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June 30, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 30, 1923

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K. OF A. NEWS Branch No. 994 re- more applications for mem- last week. Also another mere- to the paid-up after i plan and taking additional in- Only July 8 this branch will and obligate several mere- entertainment committee in is preparing for a good tirne occasion. cry Month Is a Good On(,. considered a dull month, but not carry any weight with and branche of the C. [n other word:;, it is ex- July will be a veal good new members. ]to alive, an(I have the signature the clotted line. The C. K. of wants 2.000 menfl)ers state council meeting. If of the C K. of A. is go()d :for you it is geo(I enough for or daughter. Get them to let&apos;s make it unanimous. kd tide wait for m) dne. Neither Be protected and if not of the C. l,: of A. make nOW me Org:mizer ,jOOl:h H.. I):, a few d:ya at ('eW, pr wee& Jill(.{ wil sflOll 5,U'I'I; there with :0 (w more (;cntor i,)!Z, e lhlrish is Italian d,.':c:,ql, h('ated miles north of Mort(lion in hill of Collwav Coumy. | repoi,t lhu::,,: have cut to all s;ecretaries (,f the bra:lchc l)y the ::tat: s,c- and request that information ishcd promptly i, order that a and accurate re:)ort ln'ty De all the meml)ers oF the state. will contain valuable in- of the order, to-wit: Epis- pproval and 1)les.,b gs, general of its (flljeets, financial!y, and socially; cost of admis- of rates, tal)ulated state- branches, giving name of the location, membership, paid for assessments and la!ms received; also a state di- and offered 50,000 lire for the relief of sufferers with a promise of additional aid, if needed. Touching manifesta- tions of faith, with which inhabitants of the stricken villages have implored divine assistance, have been reported here. Irish Christian Brothers. Pope Plus has'addressed a letter to Brother Hennessy, superior of the Christian Brothers of h'e]and, in com- memor:dion of the centenary of tlle fornml oppreval of tile constitution of [ that organization, llis I-[olinoss prai.-cd the wort: ell'tied on by the brothers and urged them to develop it evou inore extensively Elfiscopal Apl)ointments. Rt. Rev. J. G. Oritz, has been trans- ferred frmn the See of .Ciudad Vie- torFt lo that oI: Chilal)a, Mcxi('o, ac- cording to an announcen:ent made at the Vatican. Rev. I,ewis Mm'linez has t)em named as auxiliury bisho 1) for the arehdioce;;e of Mechoacan. Pope Visits Vatican Printing Of(ice. l'ope Piu.;, accoml)anicd by Card(hill G-(sp'trri nnd members of tile Pap:d Court, paid a visit to the Vat(ca, prhHin',: (if(ice, where tile ]hq)e in- :,peeled the ,ew buildings, which we:'e started dm'ing the reilfn of Pone Bran- edict XV, and lmve just hee,- ,'omplet- cd. lli:: lIoline:< lnani.fe,ted gl'CltL ill- (crest in technical (h't,dl: of the os:gl]di,i:il, out alld exu'ey:,cd hi: admi- rall.n for "Ihe perfecl;hnl of tb.e new Ill:!('h ill; l'y T]le v,'ol'l:lil0B pl't:::,,' ed tJm i',.:p xVitll lkll Of['OFillJ {,0 l}(' ti/cd 10 relieve the ,mfI'eri'n,, causell 1)y lhe Mr. !qtna (li:a.,;ter. The Inonev l'Ol)Fo,<ellto(l I!1o rc,,ult of two hours overt(m- worl: by the employes. PARE eAgLE (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) Par(,;, June 25. All amendment, in- troduced by a radical senator, in an effort to reduce the credits for the mainten'mce of the French embassy to tile Vatican, h-is been defeated by a vote of 167 to 116. During the debate Premier Poincare vigorously combat- ted the amendment and formally en- giwng names and addresses of gaged the government to responsit)il- director, president, sec- l ity for maintaining tlm credits. medical examiner, when or-, DUBLIN CABLE (N. C. W C Special Cable.) Dublin, June 25.--:The question of I the scarcity of living accommodations i i.: en,tging the serious attentiou of the Irish govennnent. Overcrowding is common in many poor quarters, and C. W. C. Special Cable.) as many as 12" l)ersons have been t found living in one' room The esult June 25.The body of Car- " ' " ]'mt physical an(I moral dangers have who was recently been stressed by many leading Catho- was carried in triumphal lies. and the l'ree State' government is from the Church of the the Church of St. Ignatius, and (late of meeting; also of- sup}eme and state council teams. Every member one on hand togethdr with blank ROME CABLE will rest, in accordance with The flow-covered cas- the remains of the car- carried by four bishops and and was followed by Car- prefect of the Congrega. Rites; the Jesuit Cardinals and Billot, the Maestro di the General of the Society of members of the Curia. bishops, besides thousands of members of religious con- and students of seminaries i Gregorian University marched of "Te Deum" and benedic- by Cardinal Vico, con- the ceremonies. Throughout the utmost entlmsiasm by the populace. now proposing to provide 40,000 homes to meet the present shortage. The question of the best method to adopt in providing tlaese houses is a matter of considerable debate.'Enmst Blythe, minister of Home affairs, has declared his belief that better results can be obtained by giving subsidies to private buihlers than by giving them to local bodies. He declares that the government can get as much from pri- vate builders for $1,000 as it can get from local bodies for $2,500. LONDON CABLE t* (N. C. W. C. Special Cable.) London, June 25.Pope Plus XI has just given his fullest approval to a plan for the Catlmlic Hostel and Set: tlement, which the Catholi:c Women's Aids Victims of Volcano. League of England is opening at Father has manifested the r Bethlehem, at the special request or sympathy for the sufferers in the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Etna eruption. He sent a rues- Cardinal Bourne has expressed the consolation to the bishop of conviction that Palestine offers a wide in the devastated dstrict,]scope for great educational work on IIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllfllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUIIlllllllllllll00 Annual BENEFIT PICNIC four st. JOSEPH'S ORPHANAGE ORPHANAGE00 GROUNDS, BELMONT HILL vvJU CONCESSIONS of A II KINDS Dinner and Supfer Served. Come and Spend the Da with the Orbhans. Ever3,dody WEL COME ! IIII!1111111 IIIIIIIII IIIIIIII]IIIHIIIII IIIIIit111111111111111 IIIIIIIIIIII III100 GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 PAGE SEVEN the part of tim Catholics of the United ST. MARY OF THE LAKE different languages by the Methodist --nsd States and England. GRANTS FIRST DEGREES Episcopal church, according to a re- Slavsa Austrians, Finns, Mexica Russians are found in the mines and" Notable Academic Triumph. OF BACltELOR OF ARTS port made here this week by Dr. D. D. in the industrial centers," Tlm Catholic Workers' College, con- ! Forsyth, corresponding secretary of ducted at Oxford under the joint aus- (By N. C. W. C. " News Serwce)" the board of home missions and exten- A new color just announced by the . piccs of the Jesuits and tim Catholic Chicago, June 25.--After a period sion. dye makers is called Egyptian blush. Social Guihl, has scored a notable aca- of fifty years, during which the Uni- "Almost half the white population They never learned that shade from demic triumph through one of iI:s stu- versity o St. Mary of tile Lake.was is foreign born or of foreign parent- Cleopatra. , dents, W. F. Smitl b of Soutli Wales, practically a charter name only, de- age," says the report. Eery lan- m4 i wli won at an Ol:)Cn examination an grees of 13achelor of Arts were cox:. guage of Eurol)e and most of those of Oxford dil)h)ma in economics and l)O- ferxed by the university, at its Divin- Asia are spoken. liticalgine driver,SCienCe'wasSmith'tl:e firstWhstudentis an en-of ity School at Area during the week. "The Portuguese. dominate Cape [ KNN'S COFFEE t' - ' ..... r ' , ..... This marks another milel)ost in the Cod, the Russians several counties of ne t,aonc  on:ers t ) efe to eom  .... Our lh'ands are licrfect ,Blends .. ' ' . "." ' .!rejuvenation of the university, whicla[North Dakota; wheat fiehls of the ' :' 27,'"d'"::7;', 7 ,,,, mo00o e t"' t was eDutered by Chicago's first bb:h- northwest are harvested by Scandina- years experience ill roasting "' "'" :" "'e ....... : -lop, lt kev. William Qu:trrer in 1814. vians and Germans; Jal)anese an(t and I)lending only the choicest spmmono otn rs. T. P. O'Connor, who is pre:;ident of The university, one of the first Catho- Chinese -ire found l)y thousands on the selection--- li: schools of the west, flourished for Pacific Coast; Slavs qnd southern Eu- A trial will c(mvince you. the h'ish l)emocratic I,ear'ue. t',)reded to take the place of the ,lerunct Uni- a Lime, but finally was closed, ropeans are crowding the in(lustrial It revived under the old ch-u'ter by centers on the (h'eat I,akes; Italians, C, D. KENY C0. - ed h'ish league says ttmt the policy Archbishop Geort:e W. Munde]ein, and 121 West 5th Telephone 4-1465 of the new o:vanization will be to is destined to include as its several ..................................................... liborty of Ireland an(t to work for the universities of the archdiocese, with a .................................................................... union ef Ireland. eXsi,le from this he scat (if admillistrathm, and l)iviuity {.le(,lares, the new or:'v,l:ization wht take no side in lt'isll domes:it aft'a,'s. School now lie(m: eo:,slructed at Area. /:,, , ..... which he declares lhe Ii'ish tllmnseh,,,s The School of I']dlosolfl:v-opcned :it MAD],," BY A,'ea t,.'o.e.,s a cl.00s of ROSE CIW BAI0000Y Sir l)avid IIenlwssy Dead. some fifty student,,;, mostly gr'ulu- ", ,_.. "_ tlOL , .,:_ Sir ])'tvid Ilemm:.'sv, ['ix(: tim,, Im'd ates of the Quig]ey lh'ellaraLory Sen> inary, which opened in ('h.ago in "THE MOST SANITARY BAKERY' "&al mayor of Melbourne. tu,:: died of iu- $j'Dt fluenza, accor(1 n$:, :o roports veceivc,I Al,:g,'l!)(}:)' underFranei:atheA.rec',s>,:hil)l,ureell, of Rt. Rex,. JOE JUNG, Proprietor. ,kl - j t he,re. Melbourn,, i,.; !l'e ppisc.lml seat -" &t"'["a51iz ,j, vgvo. ...................... wm'r,: pOl,l.],:crio :s D(}:, I  a:,L, (,.,.L(.}fEI, CItlNE>;E BAN [)ITS AI,MOST I1AIA,' I,'OIH,;IGN F()[{ [l] 4'4"rP?Vli ] ! x:Tv/y,' MA!,TI{EAT PRI,,.Sl i{()IIN, I,I,;I)ORT SIIOWS . ,2..;. (1:; 5, IN" C,. \\;V. C'. New: :;t:rvico) (By N. C. W. C. News Service) A;G,; Ii,;'Fl'l:R ?"4r'P 3"Ca& gt "o: Itankow, China. ,Jr!he 2l.---l,',nl!:ha- Chicago, dune 25--..Mission work in They ::(. inte:d i :'(, [or the "a'l eee si:;iH', di:.l 'e,q fro" reli,'ioi, tbc i.hdted SL.ite: is carried on in 19 I,iver am Ih,web; :m,l llromptly re- -,  , " nlov(, {h,:, I',[I,. ;tl'ld !,o:llll()(i,; \\;\1, [c ill men, hers of a t):m(lit gang of fivo hun- " ...... a mihl. ycl t:,liecLivc /1: illlet', lli iotu;= dred (',hinose rouvhly ]l,:t]lleat.ed l:t - heSS, 1)i::zim,s,,;. l lo:tdachr, t,'ev('r:< OLC. C:il(t contimm wi(,n tho,;e ](h':t] ther Malotto, an Italian misefionary PrOlllpt Regular l,iver ].'ills are m;ed. ()m is lira dose p,'iest, wlmm they carried inlo cap- Only 25c. Ihffuse 'ml)stiLues. livity with several hundred Chine,e ...... ..... The bandits are operating about one ICE Haley & ttornibrook '[, hundrcd miles ,,ord, of this place. DELIVERY CO00G.00s00 SERVICE V E N T 1 L A T i N G AND MEETS AUGUST 11)-15 [ -- --.hlstduringtheSunCmer, ALL KINDS OF ROOFING I (By N. C. \\;F. C. New Scrvice) or the whom year! We're PHONE MAIN 1786 Cologne, June 18.--Defense of the ready to serve you. Call .... _ Catholic Church agtinst its intern-:- usI tional enemies will be discussed at a CITY /, " Catholic Congress to be heht at Co,:- .r-- stance in Switzerland from August 10 DELIVERY CO. to 15. ?C TheCongressis,ponsoredbyuch Phone ,1-3450 A lombstone distinguished prelates as the Arch- bishop of Turin, in Italy, the Arch- l)ishop of Sevil]e, in pain, and the O/ Beauty Archbishop of Salzburg. An interna-] peace cmmcil will be elec.ted at -- : "-J l- the Congress, which plans pormanenL orgmfization to establish a basis of peace alohg lines suggested by Apos- SAFETY C00000ENC00 tolic writing, always expresses to the passer-by the loving care ........................................... PROFIT which it was selected. If you have an idea for SUCh a memo- ...... .......... rial, we will carry it to the last detail in emeordanee with PRINTING , tu Deposithtg Your Savinp With t your desire. We are 0t your service for monumental work OFFICE  of any kind. SUPPLIES SO00H00N 00RUST No A#ents--No Commsion. Write/or Cabaloo DESKS COMPS/ MONAHAN & SON Our printing plant is very complete, automatic feeding presses doing finest of work. you not only ebtala mplete eafet 412-414 West Markham St. LITTLE ROCK, Send for illustrated price list ot for your lnds and 4 per cent intere! Offme Supplies. compounded twice a year, but you also know that your moneyisreadilyavtl- PREFERRED DIOCESAN mX I PARKIN able whenever you may require it. Printing & Stationery Co. Remember that a small amount de posited regularly at fixed intervah Little Rok, Ark. will produce far better results them Our Advertisers whose announcement ar fo lit the infrequent' depi "ring of large THB GUARDIAN are leaders in their line of btminu. Theft D ..... mountak want your trade and solicit your patronage   i ............. . own paper. PATRONIZE THEM. They are wca If | Residence Phone Office Phone SOUTHE00I00 your co-operation. In dealing with them mak. menthm of | 4-3572 7834 your appreciation of their material mistanee to }'our  [ -T =_ 7MPANY o,i paper. Tell them that you "tree in THI GUMLM ! | they will be oneouraged to eontinu, to help , t | DR. E. J. MAHONEY  help you, and to help TEll GUARVI,N. I DENTIST  | Suite 521-22-23 Domaghey Bldg. LITTLE ROCK, ARK. \\; Opptmtte th, Postoffi BIuHiIiIJhi!["`` BOYS' PROTECTORY ARMSTRONG SPRINGS Conducted bv the Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis, who have taken 6ver the famous health resort, long known as "Armstrong Springs" and adapted the prope F equipment for the purpose of giving to BOYS FROM 10 TO 16 YEARS ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Up to and Including Eighth Grade HEALTH -- DISCIPLINE KNOWLEDGE Acquired Within Pleasing Environment For Information and Terms Write: VEN. BROTHER Route No. 3 ALBERT, SEARCY, ARK. 111 St.00Vincent's Infirmary Little Rock's Foremost Hospital IN AGE- EXPERI00CE - EFFICIENCY Official Rating: Class A By American College of Surgeons After Citical Official Inspection LARGEST HOSPITAL IN STATE Conducted b !. 1923 1887 The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth "" ST. VlNCENT'S TRAINING SCHOOL FOR 00URSES Offers exceptional oppbrtunities for experience and training in all (.lasses of nursing to young women desiring to voeationalize in this enobling and remunerative profession. The Sisters of the Infirmary and the able medical and surgical staff connected with them, provide a Three Years' Course of theoreti- cal, practical and modern training, fitting the graduates for successful future effort in all classes of nursing, both medical and surgica!, and all cases pertaining to general hospital work. The Infirmary Is acknowlddged to be one of the best equipped in- stitutions in the South. It has a capacity of 250 beds, 100 private rooms and about 5,000 patients are treated annually. The next class is now being formed. Applicants must ,lmve one year of High School or the educational equivalent, and recommendation from reputable parties. FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS ADDRESS SISTER SUPERIOR ST. VINCENT'S INFIRMARY Tenth and High Streets Little Rock, Ark, i i, 'I i; i ," f