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June 30, 1923     Arkansas Catholic
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June 30, 1923

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i&apos;i ii / i :(i FAGE FOUR VAST SUMS SPENT BY , AIm00tCAN SECTS TO WIN ARGENTI,00ANS CHURCH OF ENGLAND [ TFA£HING GREAT PART OF FAIT4-1, SAYS ABBI)T I (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) THE GUARDIAN, SATURDAY_, JUNE 30, 1923 ST. LOUIS TO HAVE DETROIT ROLI( NAM00 NEW COLLEGE FOR CATHOLIC GIRLS (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) M00BF.,RS URGED TO STAND UP FOR RIGHTS SOUTHERN EDITOR SCORES SIMMONS AND KAMELIAS CHICAGO CHURCH 64 ADULT (By N. C. W. C. News Service,) London, June 12.In hundreds of St. Louis, Me., June 22.--Annouace- (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) Buenos Aires, June 18.--Protestant pulpits in tile Establish Church ment was made by Archbisho) G/en- sects 'are spending annually about throughout England nine-tenths -.' *-^ no- -" "- ' • I Detroit, Juno 22.---Members of the $130,000,000 to win Argentine Catho-'Catholic Faith is being preact e(t;el, se 'l-- nc :osmg.exermses oi SL Jo- Holy Name Society were urged to be •  " ' :, w* S ±cau m tn').t ill '( nCS axa frm 1 "' ," ' • •  Y, ,  ptember a • . Y n t !an froth, according by week, is the astoundmr, sate ..... €[coll ..... :, t ........ vigilant in their e ffm't. to safegua?'d 0 tim "Southern Cross" v ,:_ _., m ,('l a 4'"''' '1- , . • ' ......... I "'S --" "C openeo here oy the S s- conztituthm:d liberty, in an "Mdre:.: .. ....... vm, cJvy, :  ,,-, Lne puq)lt m' the ancientJters of St. Jose ill. It is .... - wluch calls attention to the alarming city of York by l'ri,)r lldef',)- ..... c,, [_- . .... I, ,. . to hc kn(,,t €' . ...... s.s ,.,- - t on onne UOlle e • " 1 . delivere(l hy tile Rev. John J. Ilunt increase of Protestant churches, most rains of the I',¢.m, di,-;." ,.., ......  .... [,., ,t hle c.m.)c.n Slnltual ])n'ector, at tm atHttla] tort- • " ' - .......... ,,e t.*rtxI', ln( |I;o nonor .Ll3e Illentorv ()f o ''   )' " ly representing denominations estab- statement tas aroused ,,,i,1 .......... / ...... , .. tht St.. vention of the I)eLroit Unio here. ........ w,[pu,t(l Ill- oonn 1, oi115 bollne, Wile at the tiln(2 the lished in the United States and Eng- tei'est in the secular press, ,a Ore!noes for Lih(,rly Atlanta were surprised at thi: latest trio( has resulted in 'hich al- first six Sisters of the society came 1 "When men meet under lhe cover proclanmtion, and a leading official colored Catholics ch)ser to lad. ludes to the address as a remark- to America and o St. Louis in 185,1 of darkness, their faces covet, ° I, stated that ", - , The comment made by the "South- able sermon." , c knox of no such or-land in the conver:don of der, nor have officers of the Klan faith. was the Superior General, the Mother- afraid and ashanle, I to Im see., by been in commu'nication with Simmots An impressive cert ern Cross" concerning the activities Dealing with the changed attitude house being at lyons, France. Tim six their feilow men: it is ominot,.s for l;b- of these sects its as follows: of the Church of En,'land to the teach- Sisters, among whom was a nmcc ()/" erty," t"athet ,mh¢ ' ::rod: '"1 he lloiv for several days " Sects Multiplying ing of the Catholic Cturch tile I'rior Mother St. loire, lan(led at New Of Name Soaety, jealou: of its 'i,rlt , . • " place at the church last •  (' • His Su]tanic Majesty and Prin(,e oI 64 converts, all adults, "That Catholics have reason to be ;:tid that it was only necess:u,y to look leans, then the see of l-lishop !, s::.i, and the rip4hts of all. under lhe (,(,,> I ropagatmn E. Y. Clarke is resting-- into the church. I,'ather alarmed at the propaganda made by around to ::ee ¢m all sides thac the  afterwards the i '. l/!.;hop of :-,t, Protestants in Argentina cannot be country was coming back to the ohl Louis. stitution bequeathed t(', us by the [,'a- under indictment, Emcl)rcr \\;Vilhelm called in five other ther: of tiffs l.epublic, firm in its re- I Simmons is Io:dng his grip on the It. him in the baI)tisms. doubted. Fifty years ago there was Catholic l,'aith. Plans Ready. solve to keep tllfl,lrtti,d(,(] .le r,.:'ht K. K. Money must be ha(l. [laving adults is now under scarcely a Drotestant church in the "T" Thousands Coming In. Clar, se of Font. I;om,c. (:(A/(', e will to worship God aI'.(,r the dictator of succes:sfully gul]e:t manv men, among the ceremony of Sunday country, now they are multiplying on nero are thousands of converts be condttcl, o,[ at .t. dosel,iVs :':ca(ten]y . all sides, as also their colleges and iu this coltlltry COnling into the Cath- until the conpleLion of the new ins!i- conscmnce; freely arLnowh;r'cs a :din- them "me high in state :'.,d church " [ repetition soon. flar right to al! men. l;u! in I),- according to John Maugct, i/Jmperor. Only Church for other institutions. Without taking olic Church every year, and Catholics tution, for wMclt 14 acres of 'rou,d tr(,it, we have ;,n alhv.'ed 'patriolA(,' Wilhelm Simmons turns to tile we- St. Monica's is the only Lto account those in other parts of !a'e takfitg, a large share in public )o- have been arquired in the wc:;tern po,- soci(.,ty: ['lo(dinl.,' t,, riy wi'd c.rcu..i men. ,colored Catholics in the the Republic (and there are many), /it!eel and social life. tion of St.. l,ouis, ju:st beyond the Jars dem:mdin/.Z the de,t.ructio of tin.* ]'oor maundering megah)maniac negro Catholics are let us.give some facts and figures for "Such at th/ng a: I.le king's visit to grounds of Washington Univer,.:ity. Catholic school, it: meml,er..: lfle(l,' d Simmons--Enq)eror and Iml)erial bers of it. Mmry of he city of Buenos Aires and its .sub- the I'ope couhl not have happened Plans are ready and the work of buihl- t,) vo,e for Ib'ou,:,t ml.'., t,'r.(h wit! Wizard--E1 Magus of the Krown are regular attendants at urbs• some [-10 of dO year.; ago, but the most ing is to b0gin at once. Archl)ishqp lb'(/e.tants, employ mdy [q'o'(ost::, Kourt of lhe l{am:lia:< It scarcely es nearer their homes, in "There are upwards of forty I'rot- striking thin. or all is the chang'e Glennon, after addrc.sing the 17 toael-ors hi lhe pt,b'i,. >choob. that rr' seems po;sible that tim followin.,; ray-- onies bout the citv. estant services heht every Sunday. which has (!Ohio over the religion of graduates of ue a(:;ldemy, con;:ra,u- n ntai ('[ 'fliM lx llte ':aU eli,. vml ings do not come from "m inm:,te of Protestant ects from England and the l''stablMu.,d Clnurch of this ]and. late(t the Sisters on theh' new (:oliere " ' • " St. Monica's was .on-(,'ath.) ic citiz,,,. ',';/I(:ll ill ()FrHll - all ins;tile asybllU: ye[IrN ago with a negro the United States are estahlishing Catholicily l'rcache..I. |)reject and said he hoped a hn, i.,.e ('.la:,; i:,,ati(,, , ;t Ill(!ll ,(.o Ii) :1 h t)ObllC all(]. • ,, . , It was given to me, in the prey!- tot. Upon his death, the churches here. There are the Angli- "Do we real!re th:tt there are wouht feature it.., ,penmz. Morc C:.'th- like a :make [ha. :'i.e, L, i: )f Abn ,htv Go(t, with all the came a mission of St. can, Methodist,_, , 1)resbyteriau. Baptist, churches in tiis town w]llch are hard- olic colleges are needed, lie said. e::t)e- the (hu'k. >.houhl b,. cru:,he by '.o:1 llmitatiols "rod resLrietins" or my hu- the larger south side German Evangelical, Seventh Day Ad- ly distinguishable frorn our own cially for girL., }lt! thcre ro l,'w citi,en: " ntanily, to create I,v vision and t,.) fifteen years ago, Fitthcr vent!sis and others• cl.*.llrch ? l)o we realize that there are now, \\;vhile ,-m-Catholic (:olh pe. at] Fl|y Fuipped thousands or pulpits in the Establish- mmcrous.' Power of Ex ph' found in fact thc Order of the Knigh,.s ris, a curate of St. "Two of the latest religions from ed Church tlroughout England in The ight Rev. Mich:ml J. (!alia,-;- of the Ku Klux Klan. As Empmor Austin, one of the finest the United States, both with un-Chris- v:hich nine-enths of the Catholic RE00alNS OF LEONARD her, Bishop of l)(-,troi; athh'essng u,(, and Imperial Wizard of the l(nig;hts volunteered for £t. tian and pernicious doctrines, are the ttith is being preached week by convention, praised the society as that of the I(u Klux Klan. I have inve:ted live among his t Christian Scientists and the Theoso- week? CALVERT BELIEVED which '%bore all oth(:r organizations. 'in the organization all that I have did for ten years, with phists. There are about thirty col- Ashamed of Name. gives freely of its time and ils mom,v and all tha I am. no completely tlmt -success, giving his entire FOUND ON OLD ESTATE leges for boys and girls, conducted by "In the old (lays they were content " that others may be l)rou'ht into the' nothing has been reserved. My life sources to the work, so as Protestantsa good number of the to call themselves ]'rotestant but  - fold by the power of your examph;." has been built into this great Ameri- the necessities to an im [st::Citnlg)l: t)nf;,,,:i:.::i:,t: lit,;,i(:sa:tit:l can institution. Therefore, there are improvident flock. pupils attending these schools are now they are rather ashamed of tim (By N. C. W C. News Service.) Catholics; also two Bible Societies, a very name, and many of them boast Baltimore, Md June 25.---Remains I l certain rights of supervision and con- Priests of Teclmy ' zens," the Bishop said. "P, ut you trol residing in me, as creator and I Finally, Father Morris YoungprintingMen's°ffice Christianand orphanage.'A,ociationThe some°f beingcall themselves,Cath°licsAngl°while someCath°liC'sim- vert,believedfirstU° proprietarybe those of LeonardgovernorCa]-of men of the Itoly. Name Society, in founder of the organization, which I i broke, and the parish was and the Young Women,s Christian As- ply adopt the name of ' " , ,, " Cathohc. Maryland and the son of George 1- your love and loyalty, mqke public sKal] continue to exercise as hmg as over to the priests of the profession of your faith, remembering mortal life shall last. But my rela- the Divine Word, at sociation, have each a oenre in the vert, first Lord Baltimore, have lien the words 'He that shall deny Me be- Hen to the organization as creator then the congregatioan has city. The former claims a member- MINISTER PRAISES found by members of the Southern fore men, I will also deny him before and founder has l)een unchanged and to flourish, and in "hip of mere than3800 (alargenum. CATHOLIC THE Maryland Society in St. Maxy's my Father who is in Heaven.'" is unchangeable. bet of whom are Catholics); the in- 0RY * County. come is about $300,000  ear. These OF P/00SH SCHOOLS The remains were found on the .......... s 40,000 Juniors [ Bombastes Furiosio could sca ..... .. church there is now a ,, , • . • • . lic school for the colored societies were recently condemned by Brome estate on the edge of what was Ihe annual report of the J resulent ]have Improved on tlns fantastic, para- ecclesiastical authority for their __ onceSt. Mary,sCity, directlyopposite Of the l)iocesan Unio,,, William I'. noicaloutburst. No tyrannical ezar-- SiLE-00-SY-SH{ • ' Bradley, brought otlt the, fa('t that not even the egomanivcal German em- 1 proselytizing methods. (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) St. Mary's Seminary and on the St. eight district unions have been etab-lperor--couhl have struck a finer note lfiteeking Catholics Washington. June 25.The Rev. Mary's River. This ix part of the old lished during the past veer in the I)e- of complete autocra(..y. • ' We have just bought a tutions."The SalvationTheir reiugesArmy haS!or ten(he insti-poor ChurchIl am!lionel Schuyler,Trenton, N.rect°rj., writing°f TrinitYin exhumedLe°nard Calvertwas takeneState'fromandthethegroundC°ffin thattr°it thedi°cesC'Junior ItHolyWaS NamealS° reportedsociety [ lry WeforCOUhlthis feelself_deluded,Sorry--genuinelYself.styled,SOr_ stock of ARMY MUNSON in themselves are not condemnable, the "American Church Monthly," on at a spot not far distant from where i t°PRICEbe $2.75.sold tOThesethe but they do harm in preaching and the subject of "Other Sheep Not of the Calvert residence once sood. Men now h's a membership of 40,000. , self-crowned emperor, in his mono- i per cen solid leather inculcating their peculiar doctrines This t Idthe Roman Ca(holies," has installing pipe connections in the tim convention was one calling for a his high-sounding, meaningles uppers are of heavy ' Among the resolutions adopte(I bymania were it no for the fact ha: double soles sewed and and'cooperang with the other Pro! the following to say regarding the Brome home made the discovery, national celebration in 193,1, the ter- phrases may draw into the Kamelias I making them watei • leather with beRows to as(ant institutions. If the sects would Catholic attitude on education: Leonard Calvert died in Maryland centenary of the arrival of i, ord Bal-[as it did into the Klan, thousands of shoes are selling very confine themselves to those of their Children Educated. June 9, 16,t7. As the second son of t4more an0 he proclamatio, .,f reli- unfortunate victims who happen to. advise you to ORDER AT own beliefs, they would not be so "Another point which it seems to George Calvert, the first Lord Balti- blameable, but it is well-known that me calls for our admiration is the su- more and the brother of ecilius Cal- giou library in America. have $1.0 or $5 or whatever the price] insure your order being The sizes are 6 to 11, many of them make an active propa- preme importance attributed by Re- vert, the second l,ord Baltimore. he (ion to the El Magus, we would say send money Order. Money ganda to disseminate their heretical man Ca;hohcs to the religious educa- led an expedition of 300 settlers, con- FORDHAI GRADUATES that the way to get the greatest num- if shoes are not ,  . is to be. If we might make a sugges- Pay Postman on receipt of doctrines amo,g the C, athotie Argen- (ion of their children. Viewing the veyed in the "Ark" and the "I)ove" to tinians. This is done in Colleges, matter from their standpoint, we must colonize Maryland in 1033. The expe-I !bar of Kamelia Kluxers it would be THE U S STOR Sleamsit Sunday chools, and in dis- admit that they are justified in estab- dition landed on Point Comfort. Va., LARGEST CLASS IN to set the price of admission at $4.9/ • * tr/buting Biblesi magamnes and leaf- lishing their own schools where their on February 24, 1634. The landing of I I and have two bargain days a year at 1441 Broadway, New lets. , I children may be taught the religionSt. Mary's County, where the first set- LIFE OF COLLEG£ [$4'69" For, believe us, clear Empy, _ when we tell you that you won't be Mtmey Tells which their parents profess. The wis- tlement was etablished, was made on able to sell women one pillow-case 'CAPITAL - = "A heretie paper in Spanish the dora of inculcating the truths of re- March 27, 1634. I (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) and one sheet for $10. 'Atalaya,' ia sold an the streets el ligion while the hild is yet in its most Buenos Aires. The annual iaoome for 'gmenP:=;;n:eb:g:ti:ged" " " by°n" ;h2:h" " ' GklN GOVERNESSES 1 2e;h YmJn:e. c:ml' .--;A::= . - hW:fB'u'nO oMm: n:rt:" :t ss? t']BPLUS mission WOW Of the Protestant sect8 l e: ty t en i:::e:f ja I g ( u ahar.a- o - who have estab|ished churches in this Bodies other than Rein I Fordham Umemty, hehl on ' s eamly oountry, is perhaps, $130,000,000; the at .... an Catholics, [-]| rPNMUIM'PIrM AItl I '., ,  ".. rhur.- fooled as we men J W* llm, Inmd our income of the Propagation of the empt Rehgioa-n to. ao. this ., in DaflYe'L'! Sunda,, . fe. ,schools[. . " I " 00RF20RT ..v,, w,, ON 'W0RK llUl .lqkl DONE 'cession ' tnaY college on ne tulned across . nisoric out the fox oile,e campus, t'be , uu21 " the whole pro , your --v ..... ..... Krown ay dece,ve Kourt " of the Kamelias, wome n w" but ilh l lLl¢t Ml.   $ 00 -- ,riO0  ' to $30 , { , Faith the largest Catholic Assoda- "Roman Catho ics bel • ,,  .......... [ [.u , i " ve na sucu, ..... we doubt it. IN  ve o' ImP, e tion for missions, is only about $10,- ntermttent teaching of religion is not I tin, xt o ,x, ---.,  l later listened to addresses by Con- lmm lm imbrue! from I 500,000. sufficient. They desire tha÷ ..... ':-:--,- t,oo' ..... e ,v. . ews, bervice.) l gressman Frank Oliver, a graduate of] .. [$1,tI. 'LMs Imablu , tAP" "Catholics must be alert. Let every I shall enter into the daily, €o ^, ,.- I ..... .gn , June 18.--the vigorous Fordham; Archbishop Haves and the Furmture dealers say the ol fl-fash-  ,m ._ - .... * - t,anolc life that flourishes ! : toned cradle ]s now tff  IZmmmt one who appreciates the inestimable child" and a knowledge of it's ,n -- -- ' " . " . among  Rev. Edmd, • I . T'vnan, President. " prah'cally extinct. Im w! am tke n ..... lmany prolesmons in Germany was iF!re hundred and sixty-eight student. The foot that rocked it is now on the i'  gift of Faith do what he can in his hand in hand with secular studies, i strikingly, indicated at the meeting of were graduated and two honorary de- gas. owt. sphere to countoraet the spread Who shall say that they are wrong? I Cathohc governesses held recently in grees conferred. This is the largest ..... of heresF." Certainly the fact that they willingly Stuttgart, marking the twenty-fifth Inumber of graduates in the history of bear the expense of supporting their anniversary of the foundation of the !the University. BERLIN PAPERPAYS parochial schools, furnishes the best  organization. • Mastering Ie*h and Mind Bankers Trust Co TIBUTE TO WORK DONE eviaence that they are animated by l The Auxiliary Bishop of Rotten- 7,,, BY REGJLAR CLERGY :rarely conscientious motives." Archbishop Hayes, who presifled * I burg, Dr. Sproll, sang P,ntifical High during the exercises, emghasized the MA)IN AT SECOND (By N.C.W.C. News Service.) I0P ]iy Mass at the opening of the convention., need of religion in universities and ths LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS 'Miss Schmitz, secretary of the Union lnecessity of man's spirit mastering We are agents for praetiealllt all tl important Cologne, Jtme 18.The consecration ,f a Catholic bishop in Berlin has ACCEPTS OffiCE of Governesses, presented an address flesh an( mind. Pre.i(fent Tivnan Companies. "turned the attention of Cathalics and IN ]of welcome to the Bishop of Rotten-lurged divorce of education from poll- --If you are contemplating a trip abroad for business CON]T$ LFGUE burg, the clergy and the principal tics, saying a college couhl not fulfill you desire to undertake a Ieasure trip, make use of the man non-Catholics alike to religious €ondi- is in. the:ha(tea's capital, state officials, its purpo if students lacked proper Winter Cruises, do not fail to car on us for information, Educational Activities. ' /preparation. be eheerfully given, without charge. ]Berlin has !0Q,000 Catholics sad the I Activity in behalf of the confession- Divorce Schools From Politics We wish to remind you also of our Foreign Exchange part which e monasteries play in (By N. C. W. C. News Service.) l al school of education for girls and for ,I "Ttie solution to this problem is a hyWhiChcable,iS inDraft,positiOnor Bankt° effeCtMoneymOneYorderstanserSat prevailingt° freignmarket the lives of these eople furnished New York, June 23.His Grace, the the foundation of an institute of Ca(h- simple one," he said. "Divorce the We both buy and sell Foreign Exchange, getting quotations erie of the most inberesting phases of Most Ray. Patrick J. Hayes, Arch- ielic teachers in Munster was recorded schools from politics, throw out the their piritual develqpment. I bishop of New York, has accepted the in the annual report which also told in useless subjects, teach our chihh'en to BANKERS TRUST COMPANY "It is sm2mdsiag," said a leading office of honorary president of the glowing words of the work conducted read write and count, and to think ac- MAIN AT SECOND German ha(lena| paper of erlin re- New York branch of the National i by. the organization• in charitable and cording to their capacity. Show them FOREIGN DEPARTMENT cenfly, "to know how many orders and Cathloic Converts' League. Louis H. civic affairs, their responsibility to their Creator. .._______:__.___ --'-----------: congregations are working in Berlin. Wetmore, Secretary of the League,. Resolutions that all governesses be They will then be able to profit by the The sacrificial ]fie, the Christian char- called on His Grace recently and ask- required to tudy at least two years in years of college, which otherwise ita3ole semce of the members of these ed the Archbishop if he Would accept a standarized pedagogical institution iwoul d be wasted." orders is so inconspicuous in method the position of Honorary President. were at!opted and the convention also I Congressman Frank Oliver in ad- A R M S T R 0 N G S P R I N G S W A T E R that it is often overlooked by the (as- His Grace accepted the office and ex- went on record in favor of the con- dressing the graduates, said: "Men uat ebsel'ver in this city of millions, pressed his interest in and approval fessional school and as being opposed, in private industry have the right, C A N N 0 W B E 0 I1 T  I N The members of the orders fox men do of the work of the League. for ethical and social reasons, to the  without Government interference, to not wear their garb outside the men- Purpose of League 'employment of married governesses, fix the price of the necessities of life asteries, but are clad as secular The Converts' League has been in Larger executive povers for govern- and to fix the wages of employees." ARKANA' FAMOUS MEDICINAL SPRING priests. The nuns, however, are pic- existence many years, having been 'asses in girls' schools were recom-IPrivate industry, he added, had great- turesque figures.'Ursulines taking aft- founded by that illustrious convert to mended. For other schools, where male er control "over the health, happiness AGAIN TO BE SOLD TO .THE PUBLIC. erno'n walks with their" pupils and the Faith, Dr. Benjamin de Costa. Aseducators are head masters, it was,a d liberty of America than the Gov- For 80 yar thi water has been famous as a remedy Sisters of the Good Shepherd with its constitution states, the purpose of. recommended that governesses be ernment." their laundry carts bringing linen to the League is "to unite converts to given authority proportionate to the ote hmea where, are the Church and Catholics reared in number of girl pupils The honorary degree of Doctor of Kidney, Bladder, and Nervous Disorders. uanapp¥ young ms are prommen the Fret .. ' "h in an 'organization for the .__ "-'--'" I I,aws was conferred on I)r. William For information write among mere. • propagation of Catholic doctrine with t A doctor says people should not eat J' M. A .Maloney, surgeon and author, a view to promting conversions and/while worried But ff the ddn' h who served with the Briti.h forces Another'(rouble about a tornado is,for the inst, rued, on ........... oI amofics i tee ' • " Y ", t ave PROTECTOR Y FOR BOYS tbat you can't ,reasvn with it. 'doctrines 'o€ + r ...... - I to eat most of them wouldn t be wor- ...... ,x'cn. ried (By N. C. W. C. News (Columbus (Ga.) Enquirer Sun) Chicago, June 10.- Emperor Wilhelm Joseph Simmons by Rev. Joseph Eckert, S; J, amlounces the launching ef the tached to the head( Kametiasan organization for women ciety at Techny, lll., but Ku Kluxer--and establishes a Krown pastor of St. Monica's Kourt and makes himself E1 Magus. I Thirty-ixth and I_)earl The hea(tquarter. of the Klan in the heart of the south side during the war, and on IIon. Charles Murphy, Postmaster General of Can- l 81ARCY p. O., &ILK. ROUTE No. & ads.