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July 8, 1911     Arkansas Catholic
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July 8, 1911

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Page Iight i iii I II I I I S00ve Tod00y THE SOUTHERN GUARDIAN iii i / Yhinl00 of Tomorrow We Pay per cent on Savings Southern Trust Co. Southern Trust Building Holding Back Your Live Stock will be no easy task if there is meal of our feed or grain ahead of them. They will be too eager to get at it. Your stock know good feed and grain when it is offered them. Feed yours with ours; they will express pprecition of the tret in better condition, better ap- pearance and better service. Wm. E. 0verstreet Grain Co. $EVEIH AND CENTER $TS. Phones 19. 39 mud 629 , . , . . . . . , .. . ......... BELATED HAPPINESS ..e.. .. e..o. ,s..o.o..e..@. .. e.e-.o..o. 4 ..e -4.0.-e..e--Ol.e-.o.. "Engaged to Martha Tyler.* Mrs. Ward gasped when her brother an- notmced the lnter,tug new to her. "Why, it's the molt almrd thing I ever heard of." At this rather unuJual form of con- gratulation her brother Leonard laughed. "On the principle that there's no fool like an old fool" he Inquired. "Well, since we're in for adages, -- one might say, I prefer 'It's never too late to mend.' And, |okinK aside, I'm surely the luckl.t fellow In the world to have the finest and beet girl in the world saved for me all this tame. I can hardly believe it's true." From that moment his sister al- ways sald, he never had a glimmer of intelligence until after the wed- ding. The affair had developed with re- markable suddennms while Lonard was paull the holidays with his sit- ter. Leonard and Martha Tyler had known each other from ehlldhood. So there  more than one covert smile mad urcaJtio aommmat when, after going east and remaining for a year Leonard returned and, at the ripe age of forty-five, fell d.perately in love with Martha. aged forty. Leonard came wut again a week before the weddin6,---Jmother eyl- d4mce of insanity, hit Lister said. The day befot the wedding he and Martha disappeared am completely as if tl earth had swallowed them up. It wu ten o'clock that morning be- A PRACTICAL MOVEMENT. .'\\;t its recent convention, the Feder- ation of Kansas Catholic societies adopted a singnlar resolution. It pro- claimed the duty of every mau attend- in/ the convention, to take at least one Catholic paper, and also, "that at tile next ant]ua] convention, every delegate report the number of sub- scriptions he secured for tile Catholic )aper."--\\;Vestern Catholic. SAVING HIS FEELINGS. The Office Boy (to persistent lady artist wilt) calls six times a week)-- The editor's still engaged. The Lady Artist--Tell him it don't matter. I don't want to marry him. The Office BoyI 'aven't the 'earl to tell'ira that, Miss. He's'ad several disappointments today. Try and look m again next year.--London Sketch. A numher of tourists were looking down the crater of Vesuvius. An American gentleman said to his com- panion : "This looks a good deal like the in- fernal regions." An English lady, overhearing the remark, said to another: "Good gracious! how these Ameri- cans do travel l"--Lippincott's. A father remonstrated with Iris sot], at] Oxford undergraduate, for wasting his time in writing for local papers and cited Dr. Jolmson as saying that Why take a chance on any new or unknown brand of GAS STOVE The Quick Meal is an old re- liable, well known line and one that is very complete. It includes all disirable styles and sizes. [[Beautifully fin- ished and moderately priced i inll ii i FOSTE R HARDWARE COMPANY 301-303 MAIN STREET THE NAME KIMBALL ON A PIANO Means that the most scrupulous care has been given every detail of the construction. That every part has been manufactured in the piano and organ factories of the W. W. KIMBALL CO.; that it has been made by skilled workmen, nnder the direction of experts it] their respective lines. That ability, experience and re- sponsibility are back of the pi- ano. The ear and the eye can jndge of the .... BEAUTY OF TONE ..... the satisfactory case design and finish, but you must look to the NAME for reliability of con- struction and the assurance that the good qualities will endure. The house of KIMBALL has had an experience of over FIF- TY YEARS in the music indus- try, and artists, amateurs and thousands of satisfied customers give abundant proof of the MERIT of the KIMBALL. We have sold KIMBALL pianos for many years and have then] in the best homes, schools and colleges in Arkansas. We guarantee these pianos. In buy- ing a KIMBALL Piano, Player Piano or Organ, you positively get greatest value obtainable. use g fo Mrm. Ward reoJlfl that her "-'Vlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Prices modest--Quality best. f / The German National Bank oo, in "aman who wrote, except for money,--- - Sold on liberal terms of oar- was a fool. -  ment. - - OF LrrTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS forming anybody lm to his intentions. The sot] wrote back immediatey: -- i-. " = E a i h - .... = uur . --- st bl's ed xB53 She eldll up Martl's sister, with I shall follow Dr. Johnson s adwce = motto is.. = . CAPITAL, 1300.000 Founded 1878 Surplus and Profits, $350.000 whom Martha had made her home. and write for money Please send me = -- 66 .... = ,, Quahty above ev- H011enber Music C0. , and .ked if Ionrd were tlre. The " = = g It A LrVFLE President E T REAVES Cashier B H THOMPSON Ass t Cash r two had ne out tozother some time $Ioo. ....... .. ,o = erythmd else." - 6o4-6o6 Main Street. O. IP. llOBINON, v.-rre,, n. O. FONES. V-Pres. M.H. LONG./tee ! earth', Ifore.    :------ The Oldest, the Largest, the O,].ame!. d.correspondent, and the*upefior equipment d out C.llectlog. D.e ,. nt aiforcl unequ.dld facilkie, for "Didn't they say anything about lanOllnlBnlefllrt/edloul, irconervailveyelprosremvemethodswnlcrl nave crmr.aerued the manage- I ' in uired Mrs. , ,. ..,.,.. " ,. --- -- Best Piano and Organ House mendthibnkhvennymarkedhr)wihuceebuurecninued8afeyardmtidi to k8 ltroos.  n 'rere, tme, you come ragnt away = -- in Arkansas WE PAY INTEREST ON TIME CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT xdmtha's sister w. sure that noth- from that had body." , ----- Call and see specimens of -= . " .............. . "He ain't bad, mamnaa; he s a nice - our work. - __ We respect|nlly Invite AccountSfor dh.h-f thoseFtmdsWho desire a Safe Depository prmnce, ing of the sortMrs.hadwatabeennungSaid upin herme boy. He gave me lmlf his,, orange and  ---- -  .......... I .......... ave her. a hag bite of his candy. =   telephone receiver and then g = ....... .... ..... :' imlf up to the holmless proeeHg of trY- "MercYlllf the Child is a Socialist. _= i 1 --  qJ' THE AMMIIMPIATIflM APAIIIITUV I to,convlnce herself that Jam. Come away from him this instant."-- = ..... ' =  Hi'ah rada. ..... . nlllUlUnulnlil#n nUlll#Lflll oouldnt have bee such an Idiot as Cleveland Plain Dealer.  dd/I = .  " ....... F for,-t me Prmting Ennland Hatn0nal NE LUF , ARK. At eleven o loe'c k that ni ht Leon- - Conduted by SISTEII$ OF CHARITY, OFNARETH ard wadered In, happy and without I J IP' V i  W A no,, on a B..rdin . .ltnnl the license. To do him Jastlce, he BANK .., .... ....... ,,. mooh dlsturbo, as the GREAT SPECIII. ' -- =============================== ..... most exacUng mister could have = -- , . -- ,,,,,,- ........ -' - - --'o-'''"- C S I | ,.,uu,uuuuu u:00wmv nirne00rv En would be, in the morni00, .. Price ale :: The New Era Press -- vu w my j, vm vvvsJv vv,. for them to go down and pt it and l . -I lS least Marlkam Pk,,.#6 return for the cremony. I  .,. ,,,,0 ,,,.,.., , ,o.m ,.,. D,.,,L,.s , ........... ear,- the noft IS NOW ON The -'o. 'd. I[. ENGLAND Jr. CaShier ' " tie roge orlg[lt y LITTLE ROCK, ARK. .]gl.,,,,,.,dJ[J,r%l aerlousn.s of th. oeeslon that his More Than Two Thousand II otoera^bo00 - .... - ................... ..... - ...... = ........... ---- ..r. . sls.rallowedhimtleavetlhou. II 'S '.v,,',.'-== Funeral I)esl ........ ........ rrr., aria withont any misgivtnp . to what he Pieces of Furniture reduced ns ,-. ,, . u .,-,m/= FRIT H MET mit de while away. However, .  II CONFECTIONER ......... tle passed and he did not return,  120 Main Street  i Al*oArll.ti For:lpeTokt . tot Wddind. I DEI.OrL U PASTRXES New Phone 314 god uncomfortably for 15 ,mlnutml You cannot afford to miss nl- Satisfaction or ------ II VESTAL S, 409 Main St. i Bread, Cakes, Rolls, Creams, Etc. or so, then called up Martha s home. i[ money back ------ P.M. PALER. Manager. Both Phones 658 721 East Broad St., TEXARKANA, ARK. She was informed by the maid who Ch. anart,,nitv of il---- _-- Phone463 After buainen hourec.l1687 "" er, ..... v il.lll I I I u "  ." l !1 II Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll; answered the telephone that t,m- LOOKING II I ar had Just left the house. A subse- |l|HlHllllllilllllllll|l|llll| quent short interview with Martha's ellr revealed the fact that Martha You will find anything you Your Horse Needs Attention and Leonard onlya few momenta be- want in up-to-date stock-- i fore, when both thatr totlets should and the prices are LOWER have been well on the way to com- THAN EVER BEFORE. = pletlon, had been found reading po- etry In the library. , Draperies and carpets are ---- Poorly made, ill-fit- 'e certainly Is crazy, Sald Leon- included in thisSpecial Sale. tang harness are not ard's sister, almost in a tone of awe. Come in, look over our 1 a good investment "Not a bit more crazy than she Is," at any price. Your said Martha's sister, line, and you are almost horse cannot endure Fifteen minutes after Leonard had certain to find something returned home and theu had disap, yOU need. uncomfortable har- pealed into his own room, with strict ness any more than lnstrnctlons from his sister not to do you cana tlght, ill- any morefoollshthingsuntllafterhe Ark Carpet & fitting shoe. Con- was married, Mrs. Ward heard a sult us about harness meek voice calling from the hall. combining horse "carrie," the vole. was sang, ", Furniture t,u '- comfort with beau- wonder if you could help me." ty, strength and real Mrs. Ward went to tne door of her harness value, room and looked out. In the hall, iEnterprnse Harness Co looking thinner and more forlorn The HouseThatQualityBuilt. than she had any idea he could look, Phone 573 Sixth and Main. = stood her brother. In one hand he held a small Jar about half full of n am some sort of yellowish, greasy con- =:===::-======_---==:======== coctlon, In the other an uncomfort- =- W. I). THOMAS & SON, Pro#rietors able looking towel. With the towel -21 7 Louisiana St. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. hlshe nOWfaco,anddownthenwhicllgave wasfutileslld/ngdabs atin Semi-Annual llllllllllllllllllllllllillllllillllllllllllllllllllll slippery streams the other half of the contents of the Jar, mingled with slip. CLOTHING " '" ..... ', pery brooklets ,of soapy water. "What Is it? he asked, forlornly. llllllllllllllllllllllllll|lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllll "I thought ltit was a shampoo, but -- Y s fi s f -=-- - SALE g-- his hand, "Why, you great idiot," OUr avln s are a e Mrs. Ward snatched the Jar out of - ME 0.os.ed With the _-- she said, with more force than po- liteness. "It's goosegrease! It's aI> STARTS - RCANTILE TRUST CO _ propriate enough. I'm sure." For a minute she gave herself up 121 and 123 WEST SECOND ST. = = = = ' Has Oapital of ........................................................ $120,000.00 = -- Has Surplus of ...................................................... 75,000.00 _ = Has Assets of ........................................................ 950,000.00 = = Has Deposit of ...................... 750,000.00 = = ............ = . 7t owns one of tio largest and most profitable insurance agencies =- = in ti)e city. = = = = ---- Has a large and well-managed rental department. = = l/as an active and successftfl real estate 3epartment. = ]-Ias careful and conservative management. = _ ]]as eapable and experienced officers and employes. = = Its loans are made on Little Rock real estate and high-class col)at- -- = eral securities. = = It will pay you 4 per cent interest on all money deposited in the _=-- = savings department, and especially solicits accounts of this character. . _---- H.L. Remmel, Fres. Emmet Morris, Treas._ = Max Heiman, Vice Pres. R.W. Ne,ell, Asst. ee'y. "-- W. L. Hemingway, Sec'y. red gchmutz, Trust Officer. . = jjjj to the Joy of contemplating him. Then she took him firmly by the arm and led him back to the bathroom, where she soaped him and stood htm on his head in the washbowl and rinsed him and then began the process all over again. Within half an hour of the time set for the wedding she pro- nounced him sufficiently cleaned. Some time later, Just after em- bracing the bridegroom, who looked so rare that he might have been called raw, Mrs. Ward turned to 'the bride. "Martha," she sa/d, "I've always thought that I'd hate to give Leonard up to anybody, but after this last week I've changed my mind. I have enough natural affection left to hope that you'll be kind to him, but, eveu If I knew you'd beat him, I'd be glad to turn him over to you. You're mOra than welcome to' him." SATURDAY July 8th Any High Grade Suet Worth 19 up to $35 r-v If it is Drugs, Soda or MITCHELL SELIGMAN Cigars Architect  ,IWE HAVE IT : ,, L Citizens Bank Building PINE BLUFF, ARK. ___ =. __ /' fJ {J]. Send your orders for t Ihgh grade Printing to co.. F,'" " ,. oa M,. s,s: the New Era press kllliil. Fletcher s Rose Bud Coffee i = + + + + + + + + + + + + + + ____-- .t. + - , + 3 Lb. Cans .00 + _-= + ..,+ 1-Lb. Cans .35 . + + + -:- .I. + .t- + .t* -:o + + .I- + + = Try it and you will be convinced of its delicious flavor. - = Roasted and packed daily in Little Rock by = 2-- Fletcher i - Coffee and Spice _ Company ,-1lllillh`