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July 6, 1945     Arkansas Catholic
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July 6, 1945

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PAE SIX THE GUARDIAN. JULY 6, 1945 [ "C:onw:ay , Ask Patro"00a"qe Of Loyal Gu00ia:n Oppose B-00goi0000; STY" Jsephs Pal'iSh' Cnway C000gressi0nal (:0mini U.S. About Communist Truth, Archbishop Spellman Urges" Milwaukee. {E)True Americans should be uncompromising op- ponents of every species of bigotry to preserve our nation and help save the world from "the octopian monster that can destroy our cherished American heritage and democratic institutions,"" the Most Rev. Francis J. Spellman, Archbishop of New York r declared in a commencement day address at Requiem High Mass For Sgt. At Fayetteville Fayetteville. -- Requiem High Mass was held for S-Sgt. Phillip Michael Reed, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Reed, Fayetteville, at St. Joseph's Church, Thursday morning, June 28 at 9 o'clock. The Rev. Charles McCauley, pas- tor, officiated. Sergeant Reed, who was" re- ported missing in action June 18, 1944, was a crew member of a B-17 Flying .Fortress based JR England. On a mission to Mis- burg, Germany, his plane was seen to leave the formation over the North Sea. Two of engines were on fire. Eight or nine parachutes were seen leaving Sergeant Reed's plane before it disappeared. Mr. and Mrs. Reed were notified last week by the War Department that since twelve months had expired, a presumptive finding of death had been officially recorded. The young air gunner was call- ed to the service in January, 1941 with the Fayetteville unit of the [National Guard. After trainirg l at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, he was transferred to the Air forces in September, 1942. He went over- seas in March, 1944 as a ball tur- ret gunner, and won the Air Medal with two Oak Leaf clusters. Cites Proofs For Guadalupe Apparitions By Charles Betica Mexico City. (E)--The Rev. J. Garcia Gutierrez, in an address on "Historic Authority for the Apparitions of the Mother of God at Tepeyac and the History of Guadalupan Devotion," said that the apparitions are precisely and convincingly attestea to by 48 documents, codices, maps and nar- rations, including that of well known Indian Vale:land, only re- cently discovered. In discussing the history of Guadalupe, the distinguished Mexican historian explained that the early Bishop hesitated to men- tion the apparitions in their docu- ments for fear of having it said Marquette' University here yester- day .... The honorary degree of Doctor of Letters w orderrsd on Arch- bishop Spellman bfare the Uni- versity's largest graduating class since the beginning of the war. Speaking on "Truth and Toler- ance," the Archbishop charged the graduates to "glory in your precious heritage of God-given rights and "not only recognize and honor the natural rights of the in- dividual, your neighbor, but also the God-like character of his im- mortal soul." Archbishop Spellman said the date of May 10, 1933, will be recorded in history as a day of "great sin against learning, truth and tolerance" be, cause "on that date nazi students paraded through the university towns of Germany and burned thousands upon thousands of volumes in the central squares in what was call- ed 'ideological re-armament.' Teachers were no longer free to teach truth, but were forced to in- doctrinate their students with the official nazi viewpoint." Recalling that "universities be- came instruments to supplement the progress of nazi tyranny... and Italian boys and girls became puppets of the State, while the Japanese Government established a 'Bureau of Thought Supervis- ion'." Archbishop Spellman assert- ed "We of our generation have thus been witnesses of what can and does happen to the freedom of a people when governments or individuals assumed dictatorship in education." The Archbishop declared that lies and intolerance are causes of war, and truth and tolerance are its victims. "If a university is to fulfill its mission," he said, "it should be conceived in truth, be a citadel of tolerance and a watch- tower of wisdom." This is the university's mighty contribution to freedom, he observed. Paying high tribute to Presi- dent Harry S. Truman and Gen- eral Dwight D. Eisenhower as "two of our !lation's great leaders ex- tolling uth and tolerance, ex- horting us against lies and bigo- try," Archbishop Spellman said that all universities in our land should be mindful of their coun- sel, "as war's vicious circle and cycle whirl in a delirium of wil- ftd and unwilling want and waste." 17 Nuns Observe Jubilees Pallet. 00Three members of The present St. Joseph's Church, Conway, is the third to be erected in this old Arkansas parish. The first, built in 1878, was destroyed by a cyclone in 1885. Another church was built shortly afterward, but the growth of the parish necessitated the erection of the St. Joseph's of today in 1924. Of buff brick, the church is situated in the older section of the city. The Ray. A. Laehow- sky is pastor, and sees to it that this parish is active in every worthwhile undertaking in the city and Diocese. Spanish Primate,s Pastoral ShOws Hope For Just Peace Madrid. 0:)--In a recent pas- "Circumstances in no manner toTal, the Most Rev. Enrique Pla y Daniel, Archbishop of Toledo and Primate of Spain, speaks of Spanish neutrality in connection with his comments on the havoc and ruin war brought to the rest of Europe. Holland Priest First To Go Underground Washington. (E)--The first per- son in the Netherlands to go un- derground during the German oc- cupation was the Rev. R.H.J. Stokman, a Catholic priest, ac- cording to a report in Katholiek Dagblad, Catholic daily published at Utrecht, the Netherlands In- formation Bureau here reports. For five years Father Stokman, playing a leading role in under- ground activities, eluded the Gestapo, the report states. While he was being hunted he lived at Utrecht under various assumed identities until Germany's sur- render, cooperating always with the work of the underground, the paper states. Church Suffers they.had invented the story. In- Most In Holland ,read, the speaker adde00, they had Says Writer wisely waited for the Virgin her- self to develop the veneration of New York. (E}---Cathollc church- the people through the miraculous es In Holland have suffered more and portentous events that have destruction from the nazi occupa- transpired at Tepeyac since the ]tion than those in any other coun- very beginning of its celestial try, according to an article by choice as a place of pilgrimage, the Rev. J. Besouw, published in the,., Knickerbocker Weekly here. ............... [ ." " g, ather tsesouw says, m , lusmg as an excuse the pretext m ancy and Staple Groeeldes m [that Allied observers might use - " lthe church towers as observation I S00-00.Ufe Feeds I [posts. m m i lm,lO"]h)gnt a;;en a few Conway, Arkansas ml ". g . without seems a ruined or damaged ]church," Father Besouw writes. permitted the intervention of Spain in a conflagration whose proportions could be foreseen from the very beginning," the pastoral says. "When the conflict began, Spain had hardly concluded a tragic internal war. The num- erous wounds occasioned by the loss of a million men and the devastation of many regions were still to be healed; and her forces were needed for her own recon- struction." Looking to the future, the pas- toral says: "We hope for a peace founded on the Christian dogma of true human brotherhood, the Catholic universality of which Spain feels most strongly. We hope that all peoples will adopt this brotherhood from now on, and that their differences and condi- tions of culture will be used to contribute to the welfare which nations desire, and for the further- ance of human progress, instead of being converted into idols of blood and race." / After taking note of the pray- ers of thanksgiving offered in Spain when the war in Europe ceased, the pastoral says: "We shall continue praying for peace; in the first place, because al- though the fighting in Europe has ended, it still continues in other parts of the world; and in the sec- ond place, because cessation of hostilities is only a negative ele- ment of peace. Peace is tranquil- liras ordlnls; besides the birh of a new order, there must be justice to support it, not force alone." The pastoral also makes a plea to the "generous occidental nations" to save the "integrity and independ- ence" of Poland. =:rl- Designer Presents Pontifical Medal For 1945 To Pope Vatican City. 00 (Radio). The annual Pontifical Medal for 1945 was presented to His Holi- ness Pope Plus XII on Saturday by its designer, Dr. Aurelio Mis- truzzi, the Papal sculptor. A bust portrait of the Holy Fa- the Sisters of St. Francis of Mary Immaculate observed their golden jubilee in religious life, and 14 others observed their twenty-fifth anniversary, at a ceremony at the Motherhouse here. The Rev. Eligius Weir, O.F.M., was cele- brant of the Mass of Thanks- giving. "In the Diocese of Breda, 40 out the: adorns the face of the medal, of 121 churches were demolished while on the reverse side is a and 41 others were seriously dam- representation of the parable of |]aged. In the Diocese of S'Herto- the Good Samaritan, with the .,., ,,m  i |lgenoosch, aa were demolished and words "Petit Mlsericordiam" (He m i nompsons l1ens nOD mr38 seriously damaged." has shown mercy). m "''" * ":"'" I/ a.S. Rogers, Jr., Prop. [ [ Safe and Reliable [ , PHONE 333 ] II1001 Co.w., , Ar00an..s _ .'... ......... : ..........................  ......... ,.-; ........  ....................... . : .. . ... .. -. ..... l Conway Hardware & Seed Co. -- I ....... i Conway Shoe Store Shoes For The Family Conway, Arkansas Washington. (El--warning that determined communists in the United States "have not changed their ideas and will continue, with or without outside aid, to plot such a revolution as they think will realize the Marx-Lenin dream," the Military Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives says "if they are able to do so they ,rill penetrate within the armed forces on which we rely for se- curity." Reporting to Congress 0n a study made by the Committee of possible threats of Communist propaganda in the armed forces, the House group points out that 'the United "States has never sought thzough duress =or propa- ganda, to impose .its ,political ideologies on Alien peoples," and "yet this hospitable natibn, has been a prey to almost every.'ism,' 'archy' and 'ology" conceived:by man." The 30-member C.ornmittee adopted unanimously this,' r epprt which was prepared Under 2he direction of a five-nSember' sub- committee. ". " " "Since 1919," the rep0rt ass'etzl '"communists have been. every- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: [where at work within this :dun- Risk Lives To !try, supported and finqnc#c.Hb: erally from abroad; and'if they Minister To are able to do so they willpene, trate within the armed forces on Wounded "Soldier which we rely for security:" Mindanao, P. I. (E)--A Cath- The report asserts that since olic chaplain and a Lieutenant the day Germany ,invaded Rtssia Colonel, the Inspector General 'the aim of over=thr0wing our of the Victory Division here, Government by force and violence risked their lives in order that in order o set up a communist a dying soldier might have the state has not been visible in cam- last Sacraments. The call came munist propaganda.".. from an isolated hospital late "Now, however," the. report at night. A man was dying and adds "we are entering on a new had asked for a priest, era in which no one can foresee Troops do not stir at night the turn of events." because it is a rule of jungle "Groups of determined cam- warfare that anything that munists here have not' changed moves is an enemy. But the their ideas," the Congressional Colonel turned to the chaplain Committee says, "and Will con- and said: "I'll take you." ,tinue, with or without outside aid, At first they maneuvered to plot such a revolution as they their jeep cautiously with think will realize the Marx-Lenin blackout lights, but progress dream, and will stop at nothing to was too slow. They had five accomplish their aim." miles to go. Throwing aside : caution, the Colonel snapped -  : = :on lights and stepped on the gas They bounced over crude Enroll At bridges and ducked overhang- UX xt"n-'vers"y Under Ing growth through narrow trails, but they got there. The GI Bill Of Rights priest reached the wounded Says ([D The help now must give that the Rt. War Relief today on his months of countries. Boland predi pestib in all areas : unless the Ur all it can spar food, clothing, to provide sh{ a press confer of War Relief he said that the countri of clothing and food in Italy su other country Sardin wasteland," : said. "Ther there since Max To Grs successful in to wi "and I con will have to a: of prm The Rev. Anthony ] fuel and shelt in addition to his dl Europe in tar of St. Joseph's P$ we have , rica has no re a most active part i , this except a and civic affairs of'  God we cou munity. An agric W e done. Let u structor in St. JoseP] e can to foster Father /LachowskY ! ee and enable t to work. I hol; leader in scouting i  ontinue  as we', He serves as vice-P the Quapaw CouncilOr Boland paid' Rock and through hiSl's as the unoffici.' General Diocesan Cdispensers of Ar the Rural Committe said his organ South edits a weeklY..lmirel America The Guardian, and t follow in thei Log Cabin. all over Eur a Palestine the MOTHER co.w,, . #kan-- L.P. CRAFTON i "------ ........ 'i .....,.:..........I ......... FIRST NATIONAL BANK __= Flour & Feed Cos THANKS . ' FOR YOUR PATRONAGE Mvber Federal Deposit Inmrunce ! WARDIS BODY WORKS H.. .... Corporation [ - Specialty. Bus Bodies D. H. Ward, , Field Se.d and HIEGEL LUMBER CO. ! ALL Phone 232  Phone 70 860 Oak St. Conway Arkansas I 805 Harkrider St. , 1103 FRONT ST. Conway Arkamss Cunway Arkansas man before he died. New Orleans. 0The first dis- fi-:::::::------:--=:: charged veterans to enroll at Ubserve tentenary Loyola University of the South Of Charity Nuns' under the educational program of the GI Bill of Rights are former Arrival In Mexico Second Lieut. Ruth Johnson, New By Charles Betica Orleans, who served in the Army Mexico City. (E}The Basilica Nurse Corps in New Guinea and of Our Lady of Guadalupe was former Pvt. Florence Charlwood, the scene last week of two :ere- Middletown, N.Y., of the WACs. monies in honor of the centenary Both are taking medical tech- of the arrival in Mexico of the nology. Daughters of Charity of St. Vin- They met when they were pa- cent de Paul. tients at LaGarde General Has- The first of these was a Cam- pital here, prior to receiving medi- reunion Mass attended by 5,000 [cal discharges. boys and girls who received relig .... I ious instruction at centers con'- ducted by this Congregation. The [ Your joy is as pleasing to God Rt. Rev. Abbot Feliciano Cortes lab the joy of a child is to its officiated. The following day the mother. ' Most Rev. Jose Garibi Rivera Archbishop of Guadalajara, ponti- ficated at a solemn Mass, and the Most Rev. Iuis M. Martinez Archbishop of Mexico, preached. Archbishop Martinez reviewed the SAM FAUSETT STUDIO extensive charitable and moral contribution which "both the Daughters and the Sons of St. Arkansas Vincent" have made to Mexico onway, during the I)ast century. Compliments of Victory C, afe L.T. Lasley And Sons 'Conway's Newest ! ' and  General Merchandise for the Finest" ENTIRE FAMILY "We Serve the Best" Conway : :'.: , . Eo[$ E. B. " . -, :: ?: and H. F. Tovar ,, Props. Parrott-Steel Chevrolet Co. Conway Arkansas Conway, Arkansas America their den j theY Tel he said, and -ht you ca uniform ' everywhere! 3e." J tour abroad visited P te Gerffian Rh ] a, Belgium, ' i the :once  an, tl a lave labor ' He said thou: Size 4 x S !- Inches lrs who have NEW and yyl ill bey Ufit:'.fO]having raged throt A manual for Christl being the v entirely re-written . d similar d structions of the A:'. re is a tot ternity Christian  ced persons Printed on thin te> forty per- :uoied Round Corners. .,,Iotl@ book that every mot in ou: have. k in addition t, , , .lly displaced  " as4.eCted that a No. o01 Black No..01 A-,.rle,  .:r,s Of war will under sold dies _.**e land before Ns. ! .Morn. 'AI" nationals w tmd aold dIoe Order from worke of their The said. . their c different Zero Live Bert, ( I nway AM!