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July 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 7, 1923

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PAGE EIGHT " LISTI00ING IN :INEW DRIVE BEGUN THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 :] I  , &lt;:)i: * Iy Autulycus * I f Just Say It If an Eastern editor is right, 1 am wroug ill assuming that the slogan,' "Say ie with Masses"m the expres. / sion o£ sympathy wkth the bereaved FOR DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION But Supporters of Proposal Will Not Have Things Their Own Way. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) TURKEY AND GREECE /BELLEAU WOOD TO BE I BELIEVE KLANSMEN trip to California. While WITH CHURCH REIATIONS/ FORMAlLy__ DEDICATED/ DESTROYED CROSS they will be entertained B I ( y N. C• W. C. News Service.) [ -- ISan Francisco and Los (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) / Paris, June 28.--The Belleau Wood (By N. C. W. C. News Service) touring party will return:' Philadelphia, July 2.Members of Portland, Ore., Seattle Washington, July 3.--The reports JMemorial Association, an American the Ku Klux Klan are believed to nadian Rockies, and is from Constaneinople that Archbishop organization, of which his eminence, have been responsible for the burning return to Brooklyn, on Meletios Metaxakis, the patriarch of  Cardinal Dougherty of Phihdeiphia is of a cross on the lawn of St. Pat- the Eastern church, has resigned his lan honorary vice president, has an-lrick, s chinch in G]o " see and handed his powers over to the nounced thae the formal dedicalion oil, .  . uceser City, N. J., originated in this column. Tile editor Washington, June 30--Signs are be- synod with the intention of leaving his Belleau Wood as a national memorial agents have been notified of the in- POints out, with historical exactitude, Iginning to appear on the popular hori- tas week. Department of Justice post, merely confirm what has long. lto ehe America n troops who partici- cident and are investigating. The l that this column was first published zon of a renewal of the drive for the been expected. The patriarch, when pared in the final campaign which re- two years ago, and adds that it is creation of a (lepartme cross burned on St. Patrick's lawn eion and when tile new Congless meets ITmke •ae ILer campaign aga]ns nt of educe- Greece s .... • "lsuleed in the victory of the allied was the third burned in that section' eight years since his paper called at- . ' .... teneion to the fact Chat a New York ifor the long session this will be ene " y, was an avowed exponent of armies will take place on July 22. within a week. ..... I Grcek domination in Asia Minor an(1 Cardinal DougherLv is expected to be genelmrran, in "announcing ehe death of the legislative proposals to be openly hostile to Turkey. Since that present at tile dedication exercises. of his wife, requested Masses instead brought before it. Efforts to that end time Turkey has triumphed and the of flowers." But that is not the are,, being, renewed, by.. thl National old Greek party has fallen, tte finds point. We were not discussing the i Educatmnal Assoclatmn and the pro- himself, Lherefore," at odds both with origin of a custom, but the origin of / cess of creating public sentiment in T" a slogan, tie custom was no novel- i support of the idea is already under ignationthe TurkSwasand regardedthe GreeksasandincvitablehiS res- ty even eight years ago. I am open way. and necessary to pave the way for an COUNCIL OF SCttOOLS BROOKLYN KNIGHTS ON WESTERN TRIP to conviction as to the authorship oil Hard Sledding. adjustment of the re]ations between., ° . New York, June 29.--The National the slogan• But it really doesn't mat- But the project is going to have Turkey and Greece at Lausanne.  uncfl of Schools of Religion has ob- ter who first used it. The important lhard sledding. It is not one of those thing is to get people to "say it with "popular" demands that wilt be heed- he The recantation of Archbishop Tik- ta/ned court approval of its incorpo- Masses," instead o£ squandering their led because of the indifferences oil, n, patriarch of the Russian Ortho- ration ill thi state. In ies certificate those who are opposed to it. The forth- cow reports, has confessed his error; organization "aims without sectarian  money recklessly in tile tendering Oflcoming Congress is ah'eady awarl of oox Church, who, according to Mos-of incorporation it is asserted that the floral sympathy. Hard Pressed Ever /the hostility toward the theo-v of na- in opposing the soviet regime, ascrib-/bias to promote the fundamental prin- ing it to his oht monarchist leanings,/cip]es underlying religion, to develop The attitude of multitudes of men tional supervision of education. TILe is regarded in diplomaeic quarters and correlate the religiou: esources towards their religious obligations, is l referendum of tile United States .... epitomized • •  • I Cha , . nereas much too n ' • m restitutions • • ,= • , . , m a neat pece of din- J mber of Commerce has disclosed T" " alve to be genuine. . of lughet learmng, such rogue .which. Frank H. Spemman'. a. very, profound, disapproval of the m" netnact, that. he• was a prisdner, await- caSl state, and other universities, anti By ear new ,easy, quick, simplifier works rote his new novel, "The Mar-f idea of creating a federal department _g. al and that the commmsts have ]. o;leges In the community, to under- method, at college or by mail, yet rmge Verdict•" A man was accused r of education and, in adition, the pa-, tnmr own way of extorting conies- tae surveys and the collection of data a._qickly qualify as bkkeeper, ae by h/s minister of do/ng nothing, for Iternalistic tendency in government of mons gve color to tile doubt. The re-[based upon such religious information, 'v an' .senograpner, secretary e serwce employe or telegraphe religion• "It's a debt "O-u pwe-  ne'" I which it is ........... an illustr•ti,m  .......... s ,,,,, port from .Riga. that the patriarch has•. to assist in the establishment of local, and stationmaster, and we guarunte Lord" ar ,, outs oken fos ' been shot s given mine credenc schools of rehglon without se , gued the minister• I know l "P e. /'here is not much I '" ,, ' e• t,. " " ctarian you a position when yo qualify t," admitted the man• "I'd like to do/d°ubt, therefore, that the subject will I The c " eems Hell, less" imi:,, representahve of the combined Write today for information, stattn ,,. ' crse desired: something, he added "but ..... ,, i be one of extended controversy aasrophes that have over- tel gmus t-orces mad to voluntarily aid • , , t, rle 0rU , a. .. . . . lsn t pressing me as hard as th- r-.t[ Taxes Will Talk !!,aken the Eastern church have belied I in the training of teachers in line of my creditors." This stor,, ,; I Pohhcans, who foresee a storm,, Itne lmpes of those who believed that/therewith. ' most of us. The Lord usuaP .... , Congress ahead, are not inclined to I t wouhl develop a more wgorous ex- Among the incorporators are the i .............................. *" what s , s/add to thel , lstence under the mine dem( rat re following Cleveland It Dod • " " left over. If there is nothing "r troubles b) taking up a ! • ._ . " " .... c -  : " -. ge, Harry • question of ellis kind if it call be aviod Iglme that was to follow the war A merson Fosdick, Oscar S Straus, I BRA DFORD left over, the Lord gets nothing, "  "lrapproachment - " • " ." Mor a  - -.' • " ea. One tms but to follow President. ,.. . oeteen the Anghcans , g.n a. O Bxlen, Edwin F. Gay, DR U G CO. though His claim is a first mortgage Hardin in his "swin claim. And even if there is something/ g : • g around the cr- ante tee two patriarchs was much in Jerennah W. Jenks, Roger H. Wi]- left overl. He often goes wthout,!/that lies ahead of the legislators. The the air. But the Eastern church ap- liams, Charles F. Kent, Henry Wade • . cle" to obtain some idea of tile task Ipears to have faced a new crisis in its Rogers, Alton B. Parker, George Fos- ThegHouse of Quality the same When people make a hie 'existence with the revival of the un- ter Peabody, Lloyd W. Smith, Samuel " long habit of procrastination, it is] worhl court, the railroads, immigra- restrained nationalistic spirit which is Theme, Jr. and Frank A. Vanderlip. Phones: 00-0227, 000218 hardly likely that they will break the lion, the reduction of taxes, are only a manifested in many ways in the tur- habit on their deathbed, few of the major problems that will bulent East• PRIEST'S GOLDEN JUBILEE "Sub Rosa" be pfit before Congress, and Congress I CELEBR- "',- - , "Ave Marl-" *-, ...... [will be. so disrupted b- nolitical a'-i I etTEl) AMONG LEPERS •  e, tie ]neresing m l" • '  *" " - ' BERNADETTE S' ' CAU story of the introduction , ,h ..... / os ties that debate will be long and SE ___ into England The+ ..... 2"._'_ "'.,''°./tedious, according to the present out-] WILL BE DLqCUSSED (By N  w   ........ •  uuurv OlU not t. , •  • .... . ,,,* ervlce. know the flower wlucl lool There have been, moreovm, m Tokyo Ju ' ) , " a later became , ',  " " - / (B,, N  '-'--"-  I " , ne 12.Mission life in the its national floral emblem, until the ,umati°ns trom administration sources i P'ar;s, J'un; 23 t"'Tl:;Vi::rvice') !Far East is ]mrd on Westerners under fifteenth century At that tim- re o / that a reduction of taxes may be sug- c.¢,-' - ,. rnal de la all circumstances and the •   . • ...... e ue o * , • "caper trees were sent to the re -- ---' .... [gested, especially  the present sur- I .  trees announces that the IDeath lays low ma ...... ,* -- ..... .val .I.i,llll j, o I ani- re arato ' , ' -' ,. --,,,, ,,,oo,=ro presents from the Pope The flowers lplus is ,lot disposed to absorb whatlgregP;i; of RYe me'etm'g' of.the Con-lbefor e they have gathered the fruie we thele is of a sur lus an(l )osslbl ere or the discussion of thmr . re planted in the royal gardens It] • " , . . p s • t " " y ' .- / of the virtues ...... " " I : ' toil, butalife given to caring became the general custom to carvea::; uexicit by adding to the fixed eX-o f God, Bernad;tt):eSv:::ra°m servant for lepers would seem likely to pay roses over the doors of confessionals, |P.. s of government through the ere- I held on a ...... o tarots, will be Ithe heaviest toil in health and vi or as "holy flowers;" hence the t ,-,/au°n°zan°therfederaldepartment.  .... .-_o,.o. . i /I was, therefore an unusu g - "sub rosa" (under the rose) used"to / It is not improbable, therefore, that a:J!l__! he, S e,.name Rehgeuse of the sion for joy and c'onratulat¢a-. 1 ,occa mean "with secrec-" ' ]the Department of Education b m .,m ! ,uese me msnop of Nevers asks the |- T ........... ' " ...... '" #" - ----'-  - - . "" ""' Ifaithful to incr ........ |,,, o,, v, u, ne ev. wrouart de Raising a Family sam oe suomergea m a deluge of ! . . _ . =-= .ae. number of|Lezey, director of the Leer s " It is e .... ,^ _f_ ..... I controversial legislation• But Con-I their prayers in ruder that ,'he Blessed in e ba, Japan, celeb'rPtedHh ptf! • ,, u ee, up In l'rencn wana'/ress, will -h s-,,,,-";'' --- ) .... el- b th Vlrgln may a(lvance the c"e of beat tie GOt( m. efl g y y e .€:_..,: ......... " . - .- -nmversary of his ordinatiun to da', why people foretell a great des- hostility displayed toward it an(t the ,-auv,. xr wm oe remembered that [the priesthood. He observed his gold- tiny for this race which preserved its objections made against it. Bernadette ended her days as a relig- en jubilee among his devoted adfflicted rights, its language and its faith, I ious in a convent at Nevers. tones whose prayers and gratitude and thousands of miles from its mother-I THE BATTLE ROYAL IS ON ilove made land• I met four brothers who were[ DR. OAKLEY BECOMES the (lay most happy. the fathers of sixty children• Two had / Kieagle "-- IRREMOVABLE RECTOR IBELL OF ST. PATRICK'S twenty-two children each• One had / of Texas Klan Is "Fired" twelve, and the other four. They do by Evans. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) TIME IS FOUND OF REIAGION FORMED -- ] (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Brooklyn, N. Y., July 2.--Members of Montauk Council, Knights of Co- lumbus, left here yesterday on their MADE BY .ROSE CffY "THE MOST SANITARY JOE JUNG, Attic Rock, M.A. Special New York Insurance 801-7 Southern Trust Fix UI) That Life roday"l Sell It." Phone 7446 PUBLIC SALES We have purchased S. Army Munson last she to 12, which was the en stock of one of the largest ermnent shoe contractors. This shoe is guaranteed dred per cent solid leather; tan; bellows tongue, dirt proof. The actual alue of is $6.00. Owing to this buy we can offer same to at $2.95 Send correct size. Pay delivery or send y shoes are not as cheerfully refund your 209 W. Second St. ly upon request. NATIONAL BAY STATE Little R oek COMPANY • ' ...... ,:. z6 Broadway, New York. OUR BANKIH6 D00ARI0000tff ; ii able to extend to it u*lom *verlv 'mmmod.lla. We haw plenty of money on hand to ld on IAle R¢ ai or other ceptable seettr/ty, and elteit appliea¢im. W. B. WORTHEN COMPANY, BANKERS "Since 187T" C.rr lqft ud lltete. 4 P]R CEIqT INTIgTJT PAID ON $AYIISG ACCOWN'IM. yet?" "I am not trying to make a for. tune," said the other. "I am trying to raise a family. I have ten ehildren and I am young!" Give and Get "Two priests were on the train. One had just finished telling something like a hard luck story. He had men-/ tioned that his parish was over $200,-/ 000 in debt, and that he was still l building. The other priest asked: "How would you like to adopt a poor mission ?" I waited for the explosion. It seemed like ask/ng a swimmer for a match when he is in the water. But instead of losing his patience, the first priest said: "1tow much would it cost me?" "About a thousand a year," was the answer. "Sure, I'll do that gladly," said the priest wbo owes a quarter of a million. "My experi- ence," he said, "is that the more nay people give to outside charities, the more they give to their pari,dl." This is a true story, unadorned. The priest, not spend their lives raising money During the -amon-" - Pittsburgh, Pa., June 29.The Rev. -- OUR ASSETS AR OVER TWO MILLION up there. They spend their lives rais-I and counter cPhar-ds b t s cn.arges Thomas F. OaMey, D D, has been a (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ing children And • g  y e mgnes - • ' • ' P- • . they do t more / officers of the Knights of "1-- • .......  I pointed rremovable rector of the Sa- Dublin, June 18.An ancient bell, We nke a sPqecty of ttivl:ltlg e in good joyously than other men chase gold. [Klan lmve been ade Til e'u .u. ]cred Heart Church here Announce- believed to date from the days of St. first mortgal loana---al ttuwor supply our [heard an American ask a French!has grown from bad t: -"ne-suat°n/ment to that effect was made b the Patrick, has been found by workmen euomers and etates we anauian, Have ,,ou - .... "  **ore a,u the r ........ Y who were excavating in the ruins of lPl'lIllt With good in- # -,ate a xorune scene of b leery ev "amer p C Danner chan ' attic has changed from At- -,,- - "- _. " " , " e, or ox the alocese. Nendrum Abbe in vtments. We aet as administrators and exeeu- lanta to San Antonio, where the two F ............ Y" Ulster. tors under WIt of many - .... . _ amer uaKlev has b - ,.o-, ^v , xne Del IS mate of mveted wrou • acuons are en ..........  ......... ee ........ ht ¢tatl in Pulaski and c-...e ..... e m,perm, • , ........ g ¢her eounties in this State. We Will be pleased ..... " Patrick s Church n ga a -o^ ron originally covered with w]zarn, ur H ur w, ...... e n ,, ' ,-- - r - bronze ...........  o aua ........... I . . • to mist you. is -" ......... . , ,.  s, of the Sacred Heart Church he suc- Although corroded, t ]s ]n fairly good • aumg une zaclon an anoller ac- ceeds the lat, < "-,.;,.., -- I condltmn exce t for hen is led by Kleale Keelin .... , ,, - ......... nor Francis , " P a broken handle II='. rrwr... hwithbeenthed,Schargeddischar_ebY thee ' ,vizard.,:, .... ,, eene, who served there for 44 years./, d a crack at the base• rr,UrLL' SAVINGS BANK Ev" • . .   ,eeung, Theorists . The elephants inferimit, to m -, ans saul he behcved the talk o£ a[._,, • who try to abohsh poverty] ............. :, : : , ) an is LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS meax in tile ranks of tile ldano," 'm,,[" om are able to see that ,, -* ^*[,, P" • ate(t t)y the fact sot! of ,evolt, would come to an end, other things must be abolished first /o,the fmmel: ml(ls only an average I • --  .-,-.', , . . ..  -----------. _ " ' J I OU poun(Is oI Ivory, -, ne acineo to /\\;eellng authors]Lip -------.. or" the revolt, as well as of the report that too great percentage of money paid into the khm funds was being sent to headquarters of the orgainza- lion in Atlanta. Evans skid he had come to Texas for the purpose of meeting the chiefs of the klan in the state and confer- rfig with them. The arrival of 1)r Evans Antonio was said by in San members Of the rebel klan faction to St. Joseph's In/irmary HOT SPRINGS The South's Most Famous Sanitarium Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy mark a new era in the history of the order. who appealed for the poor parish (as I)a]las, Tex., June 26.--As a resu/t you may have guessed), was the P.res- of the internal strife and battle for a ident of The Catholic Church Exten- more democratic form of choosing im- sion Society• He tells me that there/peria/off/cers the/oca/ Ku Klux Klan are dozens of struggling missions No. 66 has lost approximately 60 per willing to be "adopted" by their cent of its membership, according to larger brethren• announcement made by high officers Not Sure of Future here today. Speaking of the Chinese, as I think we were recent/y, I heard the other Houston, Tex., June 26.The inter- day ef a pretty example of Chinese ] nal strife and lack of democracy in the politeness. A Chinese father, in Am- klan, officers here declare, has cost erica went to a gentleman whose the klan approximately 40 per cent of name we shall say was Timothy its membership in Klan No. 1 here. (which it wasn't), and asked him to give a name to the Chinaman's new baby. The American said hewas hen. f An increase in salary does not help ored, and suggested that the baby be I tvthe: unless he opens his own en- named John. The Chinaman was l P" ' grateful and told an American friend[could have beem He went to T/mo- f T/mothy's k/ndness. "You should - av - my and said "Wh e asked him, sam the friend "if l. • :. en I d/d not suggest l the bab , ma my son be named Timothy, I did _ y could be named Timothy. I so because I d/d not know how m- [ That would have been a greater eom ! -- . " Y [ ,, " "Ison WOUld grow U I t pliment. The Chinaman was ,-e,, - - - P. hought that/ " 'r  ..... pernaps lxe would not be wort tlmt he had been less polite than he the o ...... ,, hy of / ..... - -, nv WhOSe name ne pore. • I' II]S TEI,LS THE WHOLE STORY OF EFFICIENCY UCII CONDUCT ' WITI[ ST. JOSEPH'S tIAS MADE GOOD FOR YEARS AND W1TH ALL CLASSES. DEVOTED SISTERS EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS COMPETENT NURSE CORPS Well Equipped Building0f Prominent Location Care in Appoint mentsEvery Room Outside Room Well Ventilated and Lighted Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation INFIRMARY- SANITARIUM_ REST HOME Professional Attendance For Reservations Apply to REV. SISTER SUPERIOR St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. ,I Central Ban CA1)ITA L, $200,000.00 SURPLUS, $4( Let us take care of your mone fo L(' ns s(ll • , • Y r o . ol ..,a,e your Real I'o,..,. Y u. Let ns lusure your properly or au[o • Let us wrile yonr Surcy Bond. mobde. Lel us rent you or for you a hollle. In fact, let us do everything for you that a fully equipped, well man,aged Bank can do. •  "'Come Grow With a Growing Bank." Own your home. Make it a p/ace your children love. MONEY TO L To Build, Buy or Remodel Bungalows Houses Apartments Business Houses Rate depends on margin of seeurity location and charaeter of property, 201 W. So'nd St. CALL AND LET'S TALK IT