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July 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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July 9, 1927

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lit1 . I i ICIN IGi seppe Verdi was due here D'Alicio FINDS EASY LIVING lS ~Lix~axltl~l persistently refused to be convinced KILLING MANY WOMEN 'In'~, I-i. 1.,Ir.r,~, tthat his wife was actually coming to ------- IF viht Lli " ' him or that sne was not purposely de- The current mode of life among Llaying the journey. While the dozen women 45 years of age and above, ~.~ll~hTlflN preliminary moves were being made the increasing ease of living and the ~ia~aLlzav-I by the Bureau, and throughout the generally richer diets are reflected ----- t long waits for official papers to cross in the rising death rate from dia- Service.) I the ocean, he remained skeptical. Only betes among women, the Statistical Texas, Julv 1.--So two days before the liner's arrival, he Bureau of the Metropolitan Life In- THE GUARDIAN, JULY 9, I99.7 earnest are the Mexi-icalled to say that he had had disap- surance Company reports From ;.city who seek citizenship lpointments enough, and would make 1911 to 1926, it is said, this death ction that they may~jno further effort to bring his familY irate increased more than one-third that the Catholic~lover. !and it is still on the upward trend school for them Up to the time he actually saw his The diabetes death rate among to forego any ca-iwife and children, his doubts contin- males of 45 and above has remained summer and con-tued. Then came the reunion, and more or less stationary, varying be- uninterrupted. Itears of joy on both sides, and todaYltween 45 and 55 per 100,000 during is conducted by the family is rapturousl:f facing new this period. In 1911, the female of Catholic Women, life. Drossaerts as honor-I death rate was around 75 per 100,- 000. In 1926, it was more than 100 o~ has 228 enrolled Odd Items From Everywhere per 100,000. and there is a waitingSixty-five years ago John L. Sy- o~ a shortage of mons of Galveston, Ind., fought un- STRIKING INSTANCE Ider the colors of the 39th Indiana In- OF BELFAST BIGOTRY PARENTS OF PRIEST AND GRANDPARENT AT HIS FIRST MASS (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Paris, June 27.----When Abbe Lu- cien Gassilloud celebrated his first Mass in the little church of Bonne sur Menage in Savoie, last week, his father, mother and grandmother were present, with numerous other relatives and many friends. The eldest brother played the har- monium, the second was the cele- brant, the third was deacon and the fourth was sub-deacon The preach- er was a cousin of the new priest LOS ANGELES N. C. W. C. GIVES YEAR'S WORK BY BISHOP CANTWELL (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Los Angeles, July 1.--With evid- proposed that there l'fantry at Stone River and received ences of a vigorous life showing themselves in every session, the Na- vacation, a petition seven bullet wounds in the defense of (By 1~. C. w. C. News Service.) tional Council of Catholic Women of acting that even this the flag. The flag was captured in ............... D_.. ?u voteab:ndn:di " gS ~uoiin, June z~.--Ine very ~ev. the Diocese of Los Angeles and San t wTahed:-sh~s:nastt~:wbyh:h;la :themr~r::Ct~l D::?dQclm:'s PhPt'th~GD'e;:rtDunga:f[ Diego held its annual conference , the classes he recently visited the Capitol in In- ~ ..............T~,I~a h~~ Saturday and planned its campaign i ~ .... wouca~lon Ol NOr~nern .......... Bishop John J. Cantwell blessed eacou nts for mstruc- .. . 1 gs there. The flag, after,the expense of heating two schools the delegates and in an address set ragement by the its capture, was recaptured later by l . ,. ~ -' rin-the win ,^. ~ ...... ~unuer ms managemen~ uu g - the objectives for the next twelve ~ improve their cit-izne croon iorces. ter. This is supposed to be a reason- months--work for clean theatrical With a gratifying re- Weighing only one and one-half able contribution by the Northern plays and motion pictures, the devel- Mexicans. i pounds at birth the son of Mr. and gcvernmentto the cost of maintaining l t av Remit rnav,mon~ :Mrs. Telesfor Jordan of Salem has o)ment of _he B~, .................. , LAW TRAGEDY !already in his short life attracted the fires in these schools for six months ....... .~^~ ~, o ..... m^..~.^. and the p,,,,,~,,, ,~ ~a.~,~-~,~,~r Dean Quinn puts the position as fol- Associations Iy N, C. W. C. HELP'lattention of many physicians and lows: "Catholic people who are pay-I ..... ' iothers The child, despite its lack of I " from Page 1 ) iweight , is, to quote the attending ing the rates as well as Protestants IKLAN DEAD IN TEXAS, do not get the same benefits. ThereI GOV MOODY DECLARES ' i doctor, 'suprisingly lively,' and gives is equality so far as the assessment[" raerica They agreed every indication of health. ------- l the children should ! Dan Fitzgerald, first base,nan of of rates and taxes goes, but the equal- I (~y N c. W C. News Service.) rue t the new hme the Blmingtn' IlI' baseball team' ~:ATAI~NI~~i~D 2jp I i~i ~i~~t a r t a t~il ~~il situated as to care believes that his name should be en- ~eantime, he would tered in the record books. Fitzgerald on which to live was hit six consecutive times by PORT the allowance Springfield pitchers. The last time up in the third game of the series, ~"gd-will" delegation of Texas busi- hard in his adopt- Fitzgerald caught one on the shins. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) hess men new visiting New York. the necessity of He was the shock absorber for five Rome, June 27.--For several years When asked if the hooded order e to his family, pitches the next game while batting, now there has been difficulty in find- continued to be a power in Texas pol- than a year he wasI Two brothers who had not seen ing enough priests to serve the 63 itics, the Texas chief executive un- Lge each other for 50 years were united parishes of Rome. Religious are in equivocally replied, "The Klan in money to his . charge of 39 of them, regular Texas is as dead as the proverbial ^ . when Weston Daggett of Axpma, ~, overjoyed, hur-~ .... th ..... Mich., arrived nl Waterville, Me., to priests of 24, and even several of doornail." ~uai~ese guy . . ""visit his brother, William T. Daggett. these latter come from other dioceses. ~o rejoln her %. mr..uaggett and his wife traveled by To provide for the s~piritual needs of JUST THINK OF IT the family's ' She w automobile, making the 1,500 mile trip these 24 parishes, there would have as told that ....... to be 7 vocations to the priesthood A priest preaching a sermon, made alien im e]gn~ aay~. 'iCaL resident,...~ ac:i Feeling just a bit unwell, a patient a year, and there actually are, on the a good point concerning persons who law, w~ .u~, the U " at the Bangor, Me., State Hospital average, scarcely two among young habitually give way to sin. rated States Wl th she and submitted to an operation 'th ese people of Rome Students of the "~f," he said, "you were given results:Patient better and will re- Seminary of Rome come mostly from $20 for every tinfie you would resist 'await their turn on . . . ~a v ...... cover; patient minus one spoon and other dioceses, a temptation or an inclination, you ~L.JA_no 1;ne~ , ., . ,. , _ _ ,. i , , ;70 oeusprmg links, each scoutiour This condition occupied the minds would overcome in 99 out of every ' x~ras alrea~v ~. , , -imcnes tong--approximately 24 feet of of Popes Leo XIII, Plus X and Bene-100 cases in which you now yield to ._~_ (wire; patient strongly suspected of dict XV. During the pontificate of ~in and in which you say that you l~Zb. ilhaving eaten large quantities of can't help it. You can help it. Will the latter, a work to favor Roman r- office callthe motherap-;iplaster, but rumor unverified, as vocations to the priesthood was it, will it firmly, pray for aid, avoid l~ t" ' , plastering not found after thorough founded. The present Pope, through the occasions of sin, go to the Sac- nat she oe . . . her - . mvest]gatmn, the support he has given this work, raments often, and God helping caildren ana In three minutes a tiny new French has brought about an increase in theJYu, you can preventyourself from Always Maltesethegovern.reply seaplane, said to be the smallest in number of the students of the Roman becoming .~ habitual sinner, use seminary from 36 in 1923 to 73 at ldeterminatin and persistence to to have the littleithe world, can be assembled piece by nresent Igain heaven. Don't say you can't." he American law[piece on the deck of a floating sub- _" . ~ [ Is it true---if we were offered $20 Theymarineareand ,.maderep~rted readYto risefrfromflight'the FRENCH BISHOP INSISTS Ifor every time that we could resist the heart-break- ............ [whe~'e now we yield, could we and denials contin- water in nine seconds and a few tan L~:t~-r~ L~lwould we win the money? Indeed of An "" , minutes later to attain a height ofPar[s, lune 27 Msgr Ricard, li~geucaanu''foost arriw~ feet. These planes will be carried "" ' "--. ' . lit is likely. What a terrible thought, ~rq. Bmhop of N~ce, has instructed his , co; . 2. [then, it may be for some persons ~e:iCa.ea~ two But at by every submarine in the French priests "to refuse Holy Communnnlnow living who will go to perdition navy. of the money to anyone coming to the Holy Table[---that a little would have h........ A sKunK with its neaa in a mayon- [ en suffmmnt inducement to keep ~,,~y coum no~ . " in low-cut, transparent or sleeveless ,e " " " re was " I nmse bottle created a httle exc~te- ing husb:nadY'and ment at Worthington. M. F' Packarduress, ....... ~o reluse ~o perform tne mar- I them from the sins for which the ecame s ....l shot him twice, but Walter Townerriage" ceremony ii" me:" gown oi" ~ne{-" [fear of eternal damnation ..... was not Kepucai. I .................... sufficient to deter memt--~anaaian ' nd ..... saw nlm moving ia~er anu gave mm orme or o~ any oi ner a~enaan~s is " wny ms new" .................. I Freeman and Catholic Observer, to -re , ,. ]another bullet w"h~ch fmmhed him. ozlensive ~o tne a~gm~y oz ~ne ~acra- p ven~ ms , ~ , ~ ~.~ ~ . ~ Kingston. Ottawa. .o .7-.,~? 7-_ ............................ Page # minar SECURING FOR THE DIOCESE OF LITTLE ROCK THE EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF WORTHY ECCLESIASTICAL STUDENTS IN ST. JOHN,S SEMINARY FOR THE ARKANSA S PRIESTHOOD Any Full Burse or Share in an Incomplete Burse May Be Do- nated. An Incomplete Burse Will Be Gratefully Receiv i and Recorded. A Burse Is a Sum of Money Invested and Drawing Enou Interest Always to Provide Board, Lodging and Training for One Seminarian. ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY BURSE8. COMPLETE ST. MARY'S BURSE, Hot Springs $$,000.00 MONSIGNOR TOBIN BURSE, Little Rock_ __ 5,000.{~ ANNIE JONES BURSE, Pine Bluff J5.000.0~ MARY HOLLAND-CRAIG BURSE. Pine l]luff ~,000.~ INCOMPLETI~ BISHOP BYRNE BURSE ............................................................. $4,447.47 ST. JOHN'S ALUMNI BURSE ............................................. 4,901.50 SACRED HEART BURSE ..................................................... 285.00 BISHOP FITZGERALD BURSE 100.OB KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, ARKANSAS ........... |ll|.0e INCOMPLETE BURSES BISHOP BYRNE BURSE The Burse to be known as the Bishop Byrno, a memorial honor to the first Bishop of the Diocese of Little Rock, already has a credit deposit of $4,447.47. This Burse calls for no stated amount of donation, and its present sum total is the result ot large and small donations by those interested in perpetuating the name of Bishop Byrne in connection with the priesthood of the diocese which he organized and unto which he gave of prayers, of his work, and of his life. The Bishop Byrne Burse is a popular one, toward which even donations of one dime or more will be acceptable and ceive due credit on the Seminary recorda. Previously acknowledged ........................................................ $8,528.47 Pupils of Sacred Heart Academy, Helena, Ark ......... Catholic Daughters of America, Fort Smith, Ark. ~ _ Thanksgiving, Anonymous, Hot Springs, Ark. Ignatian Knightl, S. H. Academy, Helena, ./irk,,. "Kindly" Donation from Levy Bequest of Late Mrs. Bridget Sinnott. Anonymous, Hot Springs, Ark ..... I lgnatian Knight~, Helena, Ark.__~ Children of Sacred Heart Academy, Helena, Ark. Pupill of St. Anne'a Academy, Fort Smith, Ark. St. Andr~w'l Cathedral School Children .... Thanksgiving ..................................................... Pupil~ of St. Anne'~ Academy, Fort Smith, Ark. ~ Cathedral School Pupils ........................................................ Our Lady of the Holy Souls Pupils__._. ........... lO.Oi 100.0$ |0.00 16.0~ 1.041 1.0 $00.00 $0.0$ lO.OI 86.00 110.@tt 5'15.~ 10.0~ 80,De 2~,00 5.00 Total ................................................................................ .$4,447.4~ BISHOP FITZGERALD BUR$1~ Very Rev, Monsignor &. P. Gallagher, Merit, Ark._ $100.00 ST. JOHN'S SEMINARY ALUMNI BUR$]~ This Burse is a foundation by the priests who have been ordained from the Seminary and is open to the clergy and the people in general as a recognition of the present-day success of the faculty and the students of this important diocesan insti- tution. Previously acknowledged $2,081.50 Bequest of Mrs. Bridget Sinnott, Little Rock, Ark ..... $00.00 Alumnus 1928 ~00.00 Alumnu~ 1916 $00.00