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July 8, 1938     Arkansas Catholic
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July 8, 1938

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PAGE TWO THE GUARDIAN, JULY 8, 1938 Subiaco Academy Scout Troop Is Winner of Award Subiaco.mScout troop No. 43 of Subiaco Academy won the spring silk ribbon premium award for the largest gain in tenderfoot mem- bership in the 1938 round-up of the Western Arkansas council, ac- cording to the report of the Scout- master, Rev. George Strassner, O. S.B. This troop is comparatively new but has rapidly progressed into one of the most outstanding troops of this section. Assistant Scout- master and a great promoter of Scout work is the Rev. Norbert Grummer, O. S. B. Msgr. Gonne, Of St. Bede's Hospital Has Disappeared London. (.The Very Rev. Msgr. Francis Gonne, rector of St. Bede's College, Manchester, disappeared while bathing in the sea near Blackpool. Monsignor Gonne went for a swim in spite of the fact that the sea was rough. It is thought he suffered a heart attack and was carried out to sea. His two sisters saw him enter the water. There has been no trace of his body though the beach has been watch- ed constantly since Wednesday. Authorities at St. Bede's College hold no hope. Monsignor Gonne was 50 years of age. He was educated at Ushaw College, St. Sulpice in Paris and Cambridge. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1908. Named Prefect of Studies at St. Bede's in 1913, Monsignor Gonne held that office until 1916, when he became president. He was an executive of the Catholic Education Coun- cil and secretary of the Confer- ence of Catholic Colleges and As- sociation of Convent Schools. He was the author of several books and two plays, and a contributor to various periodicals. Old Ursullne Convent Gets Bronze Marker New Orleans. (K).--A bronze plaque for the old Ursuline Con- vent, oldest building in the Mis- sissippi Valley, was given by Spir- it of '76 Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, and un- veiled in the presence of the Most Roy. Joseph F. Rummel, Arch- bishop of Near Orleans, who ac- cepted it for the Archdiocese. The marker is on the wall of the porter's lodge of the old building. The convent is now occupied by the Oblates of Mary Immaculate attached to St. Mary's Italian church. The inscription is: "Former Ursuline Convent. Arrival of nuns, 1727, and plans begun for building of oldest school for girls in the Mississippi Valley. Corner- stone laid 1730, completed 1734, vacated 1824 when new convent erected below city. Catholic Library School Accredited River Forest, Ill. (E).The ac- creditation of the Rosary College Library School here has been an- nounced by the American Library Association Board of Education for Librarianship. The school was es- tablished in September, 1930, as a one-year library school. Its chief objective is to advance librarian- ship and libraries in Catholic fields of education. It gives a gen- eral curriculum of the funda- mental courses in librarianship and offers also a sequence for students perparing for library work in high schools. All the courses are offered to students who attend five consecutive sum- mer sessions. The director is Sis-: ter Mary Reparata, O. P., Editor of the Catholic Library World'. Twin Franclscans Say First Mass Same Day Springfield, Ill. (I.  Twin brothers, both Franciscans cele- brathed their first solemn Masses June 28 at Holy Trinity church, Funeral Rites "Hollywood Spotted Again" Slain Priests In Ee00tifications'Near At Cathedral For ' Zone Taken From Miss Ginocchio \\; ', Reds Number 439 \\; \\; ,% Little Rock.--Miss Marie Ginoc- \\; \\; Zaragoza. ().--In the zone lib- chio, a member of the well-known 2,, \\; erated, cuhninating with the entry Ginocehio family and the daughter . of Nationalist troops into Castellon of Mrs. Lydia and the late John \\; de la Plana, 439 priests are known T. Ginocchio, died Saturday, July - to have been killed by the Reds. 2, at her home, 1423 Louisiana In the city itself all the churches street. Although she had been ill have been either destroyed or for sometime, her death was un- sacked and only one, San Agustin, expected, and her passing brought could be utilized as a place of great sorrow to the members 6f worship. Of the Church of Santa her family. Maria--a beautiful ogival monu- A life-long and devoted mere- I ment dating from the fourteenth ber of the Cathedral parish and I century--only the artistic Gothic for very many years an active arch of the principal facade re- member of the Cathedral Catholic mains. At the very beginning a Club, Miss Ginocchio was widely thousand Rightists were executed known, for her many sterling qual- and before their withdrawl, the ities and for her charming char- Reds killed 400 others. acter and disposition. She is sur- The 439 murdered priests be- vived by her mother, her sister, longed to the Archdiocese of Zara- :Deloros, and two brothers, John goza and the Diocese of Huesca, and Gordon Ginocchio of Texas. Tortosa and Teruel. From the be- Rosary services were held at ginning of the war 176 parishes the home Sunday evening with in this vicinity were in the hands the Rev. Edward R. Mloy in of the Reds. They are without charge, and her funeral with a churches, without altars, without Requiem High Mass was held at priests, without archives and prac- the Cathedral Monday morning at tically without male parishioners. 9 o'clock with the Rev. Edward Of the churches ten have been R. Maloy officiating. The follow- "-'- completely demolished. Only the ing members of the clergy were blackened walls of others remain. 'Discussions by the Sacred Con. seated in the sanctuary: the Rt. Film "Blockade" Condemned as Leftist Propaganda Some parish documents were gregation of Rites of the miracles Rev. Msgr. James P. Moran, LL. The motion picture "Blockade" is an obvious plea for sym- found in a small cave, but they proposed in the cause of beatiflcao D., rector of the Cathedral, the pathy in behalf of the "Loyalists" side in the Spanish civil were account books which the tion of Mother Philippine-Rose Rev. John E. Murphy, the Rev. war. This marks the dawn of Hollywood's entrance into the Reds were examining for leads as .Duchesne (upper photo) and Claiborne Lafferty, and the Roy. field of Leftist Propaganda, (See cartoon), to where money might be con- Iother Francis Xavier Cabrini, Patrick M. Lynch. The eulogy The Guardian has on two previous occasions condemned this cealed, have reached a favorable result, was preached by Monsignor Mo- picture. The full force of the Legion of Decency has been,, The tombs of prelates were rio- according to recent reports from ran. Interment was in Calvary launched against it. It recently had a showing in Little Rock luted and their remains have dis- Vatican City. Mother Duchesne0 cemetery. Prayers at the grave but from observation it would appear that the Catholic appeared along with relics of who was buffed at St. Charles, were recited by Monsignor Moran, Press has been effective. It is hoped that, in this case, martyrs, celebrated votive offer- Io.. in 1852. was foundress of the ings, paintings and statues, some first houses of the Society of the assisted by the members of the sunset will immediately follow the dawn. clergy who were present at the of which were famous as works Sacred Heart in America. Mother funeral. At the Offertory the "Pi -- of arts or because of the venera- Cabrini, foundress of the Mission° Jesu" was sung by Mrs. w. s. Print Instruction American in China tion attributed to them by the lary Sisters oft he Sacred Heart of McConnell of St. Louis, a former faithful for centuries. The mar- ,Jesus. labored in the United States member of the Cathedral choir On Safeguarding Injured as Bomb velour Goya frescos, which the flor 17 years, until her death at and a friend of the deceased. Blessed Sacrament Hits His Home great artist had painted in the nlcago, in 1917.. The large attendance of rela- church of his birthplace, Fente- tives and friends at the funeral and the many beautiful floral of- Vatican City. (EL--The Con- Washington. (E).The Rev. Wil- detodos, were burne together Resolution with the font where he was bap- ferings were a testimonial of the gregation of Sacraments has pub- liam J. Downs, M. M., a Mary- tized. love and affection in which she lished an Instruction on the dill- knoll Missionary stationed at St. Joseph's Benevolent Society 1 was held by a wide circle of gence to be employed in safe- Swatow, China, was wounded Members of the society will guarding the Holy Eucharist. when his home was struck by a Regular Meeting, friends and acquaintances. kindly remember in prayer the Pallbearers were: A. M. Ander- The document analyses Canon bomb and demolished during an son, George Wittenberg, Warren 1296 of the Codex of Canon Law air raid on that city, it was re- Of Subiaco Youth departed soul of Mr. J. H. Im- boden of Morrilton, who depart- Baldwin, Herman Lensing, Ken-and supports it with its considera- ported in word received. Father Club Is Held ed this lif on June 6, 1938. neth Wing, A. 5. Graves, W. R. tions and prescriptions. Downs, whose home is in Erie, Pa., Local secretaries will kindly Gamble, Louis Rosen and W.H. In order that the Holy Eucha- is not believed to be seriously collect assessment No. 319 and for- Voss. rist may be preserved in a church wounded. ,,,,Subiac°'Themet ThursdaySUbiaC°eveningY°Uthat ward their returns to the general it is necessary under the pain of American residents of Swatow I ol' secretary, Leon Nottenkamper. : o,,,: p. m. for their weekly meet- Late Norway Prelate m°rtal sin, the Instructi°n says' had t° take refuge °n the United ing" 1 r--  1 Well Known In France that there be a person who is its States gunboat Sacramento be- Visitors present were Rose Hat- . guardian and that a priest cele- cause .of the air raid. Father Paris. (EL--News of the death brute Mass in the church at least lDown was one of those taken wig from Fort Smith, Catherine o at Oslo of the Rt. Rev. Henrik once a week. The Holy See may on board the United States vessel, Hatwig and Steed Kennedy, both | SHERIFF & COLLECTOR I from Subiaco. I Sebaedan County | Irgens, pro-vicar of the Vicari-dispense with this second condi- it was stated. Allie Willems spoke on "The  = ate Apostolic of Oslo and editor rich, permitting Mass to be cele- Political Adv. ! of Saint-Olav, was received with brated every 14 days, but some risty, but in a safe and reserved Needs of Catholic Youth," and g sorrow at Paris, where he was one must guard the Blessed Sac- place the key of which must be Francis Bartsch on "Holy Com- well known. At the Institute of rament day and night, kept by the rector himself. The munich." Marty Ashour conclud- The Instruction then dwells Instruction reviews rules and red- ed the program with a report of D LL Paris he was a student of the fu- lengthily on the qualities of the ulations referring to convents and the national convention held at St. ||)11 ,OLLOn ture Cardinal Verdier, and he was ordained in 1926 by the future Holy Tabernacle andthe diligence private oratories. It defines for Louis in March. Father George Cardinal Baudrillart. with which its key must be kept. Bishops the measures to be adopt- continued his lessons in Parlia- R O B I N S O N A convert to Catholicism, Mon- The Tabernacle must b unmov- ed, in the course of an Apostolic mentary Law. signor Irgens was the son of the able, shut on all sides, and made Visit and otherwise, in regard to Norwegian Minister Plenipoten- of solid material. The local Bish-,the taking care of the Holy Eucha- Two Church Building Projects Prosecuting Attorney tiary at London, and later at op must judge whether it con-irist. Chicao. (E).  Two important building projects are undel-ccay at Rome. forms to liturgical rules. The Among the measures presented Wilmette. The new St. Joseph's Fifteenth Judicial District Monsignor Irgens was only 49. guardian may be a layman, but is a new and very important one. church and rectory will cost $350,- Second Term He was received into the Church an ecclesiastic must be responsible Whenever a sacrilegious theft is 000 and bids are being taken on Political Adv. in 1918 and ordained in 1926. Since for the key. The person charged committed against the Holy Eu- the new $175,000 St. Francis 1929 he has been a member of with the guarding of the Tuber- charist, the local Bishop must hold Xavier church. Of the latter par- the Permanent Committee of the uncle must live near the church either personally or through the ish, the Most Rev. Francis C. Kel- International Eucharistic Con- day and night and' must use all office of his Curia, a disciplinary RAYMOND SCIINI'I'ZEI{. ley, Bishop of Oklahoma City and gresses, and since 1934 a member the diligence possible to avert all process against the curate or priest Tulsa, was pastor a number of of the Permanent International possibility of attempt against its who has the responsibility of the years ago. Committee of Catholic Journal- safety, church where the crime was per- Safety-Aia--Urged p etrated, even if he be a Relig-/ ists. The Instruction also suggests ,ious and exempt from Episcopal J DAUGItTERS OF ISABELLA that safety-alarms be applied to !jurisdiction, and must forward the AID ST. MARY'S SEMINARY prevent such attempts. It declares  deeds of the process to the Con- that it is not forbden, as a meas- gregation of Sacraments with his Chicago. (E).--A check for $2,500 ure of precaution and in the judg- judgment regarding the persons "More than an ordinary as a part of its $25,000 pledge to ment of the Bishops to take the responsible and the punishment BAKERY" the Seminary of St. Mary's of the Blessed Eucharist during the night to be inflicted. 10th & Garrison Ph. 3433 Lake at Mundelein, Ill., has been C. to anotfier place, which is usually Fort Smith, Ark. presented by Mrs. Minerva Boyd, national regent of the the sacristy, provided that the Sardinia Bishop Dies Daughters of Isabella. The pre- place be safe and appropriate. The Rome. (E).The Most Rev. Igino sentation was made to the Very Instruction also recommends that Serci, Bishop of Ozieri, Sardinia Dawson & Dawson Rev. Reynold Hillenbrand, rector the Blessed Sacrament should not died at the Capuchin Convent at of the seminary. Thus far the be kept in vessels of extraordinary Trieste. He was taken ill while Wholesale Distributors of Daughters of Isabella have paid value which might arouse the returning from the International S T A G B E E R $15,000 on their pledge, which is covetousness of thieves. For the Eucharistic Congress at Budapest. Extra Dry Lager being used to provide a student same reason it recommends against Bishop Serci was 54 and had been priests' chapel on the Seminary decorating images and altars with a Bishop for only four years. Fort Smith Arkansas grounds, very precious jewels. Lastly the Instruction deals with FT, SMITH, ARK. MISSION BURSE IN MEMORY the duty which weighs  under OF MAYOR'S MOTHER pain of mortal sin--on priests to AUTO PARTS CO Chicago. 0£).--The memory of whom churches or oratories are FORT S$1IH Mrs. Helen Kelly, mother of Mayor entrusted, of guarding the key of NEW AND USED PARTS the Tabernacle. .The key must FOR ALL CARS Edward J. Kelly, will be perpetu- Vehicle  |aGhinery (;0 ated in a of $1,000 for the be taken to his house by the rector Vulcanizing Retreading Mission Schools' Endowment fund of the church or left in the sac- * of the Catholic Church Extension Hardware - Seeds Stonington, IlL They are the Roy, Society, it is revealed in an ar- I] JOHNSON-HALES Merald McCormick, O. F. M., and ticle in the July issue of Exten- LIVESTOCK COMMISSION CO. Sporting Goods the Rev. Everard McCormick, O. sion Magazine. Mrs. Kelly died [I,N.sso,io. u., BILL SCHMIDT F.M. They were ordained June November 7, 1935. Bonded for Your Proeetion West Ft. Smith Stockyarde South 9th and Rogers 306-310 Towson Ave. Dial 8500 24 by the Most Rev. James A.  Day Phmle 4091- Night 7999 Ed Johnson Phone 7564 Fort Smith, Ark. Look for the Yellow Front Griffin, Bishop of Springfield in JOHN FINK Luther Sharp Jimmie Hales Illinois. Ok IFeeds FORTJeWeh'Y COesMITH. ARK. --S E E-- You Can Always Do Better Fy THE NiW ,s,. Armbrus!er 00Co. C L I-I0000I 0 N " Are OK Co00lote or-- RINGS Fender & Body R .epalrlng by WATC00W.S Auto -- Trimmer FURNITURE CO. LINENS KID t W ' DIAMONDS Welding Modem, Stylish Furniture ALL STYLES • rho € 8tablhdmnt ID Wuth'n JPJ. SILVERWARE Spedal for the Month Terms Arranged Arkamms design, bull| md dsdJ. CASH OR CREDIT Speel Price on To Meet Your Budget .o,..,.. ,. ,... PATRICK dMill Fee s,..c. Absolutely no Interest or Wrecker aogers Ave. sm )he 6178 913 Garrison Fort Smith, Ark, Carryinff Charges 5$ Nort 9th SL Ph. 894 Fort Smith, Ark. Catholic U of Rt. Rev. Msgr. Little Rock, T. J. Arnoht, Little Rock, Leo IIammer, Ft. Smith, Jos. Endcrlin, Conway, Jos. A. Schnitzcr, Ft. S The Northwestern Catholic Union of hold its quarterly tus on Sunday, July The meeting will usual time with delegates at 1 o'clock diction of the Most rament at 1:30. The complete details of gram will be published issue of The Guardian. Archbishop Celebrates At Montezuma Las ,Vegas, N. Meg. Most Rev. Rudolph ken, Archbishop of celebrant of a Solemn Mass, Friday, at the of the Feast of the at Montezuma candidates from Mexico trained for the Roy. Jose Cornaglia, sor of Theology at preachdd the sermon. The Seminary choir, direction of the Rev. Gonzalez, S. J., sang is composed of 44 tenors, 11 second tenor tones and 11 bases. GO TO Kohne's FOR Sprague-Warner QUALITY 1122 N. 11 St. Ft. Smith, DERF ACOUSTICON LOCAL. OF FORT MAX W. 317 Garrison Wor Biscuit Manufacturers "BISCUITS THAT MADE IN Distributed ArkansaS "ASK YOUR i M. 1t. Mechanics Mill Work Lumber, Paint and Millw.00rk FT. SMITH, ARK Haynes Produce QUALITY POULTRY AND EGGS SPECIAL PRICES AND ATTENTION Hospitals  Churches  ;cho O SATISFACTION ( IUA 4@ Phone 9166 Fort Smith, Ark. 222 S. Homer Mitch FOR SHERIFF Crawford County Let's clean up the county and move the : Sheriff's office back to the Courthouse. Political Albert Ma CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY JUDGE Subject to Action of Democratic Primary, tlf,: "Better Roads to Ride Over and Less Broken Promises." Fort