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June 30, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 30, 1923

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THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 1923 PAGE FIVE "hLil00&apos; LEhVES of NOTE WITH $45,000 AS J. B. Tennelly, S. S., Sacred Scripture at the Catholic Univer- directs the Bible with St. Patrick's the Capitol city. lly a recognized au- exegesis, a0d a considerable attaimnents. KLUXERS HOLD BAG Beaunlont Klan Wins Ramshaelde Newspal)cr Plant, Returned Checks. and Bihs Payable. By N. C. W (. News Service Beaumont, June J8. Nine theu:. and gullible Ku Klux Klansmen of P General Intention JULY--MORF FOREIGN MISSIONARIES lit. Roy, John J, xmnn, D. D., Mes,enger of the Sacred ltea.rl. The Cry of Distress. conceived as standing: with arms out- The call has gone up :from the "fiehl stretched toward the Church in "m at- afar," from tlm mi:;sionary I)rieM:s titude of entreaty, so favoralfle is the and Msters, that wtst regions of God's opportunity which l)ivine l?rovid(tlce earth sti;t remain in d:rknc:..s that had placed within our rtach It brins to point to a wider adop- flan. of a (.'a)'Uic "Pible ost under the 'q,auow ef the uhl be a mat- COncern to those who have habit of imputing to tile it of, even active popular circulation and Scriptures. The truth is fail to diserimi- Ill0 Ccurti [:e Lrans[ations 'itimate version authorized arch, as well as cow, Fusing with the legitimatn sacred writing. ]n(liscrimi- of thc'l;ib , divorcc([ that under his guid- Beaumont are today minus $45,000 the counL!es soul:< even aromm of stu(,y pursued bb' and searching for C, harlc 1. Selfless. tk:oca, are yrol)in iu 1)ag:m ignorance, not only tend to tile a Ru::sian Jew, who has al)partiltiy and worst of all, tha g multitudt are of its mer.,lber. in- made him:;elf mort invisible Ulan th.e yieldi:g :;lowly to the l),t;(,t of false but by equilqfing them Invisible l,]mpire itself. V;htn m,. tevchin;zsl The reas n is :dmple to nd lt:nowledge of the Bible, heard of, Schless was headed for g'ra:;p. There is nt.,I of mm'e h:uM,;. mission forLify tllern for. points north, leaving behind him a mz,.n:; more hands, t,) hohl aloft the apostlcship TLe sue- ram>dmtkle phmt in wtfich l,.e publish- torch .f .:w. (',o:qml of ,Josu Chi:,t, met with in this respect e(t the 'Beaumont News," aud ctrry- ing with him an anlounL estimated at between $45,000 and $90,000. l)eserted Ills Kameda Too Schless left town l)efme meeting . eomnfitLee, or Klansnwt) fl'onl ou- Lake who ha(I arrived to hohl a pr:- VaLe conversation with him lit also, ]eft l)ehiml ]aim a young woman from lht SDl/le l),alc( \\;vho h;u,I vo)l--;jt never receivtd---a haD.dsome loU)'i|lV ear a:; the result o1" It "I}(2tlLllylIHIt 'OV: I' (')II1CS[ al/d at lt',lUFi'l:)))_ ]Ht[> wit. 11;'(1 :tcc'epled a g500 c]lce].: ill li(m o[' 11 Che:[()" C;.I' [h:tl ]litd 1)!'o, :'.\\;',:rd- ed h,'r. l'he check like re:my .the cbe:'l.::- ;vritl,,,i t,x Mde::: has beet authorized inttrpreter, :;:turned b- th, t,t: um  I).,.t! become one or i,lle great m',u'l:td "no I'uJtb." our time. Meawwihle the (:?:cltq of P, eau- \\;Ve aretohl that tim Cross will not lk,'el pm'e with (h,. r:pi,t :q)read t;l' Ill(IdOl')) CI.lltUIo ill the:e lain,,., tl)lle::, I . t: IIII.,S ot the alm,,d es h,, lllcrt).is(?(1 .\\;:ill they poillt t.o the danger tll;tl; hreaien:L :., terrible I,o bpl)ohl. ]f ),l}e Lt]:'o Sttl}/dlirds lllll v vii ways ()[')nod- crn iving grill these h)wly l)tcple be- ;'.re lhe rnaxiln. of the (;o.:|)el rule ,,],c'ir he:tr's amt tim ;tutuo)'ilv o[" the ;hut, h ('outrol,.: lrheiF trahd,d,-, the vic- 'v (,t" (h,d':q ](ilu,,'dem over "the ,;trace (,f this worhl" \\;\'ill ," long de- ,.:,'*;!. aml then \\;\'ill h- otKt(n:tl)le only i; Iht ,.,, t of llltl IV ]iVOS. Ull.:lU_ttl.ilb]o tl:]'t']'i It': :!lid the et .tirol h,:;: of u'e- (,u: ::,)tiTs. :i'l i: cry (q' d[# r,,.,. In,'rc,,, "he. h,'.lv- i'li:'. :ttld )llll, 1 IlOt tHI.,:4 illlh,,tl, d I11) "ay',h. II ,:(,m,-: f,'om the ::'tinkly :;on,; :rod daulrhier:, of the ltely Mother nlontfoullf] g.l)'(]thattWOtlmtrustedknown lieut:e)lantSliaMlities hart (;hutch, who denied thc)llselves and UNITED . , of t,e tool, u, tb,, t:,,,ss th.,t t,ev ,,,igl,t eaum 111: New, exceed $00,000 wtn press on in tlm qutst for souls even to many unhonored checks and notes ih,. frontier, of the werhl. They are still out .: [ TO SOVIET RUSSIA i m Christ\\;,, l)ledgtd to battle with the powers of evil that the souls CATHOIAC DRAbIA for whom Jesus Cbrist died, may he LEAGUE INCORPORATED h(ed hem th t .... " : ' '+' " e ,llraH ot satan. It is __ I i!hey, the co-workers of (lad, who call (By N C W. C News Service) ")ut fin hel  'l'h ,  i s ...... ' K , I' - p . a "e n,'lsl;ent thai, Washington, D. C., June 2o.--Arri- they be heard, for', 'ts they watch tl;e ,des of incorporation for the Catholic l t ,h" " .... "" "" ' . o oatne, they gauge the forces Proposed Execution Patriarch Tikhon. W. C. News Service.) May 28.Representa- than a dozen religious meeting in Carnegie resolutions of protest policy of the Russian so- regarding religion on an energetic campaign to prevent the execution Tikhon, head of the Rus- Church. was addressed by Met- of the Russian Ortho- The Rev. Francis p. of Holy Cross Church, Burgess of the Na- of the Episcopal Church J. Dunn of the Common Dr. Clarence A. Man- University and Mrs. Drama Guild of America were filed of evil that are struggling against last week in the District of Columbia. them. while they regard their own Tim formation of the Guil,I is a re- [r:,nks. thime(I for a time by famine :suit of two conferences of represents- di,,ease and death. They speak with tives of Catholic dramatic clubs held command, because they turn. not to here last fall. Delegates to these tl,e world at large and on the ffround conferences urged the formation of a of a common humanity; they call to national organization of Catholics in- their kindred in Christ. whme duty to terested in dramatics and the Rev. h,qp is just as sacred "rod as binding John J. Callaglmn el' St, Matthew's as.' their own is to ln'eqch and to rain- church, in this city, who soled :is i:,,ter. They. nrc pleading with the chairman of the conferences, has ap-[prayer that is ever rb;ing from the pointed an executive committee which Heart of the invisib!e King reigning will carry forwnrd the work of organ- in (he ('.hurch: "The hnrw'st in(leed ization until permanent officers are is great but the laborers are few elected at a national conference. Pray ye therefore the I,ord of the hat- Headquarters have been established vest tlmt He send forth luborers into at 1639 Park Road, Washington: D. His harvest" (Matt. ix, :}7. 38). They C., and an endeavor to secure five are givin w)iee also to the mute ap- to my lnind the vision vouchsafed o the great Aposth,. of the Geuti]es. We read in Acts xvi, 9, that "a vision was sht, wed to Paul in the night, which \\;\'its tl lUIAII of la("e( onia standing and be:ecching him, and saying, 'Pass over lute Macedonia and help us.' " Sahll I'aul under,;total it to lit a cull from ileaven, lie obeyed the summons and llc.tven blessed his latmrs with abun- ([ant hnrvtst. If \\;\'e wert l)osses:-td o e Lht i"fith and zeal ,:f St. l)nul we, too. .houhl b- able to rca.] t,.]*t nle:,,gage i'r, m lteaven m the :,ig'ns of the time Chat the aceelAable hour is come for :'it subjeeti(m of all lmg'm hearts to Christ. Great as the )n:tterin] challK(. ]las l)('(.n ill he:then lands, it is har(ily to I)C conil)ttre(I with the new impulse re- ctived m pap:t)l sotlls. Since Ihe l';,mt has become neighbor to t]w Wed, i{ i> nol surprisilg, that it llas [)e,t{U)l to :.'ith.t to the ('u[l rc of the \\;Vc;teen tHil'td. 'J.'l'llC it is the sawtgo lmoplc:, :.{;ill ro;.tln l)l'illlev:t ', wihh_, nlltt)ttCtl(() a.; yet by the ntw jfirit that is :tbr(::)d. BuL the point lo be strc.std is In.., even for tile primiti\\;e tribes, the day s about to break As for the larger natiOllS, thert i'; lie question tOllcer]v- mg the growing inler.> ill education. Educational COlnlniSslou are arriv,ng to study Western systems. Sl)eciul sLu- aleuts among lhe natives are cho.en for training m foreign universities. As a result, the veil of ignorance is slowly lifting. The masses are stir- ring in their Meep, soon to awake and burst the fetters that bind them to their crude forms of life and thought. Most certainly is this transfornmtion going on in China, Japan and india. Even "Darkest Africa" must not be excluded, seeing that the slow l)rotess now in operation gives fair promse to be just as complete. The Critical Time. The appeal :for more misMonarles] always finds echo in the heart o:f the fervent Catholic. And especially im- pressive is the c.all when iL comes from the heoric souls who are Sl,endinK and being spent in the aetive work of the mlssious. It becomes most c'on- vincing, however, when the hand of God is seen removing physical obsta- cles from the paths that lead th-'ough pagan lands. The call of the Crusad- ers comes to our mind: "God wills it." Story also spoke, hun,h'ed charter members by July 10 pc'fl that comes from the marred ira- Protest. is being made by the executive off i- age of the IAving God in the souls of udoped unanimously; cers. Close to one hundred members all pagans, that the Church bring to have already been enrolled. The mere- I them the grace and the glory to "put bership fee is three dollars a year, Ion,, th:, I,ord Jesus through Baptism. and meeting, repo which will include subscription to the[ he Presertt Opportunity. Offoundeda numberandOfdependingChristian monthly bulletin that will be publish-[ If the reason be sought for such a and godness of Al- ed by the organization starting next cry for help, it is wrong to look for it and called together in month, in lessening numbers or in the loss of against the prean- gains already made. For a cursory impending putting to DETROIT SEMINARY glance over the tables of statistics head of the CORNERSTONE LAID yields great comfort and, whet is is d more to the point, proves that our recol*d its deep regret :By N. O. W. C. News Service) ' time is an age of missionary activity. in that country of Detroit, June 22.--The laying of the In the first nineteen years of tKis cen- as could make that cornerstone of the new Sacred IIeart fury, twiee as many souls ia China Therefore, . Seminary here was carried out with a were gathere e the Church. as in , that this meeting full observance of the ritual of the the hundred bears preeeding. In In- to the president of Church governing such servicas. The dia more converts have been made tations are opening to science, ib is States against the puling Rt. Rev. Michael J. Gallagher, Bishop since 1870 than during the 372 years nevertheless, a matter of grave con- persecution of Patriarch of Detroit, officiated tad blessed the previous. In Africa, the uccess of r tern when the light of the Gospel has any other ministers and stone, and the >Right Rev. Joseph .cent times has been extraor(linar# not gone on before. The conversion of religious faith in Russia." Schrembs, Bishop of Cleveland, de- This increase of harvest is obviously a pagan heart is, under the best con- and letters of approval livered the sermon, due, under God, to the e.xpamling army ditiens, a very difficult work, so wed- Senator Henry Cabot A guard of honor of 600 Knights of of missionaries who have labored and ded is tihe native to hi ancient super- Most Rev. Patrick j. St. John and Fourth Degree Knights died in the field. The lflood of the titions and so fearful f the evil William T. Manning of of Columbus attended the officiating martyr is the seed of the Chm'ch. At powers that he sees lurking behind. If Episcopal Church, prelates. More than 150 priests and the beg4nning of the last cntury there you add to his natural stubbornness, F. Gailor of tha 200 Sisters representing various re- we between, five and six thousand the blihtiltg effect which irreligion or ligious comnmnities, were present, missionaries among the infields. To- heresy brings to a soul, you can real- Presidentf the Protestanttanwood videdThe seminarYmusic forChirthe Ofoccasion.150 voices pro- day, their number has grown to 10,000 t ize the serious menaea that undue de- the American Seearity besides 22,000 sisters and 26,000 cato- [lay may be to wide missionary effort. President I. L. Adams of hists. What a subline witness to the It is of supreme importance, then, the American Revolution. WHILE FLOOD OF LAVA spirit of feevent zeal and self-sacri- that the Cross reach heathen lands TREATEN, PRIEST ricing love in our time! I before ay foreign influences seep in. IS i REBUKES TItE TIMID Clearly.. then, the present needs of In such a ease, the missionary has to I VICAR G L the missl,n fiehl are reckoned on the;deal only with virgin soil, as it were. (By N. C. W. C. News Service) basis of the good that can be done. The task is simple, even while it is Catania, June 2.While torrents It is a matter of opportunity. The difficult. ____._ of lava from Mount Etna were mis,donaries, in stressing their wants, We must accept it as a fact, and the ' threatening destruction to the village are held by the vision that spreads out thought should quicken us into action, W. C. New Service.) 'of Castiglione, a solemn service ira- befm.e them. At least, the entire world that the modern spirit of the West June 23.News has ploring the mercy of God was held in is "white to harvest." Modern enter- is already settling into the heart of at the national offices *n ancient forest there. As the ser- prise has opened up regions, remote the East. It should cause us to start, for the Propagation of vice neared its end, the approach of and inaccessible, which had baffled for by no stretch of the imagination the Very Rev. Gnana- the lava and the sulphurous fumes t!'c attempts of the most intrepid pie- lean we be led to believe that this a native Indian, has been ahu'med some of the peele who start- seer:;. I oday, all Africa is mal)pCd out spirit is acting as the herald of the General of the Die- ed to leave. The priest who was of- with the same accurate knowledge as Gospel. It brings with it a new order opoly by Bishop Fats- fie!sting,, rebuked them and deliber- the western continents. There is not'__socml,- political and economic--but the Indian]S the firStchurchtimethatin thea atetYing prayerslengthenedfor thethe faint-hearted.Services by ad,t- a corner of Asia that has not been ex- it brings no thought of God. It whets plored. An enormous network of rail- the edge of national ambition in com- Hshopt thathasdignitY.handed FUr-over opCardinalof CataniaFrancice'Nava'has been activeArChhish'in re- roa(h and telegraph wires connect merce and education and for a place areas hemmed in t)y natural barriers in the sun among the world powers, Coast, comprising 70,- lieving the distress caused hy tho were thought at; one time to be but it creates no yearing for the aes to the Indian Secular eruption. He has eonmmnicated to impassable. Treacherous streams with Kingdom of God. Modern culture may the people of his diocese the paternal hhlden rotks as well as boundless be said to offer botiefits to the "be- unlikely that this is the interest which the Pope is taking in deeps crossed hy violent storms have nighted heathen," since it can develop creation of mis- their misfortune. It has been an- become the .afe chmmels of trade and in sueh purely human qualities as Under the control of nounced that the Holy Father has do- travel, Modemi inventions have re- ! alertness of mind, keenness of judg- e, in accordance with the nated 1,000,000 lire for relief work. moved the material obstacles that pre- Benedict XV as ex- ment and breadth of knowledge. Aid vented so long missionary activity on l for securing sincere conversions these his letter, "Maximum Il- One great trouble about tile rain is an organized, world-wide scale, l qualities are of great help. Neverthe- that it comes in bunches. Today, the heathen worht may betless, when such trained minds are in- But there is an urgence, a pressing necessity for large action, that can be ]realized only whea we analyze the !new conditions in the mission lietd. Tkese changes inject tile time-element into our willingness to act, because they have already brought about a crisis that nmst be met immediately and fully. God wills it now. Nore mis- sionaries must be sent at this critical time; otherwise, entire regions may be claimed by thle spirit of the world or the error of heresyand by right of conquest, since the Cross of Christ has not as yet been phmted there. While we rejoice that a trail has been blazed through the vast lands of '.the East and the minds of the heathen vited to entertain Christian truths which are presented vaguely and in changing form, they will not accept them. This consideration brings up an- other fact that should spur us on to greater and immediate action. It shoul(t no disnmy us. Protestants have sounded the slogan: "Evangelize the worm in this generation" and they have (teployed a far-flung line that reaches into China, Asia, Japan and Oceaniea. Truly astoundin arc the monies they exl/end and the number of workers they SUl)l)ort. Whatever 'nluy be their lnally differences in creed and moral code, they present a united front, ealmble of impeding for an in- definite period the mfiversa] spread o2 the true Church of Christ on earth One elemen, alone need be adduced here. Wherever. m llag:m lands, heresy with its babel of creeds and changin,s forms i: preached l.he heprt <;f the . heal.hen is sure to be eonfounded. His ancmn super:ditions lmve vanishe(t in the piLiless glare of modern learning, The nge-long cu:t,nns of his religion have been exl,ose(l )n all the.Jr brutal- ity an(D coarseness. Gone are ]is ignorance and error, but where is the truth? What i> the law of God th:t l,ring, w;th it, the reward of lleuwm or i]u, puni::hmcnt of hell? Time .and ]t)ll/ tilue, will b nee(h.d to calm this ('OllfU:..iOll ol" :'Oil] a)]d prepare t'.it he:n'l: f<)r the rtception ef the ::ted m" I',,M's wold whi,"h only the One. ]-h)ly, Cathlic' Apostolic ('.lmrch can te'ch. " Our Duty. DOGIVlA OF VIRGIN BIRTH HAS SPLIT PRESBYTERIANS (By N. C. W. C. News Service) New York, June 18.Two students of the Union Theological Seminary were licensed to teach by the Presby- tery of New York last week, despite the fact that they refused to affirm their belief in the Virgin birth of Christ, declared one of the essential doctrines of the Presbyterian Church. Belief in the Virgin birth of Christ was uphehl by special resolution at the General Assembly of the Presby- terian Church in Indianapolis a fort- night ago, when the deliverance of the General Assembly of 1(.)10 was reaf- firmed rod the New York Presl)vlery was ordered to take such action as "would require the preaching and teaching in the First Presbyterihn Church of New York to conform to the system of doctrines taught in the confession of faith." The resolution was directed at Dr. Itarry I, hnerson Fosdick, a Baptist, wlmse alleged "liberal" utterances from the pulpit of the First Preshy- f.erian Church had aroused resentment anlollg the Pres])yteriau "fundtlnen- ' " s ' tahst.. Not only was the licensing of the two youtlg preachers regarded us di- rectly contrary to the spMt of the Gtneral As;emhly, but the Presbytery of New Ytrk, <tespie the directions NOW [h3(: we h;P/o \\;'It!wed t.e WOOl- ',tO see to it that tim teachings in the ([erfu] Opltn'tunity al; huad. :t., ',veil a:<,Firs t Presbyterian Ghurch confornled the sermus Ios:;es to i'aiih which dchq: I to lh'esbtyerian standards and in ,[ee can breed the cry for more m!smn, of overtures made by the Harlem- aries that has reached our eros, takes Presbyterian Churci to secure Dr. on the mlture of a call to duty. Now Fosditk's removal, decided to lay ac- ts the (ay of salvation for the pagan, tion on Dr, Fosdlck's ease over until Thc infidel worht is hastening towar(I the new future. Great nations are qbout to be born. And the Church, the Mother of civilization, must share in their birth. Delay in sowing God's word among them will most surely have its effect in the time of harvest. Can it be that we shall suffer only the gleanings of the harvest to be the Lord's? And, yet, such is our will in effect, if the cry for help is not an- swered promptly and with Christlike generosity. "He that gathereth nell with Me," says Christ, "scattereth" (Matt. xii, 30). The grim truth stands before our ]face and will not down--the present number of aetive workers in the for- eign mission fie!d is helpless to control the Heven-sent opportunity. It is v'fin It() comfort ourselves with the thought that the missionaries have increased to 10,000 What are 10,000 mmsion- aries in our day ? There are 1,000,000,- 000 to be converted. The forces that ;ire not of Christ and His Church are gathering in the East, borne in on every wind and tide; and at their ap- preach the heathens fall down. When we think of the souls ushered into the presence of God every day, the infidel vorhl seems to be like a mighty stream at flood tide rushing into eternity. It is calculated that 150,000 persons die in the course of the day, and of these fully two-thirds go before the tribunal of God without the Sacraments. The thought is crashing, for the reonsi- bility is in a meausure ours. Pope Leo teaches us: "Among the obligations which bind us to God and to the Church, we must count as the most important one, which binds every one, that of striving hard and laboring as far a, is in our power, for the propa- gation of Christian truth." The call to duty is resounding throughout the Church. It is real. It is urgent. It is binding. It is the same call that led the present mission- aries into the land of "darkness" and into "the shadow of death." It is the lame call that brought Patrick into Ireland, Augustine into England. Boniface and Ansgar to the peoples of Germany, and Cyril and Methodius to the Slavs. It is, in truth) the mission which Christ entrusted to His Apos- tles and which He Himself received frem the Father. "For) God so loved the world as to give His only begotten Son .... God sent His Son into the worhl . . . that the world may be saved by him" John iii, 16, 17). Wherefore, our Lord said to His Apostles: "As the Father has sent Me, I also send you" (ohn xx, 21). "Go ye into the the last meeting before the next Gen- eral Assembly, which will be held in Grand Rapids in May, 1924. ANTI-KAN ACTION FOLLOWS SPEOt OF PRESIDENT (By N. C. W. C. News Service) Washington, D. C., June 18.'rhe effect of the address made by Presi- dent Harding before the Imperial Council of Mystic' Shriners in this city, wherein lie sternly denounced the use of fraternal organization to spread bigotry and stir up fraternal strife, l appears to have had a favorable re- action in many parts of the country. Delegates to the convention of the National League of Masonic Clubs of the United States, meeting in Boston, expressed their resentment over the appearance at convention headquar- ters of "The Fellowship Forum," a violently anti-Catholic publication, which it was said, had bean brought to Boston for distribution by Angus A. Acree, the editor. President H. Mel- vin Alien, of the Masonic Clubs is- sued a statement that the officers "condem and rapudiate'; the "Fellow- ship Forum." Other members, speaking at the business meeting, declared their re- sentment of propaganda that had been circulated in an effort to link the name of the clubs and of Masons in general with other organizations, par- ticularly the Ku Ktux Klan. Presi- den William H. Terbune, of the Bos- ton Masonic Club, said that a declara- tion of one of the cardinal principles of Masonry bars polities and creeds and pointed out the fact that the Ku Klux Klan has been severely criticized and denounced by Masonic leaders throughout the country. VATICAN SUGGESTIONS FAVORABLY RECEffl,00 (N. C. W. C. Speei/q Cable) Paris, June 18.Premier Poineare, during the debate of domestic policies, has officially announced that the pro- ject for the formation of diocesan as- sociations, as suggested by the Vati- can, has been agreed to by the French Government. e agreement clarifies fe question of the legal status of the Church in France. The premier ex- pressed gratification that great prog- ress had been made in a natter, which whole world and preach the Gospel to lhe said, concerns the cosciences of every creature" (Mark xvi, 15). It iseitizens and makes for unity of ha- the will of God--and "the charity of tional thought. Christ presseth us" (II Cor. v, 14) that we go forth into heathen lands to gather in the the stray sheep that in God's appointed time "there shall be one fold and one shepherd" (John i x, 16) even as there is "one Lord, one faith, one Baptism" (Eph. iv; 15). ITALY DECORATES CATHOLIC PRELATE (Dy N. C. W. C. News Service.) Pragu% June 12.--The Italian min- ister, M. Bordonnaro, has been en- The Morning Offering. trusted by his government with the mission of presenting_the decoratien O Jesus, through the Immaculate of Grand Knight of the Ordel  of the Heart of Mary, 1 offer Thee my pray- Crown of Italy to Msgr. Zavorall, Ab- ers, works, and sufferings of this day, bet of the Premonstratensians at Sacre 1 for all the intentions of Thy '" ': Strahov. Sacral , Heart in anion with the lIoty 3' "- qhi act of the Italian government rice of the Mass throughout the worhl,, was inspired by the desire to give in reparation for my sins, for the in- same recognition to the eminent pre- tentions of all our Associates, and in late for his valuable services in aiding particular for more foreign mission- in the establishment of the Italian In- aries. .... ' 1  stitute in Prague, ) .i f -  ..... ,.