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June 26, 1920     Arkansas Catholic
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June 26, 1920

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,.J, : IJ PAGE FOUR I.U-IIL on this grand old Catholi college. For us it is _ - too deep a question for oflr present sculduggery of Wilsonian moods and movements. .O-0 Smuggling in of liquor to a pronfinent New " En, -- ,,cond-l,-- matter March 21. 1911. at the ,*,tom--at England university, a student row over its dis- Littu, flock. Ark., under the ^at o Congress of tach S. 79. posal, brought about the fatal shooting of one Published .Wlkly by THE CATHOLIC PUBLICATION SOCIETY ot the Dloee of Little Reck -09 WEST SECOND STREET BUBSCItlPTION PRICE, $2.00 THE YEAR THE GUARDIAN, SA00DAY, JUNE 26, i920. effort to h,gitinfize Birth Control 1)efore, tile bar o1' public opinion. All kinds of sophistical arguments are used in this canq)aigll; for in- stance, that "l)irth (,,ontrol tly prevention of conc(,ltion w,,uhl redu('e ill he, alth, infant an(l maternal nmrtality, domestic nlisery aM pov- erty, and would increase the prop()rtion of well- QUESITON llh.I cou.try iu o,ur time hd,# -- Change of Address When a change of addreH la desired the subscriber should give both the old and the new addresS. Correspondenc6 Matter inteaded for publication in The G/atrdlan should reech u not later than Wednesday morning. Brief news correpondmnm is always welcome. The kindness of the clergy in this matter is cordially appreciated. Very Rev. A. Sleeker, O. S. B., D. D .................. Editor-in-Chief Rev. Edward A. Flannery ......................... Contributing Editor All on3munlCaEtons itoul; "TOe .tuarummus m.. lho Itv. {/o. H. McDermott. $09 West Second 8trot. ,, ,, _ OFFICIAL APPROVAL The Guardian is the official organ of the dioee of Little Rock, and I pray God that it may be an earnest champion in the eauae of right, jultice and truth and an ardent defender of the religion which all love so well. I extend to It my bleaaing with the einre hoPo hat its career may be long and prosperous, ] JOHN B. MORRIS. Bishop' of Little Rock. 1 . r Little Rock, Ark.,'Satmda), June 26, 1920. Which will it be, a league, a half league, or no league at all? O-O h Who is'Marcellus Parsons? It is a good bet that he is just one of the parsons. O-O We now have two cut, dried and evaporated parties Yes, give us a third one, we want "more of a pick." O-O The Chicago convention was just a ease of straddle-dee and straddle-dum. Out in Frisco they will straddle some, too. , O-O The Arkansas Democrats are uninstructed, but they say that "the, y will not stand for any seulduggery, whatever that may be." O-O 1)o capitalists own our churehes" The Soeirflists say they do. We are sure that they do not even hire a pew down this way. .o-o- The State, Federation of German Catholic Societies of Arkansas comes out very oppor- tunely witl a call that should enlist the atW, n- of the young men of this years graduating class by a fellow classnmn. The victim, according to press reports, was a devout Catholic, tie w.a have been devout, we do no quest{on that, but as our 0.ducatlonal lines run now, with so many l of our Catholic universities and colleges in Class A, we questlon the motive of the student or his parents, that places a young man where his devoutness is apt to be surrounded by so many elements hostile to his faith and his morals. Many of our Catholic parents think that a certain "tone" can onIy be found in cer- tain schools. They have no idea what that "tone" costs their boy in its adoption and ac- quisition, what corners of Catholic morality must be lopped off, if he would be "real class" in the collegiate "soclety of tone." We do not l)rdsent every Catholic college graduate as an exemplar of full righteousness, but we do hold that in our Catholic universities and colleges dmre is a moral tone, home engendered, but de- veloped and strengthened by Catholic discip- line and environment, which make for a cul- tured and devout manhood, and that is the ,dne qua m,n of the best society. This is real tone, the only tone worth while for Catholics seeking a boy's advancement. O-O Tile REP, UBLIOAN NOMINATION. According to press reports there was great jul)ilation in the Democratic camp over the Hepubliean nonfination. The joy, however, was not altogether altruistic. The Democrats were merry because they imagined that the Repub- licami lind put forth a sorry ticket. For Demo- I)orn and well-cared-fi)r ehihh'en and the hapl)i- n(,ss and longevity of the ra('e." These words fi,,'m'e in the (h,t.larali(m of l,rilmiples of the t,.*., ..... , ...... _ Illinois Birth (5,,trol L,'agu6. ' ....... "(Jf cohl's,,'su,,h sopl istries ,,'ill make no im- in,ession on the Church wIiMl must and will Mand for llloral ree(itude, no matter what utili- tarian considerations may be alleged in t!avor of all inmloral practice. I[oweve, r, the Church must raise her voice lest her members succulnb to the speciousness of an insidious propaganda. 'Hunmn nature is always prone to welcom what promises a diminution of hardships. We called tile arrangements in favor oil Birth Ctrol sot)histical. So they are. ()ne need only read what Dr. Louis I. l)ublin, a non- Catholic, writes ill his pamlflllet on the "Evils or Birth Control,' conunented oa in America of ,June 5 In our issue of '[al'e'h 6, we had an editorial on this sul)jcct, condensing l)r. John A Ryan's ]ml)er im "Family Mmitation." As all our readers may not have seen it then, and as preachers must reiterate imporlant matters of conduct lest they be forgotten, we take the liberty here to reproduce a portion of that edi- torial :  "..,, ..... Even SUl)posing that birth control were useful to the mother, to the chihtren, to society at large, that consideration would not justify tile use of mllawful means towards attaining that end. ]?'or it is a scriptural principle that evil nmst not be done for the sake of anything r "t e good thllt nmy re, sult therefronl. I h. good end does not justify the bad means. Itowever, the good results of birth control are by no means evident. First, as to the (:rati(; elati(m flows from supposedly prospee-mother, 1)r. Ryan Says: "Such devices are de- tire Repulflican de, feat And the Chicago con- , " ,, " "" ,, ,' ',, "" " . ." s .. . , ,. , . ; ",., ,, t)asln, tO 'lJl().  (. V 110 elllDl( tllell],' lUa31nu(.n a. venl;l()l IS Delleve(i 1o nave paves tile way rOl , .. ' . .; :, o ,. ,-, ,. . , .,  . " , , .tney ]ea(l IlleVIIaDIV I.O Ille loss oi: reverence for .y,,,t?Ipl [ it to .p.e soe.n I the ,,larital relali,,,', loss of respect for the con- WJlllt Kind el a ticket the Demo(rats Will Dut IEI ...... ,.  .1 ..... , ,, ,. . . ,, - . - . ." . 'l]ugal partner, an(l lOSS el ialll lU llO sacre(1- tile nero. Ana the real sat]sfactmn or gl'mt I" ; ...... ......... ,. ,, . , ... ., , ' ,. v o , Iness el l.lle ]lUptlal Don(I. Ol)VlOllSly 1;Ills stage- Will (.CULL al/t(.r lle popular ver(llCl: oI next[ , . , .. ,, , -,. "- __ x, , . ,. , .., , . ,, ,. In(,nl; (annol; t)(. DrovcG I)3 s].)eClHe (A 1(1( nee, or /NovellU)el'---.a ver(ll(% .UIH1; IS as prol)lenlallle a;J " " - most martyrs? l(ol'ea. And since the bh)od the seed of Christianity, we that nation give many converts "'-"-- ol Jap rule is removed ttll.. '  .. h,nient. ]low far must one h;ave .... when making repeated visits to i,,dulyewes, as during the forty The Sacred Congregation of c!ared, February 29, 1864, that to leave the church entirely it. It is for this reason side of the church doors. l/ a pcrso, does something 1,:nowiny it is a sin, will he be That would depend on wunt of knowledge was through ]f we were ignorant because we learn (h)(l's will, we would then for the violation of His law. knowh(tg'e, be not our own fault, God will not repute sin to us. I/ o.e ba,, Masses said for 6 so. and this person is in Heaven, the Masses be applied? The Masses will be applied goo(t will of Ahnighty God. ()n sured thai no lnerit will be lost. teaches that good works, etc., el departed avail l,or Ill(; deceased suffering, and' add to their ha are ill glory. ('ouht the (i'h,urch do without 'l'he Bil)le is the Word of inspired men to write fits woM tl!at He wished men to use this The,(hur(,h can do without the as a nlatter of fact il did without three hunilre(I years. Th(: Ch tion and interest of all our citizens. 0-O Preacher Burris Jenkins is to nominate Mr. McAdoo. It was a preacher robbed Blaine of the presidency in 1884. The pulpit and politics do not seem to hitch wiLh the popular vote. O-O Sugar retaiM's can legally make a profit of two cents the pound up in Canada. They llave a Board of Commissions up there that enacts laws instead of talking politics and closing up was the guess at the outconm of the Chicago co]lv(ntion. One thing, as appears fo us, is very gratify- ing allout tlle nominatien of ]tar(tins and Cool- idge, viz: the inlpotence of money to buy the nomination. Those candidates whose canipaign funds were strongest fell through at the trial of strength. Surely the almighty dollar has riot swayed the balloting at Chicago. And this, we say, is a distinctly gratifying consideration for anyone who has the honor and welfare of our otliee to go to conventions to talk some more. C(nlntry at heart. ()-o ..... ]" ]I the Republican nonlmees, 111 the first "When the politicians saw that it was going lp]ace, arc conmleu(led fly their honest nomina- Harding's way 952 delegates could not say "]etltmn, it renulins to be seen whether their repu- liiln go," until'one boss, 1)y the name of Pe;l:'ose. ltaqon of co,,s,,rvatism, not another asset in on his deathlle(t over in Pennsylvania, was'th(qr favor. The {hnted States used lobe a aroused from a coma;, asked if tlarding wouht pretty good country to live in and aclliev(I con- do, and he was allle to whisper, "]Iarding? Harding? Yes, lle'll do." And IIar,ling did. Yet lie may not i]o along about November 8, with all due or dead resl)ect for Boss Penrose. O-O Harding is a good Baptist. ]f we are to have 'a Baptist, we want a good one. We (h)n't care so much as to whether he is tTardshell, Softshell, Cam ( ntional, Associational, North or Souttl, East or West, etc. (72 times.) If he is a good Baptist, we shall always know just where to find him, and that is a good point in any man, especially our President. O-O. Our teacllers must now go to school. They want to excell, and a suimner course of training, while laborious t'or all concerned, promises full profMen,.y and efficiency, and that is what tile l)iocesan School Board is strL ing for. It is now up to the priests and people to see that the best attributes of knowledge behmg to our diocesan teaching staff. --0-0 'Calvin Coolidge, vice-presidentiaI nominee, -]tarried back from Chicago to speak at Holy Cross College Commencement at Worcester, Mass. l-[ely Cross is a Jesuit coIIege, but since, its foundation has had as her special Oom- mencement guest the Governor of Massaelu- set.ts. Governor Coolfdge's reception this year was an ovation by the faculty, alunmi, stu- dents and friends in honor of their State magis- trate and the national candidate. Calvin CooI- idge measures up to a man's si in his own home State, which had something to do with his success at Chicago and will have, its effect upon the voters in the coming national contest. O-O" Famous Georgetown I lniversity at Wash- ington, D. C., loses out again this year on its record of presi(lential.'visitation. "President Wilson is the only one ou the list, from Wash-. ' , / . ington down, who failed to wmt at some hme this famous Jesuit institution. Wilson's re- grets in response to severaI fornml 'invitations, will mark his administration on the college arehieves and lead tlle inquisitive to ask his rea- sons for what is deemed at least to be a slight sideral)le renown among the nations of the eart]l before the blessing of certain "l)ro/gres-i sive" tendencies descended upon us. ;le qm,'s- (ion is w.hether the nmjor'ity of Ame:ri(.an vote, rs, when casting their T2a,Tlot in November, will bare their e'es- on am' glorious past or on our mwortain future. If the traditions t]lat made An mriea great are tile dedsive Fad[(r, the Rel)ublieans , we opine, l'mve a Ieas as good g'round to rej0iee over the issne of tl'm Cqdca'go 'convention as ]lave the I)em0erats. S'. .O-O- A LOOMING PIrL. As long as evil is recognized rs eviT C hL S a t w6fold check, one in the remore,. (if the'. evil- doer, t]ie other in the regard' for a cIean con- science of the innocent person. But when' men begin to 5ustify evil, and to" d'fspe waT its rim[ice, it becomes necessary to, feat, ff its hypocritical nmsk lest the good  be le(1  astray hy its seeming harmlessness. Such an evit seeking to become natm'al'izel' i'n our midst is Birth Control'. ,So firr rt Ires beet m/der oe[al ban, as appears fi*om the fac, t that Mrth eontx)l litera tm, e s excludl' frrt the mails, But there exists n evetr-grow- ing" proImganda against sucli disabilifi'es and t'i)r influencing public opinion in favor oF tim evil p raeti(. In Illinois, f.b,r, h'maree, ther is a Birth C(mtro] Lea g!m whose aim is: "I. To dvelop all behest nd intelligeut pblic opinion )tl the mlb,k't of birth control. 2. To eo-oper- ate to st,elm, the alnendment of the Federal Penal Ci)de so that eontraeeDtive information :dla]l no longer be classed witll obseeni.ty and 'xcluded from tlle nlails. 3. Under proper afc, guard to make, available scientific informa- tion concerning the m}etbods of birth control." When the Pictorial Review of January had published a favorable article on the birth e0n- trol movement in Holland, Grace R. Page, the ecretary of m 'Illinois league wrote the editor of the Pictorial Review a letter of congratula- tion, commending him foi  "taking the lead in this, reform"and telling him to "push on with it." This is the looming peril, viz: an organized . | " d the experience of particular nmrried people, but must ,depend upon our general knowledge of human l.sychology. ]]ere, however, is the testinlonv of one expert, ])1". t[owai'd A. Kelly of the J)llns Hopldns medical school and hos- pilal, who is one of ill(, conutrv's greatest yn(,- cologists: "Practiea]ly I find that the people who conic to hie having used various nfeehanieal devices of l)reventing conception, have lost sonmthin in tlloir nlarried lift which ought to bare 1)een nlore precious to them t]lan life itself. All me(tdlin with tile sexual relation to seenre facultative sterility degrades the wife to the level of a prostitute." Sec, ondly, as to t]ie children, the advocat'es of hirth control cry for quaIity instead of quan- tity. But to quote our spokesman again, ",n the majority of small :families the supe, rior in- t(qlectual and nlaterial opporturlfities are more than neutralized by the morar disadvantages anti tosses, in the fm'rl ,)f eotisnl, [nettic, iency, indolence and over-ind'u[gence.  All arti(']e, on "The Only Chiht" in the C enhrry Magt.zine for November, 1915, (les('ri]es i'he manifol(l infe- riority of 'only chihh'en,' as disch)sed by an in- vestigmtion of several lhtndrd such persons. 'The reat majority of' tllenl are 'Iamentalfl" :ar rogrnt and selfistl,' 'reach' manhood and wo- manhood sadly handicapped and markedly in- fe.,rior tO eli:mr children," ar; 'unusualIy nerv- rms,' 'excessiwdy occupied with thoughts of seIL' and ill general 'grow itp (teficient in in- iffative and self-reliance.' Common observatiim seems to show that these d'e.ficts of the 'only el'lfId" afflict in only a lisser degree the chi]- Jren of two and three.-ehilil thnlilies." ThirdIy, as to society at Iarge, tile Iimita- lion of' families through th-,'e practices---we ,orrtinue our quotation"leads inevitably to an inerease of sgftness, luxury .and nmterialism, and to a decrease of mentM and moral disci- pline, of endurance, and of the power of achievement ..... Says l)r. C'hatterton HiII, the dst, inmished sociologist of the University of (teneva ('The Siological' value of Christian- .!ty,: p. 160): "The continnity of social exist- ened' is conditioned by society conforming itself to the great law of strug'k-le and snffering, and the path w]lich the individual luust follow, if he [s to attain to moral perfection, and through moral perfection to sarvation, is likewise the path of strttggle mid suffering.' Now the prac- tice of contra(.eption springs h'om and in turn rea,tly re-enforces a diametrically opp/)site theory of life values. Its impelling principle is li,slike of sacrifice and disinclination to painful effort; its dominating aim is the indefinite ill- (rease and variation of pleasant physical sensa tions. The atmosphere that it creates and fos- ters is an atmosp]lere of ease. egotism, mate- rialism, which is generally fatal to the develop- ment of those moral qualities which are essen- tial to lligh mental discipline, disinterested, service of the neighbor, self-denying aPplica-. tion, and the sustained pursuit of any great and beheficent ideal." S. pend upon the llible in the se /o to tile Bit)le for its teac}lings, mitte't the: filll deposit of faith Do lb, e t]wolo,a[ans of the (.'b special a'u tho rity I13" the lheologians at" the ably mean those learned men t(.n on theologi(,al subjects. t]leo]ogian is of no greater hn author an(1 the aut}lorities The Churc]l ]las officially of some theolo/ians, 'ilich apt)l th(m art added authority. lsn't ;t a sin agai,st /he fiflh tc l,'eep eh,.r,,h wi,ndows clo.'ed ,,r,q.'r ve.ti/alion im] ]n a ('me w]lere it was  (wide ,v,uIl]t, .w,s. But opini,ms differ ,)n tl'fis sul)je(,t, ir we come 1),l'ti('nlar eases. Some people mi the sul).iect el! fresh air, a w,ry smaII portion of the the majority must be ven There are many 1)eoph, who :i('et to wm'sl:lpping ill a (.,ld chur H'bcn does tbc priesl bless" he Whenever the necessity ariset :,Iy 1)e,,)mes Iow, the priest )ly. This nlav be done at any tiu: ives the prayers and the cerel 1)](,ssin/, and the priest choose: venient to himself to perform ]?',aster ]ao[y water is Messed on the water for baptisnl is (lay and on the Saturday 1)ef0re 'it other tfmes if the supply is Will /ou aive me a brief o[ St. Jerome? St. Jerome was 1)orn ill year 329 and was educated in iine had removed pers6cution tian C, hurch when this gredt sch and because of the peaceful to pursue his desire for knowl ed'ly. He was a young man studies. It was his good fotmr under the direction of the l)esl t,led nmeh and minF, led with tll note. but all this knowledge failed and, making a vow of celibacy, iuterior of tlle Syrfan desert. rora period of ahnost four years. smmnoned to R, ome l)v the Holy iven the work of revising the lhe Bible. ]n this work he made wonderful knowledge of science hich he possessed, and St. l l',e Latin Vulgate became the ture Biblical scholars. When his ished at Rome, he returned to his remaining years were spent ration and h writing on the