowdmg ath- p o o± ~ne D00K W0UIfl give (This is for the poor), and the pil'lal chan .......... lletic supplies, distributing cigarettes • . ce ~o restore ulsclpllne in tne grlms, led by the Archbishop, sang mforts and en and '~h .......... ,, other creature co r - , , u ulcn ann ~na~ rejection woum Greaser GottI and gave three cheersI - idering personal service to patients in" German for the Holy Father, which" I mean cnaos I confined / ' to bed. The entire expense he smilingly acknowledged, where-i_ [of carrying on this work was paid DOCTOR ESTABLISHES upon he bowed and retired. Afterl _ Ifrom the War Fund, no charge what- FREE HOSPITAL BED TO the audience a group photograph of[ HONOR NUN NURSEtever being made to the patients for the pilgrims was taken in the court-l " tany service rendered, or for the use yard of St Damasus • " |~B~ C W C - ~" " Iof any facilities furnished• "On Tuesday, June 7th, we assist-[ .. ....~ews ~erv~ce.~ I , Milwaukee, Juno 27 A fund of ed at the Pope s Mass, during which] "'-- l we sang German hymns" ~$10,000 to endow a free bed at St 1AN EXAMPLE TO ALL The pilgrimage and the activities IJ°seph's hospital, this city, is estab-i CATHOLICS ON VACATION hshed by the will of the late Dr Jo of the C. V. were made the subject l " " • -I of a lengthy article appearing in the lSeph Schneider, famous oculist. Ac-1 Letter to the Brooklyn Tablet ,, , ,, cording to the Instrument the bed m Dear Sir May I relate an incident Corriere D Italia (issue of June l' " , " ] "-- " " ' 10) After dwelling in some detailit° be named for Sister Ottillie, init~at happened last Saturday night in on the endeavors of the C. *V. and lmem°ry of the faithful 'service she i.the town of Greenwich, Conn., that the pious 'bearin of the pil .ms,/gave Dr. Schneider's patients at the lmay be a lesson in practical Catho- g _ grl . . who numbered about two hundred, ,- ~h°spital through thirty years. ~licism, to those who consider going to • • • [ The will, filed for probatelast I Mass on Sunday, something, merely the article has thls to say re ardm g g ' "t the audience granted them: week, leaves $1,000 to St. Rose Or- for home consumption. "The Holy Fatherpermitted all oftphanage and $1,000 to Our Lady of~ While attending a dance at a them to kiss his hadd and turning'Good Counsel Home for Girls, man-I yacht club in this pretty litle town to them,- ~ronounce~n d _~ d~anrs~ v.-; tamed by the Catholic Women s,/of Connecticut last Saturday night, a • ~ ~ h ........League of Wisconsin l young man and a middle-aged den- brant with vater.~lu ...... l~ne~,L • - ~ • A sister of the deceased at the ltleman stepped ashore from a launch praism~ theeloquent proof of their l~v.~ ~ ..r*~ ~he* ......... ch .... h .... nd th~ Per-, Elizabethan convent in Breslau, Get- , to make several telephone calls. which they had given by coming such many, to share the income from a While they were unknown to the a great distance, and lauding in them $300,000 trust fund with the Uni-/vast majority in the clubhouse, I be- the spirit_ of organization and activ- versity. .el wuerzberg for its eye clin- ing a Brooklynite, recognized them xc Fmends and servants are remem lmmedlatel as Alfred E Smith, ~r ity, which they had shown also in • - " " Y • " ". e e r e l bered, and the residue is left to the and William H Todd After a httle th ir g nerosity town ds and s rv•ce " " " " • . " to the Church" two daughters of Dr. Schneider. His conversation, young Smith said he The Roman•news a er re orts au estate of sixty acres at Fox Point is and his father, Governor Smith, PP P - . bequeathed to the city of Milwaukee, wanted to o to Mass in Grenwtch diences granted the leaders of the l . . " g " " and his books to the Milwaukee public" on Sunda and I made arran ements pilgrimage by their Eminences Car-I. Y' g hbrary b dinal Gasparri, Fruehwirth, Vannu- • with them to have a taxi at the clu telli, Ehrle, Bonzano,~ and Dougherty, / • pier to take the party to ten o'clock the .... latter of Philadelphia, temporarily 60,000- JOIN CORP_,.~-~ Mass. The party also included Wil- sojourning in Kome. CHRISTI PROCESSION liam F. Kenny. Having ben in -- I AT SCOTCH LOURDES Greenwich for the past three weeks Other Vtstts ~ I was able to suppIy the necessary "" . London, June 27. Fourteen loud mformatmn Secretary Kapp reports the follow- speakers were installed in the grounds . • .- . • g " " to va " p "nts and scenes of the Carfin Grotto---- the Scottish " " in visits r]ousm ,, Few knew of the incident until the of interest ,, Governor and his party were back ' . • Lourdes ---for the celebration of the ' "On Ma 31st Tuesda we army on M1 Todd's yacht And between ,y , Y, " - Feast of Corpus Christi• '• • ed at Palermo, landing by rowboat; v~sited the Cathedral built in 1176, remarkable for its beautiful mosaics, and the Benedictine cloister erected in the twelfth century; visited gar- dens, parks and various churches, and left for Naples, where we arrived next morning• Viewed the Museum, aquarium and suburbs. On June 2 we saw Pompeii and its ruins, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Pom- peii. June 3: Off to Capri, with the Blue Grotto and Villa Tiberius, and thence to Sorrento where we stayed over night../Next morning we Fully 60,000 pilgrims took part in a procession of the Blessed Sacra- ment. This number constitutes a record for Carfin, which already has been the scene of many great pilgrim- ages. IatIt was the stoppage by the police, the instance of an "informer," of a public procession of the Blessed Sacrament at Carfin that led to the I passing of the Catholic Relief Act. [An inquiry into the causes of the S I ~toppage revived the whole question [of Catholic disabilities and resulted 'in their abolition. the taxi chauffeur and a few others it spread around the town. After he had gone the Protestants of the town had nothing but praise for .him. The Catholics took it as a matter of course• I heard several Protestant gentlemen say: "Governor Smith is certainly a good Catholic, he doesn't forget his religious duties when on a vacation." He made sure on Sat~urday n:ght that nothing would prevent him from hearing Mass on Sunday. WILLIAM R. MONAHAN. Brooklyn, June 14. Bishop Thomas J. Shahan, rector of the Catholic University of America at Washington; of the Rev. Dr. Wil- l/am J. Deslongcbamps, head of the University's Department of Music; of the Rev. Dr. John A. Ryan of the Umverslty faculty, who also is wide- ly known for his activities as Direc- tor of the Social Action Department of the N. C. W. C., and of Admiral William S. Benson, one of the lead-! ing Catholic laymen of the country,! thosa in charge of the Audition haveI announced. Launched by the Atwater-Kenti Foundation, a corporate institution founded several years ago for philan- thropic, scientific and educational • purposes, the Audition will be open to all young singers of promise, but it especially appeals to choir singers, and it is this phase which has arou~sed Catholic interest• A Atwater Kent 0£ Philadelphia is president of the Foundation. I Young men and young women ofI 25 or under who have not sung pro-t fessionally outside their own states i are eligible in the contest. Local auditions are to be held and two win- ners--a young man and a young wom- an-selected from each locality to compete in a state contest. Winners i in these contests will enter district auditions, and the winners of these decency would itself constitute flag- and color of her rant dishonor. When she descends Louvain University so low, to adopt the words of a I niversity of her five great orator, she 'blots from the flag ltistence Tuesday and the star that glows to the name of Georgia, but leaves the stripe behind, a fit emblem of her degredation.' " HOUSEHOLD HINTS To Remove Stains. Iodine dropped on unstarched ma- terial makes a brown or yellow stain. The presence of starch causes the stain to become deep blue or black, while ironing the cloth some- times' turns the stain a dark brown. The method of removing these stains depends upon whether starch is pres- ent. Wash the stain in an abun- dance of water or soak it for a num- ber of hours in cold water. The stain Seldom has such assembled as that the great day of seat of learning. his Queen, with Government came to age Cardinal Van :eL! Belgium and Legate o~ ~ Primates of England an.~ eminent members of ~n of France took part, Fro niversities and instlt __ hemispheres came offj bearing the tribute oI world over. Fully two score of cans, many of them Catholic universities, can also be removed by wetting with among them the water and drying in a warm place, Johns Hopkins and such as over a radiator, repeating if lversities and an offi~ necessary• of Congress of the [ Paint--Use turpentine and then In another sense, cleanse with soap and water, prominent part in Coffee and Tea--Cover the spots One of the sp~ts v with borax, then pour boiling water bled delegates was on from a height. Louvain Library, the Fruit--Use the same process as for ican nation, is coffee--borax, and alcohol ]n the case iplacing the old of peach stains• the World War. Tar--Cover the sta:n with lard ognition of the and American will compete in the national contest and then use soap and warm water. ! edge in New York in December. Local Meat Juice--5om: ':he stained part praised. ~,nie~ auditions will be held in September in te-id water, and the~ wash in soa')[ Again, the cere'~'~•_~ b][~ • v '- l met!v : All contests will be broadcast, and and water or ammonm, memorable for A -d I~00 t in all hut tbe final, the radio listen- Grease or 0hi--Apply tur~entine, iferring of the pro u uo0~ era' vote will count 60 per cent. ]then soap and warm water." ]Doctor of Theol°g.# n'lti A re ~ate cash razes ]n the final • bers of the AmerlC~ - gg g ' .~ 1 " ' " " I Ink.--/ut salt and lemon juice on} contest are $17,500, and rex" of thetthe stained' parts and lay in the sun, l 0~: .... winners also will receive free musical then a few drops of oxalic acid and[ "A Cll ~li tuition in a leading American con- rinse ouiektv with boilil:g water [FIRST .VI?T2?Z wAll~ I " "" " " ] IN WUlX~" .~tl ~ servatory. Medicine--Soak in alcohol and BY llll~:~ ]wash out with soap and warm water I,., N" " w C New~SerV~¢~ ~ • . . ~DyX . ~. '. . l~~ METHODIST PAPER .--~ I Vasehne--When the sta'nis freshl .... e 27. [~ DENOUNCES KLAN Iwash with turpentine, but never boil.[ ,.,DuD~ln'.°Un,ust pt~3~J _--_---- " , I / war r~ecora, a ~er oL~IE • ' that the first memO. 01 Georgia Publicahon Is In Favor of l -- i "~'e V1ct°~I • SL0VAK NStIOPS / An Anh-Maskmg Law. " ~ • ar , the" World W 0~ Maurice Dease, only s Atlanta, aunt 28.-- Once more / -so, ~" :~ Georgia's name has been blackened. ~~ ~.~O. {Mrs. Edmund De~ ~" ~t~D~" ~[~l~.t~|~ J This fa tis Pro / M ulIingar'cIr ela~d~¢ed This has been done so often of lateI that it is coming to wear a perpetual q~g~ I~F~|~ ~l~l~O/ " ~ ~,,thO~ coat of somber hue," declares the BJ]ll I'AH I[ I the Stonyhurs :7 d,~l Wesle an Christian Advocate in an --, ,~nu"T/} British War 0f~w~' .,¢~ editorY:l in the current issue. The andwh'C%s 0 editorial also calls on the Ku Kluxl ,Vienna: C~i~r~r;:d~e:tl'NTCI'w C /the firs.~ tlm:i the e~g • t P , : .... particulars o 11# ..... ': Klan to discard wearing regalia m l ..... { ..... W £~ews ~ervlce t n "me ot oaz, d ~"' public, and on the Legislature to • a d t~ .... vetetl~: pass a law malting wearing a mask . Vienna, June 27.--A flurry of con- Dense won this ~; tbe,5~ in public a felony, slderable dimensions has developed Stonyhurs: *i~ ~gl~ The Advocate is the official organ in Slovalda and Carpatho-Russia (now Jesuit College ny :t~ of the conferences of the Methodist a part of Czechoslovakia) over a Pus- ceives a good n'~'Mthief~ Episcopal Church South in Georgia feral Letter just issued by the Hier- pupils from the~Vt~e 60~~ and is edited b,, the Rev W M l archy of those regions. It concerns War Record o~ _: 101~i:~! s " " " " • • ] its alumm' # ~/~ Pierce who has served as ,~residin~,{prlests as editors ahd writers for. that of _¢ ~,~"0~ , v ~ Cathohc" papers, the World ar ~* elder of several districts• W~lhe total " ~h,,,~ R{.~,..,-{ $... a¢'l, + ..... [ Notably, the Pastoral forbids priests l were Irisn. * ,r;#~'i:~' ...................... ~ ..... tbe" ~" ............... {in the dmceses affected to edit Cath-{ lege who won ;~ Coincident wz~n pumlcauon ox ~ne, { .~t Advocate edit in" {olic papers or to be permanent writ-t threess ~U~ or ~ came announce-I ..... . I --" .... ia Cro "~ ment to day from ioccoa- in ~tepne~ -n~ t era. zor. ~nem. It ~nen makes the{ The victor a~-'e~] ~ County, that fourteen warrants ha~l'l]ournahstsic work of priests subject, decoration for br ii~sti 1. ........ : , , , [in general, to the special permission l Empire. It was ~.i~~ ,ee, msue~ ior anegeu memoers Oil ............ e of tl~e~ ",~ the m _ -- . . _ _ _ {OI [tlelr urmnarles {at tne czos ,r c~-~: asKe~l oana wno nave ~error- { _, " { - sr~a~* ~ :__~ ........ t inis is an unusual measure Butl consists o~ a_.n'#~ ~zeu ~nls section. rneir names are~ • • . " . I ~ ,,~r~ withheld pending arrests. Warrants/a ¢lls~mgumned .dignitarY. of t.heJ techmcally as ~Ialt#f~i ___ .......... i t~nurcn in ~iovaKia nas 3ust explam-t popmarly as ~c~l~V*~" ~z-~ ueciarea ~o nave resul~ect xrom I .... t ,-,torn ~%#~ i~-~+~o+; ..... a,. ,~ .... ;. ,,~ ~;,~ {ca to this correspondent of the N. C.{is always cas~ ~ _~ 0l~:~ • ~.~ ...... "~'"~, ~ .~";"~ ,~ .... {W. C. News Service that the circum-I It Carries, in the c~o- #;~ • -,,~,.~. ueorge ~oous, wno nas been , ,. ,, ...... I a~d "-~ .......... I stances wmcn alctatea it are equally l sioned officers ~c~:~ remme~ Dy one oz ~ne zloggea . 0 ~P' .... ' . {unusual. Hisexplanation, in effect,[-~ratuit-, of $5 .~t~J women to aiu in ~ne prosecution, de ..... " s s -s of'P~{~[~ , ....... [is as IOIIOWS. {creased in case .;^~e:i': " cmrea toaay ~nat tnere was not the o,__ _,_.._ _, .~ _,. • • ~. ,_:^,_ _ aiscretW" :~:~ • _ . ., { ~mva~m ann z~s aojolnlng alsvt-sc~a year in ~ne u ::~k~i - ;hgh;:st doubt the wrappings were i have for years been the arena of l Home SecretarY ,.. or~ oI ~ne ~/an. _ [troublesome quarrels in public meet-I ~~.,,g~ te:tne! edltorlal devotes especlal at-lings and in the press, notably between !NUNS AT ST. ~A~~ lon ~o uli~ior~ walker, wno re-It ). • LI~o~ • . . ~ we Cathchc parties. Regardless of{ ured as Governor last Saturday when use I who may be right in these quarrels, I o;~-innati, ju~e^~.~ Dr. L. G Hardman was inaugurated it is an un l asant fa .... " .... ~',~-: are ~~ ' . . " I p e ct ~na~ some I ders of nuns *~ ~_ ~- The former Governor is assailed bit the " . . "'lpriests have been leaders in the odi-lthe student'S,1 terly for his failure to take some ac o s r~ the c v t ollege' ~ ~ • "{ U st "fe. In on ic ion of theist Xavi~~~lli tlon on the reputed klan outrages in} I bY ~ . . . " .bishops, some of these have shown a urea tab and near Toccoa, which included w { ar oeful lack of experience and reed-[~-~,t~ r~r" ~t[#~ " * " ' ......'" #~. I whipping of at ]east two women and itation -- - tal re ~gs~f"~t~e~: " the driving insane of a man who had [ It is easy to recall, in these regions, mi~n:n,~;~~~' befrienc ded one of themMr WalkeI the hav -- ------~~Sur~ • n oe played twenty years agolhistory of the Su~lff~,~: is charged with being the ready tool l and w • " lwhen an undutiful journalism, pus-are 308 of the grand dragon of this State, lsionately discussing matters of eccle-ltending classeS• recreant in his duty to Georgia in siastical discipline, chiefly the cell- order to protect an organization with I bacy of the priesthood, sadly under- iCENSUS OF D which he is said t° have worked I mined the sense of order and discip-[ PARISH hand and glove during his adminis-{line. I~ is believed that it paved thet NO tration. The editorial charges thelw~ay for the inner defection which int Detroit, Jun~ officials of the sections involved/1919 led to the foundation of the~ar~ being de' have made no apparent effort to put[Czechoslovak sectarian church, census which an end to these outrages and calls is just completi~ for resignations of judge, sheriff and any other officials involved• Also Assails Klan Head Explanation of the outgares by Nathan Bedford Forrest, grand dragon of the klan is declared "naive." Even in his denial of re: sponsibility, says the Advance;he ad- mits responsibility. It is charged that the klan "supplied a refuge by its regalia and furnished a reason by its reputation" for the per- petrators of these outrages and threw around them the protection PRINT PRAYERBOOK FOR SIOUX INDIANS At a cost of approximately $3,000, the Central Bureau of the Central Verein has issued a prayerbook for the Sioux Indians in their own tongue• The bureau is soliciting subscriptions to help defray the ex- pense. President Charles Korx, at the audience to be granted the Cen- tral Verein pilgrims, will pre~ent the Pope with a specially bound copy of the book. An instance west side purl: parish was reC( families, with census has with 5,079 perSO 1,079 p to belong to the It is believea developed when ulated. BishOP the census made scale, based lined specifi,