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July 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 7, 1923

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CONGRESS URGES LIVING WAGE AS THE RIGHT OF LABOR ) *, ) ATION OF STATE TO WOkKERS AND CO-OPERATIVE INTERESTS OF EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYED ALSO DISCUSSED BY DILEGAIES. (By N. C. W. C. News Service hvaukee; Win., June 28. The tirst I al meeting of the National (alh- Conference on hl(lustrial I rob-] came to a ('.lose tonight at a mass [ ing which was marked l)y a stir- 1 address by Bi::hop Peter J Mul- THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 3r years as they have related to the' problems of the worker in modern so- ciety. He said, in part : "The World War showed that the capitalists (lid not have what they /wanted. l?hey had money, but no one [with nonal faculties ever wants just money. 'ihcy had power, but in order i to kep thbir power thv had to abuse it, and no one really wants that sort l of thing. Ttwy di(t not lmve the h)ve lal)orer-nd student at the aflfirnoon and respect of their fellow hi:ill. Their session, which was devoted t() papcr: money got them sycophancy; their o,1 that plmse of the industrial :4rife. power, servility; hut these m'e ..orry The Roy. William Ilolger, C.SC., of substitutes for the zood will and cs- No'd'e flame Uni\\;,ersity: ('Xl)]ained the L(ACm t,f OIIC' (:igh})ors. two different kinds of collective h:H .... l h,t of all cla;sc, that have shifted bility of society. I LONDON POLICE GUILD "Where ownershil) is exclusively in ATTENDS MASS AND HAS the hands of capital contributors to an COMMUNION BREAKFAST enterprise and the labor contributors l must he content with wages, supple- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) mented, perhaps, with a bonus doled I,on(tol, June 22--Although London out from time o time at the 1)leasur( I cammt boast of the numbers of Ca(h- of the owners, there is -it best a \\;win I olie police that New York City era- of that common interest which i. in-lploys, /ct there -u'e sufficient Catho- disl)elmible to the common effort re- lie men in the l,ondon police force to quircd. Where co-operation in work is form a Catholic Police Guihl. PAGE SEVEN SiX IIOLY CROSS PRIESTS ORDAINED of Rockford, Ill., who acted as leaking of the purpose Of the con- .' which he called very success- sl p I t hloon said: is our intention to bring God the directors' meeting, into the headquarters, for without God can be no great movement. We work to put God in the hearts of (borer and into the hearts of the flist so that they may not steal each other, but form a real broth- built on love and kindness, un- and Priendliness." beginning his address, Bishop commented on the great ben- derived from such conferences. that there was one thing was necessary to make the dis- beneficial to both sides and was frankness. He pleaded with and laborer to study the side as Wll as the one in which represent shall pray to the Holy Ghost that conferences both sides shall each other, f)r it is only such understanding of the in- questions that one can expect reach some sort of solution. But must not expect these conferences end labor difficulties, for we shall have industrial problems," ifis declared on the night pro- were the Rev Dr. John A. Ryan, Rev. Frederic Siedenburg, S.J. University, Chicago; Ih, n F. Gurtin, Chicago; George Lawson, St. Paul; secretary and asure of the Minnesota State Fed- of Labor an,I Charles Knoers- banker, Mihvaukee. Ryan in his talk summed up various phrases of the conference said that one thin the meeting gaining that ef lhe national uni(m theirSbase of thought during the past (By N. C \\;V. C. News Service) At tim annual celeh:'ation which and the one of the individual shop or- decade, the workers alTord u.- the most I Milwaukee, 'July 2. .Fxaminations took place durillg Corpus Christi the ganization, interesting and most in:;tructive devel-[for admission to the practice of den- Mass was celebrated by the |)olice- "l;oth are useful and necessary," opment. While the capitalists have ex-[tistry in the state of Wisconsin were man's president, -rod after an adjourn- Father Bolger declared. "Organized pericnce(l something of a change ofheld at the Marquette university col- men was made to oac of the huts on labor opposes the individual shop un- heart, and the politicians are con- lege of dentistry, with the Wisconsin the ground beside the Cathedral, ion or company union, because m the sious of a deiinite awakening, the State Board of i)ental Exmmners in'where a communion hreakfast was (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Notre Dame, July 2--Six mem- bers of the Congregation of the Holy Cross, former students of Holy Cros College of the Catholic University, were ordained here by the Right Rev. Edward B. Hoban, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago. expected co-operative interests .,;houh[ Monsilg'nor llowletl, the a(tm;.ni:;tra ........................................................... 'be est-blished " , (or of Westminster C:tt:hedral, is pros- 1 [] .100 TAI{E)I,:N]AI, ident of the guild, and the ammal re- aNll"S COffF union and gener'fl communion of tho t TFS'IS Arr MARQUETTF Catholic police takes place ab the Ca- thedral Our Brands arc perfect Blends -Lthe result of more than fifty years experience in roasting and l)lending only the choicest selection A trial will convince you. sented the laborer's viewpoint on the ground on the score of hours, and have question of collective bargaining. He suffered a setback in the t',lings oi said that unorganized workers were [the supreme court on legsmnon. Their like an unarmed man fighting a pow- tnational federation has lost prestige erful armed force. He declared that and trade uniomsm seems less virile C. D. KENNY CO. hands of many employers it has been !workers have been going through alchare Four hundred took the ex- served and speeches were made by 121 West 5th Telephone 4-1465 used as a club to beat down cn Inexk process of moultm rh( " .. " ". ,  " ." ' : I .'..': g.. ' ;yhavehad a I _ _ amination% including 100 Marquette superintendents and in,.peetors of tlm I, [] up file union 'me company union may period of com )at tlvel h) I w  ) s llor ' ". [ ' t" ' y 'gl ages,]Sovhomores, 150 juniors, 136 ex" metrol)olitan police force. be used constructively, not destruc-]but the net result has been ,H .... !--'- ....... a ........  tn,]o,t who An inspiring feature of the annual 1 ttvely. It is not meant to supersede, pointing They have succecde. ; .... + _g, ..._ _,,,,,,, Corpus Christi procession of the[ orgamzed unmns, but t should be used I least one country in establishing the The tirst two (lays of the exami- Blessed Sacramen: in Westminster to supplement the organized union, ldictatorshi p of 'the proletariat, bull nations were taken up with the theo- Cathedral was the presence of prac- Both forces can accomplish more thanwith disastrous results. Here their old retlcal" branches of dentistry, while tically all the members of the Ca(h- " h:hnalFn;f ' / .... / OS/C C mt eapon, the strike, after winning the remainder of the week -,mmstcd olic Police Guild, among whom stal- atrick resnt  J '.p , p " et of the many deserved victories, has at last of practical work The 19za class In wart officers bearing Irish names Chicago Federation of Labor: l)re- failed them. They have recently lost dentistry at Marquette held a ban. form a very generous proportion, i .i2h :hd the workers want peace, but that this peace cannot come until the right of collective bargaining is recognized universally. Employer Favors Unions. As an employer, Willimn J. Lynch, quet Saturday night at the Republi- can House, wlth Fred V. Mossey, Dodgeville, Wis.a president of the class, as toastmaster. Some girls can make up their faces more easily than their minds. than at any time in the I)resent gen- eration. Worker Simply "Hired Man." "Many of us concluded long ago that it was not hours or wages or con- ditions of labor which touched the Chicago, vice president of the Thomp- worker deep down in his heart, but son-Sterrett Company, contractors ad- rather his status as a hired man. The mitred that the worker had the right supreme court in its recent decision to organize, aid that any attempt hy ammling the minimum wage laws , management to wipe out labor organ- dwelt earnestly on the so-called free- izations only serves to assist the rad- I dora of contract, which it) theory it de- ical in his efforts to create resentment fended. The only fault to he found with that decision is in respect to its premise and its conclusion. We all know perfectly well that in the ordi- nary course of modern industry, ex- cept that highly organized, the worker does not enter into a contract; he is and dissatisfaction. "The State and Industry" was the topic discussed at the morning session on Thursday. The Rev. Dr. Jhn A. Ryan, who acted as chairman, intro- duced the subject for discussion in a Prompt, Regular ICE DELIVERY SERVICE --Just during the Summer, or the who,e year! We're ready to serve you. Call usI CITY DELIVERY CO. 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It ol)pese:; so- some this may be shocMng," 1: ciali:m because a Socialist state, wouht id, "hut to us who have studied the l be a bad thing for society. It opposes brief statement, part of which follows: aiml)ly hired. He may get a fair "The Catholic teaching on this sub- wage, although whether or not he does ject holds the middle gr()und between is impossible accurately to determine, socialism and individualism. It attri- so complicated is ore" ystem of indus- butes to the state the duty of prolcct- try, but whatever his wage, it is lixed by the emph)yer ah)ne." I fo nd modern lustry of that pschol(,gical undertone is not to the intere,,;t of the worker ahme; it is to the interest of the cmph>yer as wok It is moreover to the interest of good individualism because that political Kov('rnment, good morals and the sta- theory neither adquately protects it)- - ............................................ dividual rights llOr adequately pro- motes the wel['-re ol: the we.d(,r classes." Col. P. J. Kealy, consul(in,., engi- neer of I(:um:ts City: Mo., and Mat- thcw j \\;:oi1. vice l)reshh,nt of the American l?edoration ef l,:tbor, aho :spoke at thi se:;:d(m of the conlkw- eilce. ()no of the mo,,;t interesting sesioas of the conference was tirol; held on Thur,{day af!ernoon wlxen the general "I don't aec imv,' :uy ('alholic who what the Church teaches, and :e: the facts in the indusirial life to- ay, can he happy," said Prof. David McCahe of Princet(.n Universil.y, his presidential address at the busi- mcetitng last night. Epe:ddng of the co'xlei'c,ce, Profes- sul)joct of '".rhe Worker and Owncr- ar Mc(?abe said it w.s an open forun shi!)" was di.cusscd. The Rev. Joseph those who knaw the principles tHu:;alein, S.J., a:;sociate editor of those who know the facts couhl '"America," acted as chairman of this together for discu:sions, session, -rod the princilml :;peakers "With an increased knowledge of lwer e John A. Woll of Philadelphia, and greater application of these presidcnt of the Glass Bh)wers' Asso- he said "1 see a great clarion ef the United States and Can- for the conference. We are on ada, and Col. II. P. Cailaham presi-. right track and much good will dent o[" the Louisville Varmsh Corn- from theqe annual conferences." pany. Following the president's address, I " Need of a Program. annual election of officers was l In the course of his address Mr. The Rt. Roy. Peter J. Muldoon, Voll said: bishop of Rockford, Ill., was chosen "Since communism and Marxian So- president of the organiza- cialism are in vital principles contrary Professor McCabe was again tto the natural law and in conflict with president and the Rev. R. A. lmman nature, these forms of govern of Washington, D. C., was men( which at the present time ire secretary and teasurer. folloving were chosen wce presi- F. p. Kinkel, St. Louis, Mo.; Rev. Joseph Itusslein, S.J., New the Rev. J. J. Curran: Wilkes- Pa.; John A. Voll, Philadelphia; I". H. Callahan, Louisville, Ky., Mrs. James Mehan, Milwaukee. Welcomed by Mayor. engaging considerahle thought and at- tention throughout the worhl, owing to political and industrial injustice, and the state of flux which the mind of the worht is in, cannot be consider- ed as forms of government under whith a people can live in peace and amity, for they go just as far or far- thor in their discrimination and op- The conference opened with an in- l)ression, and if anything are more by ttis Lordship, Bishop Mul- materialistic in form and practice than doom blayor Daniel Hoan gave the is the present capitalistic government. of welcome and the Rev. Al6. .... What must be taken into consider- PRINTING  i OFFICE SUPPIJES DESKS Our printing plant is very cmnplete, automatic feeding presses doing tines of work. PROFIT In Depositing Your Savings With tb, SOUTtt00N TRUSI CO1)0000PANY Semi for illustrated price list of Ollice Supplies. PARKIN Printing & Stationery Co. 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St. -Vincent's I'ntirmary- Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE-- EXPERIENCE-- EFFICIENCY Official Rating: Class A By Alnerican College of Surgeons After Cr4tical Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATE i .... c==:--i , 1887 [The S:;tOcCarity [ 1923 1 ....... ST. VINCENT'S TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES Offers exeeptional opportunities for experience and training in all classes of nursing to young women desirlng to vocationalize in this enobling md remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with,them, provide a Three Years' Course of theoreti- cal, practical and modern training,.fitting the graduates for successful future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgical, and all cases ertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary is acknowledged to be one of the best equipped in- stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. he next class is now being formed. Applicants must have one year of tIigh School or the educational equivalent, and recommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS- SISTER SUPERIOR ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Rock, Ark. mm , I I Ul | J. Muench, D. S. Sc., St. Francis era.mary, St. Francis, Wis., acted as, mn'maa of th . e morning sessmnl hch was (levoted to a disc'ussion of 'ages. Papers were read by 1,. J.I ensenbrenner, president of the Kim- berlyC.lark Paper Company of Nee-[ nan, Ws., and Miss Mary McEnerney, I vice president of the ffllinois Federa- tion of Labor, Chicago. In his introductory remarks, Dr. laid stress on the necssity for a living wage and the crime of those employers Who through force or oth- Underpay their workers. Mr. Sensenbrenner 'said that the ot v basis for an Understarfding between mploy- er and laborer was truth and justice. The eonelusion that collective bar- was one way to industrial Peace was reached by both employer, ation, l\\;0wever, is that those who ad- vocate these forms of govermnent to take the place of capitalistic govern- ment have a fixed principle on which they base the propagation of their be- lief, which is the collective ownership of all property and the state supreme. Yet those who are working to main- Cain the principle of private ownership of property and a more comprehensive and broader liberty in government and in industry than at present exists, and with the hope as the unit, have no common program upon which they can as yet unite for moulding the present unfair capitalistic government into a O ' $ g vernment of mght reason and thus true liberty." Lessons af a Decade. ColonelCallahandvoted his speech to a survey of the events of the last 10