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July 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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July 9, 1927

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THE GUARDIAN, JULY 9, 1927 Page Seven R lW.|n.e t,me it has served its humdrum, every tpfil iqH p A%}NPHIAI Nlimmgumv~k~ day purposes. Suddenly, however, it/l~/lh|~|l |l'illUll.t|l|glll AT HOME l~ ~l becomes a medium for the creative[ 1/.1||AA| Ct~p|Thll~.]k|qpO HOURS m ~v] spirit It is discovered that thou- l~ L 1 ~rt[~l~ : 1,, Ob UU ;3 U ~d::n ~i sand.~ of men, women and chi eren in ,, the country have that spirit and they ! An interesting feature of the ex-iworth Woodward, Director, Newcomb ex" ross it definitel-b~ soul-turin~ in [ SHINE l~ C0HTEST hibition of sculpture in soap which College, School of Art, New Orleans; v "T _.. ~ ~ ~).?. t; ( ........... ds nd of flour, ............. I .......... soap.~n tins year s eompeuuon over! t~rana r~apms, ~vnen., dun~ 6u. is doing nolo at the Anaerson t~al-It, TanK Aryan t'arsons', ~lrector, l~ew ...... ~,es: F~Steel in ]temperature and the cream. Bake as ............................. two thousand entrms of carving re(Little Mary Jurgfle~uez, the 14-year- ~nion-Record. 1 for regular waffleson a slightly mrles, a~u rarK &venue, l~ew xor~ XOrK ~cnool oI vine aria Appnea Ar~s; . I .... ~v0ti,~'~"-'~ !greased iron. ,. whitesoap were received from seulp- old Polish girl who has 3ust won first City, is the number of carvings that Frank L. Babbott, President, Brook- . s ...... 1 " " ! 1 c i "h "ra " " id section of [~ doe's native sod, l- . .......... I .......... ~ . ~or~ana s~uaen~s. In rune y prmrm .p a e n m e u na l~ap snow ~ne lmpmse oI ~ne rengmus[wn tnsm~u~e oi Ar~s an(/ ~e)enees; homes as well as in +he -Pie" soa~ I the national essa-- contest on "The . wealth ' .... 1 ~.. c ~ ~, p y ~,~i:~'~'., _. I Tomato Club Sandwiches splr~. Although modermsm m all Mrs: James C. Bradford, President, invited that shy expression of the Constitution," might well be called an ~,~ngGod,i) 11 i~sIrmsis~Den~e~lamng~nelNasnvilleAr~ftssela~in;ineare ................ x ....................... h .... ~.'. - " l Use as the filling for each sand- " ........... t ........ sp~r~ ~na~ is so olsen nlaaen ana de-,e ample o~ wnu~ t~u~no,c ~c oo,~ .~ ~e ~wen~y-i,ve nunu.]e~ entries su.~m,~-[rian.~ora Yonfl, Director, Dayton Art nied in what we call the industrial f doing for the children of the foreign ~;:~L~g," - -led chilled tomato, one tablespoon of from all over the country, neverthe-I Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester; .~" . . P. ....... " .... ........... I-" ........... ~ne creative gif~ or impmse is notI Mary s Ia[ner, who came [o ~ms .ri.e the l*ine y hredded eabb. e, two ,e.. n.p,r ,on o.n .o on .,rector, ......... eountr- rom eoland neither )~. " ...... } o'('eooked bacon, a lot of minced ............ I ............ con~mea ~o a smart prolesslonai, 5 , p~- desus, l;ne waaonna, aria erie ~ain~s Museum; wnartes w. I~kOIIOCK~ ~'resl- .. - - - -- Ine~ writesEn~lish Moreover the]it ~ I-_[~wledge[ chives, a light dusting of paprika .............. a( ............ group. ~emoeraey has lnvaaea tne t " s , " mamles~s iI;selI in 131e concave cre - clen~, tbnarles~on vxuseum; mrs. unas. , ..~. , ~ " ~ .,_ . ]~l~ ~.~.~o ;o u. "*~^*~'e-" ^v +~,^ v.~ wens iormea ox ~vory ~oap. There tmrey ~umsey; ~enry ~alrI]em us- ._a .... r .... *:-~ ~*~^Iv ~, ily She keens house for her father, are several finely worked examp es]born, President, American Museum of h me Icooks, sews, and irons Beinveen thes~ ' [tar sauce. . " 1 ~ " ~m,, ~.~u ~ s,u, ~,~,~ ~ x ,~. ~. ~! ~arkF [ Use between slices of hot buttered of Christ on the Cross; there is a Natural History; Frederick Allen o,,.. ........... m,+;~o o~ ~++~o "~ ~n~n.~..~,o !:~ mg with the health of I toast, lovely Nativity; and an exquisite~ Whiting, Director, Cleveland Museum ............. School, tau,~ht b.* the School Sisters ~, ~ , . mi~ee oz Awara, ~na~ ~nese small ~ ~:~. ~ ~ealth. Rosary with a heart and a penant, of Art; Albm Polos, k, Art Institute ......... of Not e Dame, and thor, she has at .... semp~ure compeu~mns neap lmme- ~ - ~ ~rea-, ' Christ worked entirely in soap. of Chicago; Victor S. Holm, Art ............ to!ned a hi~,h record in seholarshi,~ l~t~ ~tY~oised, restrained by -- . ...... ........... measuramy ~o oevemp ~ne sp~m~um ~ v. k~ Among other rengmus subjects, ~cnoo~, wasmngton University, St. resources of America which are as It was somewhere m' the intervals" of "I feel, with the rest of the Com- duties, she attends SL Adelbert's tree of Awa-d, hat~h~se small School tau ,~ht by t ~ S eel Sisters Rosary with a heart and a penantl of Art; Albin Polasek, Art Institute - " -'-" :" of Notre Dame, and there she has at ..... ~ , semp~ure eompe[l~lons help lmme- Sprew of Asparagus. Christ , 'orke [ nhrel: m J ot >. of Chic ~go; Victor ~ ~ elm, Artmeasurably to d~velon [h~ gMrltunl tained a high record in ~eholarship. -- Amo: g o h ~ rel giou: ~, Lbjects, Sc reel, Washi'~gton U dve~sity, St. ~..~.~ ;., ~(.~--~'- :-~'~.~-~-~ It was somewhere i~ the ntervals of ~t's ~e~l,~ When asparagus is in season a there are a Madonna and Child, an Loum, Me. rich and nrofound as its obvious ma- this busy life that she ~ound time to I~ that ~"~".; single bunch does not go very far Eeee Homo, a Sacred Heart, a BusThis exhibition, which opened ont~rial resonre~.~ " I do the research and writing which won ~,~ ls on flowers and even m a family of four To extend rehef of Holy Sister, portrmt of St. June 7th, showsan enormous in- m ................ for her the high honor in the essa- $'~- "~ 8ki~ " . the eXhibition Will conlHnue h~ ~ne ) - ~:F~tth~ aeav'~'., it try sprew of asparagus, an old Leo, a Nun, a Roman Vestal Virgin, crease of .... interest in soap sculpture, ~,,~n-ne.~.,, .... ,~,,=,,=~'""^~c .... ~,,~.,*c' ou,=T"--^ ~o~",a*~ contest. . ~:~ ia ,'- en ~n a baby's eyes, Southern dish which is particularly and many others inspired by theand the nnportance of the exh~bltmn and will then be sent on tour through Another Polish student of St. Adel- :~ aI~ th~ door of Para-good. Cut off the tips and chop the Christian history and religion, was emphasized in the speeches on out the coun*r~, bert's school, John Romanowski, won /ti~ts~e " portmn of the stalks between the t~ps The sculptures are all entries m the opening day by Alert Bement, Among the seul-tures of religious first place m the state m hm sectmn ~ alth. and the touch ends finely. Cook both the Third Annual Competition for Director of the Art Center; Dr. Gus- inspiration are" v !of the essay contest, and still another, ~a separately in boiling salted water, I the Procter and Gample prizes, under tare Straubenmeller, Associate Sup- "'~Madonna and ~'hil .... nd "'~acre~)Ladislaus Wolski, won honorable g th ~ t~ u a o u i~:.~ e trees, the blue mash the latter, blend with melted!the auspices of the National Small erintendent of Schools, New York, Hear~" ~,, ~ l~,~.~;~++, w;.A~,,~ [mention. ii~~t's ~e~u- butter or hollondai~e sauce, and!Sculpture Committee, including: Ells- and Leo Lentelli, sculptor. ~o~:..~ ].~ ^"~.'~:~'~'~"~=~. 1.'~.'.~" ..... [ ,'~eet -- - ' spread thmkly over hot buttered toast I Mr. Bement said: We behove that "The Savior" b'" Mrs Thomas W ,,~ .... , ..... ,, - , .... :~ ~;uo~ae ........ . . , f ~ ~ ....... y [ unrls~, tmeruo ana t;neruo _~'~, ~ oi a woman's shoes. ~rrange ~ne eooKect ~lps over minutes Soften gelatin and dis no~mng coma ~e more unlor~una~e Drains of Sidne'" Iowa -- -, ....... ~F~ It r s e r ~ " - . . y, , Hea(l by daroslav ~,Kmuno ox [~-~ealth, the tops, pour over e he au e o [ solve in ho't syrup. Prepare banana than to have the pubhc think of Art "Ecce Homo" by Maria Luisa ! Poughkeepsie, New York i:~ to gria When -- b;::k~a::tteh :ndeser~he tO: ff:ra !pulp by mashing and beating smooth solely m t.ern)s of painting., sculpture Iturbe de Selva of New York City. [ "The Nun" by Lillian Lorraine all the wolId ~ s es ve p or a he sol ana arcm~ec~ure, xor thin kind of ,, ,, ~t~ ~o~ " [t bananas, add to syrup with t " Rosary by Jaunita H Leonard I Brown of Bal+i~-r~ ~ .... ~,~n -,'~ffeat With .... :?~ad ?fdpla?f. on the afpa~agus[and lemon juice. Freeze to a mush, thinking leads tothe .behe~ that Art of New York City. "Madonna and Child" by Myrtle ~., ~ameaess aria a~o~t~ ncub~: puacncu ~g~, xat~ wa~r I add beaten cream and finish Let is Ior ~ne iew. Ar~ is eerualmy Ior ,,~.o n~li~. ~ ~JM.. ~;o,...,, ~... ~ .... . ........ ~. i~a ~llile . t~" in which the vegetable is cooked can stand at least an hourin salt and all. It does not require material Willia:n Fell~'m o% Ne~ Y:rk=City'''Avl',,~l:ALa~er',,lbllr~.rg~: t'???. ^.. W r " ~ AVA~