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July 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 7, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 PAGE FIVE 'w-- I 00,.-ench ca,ira,, a number of BISHOP WARNS EDUCATORS OF ATTmPTS ,,00hoo3. from re00.igion is thel" .......................... " . o, ,,o00ton, on00y 00choo, tha00 produce ,=00-tB00KS f INTEREST i of NOTE .,vho oo con00inon00. TO MAKE STATE ABSOLUTE IN EDUCATION otto cit00=ons. 00t00to- 0 " He fell very much in love with her and ment as it stands, I brand it as false followed her back to Boston, where and absolutely untenable aml contra .......................... Mine. J. j. Jusserand, they were man-ted and ahnost imme- (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) them and, furthermore, the necessity dicted by the fact that it is utterly What would interest a class of we- ':'I " of providing teaching personnel. destructive of the liberty upon which of the ambassador to the United diately returned to Paris to live. Cleveland, O., June 28.--Bishop .... men, who feel interested enough to is the subject of an interesting "Here their Children were born Joseph Schrembs, who preached the S,lcrifices the American commonwealth i built come each Sunday morning, in re- by Mayme Oher Peak in the among them Elsie Richard, now Mmc.. sermon at the Mass which ol)ened the I "Ye'lr 'flier year this religious /'act and which it guarantees to its citizens, sponse to the announcement that Sun- :" Globe, who wrkes: Jus.;erand. It was at a reception that Catholic Educational A'.;sociation on I is made possible by the sacrifice of "Nothing could be more un-Ameri- day School for adults would continue " mGst prominent woman in dip- she tirt m Jean Jules Juerau(l, Tuesday, sounded a clear warning to our Catholic pcople and the spending can than the deprivation of the liberty throughout the summer? ! life and the lea;t known in who had been in the diplomatic service the (Iclcgatcs agaiw.t the tcndcucy of[of themselves and of our brothers "rod of education and the establishment by The question was asked, and the i, ate life is Mme. Jusscrand, who as of France ever since attaining his m:. - the times to make the state absolutef sisters. Yes, the very soul of this law of a single, compulsory system of answer came happily: "Let us study . wife of the French ambassador, joritv. Their acquaintance d(,veh)pe(I in all matters of cducatiou. The head'/wonderful system is the noble baud education coutrol|cd and absolutely in Catholic Education, this summer." the diplomatic corp.% is the into warm fricudship :tml eventually of the Cleveland diocc:e showed much t of some 100,000 sisters and brothers the hands of politicians. Nothing I There were many reasons prompting o the diplomatic women in into love, and whet Juserand was ap- feSlng in those porti(ms of hi, ser- engaged ill the work of teachinl in ay could be more destructive of lib- the decision. Oregon's vote, compell- ton. pointcd minister to Denmark, in 1,'395, men in which he cxpres.;ed his appre- our schools. These have yichlcd them- erty than such an education itself. ust as the new ambassador first she went with him as his bride, elation of the work of the sistcchoc, ds elvc u) t.he c:t[l of the Master, and "During the late war, owing to the ing all children between certain ages to attend the public schools; Michi- Entertains Young PcolflC. the brotherhoods and the devoted by renouncing all desire for earthly :u'c,s ()f' the tim(, h()v oIt), were wc gun's two political cofitests on the on Amba:sador Ju.;.craa(1 before "As the Jusscrands have no chil- priests who have kept high the stand- gain: earthly pleasure and earthly asked to make announcements in the ing the official rounds, so do the s:tme subject, the growing interest in of his family pay their re- drcn of their own, Mine. Jusscrand ards of Catholic education, love, have renounced all things and church which are given over to the the Sterling-Towner bill awakened to Mme. Jusserand and ask for makes up for the loss by constantly Bishop Schrembs' Sermon. consecrated them.elves to God amt to worship of God. Sometimes we were them to the realization that they must needed help in diph)matic proce- entertaining young people at the cm- Bishop Schrcmbs spoke as follows: God's church, actually furnished the skeletons of assemble their knowledge about the and etiquette at the American bassy. Up to 10 years ago the young Naturally a bishop of the Church Why the Catho}ic School? sermons and materials with quota. Catholic schools so they could be pre- It is Mme. Jusserand who secretaries were not invited to the of- would welcome you with open arms "Speaking of cducation, the thought tions from Scripture given to bolster pared to defend them. precedents ad maintains ficial dinners, but were asked to come to his See city and diocese, for after naturally comes before us of the that sought to be conveyed. We can in afterward and dance. Mme. Jus- all he behohl in you representatives things that interest those outside the even feel the result of that move- The National Catholic Welfare nearly a quarter of a century serand broke this precedent, and one of that great army of noble and con- Household of Faith, and it always ment today. Just as soon as any Council has issued a pamphla e on."The has presided over one of the most finds at her state dinners a generous secrated men and women who are comes back to the great question: group of men get an idea they want Handbook of Catholic laucation." *errant embassies in Washington. sprinkling of debutantes and attaches, giving their lives for the great prin- Why the Catholic school? For us who to put over, a group committee ap- The chapters, twelve in number, serve Jusserand celebrated at She maintains a certain standard for ciple of Catholic education, believe in God's reavealed truth it is peals to the various churche *o make as an outline for the study work of dinner the twentieh anniver- her official family, however, which Much at Stake. a very simple thing. There is no com- such a Sunday Mothers' bunday or the class. Informal the meetings are, of service as American repre- they are expected to live up to. The "There is much in what I say, and plex reasoning to it at all. It is sire- Fathers' Sunday el: some other Sun- they resolve themselves into a largo of France. So long and con- embassy attaches are not supposed to I would have you weigh it well as ply this: We believe that the real day, and those who find their church- circle, where talks on the historical a term in the same diplomatic call on any young woman or at any representatives of men and women end, the purpose of man's whole exist- es empty accept the bait, no realizing background of Catholic Education are is unprecedented. The woman home in Washington not on Madame who have staked their lives for Catl- ence on earth is to know, to serve and that those who would respond to tlo given. The reason why Catholic Edu- has helped make her bus- Jusserand's list or acceptable at the olic education. When a man or worn- to love God and to secure possession call for the one time were not inter-[cation is selected as a study, consti- tutes a preliminary talk; suggestions persona grata a! who has up- embassy, an is willing to give up life, aye, more, of everlasting life. Believing that to' ested in their church. his position, with such poise and Devout Catholic. when a man or woman actually does be the essential purpose of man's life, I Would Bring School Into Politics about how the study may be appli- must have some rare aptitude for "With all her social and official that truly there must be much at why it stands to reason that we must "If you allow state control of edu- cable to local conditions are freely making of a successful'diplomat duties, she still finds time for her stake. The country at large looks with give an education to the chd that cation, what, is to prevent state social- given. The circle is invited to dis- church. She is a communicant at St. a spirit of reverence every year upon will make it know, love and serve ism laying down its principles in the cuss the ideas of Catholic Education Mine. Jusserand is an American Matthew's, a devout Catholic and an the thinking line of men who went ou God and thereby attain heaven. There- schools under such conditions, as they are given in such papers as naturally one would assume active worker in organizations for to the accompaniment of drum and fore no system of education, no mat- "Such men as President Emeritus The National.Catholic Welfare Coun- t this has had a great deal to do l charity" She is affiliated with St. fife for the preservation of the liberty lter how good it may be otherwise, can Eliot of Harvard, are fighting state lcil's Bulletin, and the result has been Rosa's and also with the Little Sis- of the land. They went, bore the satisfy the legitimate aspiration of the'control of education because they real- a growing interest in a project which her husband's success in an lters of the Poor, at whose annual din- brunt of battle and many never came believing Christian except the system ize that it is an undesirable condition, is vital to the growth of the Catholic " post. Ask Mme. Jusserand, I ner on St. Joseph's Day she always back and those that did come back which secures absolutely and as per- and that it would tend to make the ed- Church. whether she believes foreign with American wives presides. A summing up of this first were ready to repeat the sacrifice if fectly as possible to the child the de- !ucational system of the country a part The bibliography in The Handbook not more successful here than lady of France in America would not necessary, mand of these ends. If a political machine and managed by of Catholic Education has sent those, with foreign wives, and you will be complete without saying that her "Rightly does the country honor Two Opposing Currents. conscienceless politicians, who have more time than others, in in her re l- th  ..... religious si(e is strongly developed - P ..... .ote of her, " them and see in them the incarnation [ "Now, as we look out into the world "There is not a civilized state in the the class to Dr. James J. Walsh, "Edu. : s as chatelaine and wif I "The woman who believes in the of patriotism. My soul is filled notlaround us, and especialIy as we look world that denies the parent the right cation How Old the New;" To Boone's .  , . Always Seen Together close umty of home and church and m "Naturally, it is m advance tel the old traditional marital bond and only with admiration but reverence on our country, we iind today two sets Iof freedom in the training of the child. "History of Education in the U. S.,"  ge I and gladly do I pay tribute tO you who of opinions concerning this matter of The one exception is Russia, where the to the tables compiled by Dr. Ryan, to husband if a woman speaks the who yet has breadth of vision as to are here and to all.that you represent, education--two diametrical currents present regime would banish God from the articles in the Catholic Encyclope- of the country and is fami]- woman's development of her modern because you have staked your lives one that would banish religion from the heart of every child in its schools, dia, to Archbislop Spalding, and to with its customs. But, if a man I opportunities, wouhl be a success any- on the glorious work of Christian ed- education" and relegate it at best to Are we going to stand on the side of the weekly articles on educational top- the right kind of a wife, in accord where--as head of an imposing cm- ucation. I the home or the church, and the o:hcr civilized nations or side with Russia in, ics in America. ..... him in his efforts, it makes no bassy or humble home." I welcome you as the Bishop of that realizes the soundness of our po- this matter? The class has plans tha promise where she comes from. This Cleveland and I know when I say tha t sition and would like to bring it back "To prochfim state absolution in ed- i much for the life of the scho)l, inas- ,lds good in any walk of life. In HAVE HOLIDAY FOIl word I speak for the entire clergy and into their schools. But tlm question ucation is to set our faces-against I they will provide for the the wife ot the .shopkeeper PRIEST IN KOREA for the entire body of the Catholics is how is tlis to be done? _ civilization. God f,bid that I should free hours of the school children, who with her husband in the shop. of the diocese, who join in the words "If I were to begin to quote author- deny the good qualities of out" public have been hithertofore lured by the is future is hers. , (By N. C. W. C. News Service) of heartiest and warmest welcome, lilies of the present day who favorthe school system, but when the claim is physical attractions, and the outdoor "Spoken like the true l?renchwom- Maryknoll, N. Y., July 2.--At St. Wonderful Work. religious training of the young I could made that therein, only is tle nmeryilife promised by such organizations For while Mine. Jusserand's par- Charles College, Catonsville, Md., an "But let me speak to you of that speak for a long time on it. 'Phc.:e ad of patriotism, I cannot accept the' as the boy scouts. If these outside , reared and educated in l arts am[ unusual holiday was recently observ- wonderful work in which you are en- vocates are men not of our faith, and statement, but pofit to the display of activities can be linked up with the were from New England, she was cd. An alumnus of the College, Fr. gaged and for the dccper study for includes men eminent in education and patriotism shown " by the graduates of parish, they will protect the faith of ,aw America uutil after she Patrick J. Byrnc, of the Catholic For- which you have gathered here. It was } other callings, men who hohl that re- the Catholic schools When the country the children. If their ambitions do married and came as Mine. Jus- eign Mission Society (Maryknoll), is Archbishop Spalding some 25 yeav ligion is an absolute essential in edu- called upon its citizens to rally "o the not miscarry, they Will ename them to :,. This New Englamt ancestry carrying the Gospel of peace to Ko- ago who said that the great single re- cation.  colors in the world war. The first follow in the more progressive steps French training have played, then, rea, and his former professors anti ligious fact in the history of the More Religion. American to dic in "that struggle wasof the northern and eastern Catholic important part in the making of student successors wished to show him l United States is the Catholic school. "One of the foremost to express this a Catholic soldier and the last, a schools. C. successful wi'e honor and happy remembrance. In system maintained without any out- lhought is the eminent ,t.:ti..;tical cx- (atholic chaplain who fell as the ar- "Another contributing factor is January, when Father I;yrne quietly side aid except the help of those who pert, Roger Babson, who has said that mistice was being sounded. While our CATHOLIC SCHDOL me. Jusserand's intellectualil, y aud set sail for his mission overseas, the love k. That is a woudcrful sate- the great nqed of the day is more re- normal perccntage of enrollment need P'UP1L WINS PRIZE grasp on public questions, which eveut took them by surprie. They ment. And as you study our country ligion and that if the money spent for have be(.!n ouly ,dleeu per cenL as a IN CHICAGO TEST enabled her o bc the mental wished to hohl some fitting demon- t there must come to you a realization tire protection and police protection matter of fact, it was 25 per cent mnpanion and couu:;(;l of the and,as- stration. Accordingly, :t holiday was o the truth of th,sc words Yet it is were spent on religious training of the and when the venerable Cardinal Gib- " (By N. C. W. C. News Service) They work together and take decided upon and a program arranged, true that the greatc'st single religious young the result would be better. 'hc hens pledged American Catholic co- Chicago, lll., June 29.--The excel- er recreation tog(ther. The umbas- The Rev. Charles D. ]-Iogue, S. S., fact in the whole United States is the great need, according to Babson, is a operation to the war to the utmost the lence of the CaiZolic high schools of is rarely seeu without Mine. Jus- Presi(Jent of St. Charles, addressed Catholic school system. It is m.'uu- generatmn w,th a sense of G(;ds ctc- ...... r President, Mr. Wilson, ahnost in tears. Chicago was again demonstrated this at hi: sid(,. (-)ae of th(, familiar the students, speaking of Fathc{ taincd and suportcd without any state n:fl might and power behiml it. Money said it was the greatest declaration of week, when, in competition with the of Wa',ldngto; is the o:pc, be- Byrne's exceptional qualities and his ! aid, solely and alone by the sacrifice spent in sanitation and health inspcc- patriotism that had come to his notice, pupils of all of the public and de- with red wheels, cmblazoncd iu' attainments while at the College and of those who love it. lion, Babson also declares',would be "Our fellow townsman, Newton D'I nominational high schools, nunibering Fcnch rams, drawn by two fine of the heroic work he is now launch- "My (lear sisters and brothers, tO[bet}e r spent in religious training of Baker, when Secretary of War, did not tens of thousands, a girl member of it. which the Jusserands take ing. realize fully the cxten of these prcg- the young. These.people are trying to ihesitate publicly 'to declare that the"the senior class at the Aquinas High daily ride through Rock Creek The students responded with appre- nant wor(b;, 1 will lay beforeyoi the do what we are doing and have been number of Catholic sohliers in proper- : School (Dominican Sisters), won a : 'riley have never been separat- ciatioff aml, calling upon all "those ('ompocnt parts of that school system' . . population and the ' doing from the beginning, supporting tion to the Catholic scholarship at the University of Chi- ld for any length of time and, in all present to contribute to the cause, so that it may take hohl o your ira-tour own schools and giving our chil- general population outside, was far heir manicd life, with the exception viy c tht: dhev;:ywglldat y g  1 greater'than any from any other cage. e "f in u, agination. The CathOlic school system dren a religious education. This is due source. Yet they try to tell us that The sholarship was offered by the Mine. Jusserand's recent brief visit h Y  '. e t o a:he" l (  the Unked States i: composed today ' almost entirely to the self-sacrifice of tim Catholic school is un-American! Blackhawk Post, American Legion, for rrnce on,account of the death of lYursn:  gi!t. So hgh was the en-fo f some 15 universities, 959 colleges I our people and to the sacrifice of the the best essay on "Why I Am Proud I sister, neither has ever,crossed the :s;ln , tFat; B :::land academies for young men and sisters and brothers. We point to hese Meeting the Issue Squarely without the other. [ some"talk "We this day f divorce and matri- D--: .... "" "g'- : , ' Y lyoung women and 6,406 parchiallsentiments of men outside the faith want to meet this squarely, Am an American Citizen," and the al wrecks, it is a record to con- ,ay an annual re mer (my mum schools with a total enrollment underbecaus e they corroborate the right- we want to appeal to our fellow citi- paper was written by Estelle Spaeth. Conege cmen(mr, thereby pledging a the ............. t wth. Some of Mme. JusS'erand's lo ........  oanner o aumic eaucamn o cousncss of our own position. It is the zens, we want to appeal to their sense {The honor was conferred upon the * ym suppor to ne pioneer Amerman / nr'cticallv  oo o ,, ' modern sisters might do well to  ).'e. " " ,- " ,-,, ,pfls. sisters and the brothers who permit of Americanism aml of patriotism, ta. I girl by.Commander F. A. Lynch, of ...... | ll st In orea , , , _ .... _ Some Impres.ive Facts. this great work and they never seem recognize the great contribution of the  the'post, at the commencement exer- !eises, graduating a class of sixty-five. tti: her old-fashioned methods. Catholic parochial schools to the spirit I The Right Rev. Bishop Edward F. ather Massachusetts Man. 1CATHOLIC EDITOR WEDS; .  "That, m the concrete, s the mean- to falter. ing of that religious fact and it stands The Flood of Materialism.  of the nation to the people and to the. Hoban presented the diplomas. "An interview with Mine. Jusserand POPE SENDS BLESSING out as nothing else in the religious "There is still another current--the spread of patriotism. As we look at herself is one of the impossi- story of our country. But I am not current of materialism--the current of the currents that are before us on the' already indicated. The writer ! (By N. C. W. C. News Service) finished with the presentation of the rank materialism, the current thought question of education, we have no fear MSGR. FLOOD, NOTED her with notes and liter- Philadelphia, July 2.--A special concrete elements of this religious of those who recognize no other worhl for the future. We believe that the I NEW YORK PRIEST. DEAD sat on her doorstep week on end blessing from Pope Plus XI was read fact. We have been dealing with fig- but this, no higher authority above country will never depart from the t she would surrender to even an at the marriage of Miss Angela Lee  ures that represent souls. Let me pre- them except themselves and such au- sound principles of the constitution (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) alk. When she came to greet of this city and John A. Gallagher, sent other ligures that represent sac- thority as emanate from them in the which recognizes the inalienable right New York, June 29:-=-Msgr. James ..... she was still protesting that she general manager of the "Catholic rificsand these sacrifices may be es- form of humm government. These from God that it is the right of every J. Flood, for the past forty years pas, " never gave interviews and really had :::1: ek T' " oone nothing unusual round which a t mei: Wci:ul  took timated at their true value--when we comprise many who hate religion as Christian parent to train his child in tor of the Chu'.ch of St. John th sto,y could be written. ,_..._ . ....... rcn  realize that the Catholic people of this the devil htes God. These go so far his own way." [ Evangelist, died suddenly at the par- At first glance, one would take snP:t, r::::Lo;th:gh:rhm:; S't' !country are debug their fullest duty to that they would wipe out the school The Bishop closed his address with ish rectory. He was seventy-eight Mine. Jusserand for a foreigner She ....  "" '[the state and its system of education that teaches of God The.v would wipe a brief e>'hortation to ever-, teacher years old. narms Jorromeo, oniciated at the T " ' " " speaks English with a decided I, rench c ............... ] hey pay their taxes for building out every private school and force in the congregatmn to ry to foster Monsignor Flood had been one of " He suggest- accent, and lrench with an Enghsh br:t:dmb te R:vle::;SAWNSC: Ithese schools and pay their taxes for every child as a ward of the nation the consulters of the Archdiocese of [vocations in their pupils. New York for many years. Although accent. She does not dress in the ex- r ............ " ..... ' -,y'- '[maintaining them and then above that, into the one, the only school--the pub: ied thal they consider it a matter of in failing health for some time he was uur el ne nuctt oi trte ViSlta | el on the round that the .. " "/for their conscience l:o +boy bui d io oho   ' 1 reme of' fashion, but ouie',, .,,n 9, uon I tt ...... ""- ...... )ersonal obligation to do so. I able to administer the affa'rs of his ; perfect tast .... - ........ =. un |mr ver nall feet " mir own schools and maintain them. public school is the only American she invariably wears the. high Frenc q,n v,  x-- [ g oup of these restitutions mentmned that it is prod for by oubhc taxatm  BISItOP SCHREMBS i heel slippers with the bright buckle:. ARCB-u ' l lt is estimated that the money in a school--on the principl% I suppose, parish until about twv lonths ago. so popular Wth the f arisian. -- ........... u represents at the very lowest valua-Iand becomes subservient in the hands GOING ABROAD CATHOLIC U. RECTOR "T "" Sketch of Life. "B N ......... tion not less than from $300,000,000 to of those who have managed to snatch t SAILS FOR EUROPE al, with patrician bearin ,,,n ,  ,Y " " w. . News e-ce.) $400000,000. This sum is for build- the reins of government, into their (By N. C. W. C. News Seri'vce) .reserv.e and poise that are almo'stcom .  mmore: Md 2 July 2.--The most ings alon., and the maintenance of own hands. Cleveland, July 2.--The Rt. Rev. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) manning, Ime Jusse "  - ev. lvncnae o. urmy, Archbishop of, this tremendous school svstem of edu- "Within the last few months I have Joseph Schrembs, Bishop of Cleve-' Washington, D. C., July 2.--The Press the stranger as being Cddt m: Balhmore, wfl! sail. from New York cation for these 2,000,000 pupils repre- 1 .'" "." a,d eT land, will sail tomorrow for a two. Right Rev. Thomas J. Shahan, rector mpresslon Would qmckly be ghp on July 7 to wst lns mother in Ath- sents an annual taxation outlay of m read two whole pages of editorial pro- " nouncements of one of the greatest of months vacation in Europe. It was of the Catholic University, will sail howe , lone, Ireland the *elate s brt I e c et :Sili!ipp!!d:iiindi!i - !rrdhsabii!!t!iyliili buki$n!!0t0eS.T!!i: ::rmco,ou r fen'g our American dailies given over to the announced that the state of the Bish-for Europe next Wednesday, July 4. inculcation of that thought that the op's health makes the need of rest ira- Bishop Shahan will visit Rome where one ideal the only American school, perative. He has been incessantly ac-th e will consult with His Eminence, ,._, _ me the briefest -0ssibl  ..... . citizens because we be,ieve in the, ne- the sole hope of our American republic tive since his return from Europe ten, Cardinal Cajetan Bisleti, Prefect of eca of her life .....   I ev. uwen . orrmgton, auxiliary cessitv of ivin i a Ctth T r_. , her atner, eorge bisho  ^ .... .. ......... -  g our ch ldren a - is the public school and that school months ago. the Congregation of Seminaries and . ...... rus, of Ma ....  ........ I - v .... ,,,g v presen pmns, [olic education. For i these same chil- alone. I am not going into the sophis. I Bishop Schrembs will be accom- Universities, regarding the institu- connected with '- :,- ..... s, was lthe archbishop will sail from South- d " f , ' sch p. . me uonroe lank O'a---, ............ [ ren were placed m the pubhc eels tries that maple up those two articles, panied by Msgr. Nicholas Pfeil of tion of which he is the head. The -, and ,,pw, on me nomewara ound %lq had been living at the o .... " P / the state wouh! be put to tb. neces- but I call attention merely to the fun- I Cleveland and the Rev. Ferdinand A. University will next fall institute a n August; zo  . . s,ty of putting up bufldin o house damental statement that the public Schreiber of Akron. new and distinct school of canon law.