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June 30, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 30, 1923

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J F ] i ! J '! i i i PAGE EIGHT $ $ $ $ $ .$ * * $ * * $ * " LISTENING IN " * * By Autolycus  * , . , . . . . It Does Net Follow. Faqed by a charge of havirlg mur- DRUG PROBLEM PUT uP0000TO LEAGUE (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Wa:.;lli.ngLon, June 10.--The Uihted dered his wife to obtain the insta'ance, States Government has laid the "drug a man shouted: "May God strike me problem" at the doorstep of the dead if am guiltyl" He immediately League of Nations by proposing, in fell dead in the witness box People accordance with the Hague Conven- Will now judge that he was guilty, and ton, the curtailment of the rinsing of that he was punished for a false oath. opium to the quantity.sufficient for It does not follow that God struck the medical and scientific requirements. man down for a lie. It does not even I Representative Porter, as the Ameri- follow that .he man lie'd. Coincidences can representative, presented the Am- equally strange have happened before, erican proposal to the Advisory Corn- We have no right to judge the man's 'mittee on the Traffic in Opium of the guilt on that incident alone, strong as[League in session at Geneva. the evidence may seem And if we ] British Main Offenders are not entitled to adjudge the man I "Many nations," he said, "including a murderer in circumstances which/the United States, have elaborate and seem to poin the finger of guilt at t carefully administered systems of con- THE GtTARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 23 CROWN SCENE OF REIJGIOUS SPLENI)OR IN CITY WII1CI| WAS ALMOST C()MI IETELY 1)ESTROYEI) IN WORLI) WAR. I refusett to use the savil)g water. Iier n(l Norman founded, amog a] Library c(mtaius the statutes o:f this pious confraternity which was also enterc(] by many bourgcoise and nobles out o devolicn to Our Lady. tois, Picardy and Flanders; Notre The supreme pontifl" enriched it with Dame de Brebieres, of Albert, gur- indulgences, the counts of Flanders rounded hy lambs; Notre Dame de made it many gifts and the abbey oa  Boulogne; 'Notre Dame dc Calais; No- Saint-Xaast gave it its protection. tre Dame des Dunes, of Dunkerque, The Blessed Can(lle, the "Joyel," as carried by saiiors and accompanied'by it is generally called in the country, By M. MASSIANI (Paris Corespondent of N. C. W C. News Service.) Paris, June 7,--Celebrations of un- forgeta'ble splendor marked the crown- 'ing of Notre Dame des Ardents, pa- tron of the city of Arras, which, al- though almost completely destroyed during the war, would not wait until it was rebuilt to give this striking tes- timony of faithfulness to the religious traditions of its history. The marvelous crown of gold offer- (By N. C. W. C. New York, June Emelio Lisson of Roman Catholic arrived here on ]izmr Saut- Teresa. at the pier by Archbishop Hayes of escorted to the women in the costume of the country; was the object of great veneration. A .where he will remain Notre Dame de Lorette, carried by few pieces of it are preserved in a for Rome. 'soldiers and followed by miners in silver reliquar.v which dates, approx- I their work costumes; Notre Dame du imately, from the year 1200. The at- I Saint Cordon of Valenciennes, covered tachment of Arras to this celestial de- M.A. Iwith sumptuous laces; Notre Dame de posit is such that in 1640 when the Special Ila Treille, of Lille, etc. city surrendered to the king of France New York him so definitely, still less are we en- troI of habit-forming narcotic drugs ed by the women of Arras was placed When the last of the procession had titled to judge one another by the which have proven partially, if not ... Ion the head of the statue of the reached the great square everyone petty things by which some Christians I wholly, ineffective by reason of the "Vierge des Ardents" on the "Grand halted and the bands and choirs exe- do judge one another. Think it over. I fact that the great commercial value Place" or main square of the city by cuted a cantata composed especially of these drugs has induced the un- ICardinal Dubois of Paris, in the pres- for the occasion. Slow Absorption. scrupulous to divert the enormous ence of the Archbishop of Cam- Cardinal Places Crown. The Church is forging ahead in over-production into the channels of China. There are now 2,142,516 hap- illicit international traffic." brai, the Bishop of" Arras, 12 other Vardinal Dubois then went forward tized Catholics in the Celestial Em- I The greatest offender in this re- French bishops, hundreds of priests to the statue and with great ceremony and thousands upon thousands of the placed upon the head of Our Lady the By -- ... ,.,. , ,, PUBLIC pire. Missionaries see a great future spect has been Great Britain, which faithful, golden diadem. A great shout of ae- IMIkl, at o11 or Irl mall, fOrhenceCatholiciSmperhaps, there--aThings movelngslowlytime [ hasivationPrOfitedof theenrmuslypoppy infrmIndia.the TheCUl" Women Gave Jewels. clamation arose, such as perhaps had am qlJkly qalify as bqmkkmlml', ac- in China. China had many of the American suggestion, coming on the The women of Arras made this of- never een heard on that spot. amtaat, stenographer, aetary things which the western countries heels of the Supreme. Court decision feting in response to an appeal of the Then, one of the greatest orators of  Nrvi omployo or tdiTslhw have, centuries before the western upholding the right of the United late Bishop of Arras( Msgr. Lobbe- the French hierarchy, Msgr. Tissier raM! gtst/ommutr, and we rsamt , ym ls/tion when  mf. countries had them. Christianity went States to banish liquor from ships dey, the heroic prelate who insisted on bishop of Chalons, mounted the pulpit W ay for tmatla,  to China long before it came to Amer- within the three-mile limit, is not like- remaining in the bombarded city to and addressed his vast audience in a m d[L ica. Yet Americans (and others)are ly to he received with complacency by the very end, at a time when ten speech in which, pointing to some el still evangelizing China, and China is His Majesty's government, houses were being destroyed daily, the barely completed houses of the absorbing Christianity slowly. One and who finally succumbed as a re- "Grand Place" which was formerly difficulty about evangelizing my ERIE TO HAVE NEW sult of his labors, one of the jewels of Spanish architec- | country comes from the fact that so $1,000,000 ORPHANAGE Their jewels were given by the ture in France, he congratulated the BRADFORD many missionaries, representing nu- __ women of Axas to Notre Dame des Christians of Arras on their desire to merous "churches" teach conflicting (By N. C. W C. News Service.) Ardents, who has been venerated by place above the material reeonstrue-  DR U G CO. $2.95 things in the name of Christianity. In Erie, Pc, June 16 The corner the inhabitants of Arras for eight cen- tion of their cities, industries and one lace the Chinese aked the mis- " "-- - ' , f. , . .. . ] Send correct size. P. stone of the new $1,000,000 St. Jo- trams. 2he Jewels.and gold were con- ams, the rehgmus restorahon and 7'hemHouse ofOuahly I delivery or send monarms to come to some agreement seph's Orphanage was laid her l; vetted by Parisian artists into a dis- moral progress of their country under as ........... shoes are not as to what they we:e going to teach Sunday by the Rt. Roy John Mark dem wluch is a masterpiece of the the protection of the Blessed Virgin to Phones: 4-0227, 40218  cheerfully refund in the name of Christianity before Gannon, bishop of Erie, before a crowd goldsmith's art. At the base is a band whom they have vowed so faithful a proceeding to confuse the.people still estimated at 2,500. of massive goht over which runs a.devotion. 209 W. Sccolld St.  ly upon 'equest. further wth their rehgmus differ- The formal ceremony was preceded flowing branch of wild rose. Each wiht The devotion to Notre Dame des  Little]Rock ! NATIONAL BAY ences, by a parade, of 10,000 men, ealh c'trr-, - rose has for its heart. . a pearl of great Ardents of Arras dates from the 1 .,, | COM ...... -- ling an American flag, who marched wflue, and the pmtfls are all of din-[twelfth century. In the year 1105 a " -....--o--.o--.,,..,,_.o_....,,_... 296 Broadway, New rrmss Trustea. I from the bishop's residence to the mends. Above the band are graceful/frightful epidemic known by the name Cathohc nnssmnarms get alon wth ar(hes m ,, , ,, of" a ,, "*:" " "  g " ]grounds of tie new building, located ' s " the form o letter M s, ] m Ides Ardents ravaged Europa the Chinese better than any other Ii KahlCwa Park : the initial of Marie. The arches are [and particularly northern France. mslonarms Chinese are strm ht o e , " " ' "g -/ The IIon. James A Gleason of Du j 'n d by a catch set ih precious Various (]oc, tmmnts of the twel:fth an,! they know that t00,00,r/Bois delivered the o,,00tlon, spoak,ng 00stones ,n the cener of the crown is a century comp,led fron, an account OUR B/00KING DEPARTMENT nesetSanaCbandltsmenrSget alongare" Venwell wthne tmi-/ofthe the'beauty of Christian charity and 'sapphireon th of great price, made1105 by Lambert, bishop of Arras in |s able to extend to its customers every Cat' h " /paying tribute to the efforts of Bishop I " e day of the crowning of its  g've the same account of the no 'c priest. Witness. the case of. Gannon and his, cour'le, in undel:tak- r patroness, Arras was magnificently miracle, which occurred at that time We have plenty of money on hand to lend on Little Rock Father Lenfers, who carried messages ing the building, of the orphanage i decorated . Each street adopted its rhe Blessed Virgin appeared to two from the bandits' stronghold to the "Some persons and or(anizatons ' !own colors, om having all the hang- jugglers btter enemies of each other: or other acceptable security, and soll el.t appll,tions. government offlcmls. The outlaws .stud" Mr. Gleaso. n, "inspired by a kind- I mgs,. awnings," .' banners. "' and, gmtlan(Is- ' Itter de hrlemont, m" B:bant, and knew thev could trust the vriest tO]ly ' noble and praiseworthy spirit, ded- of blue and red, another blue and ye]- Norman de Saint-Pol, in Artois, urg- W.B. WORTHEN COMPANY keep his word. The constancy of the p icate their efforts to the relief of th flow, and so on. Iany of the decora: ing them to becqme reconciled, to go Chinese to the aFith, when once they orphans and even near homes for this tive motifs recalled the litany of the to the bishop of Arcs, Lambert, and "a. 10?" 'accept it, is exemplified in the case of purpose. They are humanitarians, Blessed Virgin. spend the night in prayer with him in a young Chinese whom I met the oth'er otherwise styled philanthropists. Phi- The celebration opened with a so]- the Cathedral on the night from May C, eamor Flft and Math Itae. day. He i Francis X. Tsu,  student lanthropy, however, is merely a natur- emn Mass celebrated in th open in 27 to 28. This was the night of the 4 PER CENT INI' PAID ON $AYIN4 at an American university and a al virtue not measuring up to the spit- front of the ruins of the bishop's pal- vigil of the entecost. model of Catholic piety. His family itual heights where charity soars, be- ace which was destroyed in 1915. Appearance of Virgin. has been Catholic for 200 years, cause it does not regard God in its Then, after a luncheon given by Msgr. The jugglers obeyed, went to the transaction. Both the state and phi- Julien, Bishop of Arras, to the visit- bishop and spent the night in prayer Fix America First. lanthropy have failed in the mission ing prelates and notables, the after- with him in the Cathedral. They were OUR ASSETS  0Y] It is clearly necessary that Catho- of child-saving because they ignore or noon was given over to a superb his- praying fervently when, on the stroke lice in every country in which the disregard the crib of Bethlehem and torical pageant. Preceding the proces- of midnight, the Virgin appeared to Church is well established slould help the Cross of Calvary." sion of the Virgin, 3,000 persons in them in a blaze of light, holding in W@  a | of lmOM; E  ila te plant the Faith in places where the Bishop Gannon made a short ad- historical costfimes passed through her hands a lighted candle: "Ap-  ]ert4 tu&--/t'o Church is still struggling for recogni- dress, thanking those who have con- the streets of the city, recalling the preach," she said; "behold a candle  slid  We llmll t tion. Otherwise we should get no- tributed to the orphange. It was an- history of the devotion of Krras to which I entrust to your guard. Any vI1. We a sa admlor and where. Otherwise we should have no nounced that more than $12,000 had Notre Dame des Ardents. All classes person afflicted with this malady  under Will of m tt in Plaski Catholic Church in America. It is been received from churches in the and types were represented, the bour- which is called 'the infernal fire' has qn" OOltt iD  tte. We Wl|! i obvious that the stronger the Church Erie diocese in which collection for the geoise, the artisans of Arras, the only to distill a few drops of this tO  U. beeomes inAmerica the greater the orphanage had been taken up at the Counts of Flanders, the Abbes of St. candle in water; let him sprinkle his uppotwhich American Catholics will " he able to give to foreign missions, morning Masses. ofVaast'NotretheDamebislmpS'des theArdents,COnfraternitieSetc, diatelyWUndShealed.with it andWhoeverthey willbelievesbe imme-shall ]PEOPLE'S SAVINGS This is a very good reason why we One of the most striking features be saved." should take a' hand in building more GERMAN CATHOLIC LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS was the group, immediately preceding The jugglers transmitted the rues- churches and schools in small Ameri- FAVOR CONGRESSIONAL the triumphal chariot ,,bearing the sage received in the vision. Of the can towns and settlements which need SCHOOLS BY BIG VOTt statue of Notre Dame des Ardents, 144 "ardents" in Arras everyone re- -- . them, as the Catholic Church Exten- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) representing all the Madonnas of At- covered with the exception of one, who sion Society is doing. An American Cologne, June 14.The strong sen. _ Saved ttheChurchtedaymight'by timntamngtheCathlicsfGer" '' " Central Ba his unificence later on, bring a hun- many in behalf of the confessional St. Joseph's Infirmary tired Chinese or Indians into the fold. school was manifested by the result of The effect of a good act i. cumula- votes cast in nine dioceses of Northern CAPITAL, $200,00000 SURPLUS, tive, and we can never calculate where Getmany, when 80 pr cent of the H O T S P R I N G S Let us take care of your money for you. its influence will end. Catholic voting population went en Let us sel or trade your Real Estate. record in the matter. Let us Insure your property or automobile. Always Begging. In Osnabruck more than 97 per cent Let us write your Surety Bond. One often hears it said in deroga- of the Catholic voting population re- The South's Most Famous Sanitarium Let us rent you or for you a home. tion of a priest that "he is always, corded their sentiments. The results Conducted by the Sisters of Mercy In fact, iet us do everything for you that a fully begging." Instead of being a reproach have not yet been announced for the managed Break can do. against the priest this is a reproach large dioceses of Cologne, Paderborn "Come Grow With a Growing Bank." against the people. When priests build and Trier, because of the difficulties [HIS TELLS THE WHOLE STORY OF .EFFICIENCY  WITH churches and schools they build them connected with the occupation, but it UCH CONDUCT ST. JOSEPH'S HAS M/DE GOOD FOR YEARS for the people, and when priests are is expected they will compare very AND WITII ALL CLASSES. forced to beg continually it simply favorably with those in other parts of Own your home. Make it a place your children means' that the people are too,.stingy the country. to pay for What they are enjoying. DEVOTED SISTERS MONEY L- A priest, who was "always begging" FIVE PRIESTS'0NLY EXCELLENT STAFF MEMBERS died the other day. His people once FOR FRENCH PARISH COMPETENT NURSE CORPS made a coll'ection 'and told him to take IN LAST 200 YEARS a vacation. IIe took the money but (By N. C. W. C. News Service) 5 1% not the vacation. Then hey gave him Paris, June 18.A record for the Well Equipped Building--Of Prominent Location 2" money to buy an automobile. He took longevity of its priests is claimed by the money but did not buy a car. Then the little village of Aze, near Chateau Care in AppointmentsEvery Room Outside Room 6 o To Build, Buy or he died. On his deathbed he was asked Contier, which in the past two hun- Well Ventilated and Lighted about making a will. tie said he had dred years has had only five cures. 7 nothing to bequeath except his libary. The last parish priest died in Bungalows And when his affairs were cleared up March. He was the fourth priest to Houses they found that his sol wealth con- succeed the pastor who had died just Hot Baths Affiliated With U. S. Reservation sisted of 59 cents. His automobile two hundred years before, in March Apartments money, his vacation money and even 1723. The priest appointed in 1723 his salary went into the church fund. served forty-three years. His suc- INFIRMARY -- SANITARIUM -- REST HOME Business Yet there were probably p,,eple who cessor served only twenty-five years, complained that he was "always beg- dying prematurely of starvation in n Professional Attendance ging." There are always people like prison during the revolution. Rate dependson margin of that The next priest served interrupt- . location and character of edly for forty-one years, and steadil For Reservations Apply to If the groom is poor and bald and i for thirty-one years. The next pastor REV. SISTER SUPERIOR bow-legged, it is romance pure andJ served forty-one years and the last to St. Joseph's Infirmary, Hot Springs, Ark. CALL AND LET'S TALK undefiled, die fifty-one years. '  201 W. Second St. Br r Insurance .801-7 Southern Fix Up That Today"I Sell Pone Little Rock, We have purchased Army Munson last 12, which was the stock of one of the ernment shoe This shoe is dred per cent solid tan; bellows tongue, proof. The actual is $6.00. Owing to buy we can offer same at OF GOLD AND JEWELS one of the main pitl',$io)t was PLACE]) ON THE STATUE OF MARY ,the minstrels and jugglers, a charit- should never be SQUARE 'able confraternity called tlle "Confre- IN THE PUBLIC OF ARRAS tie Arden,s." A o* P00.UVIA00 Al,, ___ the year 1194 preserved in the Nation- ARRIVES