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July 8, 1938     Arkansas Catholic
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July 8, 1938

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PAGE EIGHT i ii ii, MEDAL STORY , C00i.r 7 qi " -- Martins asked where the lions shall spare you. And you, My od leir had ere ged for ex- far- any She were going and her mother told her they were to be used to kill the captured Christians, who were being persecuted by the bad Em- peror. Martins grew up and one day her mother received a letter from the Emperor Alexander who asked to marry her. But Martins had given her heart to another. She put her hand In her robe and drew out a crucifix. Time went on. Martins became more beautiful and good every day. One morning she went to see some poor people. On her way back she pased a house where the Blessed Sacrament was. She knelt down in the street and began to pray. Some Roman soldiers came down the street. They saw Mar- flna praying. They said: "She must be a Christian. Let us take her." So they took her and put her in prison. They said to her: "If you will offer sacrifice to Apollo, we will let you go." Lady Martina said, "Appolo is only an idol. I adore the one true God." But the soldiers said, "You know that the Emperor loves you very dearly. Sacrifice to the idols be- fore he hears about this." But Lady Martins only laugh- ed. In the great palace Martina stood before Alexander. He said, "Lady Martina, some one has told me that you are a Christian. There must be some mistake. Come and offer to Apollo. Then I shall know they were not telling the truth." "Great Emperor," Martina said, "I can never do such a wicked thing. I am a Christian." "Give up that name," said Alex- ander, "and I shall marry you. We shall rule the world together." Martina answered, "Why do you talk so? Long ago I chose to be- long to God. His Kingdom is not of this world. He is the King of Kings. He is the Lord of Lords. Him alone do I adore." Alexander did not believe Lady Martina. He t61d his soldiers to take her to the temple of Apollo. As she came near the horrible  idol, she raised her hand. She made the Sign of the Cross. She asked GOd to break the idol. Her prayer was hears right away. An earthquake shook the city of Rome. All the houses shook. The people rat/ out in the streets. And' in the temple the idol lay on the floor, broken into a thousand pieces. Everyone was frightened but Martlna. She saw Alexander running away. She cried, "Stay, stay, great Emperor, and help your god Apollo. See, he is in little pieces on the floor!" But the Emperor kept on run- ning. daughter, be brave. I am the God Whom you adore." The eight soldiers fell on "their knees. A moment before they had been pagans. Now they were Christians at heart. They begged Lady Martina to forgive them for hurting her so. They said to Alex- ander, "We adore the God of Mar- tina. We will never worship any other. Martina was very glad. thanked God. She told the sol- diers to be brave and die for our Lord Jesus Christ. Alexander was so angry that he had these eight soldiers killed at once. Their heads were cut off. But they went bravely one by one. They were happy for they knew that they were going stright to Heaven. Lady Martins had told them so. (To Be Continued) (Meda ! stories, published by the Whitman Company, Racine, Wis., may be purchased at ten cent stores and elsewhere.) (N. C. W. C. Features) Lion Oil Buys Tennessee Oil Company ' 5une 30.--(Special).--The Lion Oil Refining Company has pur- chased the marketing properties of the Penn Term Oil Company, oil marketers in 11 conties of western Tennessee, it was an- nounced today by Col. T. H. Bar- ton, president of the Lion Oil Re- fining Company. The Lion officials who negoti- ated the purchase are A. F. Reed, vice president and general sales manager, F,. M. Rider, manager of station sales, and J. A. McNeil, Mississippi - Tennessee Division Manager for the Lion Oil Refin- ing Company. Cmnpany Has Grown Rapidly The Lion Oil Refining Company, marketers o gasoline and other oil products throughout Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, and the northwestern part of Alabama, is a completely integrated producing, refining and marketing organiza- tion. While the company markets un- der its brand name only in the South, its products are shipped to oil marketers in 29 states and Canada. The Lion Company entered the retaff marketing field in the South in 1930, starting with one bulk plant and three service stations in E1 Dorado, Arkansas. Since that time, its marketing activities have been expanded to include over one thousand retail service stations and dealers. The Emperor Alexander was In the development of its mar- quite angry at Lady Martina. ]keting activities, Lion has ac- The next day he had her brought ] qulred the properties, of a num- beiw^*^- ,t'i--,l,. But this time he did tber, of .independent. . oil marketers er in Mississippi, Tennessee and Ala- not talk to h . [ I bama. In 1935, the company put- Eight strong soldiers held great I " " ............... a" chased the marketing properhes wraps wlm mese mey oea  ay ............. ........ er fa Im rKansas oI me vlaramon uu marina omers ore n ce ...... . ...... ompany, aaolng many DUlK ann arms Wltiq Iron nooks. There were many people watch- ing. They were very sorry for Lady Martina. But Lady Martina did not feel the cruel blows. She was pray- ing. She was asking GOd to give grace to those who were hurting her so. The soldiers stopped whipping her. They seemed very tired. The Emperor.was angry. "Go on," he said. "Lord Emperor," said the sol- diers, "Lady Martaina does not feel the blows of our whips. We are hurt instead. Near us are four men robed in shining white. Everytime we hit her, they hit US." Alexander was more angry tfian ever. He told' them to go on beat- ing her. What Do You . Know? ANSWERS 1. St. George. 2. Genesis (Gr., origin). Be- cause it treats of the creation and beginning of the world and relates the early history of the people chosen by God to re- ceive His revelation and fulfill His mission. Moses. 3. The Association of the Holy Childhood. 4. Raising of the daughter of Jairus (Matt., 9; Mark, 5; Luke, 8). Raising of the son of the widow of Naim (Luke 7). Raising of Lazarus (John n). 5. The Parable of the Five Talents. plants and retail outlets. In addition to gasoline, motor oils, and fuel oils, the Lion Oil Refining Company is a factor in ,the domestic asphalt market, man- ufacturing and selling each year approximately one-twelfth of all the asphalt made in the United States from domestic crudes. Lion: is the largest individual rail ship- per in Arkansas and one of the largest in the Mid-South. Company's President Pleased Colonel T. H. Barton, president of the Lion Oil Refining Company, expressed gratification at the sup- port the Lion Oil Refining Com- pany is receiving in Arkansas and the South where the company markets its products. "The sub- stantial growth of Lion Oil is in- Fabrics Supplies PARSEL'S Upholstery Shop 316 W. Capitol Avenue Phone 2-1627 Little Rock OLD SHOES MADE NEW; ! NEW SHOES MADE TOO METRAILER AND HART Custom Shoes Made to Order l Over 37 Years [ In the Same Location r Shop No. 1 Shop No. 2 llO E. 4th St. lSth & Main Phone 4-0716 Phone 9725 THE GUARDIAN, JULY 8, 1938 WEEKLY PUZZLE BY FATHER FRANCIS (This is one of a series of maps of the various States. Cut out the pieces and put them together. Then paste them in a scrap book. Fill in the blank spaces in the words and sentences and when you finish you'll have a story telling you about the Catholic Church). The State of. has one Archdiocese and three dio- ceses. The total Catholic popu- lation is In the State there are 2,534,000 people. Located at D B Q E is the Arch- diocese, with Archbishop Francis J. L. Beckman governing 325 priests, 125,046 Catholics, 184 churches, 50 missions, and 104 parochial schools. The Most Rev. Henry P. Rohl- man is Bishop of D V N O T. There are 174 priestsl 58,749 Catholics, 94 churches, 32 missions and 51 schools in the southeastern corner of this State D S O N S Diocese is ruled by Bishop Gerald T. Bergan. He has 129 priests, 39,657 Catholics, 63 churches, 30 missions and 26 schools under his charge. The third diocese is located at S O X I Y, with the Most Rev. Edmond Heelan as Bishop. In this diocese there are 173 priests, 71,- 598 Catholics, 118 churches, 28 missions and 69 schools. (N. C. W. C. Features) dicative of the preference people of the South show for the high quality products made in he South. Such loyalty is the moving factor in the growing economic in- dependence of the South." The Lion Oil Company has for some time included The Guardian in its advertising program. The Guardian takes this opportunity to express its appreciation of this patronage and congratulate the company on this recent marketing extension. 40-Year Ambition Realized As Priest Sings First Mass New York. 0D.--More than 40 years passed before Rev. Alfredo Morotti was able to reach his goal --the priesthood. He sang his first Solemn High Mass yesterday at St. LeO's church. Father Morotti, who was or- dained two weeks ago in Roches- ter, is 58 years old. He was a teacher and a salesman through South and Central America be- fore he came to New York 25 years ago and became a metal worker. Beginning his studies for the priesthood at the age of 10 at the preparatory seminary in Bologna, Italy, Father Morotti was compel- led to ay his studies aside at the age of 16 to support his orphaned and sickly brother, who is now a lawyer in Bologna. During the years of his secular employment, he constantly read books on theology. In 1935 he was permitted to enter the Seminary at Rochester by the Most Edward Mooney, now Archbishop of Detroit. He completed the reg- ular four-year course in three years. After a trip to his native city in Italy, Father Moroti will re- turn to Rochester and will be as- signed to one of the Italian par- ishes there. Annual Picnic, Mary's Parish, St. Vincents, Ark. St. Vincents, Ark.As announc- ed in a previous issue of The Guardian the annual picnic, St. Mary's parish, St. Vincents, Ark., will be held this year on Thurs- day, July 14. St. Vincents is an old established Catholic commu- nity ten miles north of Morrilton on Highway No. 95. It was set- tied in the. year 1879. There are now 50 families in the parish. A few years ago a new church was constructed. The proceeds from the picnic will go toward diminishing the church debt. A home cooked country style dinner will be served from 12 noon to 1:30 p. m. Supper will be served from 5:30 to 8 p. m. Bazaar entertainments will be furnished for the amusement of the visitors. An orchestra will furnish music for the outdoor dance in the eve- ning. Friends of the outlying commu- nities are cordially invited. The reputation this affair has justly earned will speak for itself and draw a good crowd. The Very Roy. Otto Loeb, V. F., is pastor of St. Mary's parish. Answers to Forest Fire Questions (Questions on Page 7) 1. False 6. False 2. True 7. True 3. False 8. False 4. True 9. False 5. True 10. False IN THE KITCHEN I -- With M___olly Gavin- ] How and What To Prepare Sift flour, baking powder, sugar, Today we find the lowly frank- and salt together; add bran and furt taking its place at luncheons,/rub in shortening with finger tips. buffet suppers, outdoor gatherings]Beat egg yolk, add milk, and stir and as the main dish at dinners. / into first mixture. Add raisins. In buying frankfurts insist on a / Bake 1 ilour in a moderate oven good brand. Most quality frank-/ (375 degrees). furts are made of carefully select-i Bread Omelet ed meat, such as pork and beef. 4 eggs The meat is ground up into a large 1-2 cup milk kettle and seasoned with spices. 1-2 cup stale bread crumbs edge with your crimp or flute Place 1 teaspoon center of each. greased baking sheet (425 degrees) for Sprinkle with and bake 5 minutes til the cocoanut browned. The mixture is then put into a pressure chamber that forces it in- to specfal casings. he frank- furts are then twisted into links and hung on racks in the smoke house Smoking gives them a dark red color and a fine flavor. After i smoking they are cooked either 'by steam or in hot water, chilled, and lastly put into packages for the market. The best method for cooking frankfurts is to place them in a shallow pan, or skillc, and cover with boiling water to simmer for about 10 minutes. As they are cooked when you buy them, they !do not require much time to heat :thoroughly. When heated', drain, put some butter, or other fat, in the skillet and panbroil until they are a golden brown. Too much cooking toughens frankfurts and if the water is al- lowed to boil it will split them, allowing the meat and spice flavor to be lost. Bacon wrapped around frank- furts and fastened with toothpicks improves the flavor of broiled frankfurts and keeps the casings from becoming brittle. For out- door cooking the broiling method is best. Frankfurt Biscuits 2 cups flour 3 tbps. baking powder 2 tbps. lard 1-4 cup milk 1-2 tsp. salt Frankfurts Mix and sift dry ingredients; work in shortening with finger tips; add liquid gradually (it may take .a little more milk depending on flour used). Mix with knife to a soft dough. Toss on floured board, pat and roll lightly /4 inch ;hick. Shape with biscuit cutter. Place a weenie size frankfurt on each, fold over biscuit and bake 15 minutes in a hot oven (450 degrees). Serve hot. Frankfurts with Sauerkraut Cut into small strips lb. salt port and place in a kettle of cold water; cover and cook for 1 hour. Then put in 1 can of sauerkraut or 2 cups bulk sauerkraut, 1 onion sliced, and cook slowly for 1/2 hours. During the last 10 minutes of cooking, put with the sauer- kraut 1 lb. frankfurts. Serve hot with boiled potatoes. The potatoes can be peeled and cooked' with the sauerkraut if desired. Sponge Cake 2 egg whites 2 egg yolks 4 tbps. hot water 3-4 cup sugar 1-4 tsp. lemon extract 1 cup flour 1 / tsp. baking powder Beat whites until stiff and add half of the sugar. Add hot water gradually to egg yolks and beat until thick; then add remaining sugar and lemon extract gradu- ally, while beating constantly. Add whites, and fold in flour, mixed and sifted with baking powder. Turn into deep cake pan and bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees) for 35 minutes Quick Bran Bread 2 cups flour 3 tbps baking powder 1 tbp. sugar 1-2 tsp. salt 2 cups bran 1 tbp. shortening 1 egg yolk 1 cup milk 1-2 cup seedless raisins 1-4 tsp. baking powder 3-4 tsp. salt 1-8 tsp. pepper 1 tbp. butter Soak bread crumbs 15 minutes in milk, add beaten yolk and sea- soning; fold in the egg whites, beaten until stiff, cutting and fold- ing them into the mixture until well blended. Heat omelet pan, or skillet, butter or grease sides and bottom. Turn in mixture, spread evenly, cook slowly, occasionally turning the pan so that omelet may brown evenly on bottom. When it begins to brown on the bottom, place in a hot oven and' let it set on top. When firm to the touch, fold over and turn on a hot platter. Water is sometimes used instead of milk, as some cooks think water n,akes a more tender omelet. Beet and Tomato Salad Select beets of medium size and boil until very tender. When done, dip in cold water and peel by rubbing the hand over the beet, as the skins come off very easily when fresh boiled. Set aside to cool thoroughly. Slice, pour vine- gar over them and set in the re- frigerator. When ready to serve, place alternate layers of beets and sliced tomatoes on a crisp lettuce leaf and serve with Mayonnaise dressing. HOUSEHOLD HINTS Lemon garnishes are served with shellfish, clear soups, fish, meats, spinach, salads and beverages." Baked ham, or a boned shoulder, stuffed with well-seasoned bread- crumbs and roasted, is easy to carve and may be served hot or cold. Salads of cabbage, raw carrots, combined with cooked raisins, are both inexpensive and healthful. More and more it is becoming the custom to serve a hearty sand- wich, a cold beverage and a des- serf for luncheon or supper. A cold meat fork is the neces- sary implement that should ac- ]company a platter of cold cuts of meat. It is laid next to the plat- ter. Save hard cheese and grate it for use on macaroni, spaghetti, in omelets or sandwich spreads. Unslaked lime sprayed to moldy or dam9 cellar walls will freshen the atmosphere of the whole house. Watermelon rind can be made into a delicious spiced pickle to serve with meats or sandwiches. THE JUNIOR COOK When mother makes pies there is usually some pastry dough left over and with this Junior Cooks can have some fun making tasty and attractive Jam Crimps. It is all very simple, so I am giving you the following recipe: Jam Crimps Roll left-over pastry dough //4 inch thick; cut in circles with a cookie cutter. Turn up narrow DO YOU That there are the pamphlet los and RelisheS" and inexpensive to time of year? copy by simply request a cover the cost of handling. Other are "Iced Drinks," "Unusual Desserts "Canapes & and 'Pies and are all large Molly makes a perfect It may be had for paid. Address Molly Gavin, 1311 i Ave., N. W., (Copyright, Catholic Army Washington. ,Capt. James H. of Major in the United States ArmY, nounced by the Chaplain O'Neill, Diocese of Fort W. E. Warren, FULLE MOP, Complete 606 High Fancy B G Botton & 1421 Phone We 00lllmlllll//ll tlsfaetin Guaranteed r IYour Money Refunded Black &White Special : optec'a'-- On Sale Frl. SaL and Mon., July 8, 9, 11 CompletoPross"re II: WESSON Oil : Lubrication and Washingwith Most Mode00. ........... Alemite39C SAVE MONEY AT BLACK : WH|TE. [ I Greasing Equipment Each week, we bring you the highest quality meats, [ "Visit the only really up-to- fruits and vegetables at prices that enable you to [ d::: stdimo::2iHtltl:2:tT- save money! We are strictly HOME-OWNED, Buy [ [ : everything you need at Black & White. [ Crumpton Bros. for it before I do my shopping Service Station Lion Oil Products Phone 3-9937 Kavanagh and Palm "I read your new ad in The this morning, and I'm phoning my order with you. We Guardian on Friday and I .. .. weekend The Guardmn reaches its .day when the purchasing trend eel' I 00tom0000_Sug400.Aansas i ,ts h, ghest peak during the w J'lllllllllll J" SLATTERY, PRESIDENT and GENERAL MGIL ll[ "It Pays to Advertise Through The