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July 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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July 9, 1927

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Page Six lw , OF FEAST DAYSI Sunday July lO.--The Seven Broth- ers, martyrs, and St. Felicitas, their mother, suffered martyrdom in Rome under the Emperor Antonius. St. Felicitas and her family through their edifying example moved many idola- ters to renounce their belief and to embrace the Faith. This excited the anger of the heathen priests and un- der Emperor Antonius the sons were put to different deaths and the moth- er beheaded four months later. Monday, July ll.-~St. James, Bishop. This eminent Saint and glorious doctor of the Syriac Church was a native of Nisibis in Mesopo- tamia. Despite his retreat to the highest mountain for abode, shelter- ing himself in a cave in the winter and the rest of the year living in the Ttt JULY 9, 1927 P. F. Scanlan, Managing Editor of the Tablet, Brooklyn.I By B :o'~i~g~s" p~l ~~~~pr o sper~," '~o~the ing of the Protestant Episcopal majority in a great city than in a minister who wanted his church to small or medium-sized one? Growth look benignly on immorality was imeans chances for new business, but vigorous and will be applauded by it also means more persons seeking all. However, it is of little prac- to exploit them. India has a vast tical value The fact of the matter population; are its people happier Clara Apfel, Irving, Aronofsky, ! Nathan Aronowitz, Louis-Auerbach, Jack Axel, Estelle Axelrod. Eva ! ! Axelrod, Isidore Baptizky, Fannie Baron Harry Baronowitz Gertrude Barshai, Joseph Bass, Sylvia Behr- man, arry Bender, Abraham Ber- -= .... -~-- ger, Miriam Berger, MinnieBeris, I Benjamin Berkowitz, arry Berko- t witz, Ruth Berlin, Isidore Berman,[ Joseph Bernhard, Blanch Bern- stein, David Bernstein, Leo Bern- stein The Cohens are well repre- LITTLE ROCK COLLEGE sensed : Abram Cohen, Charles is that the minister in question is still in good standing in his church even his own Bishop has not cen- sured him. Perhaps, the scored clergyman at this moment is laugh- ing at Bishop Manning. The latter can do nothing. What authority has he got, in fact what authority has the unfortunate minister's Bishop got and where does he get it? They have none and the Rev. Mr. Lewis Cohen, David Cohen, Goldie Cohen, Guessie Cohen, Irving Cohen, Louis than Siam's? Is the average Ger-' Cohen, Max Cohen, Max. I. Cohen, man better off than the average Morris Cohen, Nathan Cohen, Sam Dane, an Iowan poorer than a New Yorker? For a few persons there are better chances of great wealth in a large than in a small community, but for many there is a certainty of more acute poverty. From every other than a business standpoint mos~ of our cities have surely grown are Cohen, Samuel Cohen, Selma Cohen As a matter of fact, we could not locate ten Christian names in the whole list of 661. Our Jewish friends are very much interested in second- ary education For which reason the great need of a free Brooklyn university is evident. ;! Conr.ea, Clusicml, Sientlfl~ Pre-Me~oM, P~'l~84u~ REV. JAMES P. MORAM, prmldont woods in order to evade the vices knows it. For which reason he can growing, too fast. . Overgrowth is Roger Babson recently mailed a of the world, he was discovered and continue to carry an despite the ful- behmd our most serious problems in questionnaire to representative non- ~I II~|&~lf'~ f"('~l|l~.~J~'~ sought after for spiritual advice. He minations of the New York prelate, connection with transit, housing, al- Catholic men all over the country, ,.~m.aA~-~, ~.,-~--,*-*~--~-~-- was favored with the gifts of proph- Bishop Manning, in his statement, most everywhere. In New York City, askin reasons for not going to g ecy and miracles in an uncommo~ rebuked~ in a timely manner, tho~ ~specmlly~ with its intolerable street church The leading replies were as .......... ~__. me.~,.^ " , ..... n . ' i " r~o ~'est'on and in de u ~ ......."" " C61aduct~l by the Denemc_tme rar~*p- ~o~,~. unlverslt~les as we.. as rain s~e , c ng 1 a q a~e ~ranspor- renews: Tu~ay, July i2.--St. John GUM-[ seeking to enthrone paganism. He tcartei::e it would be madness to in- Men are not interested in theolo- bert. Born in Florence, in the year even went as far as to say if " the strain right at its ael~- glcal controversies 999, this one-time professional sol-/ church stood for such animal tral point What New Yorkers with The average business man is tired ~!'~,~ P~o-Aoach, mlc Clu.o-, Relfular Four-Ye,at ~h'"~! dier was converted to God one Good' theories he would not stir a finger vision and intelligence should work on Sunday and needs the rest of hisC, ou-~-- Femr Year Scienee Courae~ Rqular Four-Y~m~ Friday by the appeal of an adversary, again to complete the handsome for is not the massing of more rail- home ~ur~. Four-Year ColIeae Coat.., L~ding to A. B. a relative, who, taken unprepared t: Cathedral of St. John. lions of people on Manhattan Island, Ev;ry man needs somethtn~ fitted f'ght, fell upon his knees with 'sI Well, he might as well put his but a scattering--and perhaps a seg- particularly to meet his own indivi- arms stretched out in the form of a! fin~,ers in ti~,ht-fitting gloves Dr. regation of industry and popula-dual needs on Sunday, and he may cross, and implored him, for the sake] Lewis was not ruled out of order. He [tion in outlying districts, get just the opposite at thechurch D! BORC~RDING, O S Be l~r~,~ of Our Lord's Passion, to spare his ma carry his theories into the Uni- And the problem is not much dif- services REV. BENE CT life. He spared his enemy and gaveiverYity of Michigan, where he is al ferent in other cities. Real estate Men "lookon the churchas a | him his friendship asking that he pray~ chaplain, and continue wearing the~ speculation is about the only busi- I "hospital for sinners" and often feel | [ | | to God to forgive him his sin. Aban-/ livery of the Protestant Episcopal~ ness that thrives through mere bum-" I like hypocrites going to church. . when,, | | donm~ the world, he gave h~mself up~ Church. / hess. "Bigger and better" is a slo- ] they do not experience the "saner nl ~ ! .... -- to prayer and penar~ce in the Bene-| Bishop Manning and those who|gun that has gone too long unchal-lfeeling [ ~ .. __--.,t~ di tln Order, After a life of great[t. ~ake'hm' orthodox stand can let their| lenged. . It is commonly a contradic-1, The'hour of the .average church I|_ ,r ............... MhRV'.q 5hsterity he clued, Ju]y-l~, 1073. jdi~approbation be known in a prac-|tmn and an m~poss]bfllty. The real]service is unsatisfactory and mcon-]| -- r " " Wednesday, July 13. St. Eugen-[tical and positive way rhey can]~ssue ~s b~gger or better .~vea~ent. /| --- ius, B~shop, was a citizen of ~ar~hage,! embrace that faith which does notI ] The educat~ona| ~acilitle~ o~ the|| ....... , ....... ~ere~ who in 4~1 was chosen by the.peple~ tolerate such pagan ideas as Dr. [ To assist the Jews of Mexico tholeh, urch and Sunday schoM are inef-[[ ~en,~uc~eo ~y ,,*e ........... of that mt to occu the episcopal " " " " n Y PY ~ Lewis propounds to h~s brother l~:'n-~orgamzatmn of a permanent lea I ficient and behind th~ times. || ..... see which had remained vacant forlist~r~ and brelates, to that Churchl society in Mexico City was authorizedI Church literatth~e occupies too|| ; _ .. _,~i~ ~ 24 years Eminent for his ]earnJng~ .:.. ~: : o~ " -" l k at a Joint meetin~ of reD-] ..... n , ~lnee :in the home: one can|| C~ur~, Literary, Sciontifle an,l i~ommercial, ~o~ . . . . ........ l,h.~h h,ld .... d uses the authmltyI ast wee ~ ~ ~ ~ ......... ~ ......... ~ ~ r~o~. zero, p~.~y, Prudence mm chammy, ms/ of Christ Himself, and to that belief| resentatives of the Independent Or-/ find everything else except maga-]| $~ieneo, School of Musi% Fine Art~ and ~t* virtues gained h]~'~ the respect and~ whose universities are loyally and l dor B'nai B'rith and the Emergency~zines of the church. |~ esteem even of thc Arians. Later,| unswervinglv devoted, in a whole-Committee for Jewish Refugees. The| There is no practical workingl| however tIuneric the ldn , issued[ hearted and sincere manner to. Chris- loan society will be organized with] Christian program which proves it-l/ lid .... ~.; .~o#h,.~,;',~ tl., ~i ..... A| tian ideals and principles as di~tin- the co-operation of representativestself equal to a capitalistic system's]J VEN. MOTI-II~ M.unt St. Mary's Aeademy, Pallid "- ~:'""~ ~"**'-~'-~, ~"-~ ..... ~" ~:'-n guished from the philosophy of those of the Jewish population of Mexico. [sovereignty over modern soc'ety, l i Littl Ro-~, Arl~m~a. " ] who crawl whether irrational or The organization will be supervisedI There are too many solieitat'o .~][ proh~b~tmg h~m t~ ~,rea~h Th~ Sm t ~ t ns boldly defied the edict and was ban-I trained animals in the dirt. by Dr. Boris D. Bogen, Executive ~ for funds, advertising of women'~l~ I I"' J~ ished. He was recall,ed but laterI Secretary of the Independent Order] bazaars, church fairs and other thingsI | | banished again and died in exile inl There is work much nearer home B'nai B'rith and Joseph L. Weis-~ assaulting the ears of t.he church at-t l~~ 505 |for Bishop Manning At the same berger, director of the B'nai B'rithI tendant. | .... -~ Thursday, July 14 St Bonaven-I national congress in San Francisco Mexican Bure~/u. | The Sunday newspaper is a morel ............. *'~R ~0~i7 ture. Sanctity and "learning raisedlRev-,W. N. guthrie, pastor of St. According to Mr. Weinberger, immediate and potent demand uponI MORRIS IN~TI'IUII~ l'u Bonaventure to the Church's high-t Mark s Church, New York, whose there are between 300 and 400 Jew- the interest of men. 1 r m B~sho Mannin ,saidish familiesnow living in Mexico hat lame excuses people find for~ est honors, and from a child he was]super'o ". " p g W ------ -~ the companion of saints. At heart|among other things: "Protestantism City and most of them are prosper- staying away from the worship of Conducted by the Brothers of the Poor of St. Ft~'" he was ever the poor Franciscanlis as dead as the dodo. It has to ing. In some cases, he declared,God! friar, and practiced and taught hu-I paint itself to look interesting" Jews who had come to the United What are life's assets? The Cath- mility and mortification. He was a/ The Apostles were a lot of chumps States from Mexico City in search olic young man should realize these tuck in the head " of business opportumtmshave re hem to lhe best of hm great friend of St. Thomas Aquinas] who were t " " " " " -and utilize t ~; " ~oy, Free 10 to IG Year.---ElementAry Educat~o~ and they received their doctor's caps/ Dr Guthrie repudiates the New turned to Mexico because they found [ power for God and His Church, for lneludln| E|lrhth Grad*. together. He was guest and adviser Testament. It is difficult to under- better opportunidi:s ~heM;mc Mr [his family and his fellow-men. He of Saint Louis and was appointed stand how he can claim to be a There are to Y " " ' "1 possesses the highest form of life--- Cardinal Bishop of Albano by Pope Christian. Yet he still holds his pul- Weinberger said, 39 Jewish cm'Ifor there is a life of vegetation, by ,_____..__ ..__.._ . __ ,.~. , 1~ Gregory X. He died in 1274. I pit, and Bishop Manning does not panies manufacturing shoes, all Oflwhich things grow, there is one Friday, July IS.---St. Henry,'Em- seem to be over-excited concerning which have been established since|of considera~/ion, by which men peror. As Duke of Bavaria, Henry his endeavor to discredit Christian- 1921 by men who went to the coun-lreason, and there is the super- saw in a visiom his guardian, St. ity The Marlborough case, or Pro- try almost penniless. ['natural life *of grace. What is man Wolfgang, pointing to the words hibition enforcement, are evidently The Jews give so many examples]not capable ~of with such endow- .... n ofof amb~tmn and of coo eratmn with, ~ ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMAR"t after six. This moved him to pre- of more value to the preservatio " " P " " ]ments. pare for death, and for six years he Christianity and loyalty to, one another that| __ continued to watch and pray, when " __ it is not surprising they are becom-| From Daniel Webster" "If we at the end of that time he found the ...... nt E isco-al ing in increasing numbers econom-, .... :. rish if for years ~ne ~ro~es~aP P ~ork ~a on marDte, i~ wlll pe ; warning verified in his election as .... ically independent, riding around in[L p ~ l~h,~,,~ Em e or Church has been a champion ot ~ne rs and hwn ~n we work upon brass, time will efface p r . Thus trained in the fear high-priced motor ca " " g :" / : ... ~duet,~l by the Sl~t. of Charity ef of God, he ascended the throne with divinity of Christ Things now seem the fanciest of apartments an/l| it'; :ff we rear temples, they wm but one thought--to reign for His to be changing. The Catholic semin- homes, while the Christians act as|,crunible 'into dust, but if we work greater glory. He employed the [ inarian's training in apologetics will their chauffeurs, janitors and ser-| .... n immortal minds, if we imbue O~ft~l RatluBt Clu. A----Tralninl~ Sehoel fee I~ fruits of his conquests in the service soon be skitching from a defense of rants. | ~ - " ....... of tah~.utr~::le JulH; dile:fs~.O22imon] Catho~t~sy nt: lodefe;n~;eOf Chr;~tmn. . . ~ |~hem.:~th prmc~pms, and w~n ~ne - '~'~ Stock. Simon was born in CountyllieYf which is th~ ta:gbet,Cbtul~Chbe- Noted ]~ the daffy press, a]:l onl~ugt ~:ar of God and love of our Vl~. S|$TKR SIJPERIOi~ T~th m,d ~ . [the same day. | fellow men, we engross on those Kent, England, and left his homeI tianit itself J 1 "The marriage of Miss Elizabeth~| t'ablets something which will when he was but 12 years of age, to[Y " ' I Gordon Carroll daughter of ~Irs"1 - ,, I -- | , ~ (bi'igtiten all eternity. live as a hermit in the hollow trunk~ The gullibility of those who are|charles Gordon Carrollof Balti-I "~ of a tree, whence he was known as/ruled b,, nre~udice is amazing. We~ ...... ,.,,.~.,| . . ~ ~ " more, to t~erala wamron t)Gonnor, Two men who usually arrive a~ S~mon of the Stock. Here he passed[ met a man from Chicago the other~ ~ 20 years in penance and prayer, and] evening. The discussion was about] son of Mrs. Bernard F. O'Connor, o~f] the same goal: the man who never learned from Our Lady that he was] the recent Mayoralty race. Mr./New York, took ,,place in Grace ]takes any advlt:::::llatY:OaY~tai:: ST. JOSEPH'S INFIRMARY, Hot to join an Order then not known in| Dever~ Catholic, ran against Mr.| Church yesterday: |the man who England. On the arrival of thel Tho mpso' n. non- Catholic. Some of I "Dr. Cassidy has been "name~ll that everybody gives him. White Friars, he entered the Order[.~ .... ha helned all over the city l Protestant Episcopal Bishop of| Cend~ed by the $1~tor. of Merelr ......... ,, FAVOR RELIGIOUS of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. As] whenever Mr. Dever, as Mayor, ap-] Oklahoma. ~ ......... ~"RN he knelt in prayer in the White Friars'I pointed a Catholic to office, boycot- I "Rev. Edward Ryan, Presitlent of] u~r.tx ~ r,~..~ convent at Cambridge, on July 16,[~ ~m because of his religion. Billl the American Bible Associa%ion, die'dl In~rmar~, Somitm~mm, l~.t 14eel---Hot Bath. AfftltSt~l 1251, the Blessed Mother appeared|~'^~o~n wins and what does he/yesterday" | (By lq'.c W. C. News Service.) before him and presented him with thel d;':*"~I~ie appoints about twice as' ~ "Rev. John J. Kelley, associate Paris, June 27. The General U. $. Re.,~tva~loL scapular, in assur.ance~f her protec-lmany Catholics to public office as pastor of the Calvary Baptist Council Ofothu~atD::~:hn:hO[nf; ten. The devohon to the blessed! Mr Dever did, and no cry is set up. Church, called a special me~ting, deche, the p p ' - ..... " ~ S tinf~ ~ VEN. SISTER SUPERIOR, Hot p habit spread quickly throughout the| " _ _ . ~ These are all good Irish Catholic ly half protestant, by a vo~e o~ x~ ~o Chrmtmn vorld. He dted at Bet-I There's a strange man who livesnames. Can anyone 'explain why 9: adopted th:C~:~:~h;:h f;::(ra~nf deaux m 1265. t un in Canada.His name is Sir~hey are in the wrong pews? In the a~ ogaung ~ . .. " " " a the liberty of rehgmus oraers NEW" O~ 1 William Mulock, Chief Justice of old souper days, when being ]~ ' (~nt~rio In delivering an address Catholic brought a penalty, t~hese ~~ CLUBS BUY ESTATE h;'-said he hoped Canadian cities names could no't becalled and found MEN'S AND WOMEN S would not be overcrowded like Amer- absent. RETREAT IN GEORGIA ST. SCHOLASTICA'S (By N, C. W. C. News Service.) New York, June 27.---The Merritt ican cities. He added it as his be- estate in the town of Somers, West- lief that much of the great over- The largest secondary school in (ByN. C.W.C. lq'ews_Servme~,~ "he an FORT SMITH. ARKANSAS chester, has been purchased by the population in cities of the United the world graduated its'largest class Agusta, Ga., June ~.~-~ . ." Sodality clubs of the Diocese of New States was a source of weakness, last Saturday. It is Thomas Jef- nual retreat for laymen, sponsorea ~y York from Mrs. Simon Brady. The rather than strength. * ferson, a beautiful building inthe Catholic Laymen's Association o~1 C~mduet~! by the Ben~lteiuo $1.t~t~ Brooklyn. The number of gradu- Georgia, will be given at ~acre~I estate consists of 55 acres bordering The man is strange because we ares totaled 661. The list starts off Heart Church and College, July 21-~ tc2~Gr~PuPti" Fltillls ~'j~ the Croton Reservoir, a house of 18 have been so used to hearing boom- as follows: ~4, with the Very Rev. M. J. Wa!sh,[ Both Ros|~on another house of 14 rooms, a ers and boosters shouting "bigger" Elias Abramowitz, Harry Abram- S. J., of New Orleansas retreat-I roomS,large stable and cow barns, and "bigger" that we thought it un- II owitz, Samuel Abramson, Benjamin master. ' The property was held at $55,000, patriotic, if not criminal, to be Adler, Milton Adelman, Estelle Ad-~ The annual retreat for women will~ Per Catalo~m ~. nd after building a large swimming against the herding of millions into pool and making other extensive im- cities, with overcrowded transit lines ler, Reubin Adler, Abraham Agin, i be held August 22-25 at Mt. de~ qJ provements the Sodality clubs will and streets, and skyscraping officeI Sol Albert, Abraham Allen, Rue A1- Sales Academy, Macon, conducted byI ~IFI'KR ~ InT. ~i40~ASTI~-A occupy it as a vacation home for buildings and apartments where the lpert, Joseph Altman, I~rael Alschul,]the Sisters of Mercy. A Jesuit young business women, people are as so many ants. J A. Ardbreze'4ich, 'S01 Amsterdam, Father will be retreatmaster. I