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July 7, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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July 7, 1923

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i " ,7 :hat nothing is more i :hat Catholic papers should have] so that everyi good read- warns, andi promotes the Chris-.- "BENEDICTus, pp., XV, I PROS ASSOCIATION ALIVE TO NEEDS OF THE HOUR WORKS CONSTRUCTIVE PROGRAM00 C. W. C. News Service.) Ind., June 30.A large , the presence of a distin- and the discussion of Tile Official Organ of the Diocese ............................................. of Little Rock, Arkansas j .................................. LrrTLE ROCK, ARK' SA-T-URDAY-JIiLY 71 i923( [] ............... of vital importance to the the progress and tim safety of tlle America, made the conven- nation. Catholic Press Association, Monsignor F. C. Kelley, president of today at the Hotel Lin- the Church Extension Society of the the most successful gath- United State, responded on hehalf of the history of the organiza- the delegates. Bishop Walsh Exhorts. lowing officer's were elected The following letter was read by year: President, F. W Justin McGrath, director of the N. C. vice president, Monsignor W. C. News Service, from the Right secretary, Benedict Elder; Rev. Louis S. Walsh, Episcopal chair- F. Scanhm; direc-man of the department of publicity, Thomas p. Hart Rev. AI- press and literature, who had hoped to and Rev. . A. Breen, l attend the convention, but had found bureau committee, Rev. it impossible to do so. it, chairman; John/ "Gentlemen Knights of the Pen John p Geringer; ad-I would be much happier to stand be m, H. P. Pageni chair, fore ....... : ' A. " ' ." I you ociay to get respiration from uurray, j..W Mehrmg; the scene and show forth my own Rev. Thomas V. faith in you and my great hope in chairman; Hum hre. [ a .... P y Des-, your power and fidelity. xx. balqus. a ventin opened yesterday "That joy I must forego and simply ation, after which the Right write what my own mind and heart prompts from my imaginary picture h Chartrand, Bishop of In-I of your assembly. made the following address I "Your e: '" name, then, 'Catholic Press " Association," means also to me 'Cath- Chartrand,s Address. olic Press Apostolate.' selection of the capital] "On Pentecost morn the Catholic great commonwealth of f Church was born and then only did the this year's place of meet-lapostles and disciples understand the Catholic Press Association/many words of promise and prophecy we naturally feel deeply uttered here and there during the With becoming rood- three previous years by the Master, mention the fact that teacher founder. sssembled not only near "The vision was magnificent: 'Go. inPpulatinthe actualin thecenterUnitedof teachI all nations, teach only and all you; expound, Am. guide' That . . be your invisible vision was never lost and amateui-, are sight of, the apostles were not vision- our industrial products, aries but missionaries, but that vision transportatio. facili.]i s still the start, the chart, the corn- other advahagawhen compareddWin- pass of the Catholic Church, and will achievements so remain, to be fulfilled by the same Welcome. methods and means in all nations and an honor to have as, in every age to the end of time. he[ Catholic editors, "Every Catholic movement that is publishers, and the longer I to fit in properly and worthily to carry you have made the more tUt its part of and in the vision must welcome to you. never lose sight of the great majestic of current, impel scene in the heavens, when the Roman events and a re- empire was conquered to Christ, anti conditions existing will again be seen when Christ slmll the World we turn to the lfi. nally conquer the world: 'In this ! their marvelous organi-I mgn and only thou shalt conquer.' lities for acquiring infer-/ Great and Lasti rest perfect mec .... t "Wh ...... ng. .nanlcal  part, now great, how noble, ,r rapid quantity printin how lastm is -nal sneen ^r . , g] ..... g your assocmtlon anti = "  clrcmation luPSmte to have in th vasL imn.. ..... t ......  _ e fulfillment of t'-atit, o-nu won- t,nt vision : dust as great and lasting The subtle influence as you, gentlemen, wish and will. by the "First, press can then, in our age and nation surmised, not actu.lit is true, if ever it was or is to be, that the pen anti press are mightier of Press than the sword. In my judgment it plays an important/Was the 'pen' tha won the World life; there is not an in-IWar" ]it was printed p'opaganda, enterprise of any cease- true 'and false, and it is not easy to afford to ignore it an- [ say which of the two was the greater s both good and force in the battle between might and truth and, occasion, right. nit :,721 ()as causesl "N ext. our national capital, Wash- , .a ..... ". u)a are dis-1 lngon, the beautiful, is now . ' " uprCllells'vo .... ,, , r .. L , . , O1 iS .%0OIl ,i_, letsi(lolsl ? ue Llle International center of tile -alwa :en ::e'laY' andy promptlYtm, such I wo:'hl, not in the Catholic C ", na al .... .. -hurc]l or ecclesiastical sense of that Ys presumea ,-- . r c ........... " word, be- e u honest, *ut2 llaI: l)olon r S quently convi., ^ ," ]-::-.- -. . gr to Rome, but in -,, ul uc tvery Otller sphme el actlo - " " " " ' n, except ona mirror perhaps finance and especially will it thing intensely human, have that title in all the religious ac- ,and tastes of the. tivities and welfare oP- of ...... :aey.excellent, pass- ed States of Americ.[ l'{enct,n e um- mi, it i- " el---: .... "" e um con- el'- " an ira-[ UlOll that the Catho ' ). . manent a,e-- _: ,. , ILI ess Asso - ,-tyrone [mlon ann apostolate must have its s :Test^ attention, center there and its mission an -e noblest and [ symbohzed in a building that dvPllt cnaractel._sehtam, it ,s [tt]le;Wnti:tory to all passersby The ted acc:y:g,Lomerit upholdin s or states, therefore, while Wth tl ........... w-.'h- al a the conscious ...... a,,a __g... 1 local, legitimate pride perfo-- - - ....  o "'u amOltlOn, ought to graciously x med. yield to the queen city on the Pete- fraternity and citizenship of In- You, and earnestly blessing upon all ons aml final decisions, m a new and glorious journalism and author- Behalf of Governor. former member of commission of the the representative and in adding his to those of the bishop, nmde a stirring and eloquent l address pleading for tolerance and ]broad-minded Americanism which he declare( were absolutely essential to mac, Advances in Forty Years. "Forty-odd years*ago, when I first went to Europe, not a single capital over there had the slightest interest in what was said or done in Washing- ton; now a wire or movement or whis- per from that city has the right of way, and when we think and know that, in a few years, by wireless and radio the whole world will be eagerly listening every hour of the day and night for the inspiring notes of some strong or sweet voice a Washington, we wish to have the sweetest of all Very Rev. Dr. H. A retz Rector and Chancellor Appointed a Monsignor PONTIFICAL SELECTION ANNOUNCED FROM APOS- TOLIC DELEGATION AT WASHINGTON--IN- ''' TH VLSq2 ED WI PURPLE AS DOMES  "I IC" t)kELAI'  "E EARLY IN AUTUMN. ' RT REV MONSIGNOR W. tI. A .... RE1Z, S. T. D. Wor(I was received by Rt. Rev. Bishop Morris on Monday, July l, from the office of the Apostolic Delegate at Washington, D. C., announcing the Pontifical appointment as a Domestic Prelate, of Very Rev. Dr. W. H. Aretz, Rector of St. John's Seminary and Chancellor of the Diocese of Little Rock. This news of the elevation of our Very Rev. Rector and Chan- cellor will fall graciously upon the bishop, priests and people of the diocese as well as upon his many non-Catholic friends throughout Arkansas. Very Rev. Doctor, and soon to be, Monsignor Aretz, in his seventeen years of official and personal relations with all of us, has attached to himself a popular endearment, and hearty will be the re- joicing over his elevation to a membership in the household of the -Holy Father. t i A Catholic Paper is a I Perpetual Mission. i l)ol)e Leo XlII "The Guardian" in evel:y i hen)e--our motto. the motive of the commandments of Mount Sinai, respect of' God, of neighbor, of self, of all law. Respect for God and His law--that is real re- ligion. Respect for ourselves---clean bodies and pure souls that is purity antl cbivalry.. Respect .for our neighborsfor his person and proper- ty that is honesty. Respect for our country and its lawsthat is patriot- ism. There never yet was a criminal, a tyrant, an infidd or a bad person who was not disrespectful. What Respect Is "Children, you wonder what is re- spect. It is simply reverence, it is a regard for the feelings and rights of others. It is a recognition of your duties of life." "This then, children, is my advice: I Let that word respect, respect, respect reverence--reverencereverence, be part and parcel of your life. If so, you will be successful, you will have a purpose in life, and what is more, you will be happy. Remember respect God, yourself, authority, your parents and your fellow men. Seek to be known always as good boys and .good girls, then you will be good men and # Number 3 ........ - ..... .--.2 ...... -- [] BROOKLYN "TABLE[" EDITOR EXHORTS PUBLIC SCHOOL CHILDREN TO HAVE RESPECT ] (By N C W C Nexus Ser " - ....... ,. -. "s vice. ) I spect Nearly everything that is rooLn, N. Y., July 2.--Patrick [wrong m society to(h I,. Scanlan, managing-editor of the [lack of absence of re:Ye: :s to the [ Brooklyn Tablet delivered +.^ -a .... .-P pect is : ,, m,- Lna secret, oi all happiness th h dress at colnlncncenlent exercise - ^. , . , e cart ..... u. Lrue progress the k ) I the pupils of Public e.- x, .... "', e'nel of suc- ,- .' . ",,.,,uu rO. zl. cess In life. Without it there i. no tommenting upon the fact that, the faith, no love, no peace. Respect was editor of a Catholic paper, had been invited to address a public school graduating class, Mr. Scanlan said: Cathtfl ic Hell) "It is an honor anti pleasure to be here. It is an honor because my pres- ence, as one of the editors of a Cath- olic newspaper should help discharge the ancient cahnuny, that Catholics oppose the public school system. We Catholics help pay for lhe mainte- nance of the public schools, help sup- ply teachers for them like all good citizens, and want to see them made efficient and effective as possible.  is a pleasure to be here to behold so many children having completed their studies, and who are about to advance upon the rungs of the ladder of prog- ress." Iarental Responsibility "Today more fault is being found with the young people than ever be- fore, and unfortunately most of it is justified," Mr. Scanlan said. "Paren- tal responsibility is not what it should. be, license and rebellion, lack of self- control and self-restraint, are in the air and the long calendar of crimes committed by young people makes one good women, and you will always be feel sad. It is not my place here to good Americanism. Love the flag, love dwell upon the duties of parents who your parents, love your fei!ow men shirk orovrlook | and observe the law ann yot will re- flect credit on your fine school and you all; and noble, make you ates, is summed up in one word, re- assets to the community." (By N. C W. C. News Service. ) Brooklyn, N. Y., June 29."If indi- vidualismthat characteristic which differentiates Protestantism from other beliefsis to continue, Protest- antism is doomed today," declared Dr. Adolf Keller, secretary of the Cen- SEEKS U. $. MONEY Ihas its resultant disastrous effect on I the middle class, which is the main- TO D PROTEST [stay of the Church. He described the  vanishing of the middle class as a so- CHURCHES ABROAD cial phenomenon of far-reaching sig- -- nificance. The degrading poverty of' The investiture witk the purple robes of office will be an Autum- nal event, sometime after the resumption of the seminary classes. Very Rcv. Dr. Aretz was the first priest ordained by Bishop Mor- ris, early in his episcopate, and since then the Bishop has had the Very Rev. Doctor close to him, officially and personally, as Chancel- lor of the diocese, Rector of St. John's Seminary, several tel'ms as l)ean of Little Rock College, and intimately identified with every Great Britain; from the cultural point diocesan activity "" of view the Jews, and from the re- ligious point of view, the Roman The (]u:u'(lian, witil all his frieuds, In'elates, pri(sts and laity, Catholics. And Catholics everywhere, \\;oice hearty co,tg'ratuhttious to Rt. Rev. Monsignor W. II. Aretz. S. openly proclaim t:hat Protestantism '1', D. lost the war." m In a large sense, sam Dr. Keller, this is true. In 14 countries of Eu- I DIOCESAN APPOINTMENTS rope the churches are fighting hard l fOrint,thcir very existence.. Church build-" t o., not only in 1, rance, but in Ca-I The Rt. Rev. Bishop announces the following appointments: licia and Latvis: are still in ruins or] REV. A. DEMI,:IIGFII, pastor of St. Patrick's Church, North l,ittle Rock, badly damaged And the pastors and' aSteryOfficialof HotchaphfinSprings.t St. Joseph's Infirmary. anti the Goo(I Shepherd Monas- their families and other church work- . ers are in actual want In Saxony, REV GEO H. McDEI{3IOTT, managing editor of The Guardian, as pas- Brunswick, Lippe, and certain parts tor of St. Patriclds Church, North Little Rock, in connection with his present of Czechoslovakia, Austria and ttun- duties. the last six years has demoralized them. They are not merely discour-. aged, they have lost their faith and belief in the love of God and Man. Dr. Keller told the congregation that he has been sent to America to ob- tain assistance not in the name of any tral Bureau for RMief of the Evangel- denomination, ical churches in Europe, and of the IProtestantism.,, Swiss Protestant Federation, Zurich, Switzerland, who spoke here at the Hanson Place Methodist Episcopal Church on "Protestantism and Eu- rope." Dr. Keller said he believed Protestantism is passing through a crisis as critical as any since the time of the Reformation. Several Sandpoints "There is a widespread saying in Europe," he declared, "that from the military standpoint France won the war; from the political standpoint, but "in the name of "If Protestantism is to survive," ho said, "America can no longer hold aloof. If she refuses her assistance, we will have to give up completely.'" MARQUETTE PLANS THREE NEW BUILDINGS (By N. C. W. C. News Service. ) Milwaukee, July 2.Excavation work on sites of two new buildings for Marquette tniversity will be start- ed within the next two weeks, ac- cording to an announcement of the Rev. Albert C. Fox, S. J, president. A four-story science and administrative building will be erected at Thirteenth street and Grand avenue, next to the Church of the Gesu. A three-stor, building for the College of Law will be erected at Eleventh street and Grand avenue. Both sites are in the heart of Milwaukee. A new two-story home for the Marquette Union, students' centering- club of the university, also will be built this summer. It will contain a banquet hall and a cafeteria, the lat- ter capable of seating 125 at a time. The old home of the Union will ae torn down. REV. G. H. KELLEI{, S, T. D., as pastor of gary, the parishes are unable to give Church, Slovactown. Sts. Cyril and Methodius' the pastors sufficient funds to protect their families from hunger, and the REV. DANIEL J. DWYER, as chaplain at St. Mary's Academy, PulasMipastors are obiliged to earn their liv- Heights and assistant in The Guardian office, ing as clerks in banks and offices dur- PRIEST HONORED BY Rev. FRANCIS T. TAULTY, as c]mplain pro tern at St. Vincent' In-ling the week and preach on Sunday, BOROUGH COUNCIl, firmary, Little Rock, and assistant at St. Andrew's Cathedral. Rev. Joseph C. while others, less fortunate, go into - Feldkamp, as treasurer of Little Rock College. the mills and mines." --- (By N. C. W. C. News rvice.) Funds, Funds, Funds London, Juno 22.Soutnwark Bof music, like the Angelic tones on ' In some countries, such as Austria ough Council, by a unanimous vote, Christmas morn, go forth through and wisdom, human and divine, of.the ish- Poland and Hungary, Dr. Keller said, has put on record its appreciation of by he press of Our Holy Mother :Pd' 2h2ort; ::a;ud bvYe/th:;ugh h evangelical schools are being closed the social labors of Alderman Father Church at and from Washington. I on account of lack of funds to carry O'Meara, who has been appointed to a "Thirdly, every Catholic periodical mistg:k:t:hl:g:anand stalml" D:o rib: hm on, and the religious press is new clerical post by the bishop of the. should be affiliated with the C. P.A. h n ay t :t:tnliY c ; ;,, t:f:?e:7dYoma::/ ily growing weaker. In one eoun-diocese. either formally by union and payment try, during the last four months, 800 For many years Father O'Meara of fees or at least informably by re-I a l P::::l d. :al:dd:f a neraJ, "1 periodiMs have disappeared, he sa!d. has sat on the council as the labor eeiving the more important official I ' nati..m!l To buy books or even to subscribe t6a n.omitiee, and during his term of office documents and statements [ is *^ -- .... " f" ..... v, ,=, .uu [theological periodical, has become ira- has been instrumental in br4nging "Fourthly, the C. P. A. should, will- . ,,,nu ox me grea ma3ony el -bssible for "I" .......... - ingly be guided by N. C. W. C., be-['hht:::2:y:?ilh:Pu'nt:; t2 :hndl ..... uanus oI pastors ann about many important social reforms. students, even for many instructors in, No Catholic priest in London haa ever cause this latter is the concentrated] S , ]the universities I before been honored by a unanimous (Continued on Page 6, Col. 4) ] He declared the condition of Europe ouncil vote. , il I I "2 ,7 t, j' , %