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July 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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July 9, 1927

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Page Four THE GUARDIAN, JULY 9, 1927 ] I i i ,, i i D IN]P * * * * * * * * * * * * /'~VJUL~IV~.~,~.~I~I ~, ~JUPJ,~. * STATE LEGISLATURES * OF EROSIER FANERS C [ Y .... ews Service.) .... • "'=-~'-'~£~ ~'eI vigorous editorial appearing in the -- I current issue of the Wesleyan Chris- (Ity N. C. W. C. News Service.) [ tian Advocate, official organ of the Onamia, Minn., July 29.---The Very] two conferences of the Methodist Rev. W. Van Dinter, O. S. C., Prior] Episcopal Church, South, in Georgia, of the Monastery of the Crosier Fath-] demand is lnade upon the Legislature ers (Canons Regular of the Holy[of the State to pass a taw making Cross) here, has been elected Master[ wearing of a mask in public a felony. General of the Order throughout the A plea is also made to members of world. This post he willhold for the Ku Klux Klan to discard wear-! life. ing their regalia in public. -- Coincident with publication of the While the Crosier Fathers are one editorial in the Advocate, which is of the oldest Orders in the Church edited by the Rev W M Pierce, who and are particularly strong in Hol- has served as ])residing elder of sev- land and Belgium, they are represent- eral districts, came the announcement ed ir~ only two dioceses in the United States--those of St. Cloud and Du- luth. The motherhouse is at St. Agatha, Holland. There are 12 Cro- sier Fathers, six lay Brothers, one scholastic and three novices in the United States, according to the 1927 Catholic Directory. The Novitiate and College for Itomc and Foreign Missions in this country are. at Ona- mia, Minn., and it is of this comniun- ity that Fatimr Van Dinter is Prior. The Crosier Order was founded by Theodore de Celles, who became a Canon after following Emperor Fred- crick Barbarossa on the Crusade. The vows of the first Canons were pronounced in 1211. Pope Innocent III verbally approved the Order in 1215, and the written Papal approba- tion was confirmed in 1248. The Or- der flourished, members of it preach- ing to the Albigenses with St. Dom- inic and many houses being founded. In the period of raonastic suppressions throffghout Europe, it suffered great- ly, but since has had a vigorous re- birth. The life of the Crosiers is both contemplative and active. They give missions and retreats and assist the secular clergy when asked. STRASBOURG :BISHOP BANS PAPER CAUSING STRIFE IN DIOCESE (By hi'. C. W. C. News Service.) Paris, June 27.--Msgr. Ruch, Bishop of Strasbourg, has addressed to the faithful of his diocese a letter nvtifying them that the reading of the paper, Zukunft, is forbidden in virtue of the :/ :~eral law of ,the Church. from Toccoa, in Stephens County, Ga. that fourteen warrants had been issued for alleged members of the masked band who have terrorized the section. Their names are withheld, pending their arrest. The warrants were issued as a result of investiga- tions conducted hy private citizens. George Goods, who has been retain- ed by one of the flogged women to aid the prosecution, has declared that there was not the slightest doubt the whipI)ings were the work of the klan. The editorial devotes considerable attention to Clifford Walker, who retired as Governor last Saturday when Dr. L. G. Hardman was inau- gurated is assailed bitterly for his failure to take action on the reputed Klan outrages in and near Toccoa, which included whipping of at least two women and the driving insane of a man who had befriended one of them. Mr. Walker is charged with being the ready tool of the Grand Dragon of the State, recreant in his duty to Georgia in order to protect an organ- ization with which he is said to have worked hand-in-glove during his ad- ministration. The editorial charges that officials of the sections involved have made no apparent effert to put an end to the outrages and calls for resignations of judge, sheriff and any other officials involved. Klan Dragon Scored Explanation of the outrages by iNathan , Bedford Forrest, Grand ~Dragon of the Klan, is declared "naive." Even in his denial of re- sponsibility, says the Advocate, he ad- mits responsibility. It is charged GERMANY'S RELATIONS I DePAUL UNIVERSITY TO WITH SOVIET CAUSE I ERECT SKYSCRAPER CATHOLIC CRITICISM .... __ I (By N C. W C. News Service ) By Dr. Frederic Funder Cbic:~go, June 30.--DeFau! Uni- (Vienna Correspondent, N. C. W. C. ]ver~ily will erect a skyscraper home News Service) ~in the loci) f(~r it~ profcssi(mal schools, -- ,].acc°rding to a recent announcement Vienna, June 27•--German Cath~-lbY prominent alunmi• The structure lies cannot view with complacency lwill cost $2,000,000, it is reported, the growing amicable relations be-~iand will be sixteen stories high. It tween the German Government and will occupy a straceg[c site at East the Soviet Government of Russia, [Lake street and Garland Court. The with its dark record of persecution of f property consists of three 24-foot lots. Catholics, says the Augsbury Mail, The university will use six floors of the oldest Catholic paper in Germany• Ithe building for its schools of law, Political evolution in the 1-st few journalism, commerce and other c0i- years has carried the Reich almost 1ieglate courses, now g~ven at its .... }:ranch, 84 East Randolph street to neighborly friendship with the . ~ ." . Soviet Government. But it is the fact Wrecking of the old buildings of Germany, following the break be- the premises will begin August 1 and construction ~s to be completed tween Russia and England, has even taken charge of Soviet Russian in- by August 1, 1928. A bond issue of terests in Great Britain, that causes $1,500,000 has been undem~-ritten on ~the Mail to speak editorially, the property. "In view of the latest action of "This action means a great widen- , ing of the influence of the univer- the Reich," says the Cathode paper, . , • s~ty, f)rnler Corporation Counsel "German Catholics may become hi-I " " .... • ] ~FXDClS Jk. lJUSCfl, Ior many years volved in a deep conflict, since the . • . . J oean of the DePaul law school, said official policy of animosity agamst l ......... . ~]n alscussmg -one scnoo] s expans.,on the Catholic Church followed by the ! . ..... 1 ........ ' , wnne on y mxteen stories Will oe Moscow Government forces us tel ............. |DUllE at; present, ~ne caiss)ns V, qll De take the position of opponents " l, ¢. ......... • |([L,s[gnco to carry a toaa oi 2z stories, The Mail then recounts the acts of! ............ Iso cna~ an a(ttlKlon ol S~X I]o()rs may hostility and violence committed .... " " lee ma(le la~er. aoainst the Church up to recent times by the Soviet Government, and con- tinues: "Such things are like blows in the face of every Catholic, and the~; are proof that there is no will in Soviet considerations which prudence and Russia to exercise the elenlentary common sense alone would require. "In Moscowk it must be recognized I that things of this kind must produce their effect upon the three hundred millions of Catholics living all over the world. We German Catholics, however, must declare that we cannot for long give our assent to our politi- cal representatives . exposing our Catholic solidarity to a pressure which it simply cannot endure; we cannot 'agree that this very material side of the policy of the Soviets be completely ignored. We shall have to demand that due regard be paid to it, and that the political represen- tatives of the Catholic people become aware of the fact that there are limits in matters of politics which must not be exceeded." FRENCH ASSOCIATION MISSIONARIES RECOVER PAINTINGS THOUGHT STOLEN AT PIER (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) San Francisco, June 24.--The col- lection of valuable paintings and' t rare, costly Chinese souvenirs which i were thought to have been stolen i from two distinguished missionaries I who recently returned from the Ori- ent, have been found. The missionaries were Mother Clare, daughter of Count Francesco Del Blanco of Italy, and Mother Dora, daughter of the late General Charles Smart, U. S. A. Medical Corps. The missing articles were received by the potiee today from Miss Ruth :W. Crampton, Carmel novelist, wko explained by letter that the package had become mixed with her luggage at the pier when the ship on which they arrived docked at San Francis- co. Zukunft is the organ of the Heim- atbund, a party which was founded for the purpose of demanding the au- tonomy of Alsace-Lorraine. This journal advocates the pernmnent al- liance of Catholics and anti-Catho- lics, of conservatives and Socialists, provided they are adversaries of the French administration. The Bishop of Strasbourg had already, from the point of view of doctrine, criticized this advice, as given to Catholics, to put political prejudices above reli- gious interests. In the meantime, a great suit brought out that the funds for the publication of the journal were of foreign origin and that several of the collaborators were of questionable morals• A rector of a Strasbourg suburb, having given his cooperation to Zukunft, had constant dealings with them and was admonished on this subject. As he was moreover, often seen in their company at the theater, in spite of ecclesiastical re- gulations, the Bishop sent him as rec- tor to a remote parish, after having prescribed for him a fifteen-day re- treat with the Redemptionists. These decisions brought down upon Msgr. Ruch violent attacks by the Zukunft. To these the Bishop wished to oppose only smiling charity. But the laws of the Church, he said, made it his strict duty to counteract the work of papers which endeavored to undermine the authority of the bishop, to discredit him personally, and to injure Christian morals as well as Catholic discipline. PLAYS GIVEN TO AID HOUSE FOR AMERICAN STUDENTS IN PARIS fB~:N'. C. W• C. News Servlce.I Paris, June 27.---Two plays have ~ust been given here bs a benefit for a house which is to be established for lodging American students dur- ins their sojorun in Paris. The plays were produeed under the auspices of a committee of ladies of the aristocracy, the Duchesse de Vendome acting as patroness and Ambassador Claudel as honorary president. Other niembers of the committee were the Marquise de Chambron, the Vieomtesse de Dam- pierre, Mme. de Nolhac, the Corn- tesse de Sayve. For the accommodation of Ameri- can Catholic students who come to Paris to attend courses at the Sor- bonne, the C0nsercatorie and the Beaux Arts, there is already in ex- istence the St. Regis'~Club, which was founded in November, 1925, and which offers a Catholic atmosphere. that the ]dan "supplied a refuge by FOR CHURCH REPAIRS its regalia and furnished a reason FINISHES PROGRAM by its reputation'" for the perpetra- tors of these outrages and "threw Pnv;~ .l,n~ 9~ ho ~nno " ...... , ....... W ..... ~rat]ve around them the protection of the Societ- fm the Reconstruction of klan name," even if it should be true Churches ofthe diocese of Nancy that actual klansmen were not In- determined at its recent general volved , _ • lneeting, that it had almost completed Discussing the outrages which in ' "" " - its program, which thus far has in- cluded at least five whippings, the , , , ~ ....... eluded the repairing of 104 cnurcnes, ~ovoca~e says ~nat they are lawless, 1 us ~ at a cost of about 50,000,000 flancs nj t'fied, brutal, indecent and "" • gratuitous," and adds" , It has served a double purpose; on ,, . ~ ~ .... :..~ .... ~ ....... 1-the one hand, grouping and distribut- .~. ....... '. . , ins materials, labor and technicians ru]nans ~;ooelend net civiclnEeg • . -to the best advantage; on the other ntyq When such is thec~,se she has in ] nsable • " " hand, carrying out the ' d'spe no claim upon her sister common-i financial operations• The payments wealth• To approve such brutal[ imposed on Germany by the treaty c] I of Versailles, being apportioned over • uelty and such shameful indecency ' " " " • . . a number of years, the diocese could would itself constitute flagrant dis- not put off the work on its churches honor. When she descends so low, to adopt the words of a great orator, She 'blots from the flag the star that glows to the name of Georgia, but leaves the stripe behind, a fit emblem of her degradation.' " South Carolina's now famous "blue law" test case, the result of Governor Richard's Sunday crusade, will not reach the State Supreme Court until July 5. The test case specifically involves the application of the Palmetto State's ancient Sabbath observance laws to the sale on Sunday of gaso- line and motor oil. It was originally docketed for June, but was postponed until early in July. Case In Supreme Court The appeal to the State's highest tribunal is taken from the order of Circuit Judge William E. Grimball, ed the Charleston Oil Company a temporary restraining order, and from this appeal was taken to the Su- preme Court. As the date for the hearing draws until the Commission on Reparations should have remitted the entire sum of indemnities. The Cooperative So- ciety, therefore, launched a loan which would permit the immediate undertaking of the work. This loan will be gradually paid off as the in- demnities, ordained by the treaty of peace, are liquidated. JAPANESE HEIRESS BECOMES A NUN (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) New York, July 3.---Father Leo- pold H. Tilbesar, of Quincy, Illinois, a Maryknoll missioner who is studying the language at Tokyo, writes o£ the stir created in wealthy Japanese cir- cles by the recent entry into a Trap- pistine Convent of Sue-ko Kawada, a daughter of Baron Ryukichi Waw- ada. The grandfather of the present Baron Kawada was chiefly instru- mental in establishing the house of Iwasaki, which is wealthier than any other in modern Japan. Miss Kawada was graduated from the Peeresses' School and then entered the Catholic School at Yotsuya, a sister institution to the Sacred Heart School at Sauko-cho, known as "Seishiu Josh[ Gakuin." She has a distinct talent near, indications are that it will be for painting, being very gifted in the one of the most spectacular legal Japanese school of art. skirmishes in the court annals of The young noblewoman was bap- South Carolina. Considerable pro- tized in Tokyo two months ago. She tress is claimed to have been made by has now entered the Trappistine Con- leaders of the Association Opposed to ~ vent at Hokkaido. Her day of prayer Blue Laws, the recently Organized and labor begins at 2.30 a. m. She political party, which announces that helps to till the farm and feeds the it will hold a nationalconvention sheep and cattle• next year in New York. t Miss Kawada is twetny-three years The party, according to its leaders, [ old. "I have parted with my parents," will oppose candidates favoring anti- she declared recently, "and I do not evolution legislation, and blue laws, intend to return home. I have en- but will maintain a position of neu- tered upon a new life, the life of frailty on other public questions. Faith, which I will not give up." 13 NEW CHURCHES OPENED IN CARDINAL BOURNE'S DIOCESE Patronize Our Adt 'i ........... T ......... -7 ....... i ncome tnsurance i Mortgage Redemption In ! Chiirzren s Educahonal In $ " We Write Them All~ . CENTRAL STATES LIFE INSURANCE CO. | of St. Louis, Mo. i J. RALEY JEFF i General Agent for Arkansas i 510 Federal Bank Building L .................. 116 W. Fourth St. C. D. KENNY CO. W lch Teas - Coffees Sugars WHOLESALE and RETAIL Phone 4-3041 115 West Sixth Street LITTLE ROCK, ARK. IB¢. CUSTOM LITTLE M.A. Representing FIRST Business of t~s Assets: Over ':'~A=RR S ~G ;=OC~H i= o---,i Hun dred Architects . | New Hall Building Phone 5195 Little Rock, Arkansas | 1105 SPRING IS THE TIME TO ERECT A MEMORIAL With the coming of flowers and green grass, help nature beautfy your loved one's grave by selecting one of Mona- hen's everlasting memorials. MONAHAN & SON 410-412W. Markham St. LITTLE ROCK Mark Every Grave J. T. HORNIBROOK S~cceasor to HALEY & HORNIBROOK VENTILATING AND ALL KINDS OF o London, June 27. lo churchesI llll were opened or practically completed1 ill[ ~:~ A ~k~ ~ff" ~ D ~ W ]~ | I ~ T in the diocese of Westminster during[ ~ i.~ a-~ x • lt~ L~ X~ *.~ ~t ~t~ ~ ~-~ the past twelve months, states Card-] Itll MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE RO~K, inal Bourne in his annual review of[ iBI --We are agents for practically all the import~ diocesan development. I [[t[ skip companie& Buildings were started in several[ [[[[ ---If you are contemplating a trip abroad for other centers, and a number of new] lill reasons, or if you desire to undertake a pl.e~ districts were onened nn by tho n,~ ] ~ make use of the many excellent Winter t~rt~.~$~ , , . ~_ . " ....... ~-"-I II'll fail to call on us for information, which wm • cnase oi plots of land ~or churches, I [[1[ fully given, without charge schools and plesbyterles Meanwhile ex " " " • " I Illl --We wish to remind you also of our for "g~ a large nmnber of parishes consoli-I [HI 'Department, which it in position to effect m o~ dated themselves by additions to [ Ill[ fert to foreign eountriet by Cable, Draft, or l~a~ church and nresbyterv, and over[ []H Orders at prevailing market price We both $50,000 was paid to clear off parish [ ~ tell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations hourlY" debts. , ,,,, /JIll BANKERS TRUST 1 the placeo my b rth ~IHAT a thrill as the good ship draws nearl "The deepest green that's e'er been seen"-- a huge emerald rising from the seal Ireland--~ the homeland t What joy to visit old scenes etched deep in memory---the place of your birth--the scenes of your youth l SAILINGS New York to Cobh (Queens- town) and Liverpool. SCYTHIA July SMARIA *July 23 FRANCONIA Aug. 1 LACONIO *Aug. SCYTHIA ,~ Aug. 13 SAMARIA ~Aug. 20 N. York, Lononderry, Glasgow CALEDONIA-- July 16 Aug. 13 TRANSYLVANIA--- *July 23 **Aug. 20Sept• 17 CAMERONIA--- July 30 ~*Ang. 27 Sept. 24 *Via Boston. **ViaHalifax• CUNARD ( AND ANCHOR Lm S 202 W. 2nd ~t., L~ttle Roca Bankers Trust Co. C. C. Clayton 10S W. 3rd, F. R. Pennell, 2n~ and Louisiana Sts. Whether you are a fool or a wise person can be The acid test is tomorrow. That means: Ia thought, dominating all you do today? Be a money you put in your Savings Account is "C.,.s e,~,~ ~mk. em,~ ~,,,V' A subscription to The Guardian for form of a renewal, or a new subscripti would be a fitting observance of Catho 307 /s West Second Street, Little Rock, Please enter the undersigneki name for a scription to The Guardian. For which send bill. For which $ .......................... is enclosed. Name Address City_. suescmPTmN rRIC ,=.0o