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July 9, 1927     Arkansas Catholic
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July 9, 1927

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" The Official Organ of the Diocese of Little Rock," rkansas ..... LITTLE ROCK, ARK., JULY '9, '1927 ........ No. 431== ....... ER IN NURSE IYOUHGIRIStlPRIESTS 111 I LAW ICREIGHTON SUMM X ATTEND] FOR U. S. DIOCESES/ TRAGEDY AVERTED )THEFTS SAYS 15,000 SCHOOL ENROLLS 600 OF I BY N. C. Wo C. HELPI HAVE BEEN ROBBED --- i FROM RADIO BOARD / " , June 27.--Thirteen Irish / I (n~. N. C. W. C. News Service.) 1 a Service.)! priests, who have just received the t . -------- /B.NCW -------- ', June 27--The Sacrament of Holy Orders, are pro-ILahan World War Veteran, Now Cit- ( ~. " .(3. v .) ] Omaha, Neb., June 27.--Registra-t ............... I ~ reaerat ~ommtsstoner ~.atawetI roots aternational" Cath-/ceeding to the United States to take izen of U. S., Reunited to His Cincinnati, July 1.--Pressed by ~ion at the Creigbton University Sum- 'J .... r " e " s, Which began w~th" up duty in three different, dioceses. Famdy" .- Whmh" Had Been De- FlintCincinatiicdetectives' .... Ray Marsden, of meT Session closed with a record en- ! ftes LengthFellwshtPNot FOAvaUrnilahleWaV. allay eveni The newly ordained priests are" . ...... , M h., under arrest at Upper rollment of 600. Specml interest is d leaders ing'nu:: Fathers J. Clarke, T. Barry, P Col: reed Entry fur Y ..... _Sandusky' Ohio, who last week admit- shown in the educational classes il-] ------- e im o lins, and P Casey, ordained in All . ------ , /ted participation in seventeen robber- l~strating the newest n~ethods in (By N. (3. w. C. News Service,) , ., P rtant ad-I .... :..... ](ByN. C.W.C. News Service., ies of Ohio and K n ek ' ] rude school studies Slstel Rmhard attenda to Los Angeles; the Fathers T En _l N York, June 30.--Angelica/churches' has augmented his confes-, Marie s model class in kindergarten - " " 2 . "--- ~arou h T I rtauows uo~mge, ~umin, procee(fing e tu y Cathohc g . " . . . g hursday ew I , Washington, D C, June 28 The ~o sace. Ilish" E. MacSweene . J. Dunne. andg [D'Alicio and her three children arriv- sion by declaring that more than 15,- I primary methods is proving an attrac- Federal Radm" Commmsmn announe. _- ~an~ok~ a t?2e seN: T. ~'ogerty ordained'at Thurles: and]ed in America when the Giuseppe]000 robberies of 7,000 Catholic tion. led yesterday that it will be v,.rtuall_y of thdr''s=' 'e American .... ]also proceeding to Los An eles. Fath I Verdi docked here on her latest voy_lchurches in every state of the UnitedIg , _ The classes in methods of physical t impossible. . to grant a wave. , length a; Miss M er P Kennedy, ordained at Thurles age. They had come all the way from States and Canada have been perpe-'educatmn, grade school art, socml to The Fellowship Forum s $46,500 ~he . eta Pen- and roceedin to Sacramento" Fath the tiny isle of Malta in the Mediter- trated during twenty-seven years by and industrial studies also have a broadcasting s~atmn, now almost com- . Trained Nurse P g ' - " e "Pro- leT,,; Mi~ ~ .... era T. Madden and D. Twomey, or- ranean, where they had hved all their an orgamzed gang whose leader held karge enrollment, pleted and designed to promot "Araerican~Jou~"~'!dained at Carlow and proceeding to lives, a grudge against the Church. testant Amerlcamsm" th.roughout the IMcCa ..... rnal, Sacramento. Fathers p Muldoon and I Kindly hands arranged such mat-/When arrested at Upper Sandusky ~ I United Stal;es wil;h all ~;he vigor of ~,ziy, DUDIlC ' ' " " ,vat S )co tern as the customs and ba a e Then for looting the altar of Our Lad of 10,000 ~ t ate, Wise~,.[F. Quinn, ordained at Curlew, and ' gg g" ] Y [t[~.r}i~][Al~T~ {~r.]~|~ [ " 'sident , eh='~xr;2'lproceeding to Natchez I Stefanio D'Alicio, husband and father~ Consolation Church at Carey, Ohio, ~J~|H/~I~ I~1~ ~ Informed last week that the anti- Assciation~"~ ~ii;s ~ to the little family, came and there [and stealing the jeweled statue of the .............. ~ Catholic newspaper, which is said to rodent of nur~-~ I~.] l'~| A ]kl f~|l~| ~O /'~IT~!~ [w~s one of those touching, joyous re-]Blessed Virgin, Marsden implicated ~'| ~||~|] ~*H"i'|[Id~ Irepresent the views of the Ku Klux ~1, . : ~' , unions that immigration officers see John and Perry Vogt and Stanle and ~t a~ lI%JlIl]IIJ " Klan and certain fraternal organiza- lthMt& Si~fl_.,,.Md_ I~,L~JlI/~I~ ~l~L ~ tc[J~.l Iquite often. The D'Alicios had beenl Clifford MeArthur of BromleyyICy., ]~l~.][~ ~l'']l'l~ ~i~l[~][~/tions, was constructing ~. station on kee, ~Vl:tc')!lS.Sirlerl AUTIVI~ I NIIDB[7 YllTIseperated for years. ]as accomplices. He enumerated the ~.~][~I" ~]]~l~]l{ Pennsylvania Avenue, this city, O. H+ .'de at~,,~:nsm" .[/'~![ ILI]l ]d~L~Ul~kl$1-q~ IlOlll Today, over in Brooklyn, they are] robberies that had been com~nitted in Caldwell, Federal Radio Commission- 's Ses-?~"".anCePlank_at ~NI[I~ II/'~l[l~|gt~TOIstarting out anew, with troublousIOhio and Kentucky. Now he says ~ er, wrote the following letter to e ass:l::b,~n_ CALLED I~]I~ALULUU~Iyears put out of their minds and a/tbat churches in every state in the ....... : James S Vance, general manager of . made were , " / ~, , ~ , {By ~. U. v. U. ~lews ~ervice.t ~ " . : hos,~;~-~- - I fresh outlook all around. /umon were roooed, ano for the the pumicatmn: al sci:~:' syp~e,T~n- ---- I That is all there is to the little re-[ crimes he spent twenty-one years ill Washi~ ~ton. July 1--The deer re-"Dear Sir: Indirectly Ihave learn- ........... s-Louvain, June 27--Miss Aline de . . . . . o .... ,. .... , . of the : , . umon But back of ]t hen a very pr~som and latiN.He refused, how-gret and s m ath cf the entire St ed that your orgamzatmn ~s erechng Internat~on- Rauw of Uccle, a suouro o~ Brussels, " . " .... ' "y P" Y -- " . " . of Nurses. The bunmn, almost tragic certainly typ- eve~, to name states or citrus m which Boniface Society of Germany at the a radm statmn. e, S J., general the International was chair- ~eluded addresses president and of the Interna- of Nurses; Sis- SUperintendent of 's Hospital, Chi- ef Mercy and Miss Laura R. Illinois Training COUZENS CLUB member of the Brussels National pil- grimage, just returned from Lourdes, !has experienced a cure that, to judge the official declaration of the med- I ically unexplained nature of the case may therefore not be published for some time to come. Dr. de Rauw, Miss Aline's brother, explains that she had been a constant sufferer ever since her,twelfth year. She is now 34 years old. The most ical story. It is the story of how an American law, blinking the moral wrong of forcibly keeping husbands and wives and children separted, held this apart for years, and in so doing bred troubles that well- night disrupted it permanently; and how a Catholic organization in Amer- ica, working with a foreign govern- mental agency, reknit the family ties and brought about a reunion which seemed doomed never to take place. Father a World War Veteran. Stefanio D'Alieio is a World War the gang operated or name churches loote fearing charges might be made from other localities. Gradually details of the gang's ac- tivities ~ave been brought to light. Yesterday Marsden gave the detec- tives a list of fifteen churches which had been robbed in Cincinnati and also the name of the Cincinnati man to whom the robbers sold $1,500 in gold metal hacked from chalice cups. He told his i~terrogators that robber- ies had been committed in every city of size in Ohio with the exception of Mississippi flood disaster is extended to its victims and to America in a cemmun~cation .just received by the National Catholic Welfare Confer- ence from Paderborn, Germany, head- Sfx German bishops Leek part in the convention which dircetcd that the expression of sympathy be sent, and :n it is gratefully recalled tEc American aid given Germany in ~s time of hunger and distress. The message is as follows: "The news of the disastrous floods in t4ah Mississippi region has been re- ceived with genuine sorrow here. "This letter is simply to call your attention to the radio law of 1927, which requires that a permit be ob- tained from the Radio Commission before construction of a station is commenced. "For your convenience, applicatio~ forms for a new station are inclosed herewith. At the present time, how- ever, the commission has on file some 300 applications for new sta- tions for which-it is unable to find wave lengths. I can, therefore, give you very little encouragement look- ing toward a wave length on which to operate in the near future. "Very truly yours, "O. H. CaldwelL" Paper Collects $17,296 The noted doctors of the Universities of Brussels and Louvain were consulted, a variety of treatments was tried, and $40 0001 ors. When peace freed him from the was questioned by officers of Hamil-: "On the 29th day of May the an- Notwithstanding that the law re- in 191.9 she submitted to an opera- army, he sought wider opportunity in ton, O. He was brought to this city nual General Meeting of the repre- quires that a permit for erection of ------' Lion, hoping to find at least some re .... Contmuel on a e 5 by Uppel Sandusky officers original ( ' ' P g ") " - ,.:enl-atives of the St Boniface Society a station be obtained from the Com- ly to be taken to Covington, Ky, to ~ six German l~e~aServlce.) flier to her pains. It was all to no " in German~ headed by mission before- cbnstruction of said avail. The practitioners had long [}I~I]~ ~. [~I~][~A appear against the four men held b.~ho~ took place in Wuerzburg, -l~ledges of $15,- held that there was no known remedy i)~Jl'~ ~.~r ~/-~I~lt~L~/-~ !here. Upon arriving in Cincinnati, BaD'aTria Deeply~'impressed by what station is commenced, The Fellowship ~ord. Jamesand Couzens$25'000 fOrForsakenher human science, Miss I'hwever' the authorities decided nottbas co~e to general knowledge by Forum, through its columns, has pub- licly stated the various stages of pro- URGE CELEBRATION It ~i2rrsmdt to.leave theftate, lnow of the Mississippi catastrophe, dress of its undertaking and from $720,292 which de Rauw, who had ever been a devout here by the De- clien~ of the Blessed Mother, resolD- ! a saen aam~ea to Bne uppertthe members of thi~ assembly charged time to time published the condition ~ATIflWq ~]~TIJ])AV]sandusky officers that he had long!the General Board of the Society to of the fund that is being subscribed ed to implore her aid in Lourdes. ~ohc Women.flaT' She went once, twice in 1925 and ll-rlkll~ll ~ ~taaaaV~ta Ineld a grudge against the Catholic!express their heartfelt sorrow and ding and gar Iwnurcn" I compassion to you, wishing thus to for its expense. In a recent issue in 1926--without being heard Still: of the paper it was said that $17,296 Pledges remain she hoped, and joining the Brussels(nyN'c'w'(3'Newsserviee') i1~1~[~ ~wr lconvey through your hands to the had been raised. Considerably en-national pilgrimage repaired to Toronto, ~une 8--Throughout llllbH Hli llAllblll American nation how deeply affected Most of the contributions are in the France's holy resort for the third Canada Bishops are requesting the German hearts are by the severe trial small amounts coming from widely closed, with atime, accompanied by her brother, clergy and faithful to join in appro- PLEADS CANONIZA which has come to your country and separated parts of the United States, John Doyle, the physician, and a sister All three priate celebrations to commemorateI " people donor's name usually being given the the sixtieth anniversary of Canadian "Most willingly we acquit ourselves as follows: "K. K. K.," followed