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June 26, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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June 26, 1920

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PAGE SIX . THE GUARDIAN. SATURDAY, JUNE 26, 1920. .i College, Academy and School SENIOR COMMENCEMENT AT ST. ANNE'S, FT. SMITH Rt. Ray. Bishop Presides and Speaks. The Senior Commencement of Saint Anne's Academy, Fort Smith, on the evening of June the eighth was a very f:i_tting conclusion for a most suc- cessful year's work. The exercises were characterized throughout, from the first strain of the oeautiful pro- cessionaWto the last note of the clos- ing chorus, by unusual idealism and grace. +It was the filet Commence- ment at Saint Anne's at which our Rt. Ray. Bishop, J. B. Morris, D. D., presided and his gracious presence lent a dignity and distinction to the occasion that called forth from every one privileged to take part her best and hapni- eOn,DuuL]on7 . u:,, m APplause- The Boy's School was represented by the Junior High graduates who ap- peared in a dumb bell drill which they executed with such "pep" and precis- ion as only happy, healthy boyhood could combine. They spaz.d them- selves a repetition of the perform- modified a little, applies with equal[ JuniOrBernidineHighjeter.SChool Boys--Pianist force to love and truth: , [ 6. "Non Patna Sine Lahore They are mightiest in the mightiest, ] Class Play by, Mary, Marie Scherry'; They become the throned monarch] Carol, Clara Limberg; Art, Marg- better than his crown. ] aret Fenolio; Harmonia, Marie Dress- They are attributes to God Himself; endorfer; Penlope, Heater Rathfon; And earthly power doth then show Spirit of Prophecy, Catherine Tan- likes: God's, cred; Victory (Disguised as Labor), Irene Schmidt 7. Valse Billiant by Evelyn Leard and Bernidine Jeter. 8. "Sing On," Voice Class. Sopra- no Soloist Marie Scherry, Contralto Soloist Irene Schmidt, Chorus, Marg- arete Fenolio, Ailce Fried, Juanita ante by quickly getting beyond hear- Dressendorfer, Madelon Chapman. "ing distance of the prolonged ap- plause they had evoked. Bishop Morris on Education. Salutatory Address by The Rt. Ray. Bishop referred to the entertainment in terms highly corn- lhAoved and Rt. Rev. Bishop: plimentary, and gave eloquent ex-] "I would theft m tongue could ut- pression to thoughts suggested to ter . , him, he said, by the various numbers I 'the thollghts that arise in me," of the program. To" the class motto: ithat o, I may elearl. and fully ex- "'o, ,':tm ::inc lahore," there is no[press the warmth and the sincerity success without labor, he added a fur- of the welcome I tender you. in the thor thought--that we must be will- name of the Sisters and of the pupils ing not only to work for success#but of ood St. Anne's. to wait for it. "Learn to labor and You are, indeed, welcome,very, to wait." He eulogized filial love and very welcome,--and all are delighted its sister virtues. Homes blessed by to see you here. filial love, he said, are nurseries of I We, the pupils of this grand old all the virtues that constitute the institute will do our utmost to afford highest type of citizenshiprespect you plcaoune,o and to prove how great, Vet authority, union, cooperative cf- ly e appreciate the honor you con- fort, the spirit of servfce and self- for by your presence on this occasion. surrender. His definition of Christ- I Kno ing your great regard for ion education as formulated and sy-I, filial piety, especially as manifested tematized in the curricula of Catho-Itoward a mother, we venture a few lic schools revealed how fragmentary are those educational systems that exclude he basic element of religion, no matter what else they may em- brace. -- TB-h's-diw"s inspirational. It elevated and stea(l- led the ideals of all who heard it, while his kindly presence and his ex- pressed, pleasure in the successful work of St. Anne's Academy, made Sisters, pupils and patrons of the n- stitute supremely happy. Diplomas and Prizes. In the distribution of diplomas and other awards the Rt. Rev. Bishop was assisted by Very Rev. Dr. Horan'and Rev. Fr. Kordsmeier. List of Medals. High SchoolChristian Doctrine, Heater Ratb.fon; English, Margaret Fenolio; Mathematics, Bernidine Jet- er. Junior High--Christian Doctrine Agnes Dressendofer; Arithmetic Mary Herring. - Boy's Seho-ol:--Christlan " Dtrim Francis O'Sullivan; Arithmetic, Chas. Schmidt; Composition, John Doujak. Music Medals--Piano, Evelyn Leard; Violin, Beruedine Jeter; Voice, . Irene Sehmidt; Theory, Nannie John- son. Academic Graduates, Marie Dressendorfer, Clara Lira- berg, Margaret Fonolio, Heater Rath- fen, Marie Scherry, Catherine Tan- ered. Commercial Graduates: Allie Fishr Marie Dressendorfer, Irene Schmidt, Madelon Chapman. Junior Graduates. Carmalite Sicard, Undine Campbell, Annoe Sherum, Catherine Thinnes, Helen Morrow, Fannie Goriska, Joe Moore, Connell McShane,. Vaster Campbell, Casper Mcclosky, Melvin Johnson, Mary Herring, Pearl Tearer, Cecelia Shaw, Ruby Johnson, Thelma Cleary, Blanche Hill, Tom Caldarera, Francis O'Sullivan, John Dujak, Charles Vogel, Martine Grober, Jua- nits Jenkins, Dorothy Van Nasa, Eu- genia Shirky, Louise May, Hazel Har- ris, Ernestine Ainsworth, Joseph Cald-] arera, Don Sehmidt, McCloud Sicard, Vincent Sldel. Program. Processional. 1. Priest's March, Violins, by Ber- nidine Jeter, Florine Beat, Ed Del Moore and Don Schmidt; Pianos, Irene Schmidt and .Juan]ta Jeter. 2. "Filial Love," Salutatory Ad- dress, by Margaret Fenolio. Welcome .to Our Bishop---Chorus by ', ,  , When love and truth season justice. How beautiful and becoming it is that the princes of the church wear purple, and how grand and encourag- ing is their example of a firelity to their color, quite often, too, under the most trying circumstances. What color could be a better leader THE TRAGEDY OF CHRISTIANITY (Continued from page 1.) diminish the percentage. What f the many millions who ore natoriously if not irreligious, at Ieastunreligious ? Do they love Methodish so well that they will follow a Methodist mad mul- lah in a campaign of religious war- fare? Hardly! Then too, there are millions of Roman Catholics in this country and same more millions of orthodox Catholics. While the ortho- dox Catholics and the Roman Catho- lic are hostile to each other in rela- Jeter, Margaret Corrote, Lucille Cur. ]for graduates who have been, year of-tion to the Papacy, attack up- rote, Florence Roberts, Catherine ter year, impresed with the strength, on Catholicism hs such will natmlly Tancred, Marie Dressendorfer, Marie the value, and the beauty of love an(',brin_ +- .... - ,- County, Ruth Page and Beruidine l truth, and who are detdtined "co ever l. -  :.,m ogemer tI0w aboat Jeter. Pdanist, Evelyn Leard. l hold iri highest Jbm th ^ -1-" me pmcopai nurca in America _. L.aU y which claims a]so to be Catholic in 9. "Our Colors" Valedictory Essay r0'al hues _'h'ool[zed by purple, doctrine but not papist in obedience ? Hester Rathfon. .... . purple we have white,--white 10. "Ave Maria" Clc Chorus T ........... And then again, what of the liberal- ....  . , " *  ',being a comuinaion o a[ ne oeau]- ized Jew, ho himself having been opano ,-'" , ouamta Jetty, Cru ' . ..... . " "' "lful primary colors, is emblematic of freed from the crushing effect of re- tralto Solo!at Marm Dressendorfer I ." . . I the sweetest and best experiences of ligious bigorty and intolerance will and the Pupils Purest, Evelyn I life,--purity, peace and joy. I l'eard" " Who does not recognize and ap- certainly instinctively, fight the rais- Academic Graduates ' "" preoiate the Signlficance of. the fact ing of such a barrier in- this free I Marie Dressendorfer, Clara Lira- that thO' Bapt;ismal robe, and the fit country. berg, Mane Sehery, Margaret Fen I ' " . " Commuffion lress are white, that the We serve notice upon bigots wheth- [d " festal attire and the bridal gown and er in Synod or Conference assembled, oho, Heater Rathfon, Catherine Tan that they are ringing the death knell c veil are white. Commercial Graduates. White then, being a symbol of all of organized Christianity, not only Allie Fish, Irene Schmidt, Marie that is safe and pure, hopeful and up- here but everywhcre, when they turn lifting, is a worthy mate for our lead- backward the trend of human develop- i er---purple, ment for freedom and a larger worhl FIL1AL PIETY. I liberty and try to do so in the name Purple and white, emblematic of of the Carpentdr o Nazareth who Margaret Fenolio nobility of character, and purity of gave His life that the world may be life, are colbrs of which W e are justly free. "That there should be neither proud, bond nor free but all the Sons of Our aim is lofty, but we need not God." fear, if we are ttxxe to our colors, and It is most helpful however to real- follow their beckoning call. ize that the Isreal of Methodism and Dear teachers, ere we pm, permit Presbyterianism there are some faith- us to tender our heartfelt gratitude, ful left who have not bowed the knee for your devoted attention and your to Baal, the Baal of triumphant untiring interest in our welfare. British Imperialism. An account of Your school-work for us, ends to- a protest meeting addressed by Meth- night,, but your gentle influence will odist Ministers true to their prinicples ever continue to help us onward an,t' and therefore loyal supporters of upward. Irih freedom, at which meeting over Dear school-mates, our happy hours one hundred and fifty Methodist Min- together in the class-room, and on the isters took part and endorsed the res- campus, have come to a clo; but, in olution demanding the freedom of the the days to come we shall derlve Irish people, shows that despite the pleasure from the recollection of your machine made rule of political relig- constant kindness during the all too ]osity which masquerades as official brief years of our life's spring time. [Uhristianity within the Methodist remarks on this beautiful trait of Dear parents and friends, we most [ Church, there is ant reason character, ,feeling certain, that even sincerely thank you for your pres- I lieve, despite the resolution passeo oy as a mother would, so you will. once here this evening, :and we hope 1 he Conference cond,mning Irish "Be to our faults  little, blind, [that our efforts at entertainment freedom, that Methodists as a whole And to our virtues very kind." ] have afforded you pleasure, will be led astray from the true ethics Filial love, existing always, and everywhere, constitutes an ideal, a When in the "good time coming," of Christianity. saving condition, you meet us, or hear of us, may. you The newspaper reports state also in Often, when reasoning, coaxing and have the happiness of finding that we, Philadelphia, in the PresbyteSan threatening fail, an appeal to filial the graduates of Nineteen-twenty, arc Synod, when the resolution was love will touch the heart and moisten true to our eolbrspurple and white, brought up which seem to condemn !the cause of Irish freedom, the sos- the eye of an erring child. CANADIAN CATHOLICS sion ended in disorder and tumultous This virtue, in any of its numer- opposition ous beautiful forms, is a powerful TO HAVE "SOCIAL WEEK" factor in the prosecution of great designs. ( By N. C. W. C. News Service) IRISH CELEBRATION In the form of patriotism it ac- Montreal, Canada,.- June 14. I / OF CANONIZATION c?mplishes Wonders. French-speaking Catholices of the " How many scourges have been Province of Quebec are making great ( By N.C. W. C. News Sewice.) I OUR A00S00TS ARI00 OVER TWO 00,LLm """' " + .... ,om4 iAL $ We make a specialty of investing same in, LUS first mortgage,loans--and therefore supply tincreased customers and estates we represent with gee! )00 to St00 vestments--We act as administrators and exec  issue of under Will of many estates in Pulaski and  our par, counties in this state--We will be pleased to dlu yOU: _ Jour prese PEOPLE'S SAVINGS BAN00" ??' ,. , Little Rock, Arkansas -d atl .... + ....... + .... m-- I Open an account with inn IALo T ' 0000,life i,,s00 COMMERC RUST C it LASKER-MORRIS BANK & TRUST00CO.' I00litan Lii - Fourth and Main "._ 1002-  I Deposited in Savings Account Will earn 4% Int - a'. Mcm   --''-r ,r r  JEWEL J le, Jewelr. - " , Watch an - , Repairin A To m b s + team Hea o/Beauty EXAMIN :ions given always expresses to the passer-by the Iovin .th,g to el witli which it was selected. If you have an k 0dton if such a memorial, we will carry it to the last de  accordance with your desire. We are at yo lroN  vice for monumental work of any kind. . 'll I-2 Mai l No Agehts-No Commmsion. Write for 0' ar. MWered Ni MONAHAN & kept from our shores, and how nany blessings have been secured to our homes, by the filial love--the exalted patriotism of our bright, brave, man- ly, soldier boys, who, during the late war, won the unqualified admiration of the wide world. Judging by the number who prompt- ly and generously responded to their country's latest call, we must con- clude that our "Sweet Land of Liber- ty" is studded with homes haUowd by parental and filial love,--homes that are veritable nurseries of pat- riotism, Piety at Home. Chumh and school do much to en- courage the love and practice of fil- ial piety, but nowhere does it bloom more luxurhmtly than in "Home, swat home," under father's kind di- rection and mothers' approving smile. There s not a feeling pure or htgh That may not ad in a mother': eye." i Beloved and Rt. Rev. Bishop, we sincerely hope that you may always have the pleasure of witnessing in everl part of your extensive diocese, the merits aad th9 victories of this amiable virtie, Be pleased to accept our heartfelt gratitude for your kind attention to our humble attempt at portrayin what we consider one of your favor- ite virtues,---one of the most endear- ing characteristics of truly great men--filial piety. VALEDICTORY :ESSAY Our Colors. by Heater Rathfon. preparatMns for the convocation of the "Social Week," to be held under the auspices of the "Ecole Sociale Populaire" beginning next Monday, June 21 and continuing to June 25. The ,"Semaine Sociale," which will be held under the patronage of Arch- bishop Bruchesi, is expected to mark an epoch in the study of social science in cinada and will follow the lines laid down by the conferences original- ly held in France an/] which are now features ef Catholic activity in Spain, Holland, Italy, Belgium, Swithzer- land, poland, Brazil and Argentina. The original conferences" are also known to have stimulated the forma- tion of the Catholic Social Guilds in England The most important feature of the "Semaine Sociale" will he the dis- cussion of Pope Leo VIII's famous en- cyclical, letter "Return Novarum," which contains so complete a program of social action that it has "become znown as a charter of labor. A careful analysis of this document will be made and followed by questions and practical discussion of the prin- ciples expounded, with a view to a translation Of these principles into practice. Among the emiient social leaders who Wil lecture on various aspects of the encyclical are Monsignor Paquet, Judge Dorion, Senator Thomas Chap- ais and M. Henri Bourassa. The eb- tire conference is expected to con- tribute most effectively to the Christiah solution of the reconstruc- tion problems the country is facing. Dear Friends: " I PROTESTANT APPEAL 'Tis true we well night hltched our] TO BLESSED VIRGIN a star," when we selected ] __ "waon to purple for our leading color. "J (By N. C. W. C. News Service)  But we are going to stick to it, high I Denver, June 14.--The mother of and royal as it is. Ithe Ray.' Fred Dickinson, former pas- Dublin, June 7.--With hearts full 412414 West Markham St. LITTLE ROCK, iv us a of piety and honourable .pride the '' ,  'RPRISE' by + ne, Maiv of  a ' ture sol fty # Hastman K f Straw o HN DoVOlag and &  Panam ,e+ lUlllI00 HEGARTY DRU row 6 '. Proprieto| his Used o,l "isis  re- the lar- Tak- Hly&.o ib wed a e rn roe I e subst]t I CENTRAL B people o Ireland celebrated, day by day, the Church's recognition of Blessed Oliver Plunker. Not for fifty rears has th nation's religious emo- tio been so profoundly stirred. undying name was uttered in every church in the land. Preachers drew the obvious parallel between troubled times and the bitter crisis in the. Ireland of. today. Most re- markabl of all -as, perhaps, the sermon of the Most Rev. Dr. Gilmar- tiw in Westport, County Mayo. ing Oliver Plunker as the victim of al4en injustice, he showed that Ireland was the victim of sim- ilar injustice at this very hour. the soul of Ireland had triumphed over the most diabolical persecutions known to history. "Let us pray," said the eloquent Archbishop, "that an- other victory, the victory of political liberty, may soon follow. England learned in the past that it was im- possible to stifle the spiritual ideals of the nation. At present she is be- ing taught that it is impossible to re- sist the just aspirations of the nation for political freedom. Come what may, [ if we hold to the Faith we are beans [ to win." " [ On the night of the Beatification, J between ten and twelve o'clock, the] houses in cities and towns were il-] luminated. Thousands of people' thronged for days to Balybarrack, near Dundalk, where the church of the martyred Primate was situated. The ruins of the edifice are still visi- ble and steps are being taken to pr- serve th historic vestiges. Mass was celebrated on a temporary altar erect- ed where the altar of the old church stood. The chalice in the hands ot the celebrant was one that had been used by the new Beatus. On theflltar had been placed a brass censer round Capital Stock ......... ..$100,000. Surplus 10,000 III1,00 ....... ....... We are constantly addmg new accounts ae ASs business is increasing at a very satisfactof f IHt [XCHAffCI00 flAIl[HAL The Pupils; Pianos by Marie Cooney Purple is a blend of red and blue, ]tor of, the Episcopal House of Prayer and Ruth Page I signifying love and truth, the essen- ! (Ne York)" who has just been con- 3. The Madonna at Palos, by Mary I tials of a properly-balanced, noble I' vetted 10,,.the Catholic Church, used Tancred, Julia Pardone, Alice Fried [mind. ' !to sing m the choir of the Sacred Margaret Fenolo. Wsdom is shown in tl/e choice of Heart Catholic Church, here. She 4. Tyrolienne Variee, First Piano, purple robes for Icings, for of, all peo- lived ahd died a High Chure1 Episco- Marie Scherry, Marie Cooney and ple, these need the Virtues of love and palian. When she passed away some Marie Dressendorfer; second piano, truth, as their dealings arid decisions months ago, her son, then an Episco- Margaret Fenolio, +Gatherine Tancrcd affect the condition of their "nume'- pal, clergyman, wrote to e ' Catholic andRuth Page. ous subjects. * friend ugging prayer to the Bi'.essed 5. The Dumb Bell Drill by the ShakesIear's. ehloy of Mercy, Virgin for her sour. " 5 r ' Z "  " .... : = +' 1 ) , * ' r* , ,  4 J ] , : , # , , .... , ' d  .+ 1+ ++',' , ''d, , ' ' N '.   ,Z" N' 4+ 2'+'' ,'L'' '+ t  k ,t'+ :+''  .' r .d ,+ ', ,, + ,.'+2 ' ' +': ' ' +  , , ' 4 I ' '4r+ ' ' +  . " in the ruins. Elsewhere, whe1her in Dublin, Armagh, or Meath, there was a devout visitation of places asso- ciated with his life work. Every heart ras drawn to those spots where the light of his glory had fallen. ,= It mighg help a little if we thought of happiness as a duty, rather than a privilege. Now at 113 West Second St. LITTLE ROCK, ARK CAPTITAL and SURPLUS,