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June 26, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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June 26, 1920

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CO. 1853 Street  THE GUARDIAN. SATUR DAY, JUNE 26, 1920. PAGE SEVEN distinct superiority, as' indicated by such records as hung up by colleges such as Georgetown, Notre Dame, Holy Cross and St. Mary's, and they maintain tha the Catholic high school teams are just as well qualified in their own field. In 1918 the De Paull Academy foot- bell eleven showed its superiority Doctor of Laws in recognition of his over Crane, winner of the City High My Deal" Young Friends: lfor them. services to the Government and thelSchool title. De Paull also has the Now that vacation is here and you I They had a mother day and four Church during the war and since, t distinction of having won the nation- will have more time for home r(ad- puppies. The dogs were trying an As chairman of the Committee on/al interscholastic football title. ing 1 shall try to make your Comer'trying to get in the barrel. The little Men's Activities and executive secre- I more nterestlng rom week to week,lglrl said, "If at first you don't sue- tary of the National Catholic War  * but in retm must ask you to write/ceed try and try again," and they and let me know if there is anything[ tried again and again and the last in particular you should like tb havelEme they did get in h barrel and in yoUi' p g/ e next chool ..... year. l.l they stay-,..., lln{1 the ra{n was over. ',.-, ............................................... [M. J. SLATTERY GETS T' A   I COLLEGE DEGREE ! vv eras ,-o,.,,R ome I (By N C W.C.--ews Service )" | t.t#l.l J_aLllll/J ael J. Slattery, executive secretary [Yl .1 ""  1. I of the National Catholic War Council, I VV Illl B" CONCHESSA J-allltCU has reeewea Irom 1we . luarys o - Y ; lege, Emmitsburg, Md., the dgree of am prating thr ;hort -t .... ,'Jes writ- ;1 b" thr.aD little friends of mine |, Qfi fi f story ;i$!ng from pictures? uuuuu.- Your t?rlend, increased our capital s*,ock CONCHESSA. SYMPATHY HELPS. Council (predecessor of the present WelfQre Council), Mr. Slattery brought tnto cooperation with his de- Sympathy helps. We may not be wise enough to solve the problems lartment 15,000 Catholic men's organ- UI/  Oafi l] after looking at a smal picture for a few moments. Have you ever tried Then t.aV went in the house and all izations in this country. He ..... directed which;tronmenoughare puzzlingto do muchUr friendS,toward lift-her the service clubs speciatty creaeo ' ,r : :urd::::'eYst:d, :t li:l:,i'dgt treasuresJeSus haSwhichladenHeYOU,hasfOr they are were great fr-t cue;: :*t,v, ',, ia ---,'w' groun.'! .m all t.he .Larel'f t,: "' drawn from Dorotl W C., Age 11 Yrs. -:. .... cen o the tralnltig cllP.,iwould pain us, and that his'vicorYithe depths of His riches, and you =-==-- ;:d ::J: medium b:th: fl ?:o 1Geg: /will bring joy to our hearts is an in-]must look upon them as wonderful --- 173 i 1 s CATECHISM ernh3en ann the . . . spiration. How ia the Church governed? f th, United States, ann was largely/ I proofs ef His' love.--Fenelon. A Priest givems his parish A o ..... "1 in obtaining the estab-!-- ' .... ' = ' r  I r " = ....... " Bishop rules his diocese: An Arch- mscrt# *udents' army trainmg l   NEW MOUNT CARMEL HOUSE. (By N C. W. C. News SeTiee.) New Orleans, June 21. Plans for the establishment of a new mother house for this province by the Order of. Our Lady of Mount Carmel have been announced here following the h acquisition of 1,000 square feet on t e front o| Lake Pontchartrain. The purchase was made with the approval of Archbishop Shaw. Included among the projects which the order has in view are a modern college for women, a boarding school for girls, a day' school and a chapel. " YOUR CROSSES. Think of the crosses with which to $200,000 and by sell- issue of stock at 20 per ONE RAINY DAY. our par our surplus has Bunny and Sue were two happly llt- from $10,600 to $30r tle twins. They were healthy child- snable us to take still bet- ren with rosy cheeks. They were f our present depo3itors as very small for their age, five years The Book of th Hour Protesta Ca tholicism Catholics Protestants Supt. bishop has authority over a number lisb_men$ 5' *. of these institu- of dioceses in a province. A Primate corps in forty'-l has authority over .the Church of a tions. "atholic nation, and the Pope has authority More than 2,000 troops of . and jurisdiction over all. Boy Scouts, with an aggregate n OF HIS CONVERSION ones. When they smiled a row of clean What powers have Cardinals  bershi f n 1, ..... I, ........ .,,$, , , , -*;-n-I Bank white teeth showed between their red Cardinals form the Supreme Senate in the :s:5O0'mo"n:h'throuSlh"M: -:.  --. R, LE', " ,,ere er oh a;i'w ill  ; T lls hestory o eonvers . i Y p " . " g ." ne ' r "sos ' C TEAM COMPETE  to 4k- #'_.t._, ..... * log ilitan Life ' .... $ns, CO chlren ...... to be pohte They had five religious community  ,- ' FOR CHAMPIONSHI['.  tll UblIUIIC unurc.ll.. , . Ism -s'^' 0/3 was. Sport, and one was. What ," the r.ll,llm? I " | The book was wzRten_m, the silence and solitude 1002-7 B':" g" Snowball, a,4 tl, e other three were A white strip of wool Wortl by an[ (By N C Wws Service ) I of the woods of Maine, w.he. Dr. Kinsman rot,red --= Tom, Dick and ack, Archbishop on the shoulders, as a .... ' :." "_: _ . "_ .. 1 after nublicly leslmlo- his B ,h ...... a .... " ' " n " I f a wmcago, June :gl.--unieago oaseDall . r  . soaaUlalIt;, ttllU l'@llouno One day a ram storm came up a d ,:g o gentle!less and humility . . - . .. . " fans who beheve in fair play are pro- lug the oz ders of the Ii] zs o a =, -- ...... the dogs were out m the ram. Wh $'ho tq'e the dmiples? testin ........ I __..__.__ p C pal Church, and Rs Com- ....... , '.  g wgoroumy against ne potmy lllUlllOll. " t . . '"$EwCE l12l l;:;hxhg bz:L a:a,.r:;':bl::y a;:t l: C.h:h Spp::hW::: :Ln::ed n the y :cfh:oglt:':mgsthistht;a::h:h:h:i:: I _-- Ten days after it was finished--an event which lies, Jewelry, Musical , r umb.ella over the dogs until they apostles were the chief disciples, lection of the agggatlon best fitted I tle author describes as the last act of a hie that is  Watch and Jewelry got i h "n l:sth:ebtrh:lchiAl::: th LaiWtht do you me,,,, by Clergy and to represent Chicago in an inter-city I ended --Dr. Kinsman was received into the Church, . Repmrmg. rain storC " . . ' P " Y . series with the champion high school II   , - _ '__ St Little Rock, Ark. the dogs ,in their om house which By Clergy we mean people dedeat- . ......  " | "L U__ __ _ _ ] | " ed " eams oz ew or was near b,'. .. . to the sere,co of the altar, as In o, Yo,,,o .... ,. o,, the OOK or me flour _ " temn W., Age 11 Yrs. priests, etc. By iity we mean the ,, v ....... [] , . r r,-or representative high school team In [] __ ,,v. JtJt.] UI:L ,., - . peopm. "" =. w _ _ -- t, ,, th Phones 478  FANNI',g PUPS. What does the Chair of St. Peter Chicago, the plan apparently is only I Frotestanhsm , - |'_=lha|w, lemrt liAS FITTING Once there were , 'o little children mean? to include the members of the City [] ......... .,v,... -..,a,a,taz lumbing, Hot Water and whose names we', Agnes and It means the highest tribunal in High School League. Twenty teams,  . **. ..................... 8!earn Heating. Charles. Agnes was sm dI for ten which St. Peter sat, and in which representing twenty-five high schools, l I l-lIJlVlIN IlNIII:KPLT 'I'tOKY l)qe, Gas Fxtures, Hose yea s and Charles was I r;o for five the Pope sits now which ar included in the Catholicl  D...-- r.'_.-J .... w ..... ., r " . , m al'e vtvmnvss--xceptlonal lterary rower Pumps, Etc. They were always very cl, Xan and did What does the Prinmcy of St Petg.r high school league are ignored. Ill - - ' , "e tohl mean ? ' ---' every thing that thcik ,no. " ' ' Managers of the Catholic hlgh]l HIS Retmn to the Faith of His Fathezs EXAMINATIONS them to. ! It means that St. Peter O? the Pope school teams are clamoring for ant , " .... ' 'ti0ns ,iven free It will They lived in a little brown hour.tts the supreme judge and ruler, and opportunity to have their best teaml[] l --! !o lJIS/kU !1 _ ,t._ '[ -,. "- .... "tt the foot of a hil Not o ,,erv,ha. jurisdiction over all the churches meet the winner of the City Highll THIS "con ..... ,ou nsult us far ..... from their house some very beuxt-land hishops of the world. ' School series for the honor of play- LathOllCS ,oo l'rot rant oo.. o. utton il  co ..... . :. . e trul flowers grew The ch'hh'er Is d necessary that one man should mg the New YOrk champmns. They . 1 ................. would often get a p,,*ctty boquet for! have ,upreme jurisdiction over alllpoint out that baseball is a sport in M ]O4,,, 9 OK [,h qi " IfWMWlgDV 9ha z]r o ..... -1 5r, ...... ',lmr mother, qhee were just thelc,:rches7 , ]whzch the Cathohc mstttutmns havel "' t-2 ',l;Inl o[.  "  'I . . . . t .............. r othr, ather n(I the tee ch.drvnl es, nd m every good secrete it is lshown themselves to have ach]eved __ . rR. ]sslaolisnetl lttU . '  - ' "  I t II I | I ........ ._. m tile fam;ly. ']uey had a very nmelnect-:ssaTy 0 [lave a leater oz' execu-i ,, , Wet .,I ll or Lnty " " ,2  __ " .. pet dog that alwavs followed them tot of tile laws, in order to have dsc'- l ............................................................................. "50, l-none J.OO " "" ,verywhere they went. but one" day pline, unian and a lasting existence, they couldn't find the do.,,- anywhc'rr, so in tile Cat'holic Church is necessary Us a Trial About eleven o'clock one morning as a supreme head with jurisdiction ove HAT CO. they were going out to see their two all the churches, in order to have one Main 8565 ponies they fund the (tog Iyin in faith, a corect (licipline -md auni soft and stiff hats the manger with four little pups. 'versal union. Straw or Panama Itats and Retrimmed. No o Panamas. & WASEM Proprietors. Used on Panamas. One day it was raining very hard re the children went up in the att to l)lay. Wh(n they got up tc;'e they' began 1)!ayin with an ohl barrel an'l an oht umbrella they had found. "File:., were playing that it starting ra:nm when they were out on a picnic and they had an umbrella bu , it wou:dn't .'flmlter then, very nmch so th?y crawled into a barrel and put the u- brella on the side they thought it was coming from. They had just got in- g:(le of the barrel when Fannie, the (log, came up with her pups. The ch:ldren were playing and having a good tme when their mother came up and said it was time for supper. The children said they never had a better time in their lives. When their mother was tucking them .*, their bed that\\; night Charles said, Mother, I never had a better time in my life, and after this I shall always know what to play on a rainy day." Evangeline W, Age 11 Yrs. THE MORNING OFFERING. O Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary I offer Thee my pray- ers, Work and sufferings of this day, for all the intentions of thy Sacred Heart in union with the Holy Sacri- fice of the Mass throughout the world, in reparation for my sin. for the intent;ons of all our associates, and in particular for increased devo- tion to Holy Family of Nazareth. OR FAST. bO NOT KNOW? A CATIIOLIC CAL. YOUR HOME? CALENDAR SHOULD ',Ry CATHOI,IC HOME. '8 AT TttE BOOKERY. POSTOFFICE. ALMANACS. 1920 I TAKE CALOMEL Liver Pills ,re Better Troubles, Headaches, etc. One small pl the dose. 25c. All drug- substitutes. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Association wishing ary beads or any other to be sent to the sol- aln them at reasonable 307 W. 2nd St, selections and orders filled. II$]IH]$$I THE SACRED HEART. Roses red for the Sacred Itcart, Red as the Precious Blood. Gushing from out the wounded side A pure. life-giving flood. Red as a tender, sin-pierced hands Extended on the 'Free., As the wounded feet that ma,:ked the way, W!th blood for you and me. Lillies red for the Sacred Heart, Red s the crimson crown, Binding the bleeding brows in pain, Til the ruby drops Eow down. Red as the Lily of Nazareth Whose spotles: white was dyed, In the Sacred stream\\; that gushe from his heart i[n Lhe Passion's crimson tide. --By Edwin Harford. ST. ANTHONY. June 13, is dedicated to St. Anthon of Padua who was deoted/from eal liest youth to paye,, and study. From the obsucrity of his commur ity he was called forth while he wa yet young and for nine years Franc, Italy and Sicily heard his voice an saw his miracles while men's heart turned to God. When St. Anthony died, in 1231, th voices of the children were heard "cry ing along the streets of Padua, "Ou Father, St. Anthony, is dead." ST. ALOYSIUS GONZAZA St. Aloysius, patron of youth wa bola in 1568. The first words h ever pronounced were the holy name of Jesus and Mary. When he wa nine years of age he made a vow e erpetual virginity and by spec grace was never tempted again.  purity. He received h':s first commtmio from St. Charles Borromeo and at a early age resolved to leave the wor] aud join the Society of Jesus He died a little after midnight c June 20 when little more than twent three years of age. Ice Prices--- =, In Little Rock and Philadelphia --A recent ruling of the Pennsylvania Department of Justice, by Mr. Frank B. McCain, Federal Fair Price Commissioner of Pennsylvania, is as follows: -- "Please take notice that beginning May 1, 1920, and continuing until otherwise ordered, the enclosed schedule of pricea of Ice h been put in effect in the city of Philadel- phia. Any dealer who charges in excess of the price herein set forth will subject himself to presecution for violation of the Lev Food Act." (Signed) Frank B. McCaln'. Afore this Comparison... --The following is  comason of the priees/chargad for lee in Little Rock und in PhlladelphJa,'Pa.: Prices F. O. B. Ice Plants 100 Pounds A0 Cts. City Delivery Co. R. L. WHALEY, Manager ,Ninth and Bond S. Phone, Main 3450 i / j "* ak aboutthe Coromt, at,,on, rap:d and folds tot trial. Stationery Co. Rock, Ark. Phone filing cabinets. 6-1b. folding 1 ONE RAINY DAY. Once there were two little children whose names were Jack and Mary. Jack was six years old and Mary seven. They always had clean hands '.01iver . and'faces. They cleaned their teeth tees. Ask for illustrated mornings and evenings. Their home was in a green valley on a farm. They were playing house one day. It wa, Saturday and they couht play. They were playing in a big balel. They were playing it was a horse and buggy when suddenly I it began to rain so hard! They had an umbrella which was very lucky ....... i, I A%'. 2b' t