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July 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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July 9, 1927

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Page Two THE GUARDIAN, JULY 9, 1927 d~ Published Weekly THE CATtIOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY of the Diocese of Little Rock 807 WEST SECOND STREET Entexed as second-class matter March 21, ]911, at the postoffice at Little Rock, Ark., under tile Act of Congress of MarchS, 1879. SUBSCRIPTION PRICE, $2.00 TIIE YEAR CIIANGE OF ADDRESS When a change of address is desired the subscriber should give both the old and the new address CORRESPONDENCE Matter intended ~for publication in The Guardian should reach us out labor than Wednesday morning. Brief news correspondence is always welcome. The kindness of the clergy in this matter is cer- tainly appreciated. REV. GEO. H. McDERMOTT ....................................... Managing Editor All communications about "The Guardian" should be addressed to the Rev. Geo. H. McDermott, 307 West Second Street. OFFICIAL ORGAN The Guardian is the official organ of the Diocese of Little Rock, and I pray God that it may be an earnest champion of the cause of right, justice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion which we all love so well. I extend to it my blessirrg with the sincere hope that its career may he long and prosperous JNO. B. MORRIS, Bishop of Little Rock. JULY 9, 1927 Fifth Sunday after Pentecost. O On the same day that the Duke of York re- cently opened the Federal Parliament House at Canberra, Australia's remarkable new Capital city, the Apostolic Delegate, the Most Rev. Dr. Cattaneo, blessed the rising Capital from Cath- edral Hill. .O Despite its repeated early difficulties and announcements of imminent discontinuance, G. K's. Weekly, new England journal launched by Gilbert K. Chesterton, the eminent Catholic writer, continues to weather the gale. Its cur- rent issues say nothing about financial troubles. o July is dedicated to devotion to the Precious Blood. This is a devotion specially suited to the present-day because the spirit of sacrifice is exactly what is needed now to save the world from disaster. It is a devotion which arises from personal love for Our Lord and from an appreciation of what He has done for us. O LEADS TO FATALISM That modern legislation and modern educa- SUPREME RULE OF CONDUCT t "Four Life Rules Given Catholic University Class by Dr..John Ryan Warning the graduates that "everywhere wants are few. He needs food, clothing, men are striving to amass wealth through pro- shelter sufficient for health, decencY and : fitable 'deals' rather than through productive mentary comfort; he does not need costliness "It is a stain upon our AmeriCa labor," the Rev. Dr. John A. Ryan, Director of nor elaborateness nor wastefulness, in the satis- same time, added glory of the the Department of Social Action, N. C. W. C., faction of these wants, the Mexican people that this ) laid down four principles of action in his bac- "Many a man postpones or avoids marriage continues to be waged in Mexico, calaureate sermon delivered at the Catholic or sinfully evades family responsibilities be- Bishops even their right, as University of America at Washington, D. C., on cause he cannot afford an expensive domestic even for the amendment of the Sunday, June 12th. establishment in an exclusive neighborhood. Catholics who have assembled "The supreme rule of conduct," Dr. Ryan The man who has sufficient moral courage to of petitioning justice have been said, "is to strive to know the best that is to disregard the false and artificial standards of clubs and fire-arms; priests, be known and to love the best that is to be the world as regards his dwelling and its loca- respect, have been shot down like loved. The highest that is knowable and lov- tion and who can find an equally rational and old men, and young, guilty of no able is God; next in importance come those clear-sighted partner in marriage, will inevit- than that of publicly professing creatures that tie has made to His own image ably adopt reasonable standards in the matters Christ, the King, have been put to and likeness. In the terms of the Catechism, of food, clothing, social intercourse, and amuse- firing squads. our primary end is to know, love and serve God. ments; and this couple will lead vastly happier Fidelity to the tenets and practices of our reli- and more useful lives than those who become "So brazen has been the violation glen and unwearied perseverance in the en- slaves to material wants and to conventions, elementary liberty of conscience, deavor to keep God's commandments, are in- Duty To Society have been the sufferings of dispensable if we would utilize the good in our "Finally, I mention the rule of 'noblesse brothers, that the people of the age and withstand the evil, and obtain what oblige.' From society and from your parents public can no longer remain silent. little measure of happiness is possible in an ex- you have received educational and other ad- liberty with an invincible love, istence which an all-wise Providence designed vantages which are denied to the majority, if i the same Roman Catholic to be a'time of preparation, not a final end. you do not sincerely endeavor to repay this defence of which men are so Evil of Distaste for Work debt, you will be little better than parasites, ing in Mexico, therefore, your "The second rule that I would recommend You will enroll yourselves in that ignoble and Sons, regarding as inadequate the is that of work, hard work, unremitting work. contemptible band who are willing to get some- has been taken by us separately, Without it, not" even the most brilliant genius thing for nothing." that protest against persecution accomplishes anything worth while. Unfortun- "In no other land can intelligence, social in- heard throughout the world this ately, distaste for work is not the least of the fluence and capable leadership do so much to of our admiration and sympathy for of Mexico." evils encouraged in the young by the false make the Catholic Church understand and re- standards of our time. Probably not more than spected by those without and more proudly The Pastoral contains a letter of 10 per cent of you graduates have expended as cherished by those within. Withersoever your ment and sympathy to the BishoPs much as 90 per cent of your maximum energy eyes may turn, they will find golden opportuni- praising their faith, loyalty and upon your college tasks. All the more impera- ties for distinguished service to your fellowmen, promising to unite with them in tire is it that you should wholeheartedly accept your country and your God. May the Infinite weapon, which is more e the gospel of work from the outset of your Source of light and power give you the vision others, and to which all the careers, to see and the energy to grasp these opportuni- tianity are due prayer. "The third rule is that of simple living, ties, the moral strength to pass by the glittering "Appealing to Heaven, as brothe Socrates thanked the gods because they had shams of which the age is full, and the Chris- gentine Bishops conclude, "w'e given him but few wants. Today, as in the tian fortitude to pursue always the ideals of days of the great Greek thinker, man's genuine truth, justice and love." the abuses to which you are are a disgrace to civilization and tional methods tend to preclude free will in our propriety from taking part. There have been rage to the very basic principle of all human lives and force into a fatalistic attitude is the instances -not in all contests but in some i civilization, which is loyalty to conviction, de- charge of Rev. Dr. Christian F. Reisner of the where modest young girls who never wore a: rotten to what is held sacred. F. Chelsea Methodist church, New York. The Rev. modern short-length skirt in their lives haveI ----o Doctor says: had to appear in tights before mobs in theI DISGRACE TO AMERICAN TRADITION. " e streets of cities. The vulgarity of the thing and W say to the student who graduates from colege that he is so completely classified that its attendant dangers are such as to 3ustlfy aI The Bishops of Latin America and that means he does not need God's direction in choosing hisj waimng. It snoum be understood, however, I the Hierarchy of quite all the southern hemis- vocation,' said Dr. Reisner, "but that he must I h: hihneSee:::tfSsts: l the extent of l phere' excepting just now the exiled Hierarchy helplessly follow out a program wrapped up in g p opor mn oi &merlca s of afflicted Mexico. These Archbishops and the build of his brain, the shape of his nose, young women. The numbers lured into such contests are gratifyingly small." O" TRAITORS From the very beginning, men have always re- served the very depths of opprobrium for him who proved false to a trust, who betrayed con- fidence or denied a friend. Throughout the story of mankind, one comes upon these in- stances and they stand out like stains on driven snow, spoiling the whole vista and filling us with a sense of disgust. Even in the New Testament, in the words of Our Lord Himself, usually the expression of Divine Love and sympathy for erring humanity, we find the traitor deliberately cast out and de- finitely consigned to an unspeakable fate. So it can be said in the words of the old schoolmen that the sentiment and custom of peoples as well as the testimony of Holy Writ makes treachery the foulest crime humanity can commit. There is no intention here of belaboring those w ao have lost the Faith, even through their own fault. They are lost sheep the Master is seeking, but we feel that attention should be called to the type of Catholic who in spite of Faith, in spite of the interest of others in his welfare will deliberately betray his most sacred inheritance for the pottage of social or political advantage, which is but momentary. Naturally men despise him who will betray his own convictions. It intimates such a total lack of loyalty to anything tangible, to anything worthy that men feel that the betrayer of his own religious convictions marks a man as dan- gerous and unworthy of confidence even in smaller things. For the man or woman who will, for a momentary advantage, deliberately outrage his own convictions does so with a full knowledge of what he is doing. He knows in kis own soul that he is hateful even to himself. He despises his own action and humiliates his own honor before his conscience. And it is worth considering that those who are familiar with the Church, with Catholics and Catholic teaching cannot help but feel, even in spite of a sense of triumph they may have causing him to betray himself that their new comrade, their recruit is damaged goods unworthy of the name of man, a foul blot on his family's good name, walking insult and out- hear s even of the msuchthermm' wuld long ago havet ost brutal tyranl ed them to restore liberty to people how thus to suffer. But there is n0 " " i 1 worse than that which is pract : r 1 of hberty, no hypocrisy more which is practiced by usurpers be the defenders of law." the family characteristics and a few other signs and traits so cocksurely identified and out- lined.' The fatalistic certainty of psychologists is repeated in the working of the Bournes laws, ac- cording to Dr. Reisner. Those laws, he declar- ed, "fix the dome of hell" upon a criminal and remove all possibility of amendment. Dr. Reinsner deplored the fact that people demand all enthusiasm removed from religion. "We must reserve most of our enthusiasm," he said, "for carnivals, to be kept up by Dempsey, football contests, baseball games and race track episodes. "We can go wild over Lindbergh (and no sane man objects to that), but some of us won- der a bit whether General Leonard Wood, who has been such an unselfish and lifelong servant of the nation, when broken by his very self-sac- rifice, should not also receive laudation'and praise even greater than one just starting life." .... O FORD AGREES WITH POPE PIUS O In an editorial in the Dearborn Independent, Mr. Henry Ford agrees with Pope Plus XI in protest of the prevailing beauty contest craze. "Pope Plus XI will find. widespread agree- ment in the United States with his protest against the purevailing 'beauty contest' craze. The extent to which otherwise discreet news- papers have lent themselves the dangerous fad of promoting promiscuous 'beauty contests', has been no small part of the amazement with which citizens have watched its spread. It is quite understandable when a club, a school or any other homegeneous group decides in fun to select by vote its most beautiful member. That is andnnocent pastime, although in most cases even it is attended by heartburnings and en- mities. But when it is publicly blazoned in the newspapers that some emissary of a motion pic- ture concern (usually a small and unimportant one seeking the advertising), or the promoter of some publicity stunt, will personally examine young ladies of a tow or city to determine their fitness to compete in a great pageant of pul- chritude for the honor of being acclaimed the most beautiful Miss Podunk or Miss America, i the chances are that the very method is usually so crude that most self-respecting persons are automatically prevented by their own sense of : tions of the peoples of America. assurances given us by our Holy XI, that soon the Catholic Faith, in of victory, will again illuminate and that the seed of Christians, blood of the Mexican cry of Long Live Christ the will take root and flourish, in Mexico to stand once more in Catholicism and honor to our Amerl legitimate pride of your noble Bishops condemn the Calles persecution as a ers, we embrace you. As "brazen violation of the most elementary liberty pledged the same obedience of conscience. They wrote a joint Pastoral, of Peter, and as brothers, prayer which we submit for genuine American consid- souls, perfumed with the perfume eration: charity, reaching even to the A Stain on Our America God, supplicating Him that the Abuses against religion in Mexico are " a dis- rials and of your martyrdom be s grace to civilization and to the traditions of the peoples of America," the entire Hierarchy of "May our Most Holy Lady of I the Argentine declares Mother of your Fatherland, the in a Joint Pastoral Let- ter it has addressed to the Hierarchy of Mexico. America, once more crush the I In eloquent and burning terms, the of enemy and crown with the palm Bishops his Latin American country, condemn the Calles children of her Son." persecution as a "brazen violation of the most o elementary liberty of conscience;" extol the heroic resistance of the Mexican Catholics as representing a spirit "which will always be the foundation of the greatness of the people of our continent;" and pledge the Mexican Catholics WOMEN DO NOT LACK their constant and complete sympathy and prayers. The Joint Pastoral says: "In a land which Victoria Woodhull-Martin owes everything to religion civilization itself; at her New York estate at the in a nation where, of fifteen million inhabitants, had been a financial success in at least fourteen millions profess to be Catho- business. Likewise Lady Cook ca lics; in a people whose Government claims to be see Claflin. They had made inspired by the highest principles of liberty and game, they had proved it. NoW progress, the Catholic Church has been despoil- lein Thea Rasche, champion female ed of her temples, her property and her rights; many and proposes to do what so foreign priests and members of religious orders has done: to hop the Atlantic have been driven out like criminals, and native- Udet-Flamnigo plane. She does born Mexicans have been denied the exercise of fear is. the rights which are theirs as citizens; the ex- This is extraordinary, ercise of public worship is prohibited as a crim- should not surprise. History shOWS inal act and private worship has been subjected women who have been fe to the arbitrary rules of civil authority; the cool-headed, daring, enterI teaching of the Catechism in all schools, even motives were for good or evil: those that are private, has been prohibited; and erine of Russia, Elizabeth of even the image of Christ crucified, together inde of Austria, Marina of MexiC, with every other religious emblem, has been France, Elizabeth of Thuringa; tla proscription; every critisicm of these laws in the Christian women of the Roman p press or at public gatherings has been prohibit- the thousands of nuns in foreign ed, and any violation of them has been made punishable by penalties even more severe than sions, lately in China and Mexico; those imposed for crime against property and pioneer women of early America; life. least, the millions of women of i'iTh: B:;thP O:htMs eo i? hn?th :ppp;:d :h:: all ages who fearlessly went _ Sr a of death giving birth the childrev vi n i s of all liberty, by dignified but energetic pro- No, a real woman may feel _ r i# tests, and the faithful, without distinction of sex the presence of a mouse, but othe #e or of age or condition, have resisted it with lproven that under trying and desperltl$ stances she can c stacleS union and courage. It would seem that a resist-I ope with ob once so united that martyrdoms endured with as man.--American Daily TribUne'