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July 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 7, 1923

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t: t  PAGE FOUR THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JULY 7, 1923 FRATERNAL AND CHURCHBODIES PLEDGE LEGION AID OPPOSITION TO CHURCH ( RESULT OF IGNORANCE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, June 29.--A reso/u- tion pledging support and cooperation to the American Legion in carrying out the aims outlined in the pream- ble to the Legion constitution was adopted and signed by representatives of eighteen religious and fraternal or- ganizations at a meeting hehl here. By direction of the meeting, the resolu- tion was presented to Alvin Owsley, National Commamler of the Legion, by Conrad V. Dykcman, Imperial Po- tentate of the Ancient Arabid Order Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, at a din- ner given in Mr. Owsley's-honor. Aims of Legion DECLARES GOLDSTEIN GERMANY SAFEGUARDS RIGHT OF PARENTS TO DETERMINE EDUCATION OF CHILDREN OLD LAW PIOqEC[ED THIS RIGHT AND TItE NEW LAW ,'' '" IT "'' ,' DECLAId::S IS "HIGItEST DUTY" OF Cl i IZ LN. (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) Washington, D. C., July 2. Opposi- tion to the Catholic Church in the P,y REV. I)R. WIIAIELM BARON VON CA1)ITAtNE United States is relatively small when (Coh)g'ne Correspondent N. C. W. C. News Service.) compared with the large masses of people wtm are totally ignorant of From the Peace of Westpha]ia until!of Prussia went .,o far as to state in practically everything Catholic, ac- the adwnI of Socialism no organized a decision that "it does not :follow cording to l)avid (]ohb;tcill noted groul I in Germaw ever questioned the from the ln'inciI)le of freedom of roll- Catholic lecturer, who delivered two fundamenL;tl right of the parent to gmn and el' conscience that children open-air addresses here las week. control the education of his chihl, i)1' of school age may be brought up with- "The most popular misapprehension the essential part of religion in educa- out any religious instruction what- among the masses of people," said Mr. tion. The Socialists were the first to ever." Goldstein, "is that the Church is a demand the abo!ition of religion as "m Changes Since War great political machine and that the essential pal't of education, implying This officFtl attitude toward free- priesthood has stone ulterior motive in a destructive infringement upon par- dora of conscience as regards educa- endeavoring to gain the leadership of ental rights; and oddly enough Bis- tion has change(l since the gl'ca war, the people. It is amazing to note the marck,the inveterate and irreconcila- inasmuch as "freedom of c.onscience" at present does not mean merely TEN COMMANDMENTS INCOMPLETE AVERS PROTESTANT BISHOP I Philadelphia, July 2.--Bishop Charles H. Brent. of the Protestant Episcopal Church, advocated "rooting out" the Ten Commandments from the prayer book in an address to two hundred students for the ministry be- fore whom he declared that "too ninny of us Christians still look on the Ten Commandments as forming the whole moral responsibility." The prelate, who wax formerly sen- ior chaplain of the American Expedi- tionary Forces, said that he would "root at once and for all those in- complete Ten Cbmmandments and put in their places the Christian sum- mary of the law of love-duty to God and neighbor. " The preamble to the Legion Consti- tution to which the resolution pledges support, reads as follows: "For God and-Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: "To uphold and defend the Consti- tution of the United States of Ameri- ca; to maintain law and order; to fos- ter and perpetuate a one hundred per cent Americanism; to preserve the memories and incidents of our asso- ciation in the Great War; to incul- cate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state and nation; to combat the autocracy of both the classes and the masses; to make right the master of might; to promote peace and good will on earth; to safe- guard and transmit to posterity the. principles of justice, freedom and de- mocracy; to consecrate the sanctity of our comradeship by our devotion to mutual helpfulness." The Rev. William P. O'Connor, Na- tional Chaplain of the" American Le- gion,resided at the meeting at which the resolution was adopted. YORK CITY SENDS NUN TO SPECIAL SCHOOL TO TEACH RELIGION (By N. C. W. C. News Service) London,. June 20.York City Cor- poration has earned the praise of Catholics and non-Catholics alike, for extent to which tlfis belief is preva- ble enemy of the Socialists, was the lent. Most of the questions I am ask- first German statesman in three can- ed about the Church have this misap- turies to attemp absolute state con- prehension as their basis, l trol of education. The death of the Respect for Religion I Kulturkampf, however, meant tim res- "American people generally are not urrection of a part, at least, of the professing atheists. They have a deep traditional educational principles. The respect for religion, and would wel- come the Church into their lives if state recognized the right of the par- they understood the Church. That is ent to educate his child; but at the same time it made education compul- whyt on these tours, I confine my- self to speaking about the fundament- sory, and prescribed a curriculum con- als of Catholic belief and practice." raining religion as an obligatory sub- Mr. Goldstein, who achieved a wide- ject. spread reputation for the manner in Religion Important which he withstood the attacks of So-I It is well to note the importance at- t tached to religion in education. The eialists, declares that Socialism as a highly organized body, wane  during ISupreme administrative CourL of Ba- the war and apparently has declined varia in 1880 defined religious educa- permanently. The open-air publie ltion as follows: "The religious edu- meetings, the vigorous propaganda'Catin of a child forms a constituent and aggressive political action of a part of his education as a whole; by this is meant all the activity, which few years ago have not been revived. "However," he declares, "the Social- serves to explain to and inculcate up- ist philosophy, including the Marxian on children in the family: the church viewpoint on marriage and the Social- and the school the beliefs of a reli- ist ideas on birth control are probably glen, and which tends to make child- I more widely distributed." ran perform the duties prescribed by Spealdng of manifestations of big- their religion." The judicial chamber otry, Mr. Goldstein said, that a nota- I ble fact is that the sponsors of roll- HOLY NAME RALLY gioUsbehindhatredclosed fOrdoors.the most par work ! BRINGS OUT CROWD "Tl00e people who come out in the I OF 40 000 MEMBNS I open air are generally fair. Bigotry exerts its greatest influence through legislation, as was the case in Oregon, (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) "freedom of religious conscience," but The Protestant Episcopal Church, actually unlimited freedom of con- said Bishop Brent, needs a "shaking I science. The Administrative Court of up," because "it is too closely identi- I Bavaria decided on June 20, 1917, tlmt fled with those who call themselves I nan-religious education is pernfissible, gentlemen." I Furthermore, the law of the German He urged the students to scrutinize Comm0thwealth on the Religious Edu- the traditions of the institutions in cation of Children (July 15, 1921) which they studied, and "if they are provides: (1) "The religious educa- tion of a chihl is determined by the free agreement of the parents, in as far as they have the right and the duty to care for the person of the child;" and (6) "The foregoing regu- lations find corresponding application to the education of children in a non- confessional ehtical system." In addi- tion, the Constitution of the German Commonwealth makes provision for the establishment of public schools of more than one type; it does not bar religion from the public school; it per- mits the private school; so that paren- tal rights in regbrd to education are safeguarded in constitutional law, ann freedom of conscience, m constitution- al law, is perfect. BISHOP SHAHAH CHESTERTON ON WHY NOT CATHOLIC ASSINIBOIN INDIANS HOLD FIRST RELIGIOUS CONGRESS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Great 'Falls, Mont., June 27.--The first CNfholic Congress among the I Assiniboin Indians, held at Oswego, I Montana, June 21 to 25, was a great success, despite the heavy rains which were without precedent in that sec- 'hon. For days before the opening of I the Congress the Indians had been traveling, some from as far north as Canada, to be present at the first ses- sion. Right Reverend Mathias O. Lenihan, D. D., Bishop of Great Falls, presided, and confirmed twenty-seven Indians. Seven converts were bap- tized, and on each morning of the GETS HIGH HONOR Congress many of the Indians receiv- FROM L0hl[(ted tIoly Communion Representative I Indians addressed the meetings. Ilev. By Rev. J. Van der Hoyden William Huffer, of the Bureau of its tolerant action in authorizing, by and through the defeat of aspirants to Bay Shore, N. Y., June 29.Ap- (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) Catholic Intian Missions, Washington, a majority, vote the attendance of a pubhc" office." ,, proximately 40,000 members of the I Brussels, June 25.--By unanimous D. C., and the Benedictine mission- Catholic nun on two days a week to I wlrious Holy Name Societies of the/Vte of the Faculty of Theology of aries, Rays. Bernard Strassma{cr, give religious instruction to Catho- I alrn yr" -" Diocese of Brooklyn and Long Island, t the University of iJouvain it has been Louis and Benedict Seethaler and Vin- lic children in one of the schools i'aI k. . WAR WORK turned out here for their annual ral- decided to present the doctorate hon- cent Froch, attended the Congress and maintained by the corporation, ly, which proved to be the largest in l ris causa to the Rt. Roy. Thomas J.. were edified by the caruestness with The school in qiuestion is known as ANSWERS KLaN HATE recent years. Special trains, busses] Shahan upon the occamon of his an- which the Indians, one and all, enter- a "special school;" that is ,a school and privately owened automobiles car- nounced visit to Belgium next month.[ ed into the religious discussions with attended by children who are unable (By N. C. W. C, News Service) ried the Holy Name men here from Among the very few American doe- tim sole aim of promoting the cause of to attend tlm ordinary schools, on ac-] New York, June 29.Speaking at Brooklyn and all parts of Long Is- tors honoris aausa o the Louvain count of either mental defection or a testimonal dinner gwcn in the He- land. some physical disability, tel Astor to Daniel A. omn, State T "" Upon the arrival of the i,st train This entrance of a Cat}:olic rcli- Deputy-elect, William P. Larldn, Su- and bus the various Holy Name Socm- gious, to /mpart specifically Catholic preme Director of the Knights' of Co- ties fell into line and marched for rcligiom instruction, was granted at lumbus t and head of its war work in hour: through the town. It was a the special request of Catholic par- the United States, toht how the!specgaclc that B'ty Shore had never ants. "It is," says the local news- Knights spent $40,000,000 aiding  witnessed before and may not witness paper, "an example of the wider tof Catholic, Protestant and Jew alike, again for many years to come. The erance and understanding of the "That record," he aaid, "wE1 be re- town was ready fop the IIo]y Name rights of parems and children that is, membered long aIter the Ku Klux men and turned out to give the viM- we hope and believe, on the increase." song of hale and intolerance has van- tots a royal we/come. Itomes and Some little opposition was made to ished as the jaundiced outpourings of shop win(toUrs along the line of and misery. It is as such that iris admitting this Catholic nun to the a disordered imagination." march were gayly draped with the icandidacy was warmly endorted by school; but, as the newspaper points More than 1,000 attended the din- Stars and Stripes and the Papal col- the Belgian Ambassador to Washi,g- out, Catholic parents have to pay ncr, which was under the auspices of ors. At least twenLy-five bands l)ar- ton, ltis Excellency Baron de Cartier their educatibn taxes as well as non- Loyola Council No. 477, of width Mr. ticipated in the demonstration, de Marchienne. Catholics, and they have the most Tobin is a member. The speakcr complete right to everything that the were William D. Cunningham, former- SOVIET REYvT'd'rES ARCIIBISHOP CttRISTIE'S law allows them. ly judge of the State Cour of I Claims; Dr. John G. Coyle, outgoing CATHOLICS OF SAAR State Deputy; Dr. William P. Larkin, HOLD DEMONSTRATION Supreme Director; dames A. Flaher- ty, Supreme Knight, and the Rev. Ed- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) wai.d J. Matthews. Cologne, June 28.--the first assem- bly of the Catholics of the Saar dis- MARQUETTE SUMMER rict was held in Saarbrucken. The Catholics o the Saar represent approximately two-thirds of the popu-' lation and the assembly was an ira-'. pressive event. Seventy thousand men paraded through the town fol- lowing the lajlng of a cornerstone for :the new St. Michael's church. In ad- .lition o the general assembly, held in the largest town hall, there were smaller meetings and assemblies in twenty-five smaller halls. The churches were crowded throughout ole (lay. " Three bishops took part in,the cere- monies. Noable among the resolu- tions adopted were those fn favor of the confessignal schools. Unlversity cx-l'resident WoodroW [ 1 Wilson and the President of Columhi:. ' University, l)r. Nicholas Murray But, ler, are perhaps the best known. By the selection of Bishop Shahan, of the Catholic University, rot the prized title, Louvain" wishes to hono not only the scholar and rector m:tgni. I ficus of the sister institution of learn ing, but also the star nch friend of Belgium through all its years of woe ARGENTINA CATHOLIC HOM BUILDING (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Buenos Aires. June 18.The great project of buiitling homes for Catho- lic working men, sponsored by the CathoTic Popular Union of Argentine, which collected one million dollars for that purpose, is finally being brought to a head. Sixty-four of the first group of 111 houses have been completed and are ready for occupancy. In addition, a commodious collective dwelling, com- prising ninety,three fiats, ha_s been finished and arrangements are now being made to rent the houses and flats to worthy families at a very small cost. given means, meeting which will be hehl in tim LOR1)'S I'R:AYEI{ SILVER JUBIIEE Middletown Presbyterian Church. -- Judge Tompkins will speak on "Am- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) ericanism." Itis selection as orator ('By N. C. W. C. News Service) Portland, June 30.--Mo.t Reverend of the clay has been prompted in no Warsaw, June 11.--As a par of Alexander Christie, Archbishop of small manner by his consistent advo- their war against religion, the rulers Oregon City, has received the follow- caey of the principle of religious I of Soviet Russia hav rewritten the ing message from Cardinal Gasparri, freedom and the right, of every Am- Lord's Prayer in order to make it Pontifical Secretary of State: [erican to worship God as he chooies. harmonfze wi,' Communist ideals. On the occasion of the celebration SCHOOL SETS RECORD The new version was useu for the first of your twenty-fifth year in the epis- time at the close of the All Russian copate the Supreme Pontiff sends to (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Church Congress in Moscow and is now being used in those Churches Milwaukee, July 2.With an en- rollmen of 300, the largest in local which have accepted Soviet dictator- history, the summer courses opened ship of their dogma and ritual. at Marquette university. They will "Long life to the Russian country and its government, which lead's the you his paternal congratulation and with a full heart grants to vou his blessing as a mark of his special favor he appoints you assistant at the pon- tifical throne. come to a close with the final exami- Tim Archbisimp will observe his sin destiny of the people according to the vm -" - - ' - , .... nations on August 2 and 3. , ' juu,ce in ne episcopate oune z ' Among subjects on the summer P::c,{Pli: tfeW:;k n :t? d, ye:::t :1 wel:]when he will celehrate Pontifical Mass , g once oi , , curriculum are: Constructive ac- cl " in St. Mary s Cathedral. b!hop Car- counting, accounting problems, bot- the Com/nunist-revised prayer. [roll, of Helena, will preach the jubi- any, Latin, Greek, chemistry , edu-II cation, English literature French, Ger- ] GRADUATE 11 SIOUX man, Spanish, history; mathematics, [ AT MISSION SCHOOl, philosophy, public speaking and zool-[ ogy. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) RUSSIAN CHURCH I St. Francis, S. D., July 2.Goes To PLEDGED $50,000 Wor, and Kills In Sight, are among BY BISHOP BLAKE] the Sioux names that appear in the list of graduates at St. Francis' In- (By N. C. W. C. News Service) i dian Mission School, S, Francis, South Dakota. Nine boy and two Chicago,. June 29.--The Chicago girls received their diplomas, Henry Tribune prints a dispatch from Paris Horse Looking, Silas White Bear. to the effect that Bishop Edgar Charley Eagle Road, Noah Kills I Blake, in charge of the Mediterranean Sight, Alfred Goes To War, Albert area of the Methodist Episcopal Bordeaux, Oliver Flood, Stanley La ]Church, has pledged $50,000 to the Pointe, Alexander Boyer, Trudell A, Russian Church to finance its educa- Prue and Mary Jackson. tional program. The Bishop is quoted Besides receiving the regular gram- as follows: mar school education, the boys and "None of our denominational boards girls are trained in industrial work. are involved in this pledge. Not even The Jesuit Fathers are in charge of the Methodist church is responsiblel the boys, the Sister of St. Francis, of for this gift. Only Dr. Hartman and the girls. Roy. P. Flor Digmann, S. myself, who made the pledge, and J., is Superior of the mission. The Special preference will be Bishop Naelson of the Stockholm commencement held this month marks to large families of small area, are responsible. The obligation the successful .closing of the thirty- "for the burden is ours alone, seventh year of the mission's activity. lee sermon. A public reception will to be held in the city audm)rium that evening at which time a purse will be presented on behalf of the laity. The Bislops of the province and a num- ber of other Bishops have signified their intention of being present. LLOYD GEORGE LAUI)S WORK OF THE CItURCH IN THE MIDDLE AGES iN. C. W. C. News Sei'vice) London, June 20.Speiking a few da; ago at a Baptist chapel in Lon- don, long notorious as the center of a strong anti-Catholic opposition, David Lloyd George said: "During the Middle Ages tbe Church was the agency for tempering the asperities of force, the agent of mercy, the ministry to the sick, blind, lame, and the halt. Then came the brutal overthrow of that system with- out the substitution of anything fn its place. We had the ruthless and cal- lous individualism of the nineteenth century, when men trampled on hu- manity in order to make wealth." (By N. C. W. C. [ London, June G. IC Chesterton M'yfair (m "Reasons Not; ' l ec() in e of which he '.mid: "I mi t,:ht talk which for years the nlosl iln]lortall of my life. J nmy say ".,'ears the Catholic to me lhe only any practical use: an years past the opinion cd that it was the could'be of any use Europe, even from the general and human "But my firm far as Western ed, the great obstacle ing the Catholic term 'fatigue of the haustion of a very struggle, followed economic problems bad, smash them." ficulties of very kind, development of a large tellectual sloth. It ble for the wearied line of reasoning to sion." "Unless intellectual .i eventually to the Mr. Chesterton its exact oposite; and despair." as an intellectual the road to the not going far enough, concluded by declaring own thesis, that not falsehood were so in the way of people taance into the "mental fatigue." The usual took place at the end one of them Catholic position. The this off in his saying: "Whilst you less of an An be more or less of a We have just boa stock of ARMY to be sohl to PRICE $2.75. the Church and their own spiritual per cent Solid welfare.  ' double soles uppers are of leather with bellow GRAND MASTER MASON making them TO A1)I)RESS K. OF C. shoes are selling advise you to ON Ii'OURTH OF JULY insure your order bi -- The sizes are 6 to Pay l'ostman on (By N. C. W. C. News Service) send money order. Middletown, N. Y., July 2.---The if shoes are no Gramt Master of the New York State Lodge of Masons, Supreme Justice THE U. S. Arthur T. Tompkim.. will make the 1,141 Broadway, N principal address at the Fourth of ............ July celebration of the I',.11 Co,- CAPITAL lumbus here. The Rcv. James 1-[. Mc(Ennis, pastor SURPLUS of the Church of St. John 'tt (io,dmn. 4 Orange County, will preside %t ,l.e We have by aelling the =cw 30 per cent above has been increased $60,000. This 5otter care of our as well as the new ENGLAND Bankers Trust MAIN AT SECOND LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS --We are agents for practically all the importan Companies. --If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business you desire to undertake a pleasure trip, make use of the Winter Cruises, do not fail to calkon us for be cheerfully given, without charge. We wish to remind you also of our Foreign which is in position to effect money transfers to by Cable, Draft, or Bank Money Orders at prevai]in We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting BANKERS TRUST MAIN AT SECOND FOREIGN DEPARTMENT ARMSTRONG SPRINGS WATER, CAN NOW BE OB ARKANSAS' FAMOUS MEDICINAL AGAIN TO BE SOLD TO THE For 80 ycar thim water has bn famoua aa a Kidney, Bladder, and Nervotm For information writ PROTECTORY FOR BOY SEARCY P. 0., ARK. ROUTE No.